Those who believe in a new prosperous Andromeda, one defined by peace and economic progress, where the numbers measured were not those of the dead but the improved lives of the living should be careful to ignore unpleasant news. While their mighty empires celebrate a golden age, those they ignore are swallowed one by one by a new foe. To those blinded by the light of progress, there is a darkness that has come from the void, one propelled by the ambition to recover a pre-eminence they feel is rightfully theirs. And while you debate, and amend, and pontificate, they conquer, and they destroy. The light of Andromeda meant nothing when a Violence Class Battlecruiser blotted out the skies of our homeworld. Your warmth meant nothing when their troops descended from the heavens and snuffed out out fire. Act now Andromedans, for as you were I was , and if you stay inert, what I am now, you will be.

- Anonymous Muaran Resistance Fighter

The Grand Teyan Empire is a former hyperpower native to a now-lost galaxy. Recently having appeared out of Hyperspacial travel, they have begun mass colonization efforts in the Milky Way, and Andromeda Galaxy. Like the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda, another Teyan nation that no longer holds loyalties to the greater empire, they originate from outside the First Gigaquadrant, their home galaxy being one of the infinite wiped from existence during the Annihilation.

It is often stereotyped by its enemies as an xenophobic, amoral, gargantuan, militaristic, merciless, stratified, theocratic, paranoid, dystopian, totalitarian, semi-police state - A view that may not be far from the truth, their conquest for the Andromeda Galaxy marches on in a seemingly unending sustained guerilla war with a resistance movement, composed of their former enemies, such as the Mithadorn, Ankoran, and their disowned rivals, the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda - A group they view solely as traitors to be purged from the galaxy, amongst other forces, and Andromedan powers.


Ancient History Edit


The early Teyan encounter the Xi-Ur.

The Grand Teyan Empire is ancient, dating back to the closing days of the War of the Old Ones, a galaxies-spanning conflict between the Psal'Jinnai Symmetry and the Xi-Ur, who fought their ancient enemy by burrowing into inhabited worlds and raising entire civilisations built on war and rage. The numerous early civilisations of the Taylos Galaxy were no exception—the Xi-Ur dug into thousands of planets in their final bid at survival, one of them the homeworld of the early Teyan species. A Xi-Ur whose name has been roughly translated from pain to verbal speech as Tsûvargyx wasted no time corrupting what could've been peaceful cultures into a planetary empire of war-minded destructive harbingers. However, no Teyan would ever go to battle against the legions of the Symmetry, for as they began setting out to strip-mine their home system for wartime resources, word came to Tsûvargyx that the six Daemarchs of the Xi-Ur had been captured, and most of the species slaughtered for good. It was not long before the Symmetry's forces came for her, with San'srumai personally besting Tsûvargyx in combat and casting her into the black hole at Taylos' heart.

While the still-young Teyan were unaware enough of the gargantuan conflict to fear for their safety, the Psal'Jinnai took a merciful approach to them, seeking to foster and pacify the species over many centuries before assimilating them into the Symmetry. Over the last few eons of their existence, the Psal'Jinnai de-indoctrinated many of the Xi-Ur teachings out of Teyan culture, though their innate love for combat and warfare remained. However, the attack of the Asymmetry left this future to die, and the Grand Teyan Empire progressed as an interstellar (and eventually galactic) civilisation with little initial knowledge of their true origin story.

Golden Age Edit

The 'golden age' of the Grand Teyan Empire is described by surviving scholars and historians - most of whom escaped their home galaxy with the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda during the Annihilation - as an age of total dominance and unquestioned power, comparable to many of the hyperpower states across the Gigaquadrant. Claiming approximately eighty-two percent of the Taylos Galaxy, prior to its destruction during the War of Ages, the Teyan claimed, subjugated or annihilated any and all powers they came across during a period of aggressive expansionism, swiftly knocking the balance of power out of the hands of their precursors, and earning their place as the indomitable force of the Taylos. Many of the other major species in the Taylos galaxy bowed directly to the Emperor or Empress, with little rebellion for a period of twenty thousand years, if not longer.

The Fall of Taylos Edit

As the infamous and destructive War of Ages raged within the first Gigaquadrant, the Taylos galaxy became chaotic, social unrest and unexpected rebellions flaring up across the galaxy. Unexpected collapses of hyperspace networks and the collapse of space-time itself caused millions of vessels to flee the galaxy, with the Grand Teyan Empire's innumerable fleets being the largest, taking a direction towards the First Gigaquadrant, seeking a new home, and willing to do anything to take it.

With the Taylos galaxy collapsing on itself behind them, what was left of the Grand Teyan Empire - estimated to be only twenty percent of its population - began attempts to colonise the Andromeda Galaxy, taking to violence to secure power and land.

Teyan Subjugation War Edit

Main Article - Teyan Subjugation War
Vast fleets appeared from across the vast gulfs of empty space through Hyperspace, settling down along the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy. Efforts to build colonies and settle their people began immediately, along with the creation of Krasnikov tubes to connect their new claims.

Having done that, military expansions begun, including the annexation of smaller empires. These smaller nations have been driven from their homes and slaughtered, with increasing numbers heading towards the inner regions of Exteriors. This is most notable in the ongoing struggle of the Mithadorn Republic to combat the Grand Teyan Empire's military expansions, with hostilities beginning over Mithadorn attempts to slow the Teyan expansion.

Teyan BlitzEdit

Having come to find the Mithadorn a nuisance not worth suffering, the Grand Teyan Empire orchestrated the Teyan Blitz. Authorising the use of super-weapons, and guerrilla tactics using overwhelming numbers, the GTE established a series of power-bases through devastating raids, jumping from Hyperspace to crush a world, only to jump back out without a trace, hopping from world to world and reducing them to rubble. Detonating a Planet-Buster on Ake in response to the loss of a planet through the use of a Gravitational Wave, the harassing Republic fleets were quickly forced to abandon the Segmentum Exterioris entirely.

Open WarEdit


GTE and Muaran fleets engage in battle.

Following the Teyan Blitz that brought down the Mithadorn Republic, the military remnants and exiled governments of several post-Teyan states banded together to form the Muaran Resistance, which is currently fighting a sustained guerrilla war with the Empire while other empires concentrate on combating the Teyan threat more directly. The Saviki have also begun to pick on worlds still in disarray due to conquest by the Teyan Empire, and come into conflict with both the Empire and the Resistance often enough to be considered minor belligerents in the war.

Due to increased Resistance efforts in Andromeda, other invasion fleets have been redirected to counter the Andromedean defence, including redirecting the Mirus Galaxy invasion force, and recalling of the Milky Way Galaxy invasion fleets.


The Culture of the Grand Teyan Empire is a violent culture, often portrayed in their literature, music, cinema, and art, which typically display the romanticizing of warfare, combat, and fighting for one's people. Children as young as five can be seen creating their own little wars on the playground, or otherwise play-fighting while their elders study weapon use, or create their own tales of a glorious soldier fighting in some gruesome wars for books, songs, imagery, or movies.

A sense of national pride is strong within the Empire, alongside royal loyalties, and a sense of racial superiority. It is ingrained into their society, due to being taught from an early age that the Teyan are simply better than other races. They tend to objectively justify this through false propaganda, such as being the physically strongest , or most advanced, race.


Outside of the Royal Family and Empress, leading the Grand Teyan Empire in both a political sense and as a figurehead, the government of the empire is broken and fractured between several political wings and parties, each vying for the favor of their reigning monarch. Oftentimes, this political parties work against one another in a parliamentary system, with different areas of the government forming their collective cliques. The military, economic, noble, and industrial parties appear to be the largest and most influential, though oftentimes their ability to create law or govern is stripped away through their never-ending bouts of bickering.

This has led to the Empress being the reigning power in all regards, stepping into the mess that is the official houses of government only on rare occasion, and usually only to break up the most recent argument and send the MPs home.


The Royal Teyan ArmyEdit

For the Empress! For the Empire! In her name we serve! In her empire, we thrive!

- Battlecry of The Royal Teyan Army

The Royal Teyan Army comprises the entire ground forces of Grand Teyan Empire, and is responsible for all land-based operations alongside the protection and invasion of interstellar vessels and space-based installations. The Royal Teyan Army primary tactics often involve overwhelming numbers, alongside advanced technological advantages, and basic abilities in teamwork, situational awareness and combat flexibility. This has led to a variety of weapon designs that focus on interchangeable parts, and modification, to create any weapon needed for the given to situation.

Service in The Royal Teyan Army is considered a high honor among members of imperial society, with soldiers often richly rewarded for their service with luxuries beyond that of the cut-of-the-mill civilians that often clamber for a spot in the army. Prisoners of War are often taken for interrogation, though torture is rarely employed as a method to make an enemy speak; instead, drugs are usually administered to the prisoner to relax their body and tongue.

Oftentimes, Teyan find themselves subject to the willing usage of cybernetic enhancements and genetic modifications to improve their speed and strength, oftentimes to the point a Teyan becomes a Cybernetic Juggernaut; a point where they are more machine than organic.


The Grand Teyan Army prides itself upon the rapidity at which it can react to various, unseen threats and the speed at which it can plan operations and implement them. The army has a historical legacy of streamlining processes and dusting away obsolete bureaucratic roadblocks, while empowering field commanders to make decisions on their own. In addition to their reputation for sneakiness and raw firepower, the Teyans also pride themselves upon the initiative and creativity fostered and selected for in their field commanders. A practical consequence of this is that a Teyan unit can never truly be decapitated - when one leader is killed, another will take his place and operations will continue as normal. Further, the Army will recover quickly from surprises - doctrine will quickly be reformed in recognition of the characteristics of new threats, meaning that when catastrophes happen, they do not repeat themselves.


GTE Marine

Despite the Teyan's dominance of their home galaxy, the Grand Teyan Army is oriented not towards counter-insurgency warfare and other such asymmetric warfare, but instead towards symmetric warfare against peer foes. While they possess extensive manuals detailing standard operating procedure in dealing with rebels, terrorists, and freedom-fighters, the Teyan military education stresses combat against other advanced powers, whom the pre-Annihilation Teyans assumed they would eventually encounter.

In keeping with this military orientation and society-wide militarism, the Teyans have taken to a qualitative focus in equipping their troops - for example, the average trooper, already a physically formidable specimen honed by years of personally training for combat by indulging in the hobbies common-place in the Grand Teyan Empire, is then equipped with effective and advanced equipment. The average Teyan is equipped with an assault rifle that uses electro-magnetic propulsion to propel slugs towards their enemies and comes equipped with armor that while not powered-armor in the true sense, still provides whole-body protection against both thermal, chemical, and kinetic damage. They also come equipped with advanced sensing and communications equipment, further enabling the Teyans to conduct synchronised and coordinated attacks even when such maneuver would otherwise seem impossible.

The various branches of the Teyan army are well-coordinated - there is a substantial combined arms focus and even the most junior non-commissioned officers are well-versed in interacting with artillery and armor elements as well as close-air support in prosecuting the objective. While all branches enjoy a high espirit-de-corps, Teyan military tradition effectively stresses that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and any thirst individual heroism or glory on part of an individual branch must be sublimated to a desire for cooperation at all times.

In this manner, the GTE possesses a military in which small units are capable of autonomously operating and in which synchronicity between disparate branches is often achieved in even the most byzantine operations. Despite their proclivity for the offensive and for maneuver warfare, the Army possesses the discipline and resilience that allows many units to operate in attrition-warfare, trench-warfare, and siege warfare.

The Royal Teyan NavyEdit

In the past, these fleets blocked out the sky of countless worlds, reducing our foes to rubble. In these new lands, they shall do so again!

- Grand Admiral Raekun

The Royal Teyan Navy serves as the The Grand Teyan Empire's space-faring military wing, carrying out defensive and offensive procedures, while transporting the Army across the stars to where they are needed most. These ships are reinforced heavily, using several layers of armor and shielding, as to prevent as much damage as possible. The Royal Teyan Navy is fitted to meet two essential requirements; speed and power. Even the most massive warships of a Teyan fleets can outpace enemy fleets when exerted to do so, and all ships can make hyperspatial jumps in almost instantaneous moments.

Additionally, each ship is fitted with multitudes of weapon systems, ranging from armadas of defensive turrets, to deadly kinetic and energy-based forward cannons used to pound enemy vessels into submission. Further weapons arrays include immense side batteries to assault any ships that attempt to evade by moving to the side, and electro-magnetic blast cannons, designed to disable enemy shielding and weapon systems by overloading them.


Main Article - Subjugator-Class Terrorship
The Subjugator-Class Terrorship is an immense, fifty-mile long warship designed to dwarf the Violence-Class Battlecruiser - a ship designed to be so powerful that the mere threat of it's appearance would pacify rebellions. Prior to the Annihilation, they were among the largest vessels in the Taylos Galaxy, and were almost invincible in combat, although they were costly to operate. As of the Teyan Subjugation War, only three are known to exist, though evidence is surfacing that more are hidden beyond the outer edges of the Andromedan halo.

Violence-Class Battlecruiser

Main Article - Violence-Class Battlecruiser
A behemoth battleship designed for the sole purpose of terrifying the enemy into submission. Twenty miles from nose to thruster, and two miles at it's widest, the Violence-Class Battlecruiser is a planet-crushing vessel of extreme proportions. Expensive, overcompensating, and a logistical nightmare; the ship is rarely seen simply because it is so flawed - though when one does arrive on the battlefield, the enemy are more than certainly doomed should they be unable to evade the endless barrage of fire.

Hellfire-Class Battleship

Serving as the standard vessel, the ten-by-seven meter Hellfire Battleship is a monstrosity of weapon upon weapon upon weapon. Propelled by a series of eighty anti-matter reactors, the Hellfire Battleship outputs sheer ridiculous power into its weapons; shredding its foes in mere seconds should they be caught off-guard.

As an additional note, many of these are still being repaired for sabotages inflicted by traitorous Teyan Imperium spies.

Armageddon-Class Crusier

Another ship built with size and power in mind, the Armageddon Cruiser is primarily a bombardment and troop-transport vessel. Filled with soldiers, tanks, and covered with hundreds of planet-facing guns; the sole purpose of an Armageddon is to glass planets, and deploy troops on the surface to clean up and execute survivors.

Crusher Class Carrier

A standard carrier ship; holds smaller frigates and tens of thousands -though claimed to be billions- of dog-fighting craft.

Lance-Class Frigate

A humble ship in comparison to the rest of the GTE fleet; the Lance-Class Frigate is sized at about the standard size of the frigates of its victims; though come in numbers that could be considered a fleet on their own.

The InquisitionEdit

Main Article - The GTE Inquisition
A secretive organisation that exists outside the standard administrative hierarchy of The Grand Teyan Empire. The Inquisition acts as the secret police force of the Empire, hunting down any and all of the myriad threats to the stability of the Teyan invasion of the First Gigaquadrant. With jurisdiction over anyone and anything, the Inquisitors and their agents have very few impediments on their endless quest to destroy the threats of the Empire, internal or external.

The Inquisition is unique among Imperial departments in that it has no formal definition of a hierarchy or structure. However, Inquisitors with common interests tend to band together to tackle issues too large for a single Inquisitor, and over time, these coalitions have coalesced into bodies called Orders which specialize in handling a particular class of threat to the Grand Teyan Empire. Inquisitors will also form looser, smaller groups called conclaves to handle specific threats -- such as threats pertaining to a particular planet, or a single individual. Conclaves usually include members of a single Order, but there are no rules baarring multiple Orders being represented, and some Inquisitors actively form conclaves with experts in diverse fields.


Foreign PolicyEdit

The foreign policy of The Grand Teyan Empire is a hostile and suspicious stance, refusing cooperation through trade, cultural exchange, or joint military works. Instead, The Grand Teyan Empire chooses to treat alien nations with indignity and disgust, often destroying intruders within their territories before the offending craft can even explain their presence.

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Teyan Imperium of Andromeda

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Ankoran Empire

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Reformed Hegemony of Exterioris

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Draconid Imperium

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Eovinjai Sovereignty

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Infinite Meditation of Zeuld

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Ulter Empire

Potential threat to Teyan interests

Republic of cataejana2

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Commonwealth of French Andromeda

Potential threat to Teyan interests

Flag of the Commonwealth of French Andromeda


Better put these on our watchlist.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

It appears Exterioris' new players are every piece as much the successors to the Stratocracy of Karnagtah if not more severe. Where they go, planets burn and space itself is scarred. Such shocking recklessness cannot be allowed to continue.

- Paragon Maxios Telvenum Ultanos I

You weren't there when my homeworld burned. We were a simple farming colony. You think they'll spare you? Then you're a fool - There is no satiating the bloodlust of their Warmaster... There is no peace with this Empire.

- Kavaat

The social(!)-political(!)-military(!!!) entity which self-identifies as "Grand Teyan Empire" is currently the primary means by which the second sociopolitical epidemic of Aggressive Expansionism(!!!!!-gravest threat if not preemptively cleansed) dealt with this past century propagates itself. ALL possibilities of diplomacy, reasoning, or otherwise(?-untested) halting the Grand Teyan Empire's aggression by peaceful means are hence deemed ineffective; cleansing by means of SIGNIFICANT(!!!!!) aggressive action is STRONGLY(!!!!) recommended by this Contemplation Unit.

- Eovinjai Sovereignty Contemplator AI
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