Cyroenia Battle

Battle of Cyroenia

The Fleet of Retribution, or the Allied Armada, is a major space fleet of the Allies navy during the days of the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War.

This armada was formed immediately after the Trucinex attack on the Twelve Colonies. It is under the command of Admiral Cretacea and Vice Admiral Rambas II. The elite captains of the Fleet won many victories for the nations of the allies against the Trucinex, Imperial Alliance, the Cognatus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Recently, talks have suggested that the Fleet of Retribution be a Cyrandia-only fleet, however this is controversial. There was no need for any controversey when the Delpha Coalition of Planets, who once contributed to this fleet were destroyed during the Annihilation.

With a lot of fighting during the Great Cyrannus War the fleet grew even more elite and better then they once were. Sadly with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus made an end to the Fleet of Retribution upon Rambo Nation becoming a protectorate of the Empire. What remained of the Republic-aligned Fleet fell under the control of the Republic in Exile.

Empires with ships in the FleetEdit

United Republic of Cyrannus

Rambo Nation

United Republic of Cyrannus Edit


The URC founded the Fleet and have huge amount of warships participating in the wars, the current commander of the URC task-force is Admiral Cretacea of the Resolute which is a Venator Class Star Destroyer, many citizens of the URC celebrate the FoR as being the most elite fleet in the universe. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, a small portion of the Fleet of Retribution under the command of Admiral Shavalera and Captain Roslia was left wondering the Quadrant Galaxies without anyway to get back to Cyrannus. This faction became the nucleus of the military of the Republic in Exile.

Venator URC

  • 65+ Venator-class Star Destroyers
    • Resolute
    • Republic
    • Pegasus II
    • Cerberus
    • Triton
    • Pacifica
    • Prometheus
    • Delphi
    • Destiny
  • Many more support frigates and other craft.

Rambo Nation Edit


The contribution by the Rambo to the Fleet of Retribution is quite large and most are captains which have fought together for a long time. However, though the FoR has perminent ships assigned to her, the fleet is often aided by other Rambo Nation ships, battle stations or supply ships when needed and when availible.

Merced Class V2 Mk. II

Constitution Refit Class V2 Mk II

  • 8 Excelsior Constitution Refit Class V2 Mk. II
    • USS Deceiver
    • USS Emperador
    • USS Scharnhorst
    • Various other yet unnamed ships

Excelsior Class V2 Mk. II

  • 15 Excelsior Class V2. Mk. II
    • USS Berlin
    • USS Crazy Horse
    • USS Gorkon
    • USS Inteprid
    • Various other yet unnamed ships.

Galaxy Class V2 Mk. II

  • 4 Galaxy Class V2 Mk. II
    • USS Challenger, under command of an unknown Zazane Captain
    • USS Dauntless
    • USS Oraidhe, under command of Captain Balatearius
    • USS Zhukov

Kelvin Class V2 Mk. II

  • 8 Kelvin Class V2 Mk. II
    • USS Polarity
    • USS Spode
    • Various other yet unnamed ships

Miranda Class V2 Mk. II

  • 25 Miranda Class V2 Mk. II
    • USS T'rin'saz
    • USS Tin An Men
    • USS Trail
    • Various other yet unnamed ships

Spore 2011-02-26 18-05-00

  • 9 Phoenix Class ships
    • USS Cyrandia
    • USS Diligence
    • USS Incomparable
    • USS Mediator
    • USS Orion
    • USS Phoenix
    • USS Strathadam
    • USS Victorious
    • USS Vindicta

Xiaan AllianceEdit

Since 05 AQF the Xiaan Alliance decide to also contribute 4 ships to the FoR. Though 4 would seem nothing compared to the larger contributions by the URC and the Rambo, the 4 Poseidon Cruiser are far more powerful and advanced. Considered the strongest ships (besides the Rambo Angforst) in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser V2 02

  • 4 Xiaan Poseidon Cruisers V2.
    • Amphitrite
    • Auqatic
    • Nethuns
    • Poseidon

Notable Battles Edit

The Fleet engaged in many battles across the Trucinex War and the Second Galactic War and it is infamous to its enemies as an elite fleet that rarely loses a battle.

Trucinex WarEdit

During the Trucinex War the foundations were laid to the forming of the Fleet of Retribution as Rambo Nation and Uniter Republic of Cyrannus (then known as the Capricyránae Sector Alliance) operated together to combat the Trucinex, though these battles were incidential and not planned before going into attack.

Second Galactic WarEdit

When the Imperial Alliance launched a massive campaign against Rambo Nation they called for aid, and both the URC (still the CSA) and the Delpha Coalition of Planet answered the call. The Second Galactic War became the first war the three empires operated together in battles, coordinating their attacks and giving command of task forces to various captains of the mentioned empires. In fact, the battle of Tuacio marked the official forming of the Fleet of Retribution.

Intergalactic WarEdit

During the Intergalactic War the dreaded and vicious Cognatus attacked the URC and Rambo Nation. Bounding together again they used the FoR (now an elite fleet) to combat the Cognatus threat, but the war took a heavy toll on the FoR as there were many casualties on the allied side.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

With the start of the Great Cyrannus War the FoR wasn't really used in the early stages of the war, and some believed the FoR was retired from service after both the URC and Rambo Nation experienced a short period of relative peace. Some believed this to be true as the FoR didn't see action during the first two months of the war. Yet due to the increasing Confederate threat and victories over both the URC and Rambo Nation the FoR was once again called back to the frontlines, charged with the task to protect the Cyrannus and Quadrant Galaxies.

However during the Great Cyrannus War the FoR also learned various valauble lessons, that they were able to lose battles, and losing they did quite sometimes during the war. Updated soon

Former Cyrandia FleetsEdit

Rambo NationEdit

Pre-V2 UpdateEdit

During the Trucinex War Rambo Nation send a large Task Force under command of Captain Rambas II to aid the CSA. The flagship of the Rambo's of the Trucinex Task Force is the USS Hood. Although not a large fleet, the Empress sended most moderen and stronger vessels to aid the CSA.

Spore 2010-03-13 21-02-41

the USS Hood, Excelsior Class and Captain Rambas II his flagship.

  • 8 Excelsior Class Ships. (including the USS Hood).
  • 4 Galaxy Class Ships .
  • 3 Constellation Class Ships.
  • 5 Defiant Class Ships.
  • 3 Centaur Class Ships.
  • 10 Miranda Class Ships.
  • 5 Akira Class Ships.

All the ships lister above were mostly retired from active service after the Second Galactic War, and during the early weeks of the Intergalactic War, however these ships were replaced by the V2 updates, a stronger and more reliable ships that are now the main fleet of Rambo Nation.

V2 Cyrannus Task FleetEdit

Rambo V2 Fleet 02

A few ships of the V2 Fleet

The V2 Cyrannus Task Fleet is the new fleet that is part of the Fleet of Retribution and the fleet consists out of the newly V2 ships, and are commanded by FoR veteran captains who recieved a new V2 fleet, thus making them more dangeorus and effective than ever before. The fleet also recieved more ships than the early FoR Rambo Fleet. A few years later, some changes were made as various Rambo ships recieved an upgrade to the V2 Mk. II status.

The fleet is led by Vice-Admiral Rambas II, though with the V2 Mk. II ships coming into service the face of the Rambo side changed again, smaller and more efficient.


  • 1 Merced Class V2 Mk. II Ship (the USS Capricaerón, flagship under command of Vice-Admiral Rambas II).
  • 4 Excelsior Class V2 Mk. II Ships
  • 4 Constellation Class V2 Mk. II Ships
Rambo V2 Fleet 01

More ships of the V2 Fleet

  • 6 Constitution Class V2 Ships
  • 4 Constitution Class Refit V2 Mk. II Ships
  • 4 Forrestal Class Ships (Fighter Carriers)
  • 2 Galaxy Class Ships
  • 8 Kelvin Class V2 Mk. II Ships
  • 10 Miranda Class V2 Mk. II Ships
  • 4 Newton Class Ships (formerly)
  • 15 Phoenix Class Ships
  • 5 Chinawkya Battle Cruisers (formerly)
  • 45 Chinawkya Cruisers (formerly)
  • 15 Chinawkya Escort Frigates (formerly)
  • 3 Amiaeria Capitol Ships (formerly)

Support Ships

  • 5 Antares Class Ships (transport Ships).
  • 2 Olympic Class Ships (medical Ships).
  • 2 Normandy Class Ships (civilian & officials transport).
  • 8 Chinawkya Blockade Runners

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