And in the tempest-filled sea, where the wretched join the wrecks of their precious vessels, the deep god rises from the deep darkness, his enormous arms casting a vortex of destruction. So is unleashed the fury of the monsters who dwell in the deepest places of the ocean.

- Irkallan Epitaph, describing Uzgoroth

Uzgoroth is the demon lord of water, storms, sloth and sea monsters.


The Lord of the Seas is an enormous and antediluvian monstrosity resembling a fish with three pairs of muscular arms ending in powerful claws. His massive scaled body is green and ends in a colossal tail. From his forehead grows a large anglerfish lantern which lets out an eerie purple light which sucks out the souls of those who approach it. Embed into his back is a massive spear, thrust into him by the archangel Kumyus in ages past.


Uzgoroth is a primordial being even by the standards of his fiendish kind, being the oldest demon lord in terms of sheer age. Primordial ruins state he was involved in the Great Gap as one of the demon lords unleashed into the Material Plane by Varagarash Narahil's planar breach; they tell of a gigantic sea monster who terrorized the seas with terrible storms, until he was banished back to Irkalla with the rest of demonkind by the greater gods.


The Deep Father makes his abode in the region known as Darkreach, the largest body of water in all of Irkalla. Such is the size of Darkreach that numerous other demonic realms, including places such as Sanguine Hill and Betrayer's Rise, are located directly above it.


Embodying all the worst negative aspects of the weather, Uzgoroth delights in causing torment by the use of his power over the waters. However, he also embodies the sin of sloth, and due to it, he rarely commits to long-term goals; he seeks instant gratification in most cases and rarely plans ahead.


  • Allies
    • N/A
  • Ambivalent
    • Kurgram - Uzgoroth has sired monstrous children with the Bloated Mother, but their relationship is somewhat strained.
    • Hamoilles - The Lord of the Seas finds Hamoilles' constant eagerness tiresome and generally washes her away from his realm when she visits.
    • Skanqrak - Uzgoroth recognizes Skanqrak's great age which rivals his own, but looks down on him nonetheless.
  • Enemies
    • Kumyus - The Lord of the Woods is Uzgoroth's greatest foe, and the spear he thrust into his back still causes the demon great pain.
    • Varagarash Narahil - Uzgoroth's laziness is all but gone whenever Varagarash threatens to break free of his bounds.

Cult of UzgorothEdit

In Telamon, Uzgoroth is most notably the patron of the much maligned merkan race, who praise their Deep Father by attacking coastal villages and offering blood sacrifices in Uzgoroth's name. The demon is also sometimes worshipped by the most deplorable of merfolk, pirates, sailors and fishermen, seeking allegiance with the Lord of the Seas in exchange for profane boons.

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