F.E.S is a government owned organization known for the progression of the Eldarisian Empire's science and technology. F.E.S also is known for exploration missions for artifacts.


F.E.S was founded alongside the Empire and since then, F.E.S is known for exploration of alien hostile planets, searching for artifacts and being the only major researcher for the Empire.

The Energy Core and expansionEdit

This was a event that took place in 2794. It was a quest to take energy directly from the stars of many Empire solar systems and storing it in cores. It was successful and much coin was given for such advancement. Energy cores are now used through out the Empire and the core itself is known very well for never running out of Energy, so it is never needed to be replaced. After it's invention, F.E.S promised to never let the technology leave the Empire and to this day, only the Eldarisian's hold the power core.

After the invention of the power core, F.E.S's funds increased dramatically with many hopeful individuals for something similar to the recent power core. F.E.S used these new found funds to expand their facilities and to branch outside of the Empire. F.E.S eventually had science facilities in the French Bunsen Colonies and in the Algolurn Popular Republic. With new major facilities and donations, F.E.S also began to work alongside the Eldarisian Military and improve their equipment overtime.

Andromeda Exploration boomEdit

After the Xonexi Schism, F.E.S once more began it's exploration of outer-colony worlds in Andromeda and eventually, they discovered a series of ruined planets that were scattered all around the outside of Eldarisia's colonies. This was a huge discovery and sparked a series of large migrations of adventurers and scientists as they flocked to Andromeda to discover the reasoning behind these ruins. Also, F.E.S saw a large increase in funds for their exploration department and so the organization once more grew as their men and many others rushed to figure out the secret behind the ruins.

Major creationsEdit

Energy CoresEdit

The most used and successful discovery made by F.E.S, energy cores are created from the extraction of materials from stars and placing it within a containment unit. The materials are then molded together and act as minor stars that generate an endless supply of energy for weaponry, vehicles and many more items. This invention alone has made F.E.S wealthy and has caused a mass wave of praise and funding for future projects. F.E.S has so far kept it's findings a secret from outer-races and hopes for it to be an invention unique to only Eldarisia.

The E.E.P.F projectEdit

Also known as the Electric Eldarisian Prison Facility, the E.E.P.F was a secret project started by the Foundation. This project was to create a planetary-wide prison that has three main areas of activity. Area one was known as the pit, this area was where prisoners would reside. The pit is a underground network of tunnels that lead to large openings of area were settlements can be created, these areas are were the prisoners will be thrown into and will have to build their own homes. The point of the pit is to occupy prisoners with survival so they do not attempt to escape. The pit is usually filled with thousands of prisoners and are not guarded, the prisoners are watched by a series of camera's controlled by the facilities artificial intelligence. The prisoners are only given a limited wood supply to build houses and are given basic tools for building their homes. However to stop them from rebelling with advanced tools, the A.I is given camera's and sensors to detect technology advanced enough to be a threat and it will then send a EMP strike throughout the whole pit, destroying all advanced technology permanently in the pit. To protect the A.I, sensors, camera's and structures from being disabled by the EMP, each one is given protection from this form of EMP. This keeps the prisoners weak and unable to advance against the A.I.

Area two is known as the promised land, this area is above the pit and is a large grassland filled with plants, animals and resources that can be collected by the prisoners for survival and progression of their primitive societies. For the prisoners to reach this area, they must go on the many elevators in the pit and go all the way up to the top, once on top, they will be in a open tower that will lead to the outside. The elevators only work because of the many towers. These towers have advanced solar panels that are shaped like a crystal for less energy collection, they are on top of the towers and each tower is connected to one another through a series of well protected and repaired cables. These cables lead down to the pit and power the elevator. The A.I can adjust how much energy is given to the elevators and if desperate, can cut them permanently off. The elevators can only be used three times a week because of how much power they use for a single trip and back. To keep the prisoners from escaping or leaving technology above the pit, the elevator is put on a time limit before the last area appears.

Area three is known as hell fire and this area is the only one that is in movement and means certain death. Hell fire is in the promised land and is a series of large gates that project plasma to one side and then the other, this plasma cuts through anything it touches and sweeps through the promised land to kill off any remaining prisoners or technologies. This area is activated by the timer on the elevators and it gives the prisoners 24 hours to collect supplies before it arrives. The many towers are protected from the plasma and have exposed interiors so no one or thing can hide in them, stopping any chance for survival. Once the Hell fire makes it's way through the promised land, it will then stop moving and will surround the facility without movement. The elevators also automatically go down 15 minutes before the gates activate, warning prisoners beforehand.

All resources, animals, tree's and plants will be destroyed by the gates, the A.I will then restock the area with special genetically modified plants, animals and tree's that will grow in a 24 hour time period while also dropping another shipment of resources based on what was destroyed. These genetically modified items are only legal for this facility since genetic tampering is banned throughout the Empire, except for scientific research. All of this makes the E.E.P.F an unbreakable facility and one that will survive for many years to come. Originally created to hold Waptorian prisoners during the Great Xonexian Schism, this facility was reformed after testing was done and showed the many faults and inhumane conditions present during it's first few years of operation. Having to do reformation procedures while the facility was empty, it has been redone to hold demonic enemies and otherwise unreasonable foes for scientific research and to cut down on the needed funding to house dangers to all life.

Unique basesEdit

F.E.S currently has bases all over the Empire, but they also have some unique ones.

French Bunsen ColoniesFrench Bunsen Colonies

- Mountcourt lll

  • Base 167, Eldarisian-French colony 0.2: Study of Human anatomy and Human physiology.
  • Base 168, Eldarisian-French colony 0.1: Study of Population ecology and Ecosystem ecology.

Algolurn Popular RepublicAlgolurn Popular Republic

- Eldarisian Military base 0.1

  • Base 201, Eldarisian MB 0.1: Study of Algolurn anatomy and Algolurn physiology.

Eldarisian Empire Mirus ColoniesEldarisian Mirus Colonies

- Gerech

  • Electric Eldarisian Prison Facility: Prisoner population of 0 for now. (Inactive until further notice)
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