The NameEdit

The Great Deciever is actually the nickname of Tyranny Plan MW2-XV66 proposed by Grand Admiral Dialztreanvitz Raeditzkraft to the rest of the Grand Admirality during a military summit held on his flagship.


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Drakodominatus TyrannyEdit

A very powerful, advanced, and commensurately evil empire hailing from the Mirus Galaxy. They are the actual instigators of this war, but nobody knows it. They will sit on the sidelines of the war for the most part, as the sides kill each other. Their strengths lie in their technology, military prowess, and the Dominatus. Their weakness lies in the way that most of the expeditionary force is engaged with the DCP and thus not able to directly contribute to the war.

Khilai EmpireEdit

The Khilai are a relatively young empire hailing from Mirus, and were tricked by the Dominatus into aiding them. The Khilai wear plate battle armour made from an icredibly robust alloy called Netorium which is created by placing several of the ores found on the planet under high pressure and then imediately exposing them to focused void energy (the Khilai's main power source), Many of the battleships and verhicles are also plated with Netorium alloy. The Khilai's main strenth is in their emence forces of highly trained wariors and defence system.

Imperium of warEdit

Another powerfull, evil empire, and like the Tyranny and Khilai, hailing from Mirus. They are allies of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Their only goal is to make this war last enternal, and because of this, all the other think they created this war. They are real warriors, trained from very young age. Anyone who is born weak in the Imperium will be killed. They have specialized squads of combatants, such as Berserkers, who get lost in a battle trance. Their strengths lies in their military powers and stubbornness. Their weakness lies in the fact that they are almost incapable of diplomacy, and that they do not know when to retreat. And once in battle, the berserkers can't be controlled, with means they are a treat to both enemies and allies. However, when they are up close, they are a forced not to be reckoned with.

Drodo EmpireEdit

The Drodo are a somewhat new, powerful empire from the Milky Way. They are expanding there borders both in there native galaxy and in others. Determined and with advanced (and highly numerous) ships, they are a force to be reckoned with. With few true weaknesses, they are a jack-of-all-trades. However, they rarely specialize in anything, as a result of being balanced.


After restore democratic government in the Federation, the Senate was restored as head of state while Vankalian was sent on a search and rescue mission into hyperspace. The Federation has lost her best warrior without his second best general: Afnai, so the Senate has risen to the Commandant Edelmut a new leader of the ISS.
Without their best overall and best ship the Federation is in a compromising position in a new war, but not to be questioned Edelmut, the third best soldier of the Federation has certain abilities to consider and decisions can be cooler and calculated that it would take Vankalian. Furthermore Edelmut has been trained in how to control the essence of the greatest guru of history of the Federation, the brother of Vankalian: Zein Zatock.

The HegemonyEdit

The Hegemony brings with it large fleets. Since they have kept their territory hidden for so long, they have been able to build their military uninterrupted. They are good at ground combat, but excell way more in space. Due to tyranny deception, they beleive that the Drodo have been spying on them. Now they will repay Drodo deception with blood.


The Duthidania are allies of the Hegemony, known for their scavenging lifestyle. They make great tacticans and commonly exploit their enemies' weaknesses in direct combat. Most of the time however, they fight via attrition warfare and scorched earth tactics, cutting off their enemies' supply routes and taking whatever enemy technology for themselves to reverse-egineer it and re-use it against them, slowly wearing their foes out while their own losses remain at minimum.

Cathonian CollectiveEdit

The Cathonian Collective are allies of the Duthidania and as such are indirect allies of the Hegemony, being honour-bound to help them. They are an warrior empire with some shamanic elements, and prefer fast, hard-hitting attacks.

Waptoria Alliance of SpeciesEdit

The Waptoria Alliance is a alliance of different species in Mirus. However, they originally came from the Milky Way, near Sol. When a battle rages near their Milky Way territory, they will investigate both sides, wishing to end the war, while staying neutral. However, as the war becomes continues, they will eventually become a ally of the Drodo. While quite fierce warriors, they are centered around happiness and love, and as such, haven't been involved in a war for a long time. Their main advantage is their organic technology and sapient ships, rare among the gigaquadrant. Their weaknesses are that their ships, due to being organic, are slightly more fragile than others.

Vanara EmpireEdit

The Vanara are a species of wanderers, traveling trough the Milky Way, never staying at one place for too long. They are radioactive, and so are their creations the Daikaiju. Their main powers source is nuclear power, though they use a small amount of biofuel as well. They were contacted by the Waptoria Alliance of Species to take part in the war against the Tyranny threat.

NOVA AllianceEdit

The species of the NOVA Alliance were turned into a single race called Globlings. Globlings are unique, being neither organic or synthetic, but both. After this, their race became divided into a Bio-Nation and a Tech-Nation. After a civil war, they were united, however. They too were contacted by the Waptoria Alliance of Species to take part in the war against the Tyranny threat.

Federation of GloryEdit

A unified federation hailing from the Mirus Galaxy. They were originally a loose alliance between the races of the Ughandal Sector, however the Ughandorians found out it would be better if they all joined into one empire. While they all fight in this war, two of the most notable empires involved are the Mendel Pact and the Volver Empire. The Mendel Pact is an confederaty of the various subspecies of the Ughandalorians and their protectorates, including the Goorkiens. As well as their ow armies, they use powerfull Clone Troopers in battle, and mainly face off against the Cathonian Collective. The Volver Empire is an monarchy run by the new King Brygon. The Volver are a sapient, amphibious species that live on planet Ascon, located in the Milky Way. They are ready to defend the Milky Way from possible treats. They are known as honorable knights and are willing to die for their allies. The goal of the UFG as a whole is to bring peace and democracy.

Troodontid EmpireEdit

Although they live in the Cyrannus Glaxay , the Troodontids get somehow involved in the war. When they did research on a black hole near their home systems , they accidently went through a wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy. By doing that , they get between the fronts of this war. When the ship that got through the wormhole was accidently attacked , the Troodontid Empire`s Army begins to travel through the wormhole step by step. They would like to end the conflict in peace , but nevertheless they will attack if they think that the situation will escalate. Their strength lie in massive battle cruisers , superior shield technology and highly effective energy supply through artifical stars. Their weaknesses are their lack of super-weapons , the youth of their empire , the losses from their war with the Drakodominatus Tyranny and the lack of colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Sindar DominionEdit

The Sindar Dominion is a empire of medium-strength located in the Eagula Region of the Milky Way. Formerly very isolated and defensive, a recent political shift in the Dominion has reinvigorated their old expansionist ways and they are expanded and conquering local space at a rapid rate. Led by the enigmatic dictator Pius Corranis, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Thérenian DominionEdit

The Thérenian Dominion is a somewhat old empire coming from the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Powerful and technologically advanced, the Dominion has the potential of being a major threat to most of the empires who comes to their way. Now led by a new empress, they have started to expand their empire after a century of observation. With Dominion fleets moving towards Milky Way, its only a matter of time before this two centuries old war-machine goes once again to battle.

Vikul FederationEdit

The Vikul Federation is a nation also located in the Eagula Region who is in conflict with the Sindar Dominion. The Federation is primarily corporate-ruled and were unprepared for all out battle.

Aeoneonatrix EmpireEdit

An extremely young empire who ascended to an extremely high level for their age by reverse-engineering the technology of a now extinct race. They're notable for their tendency to protect weaker empires, and the Defenders, their super-soldiers.

The Mardor EmpireEdit

An extremely sadistic species whose most notable feature for the massive amount of pleasure they derive from torture. They have a bitter history with their arch-enemies, the Aeoneonatrix Empire. They are, in may ways, the polar opposite of the Aeoneonatrix. They are more likely to target weak races instead of strong ones and specialize in offense rather than defense.

Sago KingdomEdit

The Sago Kingdom's army is different, compared to most advanced empires. They use technologically advanced forms of old weapons, like bows, arrows, swords, and things of such nature. The leader of an army is the High-Templar. The sago do use vehicles, but they are also used for melee combat. Their weaknesses are that they don't fare too well in far away combat, despite heavy armor.

Monarchopod Coagulative GovernmentEdit

An Ecologist based empire, with somewhat unadvanced war technology, however, they are willing to fight any empire trying to corrupt or exploit the galaxy to the death. They got involved because while not directly allies, they are associated with the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Drodo empire. MCG has great economic power however. They are fighting to preserve the galaxy and prevent permanant damage to it. They are located in the Milky-Way galaxy. However, in they are in a weak state.


The United Nation of Xerxes IV's Constitution, better known as the UNXC, is a massive confederate alliance of 250 species total. The UNXC has a Prefect which rules over a select district/sector of space, and a Prime Superintendent that controls the entire collective. The founders and most notable race of the United Nation are the Shres, a somewhat enigmatic people who have a desire for order and enforcement of law. Two other extremely notable members of the UNXC are the Humans and the Martians. The current Prime Superintendent is Belim Codlar, a well respected Shres POE-C that is fighting against united racial leadership (the ability for any non-Shres to become a candidate for Prime Magistrate). During battle the UNXC rely on their powerful and quick ships and well trained men to fight with the best they can muster. The UNXC's largest fleet is that of 133 flagships, and it has a total system control of 100,000 star systems (within the specific area). They are most notorious for fighting in a war against the feared Fredorian Dominion. While during ground combat they mainly focus on getting as many troops as possibly on the surface in order to subdue the enemy with sheer numbers, they don't need the precaution while in space. The main weakness the UNXC government and military share is that they will not attack any members of an allied species (during warfare; criminal activity does not count for this).

Prelude to WarEdit

Drakodominatus TyrannyEdit

A DilemmaEdit

It had been a rather tumultuous few weeks for the Drakodominatus Tyranny. They were involved in a full scale war with the DCP within the hyperspatial regions analogues Milky Way, sucking up all of their military forces in an almost impossible battle with the almighty DCP. This had come at the same time of the Beezlebub incident, where one of the Nightmares of Occult Ops nearly met his end on a planet in the Sindar Dominion. This was also coming at a time when first contacts with different species happened each day, and were the species were not crushed but spared. The Troodontid in Cyrannus, the Hegemony in Andromeda, the UNXC in the Milky Way, among countless others were new empires the Tyranny did not know existed, and instead of crushing them, offered trade instead, giving the Tyranny such wonders as dark matter, netorium, and better shielding. The mindless expansions fleets, separate from the expeditionary force continued each day, subjugating countless worlds and increasing the domain of the Tyranny. However, the Tyranny wanted to subjugate these new empires at some point in time, but the War of Hyperspace did not leave enough men, and therefore, Plan MW2-XV66 was created.

Dinner ConversationsEdit

Grand Admiral Dialztreanvitz Raeditzkraft was sitting in his massive 90km Greater Demogorgon Class Leviathan and was surprised when he was visited by his wife who came all the way from installation 3, the Tyranny's most advanced and secretive mathematical institute. They both had dinner over the roasted bodies of other species, both sentient and non sentient, and talked about their work. The Grand Admiral was quick to talk about his plan for the subjugation of new Empires that had been seen by the Tyranny in the Xonexi Cluster, but complained about the futile war with the DCP which his compatriot had started, which had ridden him of the ability to do anything requiring multiple offensive fleets. His wife's work, having to do with mind bogglingly complex theoretical math on the proof of a topological conjecture also indicated some frustration. However, his wife razor sharp intellect and the cunning of a Dominatus female made her give an amendment to the plan. Now, the plan was to use the enemy empires as the offensive fleets, to slowly grind each other and themselves to death while giving the Tyranny money. They both stared openly into the stars for quite a while as they contemplated the new plan, version 66 of Plan Milky Way Urgency 2 XV.

Plan MW2-XV66Edit

The Grand Admiral entered the conference room and ignited the summit between the Grand Admiralty, spread across all of the First Gigaquadrant. He told them of the plan which would secure even more dominance amongst the Tyranny. He told them of the main phases of the plan, which started with a framed war between the Drodo and the Hegemony which would later spiral out of control due to alliance systems involved. This was to be instigated by Veil Class Stealth Ships Mk2s who were in Hegemony Space and by the Terpeschoire Spy Network as well. This went in tandem with the creation of new fleets of robotic ships for an offensive campaign. Resources would be obtained by forcing reliance on Tyranny supplied weaponry such as combat harvesters on all the sides in the conflict as well as weaponry to combat the harvesters. The monopoly would mean that the Tyranny could charge exorbitant rates for all of this. The plan was then, when all the sides were weak for newly produced offensive fleets to launch an all out attack on the smaller powers as they would appear as the heroes and to subjugate countless empires. There were also smaller subcases for each empire. For example, the Tyranny would support the Vikul Federation against the Sindar and eventually use it's own might to crush the Voice's troops. The Thérenian Dominion would in their expansion be blacklisted among the other powers, and their later annihilation at the hands of the Tyranny would seem to be a heavenly occurrence. The Tyranny would also ally the Khilai and the Imperium of War, using them to fulfill the Tyranny's plans, while the Tyranny itself remained out of the spotlight. Moreover, all Tyranny supplied weaponry would still be master controlled by the Dominatus meaning incredible effectiveness. His plan met with unanimous applause even among the holographic representations of the Grand Admirals and he set his mind to it's implementation.

Khilai EmpireEdit

Mortrig Malevon, a Dominatus diplomat, walked over to the Khilia Emperor. His mission: try to manipulate them into aiding the Tyranny.

Mortrig: "Hail Khilai, we are the Drakodominatus Tyranny, and we believe we both want the same thing."

Khilai Emperor : "Ideed. Power. What would you have us do?"

Mortrig: "Merely take our aid. For land combat we will give you hundreds of these combat harvesters" he says, gesturing to a shipment he had just sent down.

Khilai Emperor: "We appreciate all your aid."

Mortrig: "These will all be under your jurisdiction and we will give you battlestations to assist in the defense of your worlds."

Khilia Emperor: "I thank you."

Mortrig: "Our only demand is that you make our enemies suffer"

Khilia Emperor: "We will, I swear it on my life and the lives of my people."

Imperium of WarEdit

A Drakodominatus ship loomed above Warnimz, the capital of the Imperium. It was big, but still out dwarfed by the Imperial ships. Yakis Orochis of the Drakodominatus Tyranny descended and walked tough the city. The streets, full of corpses, skeletons, and gang tags written in blood stood in stark contrast with the buildings in the stile of the old roman empire. Yakis then entered the golden fortress of Imperator Caligustus.

  • Yakis Orochis - Hail, allies. We wish to share new that will most defenitely interest you greatly.
  • Caligustus - What is it? Keep it short.
  • Yakis Orochis - The plan is ready to be exectuted.
  • Caligustus - Hah! About time! FOR WAR ENTERNAL!
  • Yakis Orochis - Indeed. We will show you the place, and aid you behind the scenes.
  • Caligustus - Everyone in the Imperium! Prepare the army! We are going to war!

The crowd cheered. Caligustus and his sons, the deadly warmasters, watched as the military united above his fortress. It was a beautiful, but horrifying sight at the same time. they entered Caligustus' flagship, the Imperial, and at the head of the mighty fleet, went towards Milky Way. The Imperium was ready for war, their only form of joy. One thing was sure, their enemies were going to suffer.

The HegemonyEdit

Marius was fuming. In the long history of the Hegemony, no one had ever dared to penetrate their restricted territory. "The Drodo have a lot to answer for" he muttered to himself. "Ulrac, prep the fleet, we have a meeting with the Drodo goverment.


"You heard me, we head to the Milky Way!"

All through out the Hegemony's territory, fleets moblized, factories worked to produce weapons of war, soldier preped for combat. A storm was about to burst.

Drodo EmpireEdit


Cathonian CollectiveEdit

Waptoria Alliance of SpeciesEdit

On the planet Raptoranea, the capitol of the Waptoria Alliance, Commandant Oji'b entered the royal palace. The palace was decorated with flowers, moss, and plants were everywhere. Even some creatures had their nests there. He went straight to the meeting, with had a different feel from the rest of the palace. It was quite dark, with green gases and pink pillars of light illuminating the room. He bowed to an extremely beautiful, young Raptoranean. She was the Leader of the whole Alliance, Shelliand'r. While she was an empress, she didn't care about it, and was friendly as usual.

  • Shelliand'r - Hello, Oji'b.
  • Oji'b - You called me?
  • Shelliand'r - Yes. War is raging near our colonies in the Milky Way. This war has currntly spread out over a multitude of planets, possibly endagering the native wildlife. As such, this war must end as quickly as possible.
  • Oji'b - So you want me to investigate it?
  • Shelliand'r - Indeed. I am a warrior, and could go by myself, but currently, with the hyperspace conflict against our arch-enemis, the Grox, and their followers, I have to stay here.
  • Oji'b - It seems the fun has ended. But all right, I will go.
  • Shelliand'r - Thanks. I knew I could count on you. Have a good day.
  • Oji'b - Same for you.

Oji'b left, prepared his pistols, and ordered his fleet to go to the Milky Way.

The Unified Federation of GloryEdit

Meanwhile, on planet Ascon, it was morning. The fog was thick as it rolled over the great hills surrounding the large marshes and swamps. To the north stood Gartoomia, the massive capital of Ascon. In the center, the castle overlooked all of the surrounding buildings. King Brygon looked over his kingdom.

  • Royal Gaurd - My king, we have an incoming transmission from the Waptoria Alliance.
  • Brygon - Put it on screen.

A large screen eased down from the ceiling, clicking on.

  • W'tze - Brygon, I have a very pressing matter at hand.
  • Brygon - What is it?
  • W'tze - Your galaxy is under attack. We request that you aid us in defeating these foes...
  • Brygon - Hmm...well I suppose I can lend you all a hand. Expect our arrival to your home world. We will arrive as soon as we can.
  • W'tze - Thank you, your help is most appretiated.

The transmission ends. Brygon gathered his Volver Knights and left for the Waptoria star systems.

Troodontid EmpireEdit

Black Hole

A Helios-Class-Shipp dissapears in the Black Hole

The Black HoleEdit

The Troodontid Empire did research on a super-massive black hole near their home system. Only with massive energy expenditure managed the spaceships to get away from it and to come back again. Suddenly one of the spaceships got too close to the Black Hole and was pulled inside. It was drwan through time and space and in the end arrived on the other side of the wormhole. It was an even bigger black hole. This black hole spit the Helios-Class Ship out and it was just out of reach of the insuperable pull of the black hole. It managed to leave the orbit of the black hole and found itself in another world. It wasn`t their home galaxy , not even near their home galaxy. The spaceship turned back and entered the orbit of the black hole again. The black hole pulled i inside and it safely travelled back to the rest of the exploration troop.


President Draicon gives the Troodontid Empire the order to explore the alien world. They should make - if they existed - contact with as many intelligent lifeforms as possible and should try to find some allies. Nearly one third of the fleet and over seventhy percent of the scientist should be moved there. Apart from that would they constantly be supervised by the Senators Sirculus and Swargol. The exploration fleet left the planet the next day and arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy few hours later.

President Draicon , as well as the Senators Sirculus and Swargol , meet Captain Velox from the Helios I , the ship that was pulled inside the wormhole.

  • President Draicon - You are completly sure , that it was another galaxy ?
  • Captain Velox - Yes , Sir , I am. The whole universe looked totally different from this position.
  • President Draicon - OK, then we need to explore this new galaxy. And we have to find out if it is possible to colonize it.
  • Senator Sirculus - Maybe there are even other sapient species. We definitly have to make contact with them. Who knows , maybe we even find some allies.
  • President Draicon - Great idea, Senator. So , you have new orders: You will take some of our spaceships and get to hat galaxy. There you explore as much as possible. But make sure that you are always radio contact to prevent begin lost. Apart from that you will make contact with every sapient species you meet and try to convince them to ally with us. But if they attack you don`t shy away from shooting back. I think some of the government should come with you , too. I think I will come with you to keep a watch on the progress of the mission
  • Senator Swargol - I agree with nearly everthing you said , but in my opinion it is far too dangerous for you to come withe the exploration fleet because they could be atacked or - in the worst case- destroyed. Then we would have no leader anymore. Instead I would recommend to send Sirculus and me instead.
  • President Draicon - So be it. But make sure that you notify me about every cognition.


For the third time in a year, the Senate was a stir, a new record was thought Aranelia Brinal, the Great Senator, as he looked crestfallen air to senators from each of the star systems of the Federation. All, with the exception of Aranelia, were angry or mad.

Perhaps everything has begun the previous day, the week was met for the disappearance of the hypersapce Vankalian and courage of the soldiers and senators were on the floor. But what put the Senate in that state was possibly the unexpected news that their probes were reported, apparently understudied powerful empire of the Hegemony had been invaded by a probe Drodo. Which fireza reacted with this empire.

Now it was time to decide how to act, support Drodo mean entering into a direct war without the greatest warrior of the Federation available, but remain neutral break the alliance with the Drodo.

Aranelia- Order! Order! I think the answer is clear, we do not fear war, but to fight without our best weapons and men, we get a Great General interim, that replaces a Vankalian until you return.

Senator- Her ladyship is right, but who? Afnai is next in command and finds Vankalian

Aranelia- So that is next to Afnai, Commander Edelmut ...

The Senate was silent, Aranelia could not be serious, Edelmut not the kind of man you'd call if you are in danger of war, the commander Edelmut was undisciplined, dangerous, unreliable when fighting. Since they had escaped their home universe, Edelmut he spent in his small private fortress, a terraformed asteroid, studying the properties of the Essence. As they say, the brother of Vankalian, Zatock Zein, was trained in these arts especially.

Aranelia- If there is no opposition, act now, call Edelmut, we need him.

And while the Senate was emptied, Aranelia hissed

Aranelia- Why whenever a calamity occurs Vankalian not appear.

Sindar DominionEdit

It was on Logus, a clear and sunny morning, The Voice stood atop his palace balcony, looking over the grand city of Basut and the enormous crowd that had amassed 70 stories below him, waiting for him to speak.

The Voice, who had now taken the guise of 'Pius Corranis' stood on the balcony, clothed in a light gold breastplate, covered in carvings and intricate designs with a flowing red robe wrapped loosely around his waist, ending just before his knees. His graying black hair blowing comfortably in the light breeze.

"Citizens of the Dominion" he spoke, his lips parting softly and slowly as he did, giving him the appearance of a benevolent father, yearning to love and protect. the crowds died down to a mere hum as all 6 Million Sindar crowded outside the palace looked to him as he spoke.

"Today is a red letter day for the Dominion."

"Today, we strike at the heart of corruption in our very neighborhoods."

"Today, we take what is ours."

pausing briefly, he looks at the crowd, his eyes grazing over his eager people peacefully. he swallows hard, and looks back up to the microphone again.

"The Vikul have tainted the Eagle Nebula for as long as the stars have shone."

"They seek to damper our rightful reign over this universe."

"They threaten our very existence as a people." people in the crowd begin nodding in agreement, or turning to their friends and saying their agreements.

"We can not allow ourselves to be shut out by them,"

"We are the rulers of the cosmos, it is our birthright!"

The crowd cheers back in excitement. Pius smiles, they are playing right into his hands. He knows how to please a crowd.

"On this day, a red letter day, we take the fight to them!"

"We are superior!" The crowd roars in absolute agreement and excitement, and clap and stamp their feet, shaking the massive courtyard. As they do, loud engine noises are heard above, as hundreds of enormous Sindar Cruisers fly over the palace and city, causing even more of an uproar. Pius throws his hands up to the skies, motioning towards the ships.

"Today, we fight back!" he shouts into the microphone.

Thérenian DominionEdit

Dominion fleets were massing near a wormhole that would take them to Milky Way. Hundreds of ships all equipped with the most destructive weaponry that Dominion has to offer were preparing for the journey, as more and more Dominion ships joined the group. Aboard the bridge of Degraded Mind, Grand Admiral La'isran spoke with other admirals.

La'isran - You have your orders. Now go and bring glory to Dominion.

Admiral - Yes, my lord. Would you want to address the fleets?

La'isran - I will.

At that La'isran hailed the fleets and gave one last speech before they departed for Milky Way.

La'isran - This is the Grand Admiral speaking. I want you to know that we are doing this for the Dominion, for our people. To bring our people to greatness. To make others know our name, and to make them fear it. Don't do this for personal glory. No, do this for the glory of the Dominion! When future generations speak of this moment, they will remember your valiant deeds. They will always remember how you gave your lives to the Dominion. And they will always know how you brought glory to our people! Men, you are backbone of the Dominion. You are those who built it and those who have carried it here. And now you will carry it further! You will take it to new heights and bring it where it has never been! Now go and bring glory to our people! For the Dominion!

As the speech ended, the Dominion fleets entered the wormhole and began their journey to Milky Way. La'isran was sitting on his bridge watching as his ship entered the wormhole. Thérenian Dominion had began their expansion.

Vikul FederationEdit

In the home system of the Vikul, the Vikul watched closely for Sindar attack ships, ready to defend at any moment. All of a sudden a hyperspace window was opened in the system, but instead of a fleet of Sindar warships, they were greeted with a 30km long battleship escorted by several 15km ships. They quickly got into orbit around the Vikul homeworld and opened a communication channel to the capitol.

"Hail. Why is it you have come to our home?"

"We are the Drakodominatus Tyranny, and we have come to help you defeat the Sindar"

"Why would you help us?"

"What do you want to gain from it?"

At that, Beezlebub teleported to the surface, in front of the Vikul President His massive descended 10 meter form towered over the Vikul

"Because I take issue with their existence"

The Vikul man sized him up slowly, taking note of his dangerous appearance.

"I will inform my subordinates" he said.

"We will send Gluonic weaponry to your ships, in order to fight them better."

"We appreciate that, but you have to prove yourselves"

Suddenly, a fake Sindar ship entered the atmosphere, and attacked the Vikul citizens. Mortig looked at the ship, took his weapon, and shot at it until his ammunation ran out. The ship, however, was damaged beyond repair, and crashed down.

"I believe I have proven myself"

"Indeed. The Sindar will suffer'


The Vengence, captained by Lingur, arrived at the homeworld of the Fligurians. His Empire, the Aeoneonatrix, had received distress calls from this empire, and two others, all clients of theirs, claiming all of their planets had been attacked. Ships had been sent to each planet to assist. The Vengeance attempted to contact the planet's surface. There was no response. They went in closer to the planet, expecting a fight. Instead they saw ruined cities. The buildings had been flattened, and the turrets destroyed.

“Spodists maybe?” suggested Awesh, the ship’s pilot, once he got over the shock enough to speak at all.

“No,” said Callanni, the science officer, “Spodists would’ve done something with the planet after eliminating whoever’s there.”

“Have the other ships reported back on the Fligurian colonies?” Lingur asked.

“Yes,” Awesh said, “they’re just like this one, no evidence of survivors, same with the other species. No signs of life. All three species … seem to have gone extinct.”

Lingur began quietly seething with rage, “Mardor maybe?” he suggested.

“The technology here is too advanced,” Callanni said, “Whoever did this is past tier 4, Mardor are only at 4.2.”

“Who then?” Lingur asked.

“Scanning,” Awesh said, “no, couldn’t be…”

“Who?” Lingur asked, his anger visibly increasing.

“I found a crashed ship, its taken damage from the city’s turrets…” continued Awesh “WHO!?” Lingur demanded.

“Troodontid,” Awesh said, “It’s a Troodontid ship.”

“Are you sure?” Lingur asked.

“Yes,” said Awesh “I’ll pull it onscreen”.

Onscreen was the unmistakable image of a Troodontid ship.

Lingur activated the loudspeakers to communicate with the rest of the ship. “All personnel to your stations,” he said, “we’re going to battle.”

“Sir,” Callanni said, “With all due respect, this makes no sense, attacking random, defenseless colonies is completely uncharacteristic of the Troodontids.”

“You saw what I saw,” Lingur said, “It was clearly a Troodontid ship. They have destroyed three of our clients, who we swore to protect. We must send the message that this sort of thing isn’t tolerated.”

“By doing the very same thing to them?” Callanni asked.

“No,” Lingur said, “We’ll keep a space station with about 10,000 of them floating around; in case we find out we need them for something.”

“You don’t have the authority too--” Callanni began.

“Don’t try it,” Lingur said, “we both know I do. Awesh, contact Aeoneonatrix, and get them to send us a war-fleet, we’re going Troodontid-killing”

Lingur was able to get 10,000 ships to accompany him.

“The Troodontids are in another Galaxy,” Callanni said, “how do we intend to get there?”

“There’s a natural wormhole that will open in a few seconds,” Lingur said, “right … about … now.”

The Vengeance and its fleet flew into the wormhole, and toward the nearest Troodontid planet.

Mardor EmpireEdit

Wisepain, of the Mardor Empire looked at his ship's view-screen at a world ripe for conquest. The sapient race on this planet was tribal, easy to enslave, and just as fun to torture. He ordered the fleet he had with him to enter the planet's atmosphere and begin abducing citizens. As they came in, he had them sorted by age and gender, for later sale to the Mardor public. He could barely handle the anticipation of the joy he would derive from the torture of the ones he kept for himself.

Once he finished, he was about to begin torture until something that shouldn't have happened did. His sensors were suddenly overwhelmed and thousands of black and gold ships phased into the system.

Wisepain: What the...

ShipAI: Staging ground Gamma reached.

Wisepain attempted to contact the ship fleet.

The massive ships towered around the planet, and pointed their weapons at the Mardor ships.

Wisepain: What do you want?

Yakis Orochis: You will tell us why you are here or face imminent destruction. Nobody was supposed to come to this planet except us.

Wisepain: We came here to enslave the inhabitants of this pathetic planet, for use as torture fodder.

Orochis: We have no quarrel with you, but unless you are on our side we will exterminate you like rodents.

Wisepain: We are on the side of all who say that and can back it up.

Wisepain: who are you?

Orochis: We are of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, and the only major empire we have encountered in this subsector so far were those called the Aeoneonatrix

Wisepain: You don't say, by your name, I assume you're to sort of empire they don't get along with?

Orochis: It couldn't be more true, and yes, I do not get on with them a single bit, they deserve to be crushed, but we have to use our fleets for other tasks. If you could assist us by destroying them, we will allow you to live.

Wisepain: We'd be happy to. The empire that up and calls itself a tyranny and the one whose name is almost "Murder." We will make a great duo.

Orochis: Perhaps, we have a small bug on The Vengeance which is transmitting its location. If you could take that pest out, it would be in both of our interests.

Wisepain: Indeed, though I must confess, we've faced them before and usually had no luck, could we get anything to assist us? Some new weapons perhaps?

Orochis: Take these combat harvesters *motions to a cargo ship*, they will crush the Aeoneonatrix.

Wisepain: In a naval battle?

Orochis: They can be used on both, as long as you can get past shielding, it is a done deal.

Wisepain: Thank you, that pest Lingur will be gone from both of our ways soon enough.

Orochis: Indeed, just promise me one thing. Make him suffer.

Wisepain: Causing suffering is what I've always been best at, good sir.

Sago KingdomEdit


Martian and Bisonbeck soldiers amassed in the halls along with a dozen other races. The Superintendent looked out his window, scratching his chin with perplexion.

Gaza: Mr. Superintendent, what are you perplexed about? We are on our way to meet with the Drodo council. Little can go wrong at this time.

Codlar: I beg to differ.

Gaza stood up. He walked over to the Superintendent, looked him up and down, then sighed.

Gaza: Sir, the UNXC Army is all but ready for the oncoming battle. Five million soldiers are being loaded onto our ships. There is little that can possibly go wrong during our expedition.

Codlar frowned. He didn't agree.

Codlar: Yes, there is. What if the Dominion strikes us again? Our fleet wouldn't stand a chance. After they took the Delta and every star system with it, we've been blocked off from all of our options. Its very unlikely the troops would survive.

Gaza: *laughs softly* Mr. Superintendent, sir, the starships we have are incredibly powerful, and the Motherships have lost most of their efficiency.

Codlar: They cannot be underestimated, again! That happened twice, and I regret every moment I stood there, doing nothing as millions of our people died every time that damn flagship fired one of it's pulses onto Cazzna Faarelai.

Gaza thought for a moment, then his face brightened.

Gaza: Sir, what if we pulled out most of the population? All of them except for military outposts. Besides, that would be the only amount we'd need. The civilians would be safe in another galaxy, and we would still have the military we'd need. Two for one, as Commander Heal would say.

The Superintendent hesitated.

Codlar: Alright, Gaza, we'll do it.

The two of them walked out, preparing to make a difficult yet completely understandable decision that could change the UNXC's history.

The First MovesEdit

The First StepsEdit

The Octopus of the Milky WayEdit

The Terpeschoire spy network was a network that was unknown to all except their Dominatus masters. Made of the Terpeschoire, a race of hermaphroditic and physically feeble shapeshifters, the Tyranny had infiltrated most civilizations in the Milky Way with their spies while the host civilizations thought that they were safe. Theses spies had infiltrated the higher echelons of command, commerce, and many things and lay there, silent and dormant, waiting to be activated. Here, there, and everywhere the were, in every element of society, blending in perfectly with the other members of the civilizations, and ready to strike at any given time.

Security BreachEdit

Marius was back at the capital of the Hegemony. Just a few hours ago, he had been battling the Drakdominatus. Though the battle was over, Marius sensed the Tyranny was not as benevolent as they seemed.

"Welcome home commander, glad to see your in one piece" a worker at a nearby space station said.

The ship docked at a nearby orbital platform, not noticing the small ship trailing it.

This was the most prototype of all the dominatus stealth ships, sent on this as a special exercise by the grand admiral.As a combat ship, it was worse than useless . However as a stealthship it was incredible.

It had been a tough battle. Who knew that whoever they were fighting had a 90km ship.

"Well, better clear the rubble out of that colony"

The ship that he could not see edged closer to the planet. The completely automated stealthship, continued transmitting data. It had already attached prootype stealth probes onto the ground and on differing hegemony ships

The grand admiral looked from his flagship. "This would be very good for future diplomatic issues"

Marius had a nagging feeling that the tyranny had not left him alone. He gazed out a window on the station and noticed something. A small blurring in the stars

"What the hell is that?"

The ship noticed one of it's probes was noticed and it instantly put it in coverup mode. To all but the most elite observers it would have appeared like nothing. But Marius, Marius was suspicious.

"Trace wherever that disturbance came from"

The tracing signals were sent. The ship itself was not detected, nor the other probes.

However it did detect a weird signature on one of the Hegemony ships which had entered hyperspace. He knew the mysterious object was there

"Whatever it is, it isn't friendly, trace it to its source and blow it to shreds"

At that, the stealthship entered it's most devilish protocol, the customized one time pad non euclidean encryption

It effectively changed every single femtoscale particle on the path from the probe to the ship and gave it the signatures that matched the Drodo. "Sir, it says that's a Drodo ship!" a nearby soldier said

"I don't care if its registered to the DCP, no one has found our homeworld yet, no one is leaving to report it"

"Blow it up!"

The probe entered a protocol and transmitted this to drodo space in the form of an anomaly with an unlogged and lost drodo exploration ship.

"Charge weapons!"


The probe blew up and was deemed wreckage in space

"Hope that was expensive!"

The quantum replicators had at last reconfigured the probe to a Drodo design

"The Drodo have a lot of explaning to do" Marius said.

Contacting the CommanderEdit

Aranelia descended from his private ship, Transport Vectorn in the hangar Crux system, a star system located within the confines of the Milky Way. The hangar was located on a terraformed asteroid named Xi 4-02, where studies were conducted on the Essence. Xi 4-02 was Edelmut's home since the Federation had come to the Milky Way, where he had been held for several months.

Once in the structure, Aranelia was accompanied by her guards at the deepest level of the residential building, which is supposed to live Edelmut. Once there Aranelia looked the place, a long hallway lit by a silvery little floating spheres of light at the end of it, a door dark cold plasma could not see what the room would Edelmut.
Aranelia placed his hand on the fingerprint scanner at the door and announced:

Aranelia- Aranelia Brinal, Great Senator, permission to pass.

A metallic voice clearly said Permission granted, welcome her ladyship, and Aranelia entered into the room. In the center of the room was Edelmut sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed, apparently meditating. When he opened his eyes the room temperature seemed to have dropped several degrees and Aranelia was able to see those eyes silvery white iris with golden lines crossed by the Great Senator then remembered the boy she had known for several years, the same boy that now saw before her.
Spore 01-11-2012 14-06-47

Aranelia meets Edelmut in Xi 4-02

Edelmut- Aranelia, is an honor that the Great Senator of the United Federation of Species is visiting me in my humble abode ... If I had known I would have settled a bit.

The commander's voice sounded full of indifference and apathy.

Aranelia- Edelmut, time no see you, how you've spent the last few months?

Edelmut- You know as well as I do that you do not mind Aranelia, if I am right, you want my help as commander or fighter, which don't want to do.

Aranelia- Edelmut, you have a role, a duty to do for the Federation

Edelmut- Duty imposed on me for no reason

Aranelia- You were given one of the highest honors possible

Edelmut- Honor that I never wanted

Aranelia- Vankalian is not Edelmut, we need you in front of an imminent war, the Federation needs you, the Senate needs you, I need you...

Edelmut looked Aranelia eyes, looked sad, his eyes showed a total desolation, he sighed.

Edelmut- Okay, I will help, but on one condition, I want to relieve from office at the end of the conflict.

Aranelia- If you want, you will be granted

Edelmut- And another thing, when you find Vankalian, give him a slap for me, he never is here when we need him.

Boiling PointEdit


Viran was happy, a emotion she did not often experience.

She has been promoted to Fleet Captain, and got a mission the day after promotion, the mission was to the Frontier, at the edge of Drodo Space. The patrols there reported a alien fleet amassing, something that the Drodo did not take lightly. She made sure to take a good-sized fleet, just in case of hostilities. She entered the spacious bridge of her new Impaler-class cruiser, sat down in the captain's chair near the front, and smiled.

  • Drodo marine - "Captain, we are at the location."
  • Viran - "Alright, come out of Warpspace."

Marius was going to confront the Drodo. No one had ever violated hegemony territory before. He was not about to let it start on his watch.

  • Hegemony crewmember - "Sire, we have arrived. Admiral Ulrac has brought reinforcements."
  • Marius - "Good, and don't call me sire."

Ships began to show up nearby, dropping out of Warpspace.

  • Marius - "So, they have shown up."

Viran suddenly snapped to attention, and became as stoic and serious as ever.

  • Marius "They better have a good answer."

Viran stood up, silently thanking herself for bringing a battlefleet. And ordered;

  • Viran - "Open the comms."

The comms crackled to life as she stated,

Viran - "This is Fleet Captain Viran of the Drodo Empire. Why do you have a fleet of starships at our borders?"

Marius paused, then answered almost rhetorically.

  • Marius - "Funny thing you should ask that Drodo, we were doing recon in our sector off limits to other Empires, and we found your empire."
  • Viran - *Raises an eyebrow* "You did, did you?"

Marius grimaced, and threatened.

  • Marius - "Now you better have a good resaon for violating quarantine, and don't play sarcastic with me."

Viran retained her poker-face, and replied blandly.

  • Viran - "We didn't do anything like that, we barely know about your empire."
  • Marius - "Really, is that why you followed us?”

Viran widened her eyes a little, and answered;

  • Viran - Even if we did send a exploration ship into this 'quarantine', what did you do to it?"
  • Marius - *Pride in his voice* "We did what we would in any other case, and blew it to shreds."

Unbeknownst to any of them, a Tyranny Terpeschoire had planted a reciever on one of the Drodo ships. It was easy to do it as it did not actually breach any security protocols and was disguised as a souveneir.

  • Viran - *Hissing at Marius* "You little..."

The Terpeschoire silently waited for the next part of the plan.

  • Marius - *Mockingly* "Yes? Do you have something to say?"

At that, another Terpeschoire, disguised as a Hegemony crewmen, told Marius;

  • Terpeschoire - "Sir, if they were not intending to attack why would they have such a large fleet at our borders?"

Viran sighed;

  • Viran - "Listen, I'm not at the center of Drodo buraucracy, so I don't know everything but whether we sent a ship into your borders or not, I am certain we can sort this out like civilized people."

Marius turned to the Terpeschoire;

  • Marius - "Shush soldier, I would do the same thing if a fifty mile battleship jumped at our borders."

He turned back to Viran;

  • Marius - "Alright, talk fast."

Viran was starting to lose her patience;

  • Viran - "I mean...with diplomats, in a official meeting..."

She shook her head, she found it obvious that she was talking to a brick wall.

  • Viran - "Alright, how about you turn those ships BACK?”

She didn’t notice she almost shouted the last part.

The Terpeschoires received permission to execute the next part of the plan, and soon data was transmitted from the probes to the Drodo. Computer screens on board showed the locations of the Hegemony's core worlds. Seconds after, a forged war plan made called Operation Subjugator appeared on the boards.

  • Drodo marine - "Something's been downloaded into our database."
  • Marius - "Security breach!"

He bellowed as he realized it appeared that the Drodo wanted to commit genocide on and colonize the Hegemony.

  • Viran "What in Katar..."
  • Marius - "They have the map info!"

Viran started to lose her cool;

  • Viran - "Shut up you moron!"

The map grew more and more comprehensive as data was transmitted. Viran cried;

  • Viran - "This was downloaded into our databases right now!"

Plans that were arranged like chess games for the Meta and Zozer capitals among other worlds emerged and to make matters even worse, the forged voice of Drodo high commanders boomed into the comms system; "All Drodo Forces, commence phase 1."

Marius - "Forged? Really? The evidence is pretty convincing to me!"

  • Viran - *Slightly panicking* "This is forged!"

Marius, being unconvinced, growled;

  • Marius - "No more bullshit!"

Viran tried to defend herself while frantically looking around, said;

  • Viran - "It must have been downloaded by someone, or something."
  • Marius - "Oh, really?"

The Terpeschoires were given authorization for the next phase.

  • Marius - "Tell me how long have you been doing this?"

Viran, by now, was nearly at the end of her rope;

  • Viran - "Doing what?" She said indignantly.

At that, a rather trivial and undefended Hegemony trading convoy was attacked by custom-made Impaler class ships controlled by the Tyranny. Marius was more or less oblivious to this, and continued his speal;

  • Marius - "A month maybe? You seem new to the navy."

Viran was offended by this, but answered in a concise manner;

  • Viran - "I've been in the navy for about ten years. Why the hell do you ask?"

She ignored the Hegemony commander for a moment, and ordered;

  • Viran - "Find out what's downloading this crap onto our database! Now!"

Against the will of the Drodo crew members, the speakers of the ship blared on once again, saying; "Succesful attack of a Hegemony trading convoy, all other forces, proceed with attack."

At which a rather downtrodden Viran said "Ugh..."

By now, Marius was fuming;

  • Marius - "Time has taught me patience,but it has reached my limits!"

He hollered. At that moment, a broadcast of the destruction of an undefended civilian convoy was projected onto the screens of the ships.

"What a way to spend first day as fleet captain..." Viran said quietly. Which she soon followed up with "Reinforcments, now!" to the comms officer.

  • Marius - "Tell your navy, government, and that Fleet Captain Cesterity to shove it! Your career ends today, Fleet Captain!"

Meta depressurized in a vacuum and wreckage from the attack blotted the screen.

Viran replied stoically;

  • Viran - "Yeah, I probably will."
  • Marius - *Screaming hysterically at the very top of his lungs* "BURN!"

And with that, the fleet opened fire.

Viran looked at this and focused all of her anger and frustration into the battle that was rapidly unfolding in front of her eyes;

  • Viran - "Fire."

The Last StrawEdit

  • Terpeschoire - "Stage 1 Part A Completed."

Meanwhile, around them, a battle was erupting.

  • Marius - "Shields up!"
  • Viran - "Fire antimatter missiles at their flagship!"

Several Antimatter missiles flew across space, each one ready to go off in a 100 megaton explosion.

Fifty Drodo ships arrived as reinforcements, flanking the Hegemony ships and taking them by surprise, blasting away several Hegemony ships within the first few seconds of entry.

  • Marius - "Lets see how they like a little dose of phase missiles!"

The phase missiles did a short warp jump near the ships, bypassing their shields and hitting the hull. Viran was thrown to the floor.

  • Marius - "Fire up the Apha Lascannon."

He was interrupted as an antimatter missile hit Marius's ship, blowing off its shields, causing Marius to curse and swear. The resulting explosion was utterly and completely brilliant.

  • Marius - "Recharge shields! We dont have any other 50 mile battleship."

Railgun rounds ripped through the hull, as Marius cursed.

  • Marius - "Bitch! Lets see how she likes autocannon rounds hitting her bridge."
  • Hegemony crewmeber - "MAC rounds away sir!"

Several rounds streaked forward and impacted the Impaler’s hull. The autocannon rounds where less than gracefully shrugged off however. In return, plasma pulses splattered apart near the bridge of Marius’ flagship. Viran widened her eyes. Marius thanked the heavens saying;

  • Marius - "Thank the One God the old ship’s hull plating is thick, now fire!"
  • Viran - "Out of the line of fire! Now!"

The ship blasted the side thrusters for a brief moment, as wide, white-hot laser of the the Alpha Lascannon missed.

  • Marius - "Dang it, a miss. Fire on the other nearby ships."

After the projectiles had landed, several Drodo ships exploded. In return, the Drodo ships ripped apart several of the Hegemony ships.

  • Marius - "Get the Doppleganger classes here, they will tear them apart!"
  • Viran - "Get the propulsion jammers online."

The Ethereals charged up their interdiction fields, blocking anything getting in, or out by interstellar drives.

  • Marius - "Prep the boarding crew. Ground Commander Ammox, get your Zone Troopers and Super Soldiers ready, board the lead ship and kill the captain."

The soldiers jetpacked away from the airlock they had exited out of the ship. Seconds later, they landed on the damaged hull of the lead ship and broke in. However, the Drodo where ready. Following standard procedure, they blocked off essential hallways, and placed machine guns. A Hegemony Zone Trooper said "Grenade, out!" to which Drodo Marines unanimously shouted "DOWN!", at which the Marines ducked for cover. A mini-fusion explosion followed the detonation of the grenade.

Several Drodo Marines came up over, and mowed down a few Hegemony Zone Troopers.

  • Hegemony Zone Sergeant 1 - "Get the Lascutters, break through!”
  • Hegemony Zone Trooper - "Sir, were having difficulties."
  • Hegemony Zone Sergeant 2 - "Get the Sucuide Troops out there now!"

More Drodo Marines along with submachine guns came through for reinforcements. At the sign of one of their officers, they started to throw nerve-gas grenades.

  • Drodo Marine Officer - *While putting on his gas mask* "That'll learn 'em!"
  • Hegemony Zone Sergeant - "Oh, they want to play that game, huh? Break out the gas!'

The entire hallway was filled with deadly gas, eating slowly through armor without a reactive coating. Suicide troops ran thorough the fray with their wrist blades out, while Drodo Marines fell back while still firing, gunning down the troops with ease. The rest closed blast doors and rigged them with explosives and set up more MG positions in other rooms.

One particularly pshchotic looking soldier had a grenade between his teeth while another preceded to bite a Drodo Marine to death. The other marine rigged him with bullets from his SGM until the psychotic solider fell down dead, and cut the other in half with a normally ceremonial sabre before succumbing to the acid and falling lifeless to the ground. Hegemonic Supersoldiers still cut throughout the fray, their leader, Ammox, at the forefront.

  • Ammox - "Commander, fire mission danger close!"

At this command, a missile detonated agansit the hull, sucking many Hegemony Zone Troppers and Drodo into the vacuum. With their spacesuits, magnet-boots, magna-grapples and anti-gravitypacks, the Zone Troopers quickly found a myriad of ways to reenter the ship and prevent drifting away, while the Drodo that were sucked into the vacuum suffered agonizing deaths by shocking. The Supersoldiers held on with grim determination while many Drodo Marines further down the corridor also hung on to whatever available.

  • Ammox - "Get the blenders!"

To that, several Combat Harvesters attached themselves to the Impaler. The massive constructs then started ripping out armor plating as Drodo Marines tried to shoot up and started to retreat into other rooms. The Combat Harvesters grabbed screaming Drodo in both vaccum and pressurized rooms, sucked them inside, and crushed them in their inner chambers while the mass agony was broadcast through the Impaler’s systems. Hegemony Havoc Troopers using plasma throwers in rage as they Torched Drodo Marines and send burning blocs of plasma flying everywhere.

When Viran looked out her window, a goopy mass of viscera, discarded from a Harvester, was there to greet her. She could only moan "Oh, god..., this is Dominatus technology..." as she he looked away. Onboard their own ships, even the soldiers of the Hegemony questioned the use of such a weapon, a few Hegemony Zone Troopers even puking inside their helmets at the site of the atrocities. "Delcious” a Suicide Trooper said while Viran muttered "That"s it ... Where's my magnum?".

She soon got prepared for battle, waiting patiently in the bridge. The tentacles of the harvesters jutted through every doorway, covered in the blood of drodo marines, making way for the Hegemonic troopers. The Hegemony quickly secured the hallways towards the bridge and Hegemonic Supersoldiers now stood at the bridge's door. A fusion grande was thorn and the door blasted open.

  • Amnox - "Go, go, go!"

Hegemonic Supersoldiers ran trough the smoke, guns blazing. Every single one of the bridge crew where heavily armed, The first soldier reaching their hastily arrayed gun lines was a suicide trooper and Viran shot his torso off with a single shot. Another suicide troop rushed in saying "I'M GONNA EAT YOUR BABIES" and was gunned down easily while Viran kept her neutral expression. Ammox groaned;

  • Ammox - "You want something done, do it yourself."

He ran in with a few super soldiers , tossing an incendiary grenade straight into the middle of the bridge crew. Soldiers scattered while Viran dived as a gout of flame erupted from the explosion. Pressed against cover, she loaded in another six bullets into her revolver. Ammox looked around for the Fleet Captian and promptly watched her blast off the head from one of his last Zone Troopers. She slowly poked over her cover, gun and sabre in her hands.

  • Ammox - "Go ahead little Drodo, take the shots. Lets see if your fast enough"
  • Virax - *Taking a few steps back* "You're planning something..."

Viran pulled back the hammer of her gun, but before she could shoot, he cloaked. Viran looked all around as she backed up into a corner. Ammox started walking forwards. She fired in his general direction, but he noticed that she missed and kept walking. She looked for distortions in the air and found one. She instinctively shot. Even though Ammox, as a Supersoldier, wore thick armor and possessed heavy shielding, he still felt like getting hit by an asteroid. He fell over and his cloaking deactivated. Viran cautiously walked out to the corpse, and looked down.

The End of the StartEdit

Before she could react; her magnum was gone. Viran felt a hand clasp strongly around her wraist as she saw Ammox crush her Magnum with his other hand. She pulled out a second pistol, and shot his body several times. Then, a cold, commandeering voice called out behind her.

"Turn around."

She widened her eyes and turned around slowly. There stood commander Marius.

  • Ammox - *Smiles weakly behind his skull-faced helmet* "Ahh...Commander. Perfect timing to board."

Viran raised her pistol and at Marius.

  • Viran - "Leave. Now."
  • Marius - "Don't even try it. I have reinforcements coming. The best, I must admit."

The ship shook.

  • Viran - *triumphantly* "That's a tractor beam. A Drodo tractor beam."

She pointed at the surviving Drodo Marines.

  • Viran - "Pick up that Supersoldier, quickly.'
  • Marius - "Over his dead corpse. Supersoldiers aren't cheap, and Ammox is the best of the best. I am not scared of a captain with a service pistol."
  • Viran - *Almost sadistically* "That comment cost you your best super-soldier."

She shot Ammox in the head.

  • Marius - "Bitch, you just lost your right to live."

Marius charged her, even with the surviving Drodo Marines closing in. She sidestepped and smiled, as the two circled around each other, guns drawn.

  • Viran - "I can be a cruel lady."
  • Marius - *Sarcastically* "Really? I hadn't figured that."
  • Viran - "But you deserve it. You’re the ones allied with the Dominatus."
  • Marius - *Angrily* "We aren't allies."
  • Viran"Oh, really? Then why did they give you Combat Harvesters?"
  • Marius - "They said take em, so we took em."
  • Viran - "Truly believable."
  • Marius - "Because if we didn't, we would be blasted to shreds."

The ship shook violently. It was going through warpspace.

  • Viran - "I am taking whats left of your pet Supersoldier for burial once I get out of here. We're headed for a Drodo world. You're a prisoner, now."
  • Marius - "That's what you think. I have been in this position before."
  • Viran - "Don't worry, you will be treated fairly."
  • Marius - "Like Ammox, If that's what you're worried about."

She looked down, a flow of guilt washing over her.

  • Viran - "That was a...mistake."
  • Marius - "Darn right. Gonna have to pull a lot of strings to get his brain matter saved."

Drodo Marines soon entered through the bridge door and aimed their guns at Marius. He taunted;

  • Marius - "So, did that famous captain of yours get out of hyperspace? The one who has a temper."
  • Viran - "Oh, Cesterity? How do you know about him?"
  • Marius - "He is fairly famous. You know, getting his skin pulled off. And living."
  • Viran - *Rolling her eyes* "I'm sure he is...But no, he's not out of hyperspace yet."
  • Marius - "Good.”

She bit her lower lip, then looked up and she asked;

  • Viran - "What do you mean, 'good'?
  • Marius - "I don't need to fight someone who managed to survive having their skin pulled off. It gets complicated then."

She looked away. This was the first time she even thought of Cesterity in months, maybe years.

  • Marius - "Also, there is not a thing that you can do to me that will make me talk."
  • Viran - *Lost in thought* "Yeah, yeah."

And she was discussing it with an alien she had been fighting a few minutes ago.

  • Marius - "Well, are you done having your little internal struggle."

Viran glared. She had heard that loud and clear.

  • Marius - "Now then Fleet Captain, let me meet your government."
  • Viran - "You'll meet them, don't worry."
  • Marius - "Unless of course they were seized by the mafia in the few hours we have been fighting."
  • Viran - "You'll be taken in a cruiser to the core worlds, where you will be con- Will you shut up? How do you know this stuff?"
  • Marius - "It was on the bloody universal message board. Everyone knew."
  • Viran - "Oh, yeah..."
  • Marius "Right, convicting time, right?'
  • Viran - "As I was saying, you will be considered a political prisoner , and yes, you will meet our government. Now, marines, take him away.'

As Marius was led away, he smiled. Viran glared intently.

  • Marius - *Thinking to himself* "I got Ammox's DNA and memory pattern and got under that captain's skin. Next time, we're bringing in a bigger fleet.'

Viran cut him out of his thoughts.

  • Viran - "Glad we could talk like civilized beings."

Interrogation Edit

Marius was taken to a cell. He sat down. He had been going trough this before, and the Drodo would not break him. A Terpeschoire who was disguised as Viran walked up to is cell.

  • Terpeschoire - "I would like to talk with you."
  • Marius - "OK, whatever. You can’t break me."

Marius was restrained as per procedure by two Drodo marines. Just to make sure they didn’t do anything, the Terpeschoire then made them leave

  • Terpeschoire - "As I said, I like to inquiry you. In private."

He paused briefly.

  • Terpeschoire - "You may have wondered what we did to the other prisoners we took. Now you will be able to experience the same sensation."

At that, the Terpeshoire produced an knife-like device from her pocket that was really a Dominatus device and plunged it into the spinal cord of Marius. She then activated the pain level to 5, but this was already more pain than he had ever taken. Marius started to scream in his electricity induced agony.


This continued on as she transmitted the coordinates and design of the prison to the Terpeshoire in the Hegemony who was planning a prison break.

  • Marius - *Grinding his teeth in pain* "You bitch, first, Ammox, now me, whats next?"

The Terpeschoire received the signal that the Hegemony breakout troops were going to jump and turned the pain level to 8. Meanwhile, several Drodo Prison Guards had heard the screams.

  • Marius - "Help, shes raping me! Emotionally at least."
  • Terpeschoire - "Next is the whole race, you Hegemony mongrel."
  • Prison Guard - "Open up, commander!"

The Hegemony fleet suddenly phased in and enteted exactly that point in the station. Hegemony Supersoldiers who had the element of surprise burst trough the prison block.

  • Terpeschoire - "The plan was real, and now nobody will know."

The Viran-Terpeschoire then shot Marius straight in his 4 limbs, incapacitating him for the moment.

  • Terpeschoire - "You will die of blood loss, nobody will suspect a thing. This is standard procedure for us Drodo."

At that the Viran-Terpeschoire amped the pain level up to 10 and walked out of the back door, blending in with the rest of the Drodo.

The guards outside cringed at the sound of Marius's cries.

  • Prison Guard 1 - "Oh, god…I'm gonna puke!"
  • Prison Guard 2 - "Just hang tight!"

At that, a alarm said; "ALL PERSONELL EVACUATE"

The Prison Guards panicked and tried to choose - a enemy general being wrongfully tortured, or their own lives. They heard Hegemonic Supersoldiers coming around the corner and knew they wouldn’t he able to get away in time. Thus they kept trying to open the door, desperate as they were.

The sound on gunfire and heavy armor heralded the arrival of the Hegemonic Supersoldiers who hd come to rescue Marius. Finding him was easy, guided by his screams as they were.

  • Hegemony Supersoldier - *Holding the Guards under gunpoint* "What the hell is this!?"
  • Prison Guard 1 - "Not procedure!'
  • Prison Guard 2 - "Please, We're trying to help your general."
  • Hegemony Supersoldier - "Whatever weird shit you’re doing to him, you’re gonna be sorry! Now open the fucking doo!
  • Prison Guard 2 - "I'm trying!"
  • Prison Guard 1 - "She put something on the lock!"

A supersoldier pulled out a Rotor Gun and riddled the door with explosive bullets until it was scrap. They found Marius, body burned and convulsing with pain, electricity coursing trough his nerves. The Supersolder gritted his teeth, and shoved his gun of the forehead of the first Prison Guard.

  • Supersoldier - "You're gonna be bloody pulp."
  • Prison Guard 1 - "Please, it wasn’t us. We don't do that."
  • Prison Guard 2 - "Your commander has been tortured something disguised as one of us, I swear."

There was a gurgling sound as Marius, despite the unspeakable agony ha was in, still managed to speak.

  • Marius - "Listen to him."

His face whacked with pain, he resumed.

  • Marius - "I dont want one of you to shoot these guys."

Another Supersoldier busted in, deactivating the Dominatus device and fulling it of out Marius’ spine. At that the first Supersoldier signaled that the Drodo Prison Guards might go. The Supersoldiers lifted marius's burned body and supported him as he stumbled towards an exit. The prison Guards, meanwhile, slowly stepped away, hands still raised; before turning a corner, and running for the nearest exit.

At that the Terpeshoire disguised as the Hegemony troop shot the Drodo from the back with an automatic rifle.

  • Marius - "Monster!"

The Terpeshoire saw the Supersoldiers turn on him and fled.

  • Marius - "He's gone section Eight! Execute him!"

At that Viran-Terpeschoire ordered the Drodo Prison Guards in the area to do anything they could to stop the breakout. Machine gun fire put a deadly crossfire before the Hegemony troops that even the Supersoldiers supporting Marius knew they would not take.

  • Marius - "Commander Skorenzy, have your Commandoes detonate the bomb."
  • Skorenzy - *Over a Hegemonic comms channel* "Sir, bomb placed at center of station mass."
  • Marius - "Right, were getting out, set her off."
  • Skorenzy - "Bomb armed. We'll will see back home sir."
  • Marius - "Likewise. Troops, let’s retreat via the back door."

Under covering fire of the Supersoldiers, Marius and his troops retreated into a line of escape pods. Ejecting them, Marius proceeded to watch to Impaler explode into a brilliant fireball.

  • Marius - "Hopefully the last time I will see that bitch."
  • Last surviving Zone Trooper - "What now, sir?"
  • Marius - "We have a war to fight. Those Drodo generals want to play rough? We’ll do things to 'em that would make the Cult of Deathmarch puke."

Contact in a time of WarEdit

A Hegemony Spaceship under Captain Vassilus just came back from raiding a Drodo Colony when they notice something new. It is the Helios I , the command ship of the Milky Way Expedition of the Troodontid Empire. Both spaceships made ready their shields and weapons before trying to make contact. The Troodontids and the Hegomy first talked about the current situation in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Hegemony warned the Troodontids not to get involved in the war if they don`t want to get destroyed or to fight alongside them. The Troodontids in return tried to convince them to make peace with the Drodo Empire and wanted them to disclose all facts because they had a bad feelling about the Hegemony`s statements. Vassilus threatnd the Helios I and in the end started firig at the spaceships. The powerful plasma shieds of the Troodontid Spaceship held and the Helios I fired back with ion cannons that made the Hegemony spaceship`s shields crumble. The Hegemony made their tried to fire their own ion cannon against the Hlios I tto damage their shields , but before they could fire the Helios I had destroyed the cannon with several torpedos. The unprotected Hegemony Spaceships turned around and - under the fire of the Helios I which managed to damage several of their drives - jumped into hyperspace where the Helios I couldn`t follow it.

The Beginning of Enternal WarEdit

The Hegemony fleet was avenging itself for its early military disastersafter taking multiple Drodo worlds. "Finally" , Vassilus said, "Some real victories" "Your telling me", Ulrac said. Through probes and moles in the spy network the Grand Admiral laughed at the events "So Ulrac, are all the ships refitted with the new weapons and armor" "Almost" "Good, its really turning the tide agansit the Drodo" "Efective counters to there op weapons. The Grand Admiral laughed even more when he saw the almost total reliance on the ground on combat harvesters , while Vassilus said: "Those harvesters are sure darn efective. They were responsible for each success and marines were not used very much as opposed to before" "I know!" "Once we refit our troops, will be unstopable" Meanwhile a secret Dominatus terpeshcoire however had begun selling special emp weapons to the Drodo which could possibly help stem the tide against harvesters, because the Tyranny didn't want the Hegemony to gain too much of an advantage. Instead she wanted it to be a killing ground for all and so the Drodo soon would have antiharvester robots with EMP weapons.

"I still think we shouldn't really on walkers that much, we could become reliant on them", said Ulrac meanwhile. However his compaint was squashed by other officers who were too lazy and loved the walkers too much. "I too, I am suspicous" ,Marius stated, "The tyranny got its name for a reason. I wont let us become a client state" Meanwhile the drodo were paying the terpeshoire disguised businessmen very much for the walkers and money was flooding into the coffers of the Tyranny. "So, we start limiting the use of walkers" Marius said, but again the other officers protested against this "We wouldn`t have this Viran bitch to deal with if we used walkers instead of supersoldiers?" "Well, I do agree Virian is a bitch,but I dont trust these walkers, or the people selling them, or the tyranny in general" "Marius , you are crazy , we can worry about the Tyranny after this war. After this let's just use their tech to rip the Drodo apart" "Fine, but were using them in limited numbers, no walker rushesand they'll be supported by our vehicles, our troops, our aircraft" "Only in the operations under your control, our operations will be all of these miracle mechs !" "Miracle mechs? Are you freaking kidding me? But fine, I could care less. Surronded by idoits" Marius muttered.

Then they exited hyperspace into a drodo agriculture world that was responsible for much food production in the sector. "Oh well, torching drodo alwasy helps my mood" This time the Drodo where more prepared there with around four-hundred ships "Oh jeez, Vassilus, Ulrac, your done killing those other Drodo right?" "Yes sir" they replied "Get over here, we have an issue" The Drodo immediatly opened fire, destroying several ships in the first barrage "Well, those are the garbage frigates that went up. Gotta get around to decomissioning them. Open fire!" The Drodo still relentlessly shot down the Hegemony ships, buying time for the colony to be evacuated, along with any others within a large radius. "Let try ou the new hyperlasers" The lasers fired and melted through several drodo ships, opening up the civilian convoy to attack, but still more Hegemony ships where getting battered and more Drodo ships closed the gap, desperatly trying to protect the convoy and slowly fell back with the convoy. "Uggh, just fire a fucking antiship misile, I dont freaking care" "WHY CANT WE JUST HAVE A DECESIVE VICTORY. THE DRODO KEEP PULLING MIRACLLES OUT OF THEIR ASSES" Marius shouted The Drodo ships annilated several crusiers with railgun fire "You know what, ram them" "Sir?" "You heard me, fucking ram em, our ships or way bigger" The Drodo ships viciously fought back, destroying many ships before the Hegemony ships could ram while about 70% of the Civilians where out, as well. "Right, experimental weapon time" The patriot class proceded to rip a whole straight through drodo lines and the Drodo fell back, going into a full-tilt retreat along with any civilian ship. The tyranny spies on board looked at the massive ship simply awed

Meanwhile , not far away a patrol of Troodontid Ships flew through space. Suddenly one of the officers said to his commander: " Commander , there are many Hegemony ships in front of us . What should we do ?" " All cruisers attack what else " The Grand Admiral looked angry as he spectated and said "The Mark 2 Leviathans will destroy this !" The Troodontid Ships joined the battle granting support for the Drodo. "Not these guys again" Vassilus said, "Fuck it, planet bust this place and call it a day" "Full energy on the shields , then they won`t get through them ", the Troodontid Commander ordered.Because of that the Drodo ships started to advance again. Just as the Hegemony thought it couldn't get any worser, the Waptoria alliance appeared and helped the Troodontids."Make a defennsive row around the other ships , so that they can fire withput getting harmed " , orderedb the commandant. And then the Drodos fired everything had: Railguns, antimatter missiles, heavy turbolaser batteries. "WHAT TH FLYING FUCK", moaned the Hegemony officers. The Waptoria intercepted some of these, but that wasn't enough. But immediately, dozens of ships with the emblem of the USF entered the battlefield "WHERE ARE ALL HESE SHIPS COMING FROM", asked Marius. Meanwhile harvasters implanted themselves in some of the ships, brutally but slowly penetrating the hull armor. In order to counter their attacks , the Troodontids send out Android Starfighters. The harvesters clawed their way through the hulls of the non hegemony ships and soon the viscera of corpses could be seen floating in space. But then hundrets of android starfighters started to tear through the harvasters , destroying one after the other. The harvesters were prepared for this however and started using their tentacles to tear the attacking starfighters apart. Altough many starfighters were lost and the harvesters had claimed a fearsome toll among the troodontid ships , many more flew out of the Troodontid Ships aswell as bombers which destroyed the remaining harvasters. Now the organic ships of the Waptoria started to spawn smalls "baby " versions of their ships, hoping to swarm the enemy, but the spawn ships where weak, so they where easily destroyed. While the Hegomy was fighting with the Waptoria Ships, the Troodontids send out Android Destroyers to destroy the Hegemony`s drives and more Drodo ships came as reinforcments. "I though the harvesters would work better", muttered Marius. While the Drodo Ships started battering the Hegemony fleet from the side, the Troodontids fired their the ion cannons in order to weaken their shields and the Waptoria send Shipeaters to destroy the remaining Harvasters.

"ALL UNITS MAKE A RUN FOR IT, SEND OUT THE SUCUIDE SHIPS AND CALL IT A DAY", ordered Marius. Meanwhile Edelmut saw the battlefield and said "Well, you know what to do, fire containment against any ship that attack the Drodo. Other contact Drodo the ships, I want to know what the hell happens" Then a terpeshoire acrivated an unseen weapon on a hegemony ship. It sent out special harvesters into warpspace to intercept the civillians . "WHY DONT OURE ALLYS EVER SHOW UP" groaned Marius, "HEAD FOR THE NEARBY NEBULAE, while regruop there" Now the structure of the Waptoria ships changed, they were now slow, but hard to destroy. The civillian ship who were thought safe started getting wrecked by combat harvesters and i the end the civillian convoy was completely and utterly wrecked.

Drodo ships responded to the attacks on the civilians, trying to take out the harvesters and eventually resorting to boarding as many as possible to take them out "I swear to go, I will literally wreck the fuck out of those guys one day" Marius growled. The Drodo watched in horror as in order to destroy the harvesters they had to destroy their ships. Edelmut watched civilian ships and shouted with all his fury "Savages! Attacking civilians! Fire!, demolish these ships and some contact Drodo!" The combat harvesters completely and utterly ruined the the food supplies and humanitarian aid on ships. The Drodo captain sighed and ordered,"Destroy any effected ships. There's nothing we can do." And although the harvesters were soon all destroyed they had wrecked incredible damage on the convoy everyone had worked so hard to protect. Viran could hear the screams of children in warpspace, " Mommy, whats happening!" USF's ships fired their railguns and tons of projectiles struck the Hegemony ships.

The Grand Admiral thought this was getting too one sided and ordered the Imperium of War to enter on the side of the Hegemony. Imperator Caligustus, the leader of the Imperium, roared. "Who are these guys" Marius said, right before Caligustus' flagship, "The Imperial", fired anti-matter missiles against the allies of the Drodos. Caligustus answered: "We are the Imperium of War. Our goal is to create endless war, and for that, we will help you." "Thank christ, an ally, finally, i been four on one this whole fight", said Marius. "Nice motives, dumbass." A Drodo Captain said over the newcommers"Take these clowns out." "SHUT UP DRODO" Marius shouted. "Nah" "AH, are reinforcments arrive" "Your the ones attacking innocent civilians outside of battle zone" Caligustus ended the connversation by screaming, "DIE! YOU STUPID PIECE OF FLESH!" More ships warped next to to the patriot class dreadnought and Marius ordered: "Regroup and attack" Caligustus showed his insane side, but the Troodontids said before he could say anything, "Stop cursing , it is annoying us". The forces of the Federation looked at this new enemy, and through the sixth sense Edelmut knew something was wrong. More Drodo ships arrived, they where determined to hold back the enemy "All Starfighters: Return to your ships. Full energy on shields, make ready for impacts ", ordered the Troodontid commander.

Caligustus said, "Hmpf. Less talking, more fighting." "Right, all ships fire at will"" We will use our shields to protect you , you take out the enemys OK ?" , said the Troodontid Commander and more and more Drodo battleships poured in while the massive ships of the Imperium rammed the enemy's ships. "Right.", said the Drodos and the Drodo starships came up from behind and deactivated there engines when they rammed. Meanwhile ordered Edelmut, "All the ships: attack the Imperium crafts, address one of the ships and the object of obtaining all possible information" Meanwhile roared Caligustus, "You will never be able to defeat us. For war enternal!" Then his ships get between the Drodos battle lines and Marius said: "All units, prepare for boarding actions, Ground Commander Ammox, you are in command" The Ships took a lot of damage, but continued to fire none the less. "Send the Borading troops out ", said the Troodontid Commander " Welcome , Imperium , between our ships, and now : die !" The spaceship shook and Marius asked: "Ammox, what happened ?" "Thrusters are fried!" he shouted."Ammox, we can`t reach you right know" "Thats fine, Ill just pillage some houses" "You need backup. Send in supersoldiers and sucuide troops"

Meranwhile the Boarding androids landed on the Imperium`s cruisers. The Dragowar in them were though, but they couldn`t take out the endless stream of battle android. One after the other fell in the Andriod`s fire. The Androids solwly fought their way to the Imperium`s Ships bridge although they were attacked by berserkers. They were tough and managed to destroy many of the androids , but more were following. "That's it, there getting there asses kicked, send in space marines!" The Drodo commander ordered. While the Federal forces were sufficient data from enemy ships many dozens of pods flew across space and landed on the surface of the Imperial ships. Space Matines marched out in armoured spacesuits and armed with powerful gauss rifles. Caligustus asked for backup from the Hegemony and ordered,"Send in more Legionnaires! My son, lead them!" Backup arrived and began to help the Imperium: "Forward supersoldiers, death or victory!" One after the other was shot and died , and the Androids reached the bridge of one spaceship. They placed explosives on the bridge and were teleported out of the spaceship right before the bridge exploded. Then getting faster with every second the spaceships was pulled towards the planet and in the end crushed into the planet`s surface. Meanwhile the boarding continued on the other ships. "Imperium soldiers, we are here to help you" the soldiers said , while the Drodo troops ran over the hull of the starships. Fernius, Caligustus' son, jumped in with his roaring jetpack and tried to burn the Drodo. "We have got your back" But they took advanced tactics and took cover. At the same time Edelmut read the data his expression turned into a sneer. On the flagship one marksman shot at Fernius' head, blowing a hole into his helmet. Fernius roared "It's not over yet! "Hey drodo" one sucuide trooper screamed " lets see how smug you are with a pound of explosive shoved down your throat" The insane soldiers ran forward, blades out, explosives readyand were gunned down. The Drodo soldier managed to jump away just in time.

The Troodontid Ships concentrated their fire on always one Hegemony ship , and slowly destroyed one after the other. "Break there shields" Marius ordered "I dont care how you do it, make them feel the very oxygen get torn out of their lungs" "Shields? We don't need those. Our armor is strong enough." , said Caligustus scornfully. Meanwhile Edelmut ordered "Send a message to Drodo, to evacuate the area and prepare the cannon hypermatter" Meanwhile, Caligustus' flaship was repaired "No, we'll stay back!" The space marine captain said "All other ships, get the hell outta here!" Supersoldier procedde to rip soldier apart with their bare hands in close quarters. Two other space marines gunned down the supersoldier and proceeded to shoot down several other troopers. The Waptoria reapeared driving back the Imperium and Caligustus screamed "WAPTORIA!? HERE!?" in a mix of fear and frustration. Meanwhile the Troodontid commandant ordered, "Help the Waptoria , destroy those War-Imperial Ships " While the most powerful weapon of Edelmut prepared to destroy the enemy's troops were located around the USF,t he general contacted the Federation, so he send a message to his senate: "Edelmut to the Senate, we return to the base" Now the firepower of the Troodontids concentrated on the Imperial Ships , like the Hegemy`s one fell after the other. The Drodo focused their attention on the Hegemony`s ships. Waptoria captain said:"Aye, bro! It's joy against rage" "Can't leave yet! USF captain! Fire that cannon first!" The Waptoria lauched their shipeaters who slowly teared trough the armour of the Imperium's ships. With that most of the Imperium's`s ships were now destroyed. "No! It can't be! We have never lost any battle!" , roared Caligustus. Most ships had been destroyed by now, all fleet had lost many ships except the Troodontid one, which had been able to retire before they were destroyed. "There is always a first time , fool ", the Troodntid commander shouted. "Get used to it! Dumbarse!" The Drodo Commander said spitfully.

Caligustus was now very enraged and ordered more Legionnaires and Berserkers, but the Imperium of War wasn`t able to send out more troops in this battle, so the Imperator got insane and killed the messanger who brought that news. Nevertheless Edelmut warned the Drodo: "This is worse than you think , Drodo, retire and regroup, worse things come ..." "Can't do that, we have to hold'em off! I'm not losign an inch to these bastards!" But the Troodontid Commander reassured the Drodo Commander "Leave that to me and my ships , you regroup and then help me " So the Commander sighed and thought it over "Right. All ships, fall back and regroup. Our allies can hold them."" At the same time Edelmut push the button and the hypermatter cannon shot. Berserkers roared, and attacked the Drodo. A Dragowar saw the mistake in time and wanted them to attack the Troodontids instead , but they didn`t listen to him. Then everything was white and the Federation fleet retreated to neutral ground. Caligustus roared in total insanity:" AARGHHH! NOOO! One last charge! For war enternal!" "Now concentrate our fire on their flag ship. Without it , they will be headless ", ordered the Troodontid Commander. All the remaining ships fired and rammed the Imperium's enemies, while exploding.

The Imperium's attack was powerful, but neverhelss no Troodontid Ship was lost. The Waptoria werent that lucky:"Damn. Only the flagship remains, but most of our fleet is dead too!" Nevertheless both Waptoria and Troodontids gonna fired , but because of the powerful hull the flagship took damage, but continued to attack. Then The Troodontid Commander had an idea: "Fire at their drives " Now everyone fires all they got and one drive after the other exploded. The ship wasn`t destroyed by that , but it could neither flee nor move. Because of that all Troodontid Ships with damaged shields retired , but most remained with full shields. Then they started to take out the enemy`s weapons one after the other. But then, the flagship suddenly exploded, because Caligustus self-destruycted his own flagship. Meanwhile Caligustus himself escaped back to Dominatus territory. One of the retreating Troodontid Cruisers was destroyed , but all Troodontids were transported onto the remaining ships.

Caligustus roared,"We will get you back, Trodoonid. We will get you back! MY REVENGE WILL BE TERRIBLE!""

A Second TimeEdit


The Blockade

Caligustus looked it the Imperial feet. They now had better armor, and were more than a match for anyone of their tier. Caligustus said:"Now I WILL have my revenge!" The fleet moved to a lone Troodontid colony, and attacked without warning.

The Imperial fleet moved towards a lesser important mining colony , but nevertheless they send out several ships to defend the planet. The ships were huge , but after the first shock the defendors had formated a blockade with maximal power on their shields.

Anger Class fighters moved in. They were smaller than the rest, but still deadly. Among them were the backs, but huge Rage Class warship. The Imperial ships fired , but their weapons meant hardly any harmto the Troodontid Shields. The even larger Fury-Class Missle Cruisers moved in, and engaged the fleet. The Troodontid's ships where already engaged in battle, so they couldn`t do anything when some of the Anger- and Rage-Class Ships suddenly descended towards the planet. The Drone Defences managed to destroy them, but they had already released Legionnaires on the planet.


The armys are approaching each other

The Androids were teleported to the surface near the approaching Imperial Army. The Legionaires charged towards the androids, and trieed to fight them with melee, but the androids started firing instantly driving some Legionaires back, but most continued to charge. When the first rows of the androids, the front rows took their melee weapons and started to fight against them. Meanwhile the Hailfire Androids send missiles into their enemy`s army. Nevertheless the Legionaires still managed to hold them off, due to their
  • Destruction of an Anger Class Ship by the Troodontid Defences.
  • Destruction of the cannon
  • Destruction of the mine
training. Hovertanks appeared and fired at the shields created by shieldandroids , while evading enemy fire. Meanwhile several tankandroids started firing at their enemys , too , but they later focused on the beamed down Heavys. Meanwhile Wrath-class Bombers duelled with the android bombers.

To make sure his campaign succeed, Caligustus had send one of his sons, Lasprus, down, so Lasprus and his personal legion moved to the mines. Eight duble laser cannons shot at anything in its range, killing any approaching enemy. They killed several Legionaires, but when Lasprus fired the Helljaw-type multilaser cannons, he managed to destroy one of them. With one gone, the others could easily be destroyed, because they couldn`t kill all approaching enemys in time. Several Berserkers attacked and destroyed the mines and mining androids.

  • The Imperium of War seems to retreat.
  • But they don`t want to go alone !
  • But they failed to destroy the remaining ships.
The mine was lost , so the android were transported up to the spaceships. Caligustus and Lasprus retreated, but ordered their ships to self-destruct when they got away. The Troodontid Ships fired at the retreating ships until they suddenly exploded. This time, the explosion was really heavy and all Troodontid Ships would have been destroyed if they wouldn`t have their shields. The Imperium didn`t know about that and thought they had managed to destroy the spaceships , so they thought they had their revenge.

Meanwhile the Troodontids started to transport the remains of the destroyed spaceships into their cargo holds in order to analyze the ships technologies to create more effective weapons against them.

Lost RelativesEdit

Somewhere in Milky Way a Helios Class Ship and a Prometheus Class Ship approach a slave transport of the Imperium of War. "We are approaching several Imperial Ships , Sir , shall we attack ?""Yes , instantly when we can reach them" Meanwhile one the flagship of the Imperial transport:" Troodontid fools sighted, centurion!""ATTACK!"

But when the Troodontids noticed that they weren`t able to sneak upon the Impewrial Ships, they activated ther shields and the Imperial missiles weren`rt able to get to their ships.
  • Fight !
  • Boarding Process
  • After the Battle

"Fire the ion cannons to deactivate their weapons" , ordered the roodontid commander, but the Imperial centurion answered: "Fools! Our weapons can never be disabled." So instead the Troodontid Ships concentrated their fire on the enemys ion cannons and blew them up in the end. But when they fired their own ones they noticed that the weapons really resistated them. Because of that now started firing with missiles and laser cannons. The Imperium responded with missles and bombs but could not get past the shields. "Send out the bombers and starfighters" , the Troodontid commander ordered. The Imperial centurion said "Danm, we don't have Hate class bombers here! But we are not cowards. The Troodontids will never free out slaves." When hearing about the slaves , the Troodontid Commander ordered: "Send out the boarding androids and capture the Imperial ships""Never! Protect we will them at all costs!"

Lost Relatives 4
The Imperium shot several Android Boarding Ships , but many others reached the cargo ships and burried themselves into the ships. But once upon the cargo ship , the walls deformed, blocking the androids' path. The Troodontid now send missiles against the Imperial ship`s drives so they can't move but they still continued to fire. Nevertheless the Troodontid Shields took it. The androids had noww reached the biggest battle ship as well and started to take it over. This time they weren`t hindered by walls. The other two battle ships wee soon destroyed by the fire of the Troodontid Cruisers.
Lost Relatives 5
The Androids now had almost completly taken over the ship but Dragowar had placed hidden explosives.The androids finally killed off all the Dragowar and suddenly noticed the explosives. The dying Imperial centurion roared:"You will never take our ships" and died. The andrids just had time to bring them to the missile room where they put it into a torpedo and send it out to space before the explosives exploded and damaged the Imperial Ship. Right after that, on the slave ship, the walls moved back to it's original positions and the Troodontid`s androids took over the ship as well, freeing the slaves. They cut off contact so that the Imperium didn't knew of this loss and brought the slaves onto the Poseidon class in order to return them to their homeworld. But one of the slaves recognised the Troodontid. The slave looked at the Troodontid captain and said:"You...take us to Raptura.""Why ?""We are Archeodon. Your relatives. We evolved on the same home world as you. But we were taken away before you became powerful. And sold as slaves... Anyways, we wish to join you.""That can`t be , or could it ? But we will bring you to Raptura nevertheless , there we can discuss. We would definitly be very pleased by that"

Now the two Troodontid Spaceships and the two captured Imperial Ships were brought to Raptura.

Fears of a Commandant Edit

Bureaucratic ProblemsEdit

Back at the space station Destiny, Senate seat after Conflict Mineral events, Edelmut was ordered at the general meeting of the Senate, meeting in which each and every one of the ministers, senators and members notables important the army had to be present. Edelmut atravezó the door that led into position in the assembly and beheld a somewhat gloomy picture, hundreds if not thousands of senators looked dark expressions, some fangs were sticking out of their mouths, others noticed much suffering from nervousness.

Giomus Senator: Commandant Edelmut, please sit down, we have things ... relevant to tell you.

Uzcar Senator: Yes commandant, but would prefer to place the artifact that is in front of you on the head.

Edelmut sat on one of the seats of the amphitheater giant ball in front of him appeared a small instrument, like a crown, with a piece of glass in front.

Uzcar Senator: Do you recognize the object, right? Extrasensory Blocker ... I think you designed it.

Edelmut: Yes .. and if I'm not mistaken, you plan to interrogate me ... if not, why block me my extrasensory powers?

Kalixtus Senator: We just want to ask some questions ...

Edelmut sought the Aranelia's face to give him an explanation, but not found her, she should be there, but did not grasp his prescence, the commander decided resign to use the device and submit to the Senate, and placed on his head the Extrasensory Blocker .

Edelmut: Okay, what am I charged with?

Chibar Senator: Are you Edelmut Ren, Commander of the ISS?

Edelmut: * sighs * Yes, I am

Chibar Senator: Were you in charge of the defense system during the battle Drodo last week?

Edelmut: Yes, I was, under the orders of the Senate

Chibar Senator: Did you order a run during the battle?

Edelmut: Yes, I did

Chibar Senator: When you perform this action, you had the permission of the Senate?

Edelmut: No, but according to the law number 1564584, a commander has the right to make a withdrawal of those proportions if they see fit

Senator Chibar: Very true, but what was, at its election, lost the battle?

Edelmut: No indeed, but the situation that bothered me was not the battle

Chibar Senator: Is that situation, do you think, would allow the use of a hypermatter cannon?

Edelmut: Yes, the use of the cannon was absolutely necessary

Chibar Senator: You can tell that's what bothered both currently

Edelmut: I am quite sure that the attack of the empire known as Imperium of War, was released under Drakodominatus orders.

Loose EndsEdit

An awful silence covered the Senate, Edelmut knew immediately that he was walking on thin ice, the slightest mistake would cause the Senate lost confidence in him. Still, the Federation should know the truth, if Drakodominatus were mixed up in this, the galaxy hanging in the balance.

Giomus Senator: Are you sure, Edelmut? He is making a very serious statement.

Edelmut: Completely, computers were plagued Imperuim of War data and messages of the Drakodominatus.

Uzcar Senator: I doubt that's possible, is an empire Drakodominatus dangerous, even evil, but not be able to try to undermine the Milky Way, so no.

Kalixtus Senator: I agree, the Drakodominatus know perfectly that the Milky Way is home to powerful nations would be unwilling to fall so easily to them.

Senator Chibar: Still do not doubt that they should possess the territory Drakodominatus in the Milky Way, a base in the Norma arm would be a good foothold to attack other powerful empires.

Edelmut: I know what I say, this is a subtle but obvious declaration of war

Giomus Senator: We should not act until more evidence, if we attempt against Drakodominatus we must be sure we do

Edelmut: Then it will be late!

Chibar Senator: I still do not understand is how they plan to attack Drakodominatus the Milky Way, are disadvantaged

Edelmut: I think I have a theory ...

Kalixtus Senator: We hear

Edelmut: I think they plan to make us fight among ourselves, now that the DCP is busy defending the Hyperspace, so you can attack with all they have

Chibar Senator: It is a frightening but effective strategy, still need some kind of intelligence network that will help them keep distracted enemy nations and far from the truth.

Edelmut: I do not know ... seems unlikely

Chibar Senator: That you will be here talking about this is a good demonstration that there is nothing like that at USF

Edelmut: Good point, but what I ask the Senate is holding a conference with allies and enenmigos federation to alert them of the situation

Giomus Senator: We understand your concern, but that is not possible

Senator Chibar: Remember that you are a commander and this is war.

Edelmut: But ...

Giomus Senator: Stop! The Senate must vote, we will call you when we have finished

Several hours later, Edelmut was embarking on a new flagship Victory, and in his cabin door opened and a short stature Uzcar entered.

Uzcar: Commander, here captain Durch for serve you.

Edelmut: Does the Senate sends it to you?

Uzcar: Yes Sir

Edelmut: Great ...

Uzcar: Is something wrong sir?

Edelmut: Nothing, no matter

Uzcar: I recognize that look of sadness, something worries you

Edelmut: I think the Federation is infiltrated by Drakodominatus

Uzcar: Lord, we must be able to trust us or everything is finished

Edelmut: Yes, you're right, you can retire

Outside, the Uzcar sent a message to their masters Drakodominatus.

Uzcar: We must hurry plans are already tying up loose ends...

War ConferenceEdit

[Edelmut brings together key Drodo allies generals to explain his feeling of a Drakodominatus infiltration]

Dominion RisesEdit

Two Helios Class Ships approached the black hole. It had to be a wormhole. Hopefully it would lead directly in Hegemony or Imperial Territory. Two unknown ships were approaching the Troodontid ships from the black hole.

Troodontid Captain - Unknown ships, activate shields.

When close enough one of the unknown ships hailed the Troodontids, so they answered.

Troodontid Captain - We are the Troodontids. We are pleased to meet you, but who are you?

It was quiet for some time, but then the Troodontids heard a painful shrieking. Visual channels were also opened.

Troodontid Captain - What was that?

Dominion Commander - You have heard the song of the Gods.

Troodontid Captain - The what?!

Dominion Commander - Open your minds, our captain wants to speak to you.

Troodontid Captain - We won't allow anybody to speak in our minds. Let him talk to us through you.

A tall humanoid stood up in the unknown ship's bridge. Troodontids could hear someone speaking in their minds.

Troodontid Captain - Leave.

Dominion Captain - It was our song, the Song of Thérenians. We are not able to communicate any other way.

Troodontid Captain - What now, gods or Thérenian?

Dominion Captain - We are their gods.

Troodontid Captain - You claim yourself to be a god?

Dominion Captain - We uplifted them, gave them weapons to destroy their enemies.

Troodontid Captain - You are no gods even if you do so!

Dominion Captain - Title of a god is something that they gave to us, we did not make them believe so.

Troodontid Captain - Why don't you make them clear that you are no gods?

Dominion Captain - Everyone is allowed to worship whoever they want. You if anyone should know this. We have watched your species evolve, Troodontid and we have seen how you executed this.

Troodontid Captain - But why don't you allow them to know the truth? Why don't you allow them not to be your slaves?

Dominion Captain - Slaves? Cri'loar are not slaves. They are a proud member of the Thérenian Dominion! Tell me would a slave become an Empress?

Troodontid Captain - Anyone who believes in a false god is a slave.

Dominion Captain - We did try to tell them that we are not gods a century ago. They did not listen. And what is false to you is holy to some.

Troodontid Captain - Maybe you should try again?

Dominion Captain - We have. Yet again we have failed. We don't have a god complex like some.

Troodontid Captain - Are you sure about that? We - Troodontids - believe in no gods, maybe we don't understand it. But how can a species believe in something as a god that is not even immortal.

Dominion Captain - We saved them from technological stagnation. And we don't see ourselves as gods, they do. Nor do we believe in gods.

Troodontid Captain - Maybe you are right.

Dominion Captain - You said before that you wanted me to leave your mind. Ironic, as we are here to ask you to leave our territory.

Troodontid Captain - Really ironic. Before we leave, we want to ask you where this wormhole leads.

Dominion Captain - Milky Way. Our Grand Admiral is on his way to bring Dominion there.

Troodontid Captain - Where exactly?

Dominion Captain - Eagula Region.

Troodontid Captain - No, to whose territory does it lead?

Dominion Captain - We are unsure. But our scouts report battles near between two empires. One of which I think was called Hegemony.

Troodontid Captain - Then we wanted to ask if you please would give us free passage through that wormhole. Since you said you watched us - what every empire we meet seems to say - you should know that we are in war with the Hegemony.

Dominion Captain - Invalid reason. The wormhole is under Dominion rule. Only those with clearance from the Empress herself are allowed to enter.

Troodontid Captain - And how do we get this.

Dominion Captain - You can't. Only Dominion captains can get the clearance. You are not Dominion, yet.

Troodontid Captain - And will never be. But there is always another way. Is there anything you need. Ships, metals, food?

Dominion Captain - Only one thing. Your death!

On that the Dominion ships attacked the Troodontid, but their weapons were taken by the Troodontid shields easily. On the bridge of a Azrael-class ship the Dominion captain watched the situation.

Troodontid Captain - Return the fire.

Dominion Captain - Shields are no match for us. Fire the weapon!

Azrael-class fired a shield disabler at one Troodontid ship, but this was taken as well because it only worked on normal shields, not the special technology of the Troodontids.

Dominion Captain - Hmm... If breaking them doesn't work, then we will outlive them.

The Troodontids fired ion cannons in order to disable their opponents' shields.

Dominion Captain - Using our own weaponry against us. Smart, but not useful.

  • The battle begins !
  • Circled
  • Tractor Beam
  • Destruction
Azrael-class got its shields quickly back online but the smaller Praetor-class was not able regain shields. The Troodontid ships now concentrated their fire on the Praetor-class. Lasers, plasma balls and missiles continuously hit the ship. The Praetor-class exploded in a blast of energy, while Azrael-class continued to develop new tactics to take down the Helios-classes. Meanwhile one Troodontid Ship shot with ion cannons to temporarily deactivate the shields, while the other fired all its weapons while the shields were down. Azrael-class began to go towards one of the ships at ramming speed. Right before hitting the ship Azrael-class regained its shields and began to fire plasma torpedoes at both of the ships, trying to cause plasma fires but were taken by the shields. Seeing as the plasma torpedoes didn't work against the ships Azrael-class began to fire quantum torpedoes.

The plasma torpedoes had let the shield get stronger and made it glow. And had set it back to its beginning heating level of zero. The quantum torpedo in return had heated the shields more than any weapon before. Azrael-class continued to fire at the ships with quantum torpedoes, but this time the ships were prepared and managed to escape the torpedoes. Azrael-class used tractor beam to pull one of the ships closer and then fired quantum torpedoes at it. The shields were now heated even more. meanwhile the other Helios Ship came from behind and fired ion cannons directly at the drives, deactivating them. Although the Azrael-class was now trapped, it still managed to cause hull damage to the ship that it had on tractor beam. The shields were now down, the nearly impossible had happened. The other Helios-class instead managed to get that close to the Azrael-class that it was inside the shields. Azrael-class fired one last torpedo at the nearly destroyed ship, causing it to explode. Before the ship exploded the Troodontids were transported on to the other ship. The other Helios class sent out the android bombers to take care of the weapons while it targeted the command bridge. Azrael-class's captain realizing that the other Helios-class was going to destroy it began to retreat from the battle. Azrael-class was still slow as it hadn't still regained full power to its drives and the Troodontid Ship was still blocking the shields and managed to get itself in a good position for firing torpedoes and then it fired and caused the command bridge to explode. Rest of the ship soon exploded with it. With the Dominion ships defeated the Troodontids now returned to Raptura to tell the others about the possibility of repairing the shields with plasma during battle.

Malicious OnesEdit

A Kraken-class was approaching Théras, the homeworld of Thérenian Dominion. When close enough to the planet it hailed the flagship of the planet's blockade.

Dominion Admiral - Unknown ship, you have violated our laws by entering our territory without any permission. Justify your actions.

Kraken AI - We are the Drakodominatus Tyranny. We wish to speak to your leader.

Dominion Admiral - We can arrange a meeting between our Empress and whoever is in command of your ship.

Kraken AI - Where will the meeting take place?

Dominion Admiral - On the surface. We will give you the exact coordinates.

Kraken AI - Waiting for coordinates.

Dominion Admiral - Coordinates sent, you are allowed to beam down to the planet.

The Kraken's commanding officer Wolframicht Stahl beamed down to the planet, where the Empress S'hin Tl'ara was waiting for him already.

Stahl - I am Honor Guard Wolframicht Stahl of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. I have been sent here to discuss your war against the Troodontid Empire.

S'hin Tl'ara - Yes, what about it? If its about our justifications on attacking them, then I'll have you know that we are only concerned about the safety of our people.

Stahl - Nothing like that, in fact we are pleased of this. We have noticed your war with them and have come here to ask for a alliance with your empire. You will have the Tyranny's, Khilai's and Imperium of War's full support in your war against them. Also you will have all the possible info on Troodontid positions gathered by our spy network.

S'hin Tl'ara - I'm intrigued. And what do you want in return for all this.

Stahl - Only that you will continue your war and aid the our allies, like the Khilai. You can also aid the Imperium of War in their own conflicts, one of which is actually against the Troodontid Empire. We will be giving more info as we gather it.

S'hin Tl'ara - And where do these conflicts take place?

Stahl - In Milky Way, the Imperium has already suffered few losses there against its enemies.

S'hin Tl'ara - Milky Way? One of our fleets is currently heading towards it. I will inform Grand Admiral La'isran about our agreement. And we will also fight the Troodontids here in Cyrannus.

Stahl - Excellent. I'm happy to see that we have come to an agreement.

S'hin Tl'ara - If that was all I must return to my duties.

The empress left the room to attend to other business. Stahl also returned to his ship. A new and powerful alliance had been formed.

Storm RisingEdit

Dominion fleet was nearing Raptura. As the Dominion entered the Troodontid homesystem the flagship of the fleet hailed the Troodontid fleet protecting Raptura.

Dominion Grand Admiral - You will pay for your crimes against the Dominion.

Troodontid Admiral - What crimes? So far you were the ones to attack us.

Dominion Grand Admiral - Entering our territory is one of them, destroying an escaping ship is another one.

Troodontid Admiral - Destroying one of our ships is an even greater crime for us.

Dominion Grand Admiral - Maybe it is. But still you didn't justify yourselves entering our territory and planning to use our wormhole to fight your enemies, our current allies!

Troodontid Admiral - I see. We offered you something, you attacked. That wasn't nice.

Dominion Grand Admiral - We know of your war against Imperium of War. And what offered will not make us betray our allies.

Troodontid Admiral - You didn't say they were your allies, we would have understood that. You would still be neutral in this war, as we should be now.

Dominion Grand Admiral - They weren't our allies by then. But they are now. And you were trying use our wormhole to get to them.

Troodontid Admiral - At that time. We are not interested in that wormhole anymore

Dominion Grand Admiral - That might be true. But we are still interested in destroying you for the ones that we lost in that battle and for Tyranny.

Troodontid Admiral - Tyranny? Drakodominatus Tyranny?

Dominion Grand Admiral - Oh, yes. Why would think that we would be Imperium of War's and Khilai's allies then?

Troodontid Admiral - Traitors! Alright, leave our orbit. We have to prepare for war.

Dominion Grand Admiral - You can't threaten me! I am the Praetor of the Thérenian Dominion! And your worlds will fall to us. For the glory of Dominion, for the empress!

At that the large Dominion Fleet opened fire on the Troodontid fleet but it was as usual no match for their shields. Troodontids fired ion cannons to weaken their enemy's shields. The ships began to fire quantum torpedoes at the Troodontid. But this time they weren't as effective because as soon as one ship's shield was hitten by a quantum torpedo, it was repaired with a plasma weapon of another Troodontid ship. Dominion ships began targeting Troodontid weapon systems, in order to disable their weaponry.

Troodontid Admiral - We could end this battle by luring them in our defenses without further loses.

Instantly the fleet started to move to the planets surface, passing through the defenses unharmed. The enemy's ships would have to follow them in order to continue attacking.

Praetor - Cowards! Going to the surface to hide. What a show of weakness.

Troodontid Admiral - Then hunt us down !

Praetor - Thanks to the information given to us by the Imperium of War we know of your defences on the surface.

Troodontid Admiral - Yes, but they are outdated.

The Dominion sent a few Praetor-class and launched drop pods to the surface. While most drop pods reached the surface where they were already expected by androids, none of the Praetor-classes managed to get through the mushrooms. Android Gunships were send out to take out the remaining drop pods

Praetor - Safest approach for this is to bombard the planet from space. No need to hunt the ships down.

Troodontid Admiral - Activate planetary shields, then they will have to get to us in order to fight.

As the planetary shield came online, the Dominion ships remained in the orbit of the planet. The Troodontids started to fire at the spaceships in the orbit, while their fire was taken by the shield structures on the planet's surface. The Praetor hailed the Troodontid ships.

Praetor - You have fought impressively today. But I have something to ask you. Let me speak to your leader.

TroodontidAI - You can talk over a hologram.

A hologram of President Draicon appears on the Praetor's bridge.

Draicon - You wanted to talk?

Praetor - You must be the president. I am here to tell you that we will remain in orbit. Tell your men also that they should stop using all their ships' energy on trying to destroy us from the surface, you aren't hitting anything.

Draicon - Oh, I don't worry. We know what we are doing

Praetor - Fine then, we are coming down. And then you should say goodbye to your planet, as I will personally turn it to a wasteland!

Draicon - Good luck with that.

Troodontid began sending drones at the Dominion ships, trying to deactivate their shields. Praetor's ship began to descend to the planet while taking heavy damage from the Troodontid. As it was near enough to the planet, Praetor gave the order to overload the ship's core, causing it to explode in a massive blast of energy. The nearby area was turned into a lifeless wasteland.

Draicon - We have no choice. Let no other ship get down to the surface. There were already no living beings in this region , but we cant allow them to do this near a forest, city or swamp

The rest of the Dominion fleet watched in horror as their Praetor perished in few seconds. Devastated by the loss most of the surviving fleet escaped the system but those who remained surrendered to the Troodontid.

Draicon - Alright, capture them. Kill all Thérenians or put them into prison. But the others may stay alive.

Most of the fleet followed the Dominion's fleet and managed to destroy several of their ships. Those that survived warped out of the system and back to Dominion's territory. Thérenian Dominion had suffered a major defeat. Loss of the Praetor caused a massive moral loss in the Dominion. But a storm was rising far away from Cyrannus.

The Beastmaster TrainingEdit

The Waptoria fleet appeared above Raptura. Some were damaged from the latest attack of the Imperium.

Troodontid: Welcome. Your ships seam damaged. Shall we repair them for you ?

Raptoranean: Yes please. We just helped another civilisation from becoming Imperium slaves. You will be glad to hear they are on our side now.

Troodontid: Very nice thing, send your damaged ships down here, we `ll see what we can do.

Raptoranean: I hope you have experience with organic spaceships?

Troodontid: They can`t be much different from other ships, and we are quite good with spaceships you know. But the region you come from is quizte far from here ? Why do you come to us, if you aren`t sure that we can repair your ships ?

Raptoranean: We have some colonies near Nedraida territory. But if we went to there, we might be assimilated. Also, we have come to train a special class off Archaeodon.

Troodontid: Nice, in which way special?

Raptoranean: Essence. Have you heard about that?

Troodontid Scientist: Something like ions and protones , right?

Raptoranean: No. Wait, we will send our special forces, the Life Guardians, down. They will show you.

Troodontid: Sure, go ahead.

The Life Guardians beamed down, together with a Liev, Pl'ree. Each Life Guardian strain controlled an element of their own. They focussed, and unleashed their powers.

Troodontid Scientist: Nice and impressive.

Pl'ree walked forward.

Pl'ree: We are here to train some of you.

Troodontid: Sounds great , but how do you now who to train?

Pl'ree: Archaeodon. We feel their inner energy. They have a lot of it.

Troodontid: Ok, sounds good. We will ive you some voluntaries soon.

Some minutes later ten Archeodons, five Treeclimbers and five Predatron get to the Waptoria

Pl'ree: Archaeodon. Choose one predatron and one treeclimer. Befriend it. Feel it's state of mind. Become one in mind. Now you are 3 beings with one united mind. You can become 3 different beings in mind again when you wish. But of course, you want to know the advantages of this?

Troodontid: Yes.

Pl'ree: Well, you see what the animals see. You smell what they smell. Your senses are enhanced. But of course Snipers and Ninja's have those abilities, too. However, these Beastmasters can also control nature, like me. They have the Summon flock ability and can send insects to bite their targets, like Archaeodon shamans of the old.

Troodontid: Very nice.

Pl'ree: We can only stay here for a short amount of time. We need to end a war, remember. Some Life Guardians will stay here until we need them. So they can train the Beastmasters until their training is complete.

Archaeodon beastmaster: Thank you very much.

In that moment a Troodontid comes and tells that the ships are repaired. The Waptoria members board it.

Pl'ree: Until soon, brothers.

The ships then left to Volver territory.

Assault on RapturaEdit

Lingur: Hello, Raptura, This is Lingur, captain of the Vengeance, the chief ship of the Aeoneonatrix fleet, you have destroyed our clients, prepare to die!

Troodontid: We didn`t, and please be as nice as to leave our orbit. Thank you.

Lingur: We saw one of your ships, it had taken fire from their city's defense turrets, it was clearly you, prepare to die.

Troodontid: Do you really think one of our ships could be destroyed by a turret? We will not attack if you instantly leave.

Meanwhile a message was sent to all Troodontid Spaceships in Cyrannus to return to the Solaris system

Lingur: We saw it with our own eyes, you attacked our Clients. We don't tolerate that. Goodbye.

Troodontid: So be it. Activate Shields; Make the mushrooms and drones ready.

Lingur: Hounds, FIRE!

Lingur: Predators, begin destroying cities.

Troodontid: We don`t want to fight you, so leave before we have to.

Lingur: We will not leave.

Troodontid: Then we have no choice. Main Fleet: attack.


The Troodontids didn’t answer, instead they started firing at the enemy`s fleet.

The Aeoneonatrix returned fire, and predators began bombing Raptura’s shields, but the shields held with ease.

The Troodontids started to fire their missiles which simply flew through the enemy`s shields.

Plasma missiles were loaded into The Aeoneonatrix Hounds, and they fired. Meanwhile the predators continued dropping bombs on Raptura’s planet's shield. The Troodontids started to laugh when the missiles hit their shields. The shields were instantly repaired and started glowing from the extra plasma. The attackers really tried to break through, without success. And now all mushrooms were ready. The first Aeononatrix ships were already trapped

Lingur: Hounds, continue firing.

Again the shields got stronger through the plasma missiles

Troodontid: I think it’s time for counterattack. Send out the starfighters

The Shepherds and Hounds drove off the Starfighters and the predators continued working away at that planet's shields. Meanwhile the Troodontid ship slowly shot themselves through the enemy`s rows.

Troodontid: Send out the boarding teams, capture some of their ships, they might be weak, but could become useful in future.

Lingur: Come now, just when you have the advantage, you go and face our Defenders?

Lingur: Also, Hounds, start experimenting, try anything against them.

Troodontid: We are no warriors, we see no advantage in playing war-games, we weren`t the ones to declare war on you!

After some experimentation, the Hounds found that quantum torpedoes were effective against troodontid ships

Lingur: Fire Quantum torpedoes.

Lingur: Predators, move to a nearby colony, find one without a shield.

Although quantum torpedoes were effective, they weren`t as effective as they were in the battle against the Dominion, because the Troodontids now had started to fire at their own ships with plasma weapons

Troodontid: Do you really think one of our ships could have been destroyed by a turret? You were deceived!

Lingur: If it was fake, it was a perfect replication, which, by your argument, a turret shouldn't have destroyed either.

Troodontid: That would have been only possible if another empire who knows our technology did this. And there is none. ... Wait, the Drakodomintus Tyranny. The Harvesters. Now everything makes sense

Lingur: What are you blathering about?

Troodontid: "Do not distrub me. You were deceived, we all were deceived by the Drakodominatus. There`s no other way. They created this war. But for what purpose?"

Troodontid: “Please stop firing , we have to think, and to calculate some things "

Lingur: Why should I trust you enough to back off?

Lingur: How about YOU cease fire first, if you do, we will

Troodontid: "We won`t do. But what purpose could the Dominatus have? *muttering*?

Seeing that the Troodontids had ceased fire, Lingur ordered his fleet to do the same right as the predators returned, having discovered no shieldless planet

Troodontid: Drodo against Hegemony ? Both are equal, with allies they could destroy each Other ... Or cause an endless war, with everything lost ... Everything lost, means a power vacuum! That is the solution. The Dominatus want to get in charge of the Milky Way ! But why lure the Aeoneonatrix into opposing us? Out numbering; our only weak spot! We are the ones they seem to fear most of us all. We have the key to the power to destroy them. We know their weaknesses, because they are ours. We instantly have to warn all others before it is too late.

Troodontid: Aeoneonatrix, we now know. We instantly have to lay down this fight. There are much bigger ones coming towards us, we will all need our united strength to survive that

Callanni, who had reached the same conclusion as the Troodontids, advised Lingur to agree, and he reluctantly did. The Aeoneonatrix army retired while the Troodontids made their ships ready to get to Milky Way.

The Aeoneonatrix Encounter the TyrannyEdit

A small squadron of 10 tyranny Tyrant Class Mark 1 Cruisers entered space over a new world, Xinus. The AI ships engaged their protocols and scanned the system for life and technology, soon finding life on one of the planets in the inner rim. They saw that the race was planet bound and that they had no navy to contend with except for a few space stations. The 10 Tyrant Cruisers then began to start a bombardment of the world, to soften it up. The Tyranny cruisers foundries, like ever before, started rumbling to life, and they soon started landing myrmidons onto the surface of the world. The myrmidons started their implacable advance, impervious to the weaponry of the primitive tier 6 civilization. It continued like this until they were at the outskirts of the capital. The myrmidons continued their advance towards the center of the city. The robots wiped out all opposition with their advanced high tier weaponry.

Lingur, still leading his fleet, came across the conquest and attempted to contact the Tyranny ships, however he did not have any response from the computerized ships.

The president of tier 6 civilization, seeing frantically sent a signal into space.

President: Help us, we'll do anything!

Lingur attempted to contact the President.

Lingur: Hello, this is Lingur, Captain of the Vengeance. I'm ordering troops to assist. I'd also like permission to beam up your populations in case your planet does fall.

President: Sure, now mind explaining what's going on!?!?

The myrmidons continue pressing forward, until they encounter the Aeoneonatrix troops. They blast superheated plasma into the Aeoneonatrix troops, recognizing them as hostiles.

Lingur: You're being invaded, we just happened to come across you and couldn't just standby and allow your enslavement

KrakenAI: If you continue beaming them up, we will formally attack your space forces as well.

The Aeoneonatrix soldiers managed to kill some Myrmidons, but, due to the Myrmidon’s numbers, not enough to stifle their advance toward the city center at first.

Lingur: We can take you

KrakenAI: You have 5 seconds to reconsider those words and cease beaming.

Lingur: No. Callanni, scan their shields.

Callanni: Same as the Troodontids.

Lingur: Well we all know what that means, Fire quantum torpedoes.

They fired the quantum torpedoes, but they were dissipated by the shields of the ships as the ships were much bigger than troodontid ones and had more power.

After a few minutes, The Aeon soldiers managed to stop the Myrmidons advance toward the center. At that, the Dominatus started landing several combat harvesters, who started ripping apart the Aeoneonatrix soldiers.

Lingur: Do we have any defenders to take out those harvesters?

The massive 100 meter tall behenmoths walked across the city, taking many Aeoneonatrix lives.

Awesh: Not enough to waste on this battle.

At that, the Tyranny ships returned fire on the Aeoneonatrix ships, lancing through them with their trademark firepower.

The massive armaments of the 7.5km large ships decimated the Aeoneonatrix fleet.

Lingur: Just keep beaming.

At that, the Tyranny ships finally started firing at the Shepherd Ships.

The shepherd ships were devastated by this massive assault of Tyranny ships.

Eventually, the number beamed hit 15,000 and included the president.

Lingur: Shepherds, retreat with what you have, it’s enough for a free population elsewhere

The tyranny ships blew up the shepherds before they could escape.

KrakenAI: Cease Fire and Retreat Aeoneonatrix. This is our fight, not yours. You have no reason to remain here.

Lingur: I will if you identify yourselves, so we can come back and free these persons later.

The harvesters had pushed the Aeoneonatrix on the ground to the capitol.

Grazvek: Meet me at the Capitol.

Lingur: That's really not needed. You can just tell me through radio.

Grazvek: It is the capitol or I will destroy you utterly, that or you can leave now.

Lingur: You'd just kill me there. Do you think I'm that stupid?

Grazvek: I could kill you now as well, and you have 5 seconds to decide whether to meet me there, retreat now, or be destroyed.

Lingur: Fine, Awesh, land the ship

Grazvek made sure that Lingur was on the ground. He was. And when he knew that, the Dominatus beamed himself down in front of Lingur, in his battle suit.

The 10 meter behemoth, clad in his massive armor looked at Lingur.

Grazvek: Let us talk.

Lingur: So who are you?

Gravek: I am Grazek, you?

Lingur: I am Lingur, Captain of the Vengeance, the main flagship of the Aeoneonatrix. I was just on my way from an attack on my home planet by the Imperium of war when I noticed you seemingly enslaving a planet.

Grazvek: It is my destiny to conquer this planet. It was never any of your business.

Lingur: The suffering of sapient life is everyone's business.

Grazvek: If you wish it, you may join in their suffering

Lingur: No thanks.

Grazvek: Then you will leave now, for the Tyranny shall conquer.

Lingur: The Tyranny? Could you have picked a name that at least pretended that you might not be insanely evil?

Grazvek: Good and evil are subjective, now leave Aeoneonatrix.

Grazvek: The strong do as they please and the weak obey, such is the will of the Dominatus.

Lingur: Dominatus? That seems like a familiar name to me.

Grazvek: Funny considering we have not had contact with you before.

Grazvek: I strongly suggest you leave now.

Lingur: Okay, if you don’t want to know where I heard it, I'll go.

Grazvek: You can go now.

Lingur: As you wish.

Lingur left.

With the Aeoneonatrix gone, Grazvek made a report.

Grazvek: *to Grand Admiral* - They know.

Grand Admiral: Intelligence suggests that the Troodontid know as well.

Grand Admiral: We must deal with this now, we are not yet ready.

Deal with the devilEdit

A Dominatus fleet appeared in orbit over Raptura, over 100 large ships, lead by a giant Mark 1 25km long Kraken.

TyrantAI - Troodontids, we need to speak.

TroodontidAI - We know what you did, but go ahead.

TyrantAI - We know that, and that is why I request for one of us to be beamed down for ... negotiations.

TroodontidAI - One Dominatus .. unweaponend .. and no direct contact with our leaders and always surrounded by our androids

A single Dominatus , Richtov , was beamed down onto the surface of the planet.

Richtov - I see you have made some progress with our robotics technology. You must also see that the entirety of that first argument was false, I am a weapon!

TroodontidAI: They were useful at the beginning , but our androids are independent from you technology now and you won`t be near anything you can hurt.

Richtov - Merely 20 - 30 androids, you insult me. You must want to know why I am here.

TroodontidAI - Sure.

At that Richtovs biomass tendrils shot out, destroying all the androids in the rather enclosed room.

Richtov - You will confront me directly to make these negotiations.

TroodontidAI - Entire lockdown , shields and defence activation.

Richtov - If you want to treat this as a formal declaration of war do so at your own peril. If you wish to reconsider your disposition, you will converse in a civilized manner.

TroodsontidAI - No , we just consider it as idiotic behavvoior of a diplomat. We know about your ability to kill anything in range , so it is much too risky. Instead we will use a hologramm to commuicate with you.

Richtov - Very well, present your hologram in front of me.

Hologramms of several senators appear around the Dominatus.

Richtov - I am here because I know that after a battle with the Aeoneonatrix , you discovered why this war is happening.

President Draicon - Yes, we did.

Richtov - A somewhat impressive deduction given your lack of empirical evidence. I come to you to offer a deal, and a bargain. Would you like to hear it?

President Draicon - Lack of evidence ? There is enough evidenvce fo us. The Dominatus are the only ones to ever win a fight against our ships and are smart enough to colect datas about our ships. They are the only ones to build a perfect imitation. But yes , if the deal is acceptable I would like to hear it.

Richtov - Too good for our own good then. You will not tell anybody of this or face the consequences.

President Draicon - Sounds nice , but why shouldn`t we ? You are a great danger , but if you fight us , it will delay your plans in Milky Way for a very long time.

Richtov - You would do better to remain on our good side Troodontid.

President Draicon - Maybe , but is it the real good side?

Richtov - Good and evil are merely subjective depending on your goals.

President Draicon - Right , that is true , it is always a matter of vision. OK, but why shouldn`t we tell our allies.

Richtov - If you remember our power, you will remember what we can let loose upon your empire. If you know our generosity, you can know that you will be spared.

President Draicon - Yes , but this time we are not alone and we have a more powerful army than before.

Richtov - Your intelligence is something that sets your species apart from many others, it is admirable. However you must know that even such an army cannot stand against the entire might of the force we will unleash.

Richtov - It is in your interest to spare yourself from the battles that are to come. We will not attack you if you do not tell, we may even consider better relations with you.

President Draicon - It is, right, but if you get the Milky Way ? What's then. You'd be much stronger then.

Richtov - We would not then have to turn our attention on you.

President Draicon - You`d have a galaxy, what would stop you from coming over here?

Richtov - We would not have the galalxy, we have to share it with the DCP , Kicath, just to name a few. You force my hand, if you tell anybody of this, you will be the first target.

President Draicon - Yes, but if you can`t expand anymore in Milky Way , what would stop you from coming over here.

Richtov - You and I know that it is only our good will that can stop us.

President Draicon - And that is a thing I am not entirely sure about.

Richtov: Explain.

President Draicon - We aren`t sure if you are good. You work for your own good , not for ours.

Richtov - It is our will to expand, however trying to slow it down will only speed it up. I suggest you accept the deal lest you try my patience further.

President Draicon - We aren`t ready too decide yet.

Richtov - Too much, or not enough is always the issue. The invasion starts now and Heccimy is destroyed now unless you agree not to tell the others !

President Draicon - Hm, since when do you have enough power to destroy a planet?

Richtov - Would you like me to demonstrate now?

President Draicon - No, but we are surprised.

Richtov - So do we have a deal?

President Draicon - No, we want to change the rules a bit.

Richtov - Explain.

President Draicon - We will keep our hands away from Milky Way, in return you will not get involved in the war either. You will don`t do anything to influence the war in any way , neither direct nor indirect. You`ll let the war fiish itself.

Richtov - We have an agreement.

President Draicon - Then we have an agreement, yes.

At that Richtov teleported back up and the fleet soon left.

Richtov *encrypted channel* - We do not have time to ship out the new Mark 2 Ships, we must begin this very soon. They probably know now that we will attack as soon as possible, however that is all we need.

Richtov *to Grand Admiral on comms* - Time is ticking, we cannot rush out the Mark 2 ships yet. It must begin soon !

Meawhile on Raptura:

Troodontid - Why did you agree ?

President Draicon - Quite simple , the Dominatus now think we are no threat . They will break the treaty as soon as they have enough power to fight both us and our allies. If they had it at the moment , they would have attack instead of asking us not to tell our allies and wouldn't have agreed that quickly. Now , new orders: All ships get back to our galaxy and start repairing our ships. Sarch for possibilties to fix the last few problems with our shields and build weapons that can break our own shields. We will need them. And start building more ships"

Religious ConflictEdit

On a outer DTM planet, a freighter left the planets atmosphere. Unknowing to the freighter, the Sindar Dominion had sent a raiding ship to intercept and raid the freighter. So the ship raided the freighter ship, and killed everyone on board. However, before the captain was killed, he pressed a alarm which alerted the TSF (The police force of the DTM). The TSF sent 5 patrol ships containing 40 TSF SWAT members total, to the freighter ship. The TSF SWAT managed to capture 1 Sindar Trooper, however, when the rest of the TSF SWAT surrounded the main party of Sindar, they suicide bombed the area, killing everyone in the room. After the remaining TSF SWAT brought the ship to the planet, and the trooper detained, a massive fleet of Sindar ships entered the planet's system. The commander of the Sindar fleet, requested to meet the president. After the Fleet Commander of the fleet met the President, he said to the president that there was a religious artifact on the south pole of the planet. So, after that, the Fleet Commander and the President went to the religious artifact, which the Sindar were already excavating. The "artifact" was really a huge structure, which contained info on a ancient race, apparently valuable to the Sindar. So, the Commander and the President, after a few days, went into the now (mostly) excavated structure. When the two were in however, a DTM Army Recruit got nervous and shot a Sindar Trooper. This caused the Sindar Fleet to begin bombarding the structure. The President managed to escape before the structure collapsed, but the Fleet Commander died. After this, a battle for the planet ensued, which ultimately ended up with the Sindar Fleet retreating but completely charring the planet in the process. After this, the President went to the capital planet, Mariamar of the DTM. There, in a emergency meeting with the senate, announced the declaration of war between the DTM and the Sindar dominion.


On the edge of Eagula Region a small fleet belonging to an interstellar empire that had just invented faster-than-light travel was approaching a newly discovered black hole that was thought to be a wormhole by the empire's leading scientists.

Captain - This discovery will greatly advance our progression. In time we will become a great empire dedicated to its people and allies.

Ensign - Sir, our radars are saying that someone or something is approaching us from the black hole.

Captain - What is it?

Ensign - Unknown. Only thing we know is that there are many of them and they're approaching fast.

At that a massive fleet entered from the wormhole.

Captain - By the gods. Aliens! We have been blessed this day. Are we able to communicate with them?

Ensign - We could hail them but I don't think they would understand us.

Captain - Do it still. We would never know if they had translators on their ship.

But before they could hail the unknown ships they were hailed by them.

Captain - Do you understand us? If so, can you tell us who you are?

??? - We understand you.

Captain - Good. Can you now tell us your name?

??? - We are the Thérenian Dominion. And I'm Grand Admiral La'isran, the commanding officer of the Degraded Mind.

Captain - You can't believe how excited we are! You are the first alien species we have ever encountered.

La'isran - Silence, primitive! Do you think we care for your petty information? We don't. We are here to expand Dominion to this galaxy and you currently stand on our way.

Captain - Oh, if that's the case we'll just move away from your way.

La'isran - You really are primitive. Did you really think we meant only your fleet when we said that you were on our way? We meant your whole people! You shall fall for the glory of the Dominion and for the Empress!

As La'isran closed the transmission the Dominion fleet began to destroy the opposing fleet. After the fleet was easily defeated Dominion ships conquered nearby systems with three of them belonging to the empire whose only fleet they had destroyed.

La'isran - Witness our Arrival.

Dominions ClashEdit

A Sindar fleet was approaching a system hoping to bring it under their order. However as they entered the system they greeted by a large fleet belonging to Thérenian Dominion.

La'isran - State your business.

High General Harof stood aboard his flagship dreadnought, carefully examining the large force. The Dominion was used to easy pickings and early-space age races in their conquests, however those before him appeared to be quite advanced. Harof ordered to return his reply on the comm channel.

Harof - I am High General Harof of the Sindar Dominion. We were ordered to explore this system and ones nearby for colonization. Who are you?

La'isran - I am Grand Admiral La'isran of the Thérenian Dominion. And this system is ours.

Harof, not wanting to cause conflict with these strange people, attempted to appeal to the Grand Admiral.

Harof - Your control is recognized. We have not encountered your people before, surely you are farther spread that this system?

La'isran - Hah, of course we are. Our Dominion spans all the way from Cyrannus to some of the nearby systems.

Harof - I see. We are unfamiliar with Cyrannus, but I take it is not close to here?

La'isran - No, it isn't. It took us a long time to get here through our wormhole.

Harof - Why have you travelled so far? Surely your home, 'Cyrannus' can not be so bad?

La'isran - Thirst for expansion, the same reason you are here.

Harof - True. I suppose the grip of exploration and expansion truly does affect all. For the sake of diplomatic relations between our now 2 neighboring peoples, I will request for my Emperor to send a proper diplomatic emissary in coming days.

La'isran - I am no diplomat but now when we are all the way here I suppose that I can act as a one.

Harof - Perhaps your people will need supplies to help start the process of settling in your new territory?

La'isran - Yes, we do. The conquered empires that used to rule these systems were poor, weak and didn't have nearly no resources.

Harof - I can prepare cargo envoys to bring enough material and resource to kickstart infrastructure, along with industrial supplies to begin energy production and distribution on your worlds.

La'isran - That would do nicely. What would you ask in return?

Harof - Open borders between our people and one of your smallest vessels for study.

La'isran - That is acceptable. We will give one of the Praetor-class frigates in this fleet to you.

Harof - That will do. Our agreement is final, then?

La'isran - Yes. Hopefully this trading continues after our war against the enemies of the Tyranny ends.

Harof - Yes, hopeful to the prosperity of both of our empires. I will take my leave with my fleet now, I am transmitting a star map and the coordinates to deliver the requested vessel to your ship. Farewell.

La'isran - Farewell to you too, friend.

Lingur Encounters the MardorEdit

The Vengeance slowed down. It was having engine trouble, it would be easy to fix, but it would take about an hour.

Wisepain - There it is. The Vengeance, a thorn in our side since we destroyed those blasted protectors. Now they’re about to be extinguished.

Wisepain ordered his fleet to appear. It did, surrounding the Aeoneonatrix ship on all sides. Wisepain contacted the vessel.

Wisepain - Hello, Lingur. I have the means to destroy your puny ship, and enslave everyone on it. But I won’t, If you will turn yourself in willingly, I will grant your crew painless deaths. If not, they will all be our slaves.

Lingur - You? What do you have for this time? I’ve beaten you, what, 5 times now?

Wisepain - FOOL! We have the weapons of the Tyranny in our hands, with them, we can destroy you!

Lingur - You allied the tyranny? You do realize they will betray you right? Once you have no common enemies, you will be their slaves too.

Wisepain - And we have similar plans for them. Our alliance with the Dominatus is no different than our alliances with the other members of our own empire. It is simply a means to an end. Do not pretend your alliances are any different. Now do you surrender?

Lingur - All crew-members, head to your stations and prepare for trouble!

Wisepain - I take that as a no.

Lingur - Yes, it is a no.

Wisepain - Very well, attack!

Wisepain fired the combat harvesters at the Vengeance. They made contact and began attempting to breach the hull with their mining lasers. The Vengeance’s energy shields held up easily.

Lingur - That, good sir, is why we’ve beaten you 5 times.

Wisepain - Quick, take out their shields.

Lingur - Someone, go outside in a small fighter, and pick off the Harvesters!

Awesh - There are hundreds of them sir, It’d take too much time.

Lingur - It’s better than nothing.

Awesh - Unless we need someone here for when we come up with the actual answer. A shuttle was dispatched and began taking out the harvesters with energy weapons that the ship’s shields would easily survive.

Lingur - Hold on, I think I know the answer to this.

Callanni - What?

Lingur - Giving in.

Callanni - What!?

Lingur - Attention, Wisepain, I offer you my surrender, on the condition that you let my crew, and that population of slaves in your cargo hold, go. Wisepain: That was not what I offered you. I offered you the painless deaths of your crewmates.

Lingur - Do you expect the Tyranny not to kill you if you fail? I’d imagine they asked you to torture me, and this way, you can make me suffer all you want.

Wisepain - Why would I give up more than I have to if I can get what I want for less?

Lingur - You aren’t, we know you cannot breach our shields for the hour and a half we need. I know that it will take hours for an energy weapon to breach them.

Wisepain - Then why offer?

Lingur - To distract you of course, say, do you know what a boarding party is? A team of defenders burst into the room Wisepain was in. Wisepain drew his weapon, but the constant motion of the defenders made them too difficult to hit and allowed them to put Wisepain and the entire bridge crew in handcuffs.

Lingur - That one’s our test subject, if it works on Wisepain, it will surely work on the Dominatus.

Callanni - Umm, Lingur, there are still combat harvesters trying to break into our ship.

Lingur - Yes and our shields can hold them off for a little while longer. One by one the harvesters were destroyed. By the end of the hour, the engine was able to get the Vengeance back to Ku-Rokti.

Total War in the Milky WayEdit

The Aeoneonatrix DevastatedEdit

The First PlanetEdit

The Tyranny fleet was gathered around Staging Point Iota, 10,000 ships of the Tyranny, ready for complete and total war. The day came, and the issue was finally ordered, the Grand Admiral had issued the attack. The ships at staging points Iota and Theta were not tasked with dealing with the main threats of the Drodo and the Hegemony, but instead tasked with massive and quick expansion through lesser empires. They split into their respective subfleets, each of 100 ships strong, and prepared for launch. Among the worlds targeted by the Iota fleet were worlds that unbeknownst to the Tyranny, were Aeoneonatrix clients, however it made no difference, they were ripe for the taking.

Grand Admiral: *on Maginodunried* All Forces, attack commences in 3, 2, 1, Commence.

The Tyranny ships entered hyperspace, with and got into the hyperspatial areas right around their target systems, ready for the Grand Admiral's next orders.

Fenoco, an Aeoneonatrix defender, looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful night. There was no enemy activity or threats to this planet that had been detected. He lay back on the grass, ripping up a few blades to snack on, and relaxed.

At that, the next order was given, and the titanic tyranny ships, each led by some subjugator battleships entered orbit around the planet

It was a preemptive strike and the Tyranny ships had already launched a devastating first strike as soon as they exited hyperspace.

Fenoco saw the massive fleet appear in the sky, and then heard bomb drops in the distance. He got up and returned to his base to regroup with his squad.

The Aeoneonatrix Hounds stationed on the planet came to life as they fired a volley of quantum torpedoes at the Dominatus ships. The massive armaments of the Tyranny fleet ripped through the hounds, the massive sizes of the Tyranny ships supporting armaments that lanced through them. In addition, the utterly massive power generation inside the Tyranny vessels made the quantum torpedoes dissipate.

Tyranny fleets requisitioned from other less difficult planets to conquer came in to assist the Tyranny fleet and soon the Tyranny was at numerical parity with the Aeoneonatrix. The resulting carnage rendered the Aeoneonatrix fleet completely destroyed in a display of brutality not before seen

At that, the Tyranny ships began standard operating procedure, most of them having departed for new worlds.

Fenoco hurried to his base to find it utterly devastated. The skies sizzled with biological weapons that wreaked havoc on the world. The once beautiful skies and forests of the world turned to primordial sludge. Its effect on unshielded biologicals was even worse as it rapidly necrotized flesh. Schoolchildren, trying to run from the pandemonium were saturated in the weaponry just like adults and writhed in agony as they died far too young.

Fenoco quickly scurried into a cave to avoid the bio-weapons. He ventured deeper and deeper into the cave until he reached the back. He found a ship and directed his course for Ku-Rokti, the Aeoneonatrix homeworld. The Tyranny disregarded it, focusing on the conquest.

Combat harvesters and myrmidons landed on the world, getting any surviving people and attaching loyalty chips to them. The biosludge was used to form biodrones as nanobots went down to start mining and start establishing a colony. An alert was sent to Ku-Rokti that an attack had occurred on a client race. All across the frontline of battlegroup iota delved deeper into territory, crushing whatever resistance came in its way. Numerous other alien empires were subjugated in these first few strikes, barely spacefaring nations crushed by the Tyranny. Fenoco Arrived at Ku-Rokti, landing at a base for scientific study of the ship. Particular interest was given to a device found on board.

The SecondEdit

On another, nearby client world, a much more ordinary Aeoneonatrix soldier, named Qualo was in a lab waiting for a new experiment.

The bacteria started falling on the world, reducing it to primordial sludge again. As per standard operating procedure, the Dominatus dropped in Myrmidons followed by Combat Harvesters to clear the wreckage.

Qualo watched as the walls expanded and the roof open to his performance, as this occurred, be heard the destruction from nearby.

The Dominatus robots surged through the city, taking many captive and implanting chips inside of them.

As the attack alert was sounded, Qualo almost sprang into action, but a scientist prevented him, saying he would be more effective if the experiment proceeded. The experiment was conducted, and Qualo left the facility and headed for the battlefield.

A message was sent out to the tyranny fleet.

Scientist: Did you know Aeoneonatrix have a special talent for modifying existing technology?

Qualo continued his march toward the front lines.

SubjugatorAI: So What?

Scientist: In this case, we modified a supersizer to work safely on sapient creatures.

Qualo walked onto the battlefield, and began setting alight the Dominatus forces with his newly acquired flame breath. The myrmidons were vaporized and the harvesters were too far to help.

A single Dominatus Faust, shot out of a torpedo from a cruiser. The torpedo fragmented in the atmosphere and he impacted like a comet right next to the epic.

Dominatus: This will be fun.

Qualo: Indeed, if you enjoy being burnt alive.

Qualo shot a blast of flame at the Dominatus. The Dominatus disengaged himself from his armor before this, for the sake of sport. The Dominatus biomass hardened into armor, which shielded itself from the flames. Qualo kicked at the Dominatus.

Dominatus: You now know why we are the master race!

The Dominatus dodged the kick with his smaller size.

Quallo: Because you make the best animal food?

Qualo punched at the Dominatus.

Grazvek, the Dominatus then tackled the epic creature to the ground, the massive momentum of the Dominatus taking the epic to the ground. The Epic attempted to rise back up.

The Dominatus began punching the epic, breaking its massive bones with each strike and impacting into the body.

Dominatus: You are WEAK!

The Epic began rolling, hoping to crush the Dominatus. The Dominatus was not expecting this and was rolled over as well. Although he was not suffering, the Dominatus could not escape. The duo rolled through countless avenues, demolishing everything in the way.

The Dominatus was completely covered by the Aeoneonatrix huddling around him. He then activated his massive biomass tendrils that impaled the Aeoneonatrix. The biomass wreaked havoc on the Aeoneonatrix who continually tried to escape it. However the barbed structure of the tendrils meant that every move hurt the Aeoneonatrix more. He eventually died from the injuries this caused.

At that, the gastrointestinal tract of the Aeoneonatrix fell on him covering him completely in the half digested food and excrement of the Aeoneonatrix.

Many other Aeoneonatrix client states were also attacked by battlegroup Iota, each with similar results.

The Waptoria Alliance ShatteredEdit

Helana-23, an important world of the Waptoria Alliance. A Waptorian fleet was guarding it, and so were a small amount of NOVA and Vanara ships. They did not expect any attack, and they were wrong. A Tyranny fleet appeared, and quickly obliterated the ships belonging to the NOVA Alliance, before moving on to the organic ships of the Waptoria and the Vanara. After a while, they were destroyed as well. Canisters and Drop Pods pods them landed on the world. From the pods, biological weapons spewed, filling the air toxic bacteria with disintegrated everything they came into contact with into sludge. Out of the pods came Biodrones, and the Titans of Corpulus. The Titans wore battlesiuts made from fat, maggots crawling trough them, constantly producing bio-egineered flies. These flies spread pestilence wherever they flew, like harbingers of decay themselves. From larger pods came Tyranny Biotitans and War Steeds, clashing with Vanara Daikaiju and the Waptoria's own Bio-Titans. They were followed by the Dominatus themselves, who easily slew the defenders. After the Tyranny's forces prevailed, they moved on to lay waste to other parts of the planet. When this was done, the Dominatus themselves destroyed the last pockets of resistance with ease. Another world had fallen to the raw might of the Tyranny.

The Unified Federation RuinedEdit

A combined fleet of both Imperium of War and the Tyranny appeared above a lone world. It once belonged to the Soldarian Empire, but since the Soldarians had been absorbed into the UFG, it had been carried over to them. As the Tyranny engaged the Federation Fleet in orbit, Dragowar Legionnaires were dropped on the planet's surface. The Federation Clone troopers and Soldarians attacked the enemies on sight, and managed to take some squadrons down. However, the Tyranny had gained space dominace, and both Imperator Augustus and the Dominatus grand admiral desided it was time to show their true might. As such, the Berserkers of Brutego were unleashed, and ripped trough the Federation soldiers like paper, in their unstoppable rage. Having no more use for his planet, the Berserkers were beamed up, the Tyranny destroyed the planet soon after this. The fleet then continued to attack other helpless civilizations...

The Drodo DecimatedEdit

The Drodo worlds were remorselessly attacked by the Dominatus ships when this plan broke loose, and unprepared and affected by the Terpeshoire network of spies, which deactivated many of their defenses and ships, they were utterly devastated by the attacks. The Tyranny also fared well in the ground, using orbital bombardments to flush out the elite Drodo marines, and then sending down overseers to finish them off, while going to new systems to conquer. The Drodo truly were decimated.


The Hegemony AttackedEdit

The attacks on the Hegemony took place at the same time, with devastating effectiveness, as on the Zozer and Genusian homeworlds, Dominatus ships, with STA made devastating first strikes, led by their massive Lesser Demogorgon Class Leviathans. They massive fires of the ships, although only Mark 1's in coordination with the efforts of the Terpeshoire spies caused pandemonium throughout the Hegemony, and eventually the Dominatus had space dominance. Land combat followed soon in which the Subjugators of Cravidor made their debut, blowing up the Hegemony soldiers, the enhanced Vartekians taking adavncing trough Hegemony ranks without retreating, and eventually securing the worlds for the Tyranny. The worlds were eventually repurposed for production as the Tyranny fleets started spreading to different worlds of the Hegemony like a wave. In addition, Hegemony weapons supplied by the Dominatus started turning on the Hegemony, causing untold devestation.

The Assault to the USFEdit

The Shadow of the FederationEdit

The Federation did not escape from the attacks, the Terpeschoire known as Durch had been translocated from Duthadinia space to that of the Federation, and now had a far more important mission than just to infiltrate the former: he had to keep his masters Dominatus informed about the progress of the Federation and Edelmut's movements. Hours before the attacks, Durch contacted Drakodominatus to inform them of the latest movements of the Federation.

Durch: Here Terpeschoire 417, codename: Darklight, requesting contact with the Dominatus masters.
Dominatus: What news do you have, Darklight?
Durch: The Federation technology is a lot more advanced than we expected, and dominate the hypermatter and hyperspace travel, also its naval power is much higher from what happened in the Mineral Conflict.
Dominatus: I have understood that they have a new flagship called Misericordia, which has devastating power in relation to what we have seen what the Federation is able.
Durch: Yes, but the Misericordia is still with Vankalian in the hyperspace, but the Federation made reverse engineering with the stolen Tyranny technology in all of their ships.
Dominatus: We can not allow the Federation technology can be compared to Tyranny, Darklight send the coordinates of the leading research centers of the Federation, must be destroyed.
Durch: I send you the coordinates, my master, I'm sure they're all the research centers, the location of many of these is classified.

The Dominatus left communication, the war was about to begin.

Hunting InformationEdit

A few hours later, the fleet was moving Drakodominatus Toliat system in search of the greatest military research center of the Federation. The place known as New Dawn, was the point from which they had emerged most new technologies in weaponry and transportation, besides being the laboratiorio where reverse engineering is performed to Dominatus technology.

In seconds Drakodominatus fleet out of hyperspace, the station New Dawn was not prepared for an attack of mass, so the defense forces could hardly do anything before the start Dominatus powerful weapons to bomb the hull structure . The special metal frame of the building began to be shattered before the shields of the station could be activated.

Inside the station a Uzcar ran through the corridors of the station, heading to the main computer. The shouting of researchers, unused to battle, captains orders, organizing the defense of the station, the shrill alarm of danger, caused uproar in the corridors, but not distracting to the Uzcar of his way. Suddenly, the hallway that connected to the cockpit was blocked by a wall of cold plasma, they had pierced the hull. The Uzcar, head scientist of the station, must make a detour.
After several minutes, the Head Scientist, made ​​it to the cockpit.

Control: Sir, the Drakodominatus are attack us!
Head Scientist: You do not say!
Control: They had pierced the hull!
Head Scientist: Send a menssage to Edelmut, say thet we need help!
Control: Sir, the Tyranny are blocking our communication...
Head Scientist: Don't worry, Edelmut know, he always know.
Control: What are your orders, sir?
Head Scientist: Download all possible data, delete the rest, that the Tyranny has nothing to recovered from the rubble.
Control: And the prototipes?
Head Scientist: Make them explode.

Head Scientist immediately started downloading all the data possible, had orders that if that happened, would retrieve the codes, these codes top secret that Vankalian it had been entrusted to him. Spent endless minutes until the download was complete, the Head scientist estava the brink of madness, every second the Tyranny could deal the fatal blow and destroy the station.
Within minutes the Uzcar was in the hangar, when the unspeakable happened, the whole station was lit on fire, the enemy fleet had beaten the fusion core structure that fed. For some the Head Scientist dies in the explosion, thanks to of his new superspeed experimental ship escaped the fireball and energy, and using the hyperspace engine, could escape the clutches Drakodominatus.

Meanwhile, Drakodominatus began collecting the remains of the investigations, the prototypes were almost useless, as they were destroyed would be nearly impossible to take advantage of them, almost all computers were missing pieces, but the little that remained intact was very valuable as it showed he was Fedearacion true that was far ahead of what is thought, perhaps the reverse engineering, perhaps because they belong to civilization, anyway were a potential threat.

A million miles, the Head Scientist ship managed to reach the Edelmut capital ship, the flagship Victory, known as Hope. In the cabin, the commander Edelmut greeted him with relief and did a lot of the doctors treating the ship, he had no serious injuries.

Head Scientist: Sorry Commandant, I couldn't save more than this...

The Scientist give the chip with the codes to Edelmut, he smiled and press it with two fingers, destroyed it.

Head Scientist: What the hell? Edelmut: This was trash, mister... A simple distraction to the enemy Head Scientist: But the codes, the Vankalian's codes Edelmut: Vankalian don't talk too much with me, but he had the kindness to tell me where was these codes... Head Scientist: Where? Edelmut: In you, your genentic code are the codes

The Head Scientist was astonished, it was brilliant, everybody search codes in secret computers, but who would do it in the genetic code of a scientist...
Edelmut took a blood sample from the scientist and placed in the computer bioscaner. Within minutes, the code was before him, deciphered.

Edelmut: Proyect Steel Mask, top-secret... Interesting, we need to show this to the Senate...

End of the TraitorEdit

The trip to the station Destiny was long since found a huge structure that travels through hyperspace at high speed which is highly classified route is somewhat tricky. The soldiers of the fleet were in a state of calm inusal, believing that whatever they rescued from the station New Dawn would save lives during the war against the Dominatus.
But Edelmut was uneasy, for anyone who was not an important member of the ISS or the Shadow Regiment should have information of its existence, let alone its location. Did the Shadow be working with Dominatus again? No, Edelmut had been watching them from the battle known as "The Begining of the Eternal War", but then who was giving information to the Tyranny?

Head Scientist: Worried, right?
Edelmut: Why I should be worried?
Head Scientist: You know, the Dominatus know more than they must to know about the Federation...
Edelmut: You are very observant.
Head Scientist: I am a scientist, I only can trust in the things that I can see and hear, not everyone has mystical powers from us.
Edelmut: You're wrong my friend...

But before he could continue talking Edelmut, the ship stopped abruptly, and the cabin lights were turned off, the security systems were disabled, the energy of the whole ship went down.

Head Scientist: What the hell?
Computer: Systems off, life support systems critically, accessing energy reserves interim. Edelmut: Sabotage... Head Scientist: The problem could come from the energy reactors.
Edelmut: To all the units, close the exits, block the hangar, this not a simulation... And you sir, come with me, let's hunt some traitors...
Head Scientist: Yes.

In the principal reactor, Durch was placing the ending explosive, was too simple, just had to avoid a few guards and he could escape. After completing his task, he began his career at the hangar, where his ship would be waiting to flee, he was used to working alone, it would be very suspicious that there is more than one Terpeschoire a charge as high as assistant commander. After a few trips corridors realized they knew that the traitor was there, it had turned out to the hangar in a maze of corridors and trap doors, security systems but did not work, they could not know where he was now.

In minutes Edelmut Scientist and Head came to the reactor, it took seconds to turn off as rudimentary bomb had been placed in reactors with a margin of minutes before it exploded. Once disabled, Edelmut closed his eyes and concentrated, his mind began to smell the essence footprint left by the spy, and he found it in seconds.
Meanwhile, the Head Scientist used more tangible means to trace, using advanced forensic technology was able to detect some information about the spy.

Head Scientist: Is an Uzcar, relatively high, was in a hurry, and headed for the hangar.
Edelmut: Is wasn't an Uzcar... His esscence footprint disagrees...
Head Scientist: There are Uzcar footprints all over the place!
Edelmut: The senses can be deceived my friend...

Some meters ahead, Durch noticed as building walls began to close in on him, security systems had been reactivated. Durch used his powers to change shape to become a monstrous Chibar and used his arms to stop trying to crush the walls, without success, walls continued to advance.

Edelmut: Do not even try Durch, if that is your real name...

Edelmut and the Head Scientist entered to the corridor, walls seemed not in the least unconcerned. Durch became in a Drodo.

Durch: I don't have name...
Edelmut: Unfortunately, I do not care...

Durch tryed to use his plasma gun, but Edelmut was faster and using his telekinetic powers left the spy paralyzed. Due the immovable state of the traitor, he couldn't use his powers to change shape.

Edelmut: The Senate will be very interesed in your history...

The Large FrontEdit

The attacks were carried out on a multitude of worlds, each with similar results, many civilizations falling on the first hours, including some like the Orion Republic among countless others. Civilizations like the Krickan Union were also attacked, being swept aside by the unstoppable torrent but maintaining it's coreworlds as the Dominatus did not make it a point to attack them. On the land, giant Black Widows stomped on their armored divisions and destroyed them while the Phantoms disappeared beneath the ground and ripped into all of them. Eventually, the fleets of the Khilai Empire and the Imperium of War joined the Tranny's fleet. Their shadow was falling upon the Milky Way.

Uniting against the TyrannyEdit

Cesterity, Viran, and his crew had since been picked up, and been brought up to date by the Drodo government. They were on a mission to contact the "Aeoneonatrix", they were asking for an agreement to unite against the Dominatus. The Impaler and its small flotilla soon arrived at the area the transmission was sent from, and they found a heavily populated world.

"This must be one of the Aeoneonatrix worlds." Viran said, Cesterity nodded.

Alien ships started to approach the Drodo flotilla,

"Shields up." Cesterity ordered. The comms crackled to life as the Fleet Captain spoke; "This is Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire, You're the Aeoneonatrix, I presume?"

Pausac - Yes, my name is Pausac.

Cesterity - I see.

Cesterity drew in a breath; "You gave my people a transmission saying you wanted a alliance, and where going to attack the Dominatus home world, I'm here to discuss this."

Meanwhile, Marius’ ship was about to come out of hyperspace.

“Alright, let’s move on, over.” The hegemony fleet slowly drove towards the Drodo fleet "Keep cool, but the second they try anything, waste them. “

“Alright, were coming out of hyperspace" Marius said, "Be ready for anything"

Marius - Hello, anyone home?

Pausac - Hold on, I'm getting a second transmission

Pausac - Hello, I hear you, who is this?

Marius - Commander Marius of the Hegemony.

Cesterity and Viran looked at the viewscreen.

"Hegemony..." Viran muttered

"Open fire." she said after a short pause, Cesterity stopped her

'Hold that order." he turned to Viran

"What the hell?" He said in a hushed tone

"Hey, they're going to fire on us!" She said back in the same tone

"Maybe not, just … let’s hail them first." He said finally

Viran rolled her eyes and said "Fine."

The couple turned back to the viewscreen

"This is Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire," He said, Viran was a little to the side of him, hands behind her back.

Ammox - Hello th.... YOU! WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE?

Cesterity raised an eyebrow and turned to Viran, "What did you do...?"

"Not what you're thinking." She said, a little hushed She sighed;


She came to the center of the screen. Cesterity stared at her with a surprised look on his face.

"I didn't do that!" She said.


"Viran, what is this about?" Cesterity said in a concerned tone

She looked back, before turning to the screen again. "Listen, it was all one big mistake,"

Cesterity gently pushed her away from the viewscreen, "This is gonna get nowhere fast..." he said under his breath

Ammox - WHY THE, oh you two are an item, now I understand your concern for her

Viran - eeyeah, about that...

"Anyways," Cesterity took a deep breath and shook his head. “At any rate, we're here on a diplomatic mission,"

Marius - Whatever, our concern is getting a ceasefire

Ammox - Little miss war criminal over there won’t stop us from reaching a deal

Cestarity glared back at Viran and turned back. He shrugged; "We could kill two birds in one stone,"

Marius - How so?

Cesterity - We could get this deal with the Aeoneonatrix done for us, and agree on a ceasefire. Is this agreeable?"

Marius - Sure, we need to get people unified against the tyranny.

Cesterity - This was the Aeon's reason for the transmission, I believe.

Pausac - Indeed, We need to unite against the tyranny before they destroy us all

Viran came back to the center of the screen, "So, where will we meet?"

Pausac - Aren't we all together in the same location right now?

Marius scowled. "Somewhere secure, a nebulae maybe?"

Ammox - Sure

"Nebulae aren't secure, dumbass." Viran spat back

Cesterity glared at her, a sort of "shut up" glare

Pausac - You may land here if you want.

"This is good," Cesterity then said.

Ammox, who was nearby on the bridge smiled dementedly

Pausac - perhaps to avoid a physical altercation, only people who will not kill each other beam down?

Viran gave a somewhat scared glance to Ammox.

Ammox - Ah yes, the Drodo captain, insult Marius again and I WILL FEAST ON YOUR BONES!!

Cesterity simply gave a cool, under control smile to Marius and shut off the comms.

Marius - Ammox, you are not going down there"

Ammox - Dang it.

Marius, Cesterity, and Viran beamed down onto Ku-Rokti, and gathered with Pausac in a meeting room that had been swiftly prepared for them.

Marius - So, we agreed to unite against the tyranny."

The Drodo nodded, and said "Yes" in near unison

Pausac - Do you plan to resume conflict immediately afterwards?

"No," Viran said,

Marius - No way, we have to rebuild two of our home worlds

Cesterity - We are intending to have a ceasefire between us and the Hegemony."

Pausac - So your war is over then?

"Hopefully," Cesterity said,

Marius - It should be, we both understand now that it was the tyranny's fault for us fighting?

Cesterity leaned in, "Of course, we were all had." he said

Marius - All right captain Cesterity, lets sort this ceasefire out.

"Do you agree that we only attacked you in defense of our land?" Cesterity said back

Marius - Yes

Cesterity – Good. Now then, onto more technical matters, I am guessing we should give back all land, POWs, and stolen technology to each other?

Marius - Sure, your empire doesn't really have anything that we don’t have.

Viran shrugged

We will of course return these POWS Intact" Marius said glaring at Viran

She glared back

Cesterity looked at them both, confused, before shaking his head lightly

Marius - We have unfinished business as you can see. Now, about attacking the tyranny, any ideas?

Pausac - We should get as many allies as possible and plan some sort of strategy to increase our chances.

Cesterity - Pausac, do you have anyone on board already? Besides us?

Pausac - No, But I'd like to get Waptoria to assist, and the Troodontids, if only to lend us some shielding units. The United Federation of Species might also be willing to help. The Waptoria can also call in the Unified Federation of Glory, the Volver Empire and the Brotherhood of Spode.

Cesterity - yes, we should get as many empires with us first, and then devise a plan."

"I see," Viran said, "First and foremost, though," she said again "Let's examine our current assets."

Marius - You can count on our fleets

"Marius, got anything special? Weapons? Shields? Numbers?" Viran asked. She leaned into the table somewhat, engaged in the conversation, awaiting an answer

Marius - We have at least seven patriot classes ready to go

Viran - Got it, Pausac, same for you, got anything?

Pausac - We have allot of units, but most of them are on client related assignments and aren't going to be able to help us

"We’ve got advanced combat walkers,” Marius said.

"Hm," Viran turned to Marius, "That'll help the ground battle,"

Marius - We also have avenging strike.

"And that is...?" Viran asked.

"Big fifty miles long warships," Marius answered, "Patriot classes are also fifty miles."

Pausac - Oh, I have something perfect for ground battles

Viran turned yet again to Pausac

Pausac - You know supersizers right? Those old machines that could turn creatures into epics?

"Ya," Marius said.

Viran raised an eyebrow, "Uh... huh..."

"Never heard of 'em," Cesterity said, leaning into the table as well

Pausac – We just tested a, shall we say, modified version. It works on sapient soldiers.

Viran - I see

Marius - Ah

"I'm not sure how many of our troops will want to be supersized, but it'll be an asset at any rate.” Cesterity said.

"Now, onto Drodo assets," Viran said, "We could have a good sized fleet of 5000 ships if we were going right now, But, We'll see if we can't pull a few strings and get a battle army or two. That's 20- or 40 000 ships.” She leaned back out a little.

Marius - Good, I think we can scrape a good fleet together between all of us

Cesterity - Indeed.

Marius - So then, we have a chance?

Pausac – Yes, a chance.


Tree fleets from respectively the NOVA Alliance, Vanara Empire and the Unified Nation of Glory, descend into the atmosphere of a planet owned by the Waptoria Alliance of Species. The fleets are soon contacted by W'tze.

  • W'tze - Hello, allies.
  • Barda - Good day to you.
  • Brygon - Greetings, everyone.
  • W'tze - We are all members of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. So I hope you guys are going to help us in our fight against the Tyranny?
  • Brygon - We will defend the Milky Way at all costs.
  • Barda - Our fleets will unite, and we stand side by side.
  • W'tze - Evil will perish, then.

The four all laughed, then beamed up to meet with the Aeoneonatrix, Drodo and Hegemony.

Informing the TroodontidsEdit

The Fleet of Enlightenment moved over to Rapura.

  • Coscerto - Wait. Why are we here?
  • W'tze - We're gonna get one more ally.
  • Kyaan - Nice. How are they called?
  • W'tze - The Troodontid Empire.

At this moment, the UAE fleet arrived in Troopdontid space. It was only a matter of seconds before the saurians had picked up allied craft entering their territory, and they promptly did send a ship to greet them.

  • Troodontid - Welcome Waptoria...But why do you come with an attack fleet?
  • Barda - We are going to strike at the Tyranny.
  • Troodontid - There are no Dominatus here.
  • Coscerto - We know, but W'tze said you could help.
  • Troodontid - Can we?
  • Barda - Looks like the wrong empire to me.
  • W'tze - No. These definitely are Troodontids.
  • Troodontid - We definitly are Troodontids.
  • Coscerto - Even if they are not troodontids, they can still help.
  • Barda - Oh. Ok then.
  • Kyaan - You want an update of the Tyranny's doings?
  • Troodontid - Sure.
  • Kyaan - They are swarming the Milky Way, destroying everything in their path.
  • Troodontid - OK, that means they broke our treaty, too bad.
  • Barda - And the Imperium of War became a protectorate go CyraEmp.
  • W'tze - Wait, you made a treaty with them?
  • Troodontid - Yes.
  • Barda - Let me say this: We too allied the Tyranny, but we became aware of their crimes, and now they will pay for decieving us all along.
  • Brygon - We must protect the Milky Way!
  • Troodontid - We aren`t allied to the Dominatus.
  • Coscerto - But you did make a treaty?
  • Troodontid - Indeed.
  • W'tze - They mean they made a peace treaty. Isn't it?
  • Troodontid - In some sort of way. And we won't break it as long as we are under attack.
  • Conscerto - But...You guys are joking, right?
  • Kyaan - Yeah, believe me, they will attack you once they're done with the Milky Way.
  • Troodontid - Maybe, but currently we have our own problems.
  • NOVA Commandant - We are wasting our time here.
  • Troodontid - Maybe it is just foolish to fight something as powerful as the Dominatus.
  • Barda - No. United we stand.
  • Troodontid - You are still not strong enough.
  • Barda - Then how do we make it stronger?

Troodontid - You lack of the advantge of surprise and insight in their technology, you will definitely loose.

  • NOVA Commandant - Grrr. You dare to say we are weak?

Troodontid - No, not weak. Only just a little.

The NOVA Commandant fires a rather strong laser at the Troodontid ship. The Troodontd ship explodes (or seems to).

  • Coscerto - No! don't do that!
  • Barda - Commandant! What have you done?
  • W'tze - Remeber we are on a diplomatic mission!
  • Coscerto - Ok...Now the NOVA's chances of allying these Troodontids are practically zero. Commandant, you can fly home now.
  • Kyaan - Let's just get out of here before that troodontid fleet appears, OK?
  • Barda - I don't like the idea of abandoning a mission but I guess you're right.
  • W'tze - *sighs* Prepare for a Hyperspace jump...

The surrounding Troodontid spaceships deactivate their cloacks.

  • W'tze - Ah, cloacks. I already imagined something like that.
  • Troodontid - We had to test if you are bad. Sorry.
  • Kyaan - Bad? You mean evil?
  • Troodontid - Yes, you could have been servants of the Dominatus. Some things we said are right, some are wrong.
  • W'tze - I guessed. Well, we have a surprise, too.

A whole Waptoria fleet uncloacks.

  • Troodontid - Nice, but still to weak.
  • W'tze - I din't dare to approach you with our full fleet...Ack. Stop taunting us.

W'tze laughed.

  • Troodontid - It is right, your fleet is still too weak to attack the Tyranny.
  • Coscerto - That's why we need some Troodontids in here.
  • Troodontid - You couldn't face the whole fleet so you have a big disadvantage. We know, we already decided to help you.
  • W'tze - Phew. Glad to hear. Our Ascension class isn't ready yet, so we could'd count on that.
  • Troodontid - Ah , sorry to hear that. Our brand new ships series are almost finished.
  • W'tze - Doen't matter. At least one of them will be finished when we will strike. It will lead the invasion.
  • Coscerto - So you're joining us now?
  • Troodontid - Yes , unless you think we are weak.
  • Barda - You seem weak. Ugh no really you are strong enough.
  • Troodontid - We know, but those ships aren't. They are weak, they are almost unprotected.
  • Kyaan - Yes. We saw.
  • Troodontid - But our futurous, the Dragons will erase the Tyranny ships.
  • W'tze - So will our Ascention. Besides, will you help us to free those Dominatus slaves?
  • Troodontid - We will, tell me how they are controlled then we can create an anit-technology.
  • W'tze - The slaves are controlled via nanomachines in their blood.
  • Troodontid - But I think the destruction of the hologram was a bit too easy.
  • Kyaan - Wait, hologram?

Troodontid - Do you really think we are less advanced than you?

  • Kyaan - How am I meant to know!
  • Troodontid - If you continue fighting one against one, you will die fast, that's true. You have to fight in a different way.
  • W'tze - Waptoria and NOVA fight trough stealth, but the others...
  • Troodontid - That's the way I mean. Use your brain and technology for winning , then you don't need to be stronger.
  • Coscerto - The NOVA are Ecologist-Scientist. We know.
  • Troodontid - Then it is good. Really good.
  • Barda - Every second we keep talking, means that the Dominatus gain more power.
  • W'tze - Shal we jump into hyperspace, then, lads?
  • Troodontid - Yes. You will see our doings soon.
  • Kyaan - We count on you.

The fleet jumped into hyperspace, and left.

The Thunderous capturedEdit

A medium invasion fleet warped out of Hyperspace, near a Hegemony colony. They contacted them. Captain Vassilus was on his way to link up with the fleet that would attack the Tyranny. He had stopped at a nearby colony to gather a few more ships.

  • Hegemony soldier - Sir, a fleet has just dropped out of hyperspace. They are contacting us.
  • Lasprus - When do they finally open contact?
  • Vassilius - This is captian Vassilus of the United Hegemony, who is it?
  • Lasprus - Hello there, it is us again, the Imperium of War. Remember how we fought at your side, facing Drodo, USF, Waptoria and Drodo?
  • Vassilius - Yes, you have helped us well.
  • Lasprus - It was an exellent battle, no matter how it went. However, now we face a little problem...

V*assilius - Yes...Elaborate.

  • Lasprus - The thing is, we are also allies of the Tyranny. And it seems they have attacked you. Well, they want to destroy you.
  • Vassilius - I gathered that from my destroyed homeworld.
  • Lasprus - Shouldn't them as well? That will keep you safe.
  • Vassilius - Um, after they attacked us, its obvious they dont want to be allies.
  • Lasprus - I doubt that. They asked us to aid you.
  • Vassilius - Really, how?
  • Lasprus - They didn't want you destroyed. But still, no alliance?
  • Vassilius - Well, they aren't talking to us.
  • Lasprus - It's strange indeed. Anyways, if you do not want to ally the Tyranny, we will continue with our original order.
  • Vassilius - Ughh, don't tell, your going to attack us?
  • Lasprus - How did you guess that? ATTACK!
  • Vassilius - Typical...alright then, TRY TO DEFEAT US!

Anger classes immediately moved in, and deployed Dragowar Legionnaires. The various ships, the largest being a paladin class, organized themselves into a defensive line.

  • Lasprus - If you asked for a fight by denying our offer, then a fight you get!

The anger classes fired their missiles, believing this mission should be easy. This would not be the case, however.

  • Vassilius - What, to be slaves to the Tyranny, after they blew up two of our homeworlds, rot in hell. Fire hyperlasers!
  • Lasprus - SHIELDS!

However, the Imperial shields were still weak at this stage, and the hyperlaser did some damage.

  • Vassilius - Just leave while you can. Or were going close quarters.
  • Lasprus - Close quarters. The style we like. Start ramming!

Hegemony ships drew broadside and fired straight into the ships, with caused some of them to explode.

  • Vassilius - Prepare the boarding crews and deploy all infantry.
  • Lasprus - Berserkers, ready yourselves for combat!

Supersoldiers began boarding, along side normal marines.

  • Lasprus - Oh I remember them. You had suicide soldiers, too.

Heavy's blocked the way of the super soldiers, acting as living shields. They took tons of damage, but were eventually killed. The way was mow free to the ship's bridge. The hegemony soldiers set the ship on self-destruct, before teleporting out.

  • Lasprus - Send in Rage class Conquerors, Wrath class Bombers and Fury class misslecruisers. This world WILL belong to the Imperium of War!
  • Vassilius - Then try to kill me.
  • Lasprus - BRING IT ON!

The ships crashed in a flury of explosions, and half of both armies were destroyed.

  • Vassilius - Keep going, no turning back!

Lasprus, meanwhile, descended to the ground, and started to fire his railguns. Now that the battle was on the ground, this allowed the hegemony to use its artillery. Dragowar Berserkers charged like wild beasts, ripping trough the front lines like paper.

  • Vassilius - Right, aim for the large ones.

An Antimatter round hit a berserker, atomizing it.

  • Vasalius - They're getting closer!

Brutes rushed into battle, not as strong as berserkers, but also not as ragefilled. They gave their bigger, rage filled brothers support.

  • Vassilius - I didn't want to do this Lasprus, but you left me no choice.
  • Lasprus - I SAID...BRING IT ON!
  • Vassilius - "Alright. BUTTON UP!

Hegemony troops activated the filters on their helmet.

  • Vassilius - Gas out!

Nerve gas canisters burst all across the battlefield. This particular gas was a stronger form of a type that had been used earlier in the war agnsit the Drodo. Several Imperial troops stumbled around blindly, then it took real effect. They started screaming, skin burning and melting. As they drew in air, the gas went inside them and burned their lungs and other organs. They began to vomit up blood and their bowels discharged.

  • Vassilius - Good thing it filter out the smell.

The Dragowar Berserkers resisted the attack, but now turned really insane. They turned against each other, ripping each other and themselves to shreds. Berserker blood was spoiled across the battlefield as the last one bites it's own heart out and fell dead.

  • Vassalius - Ohh! Look! They are killing each other!

However, a massive shockwave blew the Hegemony soldiers off their feet.

  • Vassilius - What the hell was that?
  • Lasprus - That was ME!
  • Vassilius - What do you want?

Lasprus let out a roar, with released another shockwave.

  • Vassilius - Right lad, bring it on.

Laspor flew up, then punched the ground at full speed. The result was a small eathquake, with blew some Hegemony soldiers off their feet.

  • Vassilius - Hmm...that earthquake is pretty usefull.

Lasprus appeared confused for a moment.

  • Lasprus - How so?
  • Vassilius - It just is and...SNEAK ATTACK.

Vassilus jumped forward and unloaded a clip into Lasprus's armor.

  • Lasprus - WHAT?

Lasprus tried to summon an powerfull electric attack, but the chip drained it's energy, and he was paralyzed, trapped in his own electric net.

  • Vassilius - Like many empires recentley, YOU UNDERESTIMATE THE HEGEMONY!
  • Vassilius - I understand, therefore no mocking comes from me. Now you will come quietly.
  • Vassilius - We'll see. Take him away!

Lingur is BriefedEdit

Lingur walked into the room where he would be briefed on his upcoming mission. The female Aeoneonatrix walked in.

“Hello, Lingur,” she said.

“Hello,” Lingur replied.

“You have two missions to be briefed on today, Lingur,” She said.

“Really? two?”


“Are they connected somehow?” Lingur asked.

“Yes, allow me to explain. The Drodo, the Hegemony, Waptoria, NOVA, UFG, Volver and Aeoneonatrix are planning to invade the Tyranny in a matter of weeks. You have two tasks, one before the invasion, and one afterwards. Before the invasion, you will be helping in recruiting as many empires as possible to assist, if we can get four or five to help, we will be able to overwhelm the tyranny with sheer numbers. You will be meeting leaders and representatives from various empires to attempt to gain their assistance.”

“And during the invasion?” Lingur asked.

“The Aeoneonatrix will be providing military assistance to the primary invasion front, both infantry and navy. The vengeance however, will be doing something else.”

“What?” Lingur asked.

“We call it project Ameius,” the female said, “while the others are fighting, there will be a ship rather close to the action. On that ship, there’s a treasure. You must get onto the ship, and take the treasure, killing the Dominatus on said ship in the process if you have to.”

“Nice. So I’ll be fighting a Dominatus? I’ve killed uglier I suppose. May I ask what the treasure is?”

“It’s a Dominatus egg.”

“So we’re taking a Dominatus to use as a soldier?” Lingur asked.

“Or a scientist if it turns out to be an Omega,” the female said.

“Isn’t that a little, wrong? Kidnaping their child and forcing him to fight against them?”

“He or she will be free to choose not to be a soldier or scientist. We’re just going to teach it our values and see what it wants to do with its life. More than likely, it will gravitate toward the good it and uniquely it can do, whether that’s fighting or studying for us.”

“But we’re still taking an egg.”

“What would that egg have going for it if it was one of them? It would become just another force for evil. This way, it can achieve true greatness.”

“True, I guess I’m willing. Just make sure he has it good here.”

“Of course,” the female said.

Lingur left.

The Power of the TroodontidsEdit

A planet of the Dracodominatus Tyranny in Cyrannus , once colony of the Troodontids , appeared peaceful. But then suddenly six Helios-Class Spaceships appear in the orbit. Together with them is a gigantic object several times bigger than them, over 20 kilometres in length. They instantly start firing at the two Dominatus Ships that protect the planet. One of them is an ordinary battle cruiser, the other is a subjugator. The Dominatus fire back. They`ve defeated Troodontids already and don`t really see them as a big threat. But the Troodontids had advanced since their last meeting and had developed a better version of ion cannon that could deactivate the Dominatus Shield. That hit the them unprepared. Without shields only their enormous size protected them from the merccyless fire of the Helios-Class Ships. Meanwhile the huge structure made itself ready. It was the masterbolt, the new superweapon of the Troodontids designed. The Subjugator`s size made it able to become a lethal thread for the Helios-Class ships , one of them already lost its shild to the fire of the subjugator. The battle cruiser wasn`t that lucky. Laserbeams hit the bridge and it was destroyed. Then finally the masterbolt was ready, yellowish light was flickering over one of its ends, the one that pointed towards the subjugator and the planet. Then it fired. The beam touched the subjugator and the flew against the planet. It hit the ground in an massive yellowish burst. A shockwave annular overran the planet. But it wasn`t destroying hat was in its way, it shut down all power and power sources it touched and made them useless. The subjugator however was still semi-active, but had lost most of its firepower. It didn`t take the Helios-Class Spaceships long to blow it up. Then they start to teleport the remains of the destroyed cruiser into their cargo holds. On the planet all slaves were freed, because the microchips that controlled them were shut down and they started to revolt, overthrowing the remaining invigilators. The Troodontids send down some Helios-Class ships to bring them back to their homeworlds. Only few spaceships were still able to fly through the ionized atmosphere without getting shut down; and that wouldn`t change for hundrets of years. Till then a massive thunderstorm would be on the planet, making life impossible on the planet`s surface.

"Now you see our real power, Dominatus. We aren`t as weak as we were once before. Now time has come for revenge. You have woken the power of the Troodontids, and shall fall to it.", the commander says. That message gets written into a huge asteroid near the plaet to warn all Dominatus.

Finally the first Dragon Class was finished. It is the 25 kilometre long mothership , the pride of the Troodontids. They now plan to test their new weapon. The gigantic spaceship left the orbit of Anklaar , scanning the surrounding for enemy ships. The Troodontids noticed a fleet of the Imperium of War.
  • The battle begins ...
  • ... and ends

Dragowar - Finally a challenge!

Troodontid - Finally some idiots.

Dragowar - Your old approach won't work anymore!

The Dragon Class approached the Imperial fleet. Of course, the Imperium attacked first, sending tons of rockets at the Dragon-class. The Imperial shots, however, bounced off the Dragon Class' shields.

Troodontid - Fire!

Dragowar - Activate all shields. I said your old approach would not work!

Instantly several thousands of laser cannons started firing at the Imperium of War.

Dragowar - Hold!

But the Troodontids continued firing , fighting all ships at once. The Imperial ships were still very good at attack, and the shields of both sides started to get drained. The Dragon class now opened its hangars and send out their starfighters.

Dragowar (1) - Do we have a Imperium class in here?

Dragowar (2) - No.

Dragowar (1) - Damn. KEEP FIRING!

Now the Dragon Class slowly approached one of the Imperial ships. The front of the Dragon Cass now was now above the rage class now. The arms of the Dragon Class simply went through the enemy`s shield grabbing and crushing it.

The Imperium sended out its own droids, with formed a barrier, blocking the damage done to the Imperial fleet, but still allowing them to fire on the Troodontids. The Troodontid activate their telepoter weapons, erasing several droids at once.

Dragowar - Teleport them back!

However, nothing reappeared.

Dragowar - We can do that trick too!

The Imperial ships created a void bubble around some androids causing them to implode. Nevertheless the rest of them arrived at the Imperial ships and started to destroy the enemy`s ships.

Dragowar - Fire the Dark spacetime missiles!

The missiles caused black holes to appear

Troodontid (1) - Shall we use our ion cannons?

Troodontid (2) - No, we will wait for some equal opponents.

The Troodontid teleporters start to delete the back holes, but they were teleported back in by the Imperium. Eventually, they disappeared.

Now the Dragon Class turned its side towards the Impeial ships and fired its super massive ion cannon, deleting the Imperial shields and deactivating anything the Imperium has, except the weapons, with couldn't be disabled. Eventually, the Imperial ships were destroyed.The Troodontids now harvest the Imperium's powerfull weapons. They were more powerfull then most weapons of their tier. So the Troodontids decided to use them, sending them to their research stations. The Imperium had lost another time.

A Breach in UnityEdit

Silently two Poseidon Class Ships approach the Aeoneonatrix homeworld.

Pausac - Troodontid ships, state your purpose.

Troodontid - We plan to attack the Dominatus, but before both Drodo and Hegemony allies have to come together.

Pausac - They already have, we have an attack planned.

Troodontid - What without asking the Troodontids?

Pausac - Yes, they allied each other. We plan to attack the tyranny soon, all together. We've been asking more empires to join in, you're on the list.

Troodontid - May I see the pact?

Pausac - There's no formal written agreement, if you’re asking for that.

Troodontid - Any parts about Troodontids?

Pausac - Like I said, you're on the list of empires to ask for help.

Troodontid - No, in the treaty, are we mentioned in any way.

Pausac - What treaty?

Troodontid - The peace treaty, yu just told me about.

Pausac - I didn't tell you about a peace treaty.

Troodontd - the treaty you and your Hegemony made with the Drodo.

Pausac - There was no formal treaty, they just agreed to stop. We have audio of it I think.

Troodontid - May I hear it.

Pausac - Sure, I'll beam you up a copy.

Troodntid - Thank you, I will now listen to it. I just listened to it. There was no word of peace between Troodontids and Hegemony. They aren't bound to any treaty regarding us. We gave them some major losses, so why wouldn't they attack us now that our allies won`t defend us.

Pausac - Because they're busy dealing with the Dominatus.

Troodontiid - Who tells you that? How can you know?

Pausac - The second part of the audio is about dealing with the Dominatus.

Troodontid - Who tells you that the Dominatus do not already have a peace treaty with them?

Pausac - They don't, they plan to attack the Dominatus with us.

Troodontid - Then they shall do so, we won`t. You didn`t do anything when the Dominon and later the Dominatus came to our planets, so why should we help you.

Pausac - Because this isn't a defense, it's an attack. You want they tyranny to fail don't you?

Troodontid - Yes, but we won`t fight alongside you. Our commanders don`t trust you anymore.

Pausac - Why not?

Troodontid - The only time we needed you , you weren`t there to help us. Only the Dominatus respect of us stopped them from destroying us. And you waited and watched.

Pausac - We didn't know that you had been visited by the tyranny.

Troodontid - We send help calls to all our allies, no one answered. But we used the time we had, we started to create things much more powerful than your fleet

Pausac - It was probably ignored because there was no wormhole to get us to Cyrannus.

Troodontid - Means you ignored us. So far only the Waptoria remembered us.

Pausac - What are you wanting me to do?

Troodntid - You shall continue your struggle against the Dominatus. We will fight on our own. Or help the Waptoria; but no one else.

Pausac - All right. Good day then.

Rallying the MCGEdit

Some Waptoria ships uncloacked above Tythanus, the capital of the MCG.

W'tze - Greetings, MCG. We ask you for aid against the Tyranny.

Elder - Thanks. Thanks! We are already been attacked by the Tyranny various times. each time, it went worse.

W'tze - The tyranny is gaining power.

Elder - What? The we must aid you!

W'tze - I'm glad you understand. Oh, one more thing...

Elder - What is it?

W'tze - About your creators...

Elder - Yes? Do you now who created us?

W'tze - Try the Enlightened Ones. They have created many ecologist species, so they can have created you as well.

Elder - Thanks. We will see what info we can get about them. And you can be sure that we will be there, at the final battle.

After that, W'tze beamed up. The MCG joined the Tyranny resistance.

Project AmeiusEdit

The Vengeance headed toward the ship containing the Dominatus egg. It was orbiting a tyranny colony world, full of tyranny slaves. It was about to land on the planet, as was the Vengeance. The Dominatus would be parking the ship to have some goods loaded. During this time, the Vengeance would land, and Lingur, Callanni, and Awesh would go on and steal the egg. They would try to avoid the Dominatus if possible, but they knew they might have to fight it. They were not looking forward to it. They landed far enough away that they were no noticed, in an area where no one worked. They carefully snuck across the planet’s surface to the Dominatus ship.

The Tyranny ship landed. It was merely a shuttle carrying a newly born Dominatus egg. However, with it, came a single Dominatus accompanying it.

LingurSo how do we get in without alerting the thing?
CallanniWe could crawl in through the cargo tube.
Lingur - Alright.

They crawled in. They emerged in the cargo hold.

LingurAlright, let's stick together as we search for the egg.

They exited the hold and entered the hall outside.

LingurDo we know where the egg might be?
CallanniNo way of knowing.

They carefully went down the hall, searching each room as they came across it.
In the rooms, the Aeoneonatrix felt truly small, as they navigated structures meant for beings 5 times their size. Eventually, they entered a room and saw the egg.

LingurQuick, grab it before ...

At that, a massive Dominatus appeared.

DominatusI'm afraid not!
LingurOh fuck! Scatter!

The three ran off in different directions. The Dominatus runs at Callanni first, accelerating to full speed and rapidly catching up. The Dominatus then throws a fist near Callanni. Callanni's agility allows her to doge it.

CallanniYou'll need to do better than that!
DominatusTry me!

At that, the tendrils of biomass surround Callanni from all sides, blocking off escape.


The tendrils then grabbed Callanni and threw at Awesh.

Both were knocked unconscious. Lingur ran out the door of the room. The Dominatus followed Lingur, and both ended up in a factory unit.

DominatusThe egg will be born soon, you will be a great first meal!
Lingur looked up and saw some walkways, he climbed the stairs. He was now at eye-level with the Dominatus.
LingurActually, he won't be eating any sapients at all.

A biomass spike went through a stair, but Lingur evaded.

DominatusI wonder how good you taste.
LingurGet used to that feeling.
Dominatus - Get used to feeling dead!
Lingur - Well, you’d empathize with tha… Oh, wait, you yourself aren’t dead? Sorry I’d assumed by the smell...
Dominatus - Your points are bad and you should feel bad.
LingurI'd feel bad, but I'm going to have a Dominatus soldier soon. Now how does THAT feel? That one of your own children will be fighting for good?

Lingur ran along the catwalks into the factory room, the Dominatus followed.

Lingur noticed pipes, labeled as containing Liquid Nitrogen, running along the ceiling.

Dominatus - Does that imply that we are evil?
LingurYes, yes it does. Now answer my question.
Dominatus - Good and evil are relative, now die!

The Dominatus charges at Lingur up the stairs, and although Lingur evades, the small part of the Dominatus that makes contact with him blows him back to almost the furnace. The Dominatus approaches him as he is almost pinned to the floor by ennui.

Dominatus - You are WEAK!
LingurIs that the best you can come up with? A generic insult? Come on, I at least deserve a GOOD one liner don't I?
Dominatus - You make me laugh, you do not even deserve a one liner.

LingurKeep trying, I know you'll get it.

Dominatus then goes towards Lingur, and Lingur, being sliced apart by some blades but regenerating, and Lingur almost knows it is the end.

Dominatus - History will not remember you.
LingurBullshit, I instituted the reforms that made my empire what it is today.
Dominatus - My point exactly, your empire will be but an insignificant footnote in the annals of the Tyranny.
LingurI don't want a bigger spot in a book named after an empire with a name that stupid.

The Dominatus approaches Lingur. Lingur sees death coming, however then, he notices a button. Hi presses it. Molten iron then engulfed the Dominatus, but the Dominatus continued pressing forwards.

LingurHow the hell do I kill this thing?

He then noticed another button, close to the one he just pressed.

Dominatus - You don't you just die.

Lingur pressed the button, where Liquid Nitrogen started flowing over the Dominatus. The Dominatus hands were right above Lingur until the Liquid Nitrogen finally froze it. However, Lingur saw there was still motion inside, the solid steel would crack soon. Lingur got up and ran to a wrecking ball. By now the Dominatus was about to go free and go after Lingur.

LingurAnd now it's time for you to be subjugated to MY will. And my will for you, is that you die. *activates wrecking ball, smashing the Dominatus*

The Dominatus shattered into a million different pieces.

Lingur ran back to the ship and into the room with the egg. He ran straight to Callanni’s unconscious body.

LingurCome on, Callanni, be okay.

She did not awake.

LingurCOME ON Callanni! Don’t die!

She still did not awake.


Callanni awoke. Lingur quickly regained his composure.

LingurThank goodness you’re awake.
CallanniThanks. I’m fine I think.

The two of them were able to awake Awesh also.

The three of them carried the egg onto the Vengeance.

LingurWe have it.
CallanniWe have it, indeed.
AweshIndeed we do.
LingurSo what do we want to call it?
CallanniThe name is in the project. Ameius.
LingurAlright then.

They took the egg back to Ku-Rokti.

Later that day, the three were alerted that the egg was about to hatch. As the three arrived, the egg wobbled. The little Dominatus poked a hole in the egg, and dug out. The Dominatus did not cry, but looked at Lingur. For the first time, Lingur did not see malice in the eyes of the Dominatus. He did not see an inbuilt sense of superiority. For the first time, he saw innocence. For the first time, he saw goodness.

AweshWelcome to the world little guy, you have an important life to live.

The Dominatus merely looked at Awesh, Lingur and Callani, and then, started crying.

LingurUmmm, Maybe he's hungry?
CallanniWe have some animals prepared for him, already killed.
LingurWill he want it cooked?
CallanniJust bring the carcass in.

It was brought in. Ameius greedily devoured it with his already developed teeth, subconsciously using biomass to haul more food in.

AweshLook at him go.
LingurHe certainly knows what he's doing.

Ameius then looks up, innocently at Awesh and Lingur. Ameius absorbed the memories of the animal as he consumed its brain matter, and looked at Lingur and Callani again.

AweshDid you like your first meal?

Ameius *knowing subconcious queues, nods*


LingurIndeed, smart little guy, aren't you?
Ameius - *then begins to speak, mimicking Lingur and Awesh* He NODDED! Indeed Smart little guy, aren't you!

However it sounded rather like gibberish.

LingurHe's already trying to speak. I think he gets his smarts from me or Callanni.
Ameius’’’ – He's already trying to speak, I think he gets his smarts from me or Callanni.
Awesh - He's Mimicing us! It's so cute.
Callanni - Indeed, hopefully, we can get him to mimic us on a few more things.
Lingur - Callanni, look at his eyes, does he look evil to you.

Ameius repeated both of the sentences as well.

Callanni - No, he looks innocent. Like a child should.

Steel MasksEdit

They made some hours Edelmut and his crew had arrived at the station Destiny, where the Senate had given its verdict against the spy who called himself Durch. Against all Edelmut indication, the Senate was convicted of war crimes for immediate execution, Durch could have important information or simply was a living, guilt gnawed at Edelmut.
In his hacitacion, the room usually occupied Afnai, Edelmut contemplated his collection of books and drawings of battle, the two worlds where he rested, was dezplomaban, had to decide between war and wisdom. But something made ​​him keep fighting, Zein always said that all he fought for something and knew it was for Aranelia, she nursed him, protected him, and now he must return the favor.

Cold plasma the door with faded colored soft sound almost harmonious Edelmut was fascinated with the glitz of the season, and through the door came a large Kalixtus. Edelmut knew that guy was the research director of the Federation military, Sorvor Lar.

Sorvor Lar: Mr. Edelmut, I do not want to bother you but I think I just discovered something very important.
Edelmut: Talk Sorvor, what are you talking about?
Sorvor Lar: I mean the Project Steel Mask...
Edelmut: Yes, what is this proyect?
Sorvor Lar: It might be better to you see it with your own eyes.

Sorvor Lar headed Edelmut to one of the computers on the station.

Sorvor Lar: Look.
Edelmut: Is a plane of an armor?
Sorvor Lar: More than that, sir, is a plane nanorobotics armor, each nanorobot has own intelligence and together form a collective intelligence.
Edelmut: Are they like an insect swarm?
Sorvor Lar: Yes, but they can learn too, I think that this works like an informatic pirate, when the armor conect with a type of technology, the nanobots update self.
Edelmut: Wow, this is very useful.
Sorvor Lar: Yes, and another thing...
Edelmut: What?
Sorvor Lar: This has an informatic virus that could steal Dominatus information...

The Final BattleEdit

Not yet