For millenia, our knowledge of the laws of the universe has become great weapon. Beware.

- Predictor Advisor Taleera

The Divinarium technology is obscure and mystical. Being a powerful, high tier 2 empire, the Divinarium arguable possesses the most advanced technology in the whole Andromeda - save for the New Shka'Tun Imperium, of course. With the new alliance with the ascended beings, Isio'Nar, and the indoctrination of Saders into the Divinarium, its technological level increased tenfold.



The Divinarium has advanced greatly in the development of nanotechnologies. Instead of using them for administration and augmentation, like UNO did, the Divinarium's demiurges have found a different way of using it: nanotechnological materials.

Nanometal, also known as Living Metal, is the pseudo-biological material created by the Radeons to be used in their technology. It is like an organic tissue, except it is made of nanobots which can move and change shape to take various forms. Nanometal is rather strong, though its main power is that it can also regenerate damage if harmed by consuming materials and replicating. All of the nanobots possess basic intelligence, and this intelligence is increased in the presence of more nanobots as they unite to form a more advanced intellect. This quality of nanobots is used by the Divinarium in the creations of their AIs.

Perpetuum generators[]

A Perpetuum generator ejected from the vehicle.

Perpetuum generators are one of the most advanced devices used by the Divinarium, working on the principles of zero-point energy. A generator usually takes form of a small canister glowing with soothing, purple light due to the releasing energy. It converts the small quantum fluctuations of particles into a usable electricity, heat or vibration. Due to the abundance of the resources used by these generators - such energy can be found anywhere and it can work nearly indefinitely - perpetuum generators are highly effective. However, they are extremely complex, and the creation and repair of generators is not a simple task as it cannot be done by simple nanobots and quantum replicators - it requires supervision.

Perpetuum generators are used nearly everywhere in the Divinarium - small battery-sized ones are used to power small devices like flashlights or watches, while larger ones can be used to power cities. Vehicles' engines and energy weapons use perpetuum engines as well.

Spacetime manipulation and wormhole network[]

A wormhole portal.

This unmanned threader drags the wormhole to distant stars in order to create transit for transporation of goods.

Thanks to Wormulon for all this sciency stuff!

One of the Divinarium's most important technologies is their ability to manipulate quantum foam, the basic structure of the reality that is not following traditional laws of physics. That ability was acquired from the ancient tier 1 empire of Andromeda, the Memfian Imperium, by studying their artifacts and was later perfected thanks to the help of the Civilisation. Using rare exotic matter dubbed warpmatter by Sader engineers, the pieces of quantum foam are expanded and connected between each other, creating a wormhole portal.

These portals, also known as Morris-Thorne-Kuhfittig wormholes by the humanity, are used for easy transfer of matter, energy and information all across the Divinarium. While requiring large amounts of resources (exotic matter) to use, the portals are highly effective, eliminating the need of traditional transportation technologies like spaceships. Alternatively, the same technology can be used as the deadly weaponry - to create deadly black holes to consume the enemies of the Divinarium by using warp cannons.



Radeons and Fyrvrtha have developed extremely advanced military technology. The soldiers of the Divinarium use the advanced power armor made of the nanometal. Once worn, it connects with the brain and essentially becomes a second skin, and the soldier can feel it like it was part of his/her body. The weapons are working similarily - they are often mounted on the shoulders and the soldier uses his/her mind to control it, as well as to aim. If a body part is damaged, the living metal will reform to take its place.

Vehicles and spaceships[]

Vehicles of the Divinarium are constructed of nanometal and as such are very durable, being able to regenerate dents and other damage like a human body regenerates wounds. Another ability possessed by Divinarian vehicles is their intelligence. It does not create an independent mind in a similar way to UNO vehicles, but rather unites with the mind of a driver and expands it to make it able to control a vehicle by thinking only.



Electrolaser is an extremely effective weapon against various pests.

Electrolasers are the most common weapons in the Divinarium, primarily used by Fyrvrtha, as it is their design. Electrolaser ionises air via a laser beam, turning it into a plasma and creating an artificial lightning. Electrolasers are highly effective against conventional armoring as they can easily pass through flesh, metal and plastic, turning all three into a molten, burning mess. However, they are slightly less effective against dielectric materials and force fields. They are lethal against all vehicles, able to cause short circuits in machinery and shuttting them down.

Larger electrolasers are often mounted on spaceships, and they can be used in the space warfare as well.

Plasma weaponry

Plasma bolt.

Plasma weaponry is the second most common type of weaponry in the Divinarium. It is primarily used by elite forces or on vehicles, and is similar in work to a railgun. A common plasma gun creates a powerful magnetically-contained bolt of plasma that bursts upon contact with the solid surface - be a fortress wall, a tank or an Asgord, superheated ionised gas melts everything. Alternatively, they can be used as flamethrowers by releasing plasma without it being contained. The resulting wave of fiery death melts all on its path, being far more effective than a common plasma bolt at short distances. Larger, vehicle- or spaceship-mounted plasma weapons work the same.

Warp weaponry

A black hole created by a warpcannon.

Warpcannons are the most powerful infantry weapons of the Divinarium, being based on the wormhole technology used in their portals. A warpcannon launchs a large magnetical projectile that disturbs the quantum foam upon activation, creating a small black hole. This black hole, however, is unstable, and thus dissipates quickly upon creation - but before it will do it, it would consume and kill many enemies - or the Divinarium's soldiers themselves, if unlucky - by sucking them into the void. They are sometimes used by infantry, but are generally mounted on turrets, vehicles or spaceships.


There are several other, less common types of weapons used by the Divinarium. Railguns are used on spaceships sometimes, providing additional protection as they use less energy and are more durable than plasma weaponry. Large lasers known as hyperdestroyers are used in planetary warfare. Elemental essence may be utilised as weaponry as well, particularily in the "Fanatical Frenzy" generators on Terminatrices. Finally, there are mysterious spacetime manipulators, ancient engines created by the Messengers as a gift to their followers.

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