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Prologue Edit

Desecration Edit

It was mid-autumn in Koldenwelt. However, in the volcanic plains of Abyssus, seasons meant nothing. The skies were perpetually clouded in shades of grey and red, faint sunlight piercing the skies in vain. The ground, save for Sangua Mons itself was flat, for miles upon miles could be seen in the greatest of clarity, until sandstorms that may last for days on end would obscure the view. In an outpost, some two hundred miles away from the colossal fortress Osdaemonis were Shiarchon, travelling through the wastes with numerous cages containing humans from the Empire of Man. Soldiers, scouts sent to spy on the territory but failed ultimately to hide from the Shiarchon's almost implacable observance.

These humans underwent severe torture. They all knelt in a defeated emotion, with their skin torn and cut; most of them were engraved with sigils that the beings of the Void often left on the world. Blood congealed, but the wounds were blurred nonetheless. Leading the Shiarchon, was not a man but a woman. Her skin was untouched by the horrors that befell their males, yet her eyes were still hollow and infernal, ringed with darkness on her face. Her armour narrated the well-kept figure of her body well, in scale-like mail plating it as if it were dragon skin. Her face was clearly visible under half a void-mask, despite the beauty of the Orichalcum Elves, her lips were cracked and her skin paled from the lack of sun from Abyssus. Her armour was well decorated, mostly a red similar to the ground itself, painted intricately with similar sigil markings that scarred the humans near her. She stood perhaps seven feet and four inches tall, small for a Shiarchon but yet enormous for all Deiwos-kind. Her teeth, unlike the males was near perfect, but evil still caused her teeth to become fangs. She wielded a staff of swords in her left hand, overseeing the humans in the cage.

Many Shiarchon males accompanied her on this travel. Despite the position of females in Shiarchon society, she commanded respect from all Shiarchon around her without the need for words. The very contact from her eyes, more feral than that of Shiarchon men often meant silence from her inferiors. She was in fact a Praetor - commanded by the Imperator himself.

Sun was about to set. The halo of Farsola could be seen through the clouds as the carmine red skies became a dull brown, verging on black. The halo itself was a bright yellow, but became brighter and brighter with its descent over the horizon. From the same horizon however, was a Shiarchon, astride a Cataphractus, riding wildly towards the Shiarchon female. Before he was in the position to knock her aside, the horse stopped in its tracks, dust spurring like waves over the humans in the cage. They coughed, some of them vomiting from the energy required to do so. The Shiarchon's mask hung loosely from his face, whilst the female looked at him with intense apprehension. Her name was Ánnoria.

  • Ánnoria - Tighten your mask, messenger. Presentation is paramount.

The messenger tightened the mask with incredible pace, almost frantically so.

  • Ánnoria - A problem, messenger?

The messenger took a few breaths before he began to speak. It was quite obviously important.

  • Messenger - Praetor Ánnoria. I have received a message from Osdaemonis. Our lord wants to speak with you immediately.
  • Ánnoria - Immediately? Imperator Kalarah can wait. A two-day ride to the Citadel is less important than these humans here being transferred to the Southern Outposts.

The Messenger's eyes closed tightly before opening again.

  • Ánnoria - Not Imperator Kalarah, my lady. Our Lord. A hearing from Osdaemonis itself.

Ánnoria's eyes widened and her mouth agape. The men around her started squabbling and gasping as, to them, this was unheard of. Such an honour was not freely given to Shiarchon, and much less to those who did not inhabit Osdaemonis itself. Ánnoria nodded, and took to her horse, a silver haired Cataphractus and rode immediately.

It took almost seven hours of constant riding before Osdaemonis' entrance was before her feet. Osdaemonis itself could be seen from the outpost itself; the fortress was immense. The largest extant fortress in Koldenwelt itself, nearly four and a half thousand feet tall at its apex. It was built in a vaguely horseshoe shape, perhaps reaching twelve thousand feet from side to side. It was built from the mountain that was once there itself, entirely hewn from darkstone. Countless towers marked the fortress symmetrically before the entrance itself, a door of a similar build, reaching perhaps three hundred feet high was in the centre. Osdaemonis was built on the other side of a canyon, and the bridge spanned greatly. It took her four minutes to cross it by foot, and every minute that passed her, dormant Void Guardians looked at her with eyeless gazes.

As she entered the doors, already opened, numerous Prohpets were lined up, waiting for her arrival. They spoke no word, but beckoned her to follow them. They went straight forward into a chamber that annexed the main hall. It seemed to be of a similar design to an amphitheatre or an auditorium - a circular shape of the room with a walkway in the midst which Ánnoria and the Prophets were stood upon. The room itself was of a great size, and on the walls, in tiered heights, glyphs of the Chaosphere Tongue were lit by the braziers that flanked the room. The Prophets nodded to her, and left the room, closing the doors behind her. As silence befell the room, Ánnoria could hear an incessant, surreal drumming noise. It was slow, irregular but followed a pattern. The braziers began to dim and die, and once they did, an enormous blackened smoke exploded from the depths of the room and surrounded the spherical hall. Once it filled the room, in front of Ánnoria formed a figure of darkness, of draconic shape, with bright crimson eyes piercing her very soul as it looked at her. It levitated, and it was perhaps twice her size.

Ánnoria was overcome by awe, and fear. Her weakened knees gave way as she knelt in a collision to the floor, joining her hands in a gesture of respect. Her breath was as almost as loud as the drums and the demonic breath that filled the room.

  • Ánnoria - Master...Master C-Caligaduro. I have arrived as y-you req-requested.

As Caligaduro began to spoke, his very voice felt deep and colossal. It was not as maddening nor as horrific as it once was, but rather calm and serpentine. It sounded like a hall of a thousand Shiarchon, all of them speaking at once.

  • Caligaduro - The Void speaks. And my will shall be heard.

Caligaduro's own avatar shifted across the hall. Along it, was the sound of a visceral, desolate wind that blew Ánnoria's bronze and black hair in the same direction. She did not dare to look upon Caligaduro's avatar, although the desire was great.

  • Caligaduro - Gaze upon me. And see my command in motion.

She looked upon the fiery apparition. Her eyes squinted from the light given off by his very being; her eyes were darkened from the fire that overcame it.

  • Ánnoria - What...what is y-your Lord?
  • Caligaduro -The tombs of your ancestors have been revealed to me. Hidden from my gaze no longer, after many millennia in the shadows. Their secrets unravelled. My matrix shall be returned to me.

Ánnoria was confused. The Golden Necropolis was a location that was unknown even to the Orichalcum Elves of old. Even more confused about the Void Matrix that Caligaduro had just spoken of.

  • Ánnoria - A-a...Void Matrix?
  • Caligaduro' - A nexus of power. It shall grant me unhindered dominion in this mortal plane. I shall be able to walk among you once more. Weakened. fire and in terror.

The sight of Caligaduro caused Ánnoria's very eyes to water up - in blood. It poured from her eyes as she then looked away, clearing her face.

  • Ánnoria - The...location of t-the G-Golden Necropolis...I know not of where it-t is.

The vortex which swirled around the hall manifested a map of Koldenwelt. It singled out a particular location in the south, near the coast. It glowed bright in a similar red light to Caligaduro's own eyes.

  • Caligaduro - You shall retrieve my matrix. Deliver unto me a physical form. And I shall smite Koldenwelt with my wrath.

Ánnoria nodded, but she had more to say.

  • Ánnoria - ...Why Lord?

Caligaduro's ghost turned to Ánnoria. She looked down, as blood continued to pool around her feet.

  • Caligaduro - Kalarah. He puts no trust in you. I however, have. Your divine right to enter the tombs of your ancestors and reclaim their powers...and my power. Kalarah is not to be listened to. This is my command to you, mortal.
  • Ánnoria - Surely...I c-cannot do this by myself...
  • Caligaduro - You shall take Leviathan with you.

From the side of the hall, an immense Shiarchon Ambroscus warrior emerged. Known as Leviathan, he stood nearly eleven feet tall, with shoulders broad enough to be almost two Shiarchon. With him he wielded a gargantuan darkstone greatsword. He walked towards, and then aside Ánnoria with great weight, causing the ground to tremble.

  • Caligaduro - Now. Leave. I await your return with my matrix. Fail, and be cast into the void yourself.

Ánnoria and Leviathan nodded before leaving. As they walked out of the fortress, and across the bridge, with Ánnoria's horse was an even larger, darkstone-armoured horse that was Leviathan's own mount. Speaking no words to each other, rather than her eyes meeting his faceless helm, they took to their steeds and rode east towards the Tropical Lands.

Omegon versus DrakenorEdit

Within the Sea of Sand, upon one of the well-travelled roads, Earath found his way through the desert. It was not long before he set out, before he came across a Merovar trading caravan. Except, from the caravan smoke and flame arose from it. They were attacked during the night. The stench of death filled the air around it, as he could see numerous corpses of Merovar Dynasty members scattered on the ground. Earath looked around the destruction with his eyes narrowed. He gripped on his sword as he approached. The closer he moved, the extent of the carnage was more prevalent. Merovar, Arkora and Skeltadraskeli all laid on the ground, bloodied and charred from flame. The horses from the caravan laid in a similar position as their bodies were completely stripped of flesh. Blood pooled up to Earath's ankles as he walked in closer.

  • Earath - Hmm. Couldn't be Lympharians, there's no crystals around. Humans aren't so sadistic. Not even the Khep would do this much carnage to a single caravan...

The further he moved in, the more the smoke and the smell obscured his senses. Trinkets and weapons were also strewn all over the place, covered in blood. Earath kept his hand gripped on his sword as he looked around. Nearer the edges of the scene, Earath could make out a circular pattern, circumnavigating the scene. Perhaps twenty metres wide. At a closer inspection, it was a sigil. The Void Sigil.

  • Earath - Not good.

In an inexplicable manner, Earath could feel a presence behind him as he looked at the sigil. He launched himself forward and turned around as he landed, getting his sword out of its handle. Nothing. Although he felt a presence, there was simply nothing there. It was not only until a few seconds later that from his side, approached a tall warrior, clad in black and red Void Armour. Earath turned to the warrior, taking a step back and barring his teeth.

  • ??? - Is this all that has come to the fray, like vultures swarming rotting corpses? I was expecting something more...satisfactory than you.
  • Earath - You did this?

The figure laughed. It was slow, strained, as if the being under the armour was not really alive. Or there.

  • ??? - Their souls were rather insubordinate. Perhaps yours shall be more adequate to my thirst.
  • Earath - Answer me. And who are you supposed to be? Shiarchon? You're a long way from home.
  • ??? - Shiarchon? No. My name is Janos. And you shall remember that name as I make you scream it out.
  • Earath - We'll see about that.

Janos laughed again. From his forearms, red liquid, perhaps blood, trickled out under the seams. It solidified in his hands as they formed two blades; one longer than the other. The inner of the blades were s a black, glistening tint covered by flesh.

  • Earath - Not the cleanest warrior I've ever seen.

As he breathed in, a black aura pulsed over his immense stature. Golden magic appeared on Earath's free hand as he watched Janos' movements. He slight step to the side, before Janos launched himself at the Merovar. He hurled at him at the speed of a spear - his entire body swirling at him in a helix whilst his swords pointed forward. Trails of dark magic clouded him. Before he could be hit, Earath's body bent to the side, throwing him to Janos' right. He then slashed at the warrior with his own blade. Janos somersaulted to the floor. He rose himself from the ground, swinging his blades continuously in a crescentiform formation.

Earath kept bending out of the way of Javos' attacks while trying to hit him with his own sword. As Earath's sword swung around, Janos swung himself around and bashed his fist into the blade to deflect him. Earath stagged and his hand was thrown away.

  • Janos - Stop moving, you worm.
  • Earath - Worm? Now that's just insulting.

A red light glowed in Janos' hand, as a jet of flame bursted out of his hand at Earath. Earath tried to evade the attacks, but was hit and thrown backwards, falling on his feet. As he looked up, he could suddenly see Janos' body dart into the sky at an incalculable speed. He threw himself towards the downed Merovar - his swords pointed straight for his chest.

  • Earath - Egredere!

Earath shouted and a blast of magic was launched at Janos, who found himself being hit by a tremendous force. Janos was sent high into the air. In the midst of flight, his armour fell from his body and fell to the floor in numerous thuds. His body dissipated into nothingness. Earath panted as he looked at the armor in confusion.

  • Earath - ...Didn't expect the blast to be that strong.

It was not for long, until a black ball of energy burned into existence right before Earath. Suddenly, skeletal arms and legs appeared in a similar fashion before he dropped to the ground, as the armour reattached to the form in arcs of red lightning. Earath covered his eyes and stepped back.

  • Earath - And I thought I had a lucky shot.

Janos stood back up as the flames in his body quelled, his blades reforming back in his hands.

  • Janos - Voices of the Samdhoskelodhros. I will be sure to send them back into the dust when I resurrect.
  • Earath - Ressurect?

Janos pointed his blades at Earath as a colossal black stream of void energy threw itself towards him. Earath was hit and thrown back, falling with his back down into the floor. Janos walked towards him as he spoke;

  • Janos - Soon. I shall be restored, and I will walk amongst you again and rule your mortal kind. Or perhaps...destroy you.

Janos' blades trailed the ground with black sparks of energy as the red on his armour began to glow bright.

  • Janos - And it shall be realised with the consumption of your soul.
  • Earath - Grrrh!...Adiuva!

Earath shouted another blast of magic, this time into the sky. Janos felt no effect from it.

  • Janos - Indeed. Scream for help. Scream my name.

A roar was then heard. In the horizon, a Sand Drake appeared. And soon enough, an entire flight of them showed up, flying into the battle's direction. Janos's attention was drawn to them. A demonic hiss was heard from under his helmet, and then a growl. The Drakes flew closer to the ground, and as they approached, they launched their sand breaths at Janos' direction. Janos' body stumbled under the pressure of the sand as he shielded himself, walking aimlessly to remain standing.

  • Janos - Grrr...pathetic!

Janos returned the breath of sand with a stream of black energy emitting from his helmet, spraying it at the Sand Drakes. One of the Drakes, much larger than the others, landed and glared at Janos. It was Vixaatus, the leader of the dragons in the Sea of Sand.

  • Vixaatus - Return to the depths of the land, demon.

Janos stepped back as he growled louder. He then sent out a jet of energy at Vixaatus, taunting him continuously. Vixaatus launched his own sand breath directly at Janos, while Earath took the opportunity to get up and backa way from the fight.

  • Janos - Remember me, mortal?! You cannot bury me. Never!
  • Vixaatus - You were buried once and will be buried again. The world has suffered too much on your hands already.

Janos was blown back by the breath, straight into the ground. As his grasp was relinquished from the blades, they melted away.

  • Janos - Agh...ridiculous. Ridiculous! Unacceptable!
  • Vixaatus - The fact you stand before me right now is already a problem.

Vixaatus walked up to Janos and stomped on him with his foot. Janos' body exploded in a violent burst of void energy, deterring Vixaatus before it took on the form of a great dragon, flying away faster than he could chase him.

  • Earath - Agh...what was that?
  • Vixaatus - ...The Adversary.

The AdventureEdit

The Team UnitesEdit

Pelagrios' DiscoveryEdit

It was half way through autumn in Koldenwelt. The air was getting colder in the south as trees and the grass were beginning to turn yellow. It was perhaps a month or two since the Sea Witch took in Clothovera as her student, and her training was well under way. In the middle of the day, Clothovera was honing her skills as a witch, as from the entrance of Skull Cave, scratching was heard from the outside.

  • Sea Witch - I said, concentrate. Clean your mind, concentrate on the spell, then on the target. Then fire.
  • Clothovera - This is exhausting though! Can't we take a break?
  • Sea Witch - No pain, no gain, girl!

The sound began to rise as pebbles were crumbling off the cliff face. The Sea Witch turned to the entrance with a raised eyebow while her crow Squarks flew over outside to see the source of the noise.

  • Squarks - Bhrak! Here comes a visitor! Bhrak!

A few seconds passed before one Deiwos hand, and then another struggled to get a hold of the edge of the cliff. It was Pelagrios, who then threw his body over the edge before lying down on the side, panting heavily.

  • Pelagrios - Gods above. ...Phew. You really need to get an elevator on the side of this cliff...whatever an elevator is.
  • Sea Witch - Well, well, if it isn't our drunk friend aga-
  • Clothovera - I got it! Here it goes!

Without aiming, Clothovera launched a blast of magic which narrowly missed Pelagrios' head. The blast scorched Pelagrios' hat, as he jumped up and beat the hat against the floor frantically.

  • Clothovera - Oooh...s-sorry.
  • Pelagrios - Watch it! ...And hello. do you get up here? Don't tell me there's a staircase up here.
  • Sea Witch - There is. At the other side from where you climbed.

Pelagrios looked at the Sea Witch with a deadpan expression. Squarks let out a squalking laugher while Nyakik appeared, walking on all-fours.

  • Pelagrios - You're kidding me. Anyway...I came here because I thought you might be interested in something.
  • Nyakik - Is it a present for me? Excellent. Hand it over.
  • Pelagrios - ...Meow?
  • Sea Witch - Shoo, cat. Adults are talking here. Anyway, what's this about?
  • Pelagrios - It's something I picked up in Kinmorunddraver's fortress. Which reminds me. Don't tell him I have this.
  • Sea Witch - ...You stole from his fortress?
  • Pelagrios - Bigger picture. This is big. Like...really big.
  • Sea Witch - Show me this.

Pelagrios swung his backpack around, and pulled out a curled up scroll. The handles of the scroll seemed to be plated gold, as the script was not much different from papyrus. Clothovera approached and looked over at the scroll as well.

  • Pelagrios - I opened this up earlier. It's big. Hold one of the handles.

The Sea Witch nodded and held on one of the scrolls' handles. Pelagrios walked backwards, unravelling the scroll. On the Sea Witch's side, was a cryptic diagram, whilst the rest of it revealed smaller diagrams of a similar nature, captioned with multitudes of glyphs from the Orichalcum Elf age.

  • Clothovera - What's all this?
  • Pelagrios - Well...if I am right, this has got to do with the royal tomb of the Orichalcum Elves. You know what that means, right?
  • Sea Witch - Orichalcum Elves...aren't these the ancestors of the Shiarchon?

Pelagrios shrugged his shoulders.

  • Pelagrios - Dunno. Probably.
  • Sea Witch - I think Kinmorunddraver mentioned this before.
  • Clothovera - Royal tomb...that means...dead people.

Clothovera shuddered.

  • Pelagrios - Well, I took this from that fortress. Gotta be important. Can you imagine how much gold and treasure is in those tombs though?
  • Sea Witch - Oh, I see where you're going. There must be piles of loot in this place. I don't imagine them being called Orichalcum for nothing.
  • Pelagrios - Exactly. Ohoho. I could get a lot of things with that. Well, what are we waiting for? If I see Yeah. That dot on the map there shows us the location. By the looks of it, not five days from here.
  • Sea Witch - It's settled then. Prepare your things, Clothovera. We'll be doing field training now.
  • Clothovera - Y-yes, miss Witch.
  • Pelagrios - Great. Now show me this damn staircase.

The Two WanderersEdit

It was five or six hours of travel, as the sun began to set over the horizon. Upon a well-travelled path, Pelagrios, Clothovera and the Sea Witch saw two figures not so far in front of them. Up ahead, the two figures weren't paying much attention to their surroundings nor the people in them. Both wearing impressively-crafted suits of armour, fitting and adapted to their physiques, the two figures were of surprisingly different backgrounds; a handsome Merovar and a Lagosi adorned with a face of iron, both armed with swords of contrasting origins - a greatsword for the Merovar and a set of katana for the brown Lagosi.

  • Pelagrios - Uh...are they highwaymen or are we alright?
  • Sea Witch - Eh. Is that Hachi and a Merovar? No wait, he seems better dressed than Hachi.

Clothovera mumbled to herself.

  • Pelagrios - Well, only one way to find out.

Pelagrios cupped his hands around his rugged jawline, and shouted out.

  • Pelagrios - Hey! You over there!

The Lagosi stopped in his tracks and grasped ahold of the hilt of one of his blades. He turned, looking upon the quadruplet of travellers with his piercing eyes. Despite the mask that hid his face, they could tell he wore an irritated frown over his face and he narrowed his eyes. The Merovar turned as well, his expression much more relaxed.

  • Lagosi - Yes?
  • Pelagrios - Hello...uh...we're a trio of travellers on this road. Where are you headed?
  • Lagosi - That's none of your business. If you want shelter, trading settlements aren't far.

Pelagrios mumbled to the Sea Witch.

  • Pelagrios - Should I tell them what we're doing?
  • Sea Witch - You want them with us? We don't even know them.
  • Pelagrios - I dunno, I can usually tell friend from foe.
  • Sea Witch - Huh. If you say so, go ahead.

Pelagrios walked up to them. He had a slight drunken tilt in his movement, but for the most part walked rather confidently.

  • Pelagrios - Well, okay. If you tell us what we're doing , we'll tell you what we're doing.
  • Merovar - Well, you're a curious man, aren't you?
  • Pelagrios - No sir, drunk.

Pelagrios lost his balance slightly as he looked at the Merovar, before jolting back into composure. The Merovar looked at Pelagrios lose balance and let out a chuckle.

  • Lagosi - I don't care what you're doing. Unless you have coin I'm not intere-- By the spirits, you reek.
  • Pelagrios - Not even it's to do with treasure? More treasure than you could fill the great palaces of the Dryadali Sovereign with?
  • Merovar - Treasure?
  • Lagosi - Don't listen to him. He's a drunken sailor, since when have they ever been of any use?
  • Sea Witch - He doesn't lie. We seek great treasure.

Meanwhile, Clothovera stared at the Merovar, most specifically his armor, and begun browsing through her book for something.

  • Pelagrios - There we go. Well, I do believe that I have found the location of the tombs of the emperors of the Orichalcum Elves. The Golden Necropolis. And in this here scroll that I have, has everything that we need to know. Even though I can't read most of it.
  • Merovar - Did you say Orichalcum Elves?
  • Pelagrios - Yeah.
  • Merovar - I'm interested.

The Lagosi looked to the Merovar with a frown.

  • Lagosi - You're not considering taking him seriously, are you?
  • Merovar - He may not be serious, but the woman with him does. And I feel great power in her.
  • Sea Witch - Of course I have great power. I'm the Sea Witch of the South!
  • Pelagrios - Haven't you heard of me? Pelagrios Sea Cutter? Most famous pirate of the southwestern shores? Lothario and occasional treasure hunter?
  • Lagosi - ...I hear nothing good of the Sea Cutter. The Sea Witch, on the other hand...
  • Pelagrios - Well no. I'm a pirate. Since when have you heard pirates in a good light?
  • Sea Witch - You two seem like a tough pair of nuts. You sure you don't wanna share the treasure of a dead race with us?
  • Merovar - My father has mentioned the Orichalcum Elves before. Apparently their empire was massive before they...degraded.
  • Pelagrios - Yup. Now we've found the biggest treasure stash in the world. And you'll miss out if you don't join us.
  • Lagosi - Pfft, elves. Troublesome, up-tight, vain, who cares who those ruins belong to? It's the stuff inside that's more important.
  • Pelagrios - Exactly my dear Therio...theri...Theriocephali.
  • Merovar - Well, this sounds like a good adventure. I'm Earath Drakenor, by the way.
  • Lagosi - Ugh, fine, I'm in. You got me. Headhunter Kanna, 'pleased' to accompany you.
  • Clothovera - G-guys...that Merovar...he's wearing dragonscale armor!

The Merovar looked in surprise to Clothovera.

  • Earath - ...How do you know my armor?
  • Sea Witch - Dragonscale? That's pretty damn rare. See, we're perfect for each other!
  • Earath - Listen...don't mention that again.
  • Pelagrios - Good good. Well, we're travelling up this fine stretch of wood...jungle...whatever it is. Up to the southern coast. Which is where the tombs are. We'll stop by a port close to it and get supplies. Well. Rum for me. Dunno about you lot. Okay okay. We'll move on now. I dunno about you but I don't fancy staying in one place at night.
  • Earath - Well then. Let's move. And before you ask, we actually didn't have anything to do before you arrived.
  • Kanna - You didn't have to tell them that.
  • Pelagrios - Well looks like we saved you from being bored to death then. Right, let's move then.
  • Clothovera - [At least I'm travelling with a Lagosi who's not an obnoxious, irritating little shit. And that Merovar's he a dragon slayer? I'd love to be a dragon slayer. Clothovera, slayer of dragons, master of day...]
  • Kanna - Yes, saved me from being bored to death. Now I'm going to get chatted to death by both him and you and your friends.
  • Sea Witch - Aren't you a moody one. Well get your head off your gut.

Pelagrios moved on forward, as he stumbled slightly. He began singing a song in slurred Dryadali as he moved on. Earath meanwhile just chuckled.

The Brute and the GrotesqueEdit

Another hour or so later, the team were in a dense part of the woods. It was now well into night, and Pelagrios was now stumbling left right and center as he left a trail of rum bottles down the road. Kanna had his arms folded and he walked some feet away from the rest of the group, mumbling to himself in Lagosi tongue under his breath.

  • Pelagrios - You know...I love you guys. Yeah. I mean...I've been with a lot of people...and now I know what's going on. I love you all. Except Riad...he took my ship and now he's going through the...whatchamacallit...Sea of...I dunno. But my ship's gonna freeze. And all my rum. Oh who am I kidding...I love him the most. Like a brother.

The Sea Witch and Earath travelled fairly close to each other, while Clothovera stood a little behind from having to carry their combined luggage.

  • Earath - You mean the Sea of Sand?
  • Pelagrios - How...*hic* does a ship go through a desert..what are you...a wizard of some kind?
  • Earath - Well, I can use magic.
  • Sea Witch - Really now?
  • Earath - Yes. Healing magic, and a few other tricks I'll save for later.
  • Kanna - Urgh, why did we ever agree to this Earath, look what we have to deal with for the rest of the trip!
  • Earath - Come on, Kanna. Think of the adventure thrill!
  • Pelagrios - Oh good...we might need that...or something like that. I dunno. You know...when I got captured in Abyssus once...they said that they were trying to make flying ships. Flying! Ships! What...what are the odds of that?
  • Clothovera - Urk...the dragons from the east...have these...zepps or whoever they're called.
  • Kanna - Uurgh, I need a drink. I should just tie a rope around my neck and jump off a tree, it'd be far more *thrilling* than this!
  • Earath - But think of what can happen? We might encounter ancient artifacts. Or undead enemies to fight!
  • Pelagrios - Oh yeah. Ar-...Ar-Kith. Ar-Klith. I was in Arkenholdt once. Place burned my lungs. I thought Abyssus was...bad.
  • Kanna - Or... LYMPHARIANS.

The Sea Witch turned to Kanna.

  • Sea Witch - Had experience with them, eh?
  • Kanna - ...You could say that.
  • Pelagrios - ...Why the hell was in...Abyssus anyway?

Not far in front of them, a heavy rumbling sound could be heard through the rustling of bushes and trees.

  • Sea Witch - I'm cursed by them. But it's been a while since I've seen one though.
  • Clothovera - W-what was that noise?
  • Kanna - ...Hmph. Your chances have just increased, Sea Witch.
  • Sea Witch - Silly, I'm not afraid of Lympharians.

From the trees, a slender, feminine figure crashed towards the ground in a leap, and not seconds later, did a colossal, armoured figure rush straight after her, wielding an enormous axe. Earath immediately took his greatsword and glared at the two. The Sea Witch looked at the scene in surprise. The larger figure swung his axe around with great force, narrowly missing the elf, but debasing a tree straight from its stump. The womanly figure turned, obscured by a hood and cloak, and fired ice-tipped arrows towards her pursuer, aiming for the exposed vulnerabilities in his armour while at the same time leaping into the trees, jumping from branch to branch. Some of the arrows stuck in his body; some of those that hit his armour shattered straight upon it.

  • Earath - That woman is in danger.
  • Kanna - I'm staying out of this.
  • Clothovera - W-we gotta do something!
  • Pelagrios - it then.

Pelagrios started giggling as he looked at the ensuing fight. The figure then waved his axe in a vertical manner; cleaving a tree straight in two before throwing it with great strength at the woman. The woman crouched and fell to the forest undergrowth, watching as the axe cycled over her and fell quite some distance behind her. Taking another opportunity, she fired arrows towards the helmet of the armoured colossus. Earath stepped forward and begun bashing his greatsword into the floor to get the armored figure's attention.

  • Earath - Leave the woman alone, now.

The arrows hit the helmet with considerable force, making his head flinch before he turned away. He caught attention of Earath, and looked at him.

  • ??? - Well tell her that I didn't mean to step on a rabbit!
  • Earath - ...What? Is that why you're fighting?
  • ??? - She's nuts. Utterly nuts.
  • Woman - You saw it and did nothing to avoid it!

The woman fired more arrows towards the armoured figure. The arrows rebounded off his armour as he just stood there.

  • ??? - Quit it already.
  • Woman - Why won't you die?!
  • ??? - Are you blind?
  • Sea Witch - Are you saying you're wrecking the place apart because of a rabbit? Just let them kill each other.
  • Kanna - Trust me. That woman is a wench, leave her be.
  • Woman - Silence, you!
  • Earath - "Wench". It's no wonder you don't have a girlfriend, Kanna.
  • Kanna - I don't need a girlfriend! And if I did, I could get a girlfriend at any time I wanted!
  • Earath - Yeah. Sure.
  • Kanna - Go suckle on salamander teats!

Earath laughed and shook his head.

  • Pelagrios - Wait...I know you. N...n. I can't name even when I am sober...let alone drunk.
  • Ndrhthryr - Ndrhthryr. It's Ndrhthryr.
  • Pelagrios -
  • Sea Witch - That's the ugliest name i've ever heard. I'll just call you Nd.
  • Ndrhthryr - Well. That is my nickname. So...what are you tiny people doing? Except looking at me weirdly?
  • Woman - NOT killing defenceless animals!
  • Nd - Ah shut up. Be glad I didn't step on you.
  • Sea Witch - Well we're on a trip to some tombs looking for ancient treasure.
  • Clothovera - [I wish I had legs as strong as hers...she looks so agile and beautiful...jumping from tree to tree with grace and elegance...stop staring, stop staring.]
  • Woman - ...Treasure? What treasure do you seek?
  • Pelagrios - Ori...Gold people treasure.
  • Earath - He means Orichalcum Elves.

Pelagrios pointed at Earath with enough force for him to fall over.

  • Nd - Orichalcum Elves, huh? I'll be back in a second.

Ndrhthryr walked back into the woods, and moments later, returned with his axe in hand.

  • Kanna - Hear that, Khadia, elves. You have no business here, orc.
  • Khadia - At least I have family to watch over, Headhunter.
  • Kanna - Do you wanna keep those legs!?
  • Nd - This right here is an Orichalcum Elf axe. Dusk as I call it.
  • Pelagrios - Wonderful...ever thought of selling it?
  • Nd - ...No.
  • Earath - Hm, Perhaps you'd like to join us? The more allies, the merrier.
  • Sea Witch - Orc? She's obviously an elf.

Khadia cringed at the Sea Witch's comment and looked down, before looking to Earath.

  • Nd - Well as far as I can see, you have a man who can't stand up, a little girl, an old looking bird, a cat, a rabbit and a walking snake. You need some muscle on this team.
  • Sea Witch - Ahem. An old looking bird who can turn you into a pebble with a snap of a finger. I'm the Sea Witch of the South.
  • Khadia - You. I've seen you, Merovar. You're from the great deserts.
  • Earath - I am. Name's Earath Drakenor.
  • Nd - And I'm the Berserker of Koldenwelt.
  • Pelagrios - ...And...I'm drunk.
  • Nyakik - And I'm Nyakik, head of this expedition. Point me at this dead rabbit so I may gnaw at it.
  • Khadia - You're... noble. Khadia, the Grotesque. I am of the Karakon Orcs.
  • Pelagrios -'re not the one with the map. I didn't..see you taking this from...phoenix-man's vault.
  • Sea Witch - Grotesque? Lady, if anyone is grotesque here, it's me and Pelagrios. At least you don't got wrinkles.
  • Pelagrios - Hey. Do you know how many women I have slept with in the past year?
  • Nd - ...Zero?
  • Pelagrios - Fifty...three. Or the woman was fifty-three. I don't know.

Nd went over to Pelagrios and hauled him over his shoulder. The sheer force caused Pelagrios to vomit a brown trail of pure rum down his back. Clothovera cringed and jumped back.

  • Clothovera - EWWW!
  • Pelagrios - have seen that coming.
  • Nd - You're lucky I'm not human.
  • Earath - So, it's settled. We're on the same team now.
  • Kanna - Anybody would be lucky to not be a stenching human.

Pelagrios fell asleep on Nd's shoulder as he snored heavily.

  • Clothovera - Yes, humans are the worst.
  • Khadia - I can smell human blood in you and the pirate, dark witch.
  • Clothovera - Well I suggest you stop sniffing at me.
  • Pelagrios - I'm half-human. Half. Half...I dunno what half.
  • Nd - Weren't you just sleeping?
  • Pelagrios - Yes...what's your point?
  • Sea Witch - We proceed now! I need treasures to fill the void of the last failed exploration.

Pelagrios pointed in the direction they were going.

  • Pelagrios - Port land. Mmmmm. Port.
  • Nd - ...Anyone else make any sense out of that?
  • Earath - I think he said we need to go that way.
  • Nd - Right then.
  • Khadia - ...So the drunken pirate is leading the expedition. The world really has been shifted upside-down.
  • Nyakik - He merely thinks he is. I'm in charge. I'm always in charge. Now proceed, big-legged elf-orc. Treasure awaits.
  • Pelagrios - Aye. And Wish I could cut a slice of that...bread. Cake. Cheese. Chicken. FOOD CRAVINGS.

Nd tilted his head back as he walked on forward.

The Mad DeerwomanEdit

The team continued walking. Whilst they stopped during the night, it was almost sunrise before they were in civilisation. The port was perhaps twenty miles away now. Pelagrios woke up, in a long, prolonged groan that sounded similar to an undead screech. Clothovera panted as she was still carrying the Sea Witch's luggage. The Witch herself walked on indifferent, following by Earath.

  • Pelagrios - Sunlight. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Headache. My eyes. Ow. Urggh. Why do I keep...doing this to myself?
  • Nd - Well, just to make you feel better, we did take turns sitting on you last night. Heh.
  • Clothovera - [Field training she said. Training magic she said. Only thing being trained here is my sweat.]
  • Kanna - I've woke up to worst mornings. ...Wait, no I haven't, I don't sleep.
  • Earath - You're gonna get eyebags that way. Like that girl. No offense.
  • Kanna - I probably already have eyebags. I dunno, haven't seen my face in years.
  • Clothovera - M-my eyes are like this...because all my family had them.
  • Earath - Aren't you too young to be travelling? Where's your family?
  • Clothovera - humans...and Lympharians.
  • Earath - Oh...I'm sorry.
  • Pelagrios - No wonder everyone hates humans. Anyone got any water?
  • Kanna - I do but I'm not using it to cure your hangover.

And then, there came... a sight that could hardly be even described. It was inferno. Where once was a lively, bustling town, now there were only the slithering tongues of fire that rose to the sky like hellish birds. The screams of the dying echoed from the inside, coaelscing into a single wail of agony, accompanied only by the strange, mystical sounds. The sounds of someone's magic.

  • Sea Witch - What the heck?
  • ??? - Get out of there, quickly! These fireworks are meant to be watched from afar!
  • Pelagrios - ...Already? That's not fun.

Alongside the screams of panicking innocents were the sinister and aggressive shouts of warriors.

  • Kanna - That doesn't sound good.
  • Khadia - Doesn't look good either, much like your face.
  • Kanna - Y-You haven't seen my face! Shut up!

Nd's arm unfurled as Pelagrios slammed into the ground. Pelagrios jumped back up, taking out his blade. His face was blooded from the fall. Earath rushed ahead into the city's direction with his blade in hand. Nd in turn took both of his hands into his axe.

  • Pelagrios - ...Anyone else running after him?

The team saw a cervine, feminine sillhouette in the fire, walking into the town out of it, unscathed despite the inferno that rages inside. An aura of green, soothing light surrounded her, like a host of wisps. Following her, held aloft by this aura, were the unconscious bodies of the survivors - children, women, animals and rocks.

  • ??? - Everything will be alright. You won't cry, you won't be hurt, you will see the fireworks... look at you...
  • Pelagrios - Erm...alright.
  • Sea Witch - Weird.

Nd rushed in after Earath, causing the ground to tremble as he ran.

  • Kanna - Quick! Get away from the fire, bring those survivors over here!

The figure put the survivors on the ground, then whispered something in a tongue that no person in the party could comprehend. Whatever it was - an incantation, a prayer, or just a nursery rhyme - it was followed by a wave of magic. Children, women, animals and rocks alike were healed from their wounds, covered in lovely yet strange-looking flowers. Earath approached the figure, putting his blade away from her direction.

  • ??? - Larded with sweet flowers... which bewept to the grave did go... with true-love showers...
  • Khadia - ...Däisarvi.
  • Earath - I'm here to help.

Khadia laid down her bow and approached the woman, placing up her hood in order to obscure her face from visibility. Kanna ran forth towards the fire and sent out a hand; the flames began to settle gradually, backing away from the group. The Sea Witch levitated and releases blasts of water magic at the fire to put it down. Clothovera remained behind, having no way to help.

  • Pelagrios - ...Well I dunno what to do.
  • ??? - Help? Why thank you! It's so wonderful for someone to help these poor souls recover. I don't think they have ever seen fireworks like that one in their entire life... they must have been surprised. Come here... - the Daisarvi pet one of the rocks gently - Don't be scared, everything is alright...
  • Earath - Who did this? Who started this fire?
  • Clothovera muttered - That girl is crazy...
  • ??? - You mean the fireworks? I do not know. I just saw it my dreams. Mikko told me.
  • Earath - Mikko?

The strange girl took a large, decorated rock somewhere from her clothes, showing it to Earath.

  • ??? - Him. He's my friend. Keeps me company.
  • Earath - ...I...see.
  • Clothovera - See? Crazy.
  • Khadia - Isn't that adorable?
  • Sea Witch - No, it's unsettling.
  • Nd - Anyone want me to put her out of her misery?
  • ??? - Don't say that! - the girl hid the rock between her clothing - See, you've upset him! Now he's sad!

The girl muttered something to herself. As she did, several Deiwos came running out of the burning town, armed with spears, longswirds, maces and tower shields and all clad in chainmail. They bore deep orange tabards over chainmail tunics.

  • Soldier - There she is! Get 'er!
  • Earath - Don't harm the girl. She kept these people safe from the fire.

Kanna drew his katana and stood between the girl and the weaponized deiwos, glaring towards them as he prepared a pre-emptive combat stance. Nd groaned before joining Kanna in doing the same. The girl turned towards the soldiers and uttered a druidic incantation, covering them in spiny, thorned vines.

  • Nd - I hate it when you're all right.
  • ??? - Or, maybe, that wasn't you but... them!

The soldiers stopped, weapons ready, all of them glaring at the group fiercely.

  • ??? - It was them! You've scared Mikko!
  • Sea Witch - I'm too confused right now.

The soldiers scrambled as the vines tried to wrap them up, some of the managing ot cut a few vines before getting tangled up in more.

  • Kanna - ...Huh.
  • Pelagrios - Calls for more rum.
  • Soldier - You'll be sorry for interfering, witch! Really sorry!

The vines strengthened their grasp, choking the mysterious Deiwos soldier.

  • ??? - You will be sorry to Mikko!

The soldier screamed and writhed as he tried to pull himself free of the vines

  • Pelagrios - Yeah. Rum.
  • Soldier - Screw your imaginary-- GARHH!
  • ??? - Imaginary? What do you mean?
  • Sea Witch - Did the dryad girl start the fire? If not, then tell us already who was.

The vines expanded and covered the soldiers completely, breaking their necks. Before one of the soldiers could speak, they all died.

  • Nd - Wish I could do that.

The mysterious (and definitely insane) girl turned to the rest of the group, smiling despite the ongoing destruction.

  • Sea Witch - I'm getting irritated now.
  • Khadia - The Mad Oracle.
  • Nd - Eh.
  • Ophellatar - I think I forgot to name myself. I'm Ophellätar, or just Lätar, for friends. Usually, only Mikko calls me that, but now you're all my friends! Yay!
  • Clothovera - Uhhh...
  • Khadia - I am not your friend, Däisarvi.
  • Nd - I reiterate. Eh.
  • Pelagrios - Well...we were just passing through.

Pelagrios then turned to the team.

  • Pelagrios - She's nuts. Run.
  • Clothovera - Agreed.

As the team moved closer, they could get a better look of the girl. Her appearance was strange, both alluring and unsettling. Despite her certain animal-like features like hooves and horns, she was a beauty nonetheless, graceful despite her madness. Her clothing, somewhat minimalistic as befitting her people, was green in colour, made of leaves and other natural materials, and several flowers were put in her hair, glistening in the sunlight playfully as she watched the plant she had taken from the ground bloom into a beautiful purple blossom that filled the air with the smell of serenity.

  • Pelagrios - ...On the other hand...she does smell nice.
  • Nd - Eh?
  • Khadia - What are you doing here, Ophellätar?
  • Latar - There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray, love, remember: and there is pansies. that's for thoughts...

Lätar turned to Khadia.

  • Lätar - Mikko told me there would be a firework in the desert. And a celebration in an old elf castle. I decided to take a look.
  • Pelagrios - Well...we're going to take a look an old elf tomb. Care to join?
  • Sea Witch - What?! Why bring her?
  • Lätar - Why of course! I heard there would be cupcakes there. - Lätar closer her eyes. - I love cupcakes.
  • Kanna - ...She smells pleasant. I wouldn't mind her company. She smells and looks better than the pirate, at least.
  • Pelagrios - Well.

Pelagrios' eyebrows raised in a suggestive manner.

  • Sea Witch - This is not a good idea. She's obviously a wackjob. Hell, I get reminded of Lympharian cultists when I look at her.
  • Lätar - Why are you so moody, birdie? Here, have a flower.
  • Sea Witch - Don't approach me!

Lätar conjured a small bellflower in the Sea Witch's hands, the same colour as herself. The Sea Witch threw the flower into the floor and hissed at Lätar.

  • Lätar - But... it was so...
  • Earath - Hm. The problem stands. Who caused this fire?

Lätar turned to Earath.

  • Lätar - The fireworks? Well, Mikko told me that a dragon was going to celebrate something in this town. So maybe it was him?
  • Pelagrios - ...Dragon?
  • Earath - A dragon attacked this city?
  • Lätar - Fireworks aren't weapons, silly!
  • Clothovera - It's not a Fire Drake, is it? They're way too big to fight.
  • Kanna - Heh, wouldn't mind fighting a dragon.
  • Nd - I need a challenge, anyway. Miss twinkle-toes over here just kept running.
  • Earath - I've fought both Fire and Sand Drakes. But judginb by the fire, it certainly wasn't a Sand Drake.
  • Sea Witch - Well, start looking then. This dragon won't find himself.

The Dragon RevealedEdit

Lätar's magic had quelled several of the flames in the city but smoke continued to rise. Sounds of struggle persisted in the city streets. On further inspection there were more and more of these orange-draped soldiers wo were either killing resistors or draggong them to prison wagons..

  • Earath - Prison wagons. These are raiders.
  • Nd - Raiders from where exactly?
  • Kanna - Disgusting.

In the city's main square there was a powerfully-built humanoid figure wearing more expensive scale-mail armour watching over the processing of captives. He was moastly humanoid save for a thick curling tail that swayed behind his legs as he barked orders to the soldiers.

  • Earath - I'm getting some flashbacks from a previous invasion I repelled with the help of another soldier. The raiders served dragons.
  • Lätar - Dragons. So that's who set the fireworks! They like fire, don't they?
  • Commander - Double-time with these prisoners! Or would you all rather serve your masters as their next meal!?
  • Earath - Draonoggr servants. I fought them with a man called Marcos years ago.
  • Sea Witch - Marcos, eh? The name is familiar.
  • Khadia - Dragonkin. Cultists of the descendants of kelodhres.
  • Sea Witch - At least it's not a drake of any sort.

The commander turned around to reveal a reptillian head filled with sharp teeth and a long curling tongue. He smiled and reached to firmly grasp the waraxe against his hip.

  • Commander - Your masters wil be pleased with these spoils. You all might be rewarded with an extra cut!
  • Lätar - Just look at his jaw! How often do you think does he brush his teeth?
  • Sea Witch - Oh boy, it's one of those lizard men like from the Forgotten Lands. Who's ready for some killing?
  • Nd - Oh yeah.

The commander turned his head t osee the group wandering into the square and passed his tongue over his fang-like teeth.

  • Commander - Well-well...What did the little doe drag from the forest to help with her act of "heroism"?
  • Pelagrios - Not rum. Unfortunately.
  • Earath - Leave these people alone or your head will roll through the floor.
  • Commander - Urgh, and here I thought you could be at least a little civilized.
  • Earath - Like you can talk, slave.
  • Commander - These citizens will serve a better purpose, I assure you. Now....who are you all!?
  • Sea Witch - A bunch of people who don't like seeing villages burn.
  • Lätar - Yes! Your fireworks scared all the bunnies!
  • Kanna - They didn't scare me!
  • Nd - So, who's gonna go for this thing then?
  • Earath - Why only one of us?
  • Commander - Like I give a rat's arse about rabbits! Now I hope you are all prepared to offer me a greater challenge than the poor excuse for a mayor this pitiful burg had.
  • Sea Witch - Just you try and stop us, mutant.

Khadia drew her bow and began firing arrows upon the commander.

  • Khadia - Uncultured swine.
  • Lätar - Swine? Why did you call them uncultured? What did swines ever do to you?

The commander ducked to avoid the arrows, with one lodging itself in his arm. Pelagrios pulled a large, unruly looking pistol from his hilt, and pulled the trigger. No bullets.

  • Pelagrios - Damn. Where did they go?
  • Commander - Not even the courtesy of honoured combat. Sieze them!

The commander's arm began to go numb and started to show signs of freezing, with frost and small layers of ice forming across the appendage. Other soldiers turned around and rushed over to assist their commander, suddenly besetting an army upon the group. Lätar created waves of nature energy around her, covering the blades of the dragonsworn soldiers into branches and flowers. Earath shouted "Egredere!", and the soldiers around him were thrown away by a blast of tremendous force.

  • Commander - that wasn't....sporting...

Nd charged forward at the soldiers, sidestepping and then swinging his axe upwards, sending two of them high into the sky. There was a sudden shockwave as a large Draonoggr landed nearby, plated in ancient decorated armour. WHen he stood up, with more thumping footsteps, he towered at an intimidating height of five metres over everyone else. When the Draonoggr landed, Clothovera fell backwards.

  • Pelagrios - Dragon!
  • Lätar - Could you please explain why you set your fireworks in the town?

The commander turned around and panicked.

  • Commander - My lord Archavior...the faun gathered reinforcements as my men were preparing to leave!
  • Sea Witch - Archavior? Eh?
  • Archavior - Reinforcements?
  • Sea Witch - I know this Draonogrr.
  • Pelagrios - Eh?

Archavior held his arm up, instantly calling for all the soldiers to lower their weapons and stand down.

  • Archavior - I know your scent...You are the Sea-Witch.
  • Sea Witch - Yeah! And you're that Draonogrr freed from Hachi's dagger. What's the deal with all the killing?
  • Clothovera - [A dragon on Hachi's dagger? What kind of euphemism is that?]
  • Archavior - I am merely restoring what was lost ot me. For that, I needed assets.
  • Sea Witch - That's not very nice of you. You could've at least chosen a place full of evil people.
  • Lätar - And not bunnies! Mikko likes bunnies!
  • Archavior - Yet this city had such worth as a trading hub! Why turn down the oppertunity for such a lucrative score?
  • Pelagrios - Yeah. Like Abyssus. They owe me a lot.
  • Sea Witch - Lucrative...hmmm...perhaps...
  • Earath - What do you have in mind, Witch? Shall we slay him?
  • Sea Witch - What? No. We should get his help.
  • Khadia - The help of a descendant of kelodhres? How can we trust this creature?
  • Sea Witch - He was my ally in the past. He's not that bad.
  • Archavior - The Sea Witch knows of the quality of my armour and axe. She knows how dangerous I am.
  • Pelagrios - Well...if you want lucrative I can persuade you in joining us. You must be learned enough to know of the Orichalcum Elves.

Archavior folded his arms.

  • Archavior - I know of them, yes. But what is your point?
  • Sea Witch - We're going to explore their royal tombs. that's what.
  • Pelagrios - Yeah. Scroll here from blue bird man himself. Well, I stole it but that's not the point.
  • Archavior - ANd how do you know these tombs have not been pillaged already?
  • Earath - This dragon seriously lacks the sense of an adventurer.
  • Kanna - No, you're just crazy.
  • Pelagrios - I know that because it was a closely guarded secret even in the time when they existed.
  • Archavior - The Merovar is correct. I have better things to do than go chasing after a myth.
  • Kanna - And what if you're wrong?
  • Pelagrios - Au contraire. Whatever that means. Is that even a language?

Pelagrios unfurled the scroll in his hand, revealing all of the details.

  • Nyakik - Join us for riches, or stay living in your little rock cavern in the middle of the mud.

Archavior took a step forward towards Nyakik.

  • Archavior - What did that housepet say!?
  • Nyakik - Are you deaf? I will not repeat myself.
  • Pelagrios - Kinmorunddraver had this locked in a fortress in a different plane of existence. Now do you call that a myth?

Archavior sharply turned to Pelagrios, still hurt by Nyakik's words.

  • Kanna - Point is, if you're wrong you miss out on filling your fat dragon belly with whatever hoard you want. If you're right, nothing changes.
  • Sea Witch - Come on, it'll be fun.
  • Kanna - Yes, "fun". Because that's what everybody is here for.
  • Sea Witch - Stop being so moody. At least the other Lagosi I met was more cheerful.

Pelagrios then rolled the scroll back up and put it on his back, looking smug at Archavior.

  • Archavior - Kimnorunddraver is no fool. If he knew this map led to nothing he would think nothing of it...Hm. Very well I suppose the trasures of the Orichalcum emperors would make a fine addition ot my hoard.
  • Pelagrios - Oh yeah. There's only one problem though.
  • Archavior - And that is what exactly?
  • Pelagrios - Yeah. It's written in a cryptic language that I've never seen before. We need a lexicon of sorts. One that reads silly Orichalcum Elf chicken scratch writing.
  • Sea Witch - Why didn't you mention that before?
  • Pelagrios - Well...I was going to mention it here but now that the city is burning down we're a little short on ideas on where to get a damn lexicon.
  • Nd - Wow. You idiot.
  • Lätar - Wait! One thing before we leave.
  • Kanna - We could just kidnap a Shiarchon.
  • Sea Witch - Don't be stupid.
  • Pelagrios - Yeah. A thousand miles west of Abyssus? I don't know about that.

Nyakik turned sharply to Clothovera.

  • Nyakik - Clothovera. Your book is full of scribblings. Find a translation.
  • Clothovera - Sure, my book is full of symbols, but that doesn't mean I understand them.
  • Pelagrios - Book? Like...spell book?
  • Clothovera - Yeah. I literally carry it all the time.
  • Kanna - Why carry a book you can't read?
  • Clothovera - I can read parts of it. When I'm a fully powerful witch, I should be able to read all of this with my eyes closed.
  • Pelagrios - Uh. Don't you have a hexus translatus thingus now-us spell in there?
  • Clothovera - Translation spell? Eh...I've never found one here.
  • Pelagrios - Well...we know where the entrance to the tombs are. Suppose we should get there before we translate this damn thing.
  • Clothovera - Sometimes spells appear in my book out of nowhere. Unreadable parts become readable from night to day. Maybe if I wish hard enough, we can have a translation spell later.

Lätar stared at Archavior.

  • Lätar - Your soldiers were mean to Mikko! Apologise!
  • Archavior - And how exactly did my soldiers offend this "Mikko"?

Lätar showed her rock to Archavior. Archavior lowered himself onto all four legs in order to study the rock in Latar's hands.

  • Lätar - They called him imaginary!.. whatever that means.
  • Archavior - You wish for me to apologise to A ROCK!?

The Sea Witch whispered to Archavior.

  • Sea Witch - She's completely crazy!
  • Lätar - Not just a rock! He's a good friend!
  • Kanna - Do not worry, Lätar, I'm sure Mikko will get over it. He's stone cold, after all. Hard as rock.

Archavior looked at the Sea Witch with a concerned expression.

  • Archavior - Hrrrmph. Fine, I am sorry my soldiers called your "companion" imaginary. They were under the impression he was an ordinary stone.
  • Lätar - Let's see if Mikko forgave you...

Latar looked at her stone.

  • Lätar - He did! Yay!
  • Nd - No suggestions?
  • Pelagrios - Well, Kinmorunddraver isn't here. If he was, he'd probably kill me. Hm. Probably shouldn't have stole this in retrospect.
  • Khadia - Drunken plunderer.
  • Earath - Too late for that now.
  • Pelagrios - Bah. Well...let's keep moving. Anyone got any bright ideas on how to translate this scroll then we'll figure it out later.
  • Commander - Your oders my lord?
  • Archavior - Transport the captives and the spoils back to my citadel. I will manage the spoils when I return. The captives are to be put to work immediately upon arrival.
  • Commander - Of course my lord.
  • Archavior - Oh and if you or your men discover an Orichalcum translation book, it is to be placed within my chambers and I am to be informed.
  • Commander - I shall do, my lord.

Pelagrios walked on through the destroyed port, finding his way through the exit on the other side of the town.

  • Pelagrios - Where's my rum? No rum? No rum and no bullets? What is this, the Adamantine Age?
  • Earath - Heh. If you want bullets then you should look for a Klaxxa trader.
  • Pelagrios - Yeah right. I stole this gun from Ar-Klith.
  • Nd - ...Did that have any bullets in it when you stole it?
  • Pelagrios - Course. I shot a Shiarchon. The bullet did nothing.
  • Kanna - You know, Earath, I thought I was going to regret accepting this quest. And you know what? I do. I really do.
  • Earath - You're only saying that now. It'll get better.
  • Kanna - Since when has anything involving lost tombs and treasure ever got better?
  • Earath - How are treasures and the chance for a battle not good?
  • Pelagrios - Well...let's move on. It's nine in the morning. And no rum yet. Bah.

The Wind RunnerEdit

It was late in the same day that the team left the burned down port. Pelagrios was looking at the scroll intensely as he kept walking forward. He hit his foot on innumerable pebbles and rocks, stumbling over but never falling as his eyes remained fixed upon the scroll. Archavior was waling on four limbs as he crossed the landscape, keeping a firm eye on Pelagrios at all times.

  • Pelagrios - So...when we get there, what's the cut gonna be?
  • Earath - Same share for everyone.
  • Pelagrios - ...Right.
  • Ndrhthryr - You're not suggesting that you're gonna get more gold than us lot?
  • Pelagrios - Well I was. But considering we have a ten foot tall machine-thing, and a huge dragon behind me. No.
  • Latar - I say cut the cake in three slices. One for you, one for me, one for Mikko, one for the bunnies, one for...

Out of nowhere, an arrow was fired right in front of Earath's feet.

  • Earath - Eh?

Earath crouched and grabbed the arrow from the ground. As he picked the arrow up, he noticed there was a note attached to it. Archavior spread out his legs in a battle stance and glared at where the arrow could have emerged from, growling aggressively.

  • Sea Witch - What's that?
  • Earath - Hm. A letter.
  • Latar - A love letter? You must have admirers!
  • Pelagrios - I know we're meant to keep going further north,

Ndrhthryr's axe raised high into the air as he looked around. Pelagrios however, did not even notice. The note read: "Hey, you weren't planning on going off on some adventure without me, were you?" And as he looked up, a familiar face stood before him. It was Sefarina Brightwing.

  • Sefarina - Surprise!
  • Earath - Well, look who's here.
  • Latar - Aw! That's romantic! Now you should kiss!

Latar conjured a small flower and tossed it to Sefarina.

  • Earath - Like I would kiss a Deiwos. Ew. No, this one's a friend of mine. Her name is Sefarina.
  • Latar - ...Or so they say! Love transcends races! - A strange smile appeared on Latar's face, yet marred with some strange sign of depression, even sadness - so unnatural for her unhinged exterior.
  • Sefarina - The star formations bear ill omens at the moment. I followed them and found you here.
  • Archavior - More party members to lessen my cut.

Pelagrios briefly looked up at Sefarina, then back at the map. Then back up again.

  • Pelagrios - Hello.

Sefarina peered at Pelagrios, with a confused look on her face.

  • Sefarina - Oh...hi...
  • Clothovera - W-well, nice to meet you. [Her hair is horrible!]

Pelagrios walked up to Sefarina, his face grinning. He slicked back his hair before he stumbled on a rock and fell face first into the ground. The Sea Witch looked down on Pelagrios and laughed. Sefarina giggled, though not in an attempt to mock him. Archavior huffed at Pelagrios' performance and resumed glaring at Sefarina. Pelagrios stood back up. Luckily, no blood was struck from his face and he beat the dust from his coat and fixed his hat. Latar clasped her hands and covered the ground with flowers which blossomed exuding a blissful aroma.

  • Earath - So what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at your village?
  • Sefarina - There's a sign in the stars. It says that you are in trouble, so I followed them here.
  • Earath - Trouble? Well, no. We're on an adventure. Great treasure awaits us.
  • Pelagrios - Hi. Pelagrios Sea-Cutter. Tradesman...swashbuckling seaman. ...Lothario. So what's your name? How old are you?
  • Latar - Hi! I'm Latar, and that's - Latar showed Sefarina her rock - that's Mikko, and he's very happy to see you!
  • Archavior - I'll never understood why Deiwos mating procedure was so complicated.

Latar picked one of the flowers and tossed it to Archavior.

  • Sefarina - Oh, ahem. Sefarina Brightwing. Archer from the north Saphronian Hetmanate. One of the first human mages. My age, about 17. Pleased to meet you.
  • Latar - It's lovely.
  • Clothovera - [Who's this bitch? I'm the one supposed to be the cute young girl of the team! She wants to steal my place!]
  • Pelagrios - Seventeen? Damn. Damn.

Pelagrios looked away, shaking his head and went back to the map. Archavior caught the flower in his palm and looked at it with an irritated stare as he enclosed it in his hand.

  • Latar - I'm nineteen...ty seventeenly five hundred two~
  • Earath - Well, join us in our quest, Sefarina. We're going to get Orichalcum Elf treasures.
  • Ndrhthryr - I wonder how many twig-like girls are going to join us.
  • Latar - Mikko can call a twig or two! He knows a few!
  • Sea Witch - Hey, this is a team of explorers, not a babysitting. Unless you got skills then you can buzz off.
  • Sefarina - Elf treasures? That doesn't sound like what the stars suggested. But sure, count me in!
  • Ndrhthryr - I suggest we camp near the road. Sunset's about to hit and...yeah. Monsters and whatnot.
  • Latar - Great! We'll have a wonderful party!
  • Pelagrios - Sorry, who's leading the expedition here? ...But that is a good idea. Time to camp I think.
  • Kanna - Why must you drag me to teams of lunatics, Earath? I'm never listening to your suggestions again.
  • Earath - Eheh. You always say that.
  • Archavior - Monsters. Pah! I can vanquish armies by myself!

Latar looked at Sefarina from head to toe, watching her elegant and definitely striking figure, then raised her finger, as if something had sparked in her brain.

  • Latar - But first of all...
  • Pelagrios - ...Well. Get a fire goin'. Get some bedrolls up. Off the trail.
  • Clothovera - I can start a fire!

Latar waved her hand, engulfing Sefarina in veridian light; the archer girl watched a ribbon appearing in her hair.

  • Latar - You'll be more festive that way.
  • Sefarina - Oh...thanks, I suppose.

She wasn't a huge fan of it, though out of courtesy kept it on. Latar left Sefarina in a dance-like manner.

  • Latar - Thought and affliction, passion, hell itself, She turns to favour and to prettiness...

Pelagrios walked a bit further on, and found a overly-used patch of dry earth. He sat down there and beckoned the team to sit down as well.

  • Ndrhthryr - I'm not gonna sing campfire songs if that's what you're asking.

Archavior walked over to the fire and padded the ground before gently resting himself upon his stomach, his lower jaw resting against the ground. Clothovera grabbed some logs and threw them in front of the team, then used a magic blast to set them on fire. She appeared nervous and trying her hardest to get the team's attention. Ndrhthryr then joined Pelagrios. As he sat awkwardly, almost too upright, he towered over the rest of the team. Khadia sat near Nd, not having said a word since Sefarina had shot her arrow. She had her arms folded and wore a miserable pout on her face, her eyes narrowed. Kanna stood behind Clothovera, looking over her use of pyromancy.

  • Pelagrios - Right...anyone got rum? Hip flask? Wine sack? No?
  • Sea Witch - I got salty water.
  • Pelagrios - I'm a pirate. Does it look like I'm missing sea-water?
  • Archavior - I have a small supply of alcohol.
  • Pelagrios - ...Dragon alcohol? That's a new one.
  • Archavior - Fermented blood if you must know.
  • Pelagrios - ...Urm. I've had that before. Didn't enjoy it.

The Sea Witch sat down and put down her hat, while Earath sat close to where Kanna was standing.

  • Kanna - You call that a fire?
  • Clothovera - Eh?
  • Kanna - I asked, do you call that a fire?
  • Clothovera - I'm not using pyromancy here.
  • Kanna - ...But I thought... Damned witches. Cheeky bitches.
  • Clothovera - This is black magic, not fire. And watch your mouth.

Into the TombsEdit

An Old EnemyEdit

It was well into the early hours of the morning. The entire team was asleep - Pelagrios slept in a wide shape, Ndrhthryr sleeping as if he was still sitting upright. The Sea Witch slept with her hat covering her face, with Clothovera sleeping close to her while hugging Nyakik. Kanna had slept awkwardly for he did not sleep much, if at all; he was embracing Earath closely, his muzzle pressed against Earath's snout while cuddling him as they slept. Archavior was snoring audiably as he rested on his stomach with his wongs covering him, his throat and jaw resting on his arm. Sefarina had actually gone missing, not sleeping. Khadia had slept upside down in one of the nearby trees that overlooked the team, her arms folded and her clothing positioned on the same branch she hung from. Latar curled up nest to that tree, clenching Mikko in her hands and surrounded by a host of green wisps; it was not clear if she was sleeping or awake.

Earath however, woke up. He felt a disturbing presence surrounding the team. There was a faint chill in the air.

  • Kanna - Mmm... Why yes I am single... Mmmm... Gladly...

Kanna then licked Earath's face, talking in his sleep while continuing to embrace Earath. Earath opened one eye and looked at Kanna, causing him to cringe.

  • Earath - Ngh. What.
  • Latar - She knows in society she either is a devil or an angel with no inbetween...

Latar mumbled rhymes and songs in her sleep. Pelagrios was sleeping roughly however. His face was curled tightly as he held on to a part of his clothing, something in his pocket perhaps. Earath struggled to get out of Kanna's grasp while at the same time trying to not wake him up. Kanna slumped onto the ground as Earath moved, curling into a ball while beginning to lick his hands and feet, giggling in his sleep. Earath put his hand on his face to remove Kanna's saliva as he got up.

As Earath looked around, the entire team, except for Sefarina who was gone, was fast asleep. He felt as if something was approaching from the north, down the road. The Merovar grabbed his blade from the floor and walked slowly on the road's direction. As soon as he stepped a foot on the road, he noticed the approaching entity. It was a tall entity clad in black and red armour, and flame of bright orange and black seeped through the armour. He was astride a skeletal horse, his body given shape with flames of a similar nature. In his left hand he wielded a fleshy greatsword, with a glossy black centre. The ground beneath their feet burned to ash and dust.

  • Earath - Shit.

The faceless head of the entity was adamantly fixed on Earath as the horse approached slowly. Earath turned to the team and began shouting.

  • Earath - Everyone! Wake up! We're in danger!

Ndrhthryr was the first to wake. His body animated and he stood up in one, fluid motion, his axe in hand.

  • Nd - Danger? Grr. What kind of danger?
  • Earath - Adversary danger.

Archavior looked up as his eyes fluttered open, his mouth opening widely as he gave out a loud yawn. The Sea Witch retched and threw her hat off her face. It fell on Clothovera, who mumbled and refused to stand up. The horse approached until it was behind Earath, in full view of the team. The figure on the horse looked at the steadily waking team.

  • Archavior - What is this?
  • Sea Witch - I was having my beauty sleep you...what the hell is that?

Khadia positioned herself upon the tree and placed her robes and cloak back upon her body. Kanna slowly opened his eyes and ascended to stand, grabbing ahold of his swords and drawing them almost instantly.

  • Earath - Janos.
  • Kanna - Why my hands and feet all wet?!

Latar awakened. Pelagrios was the last to wake. He jolted himself awake, grabbing his blade, and then looking at Janos.

  • Latar - Aw, I just had a cute dream with cakes and ponies and him, of course- what?
  • Pelagrios - Oh dear god, what the heck is that?

Archavior stood up slowly due to his weight, and drew the ancient axe he had strapped to his side.

  • Khadia - ...Is that another Nd?
  • Janos - What would Earath Drakenor, 'son' of Vixaatus be doing in the depths of the forest?
  • Earath - None of your business, demon. Leave this place.

Janos' attention was drawn to Pelagrios, almost in a form of magnetism.

  • Janos - You. You have something I require.
  • Earath - Pelagrios, watch out.
  • Pelagrios - Who, me? Nope. Want a bottle of rum?

Pelagrios looked at the bottle.

  • Pelagrios - ...Half drunken bottle of rum?
  • Sea Witch - What is that thing?
  • Earath - It's one of the Adversary's servants. Everyone brace yourselves.
  • Archavior - Why must this abomination be here?
  • Kanna - Bit late since I've already shat my pants, you damned snake person!
  • Earath - Ew.
  • Janos - I am everywhere. Forever present. And you all shall become my nourishment.

Archavior stood on his hind legs and held the axe in his hands. Janos' blade gathered a dark aura of black and crimson energy as he looked at the team.

  • Latar - Nourishment? Food? Silly, we aren't pies! Now, have a pie.
  • Archavior - I have spent time in isolation and without a body before and will NOT do so again!
  • ??? - You cannot escape from Irisis' justice, fiend! Praise!
  • Kanna - ...Oh no.

Janos' attention was deterred. He looked behind him to notice what was there. Suddenly, an armored human with a shining armor leaped from the darkness, his arms thrown away from each other as he was in the air, assuming a "flying" position. Latar watched at the human in awe.

  • Kanna - No! No no! No! NOOOOOOOOO!
  • Khadia - ...What is he doing?
  • Archavior - Killing himself, that is what.

Pelagrios looked at the flying human in amazement.

  • Pelagrios - Gotta learn how to do that.
  • Latar - That's... so... indecent? Incedent? Incandent?
  • Pelagrios - ...Grossly incandescent?

Latar nodded.

  • Latar - Yes! Incandescent!
  • Kanna - Grossly in candle scent?

The human then grabbed into the tail of Janos' horse and hit his own face on the floor.

  • ??? - Can't run from judgement!

The horse raised on his hind legs, felling Janos from his steed. As he crashed into the ground, the horse darted off down the road, faster than any other horse ever seen before disappearing in a plume of flames. The human was dragged away with the horse until he disappeared as well.

  • Kanna - Praise Isiris indeed.
  • Sea Witch - ...Eh. This is the weirdest dream I've had in a while.

Khadia kept her bow raised as she aimed towards Janos, although she kept an eye out for the armoured human as well, preparing a pre-emptive attack if necessary. Janos growled as he turned towards the team, his sword still glowing in hand. The Sea Witch and Archavior were able to recognise that particular kind of dark magic. Archavior stapped back in apprehension and clutched his axe more tightly.

  • Sea Witch - Ah crap. It really is Adversary stuff.
  • Pelagrios - Quick. Ideas. Now.

Out of seemingly nowhere, an arrow ekmpowered by the wind flew and hit Janos in the arm. The arrow caught between the fold of the armour, directly into the infernal flesh that bound Janos' body together. He roared as his body was sent backwards.

  • Sefarina - Hey come on, why did you have to have a huge epic battle while I was out on lookout?
  • Latar - Oh! Look! The demon got a love letter too! I wonder who sent it.
  • Archavior - If you were scouting you should have SEEN him!
  • Khadia - How come you didn't see this guy while you were on lookout?!
  • Sefarina - Probably because I wasn't looking there.

Khadia fired ice-enhanced arrows towards the titanic armoured figure, dashing through the trees so she would not be a static target. She danced among the branches, continuously firing. The Sea Witch fired her magic at Janos' direction, while Earath kept a grip on his blade. Archavior cluched his axe and inhaled, sending a jet of source-flame to engulf Janos

  • Sea Witch - Clothovera, attack him with that hex we trained!...Clothovera?

The Sea Witch looked to her left to see Clothovera still sleeping, with the Witch's hat covering her face. She had her legs crossed and let out giggles and weak grunts.

  • Sea Witch - Gah.
  • Kanna - I smell musk. ...Oh, the half-human.

Sefarina threw out a volley of arrows, all powering her shots with the wind to make them stronger. Some of the arrows bounced straight off the armour whilst others hit under the fold, causing him to move back further. The flame knocked Janos to the floor, followed by Sefarina's arrows which pinned him to the ground.

  • Janos - ...Ridiculous. Pathetic.
  • Kanna - Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, big guy.

Earath charged at Janos and striked at him with his sword, while the Sea Witch fired a jet of water at him from her hands. Janos launched up from the ground in a shockwave of dark magic, felling trees around him and causing life around the area to wither and die.

  • Latar - No! Not the bunnies!
  • Kanna - I'm not a bunny!
  • Clothovera -
  • Kanna - Ngh!

Archavior charged and as he closed upon Janos swung his axe, which was now glowing with Source energies inside. Kanna glared towards Janos and opened one of his palms - an intense, concentrated blast of blue fire was launched from his hand, aiming for the folds in his armour. Janos' hand raised as a destructive blast of black flames sprayed at the team. Latar rushed to the spot of corrupted land with a flash of incadescent veridian light. Vines and flowers appeared around her, rejuvenating the land.

  • Janos - I have grown in my power, 'Sand Drake'. Entire kingdoms and armies have fell to my thirst since we last met.
  • Latar - Entire kingdoms, armies... of bunnies, flowers and rocks!

Archavior weathered the blast which burned his right wing as he cleaved at Janos with a bestial roar. Kanna's blast of fire spread itself outward in size, providing as a form of counter against the black fire that Janos sprayed. Kanna was knocked onto his knee as he did so, sweating from beneath his mask. Latar recanted a strange chant which made thorned vines surround Janos.

Suddenly, a thunderbolt was launched from the darkness of the fortress, hitting Janos in the back. The armored human returned, running at his direction. Janos was knocked forward as he lost his balance.

  • ??? - Can't! Run! From! Irisis!
  • Sefarina - Ooooh, who's that geezer there?
  • Latar - Wait! Stop, mr... Indascendant! We have bunnies there!
  • Kanna - I'M NOT A BUNNY!
  • ??? - The bunnies? More reasons to rid this place of evil!

Archavior hit Janos more, his rage empowering his resolve to smash at Janos repeatedly. The Sea Witch kept throwing jets of water magic at Janos, while the armored human charged another thunderbolt and hurled it at Janos' back. Janos raised his blade at Archavior, taking the damage. Each hit caused the blade to glow brighter as more and more hits were absorbed. Sefarina, jumping in to try and help, brought about a huge force of wind at Archavior to knock knock him back to saftey, while another at Janos to push him away. Latar rooted Janos to the ground with tendrils of greenish plant matter. Archavior made one final blow before falling backwards, panting as he crashed against the ground. Janos lost balance again, before being pinned down once more by the vines.

  • Sefarina - Oh, sorry. Are you okay?
  • Archavior - My wing! The infernal abomination scarred my wing!

Sefarina gulped, feeling guilty.

  • Earath - We can heal your wing later, concentrate on defeating him for now.
  • Janos - Enough of this!

Kanna opened his other palm and unleash a blast of sharp, piercing ice, connected Janos' heavy armour to the floor while the vines restrained and connection him to the ground.

  • ??? - My, my! I know you! The cryopyromancer Lagosi! Well met!

A flare of infernal heat spurted from the armour as the ice hit his body. He let out a pained growl. Archavior stumbled up and grunted, as he glared at Janos.

  • Janos - Once your soul is devoured...

Khadia fired more arrows aimed towards the folds of Janos' armour, enhanced with ice magic so as to contribute to Kanna's efforts in keeping the titan pinned to the floor.

  • Janos - ...Once my Void Matrices are retrieved...

The Sea Witch contributed with her magic, while the armored human kept hurling thunderbolts. Ndrhthryr saw his opening. He walked up to Janos, grounded, and held up his axe.

  • Kanna - Come on and slam!
  • Janos - I will be resurrected, and the universe shall be --

Ndrhthryr slammed his axe straight into the centre of the body of Janos - his armour exploded in a blackened flame, and the entire team was sent flying to the floor as a shadowy spectre escaped into thin air. Kanna was launched backwards and landed on top of Clothovera, falling onto her chest. Khadia was felled, knocked onto her back with her legs above her head in an uncomfortable position.

Earath fell over while the Sea Witch was thrown away. The armored human was blasted into the air and fell on his head, then fell into the floor on his face. Archavior was thrown backwards from the baslt, the weight and momentum felling at least three tres behind him before he slammed the ground and groaned. Ndrhthryr was sent back the farthest - the head of his axe was glowing white hot as he hit the ground in a monumental thud. Sefarina stood upright, with the widn managing to help her, though she was nearly thrown back too.

  • Sefarina - Everyone okay?
  • Khadia - No thanks to you, I am fine.
  • Archavior - My wings had better not be broken.
  • Earath - Urk. And here I expected to never seen him again.

Latar was repelled by the explosion, falling on a massive rock. The ground around her blossomed as she stood up. Sefarina then glared at Khadia, and approached her.

  • Sefarina - I recognise you now.
  • Latar - Mikko? Where is Mikko?

Khadia ignored Sefarina's words and stood, budging past her with scorn as she went to collect her bow from where it had fallen. She wore an irritated expression on her elvish face. Latar began running around searching for her rock. Pelagrios stood up, with the bottle of rum shattered.

  • Pelagrios - What a waste.

Kanna sat up, scratching his head as he laid near Clothovera. He looked over to Latar and watched as she panicked, chuckling to himself as he went to stand. Despite everything, Clothovera was still asleep, still letting out weak grunts. Sefarina chuckled slightly to herself, as she then turned back to Clothovera.

  • Sefarina - Wakey, wakey, rise and shine!
  • Clothovera - Nuuh...not there...yes there...

The armored human was still with his face planted on the floor, apparently unconscious. Kanna approached the armoured human and sighed. He lifted his arms and began to drag the man across the floor, grunting as he did.

The Bronze ElfEdit

As the winds calmed, a bestial noise could be heard not too far away. It sounded vaguely reptilian. The Sea Witch sneezed salty water on Clothovera, causing her to wake up in a panic and throw Nyakik upwards.

  • Clothovera - Aaaagh!
  • Ndrhthryr - Wait. You hear that?
  • Kanna - I wish I didn't.
  • Archavior - More Keldhoros?
  • Sefarina - Oh, stuff is happening? Okay, I'll get ready.

And, all of a sudden, stood an immense creature. Its back was nearly at the same height of Earath, and it was decorated in metallic bronze paint, glyphs all over it. Chained to its back seemed to be a saddle, and on the saddle, sat a Deiwos of sorts. Archavior glared at the Deiwos in the saddle and readied his axe out of caution as he stood back up and paced over

  • ??? - Whoa, whoa. I mean no harm.
  • Kanna - Tell that to the last woman I bedded.
  • Earath - Who are you?
  • Latar - Friends!

The Deiwos looked confused. He was short by stature, no taller than five feet. He wore a face mask made of bone, and, like the paint on the reptilian steed, his skin was a rich, metallic bronze.

  • ??? - Well, my name is Ormec. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  • Ndrhthryr - Not meaning to sound rude...but what are you exactly?
  • Sefarina - Hi. I'm Sefarina Brightwing. Pleasure to meet you too.
  • Kanna - You give names way too easily.
  • Latar - That's Mikko.

Latar showed her rock to the stranger.

  • Ormec - Well, nice to meet you all. And the rock as well. ...And what am I? Well. I guess it's not a common thing for travellers to come across Bronze Elves.
  • Earath - Bronze Elves? I've never heard of them.
  • Sefarina - What's an elf?

Earath looked at Sefarina with a weirded look.

  • Khadia - This girl cannot be serious...
  • Earath - I hope you're joking.
  • Sefarina - No. I've never heard of one.
  • Kanna - Well, not Bronze Elves for sure.
  • Latar - Elves are these small creatures who make presents for Wintersday. Ever seen them? I have.
  • Clothovera - Elves are literally the most populous Deiwos, you dumb. Pointy ears? Hello?

Clothovera pointed at her own pointed ears.

  • Sefarina - ...No...?
  • Latar - I too have pointy ears!
  • Earath - How do you hope to be so far from home if you don't even know what an elf is?
  • Sefarina - Oh! You guys are elves? Oh cool. I thought you were...actually I didn't know what you were...oh well. It comes with the hair colour I guess.
  • Khadia - Or your ugly face, there's that.
  • Sefarina - Need I remind you who won in our little duel?

Ormec's ears twitched. They were large and, quite rightly, pointy.

  • Archavior - And the Kelodhros you are using as a common horse?
  • Ormec - Yep. One of the biggest predators in the south as well. Quite clever isn't it? So, what brings you to this part of the world?
  • Pelagrios - Simply put it? Treasure hunting.
  • Ormec - Treasure hunting? In this part of the world?

The armored human then woke up, and immediately threw his arms up. Kanna screamed as the armoured human awoke and leaped into the air. Archavior's vision darted in surprise and groaned.

  • ??? - Irisis was praised this night!
  • Sefarina - Oh, he's awake! Urm, hi!
  • Latar - We're going to have a celebration there. Care to join in?
  • Ormec - Celebration...where?
  • Archavior - I could do with eating something large about now.
  • Sea Witch - Hmmm...bronze elf...bronze...

The Sea Witch walked up to Pelagrios.

  • Sea Witch - You think this bronze guy can translate gold things?

Pelagrios shrugged his shoulders.

  • Pelagrios - We're going off to the Orichalcum Elf tombs.

Ormec paused. He then looked at the scroll that Pelagrios had on his back, and his eyes widened.

  • Ormec - Where...did you come across that?
  • ??? - Orichalcum? I love orichalcum. It is one of the most grossly incandescent metals of all!
  • Archavior - Am I going to recieve any share at all the way we recruit strangers.
  • Earath - I don't think you realize how valuable Orichalcum Elf treasures are.
  • Archavior - I am well aware, which is why I would not appreciate wialking away with only a small share.
  • Latar - In an old elf castle!
  • Pelagrios - What's it to you?
  • Ormec - Well. That's an Orichalcum Elf scroll.

Pelagrios' brow raised.

  • Pelagrios - Say, do you know how to read these here glyphs?

Ormec took the scroll. He opened it partially, and then looked at the team.

  • Ormec - ...No. But...I might know someone who can. He's pretty clever in that field.
  • Pelagrios - where do we go?
  • Ormec - Well, you'll have to follow me. Unfortunately this guy doesn't get out much. You're in for a treat, as well.
  • Sea Witch - Eh. Nothing we're not already used to.
  • Kanna - I'm not used to following dragons.
  • Ormec - Well, you're lucky in the respect that where we're going is only a twenty minute walk...that way. I'd follow closely. I've heard rumours that there are demons walking about these parts.
  • Earath - Yeah. We kinda just met one.
  • Ormec - Well, you'll have to tell me about it. I like stories. Got a few myself.

Ormec's steed turned around as he then travelled the way he came from.

  • Archavior - Oh do you now?
  • Kanna - I caught a disease from a wench once. Or did I give her the disease? Not too sure.

The armored human threw himself up and eagerly followed Ormec, followed by Earath and the Sea Witch. Clothovera walked awkwardly, followed by Nyakik who let out a sigh.

  • Ormec - Oh, nothing as impressive as military campaigns to save the world or anything. You see, being from where I'm from, you don't get out much. Mainly because it's dangerous.
  • Ndrhthryr - You're not really living then.
  • Khadia - Well, the world is an ugly place. *she looked towards Sefarina* Clearly.
  • Sefarina - It's dangerous to get out where I live. But I do all the time. I almost never leave the woods though, but I did today.
  • Ormec - Yeah? Twenty million Shiarchon looking for you because you're hiding things that they want? Bah, I've said too much already.
  • Sefarina - Oh...well, maybe not that dangerous...
  • Latar - Found him!

Latar grabbed a rock in a pile of sand and hugged it.

  • Latar - Mikko-kun~
  • ??? - What's this about not living?
  • Ndrhthryr - Cool it, human. We're both armoured and can't get out of it.
  • ??? - But are you a ghost?
  • Ndrhthryr - Dunno.
  • ??? - Well I'm a ghost. Funny, right? Pleased to meet you. My name is Norrigan of Aynach.
  • Sefarina - Oooh, I've always wanted to meet a ghost!
  • Kanna - Where?

Norrigan put his hands on his chest and began rubbing himself.

  • Norrigan - Everywhere.
  • Ndrhthryr - Name's...Ndrhthryr. Don't ask me where it came from. I don't know.

Archavior groaned and continued travelling behind.

  • Kanna - Umm... okay then. Keep rubbing your chest and not mine, then we'll get along better than last time.
  • Latar - Rubbing chests. Rubbing chests...
  • Kanna - Don't even think about it, Latar. My chest is not for rubbing.
  • Norrigan - Let us proceed then, my new companions. I'm not interested in treasure, only in vanquising the darkness of this land.
  • Sefarina - Well, shouldn't find any darkness in any land here.
  • Norrigan - Silly, I mean demons and devils and other nasty scoundrels like that.
  • Sefarina - Demons, devils, nasty scoundrels? Hah, like any of them will come here! I being naive again?
  • Sea Witch - Extremely so.
  • Sefarina - Oh...
  • Sea Witch - What do you mean with ghost, guy? You look fully alive to me.
  • Norrigan - Ah, you see, I've been dead for over 50 years, but I'm cursed and cannot rest in peace until I achieve my goal. And once I do, I'll finally be laid to rest.

Twenty minutes passed, until an open field was visible. There was small, ruined obelisks darted around the field.

  • Pelagrios - ...Picnic time?
  • Ormec - What? No. This is it. The entrance.

Latar closed her eyes, reminscing something - what, nobody was sure.

  • Pelagrios - To the tombs?
  • Ormec - Nope. The front door to my house. In a way.
  • Ndrhthryr - So...what we gonna do? Knock?
  • Ormec - Yeah. Exactly.

Under Ormec's saddle, he grabbed a walking stick made of mahogany. Ormec beat the pommel of his saddle with the end of the stick three times. A brief moment of time passed before heavy moving sounds from the earth emerged. The very land itself morphed - at the ends of the obelisks, the ground began to shift downwards, in numerous directions until there was nothing but a hole in the ground, and large, marble staircases plunging underground.

  • Sea Witch - Woah. Nice.
  • Ormec - Well. There we go. And down you go.
  • Archavior - Now this looks much more promising.
  • Pelagrios - So...where are the tombs?
  • Ormec - Fair distance from here. We'll get there later.
  • Kanna - I wish my home had something like this installed. I also wish I had a home.
  • Clothovera - Teacher, can we make one of these for our home?
  • Sea Witch - This looks too complicated for my liking so no.
  • Sefarina - Oooh, this looks so cool!
  • Ormec - Well, this was here before we settled here. Orichalcum Elf engineering and whatnot.
  • Pelagrios - Well, no time like the present.
  • Norrigan - Let's move, friends. No point admiring the floor.

Pelagrios took the first step. A drunken tilt, and he was sent down the stairs tumbling, making groaning sounds as he did so.

  • Ndrhthryr - ...This is the greatest pirate of the south-west?

The Bronze CityEdit

Ormec lead the team far into the depths of the marble staircase. Meeting Pelagrios at the bottom, who was dusting off himself from falling, met themselves at a narrow opening in the wall, marked greatly by fiery light.

  • Ormec - Well, here's the entrance.
  • Kanna - You first.
  • Pelagrios - Ow. That's the last time I drink before I step.
  • Khadia - Drink-stepping costs lives.

Ormec moved on forward again, astride his great beast. Moving through the opening, he revealed to them the underground civilisation of the Bronze Elves. Many buildings were hewn into the wall, with additional openings to hold lanterns to light up the would-be-dark cave. The town itself was bustling with hundreds of Bronze Elves, as the cave was cut in two by a blackened crevice.

  • Clothovera - [This looks like a dump.]
  • Kanna - It looks like a rat's nest... Not that that's a bad thing. Very clever.

Archavior looked about as he walked on all four legs, towering over the elven crowds that walked between the buildings. He looked around with caution and curiosity, examining his surroundings very carefully. The crevice itself was bridged by access of a spine of a skeletal dragon, suspended from the cave's ceiling by ropes. The dragon itself in size was immense. The immense pillars constructed by the Bronze Elves were painted in bronze glyphs.

  • Kanna - Hey dragon-man, that a friend of yours?

Archavior looked towards the skeleton that bridged the crevice.

  • Archavior - That skeleton does not look familiar no, but if it was one of my kin then it would have been ancient.

To the far left, the team noticed that a portion of the cave was sectioned off by a wall, perhaps twenty feet thick. Numerous Bronze Elf guards patrolled the area. Bronze elves were pulling something that was laid on a great wooden wagon, seemingly dead.

  • Kanna - So, remind me shorty, why do the Bronze Elves hide underground? You seem pretty efficient.
  • Ormec - Simple. Shiarchon.
  • Ndrhthryr - And what's that they're pulling over there?
  • Kanna - Whatever they're pulling, it smells horrendous.

The wagon that was being pulled eventually stopped in front of the team. What was laid on it was rather ghastly and disgusting to behold, as it seemed to be in a state beyond death - however emotionless.

  • Ormec - Ah. Yes, we get these quite a lot. Chimera.
  • Khadia - Looks like Kanna when he awakes.
  • Kanna - Looks like you during all hours.
  • Archavior - Disgusting.
  • Clothovera - Reminds me of the three-headed hydra.
  • Ormec - That's why that entire area over there has been walled-off. Chimera have been attacking these parts for years. From portals.

Kanna approached the corpse, although he felt a sudden sense of repulsion and he gagged for breath, grasping his nose desparately.

  • Kanna - You... You don't eat that... do you?
  • Ormec - No...we just dump them off the side of the cliff or burn them. No one really knows how deep that chasm goes.

In the far distance to the right however, was a large structure that was decorated from an opening in the wall. It was adorned in colours of red and bore more glyphs at the entrance.

  • Archavior - You keep Keldhoros as companions and as riding beasts, do you not explore the chasm with them?
  • Ormec - If we go down there, how do we get back up? There are no wings on these things.
  • Earath - I wouldn't call these dragons at all.
  • Khadia - And what is that, over there?
  • Pelagrios - I wonder what they do for drinks here.

Khadia pointed towards the structure with her bow.

  • Ormec - That over there, is my friend's place. He'll help us with that there scroll.
  • Kanna - You must have friends in "high" places.

Khadia groaned at Kanna and shoved past him, resisting the urge to stab him with one of her arrows. Ormec moved on in the direction of the location, moving past bustling trading stalls as he went. Archavior grunted and kept his wings folded in, feeling uncomfortable amongst the crowds that walked past

  • Norrigan - These bronze glyphs everywhere remind me of a man I fought on numerous occasions. He used to call himself the "Father of Giants".
  • Khadia - Sounds like an imposing, grotesque creature.
  • Norrigan - Indeed. He wore a bronze, strange mask, and carried a sword three times his size.
  • Pelagrios - Eh? Never heard of him.
  • Norrigan - I forgot to mention, he was an absolute psychopath. Killed entire cities worth of people. The Father of Giants killed me multiple times too. He was a juggernaut. Kind of like our strange-named friend over there, except he was clearly human.

Norrigan pointed at Ndrhthryr.

  • Ormec - Big bronze juggernaut? Never heard of anything like that before.
  • Norrigan - It must be because he's already dead. Died decades ago.
  • Khadia - Something even stronger? A dragon? Shiarchon?
  • Norrigan - His death tale is one of my favorites. He saw a Smeever and challenged it. He then swung his greatsword at the poor lizard's direction with so much strength that he launched himself forward. What he didn't notice, though, was that he was standing right next to a cliff.

Pelagrios laughed as he drew strange looks from the Bronze Elves. Khadia giggled to herself while keeping her face hidden with her cloak, Kanna walked closely behind Ormec. He kept an eye on Norrigan as he felt nervous, remaining self-conscious around the human figure and making sure he kept his hands to himself.

  • Pelagrios - Oho, not even I'm that stupid!
  • Norrigan - A well deserved death for the Father of Giants, I'd say. No one liked him and I bet no one misses him.
  • Ormec - That's one way to die, I guess. What happened to the Smeever?
  • Norrigan - He crouched and evaded the attack completely.
  • Ormec - So this man wasn't very intelligent then.
  • Sea Witch - Not even Clothovera is that bad with a sword.
  • Clothovera - Hey!
  • Kanna - Don't worry sweetheart, I'm sure the Sea Witch doesn't mean anything by it. ...Well, I'm sure she does, but you don't need to know that.
  • Norrigan - He surely wasn't. When I met him, I tried to talk him down, and all he did was scream "giants, giants, giants", over and over again. Oh, and he also asked me what rings I had, for some reason.
  • Pelagrios - Wow.
  • Khadia - Father of Giants? More like Father the Deceased.

Norrigan let out a laugh.

  • Norrigan - Indeed, indeed...anyway, shall we move on?


The group eventually reached the entrance. Ormec dismounted his steed - on the ground, he was, however, taller than Clothovera.

  • Sea Witch - You Bronze Elves are rather short.
  • Ormec - Right. In we go. I'd call it wise to keep your hands to yourself. He doesn't really like guests touching things...nor does he really like guests.
  • Kanna - We should leave the Sea-Cutter outside if that is the case.
  • Pelagrios - I'll be on my best behaviour. I have the scroll.
  • Ormec - And...yes. I am short. How's the weather up there?
  • Norrigan - Sunny as it should be.

Norrigan put his hands up and stood static.

  • Khadia - What... are you doing? Are you a flower?
  • Norrigan - Ssh. I'm busy.

Khadia pouted and moved on away from Norrigan. Norrigan then relaxed and looked forward.

  • Norrigan - Okay, I'm done.

Archavior nodded and kept quiet. Ormec nodded and walked in. The team following after, they found that the room was a large, cylindrical hall, with a staircase following its shape up into other rooms. Most of the lower room had many odd trinkets embedded into the wall and even more curiosities laden over the stone desks. Much like the outside, the room was warm and greatly lit. It was also decorated with similar red tapestries.

  • Ormec - Sev? You in?
  • Pelagrios - Sev?
  • Ormec - Not his actual name. It's too long for me to remember.
  • Kanna - His favourite colour is blue it seems.
  • Ndrhthryr - You colour-blind?
  • Kanna - No, I suffer from sarcasm.
  • Earath - And that's why I'm your only friend.

A great, powerful voice echoed from the upstairs as it filled the lower hall.

  • Sev - Ormec? You know I do not like guests.
  • Ormec - Yes, yes I know, but they have something interesting here! Something really really interesting!
  • Sev - If it's another golden goblet, Ormec, then I am not interested.
  • Ormec - Actually, it's a scroll. I think it's to do with the royal tombs, you know.

Ormec paused.

  • Ormec - Ah, here he comes. Don't stare at him, he doesn't like that.
  • Kanna - How could I stare? Probably doesn't even meet my eye level.
  • Ormec - Actually he's pretty tall.
  • Clothovera - I bet he has nothing for me to stare Forget I said anything.

Archavior nodded and sat down, resting his behind on the floor and straightening himself, resting his arms on his knees. From the staircase, a great figure walked down the staircase dressed in regal red and golden clothing. He stood perhaps twelve and a half feet tall, and had long, nearly wild golden hair that complimented the rest of his golden body. His eyes were a piercing, sun-bright yellow as his facial features were as powerful as they were dazzling. Pelagrios' jaw dropped as he stared at the being walking towards them

  • Sea Witch - Wah...
  • Clothovera - Eeee...
  • Kanna - ...I never thought I'd see anything that would make me reconsider breasts.
  • Latar - Shiny!
  • Sev - I really do not appreciate it when you call me Sev, Ormec. My name is Septimus.
  • Ormec - Bah, Septimus, Sev...
  • Norrigan - I am suddenly filled with feelings of jealously.
  • Khadia - ...He's ugly, Khadia. Ugly, very ugly. Nobody is as attractive as an orc. Keep telling yourself that.
  • Septimus - Now, what do you want? I don't generally accept guests but my friend here insists. Speak.

While everyone admired Septimus, Earath scratched his head in indifferent.

  • Earath - Why is everyone making so much of a deal? I don't get it.
  • Ormec - Not a big deal? Don't you know an Orichalcum Elf when he looks at you?
  • Septimus - I prefer the term 'Ancient Golden Elf' myself.
  • Ormec - Right, right, tomato.
  • Latar - Orichalcum? So you're made of yellow rocks!
  • Earath - Well, of course I don't, they're supposed to be extinct.

Septimus looked at Earath with considerable disbelief.

  • Septimus - You're not very bright, are you?
  • Earath - I'm a warrior, not a scholar.
  • Kanna - And you say I'm rude.
  • Earath - And I'm not wrong.
  • Septimus - Hmph. Very well. Say your piece and leave.
  • Clothovera - S-stupid snake man, don't bother the Golden Elf man, he surely has better things to worry about than your "ignorance"!
  • Kanna - Why is the witch girl drooling?
  • Clothovera - Eep! N-no, I'm not!

Latar showed Septimus her pet rock with a ditzy-looking smile on her face.

  • Latar - I am Ophellatar. Latar, for friends! And that's Mikko, and he is very happy to see another rock like him!

Kanna tugged on Latar's arm and pulled her, and Mikko, away from Septimus.

  • Kanna - That's enough outta you, I think.
  • Latar - Hey!

Latar covered herself - and Mikko in thorny vines.

  • Latar - Why did you do that?
  • Kanna - Well for starters I can assure you, Latar, that the nice man is anything but a rock.
  • Latar - He is a Gold Elf! Gold is worthless yellow rocks!
  • Khadia - Stinky fish man, show him the scroll.
  • Pelagrios - Wow. Uh...Hi. I'm Pelagrios. Sea-Cutter. And I have this here scroll that mister Bronze Elf here thought you mind find interesting.

Pelagrios offered the scroll to Septimus as he took it out of his hand. Opening it briefly, his eyes became sharper and brighter as he then closed it and faced the team.

  • Septimus - ...How did you come by this, half-elf?
  • Pelagrios - I got it in an archaeological --
  • Septimus - Tell me the truth.
  • Pelagrios - ...Fine. I stole it.
  • Septimus - From Kinmorunddraver World-Walker?
  • Norrigan - Now that is a ridiculous name, I should say.
  • Pelagrios - ...Yes? How did you know?

Septimus walked across the hall, picking up a large chalice filled with wine, holding the scroll in another.

  • Septimus - I entrusted this scroll to the World-Walker before my brother could get his hands on it.
  • Sea Witch - Your brother?
  • Septimus - My brother, Constantius.
  • Kanna - Sounds like a nice guy.
  • Earath - Why hide the tomb from your brother?
  • Septimus - Perhaps you would know myself and him from my full name. My name is Septimus Castus Matthais Laurentius.
  • Latar - Oooh.
  • Kanna - ...Nope, still not getting it.
  • Norrigan - I lost track after "Septimus".
  • Ormec - See? Lost it too.
  • Khadia - Not a clue.

Clothovera began checking her book.

  • Septimus - Hmph. You would know my brother now as Imperator Constantius Castus Matthais Laurentius. If he still lives that is. Fourteen millennia and I have heard nothing.
  • Kanna - Imperator? Now that sounds familiar.
  • Sea Witc - Imperator? Imperator Kalarah?
  • Latar - Wait!... ...That last name belongs to the Imperator of the Legion of Shiarchon after his corruption by Caligaduro Provectus and his exodus unto Abyssus!

Latar shook her head. Norrigan began shivering at the mention of the name "Caligaduro Provectus".

  • Latar - Why do I know that?
  • Septimus - Then he still lives. ...Unfortunate.
  • Sea Witch - Oh yeah, he does. I've met him in person months ago. Not the most pleasant man.
  • Latar - You should find him a girlfriend! Then he will definitely be friends with you again!
  • Ndrhthryr - And that's where I call 'crossing a line' with the royalty.
  • Septimus - And not very many people dare call the Adversary by his true name. You have either confidence, insanity, or stupidity, young one.
  • Kanna - I think she has all of the above.
  • Pelagrios - Oh yeah.
  • Sea Witch - Mostly the latter two.
  • Latar - Confinsantupidy!
  • Kanna - Now you see what I have to put up with.
  • Earath - Are you calling me stupid and insane?
  • Kanna - I'm not not calling you stupid and insane.
  • Earath - Don't make me shout you over the horizon again.
  • Septimus - I suppose you want the vaults of treasure, immeasurable count of gold, enough for you to buy Isiris eight times over.

Norrigan turned his head to Septimus immediately.

  • Norrigan - Isiris?
  • Pelagrios - Yeah. That would be nice.
  • Sea Witch - Well you got us. That's why we're here.
  • Septimus - And why would I let you take the wealth of my people for your use?
  • Kanna - ...Because you're a nice, kind charitable figure and we know no better?
  • Archavior - You left it in the ground, it is no longer yours.
  • Norrigan - Now, I'm not part of this treasure-gathering team, but what use do the treasures have when they're not being used?

Septimus walked away from the team. At the back of the hall, he was facing an ancient suit of magnificent golden armour, decorated with numerous jewels.

  • Septimus - I suppose I could call this an opportune moment. There is, in fact, something I desire that has been locked away in the necropolis for millennia. A crown.
  • Kanna - Shotgun! ...Whatever that means.
  • Sea Witch - So you want to come with us and get that crown, eh? Sounds fair, as long as you translate the map.
  • Septimus - The crown belonged to Marcus Castus, my ancestor who ruled four thousand years before me. I retrieve this crown, and you may have your share to the treasures that lie in the tombs.
  • Earath - Sounds good to me. Welcome to the team.
  • Clothovera - Yess...welcome...
  • Kanna - Seriously witchy, you're leaving a mess on the floor.

Chimera AttackEdit

In the distance, the other side of the city, a deep horn, followed by three lighter horns sounded. Archavior turned his head in the direction of the horn and growled.

  • Ormec - Oh, that isn't good.
  • Sea Witch - What's this?
  • Ormec - Chimera are attacking.
  • Kanna - Oh, how very convenient.
  • Norrigan - Forces of darkness? We must go and destroy them now!
  • Septimus - Then this would be a good chance to prove your worth to me, and, to prove that you are worthy of taking treasures of mine home with you.

Septimus sat down at the desk, in a large wooden chair.

  • Septimus - I will translate this while you are gone. If you die, then I will go to the tombs myself.
  • Sea Witch - Hmpf.
  • Archavior - I will assure you now, elf, we will not.
  • Septimus - Do not disappoint me then. A team such as yourself should find Chimera a chore. Especially if Bronze Elves can kill them.
  • Ormec - Hey!
  • Norrigan - Let us hurry, friends. To battle!
  • Pelagrios - Rightio then. Ladies first.
  • Sea Witch - Hey. You're gonna help.

Ndrhthryr proceeded to kick Pelagrios out of the door - him being the first to leave.

  • Sea Witch - That works.
  • Pelagrios - Right right.

The team rushed across the city, through the sprawling crowd. They reached the walls in short time, where numerous guards were sounding more and more horns.

  • Bronze Elf Guard - Thank Isiris you're here. We've got a real big problem going on down there.
  • Kanna - Oh really? I would never have known.
  • Norrigan - Praise Isiris, friend! The devils of the Adversary shall feel my incandescent bolts of retribution!

Norrigan charged ahead of the team.

  • Ndrhthryr - He's a dead man.
  • Sea Witch - Literally. Anyway, everyone prepare yourselves.
  • Bronze Elf Guard - We've got a big one coming through. About three thousand feet down the tunnel. If it gets through it's going to destroy the city!

Archavior nodded and stood on his hind legs, drawing his axe from his back as he looked towards the depths.

  • Khadia - I am always prepared.
  • Kanna - Well aren't you a steady bitch.

The Sea Witch surrounded herself in energy and turned herself into her chubby dragon form. Clothovera channeled dark magic on her hands while Earath prepared his sword.

  • Pelagrios - Right. Lemme just inebriate myself a lot.

The team quickly sprinted through the gate of the wall, into the tunnel. Pelagrios remained on the outside for a few seconds, before drunkenly running in, unsheathing his sword. Kanna drew his two blades and channelled Source energies into his palms; cryomancy in one palm, pyromancy in the other. Khadia loaded her bow with an ice-tipped arrow. As they entered the tunnel, the colour from the city drained entirely. There was nothing apart from pitch black, and deathly cold white lights which gleamed further down the tunnel. The shadows on the wall, which revealed an approaching monster, showed it was almost spider-like in figure.

Norrigan was already ahead, charging thunderbolts on his hand and throwing them at the monster. Kanna slashed the air with his blades, sending ribbons of immense heat and cold towards the monster as it made its demonic approach. The chimera's legs crawled over the tunnels, revealing itself to be immense in stature. Perhaps two hundred metres in length, the front of the body had spider-legs, accompanied with vaguely Kelodhros like arms whilst the rest of the body was a long, snake like tail. The face was an amalgamation of a Deiwos and a Kelodhros skull with nine eyes. Archavior slammed his foot into the ground and spread his wings in a defensive stance.

  • Ndrhthryr - ...And I thought my shadow was scary.
  • Latar - Mikko! Where are you when you need him! - Latar grabbed her rock abd embraced it tentatively - Just so you know, I've always loved you, even if I am a Daisarvi and you are an o- - Latar was interrupted by the beast's slow and relentless approach - No! Don't scare Mikko!

Pelagrios wailed out as he held his sword.

  • Pelagrios - This is the worst drink I've ever had! And the spider-thing is scary too!
  • Sea Witch - Then let's get rid of it!

The chimera roared - sounding like an undead screech, it caused the tunnel to tremble as it rushed towards the team with considerable speed for its size.

  • Kanna - Don't worry, I didn't need sleep anyway.

Archavior's axe burned with a blue fire and she charged forward, intending to slash at the spider's legs as he ran for it. The Sea Witch fired a blast of water from her mouth at the Chimera, while Clothovera threw fireballs out of her hands. Norrigan kept attacking it with his thunderbolts.

  • Clothovera - Hexus Diabolus!
  • Norrigan - Halt, damn you!

Kanna continued sending waves of freezing cold and melting heat towards the monster before making an approach, rushing at it with the intent to jab its underside. The creature hid its head behind its arms, as its spider-legs jutted at the team, causing tonnes of rocks to come off from the walls. Latar conjured a small twig in her hand and turned it into a gnarly staff, and then sent a bolt of blinding green lightning from its tip - creating a torrent of pure life that spawned thorns and vines all over the creature and the walls. Khadia fired her ice-tipped arrows towards the creature's eyes and joints, screaming as she looked upon it.

  • Nyakik - I do not like spiders. Make it go away.
  • Clothovera - Are you being serious right now?!

Archavior braced at the flying rocks and swung his axe to slice at one of the legs. The creature struggled to break free of the thorns, but as it revealed its face again, it spat out jets of black liquids at the team.

  • Latar - Spiders. Why does it have to be spiders? Spiders aren't cute!

Kanna slammed his hand against the ground as he retreated several meters away from the beast, causing towers of incinerating fire to erupt from the floor in the creature's direction. Norrigan rolled away to evade the liquid. The Sea Witch levitated up to the creature's eye level and breathed water at it again. The creature fell to the floor, but the tail beat against the tunnel violently, shaking the team from the floor. Archavior slammed his feet against the floor, intending to plant himself in the ground and used his axe for support as the ground shook.

  • Khadia - I can't fire like this!

Ndrhthryr took the opportunity to run towards the chimera, taking heavy swings at the beast's legs. Earath charged at the creature, slashing at its face with his sword. Norrigan took his greatsword with both of his hands and also attacked.

  • Norrigan - The Enemy will remain buried!
  • Latar - ...This will make you cuter!

The Daisarvi conjured a long speartip on top of her staff and tossed it at the beast with unmatched force; as it tore through its skin, flowers and leaves sprang from it, covering the Chimera.

  • Latar - See! Cute!

Kanna planted another hand to the ground and caused ice to sprout from the tunnel floor, rising up the creature's legs so as to stop it from moving. The creature's face was cut by Earath's attack, causing the same black liquid to fall from its face. It crawled to the ceiling of the tunnel, attacking the team from upside down. The tail started to shovel rocks at the team as it planted itself. Earath crouched to evade the rocks, while the Sea Witch broke them with her water blasts and Clothovera took cover behind her. Norrigan was hit by a rock and launched away from the team, falling on his head.

The Chimera screeched out again, before returning the ground. Its posture was slumped as it guarded its face, still using its tail. Archavior removed his axe from the ground and charged, swinging it horizontally with the intent to slice the beast's legs into pieces. Khadia screeched as a rock approached to collide with her, but she was kicked out of the way by Kanna who took the brunt of its collapsing force. Whincing with agonizing pain, he threw the rock towards the Chimera with anger.

Earath began slashing at the Chimera's tail to get it out of the way. The Sea Witch ran up to the monster and began clawing it with her own dragon claws. The chimera's leg fell from its body as it lost its grip from the tunnel wall, causing it to slide down the tunnel slightly. The remaining legs insanely stabbed at the team in desperation.

  • Earath - We're almost there, team!

Archavior swung his axe frantically in order to cut at the flailing legs, his axe burning and setting alite any wounds it created. Pelagrios, in random drunk stupor, threw his sword directly at one of the legs. It caused the leg to detach from the wall, before Archavior's swings caused to fall to the floor again.

  • Clothovera - Hexus Debilitas!

Clothovera launched a spell at the chimera in an attempt to paralyze it. Kanna spread his hand open and launched lasers of incinerating fire from his fingertips towards the creature, concentrating the amount of force he was exerting. The Chimera slowed down, allowing for the team to deal its final bouts of damage to it.

  • Kanna - If you can't stand the heat, get the fuck away from the city!

Norrigan suddenly leaped into the air with his greatsword in hands and slammed it into the Chimera's head. The combined assault, finished by Norrigan's attack, caused the Chimera to screech one more time, before going limp and sliding back down the tunnel into the portal.

  • Khadia - Good riddance.
  • Ndrhthryr - I didn't know things like that even existed.
  • Archavior - They are not supposed to.

Norrigan did a back flip and landed in front of the team, posing with his arms up.

  • Norrigan - Praise!
  • Kanna - Umm... p-praise Isiris?

Norrigan grabbed Kanna and lifted him up the floor cheerfully.

  • Norrigan - Exactly!

Kanna screamed and wiggled in Norrigan's grasps.

  • Sea Witch - Phew...this is not the first Chimera I meet...not the strongest either.
  • Clothovera - Guys, we should, like, go back to the handso-erm, Orichalcum Elf now.

Latar approached the Chimera's dead body gracefully, her features glistening in the dim light of the cavern, and then looked at the corpse with a feeling of depression and yet, hope.

  • Latar - And will he not come again? And will he not come again?
  • Ndrhthryr - Sure hope not. That was the scariest thing I've seen since Pelagrios' drinking habit.
  • Sea Witch - You want to see scary? Visit the Fog Forest someday.

atar pet the corpse gently, her hands burning with green fire; it didn't destroy though, but rather changed changed the land, making it blossom and bloom with flowers and plants. What was strange is that Latar apparently grew them into shape, turning them into a humanoid figure - muscular, belligerent, almost orclike, but also carrying in its stature a certain sense of serenity, tranquility... and grief.

  • Latar - There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that's for thoughts... Ah, what a work of art. How noble in form and faculty...

To the NecropolisEdit

Face in a CliffEdit

The team had made their way out of the underground city of the Bronze Elves. Ormec had left them behind, showing no interest into exploring the tombs of the Orichalcum Elves. Septimus took to wearing lavender robes accompanied by a funerary mask, which concealed his appearance as one of the ancient mer. The sun was high in the sky as the team made a short journey down the road. Septimus, however was astride a large horse, armoured in steel. Archavior walked on all fours alongside the group with his axe strapped to his thigh. He kept a stern gaze on each member of the group, while spending some time looking towards the sky above. Septimus held the scroll that Pelagrios found in his pack, with Pelagrios seemingly forgetting it because he was too drunk to remember.

  • Pelagrios - Did the...walking gnome tell us how far it was?
  • Sea Witch - Not exactly.

The Sea Witch walked on close to Septimus, while behind her, Norrigan strolled cheerfully, giving Clothovera a piggyback ride. The young witch's expression was of amusement, with slighty shyness. Kanna walked alongside Earath with his face to the ground, watching as his feet kicked up dirt. Khadia strode behind him lazily, holding her bow loosely.

  • Septimus - It is but a short walk from here. An hour at the very most.
  • Earath - The sooner we get there, the sooner the real adventure starts.
  • Kanna - The sooner we get there, the quicker we can leave.
  • Norrigan - Leave? Why would you want to leave? We have barely arrived!
  • Archavior - Remember that I am only here because you all promised me additions to my hoard. I have more important matters that I am leaving behind following you all.
  • Norrigan - Ah, cheer up, draconic fellow. It's a beautiful day today!
  • Archavior - Do not tell me how to feel, spectre.
  • Norrigan - Fine, suit yourself. But remember, frowning too much gives you wrinkles! Hehahahahaha!
  • Ndrhthryr - I might take some of that rum while we're at it.
  • Pelagrios - your own rum. Rum is mine. Rum is always mine...did you know Riad likes rum? Better than that godawful drink that they have. You know...Snow Elves.
  • Septimus - Snow Elves? You mean the elves from the north?
  • Pelagrios - Yeah...yeah. Their drink is atrocious. It's like...fermented blood...vinegar and a few dashings of salt.
  • Kanna - Sounds like the dragon guy had plenty of that this morning.
  • Sea Witch - Riad is an okay guy. Though I bet he wouldn't want to meet up with me again after the whole Infernos Mons incident.
  • Kanna - Being fair I wouldn't want to meet up with any of you after this whole incident. Aside from Earath, because he won't leave me alone.
  • Earath - Because you're not the one following me because you're too lonely.
  • Archavior - You asked a mountain lord to join you to fetch a treasure hoard. My status means I lead armies, not follow them.
  • Khadia - You say you're a dragon, but you speak like swine.
  • Archavior - Continue in that tone, elf, go ahead. I may have some room.
  • Norrigan - Dear heavens, you're the most unhappy people I've ever traveled with.
  • Pelagrios - Kinmorunddraver...would have shut you all up by glad I'm drunk.

Septimus chuckled, mocking Pelagrios in his laugh.

  • Kanna - And these are the people I'm sharing treasure with. Fantastic.

An hour later, the team came to a cliff face, nearing the coast. It was not apparent to any traveller who passed it, but the cliff face was engraved with a face. Similar to that of Septimus' own face.

  • Kanna - What an ugly mug.
  • Sea Witch - I take this is it.
  • Septimus - ...Indeed. The face is that of my ancestor, Emperor Castus. I take it most of you have heard of him.
  • Kanna - Not at all, actually.
  • Ndrhthryr - Yeah. Seen a few sculptures of him in places.
  • Sea Witch - Not really.
  • Archavior - One of the last kings of the Golden Imperium according to what few scrolls I have discovered.
  • Khadia - I have heard the names of many Emperors. Castus being one of them.
  • Septimus - At least our Dragon-lord and Forest-elf are cultured.
  • Sea Witch - I live in a cave. That's how cultured I am.

Pelagrios, however, was vomiting into a nearby bush.

  • Khadia - I'm not an elf.
  • Septimus - ...The Forest-Deiwos...then.
  • Khadia - Orc. I'm an orc. Lesha orc.
  • Norrigan - No you're not.

Archavior cracked a slight smile towards Septimus before he looked back at the rock face above. The great mouth of the face sculpted into the mountain seemed to have the mouth break away from the rest of its visage. The mouth appeared to open. Pelagrios walked back over, breathing heavily.

  • Pelagrios - I take it you need a password to get in?
  • Septimus - Yes...of course.
  • Pelagrios - ...And what is it?
  • Septimus - should be in the scroll. Let me see.
  • Kanna - Orichalcum Elf structures need a "remember password for this site" spell.
  • Clothovera - "Site"?
  • Ndhrthryr - You speak a strange language, Lagosi. Strange.
  • Archavior - Golden Elves can remember more than most of you ever could.
  • Nyakik - You included, scaled giant.
  • Kanna - You need to remember that we're the ones sharing our treasure with you, scaley.

Septimus pulled the scroll from his pack, unfurling it and reading the cryptic language upon it. After a few minutes of waiting, Septimus rolled the scroll back up, and placed it back in the bag.

  • Septimus - Of course...Kinmorunddraver changed the spell of this entry.
  • Sea Witch - Well damnit. What do we do then?

Septimus dismounted his steed, looking up at the face. It was perhaps twenty metres high from the ground.

  • Kanna - Pretty diabolical that, changing people's passwords without permission.
  • Septimus - I know the password, witch. Kinmorunddraver wrote it in the scroll.
  • Sea Witch - Why did you not say it yet, then?
  • Khadia - Atmosphere. Tension. Suspense. Plot.
  • Septimus - Because I am just about to. Patience, young one.
  • Archavior - He knew it was Kimnorunndraver who changed it.
  • Sea Witch - Well stop wasting our time.

Septimus' posture rose, holding his hands out and facing the door. His palms began to glow, as what seemed sunlight passed out of his fingertips. Norrigan began shivering.

  • Kanna - Ah crap, damnit! Careful!

Kanna shielded his eyes and fell back. Archavior turned his head away as the light intensified, merely closing his eyes to protect himself

  • Earath - Weirdo.
  • Septimus - "Kratadethnamvaramahamáel-karandenvalest avaukralhedandriai traitestdhraelveí."

The eyes of the face glowed white, and the mouth opened in a complex fashion, the cheeks first, right down to the jaw pulled away as it revealed the staircase. Oddly, a warm air blasted out of the tombs as it hit the team.

  • Earath - Oooh. Interesting.
  • Khadia - I was always taught not to venture into a giant's mouth.
  • Pelagrios - Hey...that's not Old Tongue.
  • Septimus - Indeed it was not.
  • Clothovera - Sounded like offense.
  • Septimus - That would happen to be a phrase in the phoenix' language, girl.
  • Archavior - A password only Kimnorunndraver would understand...
  • Norrigan - Sounds like needless complicating. Now, shall we go in?
  • Kanna - Yes, let us wander into the jaws of a giant stone face. I'm so eager, you can see it on my own face.

Invincible EnemyEdit

Septimus lead the team in. The paths were made of hardened marble, and the tombs itself smelt of incense, which was strange for what a tomb would stereotypically smell like.

  • Clothovera - Smells like home...
  • Sea Witch - Which is weird.
  • Kanna - Strange, doesn't smell like old people for once.
  • Sea Witch - Yeah, I'm old, deal with it.

Archavior sniffed the air, sucking in vortices though his nostrils as he attempted to examine the scent

  • Septimus - It was customary for our dead to be buried in layers of bandages which contained sweet smelling flowers...and have incense burn upon their sealing within their chambers.
  • Ndhrthryr - Wish they could do that nowadays. It would make catacombs a lot more fruity.
  • Earath - Those are some old flowers then.

Khadia sneezed as she smelt the incense and held her nose, wiping it with her cloak. Kanna looked disgusted as she did so, sticking out his tongue with a scrunched up face.

  • Archavior - Yes that would explain the smell. But it has been fifteen millenia since the end of the Golden Imperium.
  • Septimus - My kin's bodies never rot.
  • Norrigan - That can't be healthy.
  • Archavior - Your bodies do not, but what about their adornmants?
  • Septimus - I would not know. I have no knowledge of these tombs apart from what is within this scroll.
  • Kanna - I can just imagine that scene where a Golden Elf family is having dinner and they don't know their great-uncle Frankius has died at the table from a heart attack.
  • Archavior - So your bodies never rot, it seems your kind are beyond death even when it takes you.

Passing through the first bridge, hatched railings to the left revealed what seemed to be infinite bridges and passages, almost like a city-sized cistern. Whilst it was not lit, faint outlines of the necropolis could be seen.

  • Septimus - ...Indeed.
  • Sea Witch - Their bodies are here, yeah. But the Reaper took their souls long ago.
  • Khadia - Their bodies refuse to return to the earth that birthed them. Ngh.

Nearing the end of the of the passage way, Ndhrthryr stepped on a pressure plate. Without a moment's notice, jets of flame engulfed his body with great furore. Septimus held his arm out to block the team from proceeding. Archavior quietly snarled towards the flames, irritated. As the flames died down, Ndrhthryr was hunched over, and his armour was red hot.

  • Clothovera - Yickes!
  • Ndrhthryr - ...Agh. I didn't know I was fireproof.
  • Kanna - Hey Earath, dare you to poke him.
  • Earath - How about no.

Walking on, the passage lead further down. Nearly five minutes of descending down winding staircases, they eventually landed upon the floor of the cisterns itself. The darkness of it all obscured a great deal of its vision. The heat of the tombs began to grow.

  • Sea Witch - Why is it so hot down here?
  • Septimus - Not quite sure myself.
  • Khadia - For a tomb, I expected it to be colder. Like death.
  • Archavior - I do not recall if dead golden elves radiate much heat.

Looking to his left, a glyph in ancient script was engraved into the wall. Pressing it, the panel sunk in to the wall, sparking a mechanism. A streak of flame lit up the left of the hall, and travelled around the great halls until it fully lit the entire complex. The halls and pillars were plated in completed gold, as a strange warmth entered the room, as if it were full of life.

  • Sea Witch - So much gold...
  • Archavior - Finally!
  • Kanna - Know what? I'm not even mad. This is impressive.

The pillars alone stood nearly fifty metres tall, and stood in arrays of nearly sixteen across and what seemed like two hundred down. Off the side walls, numerous passage ways left off to even further complexes within the tombs.

  • Nyakik - I claim this building.
  • Earath - Where do we even begin?
  • Khadia - Anybody have a pickaxe?
  • Archavior - How many do the dead reside here, is there any indication?
  • Septimus - Twenty three rulers of the Castus dynasty lived, and that was only twenty five thousand years of our history. The other...two hundred thousand or so is unknown. Quite possibly nearly two hundred emperors were buried here. And the dead who were buried here with them. Perhaps one million.

The walls had murals engraved into the wall of numerous tales from Orichalcum Elf culture, of which the feature wall, situated to their right, had a great picture of an immense dragon. Earath noticed the picture of the dragon and approached it to inspect it.

  • Earath - What's this about?
  • Kanna - Well, it's not like dragons are a symbol of power or strength or divinity or anything.
  • Archavior - Modern mortals revile or distrust drakes and kelodhros. But at one time, they were revered, some as gods.
  • Septimus - That dragon? I believe that is a Sun Drake. Our earliest mythology says that our kind was able to communicate with them.
  • Kanna - Wouldn't surprise me if you can speak to rock.
  • Norrigan - Sun Drake? You mean they are not mere fantasy?
  • Septimus - No. That bridge, back in the city with the Bronze Elves? The dragon spine? That was the spine of a Sun Drake.
  • Norrigan - Oh dear, oh my, oh heavens. How unlucky I am to have been born in a time where meeting such majestic creatures is impossible.
  • Khadia - Such creatures make me believe we are but all the more meager in the larger scope of things.
  • ??? - That, you all are.
  • Clothovera - W-who's there?!

Behind them, in the entrance of the staircase, stood two figures. One of them was female, very tall and adorned in intricate black armour. The other was of immense size, muscular, and his chest bare with crimson armour blocking his face. In his hand, was a sword of incredible size and weight.

  • Pelagrios - Oh...oh. Twelve hells. It's you two again.
  • Sea Witch - Shiarchon!
  • Kanna - ...That's what a Shiarchon woman looks like? Better than I expected, I gotta say. ...I mean, oh bugger.

Archavior let out a savage roar in their direction and stood in a defensive stance, opening his wings. The Sea Witch channeled magic in her hands while Clothovera tripped trying to open her book. Earath prepared his blade while Norrigan summoned a lightning bolt on his right hand.

  • ??? - There is no need to fight. We are here for the same purpose as you. To claim something of great value.
  • Norrigan - Filthy enemies of Isiris!

Kanna spread his arms and allowed the powers of fire and ice to flow into his palms. Khadia readied her bow, already having prepared her magic for use.

  • ??? - But you want to fight. You want to fight me, and my friend? And you do not even know our names?
  • Norrigan - Your names mean nothing in the void you worship anyway.
  • Kanna - ...Actually that was pretty racist.
  • Khadia - They're Shiarchon.
  • Kanna - Now you're generalizing!
  • Earath - Fine. Who are you two?
  • Ánnoria - My name is Ánnoria...and my friend here, well, he has a name, but he prefers the moniker 'Leviathan'.
  • Kanna - Leviathan. Yeah, sounds like a name I can trust, alright. Yes sir-y.
  • Archavior - You dare propose to undermine a mountain lord of Orocathrheim?
  • Kanna - We've been undermining you since you came along with us, big guy.

Leviathan stood motionlessly, although shapeless, corpse-like breaths could be heard under his chimera-like helmet.

  • Ánnoria - We are only here for one thing, and we shall be on our way once we have it. There's no need to shed blood here.
  • Sea Witch - And what is this thing?
  • Khadia - It depends on what you wish to retrieve, witch.
  • Clothovera - Huh? I didn't say anything.

Ánnoria's face turned into a grimace, as she continued to speak;

  • Ánnoria - Can you hear that? That sound?

A silence fell through the team. Through the winds that passed through the necropolis, a quiet, sub-bass drum sound, slow and organic could be heard in its recesses.

  • Archavior - Faintly. But it is not promising
  • Ánnoria - An item...of great worth to me and my friend. And to my master, of course.

Archavior laughed mockingly at Annoria's suggestion. Pelagrios unsheathed his blade, which was curved in nature. Having previous encounters with the duo, he knew what they were capable of.

  • Septimus - Leave this place, Shiarchon. You defile the sanctity of this tomb.
  • Ánnoria - You dare to call me a Shiarchon? I never thought I would see an Orichalcum Elf, one whose eyes turned from our Lord.
  • Sea Witch - What item is this? Stop wasting our time, Shiarchon.
  • Ánnoria - A matrix of great power. With it, in our possession, it can be stored in dormancy.
  • Archavior - Lies.
  • Ánnoria - Perhaps. But know too much.
  • Archavior - Since when were black elves interested in preservation.
  • Kanna - Black elves are always looking to steal something for their own good.

Ánnoria stood back, as Leviathan then stepped forward. His weapon, a great blade that seemed like a sharp piece of rock, was made from darkstone. As he stepped forward, the immense weight he carried sounded out through the halls, echoing deeply.

  • Kanna - Never mind Khadia, that guy needs to lose some weight.
  • Khadia - Fuck you.

Archavior reared himself, standing on his hind legs and removing the axe he had latched to his thigh, the axeblade's edge shimmered blusih, intensifying into a faint wispy glow. Norrigan launched his thunderbolt at Leviathan, while the Sea Witch launched blasts of water magic from her hands. Clothovera browsed her book, looking for hexes to cast. The thunderbolt and the water magic rebounded off Leviathan's body, as he continued to walk forward.

  • Sea Witch - What the hell?

Archavior roared and charged forward, lowing himself into a bullrushing stance and rushed ready to swing his axe at Leviathan's body. Kanna lunged forward and unleashed a powerful burst of ethereal fire towards Leviathan from his hands, swiftly joined by an ice-tipped arrow shot from Khadia's bow. Kanna was already looking uncertain and was eyeing his swords in case of a close-up encounter. The arrow shattered upon Leviathan's exposed flesh, as he swung his blade around to deter Archavior from charging at him.

Archavior stopped short and threw his gigantic fist towards the Leviathan while he had his axe in a guard position to defend himself from any counterattack. Ndrhthryr swung his axe at Leviathan's head, with Leviathan's arm grabbing the axe in mid-swing. Using the axe, he hurled Ndrhthryr back into the team. Pelagrios stepped backwards, trying to get everyone's attention.

  • Sea Witch - Huh? What're you dancing at?
  • Pelagrios - Yeah. Leviathan's invincible.
  • Septimus - What?
  • Sea Witch - That's rubbish, no one's invincible.

Moving slowly towards the team, Leviathan advanced unhindered by any attack.

  • Kanna - You know, the drunk man might even be right.

Lifting his blade from the ground, a red surge of light streamed through his body as it passed into his sword, causing it to spark with electricity.

  • Ndrhthryr - Right...invincible the hell do we deal with that?!
  • Clothovera - We don't. We run off!

Pelagrios had already left the scene, screaming as he did.

  • Sea Witch - Yeah, guess so. Leg off, guys!

Ndrhthryr groaned, running away from the scene also. The Sea Witch, Clothovera and Earath all retreated to the same direction as Pelagrios. Kanna and Khadia did the same with Norrigan doing it very relunctantly. Ánnoria laughed mockingly, as she stepped through the halls of the necropolis with Leviathan in front of her.

  • Archavior - You dark elves are all cowards relaying on such exploits!
  • Ánnoria - Oh, I think we're rather intelligent!
  • Archavior - I will enjoy feasting on you then.

Ánnoria's face turned into anger, as a bow raised out of her grasp. Great arrows made of a similar material to Leviathan's sword shot out of it towards Archavior.

  • Clothovera - C'mon, you stupid book, give me a good spell so-
  • Book - Hexus. Crepitus!

Suddenly, a wave of explosions was launched at Ánnoria and Leviathan's direction. Before she could let go on the third arrow, the spell fell Ánnoria against the steps, however only caused Leviathan to stumble slightly, before moving on forward.

  • Clothovera - ...I didn't do that! Did my book just talk?
  • Kanna - I knew it. I knew this "quest" would make me insane.

Clothovera began shaking her book, trying to make it talk again. No response.

  • Clothovera - D-damnit!

Archavior stopped by one of the golden pillars. He waited for the right time for Leviathan to approach before he started slamming his shoulder against one of thep illars repeatedly in an attempt to dislodge it. Despite the great architecture of the elves, the pillar began to move under Archavior's great strength. The next budge broke the pillar into four sections, crashing into the ground, falling on top of Leviathan and clouding the hall in rubble and dust.

  • Norrigan - Exceptional!
  • Septimus - ...I wouldn't usually say this...but I am glad one did that.
  • Kanna - Not so smug and intelligent now, hm?
  • Archavior - ...I am not satisfied until I am crushing that female between my jaws!
  • Septimus - I wouldn't have thought she survived that, dragon.
  • Archavior - I do not care for her condition.
  • Septimus - Regardless. Do you not want the treasure in here?
  • Archavior - It is why I came on this journey.
  • Sea Witch - Let's move on before another bad thing happens.

Pelagrios ran back to the scene, looking at the fallen pillar.

  • Pelagrios - Well. Shit.
  • Septimus - Yes. Gold.
  • Sea Witch - Gold and Shiarchon blood.

The BlindEdit

Book of EvilEdit

The dust settled. The pillar was laid across the ground, but the warm light of the underground citadel still shone. Archavior panted and looked at the the ruined pillar.

  • Ndrhthryr - What in the name of Ateronash Mordrakis was that?!
  • Clothovera - M-my book spoke! You guys heard that, right?
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Urm, nope.
  • Archavior - I only hope that aberration is dead.
  • Norrigan - I did hear it. And it's evil! Evil!

Septimus walked over to Clothovera, somewhat surprised at the tome.

  • Septimus - Where did you find that book, girl?

Norrigan grabbed Clothovera's book from her grasp and pointed his greatsword at it. Kanna groaned and knocked Norrigan's sword away with his own, growling at Norrigan.

  • Clothovera - G-give my book back! My mother gave it to me!
  • Kanna - Don't go messing with crap that's not yours!
  • Norrigan - Books don't talk. It is evil. It must be destroyed.
  • Kanna - Yeah? Well normal people don't come back from the dead, ghostie.

Norrigan hit Kanna over the head with the book.

  • Ndrhthryr - Well this escalated quickly.
  • Pelagrios - I wonder how much that book would go for. ...Not that I want to sell it or anything.
  • Kanna - I'm gonna make you eat you eat that damn book!
  • Norrigan - Don't talk to me in that tone!

Kanna leaped on Norrigan and knocked him on the ground, struggling for the book he held in his hands. Khadia merely looked on with an embarassed, almost tired expression.

  • Ophellatar - That wasn't very nice.
  • Septimus - Enough!

With a bright pulse, a wave of blinding light passed through the halls. Pelagrios and Ndrhthryr held their eyes in pain as they groaned. Archavior staggered back, shielding his eyes in discomfort, growling at Septimus

  • Norrigan - Making beautiful lights does not make the book less evil!
  • Archavior - Will you silence with your prattling of "good" and "evil"!
  • Latar - Books. Books are wonderful, like flowers in the spring. Flowers for Mikko. Mikko. With flowers. Hm...

As the light reached the end of the halls, it was met with a responding roar. It came from deep within the lower reaches of the necropolis, shaking the entire ruin.

  • Pelagrios - ...What was that?

The Sea Witch looked at the duo in annoyed and snapped her fingers. Both Norrigan and Kanna found themselves paralyzed in place.

  • Kanna - ...D-Don't freeze me now! Not while I'm o-on top of this guy!

The Sea Witch took the book and delivered it back to Clothovera, before snapping her fingers again and freeing both Norrigan and Kanna.

  • Clothovera - T-thanks, teacher.
  • Sea Witch - We have better things to worry about. There's something down there, who can roar really loud.
  • Septimus - I...don't know.

Kanna rolled away from Norrigan and looked towards the source of the noise, narrowing his eyes and standing up after brushing himself off. He grabbed ahold of both of his swords and let out a deep sigh.

  • Sefarina Brightwing - Sound travels by wind. And I control the wind. So...can I stop the sound?
  • Earath - That'd be pointless.
  • Kanna - How about you stop old Norrigan from spouting hot air?
  • Norrigan - Hmpf. Talk to me once you praise Isiris, bunny man.
  • Kanna - I'm NOT a bunny!

Archavior snorted towards several members of the group and turned around to focus his attention towards the source of the roar

  • Pelagrios - Dare we go find what's causing that roar?
  • Sea Witch - We should probably.
  • Khadia - Do we honestly have a choice?
  • Septimus - If you want the treasure, then yes.
  • Pelagrios - Lead the way then.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - We never really have a choice, do we?

Leading the team further down the main hall, they came to a wide entrance. Light began to escape within its narrowing corridors, although it could be made out that the walls were engraved in glyphs. The archway to the entrance itself had extremely ancient glyphs - resembling pictographs, an ancient language. The Sea Witch and Earath looked at the glyphs with interest. Archavior walked up to the glyphs and brushed his hand down the wall covered with markings, slightly curious.

  • Sefarina Brightwing - They look so pretty.
  • Kanna - They look okay, I guess. I prefer letters myself.

Septimus read the inscription out loud. It was apparent he was literate in the ancient tongues of the Orichalcum Elves.

  • Septimus - "Death haunts these halls. The undying stir in their tombs. The blind adamantly guards this path, to protect the sanctity of this crypt."
  • Earath - "The blind adamantly guards this path"?
  • Kanna - I choose life.
  • Septimus - I am not very sure, either.
  • Pelagrios - Money,
  • Sea Witch - I'm sure we'll be fine. Move on.
  • Archavior - This place is unnatural.
  • Ndrhthryr - Can't see a thing. Someone make some light?
  • Kanna - If only Norrigan could be so grossly incandescent.
  • Norrigan - Don't talk to me. I don't want to hear your voice.

Septimus walked in to the corridor. Not long was it before they were met with a path to the left, and to the right. The wall in front of them was engraved with an entity; vaguely human in shape, but had an absurdly large mouth, large nails...but no eyes. Red paint around it symbolised blood.

  • Sea Witch - What way?
  • Archavior - Could this be "the blind"?

The corridor itself was large enough for Archavior to walk through, albeit brushing his shoulders against one side or the other. The figure was also devoid of lips; its head resembling a skull.

  • Sefarina Brightwing - Well, at least it's roomy here.
  • Archavior - For you it is.
  • Clothovera - [Don't show fear. Don't let anyone see you're actually terrified.]

Septimus held out his hand. Feeling the air to the left, and then to the right, he valued judgement. To the left, the air was colder, To the right, warmer.

  • Kanna - Now this is a mindfuck.
  • Sea Witch - What way, I asked.
  • Septimus - Right.
  • Sea Witch - Right it is.

The LabyrinthEdit

The team headed right. For quite some time, Septimus lead the way, winding through the passage ways. They went far through the labyrinth, until they reached an open space. Whether it was the middle was completely unknown. Archavior grunted as he oushed himself though the corridor. He was finally relieved when the corridor led into open space and stretched his wings out as much as he could.

  • Norrigan - Whoever came up with labyrinths is a cruel person and has way too much spare time.

The room was of great size; cylindrical in shape and with it, had eight exits. Each exit was sealed with a heavy stone door, each one unique in what inscription was upon it. The room was light dimly but the arcane powers flowing through each work of art upon it.

  • Sea Witch - This is a problem.
  • Archavior - Hrmph. Which door is the correct one.
  • Kanna - This doesn't look like treasure.
  • Septimus - Indeed. The scroll did not inform me of which one was the correct door. Try and find any clues to the right exit. I will have to consult the scroll.
  • Clothovera - C'mon, book. I know you can talk. See if you can find the right way.

Clothovera shook her book. No response.

  • Sefarina Brightwing - Why are you trying to talk to it?
  • Clothovera - Because it spoke earlier. You're the only one who didn't hear it.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Are you sure you aren't going crazy?
  • Earath - It did speak. You're the one who needs to clean your ears, Sefarina.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - I'm just skeptical, is all...
  • Archavior - It is not beyond the impossible.

The room, much like the rest of the necropolis was abundant in ancient inscriptions. Septimus sat down upon a ledge, which led into a lower platform in the centre of the room. Opening up the scroll, he read it and double read it. Norrigan walked over the doors and read the inscriptions very closely. He then put a finger up, as if he had an idea.

  • Kanna - If you say praise Isiris, I swear...
  • Norrigan - I can state one thing for certain! I have no idea what these scribblings mean.

Archavior growled at Norrigan ant turned away, attempting to understand the glyphs on his own

  • Septimus - I would not bother trying to make sense of those glyphs, Dragon Lord. At least two hundred thousand years have they been in place.
  • Kanna - Hey Earath, adventure! Isn't this fun? Look at all this adventure we're having!

Nyakik wandered away from the team, bored by them. Clothovera kept shaking her book, growing frustrated.

  • Clothovera - Talk! Talk, damnit! Why won't you talk!
  • Book - I talk when I want to talk!
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Hooooohkay....I heard that.

Archavior sharply turned his gaze towards Clothovera and narrowed his eyes. Septimus rolled up the scroll. Walking over to the book, he took a look at it.

  • Book - And stop with the shaking, you're making me dizzy.
  • Septimus - It has been a while since I've seen a possessed object.
  • Khadia - I fear your book may be carved from an ent.
  • Clothovera - Hah! I told you all! It's alive!
  • Kanna - Or we're just all insane. There's always that.
  • Pelagrios - Or drunk. No that's just me.

Four eyes appeared on the book's cover, as well as a mouth while had the shape of several fangs. The facial structure was something Septimus could recognize. Septimus looked at the book, and then looked at Clothovera.

  • Book - I see you are all stuck. And you need help progressing.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Yes, mister Book. Please help.
  • Archavior growled - The tome has a grim sense of humour...
  • Septimus - That is not just any tome, girl.
  • Clothovera - All members of my clan had books like this. My mother gave me this when I was 3 years old.
  • Kanna - You could read at three?
  • Septimus - I wager it did not talk to you then. Nor did any other book.
  • Book - A beautiful woman, indeed. A pity you look like absolute trash compared to her.
  • Clothovera - Hey!
  • Kanna - Sounds hot, can you describe any details?
  • Book - Of course. She looks like a corpse. Or skeleton, rather. Being dead makes that to you.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - If that's your idea of hot, uh...
  • Book - Indeed, I know many things, but should I help you? I have reasons to, but I also have reasons not to. Besides, if I simply gave you the answer, what would you learn? Nothing, I say.

The room's four corners had great, intricate statues resembling the creature on the wall they saw earlier. At least...three statues. Pelagrios looked around, noticing the lack of the fourth statue.

  • Pelagrios - it me or did some sculptors get lazy or something?
  • Book - Ooh! You found a hint! You're getting warm, Pelagrios Sea-Cutter.

Pelagrios went up to the plinth on what the fourth statue would have been standing on. Looking on it, clear marks of where its hands and feet would be were there.

  • Book - I will speak no further. Figure the rest out by yourselves. But I will give you one last hint: you are not alone here, and the magic cat knows it.

The eyes and mouth disappeared from the book's cover. Ndrhthryr raised his axe, and Pelagrios drew his sword. Septimus put the scroll away, and unsheathed a sword, platinum of colour.

  • Sefarina Brightwing - Helpful book you got there, eh?
  • Clothovera - It's always been a pain, even before it started to talk...
  • Archavior - What is this tome?

From where the team had arrived, Nyakik returned, her expression showing fear.

  • Nyakik - It's after me! Make it go away!

Sequence of DoorsEdit

From the same corridor, a roar, strained and death-like, resounded off the walls.

  • Sea Witch - Damnit cat, what did you do?
  • Nyakik - I just went for a stroll when that thing showed up. It was watching us since we entered this place!

Archavior unsheathed his axe and readied himself for battle, gorwling fiercely Earath prepared his blade while Norrigan created a thunderbolt on his hand. Sefarina Brightwing got her bow ready in case. And, appearing around the corner, the creature looked exactly like the statues - except organic. It stood almost five metres tall, and its claws as long as Pelagrios' sword. Its neck was abormally long, as its body was draped in bare, grey flesh.

  • Pelagrios - Mother.
  • Earath - Ew.

It moved slowly, unable to see the team. Reaching its fingers out, it sensed the team's movement, before twitching rapidly. Norrigan launched his thunderbolt at the creature. Sefarina followed with her wind-charged bow. Archavior spread his wings out rapidly to create gust of wind towards the creature before them. The creature screamed at the attacks, launching high into the air, into the shadows of the ceiling. The Sea Witch ran up to one of the door and put her hand against it, trying to force it open. The door glowed; however, blasting the Sea Witch back with a bolt of white energy.

  • Sea Witch - Aaaack!

The creature dropped, hitting Pelagrios and Ndrhthryr with a single swing of its fist, sending them into the wall. Earath slashed at the creature with his sword while the Sea Witch ran over to another door and tried to force it open as well.

  • Sea Witch - One of these needs to have an exit!

Another door glowed; the same result.

  • Sea Witch - Damnit!

It moved over to Earath, headbutting him to the floor. Archavior ran forward and swung his axe to cleave at its legs, the axehead glowing with blue fire as he swung it. The creature shrieked in pain as its legs were cut. It climbed on to Archavior, biting at his head. Septimus blasted the creature with pulses of bright light, knocking it off of Archavior. Sefarina Brightwing tried to slow the creature down with the wind while hitting it with arrows.

  • Sea Witch - What the hell do we do?!
  • Pelagrios - I dunno! Hit another door...or something!

Archavior used his raw strength to try and push the creature away, aided by the blasts created from Septimus. The creature scaled the walls again, groaning in corpse-like laughter as it moved into the shadows.

  • Sea Witch - Clothovera, Nyakik, you two help me up. If I have to be sent flying again, you two will also!
  • Clothovera - Ngh...

The Sea Witch, Clothovera and Nyakik all tried to force open three different doors at once. The doors of which Clothovera and Nyakik pressed glowed; and remained glowing. The Sea Witch was blown back a third time. Archavior growled and swung his axe at the darkness, creating a stream of blue fire sailing outwards. The creature roared, shambling across the ceiling and back down to the floor. It manically hammered into the ground, causing the room to shake.

  • Sea Witch - I hate this place!
  • Clothovera - I think I did something right...Septimus?
  • Septimus - ...Yes. Press on the doors in the right order.
  • Sea Witch - You mean there's a sequence?!

Archavior jumped as the room shook and took a leaping attack to strike down o nthe creature's head. Contorting, the creature dodged Archavior's strike by bending unnaturally far back, in to an arch. It rolled back into the shadows again, before rolling forwards, towards Archavior himself. The Sea Witch ran over to another door and tried pressing it. Norrigan, Kanna, Earath and Khadia joined in. Sefarina kept hitting the creature to try and slow it down. Five of the eight doors glowed, however, for a fourth time, the Sea Witch was struck back. Archavior roared and smalled his foot int othe floor as the creatur erolled forwards, using his own weight to shake the room The Sea Witch fell over and refused to get up.

  • Sea Witch - Screw it. I give up.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - You can't give up. Be strong!
  • Archaviour - Witch you would fail at protecting a hoard.
  • Sea Witch - Good thing I don't keep hoards then.

The creature was thrown aside by Sefarina's strikes and Archavior's attack. Rolling acrobatically to the other side of the room, it then jumped up into the air, darting towards the Sea Witch. As she saw it coming, the Sea Witch threw herself up and launched blasts of water magic at it. It lost form, falling to one side. As it saw the team near the doors, it crawled on the wall, striking at them. Norrigan swung his greatsword at the creature, while Kanna launched combined fire and ice at it.

  • Kanna - Would someone do something so we can leave this damnable place already?

It retreated further up the wall, escaping the attacks. Pelagrios rose, groggy from the impact, and walked over to one of the doors to rest himself. The door in which he pressed upon glowed. Archavior growled and threw another slash of blue fire at the guardian running ot touch another door. The final door pressed. As the creature jumped back down, it was about to deal a death-blow to Archavior, but ceased motion, statuesque.

  • Clothovera - Finally...
  • Kanna - Hey Archy, how about you put that in your hoard, eh?
  • Archavior - It would appeal, so long as it does not come alive.

Pelagrios looked at the creature, in mid pose, and its claws only centimetres away from Archavior's skull. Sefarina breathed a sigh of relief. He beat his sword against the creature's leg. He saw that, despite all of the attacks dealt to it, it bore no lacerations nor bruises.

  • Pelagrios - Phew. In good timing as well.
  • Book - Very amusing. But you took way too long to figure that out.

The creature then moved, slipping away into the shadows, not to be seen again.

  • Earath - And it did come alive.
  • Khadia - Fantastic.
  • Sea Witch - Good, now let's move on.

The Ultimate TreasureEdit

Mountains of GoldEdit

Whilst nothing happened for a while, the platform jolted and lowered a couple of metres.

  • Sea Witch - ...As I said, let's move on.
  • Kanna - Move on where exactly?

Lowering further, the platform kept descending. Ndrhthryr, formerly unconscious, woke up.

  • Sea Witch - Down I guess.
  • Ndrhthryr - Uh...where are we?
  • Archavior - It had better be spacious.

As the platform lowered beneath the ground, it opened up to a behemothic chamber. Pillars hundreds of feet high held up the cavern, which contained endless mountains of treasure. Pelagrios could not control himself as he started drooling, and his eyes watering. The Sea Witch's jaw dropped while Earath looked at th treasure in disbelief. Septimus himself was also surprised at the vast sum of treasure there. His eyes looked on further and further, as the end of the hall was a wall, separating further halls into the underground.

  • Septimus - Aúr above.
  • Kanna - I'm not even mad. That's quite impressive.

Norrigan ignored the treasure completely as he looked around. Archavior gasped with excitement at the mountains of treasure and appeared to be delighted.

  • Norrigan - Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Does...uh...anyone really know where they're going?
  • Archavior - I think a portal spell may be in order...
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Portal spell? What's that?

Despite the incredible view of gold, much of the attention was drawn to the wall at the end. What seemed to be golden plates marking the wall rusted closer and closer to the arch way. It felt cold, unlike the unusually intense warmth of the treasure chamber.

  • Pelagrios - Gold.
  • Ndrhthryr - Gold indeed.
  • Sea Witch - Quite gold.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Hmmm...yep, pretty gold.
  • Kanna - Is it just me or does it feel kinda gold in here?
  • Norrigan - But Isiris is golden-er!

The platform reached the bottom. Pelagrios let out a girlish chuckle as it transformed into a manly roar, running into the vast piles of treasure.

  • Pelagrios - I'm the richest man in the world! Rich! Riiiiiiiiiich! But yeah, quite wealthy.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - should really take more care, y'know...
  • Kanna - Who needs care when you have loadsamoney!

The Sea Witch leaped into a pile of gold, laughing. Archavior walked ot an ept spot and cleared the floor, he removed a large chunk of chalk fro ma satchelm, the size of a human femur and drew runic markings on the ground. He positioned the runes in a circle formation, muttering to himself. As the runes were marked a portal opened up in the floor, emerging out from it were a dozen soldiers and servants wearing outfits that marked them as Archavior's own warriors.

  • Archavior - [Transport a portion of this to my treasure hoard while I investigate the rest of this chamber. Any who steal from me will end up on my table when I return!]
  • Pelagrios - Cool trick. Help me with that?
  • Kanna - Hey, that's pretty cool.

Looking up at the ceiling, the team saw great square-shaped vents, many in number. It was perhaps where the Orichalcum Elves had thrown the treasures into, falling into this cavern. The Sea Witch moved her arms and legs, making a "gold angel" in the pile.

  • Septimus - Wait. I want to examine that chamber.
  • Sea Witch - Go ahead, I'll be here swimming in treasure.
  • Septimus - All of us.
  • Sea Witch - Bah.
  • Kanna - Yes, all of you. Go with Septimus. I'll watch our gold.

Pelagrios began to cry, not wanting to be separated with his treasure.

  • Septimus - All of us.
  • Kanna - Ngh, fine, "mom".
  • Pelagrios - I've never seen so much gold, though. So. Much.
  • Khadia - Much gold, very treasure. Such wealth. Wow.
  • Norrigan - Get a hold of yourselves, damn you.

Septimus walked towards the archway to the chamber. It was becoming increasingly cold. It was a familiar cold to Archavior and the Sea Witch, almost...Forgotten Lands like. The Sea Witch looked at the archway with hesitation.

  • Sea Witch - ...Something's not right here.
  • Septimus - No. No it is not.

Archavior waked to the source of the intense cold and drew his axe as soldiers began removing handfuls of gold and treasure form the piles and passing them though the portal

  • Book - Oh yeah, something's wrong alright. I can't wait to learn what.
  • Kanna - Hey, pages, I don't see you doing anything to help. Now shut up or be useful before I recycle you?
  • Book - How about you shut up before I turn you into an actual bunny?
  • Kanna - I'M NOT A BUNNY!

Reaching the entrance of the chamber, the team found that a great room, which lead off in to other pathways, held a massive sculpture in the middle. The sculpture itself was a large altar which from it sprouted many other sculptures; the visages of Orichalcum Elf emperors. Upon each head, was a crown.

  • Earath - Is one of those the crown you're looking for, Septimus?
  • Sefarina Brightwing - I've never seen something royal in person before.

The sculpture in the centre, the highest one, held the very crown of which Septimus was looking for.

  • Septimus - ...Yes. The crowns of the ancient emperors.
  • Archavior - I do not know these faces. But they appear important.

However, in front of them, laid something else. Spherical in shape, and blacker than midnight. It emanated visceral, evil energies; the source of the breath. The team noticed that there was a dissonant mantra passing through their ears.

  • Kanna - Norrigan, if you're praising Isiris outloud again, I swear to the spirits...

Archavior held up his hand, indicating for the group to stop. Norrigan pointed his greatsword at sphere.

  • Norrigan - There it is. The darkness I have been summoned to fight!
  • Archavior - You desire to fight a fragment of the Adversary?
  • Norrigan - I desire to vanquish it from this land!

Septimus walked forward. Passing the sphere, he took the crown from the statue's head. Walking back, he could not take his eyes off from the sphere, but resisted, walking back.

  • Septimus - ...This is the only thing I wanted. ...But that sphere...
  • Norrigan - It is pure darkness! We must destroy it!
  • Book - Oooh yes...such power...
  • Archavior - I agree with the spectre despite his lunacy.
  • Kanna - I disagree. Take that sphere. Absolutely nothing bad or regretful will happen.

Pelagrios held on to his chest. A sharp chill entered him. Norrigan put his greatsword down before creating a thunderbolt on his hand.

  • Norrigan - Shatter in the name of Isiris!
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Welp.

He then hurled it at the sphere. The lightning bolt exploded upon contact; the sphere returned with a red pulse of energy, sending everyone to the floor. The pulse was accompanied by another roar, shaking the entire ruin. One of Archavior's soldiers rushed into the chamber, pale in the face.

  • Sea Witch - Idiot! Look what you've done!
  • Kanna - Seriously, Norrigan, I'm going to have to politely ask you to pack that in.
  • Norrigan - I'm still mad with you.
  • Kanna - Bite me.
  • Soldier - Lord Archavior, was that an earthquake?
  • Archavior - Yes it was now get back there and continue your work!

My MatrixEdit

The soldier that approached Archavior was quickly raised from the surface. Not by the sphere, but by a sword. Leviathan and Ánnoria had followed them down there. Archavior turned around ot see the pair and he growled, listing his axe.

  • Sea Witch - You two again?
  • Ánnoria - Who else did you expect, woman?

Leviathan swung his blade, hurling the impaled soldier off it.

  • Norrigan - You return, filthy enemies of Isiris!
  • Ánnoria - I would stand aside if I were you, let's not go through that fight again.
  • Earath - Hmpf.

Pelagrios drew his sword, barking random words at the two.

  • Pelagrios - My gold! Mine!
  • Archavior - You are vastly outnumbered this time...
  • Kanna - They were vastly outnumbered last time and look what happened.

Behind Archavior, the commotion had meant that more soldiers had emerged from the portal, aiming crossbows at the pair. Pelagrios beserked at Ánnoria, who shattered his sword with a single punch, kicking him back to the team.

  • Book - Your weapons can't kill these two. Don't bother.
  • Kanna - Oh you thought I was gonna try! Now that's funny!
  • Archavior - Kill? Perhaps not, But we can always injure them.
  • Book - They have come for the sphere. For the matrix.
  • Ánnoria - Clever artifact.

Behind Archavior's soldiers, heavy footsteps approached them. Another entity had followed them down the Necropolis.

  • Sefarina Brightwing - This gets worse and worse every moment.
  • Dragonsworn commander - [Incoming, all troops engage the monstrosity that comes!]
  • Book - Indeed, I know many things, Hannoria Castus Christoverus Matthias. Like what will happen the moment you lay your finger on the matrix.

Septimus looked shocked as the Book said her name.

  • Septimus - ...What?
  • Book - What are you waiting for? Take it. Take the matrix.
  • Clothovera -'re seriously creeping me out now...

A black bolt of energy from the matrix shot through the chamber, passing into the fray of soldiers, blowing them apart. As the black fog settled, Janos stepped through. Earath growled loudly as he saw Janos arriving. A laugher came out of the book.

  • Kanna - Oh hey look it's that guy again! Well isn't that fantastic?
  • Janos - At last. My matrix.
  • Ndrhthryr - Fuck.
  • Book - Are you just going to let him take it from you like this?

Ánnoria and Leviathan, completely unaware of what Janos was, turned around and armed themselves against the demon.

  • Janos - You would deny me of my matrix?!
  • Norrigan - You! Man with horrible taste in armor! You will not take the...ball...ball!
  • Pelagrios - I'm going to lie down now.
  • Sea Witch - I might join you.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - This is all so...urgh, I don't know...

As Leviathan swung his sword at Janos, Janos returned it with a strike of his own blade. Severing the hunk of rock in half, he then slammed Leviathan to the floor with the back of his fist. Turning to Ánnoria, she appeared to be afraid of Janos as he retreated backwards.

  • Earath - Well, at least they're fighting each other instead of us.
  • Kanna - I'm just wondering who else is gonna turn up? How about we have the spirits-damned Atrocius arrive here right now!
  • Earath - Ngh! D-don't say such a thing!
  • Janos - Oh. I would have sent him...but he cannot fit down in these halls. Nowhere for him to enter.

The voice of Janos spoke in unison with the matrix; his voice appearing louder and greater than the rest of the team.

  • Book - I forgot to mention. We are all in grave danger.
  • Pelagrios - You think I don't know that?
  • Archavior - For the love of the Fallen Queen silence yourself!

Clothovera hit her book against a nearby rock, causing it to shout in pain.

  • Janos - we are. Will you let me take that which is mine, or will I have to step over your soulless husks?
  • Sea Witch - You know what? We gotta get out of here.
  • Pelagrios - Get the gold. Get the damn gold!
  • Sefarina Brightwing - If you can make it in time!
  • Commander - [My lord, your orders!?]
  • Archavior - [As much treasure as you can, all of you!]

Janos growled, raising his hand. Another violent pulse of red energy, stronger than last time, blasted everyone to the floor. The Sea Witch fell down while Clothovera and Nyakik were thrown about. Norrigan hurled thunderbolts at Janos while Earath let out a dragon shout at him to push him away. Archavior was thrown backwards fro mthe pulse and collided with one of the statues, growling savagely as he gradually stood up. Pelagrios, Ndhrthryr and Septimus were knocked to the floor, unable to stand up. Ánnoria landed on her feet, however, running towards the matrix. Releasing it from its pedestal, she held it and directed it at Janos and the team. Her face was drawn to near insanity, perhaps in fear and determination.

  • Ánnoria - going to Osdaemonis. The One Lord commanded me to do it!
  • Norrigan - Get your hands off that, demon's slave!
  • Kanna - Don't touch other people's balls!

One soldier, seeing the situaton, fired a crossbow bolt at Annoria's wrist. The bolt pierced her flesh, and she shrieked out in pain. However, it was not from the bolt. A powerful burning sensation entered her hands as she could not relinquish her grasp from the matrix. A deep laugh came out of Clothovera's book.

  • Ánnoria - ...What...what is going on?! What?!
  • Book - Foolish. Mortals cannot hope to grasp upon such great power.

Blood escaped from her eyes as she convulsed on the ground, then out of her ears. Her body began to glow as fire escaped from her flesh, and then streams of dark energy from the sphere consuming her body. The Sea Witch looked at the scene in surprise while Clothovera shielded her face with her book.

  • Kanna - ...I'd still bang it.
  • Earath - What's happening to her?
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Eww...

Archavior grunted and attempted ot get past the threshold and towards his soldiers, who i nthe panic continued ot move treasure though while others kept on guard. Septimus looked on in horror as one of his own family was eaten alive by the matrix, similarly to how his younger sister was sacrificed in the same manner. Her body reduced down to a molten skeleton, before solidifying, and reduced to ash.

  • Book - I wanted her to take the sphere, because she would die doing so.
  • Khadia - Tis such a shame, she had such nice clothes.
  • Norrigan - Gruesome. And highly uncomfortable.

Septimus fell to his knees, almost whimpering in terror.

  • Sea Witch - Septimus? Get back up! What's your issue?

The Adversary LivesEdit

Janos laughed menacingly, before walking over. Grabbing the matrix in his left hand, he rose to the ground.

  • Janos - Her use was long drained.
  • Norrigan - I said get your hands off the ball!
  • Janos - I have found my matrix. It seems I did not need Leviathan nor the girl to acquire it.

Archavior shook his head as he walked over to the portal. As he neared, one of his commanders stopped him by pressing his hand gainst the dragon lord's leg.

  • Commander - My lord, your word on your companions.
  • Archavior - I only came for the treasure they promised. But, rescue the avian woman.

A group of soldiers marched over to the Sea Witch and reached out to her.

  • Soldier - Lady, our lord asked we spare you form this place.
  • Sea Witch - Eh? Can't you see we have a problem here? Also I didn't even get my treasure yet!
  • Kanna - Take me! Take me instead!

Leviathan rose to the surface, his helmet caved in by Janos' fist. He could rise to his feet, however, as the impact drained him physically.

  • Book - Now, I would advise turning away and running as fast as possible.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Yeah. Run like the wind!
  • Janos - And who is here to stop me, now?

Janos rose the matrix above his head. His body burst into flames as the matrix then did. Accumulation of the shards within his body and then the matrix further increased his stature, as a shadowy form took on the body of something far more terrible.

  • Kanna - Nope nope nope nope nope.
  • Sea Witch - I'm getting too old for this crap.

The figure of the demonic entity formed itself. It resembled Caligaduro; almost in full great stature. Hovering over to Leviathan, he was risen into the air by the shadowy wraith, before being enshrouded entirely, before flying out of the chamber's entrance.

  • Clothovera - The-the-the-the-the A-A-A-d-d-d-...
  • Book - Caligaduro Provectus.
  • Khadia - Knew I shouldn't have come with you guys. Especially you, Kanna. You're a pain in the ass.
  • Earath - ...Okay. I admit it. This was not a good adventure at all.

Septimus rose to the surface, his face visibly paler than before.

  • Septimus - Isiris...what have we done?

Pelagrios looked in the direction of where Caligaduro had left, looking almost vacantly.

  • Pelagrios - Well...shit.

Archavior stood at the mouth of his portal with his axe tightly in his hand.

  • Sea Witch - ...Screw this. Clothovera! Cat! Get your share of the treasure and let's get out of here!
  • Pelagrios - ...I'm not leaving this place empty handed either.
  • Ndrhthryr - Seconded.
  • Archavior - I suppose you all wish to use my gateway.
  • Kanna - No not really since you considered leaving without us, asswipe.

Archavior, satisfied with the amount of treasure he and his soldiers had gathered, left though the portal with most of his men.

  • Septimus - Where are you going?
  • Archavior - My only interest in this journey was an addition to my hoard. And I now have it.
  • Sea Witch - Hmpf! Don't you dare show your face near my cliffs.
  • Archavior - You renounce ME!? After what you all ended up paving the way for?
  • Sea Witch - Running away like a pansy? Yes, I renounce you.
  • Archavior - There is no shame lost in withdrawing from a battle that cannot be won.
  • Kanna - Your father smelled of elderberries.

Archavior huffed and left though the portal, the runes fading as he passed though and the portal itself vanished. The Sea Witch, Clothovera and Nyakik all ran back to the piles of treasure. Snapping her fingers, the Sea Witch created a massive bag out of thin air and began throwing gold at it. Pelagrios unfurled a great sack from the innards of his jacket, and piled in great quantities of treasure into it. Ndrhthryr did the same, but with two bags.

  • Pelagrios - Hey...uh...Nd...I have another bag. Care to help?
  • Nd - ...Ugh. Fine.
  • Norrigan - ...I failed! I failed my mission! I let the great evil escape!

Pelagrios handed Ndrhthryr a third sack, taking in even more gold. Norrigan fell to his knees and cried out.

  • Norrigan - Isiris! I failed you!

Kanna approached Norrigan and patted his back sympathetically, letting out a sigh as his ears drooped. Upon Norrigan screaming the word 'Isiris'...something stirred in the chamber. A sharp wind passed through the chamber, dousing the flames that lit the walls. The Sea Witch raised her head, looking around in confusion.

  • Sea Witch - ...Please. Please. Come on.
  • Pelagrios - I'm blind!
  • Ndrhthryr - you're not.
  • Pelagrios - I can't see a thing! What does that tell you?!
  • Ndrhthryr - I can't see anything either.
  • Pelagrios - Gods! We're both blind!

Norrigan summoned a thunderbolt on his hand, creating some light around the team. A heavy, long, and old growl went through the chamber. The far ends of the chamber, where pillars began to converge, and was as dark as anything, began to become bright with what seemed like light.

  • Pelagrios - Oh! Oh! I'm not blind. ...What the hell is that?
  • Norrigan - Ah, good. Light. My hand was starting to burn horribly from this thunderbolt.
  • Ndrhthryr - ...Can't be as bad as the Adversary incarnate...surely.

The gold at the far end of the chamber began to melt. The heat began to become uncomfortable.

  • Kanna - ...Gold.
  • Earath - Hmm. Warm.
  • Sea Witch - Too warm! What's going on here?
  • Septimus - ...Oh dear.

Septimus looked at the scroll, noting something nearer the end of it.

  • Septimus - ...There's a reason why there was a marking of a dragon in the main hall.
  • Earath - ...Don't tell me...
  • Septimus - ...Sun Drake.

Out of the pit, emerged a claw. And then another. A great serpentine dragon, as bright as sunlight appeared, as the treasure began to evaporate.

  • Pelagrios - I'm blind again!
  • Kanna - Oh good! Very good!
  • Ndrhthryr - Okay. I was mistaken. This is as bad.
  • Norrigan - This...this creature...this is the most beautiful creature...

The Sea Witch's eyes widened while Clothovera fell back. Earath could not believe what he was seeing, while Norrigan began shivering. Septimus went over to Clothovera, snatching the book out of her hand.

  • Septimus - Tome! Get us out of here!
  • Book - Get you out? Do you not wish to learn more about the Sun Drake I knew lived here?
  • Septimus - Get us out of here or I'll throw you to the dragon!

Norrigan began running at the Sun Drake's direction, with his arms open.

  • Norrigan - Come to Norrigan of Aynach, my beauty!

The dragon approached. The ground below it incinerated, turning to charred flakes of rock. Its maws opened; intense light blasted out of its mouth directly at Norrigan, evaporating him instantly. Pelagrios screamed as he ran back towards the inner chamber, followed by Ndrhthryr.

  • Kanna - He's probably laughing right now.
  • Pelagrios - I regret this! I don't but I do!
  • Book - Hmm. That's bad, isn't it? Very well. Hexus. Motus!

In a flash of light, the entire team disappeared from the chamber, before the Sun Drake's heat could harm them.


No Gold For You Edit

The team found themselves outside, at the entrance of the tombs. Falling to the floor, Pelagrios landed on top of his sacks of gold. Looking into the bright sky of day, he could not believe he survived. The Sea Witch reappeared in midair and then fell on her head, before her huge bag of treasure fell at the top of her. Pelagrios screamed in joy, holding his sack as if it were his child.

  • Pelagrios - Riad is going to be so jealous!

Earath reappeared, holding on his head. He was impressed by the Sun Drake but clearly saddened by Norrigan's destruction. Ndrhthryr raised to the ground, dropping the third bag of treasure on top of Pelagrios.

  • Ndrhthryr - ...That's enough treasure hunting for now.

Septimus held the ancient crown in his hands, but he was clearly distraught at what happened down there. Kanna materialized, having accumulated little treasure aside from what he could fit into his pockets. However, while he looked somewhat disappointed, he shrugged and threw what treasure he had to the center of the group.

  • Earath - To see a living Sun father will be impressed when I tell him about this. Still, poor Isiris-loving fellow.
  • Kanna - He'll be fine, Earath. Trust me, he always finds a way back.

Pelagrios's muffled voice appeared from under the sacks of treasure.

  • Pelagrios - That dragon guy was a complete bastard.
  • Sea Witch - He ain't no friend of mine anymore. Still, look at all this loot! This is enough for me to buy the whole Merovar Dynasty!
  • Clothovera - Y-yes! So much gold! Isn't that right, book?

Clothovera's book had returned to normal, making no response.

  • Sefarina Brighting - Well. That was...adventurous.
  • Kanna - Well, feel free to take what you want from my share. I don't want it. I only accept payment if I did a good job, and what happened down there... Well, that clearly wasn't a good job.
  • Sea Witch - It's mine then, thank you very much.

The Sea Witch cackled in happiness, before a shadow appeared above the team. In the sky, a colossal shape blocked the sun.

  • Pelagrios - Aah! Poison Bird!'
  • Earath - Eh?
  • Sea Witch - Poison Bird? What're you on abou...oh.

The shadow descended and revealed itself to be no one but Xitannoth, the Colossus of Poison. It landed next to the team, causing a massive thud which send the Sea Witch, Clothovera and Earath into the air. Kanna grunted as he was knocked onto his back and looked up at Xitannoth with squinted eyes. Ndrhthryr stumbled backwards, whilst Pelagrios remained grounded under the sacks of gold.

  • Xitannoth - Finally! After searching so much, I've found you, you little thieving woman!
  • Sea Witch - X-Xitannoth? What do you want?
  • Xitannoth - My share of the Akriarion treasure, like you promised me when I took you and all those other people there! You think just because Atrocius appeared, I would forget about it? I see you have treasure! Give it to me!
  • 'Kanna - Hey buddy! How bout you lay off the old woman?
  • Sea Witch - C-can't we discuss this? Like adults?

Xitannoth lifted its gigantic foot, putting it above the team.

  • Xitannoth - Give me your treasure or I will crush you under my talons!
  • Earath - Give him the treasure! Give him the treasure!

The Sea Witch turned to Clothovera for some moments, before letting out a sigh. Very reluctantly, she dragged her huge bag of treasure and put it next to Xitannoth. As she did, the Poison Colossus grinned and grabbed it with one of its talons.

  • Xitannoth - This is what you get for trying to trick the master trickster of Koldenwelt. Until next time!
  • Kanna - I like that guy. I get a feeling I'm going to like that guy very much.

Xitannoth then took flight, disappearing in the skies. The Sea Witch stood motionless before falling on her face into the floor.

  • Sea Witch - All that hard work FOR NOTHING!

Kanna approached the Sea Witch and picked up the treasure he had thrown on the floor. Gathering it in his arms, he walked towards the Sea Witch and Clothovera, coughing in order to gain their attention before dropping it at their feet.

  • Kanna - Look on the bright side.
  • Clothovera - Y-you're gonna give us your treasure?
  • Kanna - Yeah, sure. I don't need it. I don't want to retire just yet.

The Sea Witch got up. She then hugged Kanna and patted his back.

  • Sea Witch - You're a good man, helping out an old lady like that. You're free to go to Skull Cave anytime you want.
  • Kanna - Huh? W-Wha-- Umm...

Kanna, beneath his mask, blushed and he attempted to reciprocate the hug awkwardly. The mountain behind them burst open; the Sun Drake roared, as it escaped into the sky. Earath walked over to Septimus as he looked at the sky.

  • Earath - Should we be worried about the Sun Drake?
  • Septimus - ...No. Not nearly enough as we should be worried about the Adversary.
  • Earath - Hm. Do you know of the Sand Drake named Vixaatus?
  • Septimus - I do not.
  • Earath - Nevermind then.
  • Septimus - ...What to do with this place?
  • Earath - Perhaps we should let the dead rest in peace now.
  • Kanna - Yes because that's what we did.
  • Sea Witch - Well, Clothovera, cat, time to go back home. I'll make us fried Smeever nuggets. It's been a while since we ate those.
  • Clothovera - I'd not believe your food isn't the best if I hadn't tasted it myself, teacher.
  • Kanna - Smeever nuggets? ...May I come along? I adore Smeever.
  • Sea Witch - Sure. We need all the company we can get now that the world's probably gonna end soon.
  • Pelagrios - Oh yeah. Say...Nd...I know exactly where to invest in this money.
  • Ndrhthryr - ...Okay then.
  • Pelagrios - Land...and a lot of it!
  • Book - Hm hm hm hm...indeed...the world will face something fierce...
  • Clothovera - Oh? You spoke again?
  • Book - ...Oh! I was just wondering how Smeever tastes like. After all, books can't eat.
  • Kanna - I shall be sure to pour some piping hot Smeever sauce all over your pages then.
  • Book - And ruin all my hexes? I'd rather not.
  • Earath - I'll be going back to the Sea of Sand to warn my father about what happened. I'm certain we'll all cross paths again in the future.

Septimus, holding the crown in his hand, put it on his head. He removed the funeral drapery shielding his body, revealing his great stature. Khadia looked towards Septimus for a moment, before forcing herself to attempt turning away, her nose beginning to spurt a small amount of blood. Clothovera looked at Septimus for some moments before shielding herself with her book. Kanna's eyes directed themselves at Septimus, where he stared for several moments, before looking back to face Earath. Earath could quite clearly make out blood dripping from beneath Kanna's mask.

  • Earath - ...Are you hurt, Kanna?
  • Kanna - Huh, what? No, course not. Ahem, anyway, as much as I'd like to say this was a grand adventure Earath... I can't. It was shite. The world's going to end, we unleashed the Adversary and a Sun Drake, and people have died.
  • Septimus - I will have to contact every civilisation still standing on this earth. We will not be standing much longer.
  • Earath - Yes, I agree. It was horrible. About contacting civilizations, I can contact the Merovar Dynasty. My father lives right next to their capital.
  • Pelagrios - ...Isn't an Orichalcum Elf walking into a palace a bit of a surprise?
  • Septimus - Not as much as the Adversary was.
  • Kanna - I'll attempt to contact the Lagosi'min, if they let me back to the Isles. Or if they aren't all dead already.
  • Sea Witch - And I'll contact the Nightshade Clan. Nah, just kidding, screw them.
  • Pelagrios - Well, the world's ending. Time to get rich and drunk.
  • Sea Witch - I'll see you lot later. Clotho, cat, Kanna, let's go.
  • Kanna - Don't call me cat.
  • Nyakik - She meant me, not-Hachi.
  • Kanna - ...Hachi. Where have I heard that before?
  • Nyakik - That's the name of Clothovera's boyfriend.
  • Clothovera - S-shut up, stupid cat!

Clothovera tried to kick Nyakik but missed, with the cat-like familiar running off snickering.

  • Pelagrios - ...God. I'm gonna have to tell Kinmorunddraver that I just caused the end of the world.
  • Sea Witch - I wish you good luck.
  • Kanna - Not that it's gonna do any good, mind you.
  • Pelagrios - ...Well. First. I'm gonna put this treasure to good use.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - I'd better head back to my tribe. They're probably frightfully worried about me. Nice meeting you all!

Like the wind, Sefarina Brightwing sprinted away. The Sea Witch waved to the team and walked away. Nyakik ran off while Clothovera ran after her, trying to hit her with her book. Kanna followed the Sea Witch, watching as Nyakik and Clothovera ran with a pleasant smile on his face, his hands in his pocket. He let out a sigh as he waved to Earath, before eventually exiting from the rest of the group's sight. Ndrhthryr and Pelagrios headed west to the far end of the world, to invest their wealth, whilst Septimus headed back south to the Bronze Elves, while Earath made his way to the Sea of Sand, to warn Vixaatus of what he had seen.

Meanwhile, at the destroyed city of Visonia, Norrigan's spirit appeared in a flash of sunlight. He looked around before sighing.

  • Norrigan - I just want to give it a poke...

The Eschaton Edit

As per the command delivered onto the priests within the fortress of Osdaemonis, the entirety of the Legion of Shiarchon's army, numbering over seven million in total, were to amass and form in the presence of Osdaemonis' outer walls. Shiarchon, Khoyan'Xa, and men all formed in immense numbers, mostly two hundred by two hundred arranged in squares. Imperator Kalarah, astride his great dragon, was situated at the front, with his Praetors all lined up next to him. Kalarah himself was somewhat unaware of what was to transpire. The priests within the fortress of Osdaemonis were often known for their enigmatic nature, giving the Legion commands without much reason behind it, much to the Imperator's chagrin.

The Sacerdomortum and the prophets, the priests of Osdaemonis were stood outside of the fortress walls, overlooking the army. They themselves were of a higher religious authority than any other in the civil world of the Shiarchon's cities.

Awaiting the arrival of Janos, in the form of the Adversary, it flew down low between the division of the warriors in the path to the fortress' entrance. Nearing the bridge to its grand staircase, Leviathan was dropped, rolling in the hard rock of the earth. Taking time to stand to his feet, he limped over to the Imperator, who had ignored him. Standing in front of the militia of millions, he looked up at the shade, which escaped into the inner reaches of the fortress. Some moments passed, before the fortress began to breathe.

It seemed alive; a black fog escaped its openings. And then a bright white light. The statues which had decorated the fortresses' exterior, numbering over six thousand, began to move. It could not be seen, but black fog further escaped the openings of their eyes, as they took to arms, grasping their blades. Dropping down from the heights of the towers, causing a tremor as they did, they then formed in a line across the crescentiform of Osdaemonis itself.

The sound, the wind, picked up. It turned into a powerful blasting wave of energy, almost deafening the entire number of the congregation that stood in front of the fortress. The fog rose high into the air, beyond the cloud-piercing towers. A roar from its innards, perhaps loud enough for the entire world to hear, shook Abyssus.

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