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Possibly the most devastating defeat the Zoles people has ever suffered in their history. Back then, we thought the Grox were only a myth. It would take us 500 years to realize this was actually just a fraction of their might.

- Asraels

The Great Purging, officially known as the First Grox Encounter is the name given to an four hour long attack on the Zoles Imperium's colonies at the Outer Core of the Borealis Galaxy by the Borealis Grox Empire. It marked the first appearance of the Borealis Grox in modern affairs as well as the complete destruction of the Zoles's colonies at the Core, which led the rest of the galaxy to fear the Inner Core as a region of instant death.

The OrderEdit

The Zoles Imperium, one of the Borealis Galaxy's most successful civilizations in the modern era, had settled a very large territory on the Outer Core of their home galaxy over the last thousand years. Expanding deeper into their own galactic arm proved difficult due to the presence of the Murgur Warbands and the Alvino Brood being spread across mapped galactic space, and the Imperium was skeptical about venturing into so far unknown territory. Their anti-piracy policies and generally welcoming culture made them a popular empire across the less developed nations who called the Outer Core home, meaning they were free to spread there without fear of retaliation. However, many of these, including their good friends of the Herame Republic, often warned the Zoles not to venture into the Inner Core for it was a region inhabited by strange, mechanical forces who destroyed all in sight. Assuming it was merely a hostile civilization who could not be as advanced as they were, the Imperium's colonies prospered in the inner regions of the Outer Core, which would prove to be a dire mistake.

At the galactic core of Borealis indeed lived a mechanical force. The most malevolent and powerful force in the galaxy's history, the Borealis Grox Empire, at this point in history, were nothing but a myth spread across the younger races of the Outer Core, with no one having truly seen a Grox before to be able to confirm these claims. But they definitely existed, and they were aware of the Zoles's expansion into their direction. At the core worlds of the Empire, wired to a throne-like device on the command room of an immense Grox Dreadnought was a blue and white scaled Marinox, his body limp as he was seemingly deactivated, until a jolt of lightning surged around his body, causing him to gain consciousness. The Marinox's head raised as light shone out of his two eyes, his fanged teeth barred as the wiring which kept him in place slowly disconnected itself. In front of the drone appeared a screen, displaying the message of a Grox with equal-coloured skin who wore armor fit to a king.

  • Grox - Arise, Khensu. He has made a demand and you are to fulfill it.
  • Marinox - ... Master Mirras III. I am at your command.
  • Grox - Of course you are... Now, dear Khensu, proceed to download the data for your mission.

The Marinox, still sitting upon the throne, rose a hand at the direction of a small screen built upon it. One of his fingers proceeded to open vertically, revealing a robotic tendril which extended up to the device and connected to it, downloading all necessary information on the subject of his mission, before it disconnected and returned to the Marinox's hand, the finger closing afterwards. The entire process took roughly two seconds.

  • Marinox - ... The Zoleians advance... They have grown much since their rise twenty five thousand galactic cycles ago. Is it time to ensue their harvest?
  • Grox - Not yet. We have things in mind for them, and their "future" allies. But their advance is something that cannot be ignored... therefore, you are to educate them.
  • Marinox - It will be my pleasure.
  • Grox - Borealis has forgotten us. It thinks us only as a bedtime story for their offspring. Remind them of us.

With this, the screen displaying the regal Grox turned off as it folded on itself and entered the ceiling, leaving the Marinox to his throne. A mechanical, serpentine tongue was passed through the Marinox's teeth as he begun operating the devices on his seat, alerting Dronox drones all over his Dreadnought, and moments later, all drones on all nearby vessels. This effect continued to hit every Grox ship which was close enough to another in a domino effect, and soon enough, Khensu had gathered a fleet of such size he would darken the skies of any world in the galaxy.

This mission was not going not take long.

The PurgeEdit

The first Imperial colonies in the Outer Core had been settled roughly eight hundred years prior and remained mostly unopposed with a size of roughly two hundred thousand colonies, save for expected territorial conflicts with the Wranploer Legion. Since the end of the First Borealis Galactic War, the two civilizations were at each other's throats and it did not took much for them to attempt against each other's lives, which ultimately only left the galaxy in a chaotic state due to the two of them remaining in a stalemate. Even then, the Zoles enjoyed themselves as being the greatest known civilizations in the Core Region. At least until that day.

It begun with one planet. Zoles patrols detected the arrival of mysterious alien vessels coming out of wormholes, bypassing the Cold Relays altogether. No civilization in the galaxy had FTL drives which could be used independently from the Cold Relays. When hailed, these aliens responded with waves of hellfire, destroying the planet's orbital defenses and scouting ships before they had the chance to react. Flotillas near the planet came to its defense and desperately fired their most powerful weapons at the aliens, who shrugged them off with inconsequential damage to their shields. From these alien vessels, mechanical pods were launched into the planet, each causing enough damage to pulverize entire cities, and out of them, swarms of cyborgs emerged and begun slaughtering the population. Dronox, Insectrox and Marinox marched together as they tore the planet's armies and civilians alike apart while the impossibly powerful spaceships which had brought them there bombarded whole continents, burning them down and destroying all traces of civilization.

This all repeated simultaneously through all of the Imperium's two hundred thousand colonies. The Grox fleet was gigantic enough to attack them all separately at the same time.

It took them about four hours to destroy eight hundred years of history.

At the Zoleia Sector, the heart of the Zoles Imperium, the Prime Ministers of the empire were caught by surprise with the news that all contact with the Outer Core had suddenly been lost. The advisors of the Zoles King begun arguing among themselves for a reason until the ruler at the time himself, King Tanatuz Zulouar, entered the meeting hall. With a distressed look on his face, he opened communications with one of the Grand-Commandants of the Imperium, the leaders of their space navy, and was met with the sight of an aged Zoles captain who had an expression of terror on his reptilian face.

  • Tanatuz - Grand-Commandant! I need a status report! What happened to the Outer Core colonies?!
  • Grand-Commandant - ... The colonies... they... are gone...
  • Tanatuz - ... What?
  • Grand-Commandant - Like a swarm of wasps... those things arrived and destroyed everything... It was horrible, my king... I was forced to order a retreat to save as many lives as I could, but even then...
  • Tanatuz - ... By the ancestors.
  • Grand-Commandant - They arrived all at once. Four hours ago. Ships darkened the skies of every one of our worlds... we did not stand a chance...
  • Tanatuz - Who were these aliens? Who could possibly cause so much destruction?
  • Grand-Commandant - We... we got a name before we escaped... Grox. They are called Grox.

The AftermathEdit

News of the Grox's existence were spread across the galaxy. Civilizations of the Outer Core who detected the attack feared for their own lives as these immortal cybernetic demons made themselves known at last. The Grox were not a myth. They were very real, and they were unstoppable. The entire Core Region was nicknamed Center of Death for the next centuries due to the galaxy's fear of the Grox, believing anyone foolish enough to go there would meet their end in a quick and destructive manner. The former colonies of the Zoles Imperium were reduced to lifeless worlds devoid of biospheres, and the gargantuan Grox fleet vanished as fast as it had arrived.

At the depths of the Grox's territory, having fulfilled his mission, the Marinox commandant barred his fangs in a grin and slumped on his throne-like construct, deactivating again to await for future orders. And through the Zoles Imperium, many attempted to make sense to the attack with little success. Why would the Grox cause so much carnage unprovoked? What were they hoping to gain from exterminating these planets and not even conquering or looting them?

The mind of the one behind it all paid little interest to such things. This was merely another of his steps to reach his goal. This was not his first act and it would be the last.

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