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Centaurs are a species of beings who sport the upper body of a humanoid and the lower body of a horse, who are native to the badlands of Okran in Dryadala. These savage creatures are known for their martial prowess and fearsome strength.


The average centaur possesses an upper body reminiscent of a human with slightly pointed ears, and the body of a wild horse from the waist down. Their humanoid halves typically have tanned to fair skin depending of the location, with their horse bodies sporting various shades of brown and black fur. The average adult centaur is 2.1 meters tall, weights over 400 kgs and lives up to around 60 years.


Centaurs are a mysterious species who once held great influence across southern Dryadala, though whatever united civilization they may have held in the past fell apart due to intense in-fighting, with most clans in the current day living as nomadic marauders. Records show centaurs once lived as far north as Arkhanset, but were pushed out of that land by the ancestors of the Arkhan humans when they settled there.



Centaurs have a rigid society, where all are expected to serve the interests of the clan at all times; to put your personal interests before those of the clan is seen as a grave offense. Clans are typically led by the most accomplished warrior, who is expected to be advised by the clan's elders whenever they see the need to. Centaurs prefer fighting with long-reaching weapons like spears, accompanied by shields and bows.


Most centaurs do not worship any gods, but rather practice extensive ancestor worship. Upholding the honour of their ancestors is vital to a centaur clan, and any offense directed at them is seen as the worst crime against their kind.

Relations with other racesEdit

Because of their rugged culture and tendency to take what they want by force, most races see centaurs are abhorrent and do not deal with them. Gnolls make frequent use of centaurs as bodyguards, while the northern races like the men of Arkhanset and the lizardfolk may hire their kind as mercenaries; some centaurs go out of their way to work for other races, typically because they have been disgraced by their kinsmen and seek to live without having to answer to their former clan's rigid laws.

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