And in the frozen wastes where flesh is numb, the queen of the sapphire hair leans forward, beckoning. She wants, seeks, desires, and so will all those who gaze upon her perfection.

- Irkallan Epitaph, describing Hamoilles

Hamoilles is the demon lord of perversion, hedonism, lust and deviancy, who is considered the queen of all succubus demons.


Hamoilles appears as a tall and curvaceous Succubus with an impressive pair of curved horns upon the sides of her head. She has long, flowing blue hair and her pupils resemble those of a reptile. A pair of massive wings grow from her shoulders and a lithe tail lashes out of her rear. She prefers to remain stark naked, allowing her features to be visible to all who gaze upon her. Parts of her skin are marked with icy blue tattoos which radiate cold light, and her hands and feet end in long, black claws.


Hamoilles' origins are shrouded in myth, and not even her servants can agree on a single one. Ancient Primordial ruins detailing the great war against the demon lords make no mention of her. The most popular tales say she was a powerful and particularly depraved vampire who, upon death, seduced her way through the ranks of Irkalla until gaining her current status as a demigod by bedding the former lord of lust and killing them during intercourse. Hamoilles is largely uninterested in dwelling in her own past, considering it a boring matter, causing her to ignore calls for answers on the matter.


Hamoilles' realm in Irkalla is known as the Halls of Passion, a fortress of ice and stone which radiates an aura of sensual immorality. Those who dwell in it are expected to, and encouraged to, indulge in their carnal desires as much as possible with the Frozen Harlot's succubus and incubus servants, with Hamoilles herself typically residing at the deepest chambers, participating in great orgies where she is the focus. Those who wrong the Frozen Harlot are locked in the dungeons, where demons repeatedly tease the prisoners but never allow them the satisfaction of a climax.


Embodying rampant promiscuity and debauchery, Hamoilles has little in mind beyond finding new means to entertain herself sexually. She takes great pleasure in tormenting mortals by cruelly teasing and then promptly denying them the chance to experience her. She is difficult to anger and often maintains an air of constant arrogance, though certain specific subjects lead her to act in a very petty manner, unfit of a creature of her stature. Among her peers, she is one of the most passive and more easily approachable by mortals.


  • Allies
    • Analuhati - The Frozen Harlot has a certain fondness of Analuhati which fuels theories that she was once a vampire.
    • Druacath - Hamoilles claims Druacath is her favorite bed partner, and takes great glee whenever he comes to ravish her.
    • Kurgram - Though she has no interest in fertility, Hamoilles has certainly experienced Kurgram's motherly side.
    • Vealdimar - Hamoilles was the one who made Vealdimar fall to darkness, and the two remain very close.
    • Xel'manikh - Xel'manikh considers Hamoilles his property, and the Frozen Harlot enjoys indulging him on occasion.
  • Ambivalent
    • Skanqrak - Hamoilles considers Skanqrak too disgusting even for her.
  • Enemies
    • Thea Nee'hara - The Frozen Harlot despises Thea Nee'hara with every fiber of her being for reasons unknown.
    • Varagarash Narahil - Hamoilles will drop all of her sexual acts on the spot to aid in the imprisonment of the dreaded World Worm.

Cult of HamoillesEdit

Hamoilles is primarily worshiped by hedonists, rapists and other sexual deviants. She is a demon who encourages excess and self-indulgence, making her attractive to narcissists. Most incubi and succubi recognize Hamoilles as their leader, though due to Irkalla's infinite size and hostile nature, not all of them consider themselves her servants.

Hamoilles' followers are typically assassins and clerics who hide among the common folk, spreading the word of the Frozen Harlot in the darker corners of the civilized world. Her pride leads her to demand her worshippers to create works of art in her name, usually in her own image. Due to the demon lord's heavy association with frost, her spellcasting followers typically prefer ice-based spells, on top of illusions, in order to emulate her perfect beauty as much as possible, and mind-control, to minimize resistance.

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