“A new empire to reason with, let us reason together. Perhaps make a trade route?” -Random Federation Diplomat

The Federation is made up of 32 main governors, 6 of which are the Grand Governors, and 1 is the Emperor of state.

Intro Edit

The empire has about 9,175 systems at the moment, and has interest in interactions with other races. There are 6 main fleets known as “The Grand Capital Fleet”, “The Exploratory Fleet”, “The Old Guard”, “The Armored Fleet”, and “The Dreadnoughts”, and “Strike Fleet. They have gathered much about previous wars and hope to stay out of any future wars. So far, they have had many encounters with others and usually without problems, although the ST 4s do sometimes get attacked by defense systems on those planets. The Federation’s ships are faster than most, but when they are charging all the lights must be dimmed, shields down, weapons down, and engines down. The space travel system leaves the ship vulnerable for about 30 seconds! Another thing the Federation likes to use are rail-guns that are able to do serious damage to ships and sometimes temporarily knockout a shield, but the shells can sometimes vaporize before hitting the target. They especially have fond opinions on empires they’ve never seen, although they usually escort ST 4s with a few ships to deter pirates and Empires from attacking. They have heard of the many intergalactic superpowers and are somewhat afraid of them, because they know some of them are aggressive and the Federation hopes to not get in any of their ways. They will try to interfere in wars between minor powers, but will never interfere in any major wars “unless they have to” or think it is “in their best interests”. In hopes of defending themselves, they have many rail-gun turrets on their planets that can do moderate damage to enemy ships, and they make their planets have many resources on them in an attempt of making the enemy try to take the planet rather than raze it and lose all the resources.

History Edit

The Federation was an idea first proposed in 252 by the Yugun to the Frishi and Jingre. At first it got nowhere and each empire grew on their own. The Yugun expanding by 2 systems, Jingre by 1 and Frishi by 1. The Federation wasn’t brought up for over a decade and it seemed it was forgotten until the year of 265 when talks began about the benefits of such a Federation. In 268 a vote was held and the people voted 78% in favor and 22% opposed it. The Federation would officially form in May 1st 268. This 22% would later form the Coalition of Seceding States before getting defeated seven years later. After the war many people accepted the Federation and saw the benefits it brought along, although a small group of Pro-Coalition people went to form the New Coalition in the Republic of Trade and their group was crushed. Postwar President Thenado Wei wanted to expand the Federation not only in the Mirus Galaxy, but other galaxies as well. This plan didn’t go anywhere until they found the Republic of Spices and despite some obstacles, trade began with the Republic and the Federation began to strengthen it’s grip in Mirus and had many small empires and civilizations join, the most notable being the Thraxolax. The Federation exchanges technology for unity. The Federation still has many interests in other trade routes and has made efforts to do diplomacy with other empires. So far the Federation is a Minor Power.

The Grand Seltian War Edit

The Grand Seltian war caused the Federation to be at war with the POR and the Coalition rose up again. This led to the Federation increasing its fleet size drastically. The Corlinians would end up helping them after the Coalition launched one major raid to against them. The Coalition would end up submitting to the URH which would cause them to help the Federation, which was somewhat odd in both of the sides opinions. But they would work together to take down the POR.

Army Edit

Army Introduction Edit

Their military is volunteer only, but will turn towards conscription during war. They train their troops for atleast 6 months before letting them on the field, although exceptions are made when needed. The high command is well trained for war due to intervention missions. They are given war simulations to see how they react to threats, so far they seem decently skilled at commanding and aren’t bad in combat. They do have a decent navy which can respond to other minor power. They believe lasers are ineffective compared to the might of rail-guns, but each has their pros and cons.

Federation National Militia Edit

The Federation Militia Guard are volunteers who have agreed to fight for the Federation as defensive units. They are civilians that have agreed to fight when an enemy steps on their ground and aren’t paid to do it either. Although they do not have the best disciple nor training, and they are more so a last layer of defense. The militia tend to have good moral though.

The Trenok Militia Edit

The Trenok Militia is a force of militia that are skilled at urban combat as well as close quarters combat. Their equipment widely varys from basic rifles to automatic weaponry. They are the second largest militia. They first saw large scale combat at the 2nd Battle of Trenok where the Coalition began their landings after defeating the Federation forces in the system. The Trenokan Militia held off against the superior force of experienced troops for about one month before being put down. The militia would later rise up against the Coalition later towards the middle of the 2nd war of the Coalition and they would end up pushing out their occupiers. The unit would later make an official emblem composed of a shield with a sword in front of it with the words Trenok Militia.

The Denol Militia Edit

Denol’s militia is one of the largest militia group. Being the 3rd, Trenok Militia 2nd, and Zengunda Militia 1st. Denol’s militia became an underground resistance movement against the Coalition when they invaded the planet. The Denol Militia pulled off many major missions to harass the Coalition in the planet. Many of the militia would become skilled at guerrilla warfare. The unit has an official emblem consisting of two rifles and the words Denol Militia.

The Zengunda Militia Edit

The militia of Zengunda is the largest militia group of the Federation and first saw combat at the invasion of Zengunda when the Coalition landed millions of soldiers. The militia is made up of retired veterans and trained civilians. They specialize in urban combat and proved so during many battles. Their official emblem is a yenought and the words Zengunda’s Militia.

Average Infantry Edit

Infantry are well trained and are given 5 magazines and a ACR-23 (All Combat Roles 23) gun. The infantry are given bullet-resistant armor made of an armor of diamene and kevlar. The average soldier gets paid a decent amount and gets supplies with ease, because of the Federation of Free Empires having a large supply fleet to feed and supply soldiers on the frontline. The Federation has implemented many rules to increase job quality of a soldier, such as that soldiers are given sound-proof earmuffs to prevent hearing loss. And each section/patrol 12-24 people has at least one medic. The average pay is around 28-40 USD per hour.

Drone Commander Edit

The average Drone Controller is put in charge of 10 drone soldiers. Drones are cheap, around 7,000 USD for them and their weaponry. Drone Controllers are relatively safe as they are usually a good distance away from the frontline. Drones are pathetic in a one on one fight and are weak alone. They are slow moving compared to a sprinting/jogging person and are equipped with cheap weaponry. Drones use numbers to defeat their opponents and are meant to be cheap fodder. The drone commanders are usually paid 30-45 USD per hour.

Mercenary Guard Edit

A part of the Federation military that serve those who pay for them. They vary in equipment and are usually moderately trained. They are hired by businesses and sometimes other empires. They are recognizable by a brightly colored arm band with the Federation symbol of a mercenary. They make great security guards, but they do lack discipline from the Federation. They aren’t the most loyal and are greatly influenced by personally motives, although they tend to be mostly loyal. They are usually payed anywhere between 30-60 USD per hour depending on the contractor.

The 1st Coalition Mercenary Army of the Federation Edit

After the Coalition switched sides during the POR-URH conflict the Federation hired one of their armies to fight on their behalf. The unit is well equipped and is made up of veteran soldiers who are experienced in guerrilla warfare and many other types of warfare. They are identified by a emblem of the Coalition flag with the words 1st Coalition Army of the Federation on it. The group is well known and is quite liked by the average Federation citizen.

Sanzar’s Guards Edit

Siaenizeaere (In Standard Federation Language) Infantry are equipped akin to the Trusted Guard and are also equipped with a type of long energy spear that can counter even some of the most powerful yenought charges with ease. They do well in melee and medium ranged combat. They usually have 3 grenades that each weigh 1 kilogram. Sanzar also serves in the unit as the colonel of the regiment. They are paid 60-70+ USD per hour.

Yenought Calvary Edit

Yenoughts are a little larger than a Yugun and are very tough. They were native to the Yugun system Zengunda and were common heavy calvary. Yenoughts like to use lances and energy swords as their choice of weaponry, but they can wield other weapons. They now play the role of boosting troop morale and intimidating enemy units. They are well armored and are hard to kill. Their riders usually have a light machine gun and grenades. Pay for them is higher than standard infantry and they’re given extra rations and food for their Yenoughts. Their riders can be identified by a golden lance symbol on their helmet. The average pay is around 35-50 USD per hour.

The Elite Guard Edit

The Elite Guard are any experienced soldiers with atleast 10 years in the military. They are given the best equipment and rations. They are identifiable with their helmets which have a symbol of a golden yenought on it. They are trained in melee and all types of ranged combat. The Elite Guard are hard to shatter in combat and tend to rather fight to the death. They typically have a small fire arm, some small grenades, a pack, a automatic rifle with a bayonet, vibro knife, and sometimes heavier weaponry. This includes small railguns and machine guns. The elite get some of the best pay out of all the army. The average pay is around 45-60 per hour.

The Bushwhackers Edit

Bushwhackers are infantry that specialize themselves to guerrilla styled combat. They are usually sent ahead of the main force as skirmishers and are trained to survive and provide for themselves and their comrades. They make good scout units as well and can intercept and ambush enemy scouts as well. Their ability to sustain themselves without being connected to supply lines makes them good units to sneak behind enemy lines. They are usually paid 50-60 USD per hour.

Thraxolaxian Guard Edit

The Thraxolax are sterotyped to be aggressive in nature, very physically strong, brave, resilient, cunning, but quite hotheaded. These characteristics make them good, but somewhat ill-discipled soldiers, which is why when they are actually well discipled, they make near perfect soldiers. They are given good rations, Elite Guard equipment and have decent pay. These soldiers are usually used in dangerous operations that most wouldn’t dare do. They are great in melee combat and have specialized reverse-curved swords. With their great morale, strength and discipline, they do very well in combat. They are paid 60+ per hour.

Specialized Military Police Edit

The Specialized Military Police are a group of well equipped military police that are equivalent to the Elite Guard in terms of equipment. The Specialized Military Police are used to keep order in areas that are unstable and are usually used against violent riots, enemy partisans, terrorists and are used to also detain hostile suspects. The force have the golden emblem of a balance and the letters S.M.P on it. They are paid 50-60 dollars per hour.

The Scorchers Edit

Scorcher infantry are rarely used, but do see combat. Scorchers are equipped with some of the best armor and they have flame throwers that have a range of 50 meters. They have fuel tanks that can be burnt for over an 1 hour before needing a refill. Scorchers have a golden symbol of a flamethrower on their helmet and their flamethrowers are designed to be loud to intimidate hiding enemies. They are only used in rare situations and are recommended to ask the enemy for surrender before cooking them alive, but most don’t bother. Scorchers wear black fire masks that cover the entire face and they are covered in black colored fire and bullet resistant armor. The reason they wear so much stuff is to hide their identity and protect themselves. Scorchers have better rations and pay then most. The average pay is around 35-45 USD per hour.

The 137st Scorcher Regiment Edit

The 137st Scorcher Regiment is made up of some of the Federation’s best scorchers. The regiment is very aggressive in battle and can be somewhat unorderly, but they do a good job at clearing structures with enemy units in them. They have the normal scorcher equipment and the unit is distinguished by the golden flamethrower with the words 137st Scorcher Regiment. They are paid around 40-45 USD per hour.

The Trusted Guard Edit

The Trusted Guard are the best units in the whole army. They are soldiers who have been trustworthy and honest in the Federation and have proven themselves to be very experienced. They have the same weaponry as Elite Guard, but much better armor. They also have foldable graphene kevlar shields that can be deployed in nearly an instant which makes for good mobile defense. They are trained to not break or retreat unless ordered to, although even they will retreat when the balance of power is obliviously not in their favor. Although upon capture they prefer to die rather than betray the Federation. They are used to protect their Grand Admiral and are believed to be immortal. They have nanotechnology that increases their lifespans to be in the thousands. They aren’t supernatural in terms of strength nor regeneration, but are quite tough from their training. The Trusted Guard are the most well known and respected of the Federation. Their helmets have the Federation symbol of their people. They get the best rations and pays out of all in the army. The average pay is around 50-65 per hour.

The Wenzan Guard Edit

The Wenzan are a sub group of Yugun that tend to be much stronger and resilient. Thenado Wei has them as one of his personal guard units. They are equipped with the same equipment as a Trusted Guard soldier and are drilled often. They are some of the most dangerous soldiers in the Federation’s army. They are paid around 65-70 USD per hour.

Presidential Guard Edit

The Presidential Guard are the most iconic unit of all the Federation’s army. They are the president’s personal guard and are made up of the most experienced of the Trusted Guard. They also serve as guards for the Grand Admirals. They wear black with gold and have the symbol of the Sword and Shwild on their helmets. They are equipped even more than the average Loyal Guard and are always available for war. They have a sword for melee combat which is made of a alloy of graphene and metal and a AIT 1 gun (Anti Infantry and Tank gun) for short-medium ranged combat. They usually have 3 high powered grenades each on them (grenades weigh about 1kg each). Their grenades are good against fortifications and armored vehicles, but also do well against infantry. They‘re usually accompanied by a Federation Standard who has the same equipment as a regular Presidential Guard incase they are in combat, but they will carry the Standard when they have the chance. They are paid around 70+ USD depending on the individual.

Intervention Army Edit

The Intervention Army is the main intervention force of the Federation. The group is around 10 million strong and is used as elite units when not used as an intervention force. They are equipped akin to the Trusted Guard and are well trained to foreign environments. They do carry anti-infantry grenades (grenades weigh 0.5 kg each). They are paid 60+ USD per hour.

Sacred Guard Edit

The guards of the Federation’s religious groups. They are handpicked by the religious leaders to guard them. They are put through strict training and they are quite resilient. They make some of the best soldiers, although they are usually only used defensively as many of said religious leaders don’t want to be involved in war, although exceptions are sometimes made. Their groups are some of the most powerful in all the Federation and are respected because of that. They are paid 60+ USD per hour on average.

Navy Edit

The Navy is trained to be able to defend against any threats and has been modernizing their ships. Their best strategy is to use their superior speed to harass enemy supply lines, disrupt communications right before retreating back to home territory. They adopted guerrilla tactics and strategy due to them having faster ships and them knowing they couldn’t stand up to the larger Empires.

Grand Admirals Edit


There are six Grand Admiral’s which each control their forces, but listen to the President who is one of the Grand Admirals.

Left to right the admirals are Wenad Grez, Jonak Kin, Jinx Lun, Thena Wei, Vemok Ans, and Thenado Wei.

Rail guns Edit

The most powerful of most Federation ships are highly advanced Rail guns. These rail guns are dangerous to most armors and when volleys are fired the other ship usually takes moderate damage to shields or hull. Federation ships will usually focus fire on ships to obliterate them and to also lower enemy morale when they see the volley incoming. The shells the rail guns use rarely vaporize before impact and are very accurate. Some of the new experimental shells are set on fire and can cause fire damage along with explosive damage to the enemy ship, although it is indeed experimental.

  • 1st image:The Main part of the Federation Dreadnought Fleet. They are patrolling a frozen world.
  • 2nd image:2 Federation drones on the left. Thenado Wei, Jingre, Frishi and Drena. Gin Lu Dern is the one in front. They are behind a Federation 24 inch 609.6 millimeter gun.

Boarding Pods Edit

Most Federation ships have boarding pods. The boarding pods are filled with up to 10 robotic boarding infantry that will try to damage the ship’s surface and if they are caught or about to get destroyed by the enemy they will self destruct (unless ordered otherwise). Boarding pods act as missiles to and will blow up once all boarding infantry have got out of the explosion‘s radius. The Federation doesn’t expect the robotic boarding infantry to ever really survive a battle. The explosion caused by the boarding pod depends on how much remaining fuel it has. Boarding pods look like rockets in appearance.

RCF Edit

Remote controlled fighters are used in masses in the battle and act as fighters or infantry support. Due to their relatively cheap cost the Federation can mass produce them. With the pilots being inside a ship or drone center they are relatively safe compared to the standard fighter pilot.

Shields Edit

Energy shields are on nearly every Federation ship. Most ships devote about 25 percent of their power to shields. When Federation ships are preparing to enter interstellar travel, all other things in the ship lose most of their power which include shields although they dedicate most energy not being used on the shields. These shields are used to attempt to slow down incoming projectiles. They also have experimental energy shields that can act as a near physical barrier against projectiles, along with pulse shields that attempt to vaporize incoming rounds right before they make contact. The engines use about 50% all energry when preparing for interstellar travel.

Armor Edit

Ship armor is made of one of the Federation’s best materials. Diamene steel, which is many layers of Diamene and Steel stacked together that form a near unbreakable armor, but it also costs much. Although the Federation prefers quality over quantity and ships are made of Diamene steel as they are duarable and flexible.

Interstellar Drives Edit

Federation ships are some of the fastest ships in terms of space travel. There is a major drawback however, because they’re temporally defenseless and can’t fire back for 30 seconds. Although during this time half of all energy not being used for the drive is used on the shields and the rest being on lights.

The Crown of the Fleet Edit

The one of the most recent ship models made are the FGDCS or Federation Goliath Dreadnought Capital Ship, FHD (Federation Heavy Dreadnought), and CFHD (Capital Federation Heavy Dreadnought). The ship is a true wonder of the Federation, and the FGDCS represents Federation pride. So far, only two have been made. The FFE Invincible Arrow. And The FFE Emperor‘s Pride. They also have two FHDs Federation Heavy Dreadnought which took 5 months to make. The FHD is one large plate with many smaller plates fortifying it. One of the FHD is called the FFE Federation’s Spirit as the other is nicknamed the Gift FHD. The largest ship in the Federation’s navy is The People’s Will CFHD.

  • The Federations’s Spirit doing an exercise with the Emperor’s Pride and Invincible Arrow. Along with 6 CCMS 2s, 10 SHDs, 12 Frigate 2s and 10 AHB 2s in the back. The exercise was one of the largest military exercises the Federation has done in history.
Look at the Dreadnoughts! These things are devastating!
- Thena Wei after seeing the Dreadnought test fires.
  • The Emperor’s Pride doing a test fire.

These lines of ships shall be the mark of a new era of military advancement for the Federation.

- Federation Naval Officers

Basic Warplan Edit

The Federation has basic war plans incase of an invasion. The plan is that they have the The Old Guard Fleet and Armored Fleet do hit and run attacks on the enemy‘s supply lines, key positions, and infrastructure. When that is happening the Exploritory Fleet is used to try and convince other empires to interfere on the Federation’s behalf. The Grand Capital Fleet and The Dreadnought Fleet are used defensively, but will go on the offensive when there is a break in the lines. The Strike Fleet is used to mass their forces in locations that the enemy has the worst defense and navy on and strike fast to cause chaos. To take planets the Federation will first offer surrender if they refuse, the intimidation volleys are used, and if that fails they do mass orbital bombardment on key positions and then land on the planet.

Foreign Policies Edit

Foreign nations shall be treated with great respect and be allowed to do trade immediately. Although warmongering empires shall be watched closely incase they plan for war. Foreign nations are allowed to join us in alliances if they please. If a war is to break out between us and another, so be it. During war we shall try to convince others to help us in exchange for trade deals, and during peace conferences we shall ask for territory or war reparations depending on which one they agree with.

Anti-communist Ideals Edit

The Federation might hate communism just a tad less than the Coalition. The Federation believes that communism is a cause of dictatorships and like fascism, also can’t stand. The Federation will get involved in any small war if justifiable against a communist regime.

Foreign Relations Edit

”Glad we could make things work! Have a nice day!”
”Hey there friend, what do you want to chat about on this fine time?”
Hello there, what would you like to chat about. Maybe a trade route?”
  • None yet
”We don’t trust you, so move along or prove us otherwise.”
  • All local warmongering empires
“Your planets will fall before the Federation‘s power!”

The Federation‘s Interests in other Galaxies Edit

The Federation has interests in making many colonies in other galaxies as small footholds in the regions. The reason for these interests is that the Federation has lots of money and has secured most of their lands, and they are expanding their borders in Mirus, but the thought of being intergalactic is an idea that they like. Plans have been made to colonize other galaxies, but it will not be easy because the Federation has to get the local empires to agree with their expansion.

Relations With The Free Republic of Trade Edit

The Federation did find a way to get involved in another galaxy when they went to the Selten Galaxy and the Free Republic of Trade welcomed them and asked if they want to trade with the Federation. President Thenado Wei was excited and immediately agreed with the trade routes and the Federation sold some ACSS ships along with some blueprints for them. The Federation has an embassy in the Republic‘s land and they have been improving relations a lot.

Relations with The Drena Republic Edit

Being friends with the Republic of Trade means also allying their allies. Or atleast in the eyes of the Federation. The Federation has been trading with the Drena Republic since the year they became independent in 1253. The Federation trades lots of cheap metals in return for some valuable goods. The Federation has also shown interests in the Drena Republic‘s drone fighters, and has bought some along with their blueprints for a lot of money.

Rules to not break Edit

  1. Don’t attack allies
  2. Don’t break treaties
  3. Help your allies when you can
  4. Be reasonable when making deals
  5. No threats
  6. Let people vote or atleast let them be able to have freedom
  7. Allied territory is to be respected
  8. Don’t start a war you can’t win
  9. NO WARCRIMES (exceptions are commonly made)
  10. Don’t break these rules

Government of the Federation Edit

The Government consists of the Emperor of the People who has the powers of a president, The 6 Concils of Order which each control their respective territorie, the 25 regionals govern their regions and are the lowest ranking of the main governments. Each system has a system government, planet government, city government, and town government which are all under control of the system governors.

Alcohol Regulations Edit

  1. Alcohol can’t be above 140 proof.
  2. Alcohol must have labels stating their proof level.
  3. Alcohol must be drinkable.
  4. Alcohol cannot contain chemicals deadly to a species.
  5. One cannot get alcohol if they have a recent bad history with it. (3 months atleast, although exceptions are made oftenly)
  6. Alcohol can’t be sold without a license.

Drug Regulations Edit

  1. A Drug must be proven safe before sent to the market.
  2. Drugs must not contain highly addictive chemicals in them.
  3. Thoses selling drugs must know what is in them.
  4. Labels must State the chemicals in the drug.
  5. Drugs cannot be sold without a license.
  6. Drugs must not contain chemicals dangerous to a species, if they do they must have a label saying so. And the person receive said drug must be made aware of it.
  7. If someone has a recent bad track record involving violence or harm they are not allowed to obtain drugs deadly to a species.

Economy Edit

The Federation‘s economy is self-efficient and can run on its own, although trade does significantly helps the economy. The economy is capitalist and law requires that all jobs must have a wage that pays enough for someone to live. Quality of life is great and business is well. The government cracks down on businesses they see as monopolies, which is any business that owns anymore than 50% of all business in a local area like a city or town. Business is promoted by the government and the local government can fund businesses in their regions. There are guidelines businesses must follow.

Guidelines for Businesses Edit

  1. Minimum wage is 15 USD per hour. And work hours should be around 30-45 hours per week.
  2. Workplaces must be safe environments.
  3. One can’t own more than 50% of things in a region/town/city.
  4. One can’t own any more than 2% of all business in a planet. (Unless said planet has a small population)
  5. Rooms must have atleast 15 ft tall ceilings.
  6. Businesses can’t be discriminative.
  7. Businesses may hire guards, but no more than 4-80 per building. (depends on the size)
  8. Businesses may own/hire military craft to protect them from pirates/raiders, but not whole fleets of ships per convoy unless the containments in said convoy are considered of utter most importance.
  9. Businesses cannot mess with local governments.
  10. Businesses must respect guidelines that may be different depending on the region.

Common Languages in the Federation Edit

The Standardized Language Edit

The Standardized Language of the Federation is the language every Federation citizen knows well. Although there are many languages in the Federation this language is the universally used one.

When used at the beginning of a word Edit

A = En B = He C = Ci D = Do E = N F = Fa G = Ge H = Ne I = II J = Yu K = Ki L - Lu M = Mi N = Ne O = Oi P = Pa Q = Qi R = Ri S = Si T = Ti U = Un V = Vi W = Wa X = Xe Y = Ya Z = Zi

When used in between letters Edit

Or when the word is a single letter

A = Ae B = Ba C = Ci D = Da E = Ee F = Fa G = Gi H = Ha I = II J = Ju K = Ke L = Li M = Ma N = Ni O = Oe P = Pa Q = Qu R = Re S = Sa T = Ti U = Ui V = Va W = Wi X = Ax Y = Ye Z = Ze

When used at the end of a word Edit

A = An B = Ha C = Ce D = Di E = Eh F = Fi G = Gh H = Ni I = II J = Ya K = Ka L - La M = Mi N = Ni O = Oi P = Pi Q = Qu R = Re S = Sa T = Tw U = Yo V = Vn W = Wi X = Xi Y = Yi Z = Ze


The effects of the First Civil of the Federation Edit

The War of the Coalition impacted the Federation by making them try harder to improve their army and navy in hopes of preventing such things from happening again. The War was terrifying to the Federation and severely damaged the Nation.

The Anthem of the Federation Edit

“Glory to the Federation - our great nation Glory to Federation - which brings liberation -A mighty fist and will of citizens at our side Be glorious and great, citizens of those who reside! -Free ones of our great space and land When the time comes, we make a stand -Glory to you, country! We are proud of you!”

-The Banner of Unity

Federation Marching songs Edit

I was Marching that Way Edit

I said - I was marching for the Federation. — I said — I was marching that way. — As I did - I marched in a merry way - Just incase I don’t make it through today! I shall fight for the Federation. - And that sir! Is my declaration - I shall stand tall - or fall — for the Federation!

I shall fight on the lands — dealing with any problems at our hands — I shall fight - throughout the sea - going anywhere I need to be.

I said - I was marching for the Federation. — I said — I was marching that way. — As I did - I marched in a merry way - Just incase I don’t make it through today! I will fight - though stars - as we do — We’ll go afar. We shall march - throughout the day, and make sure our enemies stay at bay. I believe that I fight for reason - therefore I shall not - commit treason. I shall stand tall - or fall — for the Federation!

Hurray! Hurrah! I shall sing this merry tune - marching in this merry way — Just incase I don’t make it through today! Hey!

Quotes from other Empires Edit

Feel free to add your own quotes

Together, we shall trade and spread our wisdom. You and your allies are always welcome in our territory.

- Ark'hazar Union I have returned from exile to collect what is rightfully mine. If you don’t feel that way, I’ll be willing to show you how I intend to backup my claims.
- Lucari Gin of the Coalition.
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