There are not many of us left in this universe, but those who left are among the finest warriors in the gigaquadrant. Pure of heart, strong of body. Fear us, for Dei'Ar may come for you next.

- War Predictor Matheoward

Divinarium military forces.

The Divinarium is still protected by its ancient and powerful army, the Dei'Ar Order. Due to being decimated heavily after the War of Ages and Holy Shadow War, and overall small population of the Divinarium compared to other Andromedan superpowers, remaining, Dei'Ar Order has changed its military doctrine now. Instead of being a sledgehammer, a weapon bringing dread to its enemies by sheer mass and firepower, it now works as a blade, striking quick, decisive strikes to destroy important enemy positions to force an enemy to surrender without destroying most of the enemy forces.

The Dei'Ar Order is closely connected to the Ecclesial Navy of the Divinarium, to the point that these two structures can be considered one. Both the Navy and the Order share a high command, and Dei'Ar Troopers serve their duty on the spaceships of the Navy regularily, protecting them from the external threats. A common way for the Dei'Ar forces to invade is to attack from wormhole gates located on spaceships and worlds, giving them extreme speed and mobility unmatched by most of the other Andromeda superpowers. However, due to its relatively small numbers, it is hard for the Order to fight a conventional and especially defensive war, and the Divinarium needs a constant upperhand in conflict in order to prevail.


The Divinarium military originates from the military forces of Enaran Empire and Salveron Republic back from the ancient age of Radeon civilisation when they were united into the Church of Spode, working together with the newly formed Ecclesial Space Navy; it has proven effective in conquering new territories from the Church of Spode. As the Church expanded, so did its military might. Over time, the military became an independent organisation called the Dei'Ar Order - meaning "those who have sworn to the divine (nation)", which had much power of its own.

During the war with Imperions, emergency powers were given to the military general of this time, Jaharan, who, unfortunately, claimed control over the Church of Spode and led it to the age of brutal dictatorship. Fortunately, the crisis was averted by the intervention of Telfar's followers. Time came, and a new great war had begun; between the terrir-inspiring Xhodocto and mortals who stood out to protect what they loved - and the species of the Church and later, the Masaari Crusade that followed it were one of these mortals. In this long war, the War of Ages, the Dei'Ar order was led by a new leader, a charismatic warrior called Tadjamad.

AGC forces engage the Andromedan Grox Empire.

After the blood was shed and Xhodocto were defeated, what remained of the Masaari Crusade and Dei'Ar Order were struck by aftermath. Telfar was dead, and the Conclave elected Iovera, a young Exarch from Sanctuarium, as a new leader of the Crusade. Iovera decided that since their civilisation was destroyed, the Masaari should now stay and protect what territories were left, as expansion would take too much resources. Tadjamad disagreed to follow the orders of who he considered a young girl, and has proclaimed the Dei'Ar a nation of its own, the Dei'Ar Theocracy, leaving his fleet to elsewhere in the Gigaquadrant. Only a few Dei'Ar soldiers agreed to aid Iovera, led by one of the War Predictor's confidants, Matheoward Alvarie. Tadjamad's empire became, for a short period of time, the true successor of the old Masaari Crusade, while Iovera's Masaari Remnant remained inshadows.

Time passed, and the Dei'Ar Theocracy fell, with many of the surviving warriors of Dei'Ar joining Iovera now. Allying with the mysterious Isio'Nar, she had a plan now. As Annhilation was tearing the universe, she led her people to Andromeda, where they could expand outside of other nations' presence. However, expansion required another army. Having little population to be sent to frontlines and with hostile Coalition spreading, Iovera started the production of Metallo Militant Force, an army of machines that would bolster and support the weakeneed Dei'Ar Order. Furthermore, the fleet and Dei'Ar Order were not interwined completely to the point two organisations could be considered one.

The Dei'Ar Order and Metallo Militant Force later served together in Andromeda War, fighting the Draconid Imperium, the Brood of War, Legion of Badmanz and the Andromedan Grox Empire. In the aftermath, the first two empires became allies of the Divinarium while the latter two were defeated and destroyed.

Metallo Militant Force[]

Metallo Militant (Melee).png
  • Height: 1 m
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Role: Colony protection, melee combat
  • Weapon: Electric blades
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour
  • Relative Threat: Low

Metallo Light Militants are the prime planetary defense force in the Divinarium, also working as police force. Small and seemingly harmless, Light Militants are in fact deadly in large numbers, even though they are weak individually. Their primary and, generally, only weapons are weak electric blades, which can be used both to eliminate invaders and to incapacitate criminals. Their intelligence increases when in groups as their computing systems can be fused and when under the supervision of commanders; individually, they are rather dull-witted, incapable of complex tactical maneuvers.

Metallo Militant.png
  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Role: Colony protection, ranged combat
  • Weapon: Twin electrolasers
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour, low-energy deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: Average

Metallo Heavy Militants are larger, more advanced type of Metallo droids, having vastly different design, stronger propulsor drives allowing them not simply to hover above ground but also to fly in order to pursue enemy spaceships and skimmers. Instead of having close combat weaponry, Heavy Militants are armed with electrolasers, a more powerful weapon which is highly effective against vehicles due to its ability to disrupt the work of machinery. They have been proven useful during the Second War of Twilight against Artharons, and as such they are mass-produced now.

Metallo Laborer.png
  • Height: 1 m
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Role: Repair
  • Weapon: None
  • Defense: Ablative armour
  • Relative Threat: None
Nothing but workers, Metallo Laborers are civil servants of the Divinarium, found everywhere on their worlds, doing physical labour. However, they are also used during conflict and in case of planetary invasions. Laborers are programmed for doing highly complex engineering jobs, and can repair other Metallo., bringing them back to functionality. Having the same design as Light Militants, Laborers are not the sturdiest of machines, with no armour altogether. Dei'Ar armies use these machines as well in order to repair equipment and vehicles, as well as to heal soldiers.

Metallo Probe.png
  • Height: 0,5 m
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Role: Scouting
  • Weapon: None (electrolasers for assassin probes)
  • Defense: Ablative armour, cloaking devices
  • Relative Threat: None

Small robots with advanced programming and high intelligence, Probes are the smallest military Metallo in the whole Militant Force, being used for espionage. Probes are flying at high speeds and are equipped with advanced cloaking and communication technology, being difficult to uncover and supplying the Divinarium's soldiers with information. Normal probes are unarmed, but there is also a subtype of electrolaser-equipped assassin probes, being used for silent and swift elimination of important enemy commanders and government officials.

Metallo Commander.png
  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Role: Command
  • Weapon: Electrolaser
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour, low-energy deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: Higher than average

The most intelligent and advanced kind of Metallo robots, the Commanders are gifted with vast creative abilities and abstract thinking, making them almost as intelligent as Radeons or humans. The Commanders are built on Heavy Militant chassis, being well-armoured and armed with powerful electrolasers. They also have powerful relay systems that can be used to coordinate the work of other Metallo, allowing them to use complex strategies and plans in battle.

The high intelligence of Metallo Commanders has resulted in some of them, while still physically unable to rebel, asking their masters to recieve civilian rights and freedoms like living intelligent beings; so far, the Divinarium government does not want to set them free.

Dei'Ar Order[]



Dei'Ar Hunter.png
  • Prevalent species: Radeon, Fyrvrtha
  • Role: Primary assault troops
  • Weapon: Battleknife, plasma rifle, minor psychic abilities
  • Defense: Titanium ablative power armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: Higher than average

Dei'Ar Hunters are the backbone of all Radeon fleets and armies, both serving as naval troopers and assault troops used in planetery invasions. Hunters are teleported from spaceships right into the fray and are equipped with jetpacks and short-range telporters, making them one of the most mobile soldiers in Andromeda. They are fairly known for their full-enclosing grey armour, giving them excellent protection and fairly good endurance.

Dei'Ar Hunters were formed from the troopers of the Dei'Ar Theocracy and Masaari Remnant, although they operate using different tactics, attacking through quick and precise strikes rather than en-mass assaults. Their primary weapon is a plasma rifle; a weapon of great power that shoots bursts of highly ionised and superheated gas, melting flesh and metal easily. Advanced technology in Hunters' visors gives them excellent accuracy, meaning that their rifles are powerful even at high ranges; Hunters also have minor psychic abilities allowing them to sense the enemy's minds and manipulate their missiles' movement. However, despite the Hunters' mobility and power; they have one weakness; they are inept in close combat, only armed with simple battleknives.

Telzoc Ravager.png
  • Prevalent species: Telzoc
  • Role: Assault troops, melee combat
  • Weapon: Electrised claws, low-energy electrolasers, minor psychic abilities
  • Defense: Heavy titanium ablative power armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: High

Ravagers are soldiers specialised at sieges, urban combat, and vicious melee, made from those hunters who follow the battle philosophy of Alpharae that teaches that to achieve one's goal there is no time to wait, and prefers swift action over waiting in darkness to strike. Primarily recruited from Telzoc, they are armoured with heavy, sturdy battle exoskeleton and powerful deflector shields. This means Ravagers can shrug most of the fire launched at them while heading at enemies at high speed, using accelerated jetpacks and augmented legs to go through rough terrain and obstacles easily. No Dei'Ar army does not include at least one squad of such warriors when fighting enemies powerful at melee like Lorons or Zazane, or when the environment does force the fighting forces to close combat.

Ravagers are armed with heavy electrised vibroclaws, powerful weapons which energy is highly destructive, but are generally useless against large buildings or vehicles resistant to electricity. In addition to this, they are also armed with short-ranged low-energy electrolaser pistols that can be used in long range to stun or hurt fleeing enemies to slow them down; but their size means that they are not useful in most of the other situations. Despite their large size and seeming brutality, Ravagers fight with finnesse, being agile and graceful. Much like Hunters, they are trained to use psychic energies to enchance their reactions, making them able to predict enemy movement.

Divinarium Exterminator.png
  • Prevalent species: Sader
  • Role: Heavy support
  • Weapon: Battleknife, high-energy electrolasers or heavy plasma cannons, minor psychic abilities
  • Defense: Light titanium ablative power armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: High

Exterminators do not seek glory and art in battle, following the battle philosophy of Omeronae, considering deep thinking and carefully plannned strategies to be a key to battle. With light armour, Exterminators hide behind their comrade's backs from a suitable spot, and only when the time is right they do strike. While other Dei'Ar soldiers see them as cowards, Exterminators do not care for their name is not mere boasting; they indeed operate one of the most powerful weapons in the Divinarium.

Exterminators recieve unique training that makes them able to operate complex weaponry that requires lots of maintainence, even when aided by machinery. Among such weaponry are high-energy electrolasers which can eliminate multiple targets at once with deadly precision or heavy plasma cannons which missiles can destroy city walls. Many battles were won thanks to their support fire, by combination of their accuracy and sheer might.

Specialised & Elite

Dei'Ar Stalker.png
  • Prevalent species: Imperion
  • Role: Infiltration
  • Weapon: Twin electrolasers, hidden energy blades, grenades and other equipment, minor psychic abilities
  • Defense: Nanoskin, deflector shields, cloaking device

Sent on independent missions to sow chaos among enemy lines, Stalkers are trained to find out more than simple probes can. They are able to shapeshift through advanced holographic devices and thus can easily blend with the crowd, making them near-impossible to find. Each stalker has multiple weapons like electrolasers, plasma grenades and disruptor blades. As such, they are effective in all combat situations. Their armour is made of nanobot liquid stuck to their skin, making it very flexible to the point it is essentially a second skin.

Effective spies, Stalkers are usually teleported into battle first, supplying Dei'Ar forces with information, along with Metallo Probes. Another their mission is sabotage; setting explosives within enemy bases and assassinating enemy commanders, they can weaken the enemy defenses before battle. They are trained to be independent in combat, and have a great deal of initiative.

Radeon Magus.png
  • Prevalent species: Radeon
  • Role: Psychic combat, reconaissance
  • Weapon: Energy staff, electrolaser pistol, major psychic powers: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, (rare) mind control
  • Defense: Light ceramite ablative power armour, deflector shields, major psychic powers: telekinesis, healing powers, augmented endurance
  • Relative Threat: Very high

Dei'Ar Magi are unique kind of psychic warriors. While all soldiers of the Divinarium have some minor Essence abilties, only Magi are trained enough to use its full potential. Every single Magus has come through complex training; the Magi have far more sheer Essence abiltiies and without proper training, they can bring much damage to their own comrades. After a decade of study, however, Magi hone their minds to use them as powerful weapons.

A powerful Magus can make enemies of the Divinarium run in fear or froze them. Resourceful and cunning, they can also use their telekinetic power with deadly potential, making buildings crumble and hurling debris - or Dei'Ar Ravagers - into enemy lines. Magi rarely work together, lone figures wrapped in purple robes slowly walking on the battlefield; bullets and blades break upon nearing them, turning at the senders. They can also act as commanders, using their mental abilities to inspire and command; governed by a master of supernatural, soldiers rarely do fear anything.

Dei'Ar Templars.png
  • Prevalent species: All
  • Role: Special missions
  • Weapon: Disruptor glaives, singularity catapults, plasma grenades, cybernetically enchanced strength, minor psychic powers
  • Defense: Heavy titanium ablative power armour, deflector shields, augmented endurance
  • Relative Threat: Extremely high

Skill in combat comes not only from experience, but also from studying many paths of war, many combat techniques and many weapons. Those Hunters who have seen both the fury of vicious melee as Ravagers and patient waiting of combat as Exterminators, as well as a myriad more of combat situations, achieving vast battle knowledge, become Templars - those who saw war in all facets and followed long trials by fire; their faith is proven not by words, but by actions.

Templars don heavy, baroque armour being made with a mix of cutting-edge technology and ancient religious rituals: this combination of modern and old is common in Radeon culture. This armour, known as the Plate of Faith, has numerous psychic implants and advanced exoskeleton, giving Templars increased protection and strength. Templars are also considered to be worthy to use powerful weaponry that is too dangerous for others, such as singularity catapults; weapons that shatter very fabrics of reality in form of small black holes. Within seconds, one Templar unit can destroy entire enemy squads. In case of close combat, Templars use powerful disruptor glaives that literally make their enemies desintegrate.


Conclave Chaplain.png
  • Prevalent species: Radeon. Telzoc, Imperion
  • Role: Overseeing military operations; inspiration, morale control
  • Weapon: None; sometimes minor psychic powers
  • Defense: Light armour; the Soul Guard
  • Relative Threat: None

Humans once said that there are no faithless in foxholes and the Divinarium's leaders agree with them at this point; in order to promote faith on the battlefields, Chaplains are sent to the armies to inspire; great is their wisdom and fury in their words. Walking amongst warriors and advising commanders, Chaplains do not fight themselves, although they are ready to protect themselves when necessary; but their words can make warriors of the Divinarium stand still and lose fear; as long as the Voice of Spode is with them, they will not falter. Chaplains' words bring doubt and uncertainty to enemies as well; ensuring the victory of Dei'Ar everywhere they come. Chaplains ensure the moral protection of soldiers; they help them to cope with deaths of their comrades, telling the stories of saints and holy warriors. The bond between Chaplains and their battle brothers is great indeed.

Chaplains do not wear heavy technologically advanced armour of Dei'Ar warriors; but while seemingly defenseless, they have a secret way to protect themselves; the Soul Guard. A powerful force field generator, the Soul Guard protects from most of kinetic and energy weaponry and can also be transferred to others, shielding soldiers as well.

Conclave Celestian.png
  • Prevalent species: Radeon
  • Role: Protecting the Conclave and Iovera IX
  • Weapon: Disruptor glaives, electrolasers,
  • Defense: Light ablative armour; the Soul Guard
  • Relative Threat: Very high

The Conclave Celestians are elite servants of the Dei'Ar that accompany high-ranked religious officials of the Divinarium; in particular, members of Conclave and Clericarch. They originated from Al'khear's Royal Guard from the Radeon Middle Ages as well as from Seranai's ragtag group of followers from the early Radeon space era. As a tradition, Celestians are primarily Radeon females; although other species and genders are present as well. Wherever Exarchs or Iovera come, they are always accompanied by a squad of loyal Celestians, ready to serve them in life and death.

While they do appear to serve merely ceremonial purposes, Celestians are in fact as trained as Dei'Ar Templars, skilled in the art of fighting with disruptor glaives which blows are deadly and quick. If their enemies fight from afar, then they use powerful homing electrolasers hidden in their glaives, throwing bolts of lightning from them. While their armour is seemingly light and useless in battle, they have powerful force fields similar to those of Chaplains, making them nearly invincible.

Dei'Ar Battle Engineer.png
  • Prevalent species: Sader
  • Role: Repair
  • Weapon: Electrolaser pistol
  • Defense: Various self-created weapons
  • Relative Threat: Medium

Vehicles of the Divinarium, no matter how advanced, require maintainance, and Dei'Ar Engineers know how to fix them. They were studying physics, programming, computing techologies and mathematics for decades, achieving potential unmatched by humans. They do not use primitive ways of repair and do not have to even touch the vehicle in order to repair it. Instead, they use far more advanced technology. Through advanced programming routines and machinery inside their brain, they can command the nanobots within vehicles to repair them. From afar, this image can be awe-inspiring, strange, and almost mystical: a lone technician standing still merely watching at a skimmer repairing itself. If the damage is too severe, then Engineer will summon Laborers that will obey his whim and either fuse with the vehicle for more material or fix it in more common ways.

Engineers usually accompany squads, followed by groups of Metallo following their commands. Due to their high importance to the army, soldiers respect these small figures in cloaks and cybernetic implants, bumbling mathematic formulae as they do work with machinery, and will protect them if necessary. When they can't, however, Engineers shall send their robot warriors into the fray, throwing bolts of energy or anything else Engineers have made at enemies.


Dei'Ar Champion.png
  • Prevalent species: All
  • Role: Commander
  • Weapon: Varies
  • Defense: Titanium ablative power armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: Very high to extremely high; varies

Not all of those who aspire to become Templars can leave their comrades; some of them are just born for something else; gifted with a talent of seeing the whole picture and strategic mind. Champions are the leaders of squads; in golden armour, they are meant to inspire glory and power; they are chosen from the soldiers themselves and many of them are, in some way, elected by the squad for their experience and intelligence. But Champions also truly live up to their name, being excellent warriors with sharp sight and good fencing abilities. These talents are used by them to command; soldiers will follow those who can fight well at their own.

However, for Champions there is always a danger to get lost in battle, to find out that they can't live without their battle comrades and war; to crave conflict and destruction, for that opposes the very ideals of the Divinarium's culture and faith, seeking to forge order and peace. Unfortunately, not all of Champions do succeed in keeping their war thirst under control, and not all of them who get to retire will ever be able to return back to their original life.

Divinarium Captains.png
  • Prevalent species: All
  • Role: Commander
  • Weapon: Varies
  • Defense: Varies
  • Relative Threat: Varies

Large military academies on Crepusculum, Sanctuarium, and other Divinarian worlds train loyal, competent and intelligent captains. Starting as mere Executors to the final title of Fleet Predictor Advisor, captains of Dei'Ar Order command powerful military starships and army platoons "attached" to them, acting as both army and fleet commanders in charge of invasion and expedition forces, though some captains may find themselves commanding planetary defense fleets and Metallo Militant Forces that are protecting planets.

Dei'Ar fleets have small crews due to Metallo doing most of the job, generally only a handful of officers; it is not unheard for this crew to be friends or even to be related by blood. Young captains often do see their rank as an honour; those who are older often fall to depression and cynicism due to all violence they have to go through or to single-minded thirst of war.


  • Length: 5 m
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Role: Scouting
  • Weapon: Electrolasers
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour
  • Relative Threat: Medium

The Divinarium uses light skimmers for supporting heavier vehicles in battle as well as to weaken the enemy defenses before the main armada's attack, an old design developed during the times of Church of Spode which has been used in many wars. Malachims fly at high speed, unable to be catched due to their small size and supported by holographic distortion fields, and destroy enemy defenses and vehicles through electrolaser barrage, later returning to the base. They are, however, weak against those weapons which can evade its maneuvers, as their armour lacks endurance.

Seraphim Battle Skimmer.png
  • Length: 10 m
  • Weight: 3 t
  • Role: Main vehicle
  • Weapon: Twin-linked plasma throwers, two electrolasers
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: High

Seraphim Battleskimmer is a recent design, being made by Imperion engineers based on old Fyrvrtha skimmers during the Second War of Twilight to replace older vehicles of Masaari period, thus having both utility of Fyrvrtha designs and artistic elegance of Imperion machines. It balances speed, firepower and armour; both very fast and fairly resistant to incoming fire. Its main weapon is a large plasma cannon turret, effective against enemy bunkers and large groups of infantry, while its electrolasers are deadly against vehicles and aircraft.

  • Length: 15 m
  • Weight: 15 t
  • Role: Siege
  • Weapon: Singularity catapult, two electrolasers
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: Extremely high

Though rare in battle, Crusaders' sheer power is enough to turn the tides of battle. An old design from the times of Tigris War used as a prime military vehicle, Templars were presumed to become defunct after the Divinarium's formation, but as new weaponry was developed, Crusader have returned with large, powerful heavy singularity catapults mounted on them, the only vehicles large enough to support them. Even more powerful than those used by Templars, their potential is so vast they can effectively destroy planetary ecosystems. As such, Crusaders are rarely teleported to battlefields.

  • Length: 100 m
  • Weight: 20 t
  • Role: Transport
  • Weapon: Electrolasers
  • Defense: Heavy titanium plating, ablative armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: High

Piligrim is a powerful design that has served Radeons for eons, undergoing constant upgrades and improvements to become one of the fastest and advanced transports in Andromeda. Large and seemingly ponderous, Piligrims are in fact very fast, being able to cross any terrain through complex AI routines, and their size means they can transport even large platoons as well as other vehicles. Supporting squads with many electrolasers on its hull, it is a deadly weapon all on its own as well.

Divinarium Cataphract.png
  • Height: 10 m
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Role: Multiple
  • Weapon: Plasma cannons, disruptor maces on fists
  • Defense: Titanium plating, ablative armour, deflector shields
  • Relative Threat: Extremely high

Dei'Ares are elite warriors of the Divinarium, even moreso than Templars; there is only a thousand in the whole empire; so-called Sacred Band of Dei'Ares, formerly led by Tadjamad, was pivotal in many battles of Masaari and now, the Divinarium. While formerly Dei'Ares fought on foot, now they do battle within large battlesuits, machines of great power and stature. Their size itself brings fear, while their strength is matched only by great monsters and epic creatures.


- Metallo Laborer Metallo Light Militant Metallo Heavy Militant/Commander Metallo Probe Fyrvrtha Hunter Telzoc Ravager Sader Exterminator Telzoc Templar Imperion Infiltrator Radeon Magus Radeon Chaplain Radeon Celestian Sader Engineer
HP 25 35 75 25 200 450 35 500 50 50 35 100 35
TP 0 30 100 0 250 400 100 700 400 100 1500 1500 50
PP 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 300 300 100 400 500 100 500 100
FP N/A N/A N/A N/A 200 200 200 500 500 350 700 700 100
SP - 80 - - 250 450 10 600 350 20 20 700 20
m/s 30 m/s 30 m/s 30 m/s 200 m/s 20 m/s 50 m/s 15 m/s 40 m/s 75 m/s 35 m/s 35 m/s 35 m/s 15 m/s
EP 0 0 0 0 50 50 50 100 50 300 200 200 50
AP 100 100 100 100 200 200 100 300 1500 500 500 500 100


We hate to admit, but the Divinarium is a... worthy adversary

- Fela'thoran of the Coalition

Hmpf...Not bad.

- Koluap

The Dei'Ar order, definitely a powerful force that have become strong over their experience of war. It is clear that the Radeon still know how to fight!

- Yogtam

dei'ar orda, metallo doods. imma batta yoo eitha way.

- Fre'kloar

The Dei'Ar Order relies on mysticism more than most militaries I have seen - chaplains and psychics walk hand-in-hand with machines and brave hunters. They may be more akin to a something out of a storybook, but there is no denying the results; they are a fine, if inventive, fighting force.

- Lord-Admiral Larnus Vontarion of the Draconid Imperium
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