Radeon have long history. Okay, not really, but still. They once have it on several pages, and as a result it was hard to navigate. So I come and unite it.

Eon of Dawn (planet-bound sapience)[]


Radeons are beings who were not created by nature - something different has created them. The name of this "something" is called Radessic Imperium, an ancient civilisation of the Andromeda Galaxy led by the species only known as Rades.

Memfian Imperium was one of the greatest empires of their time, rivalling even Tertamians and Quaterlonts. Species of the Imperium believed that a single species, a single culture has a finite lifespan and would die out one day. In order to preserve their legacy, they seeded the worlds with the "descendant" species, giving them some of their technology and culture in order for them to rise one day and inherit their empire.

Radeons were one of these descendant species, a result of combining the genes of Rades and other Memfian species. The resulting creatures were as intelligent as Rades and had similar, albeit weaker psychic powers - but they were stronger and more endurant than their creators. Rades were pleased with the project and launched Radeons, as they were called now, in the automatic spaceships which were meant to find the suitable planet for the species to live and then put them in this planet. After many millions of years, a planet was found - deadly but lush Vendespode, located the intergalactic void, away from others' eyes. With some basic knowledge added to their brains, Radeons were left to advance on their own.

Age of Revelation[]

Radeons, abandoned by their creators, were left to their own devices on extremely hostile planet. Struggling to survive, they have scattered across the planet, founding settlements along the way. Trying to understand the shards of knowledge Rades have given to their children, Radeons started to develop various philosophies and religions. Religion became extremely important thing to them, and soon, settlements have started to unite under the banner of the same faith, forming first Radeon civilisations.

One of such civilisations was called the Enara Kingdom. It was a theocracy ruled by a high priest called Lumivae (or Clericarch, as this title is usually translated by humans), and following the monotheistic religion, following the god now known as Spode and centered around self-perfections, complete control of emotions and extreme devotion to the ruler. They would most likely fall to the conquests of other Radeon civilisation if not for the intervention of the Eola'Nar.

Seeing them as potential servants, the ascended beings descended upon the planet, posing as the messengers of Spode. Granting 'revelation' to the Lumivae Al'Khear, they promised him to lead his kingdom to the glory if he would serve them. Al'Khear agreed and, using the strange weapons given by the "messengers", soon conquered most of Vendespode's main continent, Ariona. In the following centuries, the Enara Empire, as it was called now, enjoyed its golden age, advancing in technology and culture. That was until the Rebellion.

Age of Heresy[]

Enara City under attack.

While the Enara Empire controlled Ariona, there was another large continent in the Vendespode, on the far north. It was called Salveron, and this cold but lush and rich land was colonised by Enaran Empire soon after it has conquered Ariona, and many resources were found in the continent. The locals were quickly suppressed and assimilated, and oil, gas and metals found there were used to supply the growing empire with resources.

However, the descendants of the colonists and locals have found themselves poor and mistreated by the empire. While they supplied most of the resources and were one of the most important part of the Enara society, Radeons on Salveron lived in poverty. In 801 BC (or 7 BUV, UV being Radeon calendar), they have officially rebelled against the Enara Empire and formed their own goverment, Republic of Salveron. They have immediately launched a large offensive against the empire, ravaging it with the nuclear weaponry. Soon, a massive world war has started all over Vendespode. It has quickly scarred the entire world, poisoning it with the nuclear fallout and resulting in Radeon species being on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, one has appeared who would save Radeons from the complete annihilation.

Her name was Seranai, and she was a daughter of two bloods - of a soldier of Enara Empire and worker on Salveron factories. She wished to end the struggle of two nations and soon gathered a large group of followers - Enarans and Salverons alike. She was glorified by those who followed her, believing her to be a prophet of Spode. Using her charisma and skill, she has taken the place of the Clericarch which became vacant after the entire goverment structure of the Enara Empire was destroyed during the nuclear bombing of the Empire's capital. She told Radeons that their kind has fallen into hedonism and corruption, that the war was the judgement of Spode. She wished to create an empire united under the banner of faith, free of discrimination and conflict. She had proven to be a good leader, and she made right political decisions and has averted the economic collapse that happened due to the war. She has opened peace talks with separatists, promising them equality and good life if they would join her. Soon, the war has ended, and the few separatists those remained were easily pacified. After the war, the united Vendespode has become the Church of Spode, a divine empire meant to unite the stars.

Eon of Light[]

At this time Radeon existed as a solely theocratic nation, forming an alliance composed solely of Spodist empires. during this time, their nation was known as Church of Spode.

Age of Expansion[]

Grox attack the Radeon carrier.

As Radeons developed their first interstellar drives, they have started their march to convert others to their faith and to increase their influence. However, in the intergalactic void, they have found no aliens, no sapient creatures - other planets found by them were lifeless. Neverthless, Radeons have continued the colonisation of the void, taking control of the territory that would be later known as the Deus Rift.

After a few centuries of peaceful colonising, Church of Spode has finally encountered an alien intellgence. The encounter wasn't pleasant, however. A small Grox fleet has been investigating the voids, trying to find any resources or other objects of interest here. Radeons were considered an obstacle to this goal and as such, they were immediately attacked by the Grox. Radeons have not been advancing their military technology since the formation of the Church and were not prepared for the war. Fortunately, Seranai, who was now an experienced ruler, has managed to rally her people, and Radeons have managed to find a way to defeat the Grox. Using whatever technologies and weapons remained since the last war, they have attacked the Grox and Conqrix fleets. While the Grox had superior technologies, Radeons were more numerous and had more resources. Radeons scavenged and reverse-engineered Grox technology, developing stronger and more powerful weaponry. Soon, the Grox fleet was beaten and pushed out of the void. Their command deemed the campaign of colonising the voids too difficult and non-efficient, and so Radeons were left alone. However, the technologies scavenged and reverse-engineered from the Grox spaceships helped Radeons to advance, and using more powerful Grox interstellar drives, they have started to colonise the galactic space.

Soon, the Radeons have set colonies in Milky Way, Tigris and many other galaxies. They have started a campaign of proselytising, spreading their faith across the universe. Many species like Corgel (who would later become the members of DCP), Kulkan, or Telzoc (seemingly) were converted into Spodism, some of them becoming part of the Church of Spode while others simply falling under their influence. Soon, the new religion has spread all over the gigaquadrant.

Imperion War[]

After the long time of relative peace, Radeons have encountered a new threat. It was called the Imperion Pan Empire, hailing from the uncharted regions of the Quadrant 21. While Imperions were not malevolent, they did not agree with the actions of Radeons in the Quadrant 21, seeing them as a threat. Furthermore, Radeons have tried to take control of various important energy sources for Pan Empire. After short failed communications, the Imperion War was started.

While controlling little territory, Imperions turned out to be fierce enemies, using their extremely advanced technology to destroy the fleets of the Church. When Radeon colonists were exterminated by Imperion plasma bombings, a schism has started in the Church's Conclave. Half of the Exarchs wished to leave the Quadrants completely, while the other half wished to avenge and launch a counterattack. Finally, the latter won in the debates and Radeons have launched a massive offensive against the Imperion Pan Empire, who has launched a series of attacks in the Deus Rift as well. The war became apocalyptic soon, and the conclave has decided to choose a new War Predictor to command the Church armies. A young and ambitious Radeon commander called Jaharan was chosen, and he was content with the role given to him. Complete control over the Church's military was given to him, as well as a large role in controlling economy and diplomacy. Jaharan has turned the Church into a powerful, relentless war machine, assuming direct control over industry and economy and devoting it to the war and the advancement of the Radeon civilisation. He has started the mass conscription of the Church's subjects and has spent large amounts of state's money to equip his soldiers with the best weapons and equipment possible. With the new military system and new economy, the Church has managed to conquer the Imperion Pan Empire, enslaving its subjects.

Age of Blood[]

After the enemy was defeated, Jaharan remained as the Church's War Predictor. However, he was craving for even more power. Orchestrating the assassination of the current Clericarch, Vaerehio Narallari, and bribing the Exarchs, he managed to put Aheren Aeia, a pawn easily controlled by Jaharan, on the throne of the Clericarch. Blinded with power, Jaharan has started his mad crusade against any civilisation the Church has encountered, taking over and enslaving everything on his way for being "unbelievers". Those who opposed his rule were quickly executed or put into the labour camps. This would later be known as the Age of Blood, a fitting name for the tyranny of Jaharan.

Not all of the rebels against Jaharan's rule were executed, however. Some of them survived, hiding from the eyes of War Predictor's police forces. Forming a resistance, they only wished one thing: to end Jaharan's reign of blood. Many of these resistance's members were Imperions who wished their species to be free; others were Radeon victims of Jaharan's purges. Neverthless, various in origin, they were united in cause. Conspiring for years, they have finally managed to achieve their dream during the event now known as The Toppling.

The Toppling has started with Imperion rebellion in the Quadrants. This time, rebellion was massive and interstellar, and local forces were not enough to suppress them. Jaharan has sent most of Radeon military and police forces to destroy the rebellion, but it was too late. At the same time, Radeon rebels in Deus Rift have started to do their part of the rebellion. All in once, all secret Radeon resistance members have struck, killing most of Jaharan's followers and guardians. Leader of the rebellion, Telfar, has personally come into Jaharan's palace together with his closest lieutainants. Put into the edge and driven to the madness, Jaharan screamed: "You will not get me, never!" and jumped out of the palace's window, falling on the ground, lifeless. It was the final victory. Aheren Aeia has agreed to leave the throne of Clericarch to Telfar, who was now the leader of the Church of Spode.

Tigris War[]

Since then, Radeons enjoyed their golden age, advancing in technology and culture. They have started to form alliances with many other civilisation like SSA, DCP, Cianju and Rambo Nation, thriving and advancing. However, the peace was broken with the arrival of the eldritch foe - the Xhodocto - demons who knew no fear or doubt and who have started a bloody war to conquer the entire Gigaquadrant.

Radeons were one of the many empires who have resisted the Xhodocto's attack. War Predictor Tadjamad, Telfar's second-in-command and a military general, has been cooperating with DCP, Cianju, currently extinct Pondsisosa and Rambo Nation to attack Turros. Under Tadjamad's command, Radeons were able to launch a series of deadly and desperate attacks right in the heart of the Xhodocto territory - the Nexus, helping the newly-formed Onuris to estabilish their forces and lead their armies into the final battle on the planet Orichalcum 2112, where the final battle - the Anjourkhal - began. Radeons and allies fought with bravery, but despite all the efforts, the Xhodocto could not be defeated, and they escaped into the Universe 66501.

For Radeons, the Eon of Dusk began...

Masaari Era[]

March into the new universe[]

Radeon exodus into the new universe was hazardous, though. Now reigning supreme in the old reality, Kamik'Shi has sent various demonic forces to stop mortals from escaping. Many Radeons died or turned insane when Rethex'Kalik, Xhodocto's minions, have infiltrated ships of the Church, possessing Radeons and causing further chaos. Furthermore, Radeon ships were lost in the inter-universal barrier, without knowing where to go.

Meanwhile, Tadjamad, one who led the escaping fleets of the Church, was haunted by the strange visions. Spode itself was talking with him. Tadjamad did not remember Spode's exact words, but he knew that he was chosen, and that he must save his kind from the destruction. With strange, divine power granted to him, he has destroyed demons invading Radeons and banished them into the Inferno Realm again. Following the path that the messengers of Spode told him, he has led the Church spaceships into the dimensional vortex, finally reaching the Universe 66501.

There, Radeons have started to rebuild their empire. A blue world called Sulphinne was chosen as a capital, and from there, Radeons have started their new expansion.

New allies[]

Radeon soon colonized entire Sulphinne, and the large capital named Tajon Gap. They travelled into outer space to find more allies.

First, they have found that their old allies, Imperion, survived too. They quickly allied once more and started exploring new world together.

After some time they have found some new friends. As their new doctrine says, Radeon did not try to convert them forcefully (though converts were sometimes made), and they have made trade route and alliance instead.

These are their allies.



As their old allies, Imperion have joined Radeon, and as such they are their closest allies. They are peaceful, diplomatic nation, having adaptivity of mind that Radeon were lacking. Diplomacy Senator Imperon is Imperion, as well as Captain Imperios of Crusaders' fleet.



Stalkies are commercial people of Universe 66501. They are master traders, and are very social despite their creepy look. Though Radeon consider them greedy, they treat them well, as one of the main people of the Crusade. Commerce Senator Tinzak is a Stalkie, and so is captain Leangista



Aqunores are peaceful Shamans. They are known for their strange religion, which is totally non-deific and as such tolerated by Radeon. They, though, think that Aqunores are strange. Their Senator, Tsea, holds rule on judgement, and Captain Fen Mei is his personal advisor.



Stribbles, hailing from dangerous world named Szworble, are strangest and most puzzling species of all Crusade. Their targets and purposes are unknown, their loyalty is questionable. Though their senator, Gonnex, helps Crusade in the ways of technology, their captain Szwerbo is totally unknown to people.

Ug Wars[]



After this, they have encountered several warring empires. They were similar in terms of power, and as such they were killing themselves as no one could win. Radeon thought to ally with one of them but they were not sure who would be their ally. There were two main powers: Ug - ecologist empire which consider themselves to be servants of nature, and militaristic species called Pepyacka. At first they helped Ug. They have sent message about alliance and crushed Pepyacka.

However, after more close encounters with the Ug, Radeon thought that they were not as good as they seem. Their ecological religion shuns all use of non-gene technology and as such, most of the species. After some time, Ug turned on Radeon themselves and Masaari helped Pepyacka to defeat their enemies.

Despite this, fighting Ug was hard. Their ships were living, regenerating every damage done. Their worlds were large forests, with no cities - all Ug were hidden in the glades. As such, Radeon did not destroyed them fully and just frightened them to help.

Radeon lived in peace, until ancient enemy arrived.

The Xhodocto[]

Radeon found the DCP and allied with them, and as such was starting to supply and help Allies. Numerous legions were went into Inferno Realm, and some even claim victory over them. Thy were honored by allies. Though not all was as good - this lured Xhodocto into their worlds.

After some time, Radeon discovered several attack on their worlds. Numerous planets were destroyed by Kamik-Shi, and soon, Sulphinne, core of the Masaari power, was endangered.

The end of Ascension Era[]

Radeon have been attacked by the Xhodocto in Sulphinne. The battle was quick, but soon nearly entire world was exterminated. However, soon before total destruction, Radeon attacked back and forced Xhodocto to leave.

Radeon, together with allies, attacked once more in strange planet. But after some fight, Xhodocto simply went back.

It has revealed that Draguros stopped a Post-Scourge War. Due of strange Xhodocto psychology, the coming of new "Xhodocto Year" has called peace within their society. As such, Xhodocto allowed Radeon to return home.

Soon after it, Spode himself visited Radeon and helped them to return. By his hand (tentacle?) Radeon were ascended at some point, though at this time only mentally. They returned to their old homeworld. After Radeon returned back into their worlds, it was revealed their home, Deic Sector, were transformed into strange space anomaly, Deus Rift. This anomaly was modifying space, making this rift like a webway between other galaxies.

Rift became large trading port for allies.

The Dusk of War[]

Radeon were aware of their own surroundings and started to use it at their own advanatage. Fleet was increased twice or thrice, many new fleet captains were promoted. New subspecies of Radeon have been found and each integrated within Crusade. Trading with DCP and DSB started, some Radeon help to destroy Nanohorde, and one Radeon even visited Trucinex War.

At the end Radeon started to be far more peaceful than before. Diplomacy and trading thrived, and Radeon, after many years of war, enjoyed peace.

Tadjamad gone[]

In one expedition, Tadjamad has travelled into some strange pathway of Rift. He has not answered for a week, but at end his ship came back, but with only Tadjamad's helm and his sword. It is unkown what happened to him, but his title was given to two Radeon - captain Geroniel, Tadjamad's apprentice and Tadjeleon, his twin (to Radeon, twins are common). They are now have access to Tadjamad's ship, Judgement of the Stars.

Age of Harmony[]

Helped by their new allies, the Arnoans, Radeon started to be very peaceful and diplomatic species. They embraced teachings (but not the religion) of the Harmony, and they allied many more civilisations. Peace thrives, and relations with Shamans and Zealots were highly increased - Radeon now embraced both teachings.

Radeon enjoyed their golden age of peace.

Post-Apocalyptic Era[]

Other could think that this is the end for all living things, but not the Radeon.

However, Xhodocto betrayed their allies and attacked the mortal empires once more. Now, Radeon along with all others marched into the depths of the Hell itself. Now, with the help of the Taldar and the Ravenrii, Radeon succedeed along with other empires.

Though they were winning, they were winning with tears on their eyes. They knew that while they are in Hell, Xhodocto now are in their universe, killing their brothers and sisters. And even when Kamik'Shi itself was defeated, they returned to the Vendespode with sorrow.

And this sorrow was not just due to Radeons' nature. What they have seen instead of lush forests and beautiful steppes is charre, barren landscape, with oceans of blood and lava. Innocent Radeon women and children were found killed and decapitated, without any proper cremation. And worst of all, the leader of Radeon for hundreds of years, Lumivus Telfar, was killed as well.

While Tadjamad ordered cremation of all Radeon corpses (he has taken urn with ashes of the Telfar for himself), he has chosen that the Vendespode can no longer be a home for the Radeon. He ordered to create large spaceships so remaining Radeon can travel between stars.

At first, Radeon didn't find a place to settle. Though, as they contacted their old friends, the DCP, with the help of Wormulus II they managed to find quiet, uncolonised planets - located in dwarf galaxy of Gazerash.

Here, Radeon started their new life.


Radeon have found a strange planet. While looking quiet, it showed signals similar to Radeon life. As such, Tadjamad ordered ships to land. They have found something interesting - their old brothers and sisters. Sader were first deemed unrelated by Radeon, but when they saw they worshipped Spode, they made deeper researches. It was revealed that they have a lot of similar genes, and as such Radeon tried to ally them. They, though, were too busy - Sader warred with other creatures on their world, the Chronodrake Monarchy. Sader love for engineering resulted in rather strong weapons, which resulted in Chronodrakes creating equal ones. It was sure that the planet was about to die.

So, Radeon have abducted as many Sader as they could. There were two reasons - they were similar, and the second... They needed cheap workers, actually. Most Sader were placed in previously empty ships, left together with some Radeon. Sader learned space history from them, and were recovered from shock fairly quickly.

However, Radeon left many, many piecef of technology on the Sader homeworld, and Chronodrakes followed.


Radeon traveled further to found other suitable planets, and they found it... sort of.

One day, Radeon fleet have found a huge space anomaly. They have found it, and when they have seen it, they were shocked by awe.

What they have seen is huge, white spacestation, with artificial worlds connected in large rings and psionic fields. By transcribing ancient runes on the station, it was revealed to be a construct of the Vi'Navitum. Radeon entered, and have seen frozen trees, dead landscape and broken technology - meaning this place was purged by the Xhodocto once. Radeon, though, found that this, if repaired, could provide an excellent shelter for the Radeon.

Once they have repaired the vital structures, plants and animals here returned from death like it was a slumber, probably due to return of Life Energy supporting it. Furthermore, Tadjamad ordered to unleash some lost artifacts. These artifacts transformed them into their Supremis form, stronger physically and morally, as well as having limited control of Life Energy.

They continue the repairing currently.

A forming of the Theocracy[]

After the repairing, Tadjamad have found that his people were leaderless. While he was a de facto leader, de jure he wasn't, and as such, this was a time for most rebellious Radeons to strike. A lot of treacherous priests, heresiarchs and simple rogues and rebels, such as former Syndicate bandit Jessica Tarot, planned to control Radeon society.

Tadjamad was forced to use extreme force. He destroyed most former councils and senates, leaving only a little, almost powerless senate named Vox Populi. After that, he made himself a self-appointed leader of the Radeons, naming himself Clericarch Tadjamad. Spiritmaster was appointed as his personal advisor.

Now, Tadjamad rules a newborn Dei'Ar Theocracy with iron fist. He will lead them to the brighter future - at any cost.


However, Radeons were crushed once again, under the feet of the Cult of the Deathmarch and their allies. Aranexi was blasted from Mahanayan superlaser, as did other worldships. Even then, many Radeons were able to escape, settling in other empires like URC or Rambo Nation. Many more have decided to aid the newly growing Temple of Spode, teaching younger species with their ways. They pray that one day, they will rise again, but this day is not today.

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