Whatever they say, whatever they think... This war was necessary, and evil full of atrocities and crimes that will haunt us forever. However you meditate on this, you will find truth in my words, for if we had not fought in this great war, our souls would still be bound to beings to which we cannot relate. Needless to say, if we had the chance to redeem this part of our history, I would commit the same crime of seeking war against those you considered "gods".

- Singul'Aren

One of the War's most iconic figures: Ynur'Vae, psionic goddess of death, during the intense siege of Vof Valar.

The Great Psionic War was a major galactic conflict in the Chandras Galaxy, fought primarily between the distraught Xol Dominion and the rising Singularim Pact, but destructively affected by the onslaught of the late appearance of the Yasuul Legion. The conflict was sparked by the Psionic god called Singul'Aren as he sought to free who he considered his people from the oppressive rule of the Xol'Etra, who ruled with an iron fist what they controlled directly. His plans would not have worked if the Syndrome, a psionic/demonic entity bent on the destruction of the Psionic energy, had not attacked the Pharia entanglement and merged with it, causing an apocalyptic reaction that destroyed the vast majority of the Xol'Etra population, rendering them unable to maintain order across the omniverse. This sparked several conflicts across the entirety of existence, like the Third Xhodocto War In the midst of stars falling and many plains of existence being destroyed, both Psionic factions prepared for a final war that would ensure either's claim of a legitimate rule in space and complete authority over the Psionic energy.

The Great Psionic War now stands as a mythical war of gods for most of the mortal worlds of the Chandras Galaxy, where the conflict is told in many different ways and interpreted in countless more. The destruction and devastation caused by this conflict sure were worthy of being called legendary and epic, yet so many things transpired during the war that it is difficult to ascertain a specific timeline and succession of events.

The following narration is a summary of a war that could be told in volumes, and which was left only with the changing and most important points of the Great Psionic War.


The Great Psionic War is considered a mythical conflict, one that is recounted in many worlds of the Chandras Galaxy as having lasted for eons. For some, it is only a fairytale of heroes that helped shape the universe, while for others, such as the Civatrons and other spacefaring species, it stands as a strong political struggle for dominance.

It is said that in the prelude to the war, a large portion of the galaxy was controlled by the Xol'Etra, with the galactic core and the sector known as the Unknown region left alone due to the Loron and Emeryx presence there. The Xol Dominion ruled with an iron fist, imposing their own self-contained version of Order, leaving many species that were once over the Krassio rule to ponder if this succession was legitimate.

Unbeknownst to the Chandras Galaxy overall, Singul'Aren, a psionic god ascended from the Civatron race and once a legendary warrior and leader named The Valader, arrived on Chandras and convinced the Krauna Principality, evolved Civatrons, to aid him in liberating the galaxy from the Dominion's oppression.

What followed was one of the most brutal wars in the history of the Krassio long-standing Saga, as the different species once under the cover of the Krassio took sides on this devastating conflict. The Dominion at first took the upper hand in the war, as its military was well-established in garrisons spread throughout the different quadrants of its territory, making the newly established Singularim Pact face multiple fronts in the initial stages of the war. However, the Pact received most needed reinforcements in multiple ways, evening the odds in the struggle. First, the Civatron Primal Armada, led by no other than the mythical Master Kroc, were awakened by a successful infiltration from the Pact close to the galactic core from the Emeryxes, who were studying the Civatrons for strategical purposes. A few years after this, the Dominion's destruction of the Kaas galaxy's galactic community awakened a third psionic god, Ynur'Vae, who joined the fray in support of all the Xol'Etra victims, and united her own cadre of forces to the Pact. The united triumvirate of psionic gods exposed the Xol'Etra's real nature as simple psionic spirits who had taken the mantle of gods, and challenged their ideals with their own, attracting more empires from the galactic community to their fold.

The Pact's eventual advance throughout the galaxy got them to the capital and core world of the Dominion: Vof Valar. With a siege that took decades to complete, the legendary Siege of Vof Valar was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the Yasuul Legion, a force sent from another, parallel universe. The Yasuul Legion broke the siege and sought to claim Vof Valar, with a successful beachhead. Now a three-way front, the battle for Vof Valar officially ended when the Dominion and the Pact signed a loose cease-fire that consolidated the Pact as an independent power.


Chandras Final Political Division

The Great Psionic War came to an end after 30 years of constant fighting, ending a period of devastation and desolation for all sides of the war. Although the emergent Singularim Pact was considered the victor and dictated the terms of the peace treaties that ensued, countless warriors on both sides, gods and heroes included, were left pondering whether such a war could have been averted or if there was even a clear victor at all.

Things did change a lot following the war. The powers that be in the galaxy swiftly turned and the Xol'Etra were left as a shell of their former selves, defeated by the combined might of a new pantheon of gods composed of Singul'Aren, Kroc, and Ynur'Vae. This new Trinity of psionic lords tore the balance the Xol'Etra had created, and established a new order among the psionic people of the Chandras Galaxy, they appropriated themselves with concepts the Xol'Etra strictly forbid or controlled and gave them to the people, believing that their order would not come through oppression.

The Political map of the galaxy also transformed, with the Pact taking a great deal of space. The Yasuul legion had unexpectedly arrived into the galaxy with swift fury, establishing a foothold in the Prime Universe, and the Dominion controlled now a third of its glorious empire. The Dominion diverted all their power towards a single individual, a hero from the war who had made sure the military did not crumble during the transition from war to peace, and that gave a true sense of security to its people. Didact Ur'boss rose to power and proclaimed to be the voice of the Xol'Etra, turning all adoration, worship, and consultation to him. The Singularim Pact established the Qonkistadym, a massive task force designed to spread the Pact into farther regions of space, and it proclaimed to its members that the Singularim Pact would enter the intergalactic stage.

Still, the problems between the three nascent powers were far from over, as small skirmishes and conflicts were hard to contain, initiating a time called the Psionic Cold War, the Singularim Pact and the Dominion set a common goal to defeat the Yasuul Legion and drive it back to their dimension, yet they would have to deal with seeds of dissent among their own ranks.


  • This war fiction helps retcon the story of the Krassio and the Xol'Etra.