The Divinarium has several famous captains in their ranks.

After the fall of the original Radeon goverment, many glorious captains have fallen to Xhodocto and Zazane. Neverthless, many still remain, the best of the best, and the new captains are recruited, eager to revive the glory of Ecclesial Navy yet again.

War Predictor[]

Primarch Jahric.png
  • Race - Plazithian Radeon
  • Gender - Male
  • Flagship: Luna
  • Weapons: Twin plasma pistols, knives, grenades, gravity hammer
  • Major events: Trucinex War (cameo), Andromeda War
  • Status: Active

I hope my new position will give me the chance to at last be free from all this bloody work I had to go through.

Naval Predictor Advisor Jahric is the leader of the Ecclesial Fleet of the Divinarium. Jahric is not very old at Radeon standards, but has seen many things in his relatively short life. He has seen war in all its facets, and has often disagreed with the actions of his superiors. Neverthless, he is still loyal to the Divinarium, not out of fear or blind faith but out of admiration and honor.

During the first stages of the Andromeda War, Jahric was leading the armies of the Divinarium into the war. His actions have helped to create a powerful Radeon-Draconis-Zazane alliance that has managed to reign supreme during the Khaxvis Uprising and the Firestorm, and he survived near-death and came beyond during the Darkest Hour.

After Matheoward defected to Br'klakkon and betrayed the Divinarium, Jahric, as the highest-ranked officer after him, was promoted to a War Predictor. While he is greatly honoured with his title, many also wonder will Jahric repeat his predecessor's fate or not.

  • Race - Tigris Radeon
  • Gender - Male
  • Last flagship: Luna
  • Weapons: Gravity hammer, plasma gun
  • Major events: War of Ages, Second War of Twilight, Andromeda War
  • Status: Defected, dead

I only did what was right...

Matheoward is the supreme general of the Divinarium military, and is said to be the greatest warrior of all Radeons - save for Tadjamad, of course. He is said to be favoured by the Iovera for his campaign of conquest of the Twilight Sector.

Matheoward was strong and endurant from his childhood, a trait unusual for a Radeon, and so he was conscripted by War Predictor Tadjamad and became the military general of the Church of Spode during the War of Ages. He was with Tadjamad and the Church's elite forces during the Anjourkhal, and it is said he killed ten Xhodocto with one swing of his energy blade. He was fighting later in the Ascension War and the March of the Apocalypse, but after the War of Ages he retired from the military and returned to his original home on Planet Sanctity, where he lived until the Annihilation. When Iovera was gathering Radeons to join her in her crusade to restore the glory of their kind, Matheoward was first to join. Iovera granted him the power over the newly formed military of the Divinarium. He was leading the Divinarium's forces in the Second War of Twilight, where he persuaded Fyrvrtha to join Radeons and conquered Spoddah.

Matheoward is a bit bloodthirsty, devoted to the war and nothing else. He is a bit cruel due to it, but despite his love of war and conflict, he can be rational when it is needed, and he is known as the great strategist. When he is bored, he likes to play board games with his subordinates.

However, during the Andromeda War, Matheoward betrayed the Divinarium for the chance to avenge the Brood of War; his plans did not come to fruition, however, and he was killed in the final battle of the war by Br'klakkon's servant Gratz'kaoz.

Predictor Advisors[]

Zelfron II.png

Absolution will arrive on black wings of hatred.

Predictor Advisor Zelfron II is one of the two leaders of the Divinarium military, a clone of Zelfron, who was falsely believed to be a hero in the Ottzello Galaxy but later turned out to be the minion of the dark Traffphyd ruler, Emperor Zargoth. Zelfron II has part of the memories of his dark progenitor, but his personality is different. Striving to redeem the original Zelfron's sins, he is now following the crusade of redemption to atone the name of Telzoc.

Zelfron II is dedicated and devout, but underneath this armor of faith and devotion hides shame. He knows that everyone now believes that all Telzoc are fiends working with Vyro'Ralza, and the good name of his species is gone - perhaps for eternity. Haunted by the memories of his dark opposite, Zelfron I, Zelfron II can burst into anger quickly, especially when Vyro'Ralzan Telzoc are encountered. These heretics do not cry for mercy when he is coming for them. They all know that the only thing that awaits them is a long, painful and horrible death.

Zelfron II was tested in the Second War of Twilight, where he has proven to be a good warrior by surviving and single-handely destroying the Artharon army in combat. As the news of the attacks of the Second Borealis Galactic War have reached Crepusculum, Zelfron was assigned to be sent into Borealis in order to protect the colonies of the Divinarium there. He saw it as a chance to redeem the name of his kind, and has immediately arrived in Borealis with the large Telzoc force. However, during the Coming of the Vague, he was wounded severely, and High Ordinator Venoriel has replaced him from this time.

Zelfron II is still a powerful warrior, having all skills and Gyronic abilities of the original Zelfron. He has been further empowered with the technologies of the Divinarium, increasing his strength and endurance even more. He prefers to fight in close combat, his massive resilence and advanced equipment allowing him to easily overcome even strong enemies like Zazane.

  • Race - Radeon
  • Gender - Female
  • Last flagship: Telfar's Honour
  • Weapons: Singularity catapult, plasma cannon, electrised longsword
  • Major events: Andromeda War
  • Status: Dead

Feel pain, bastards.

Taleera Aevelir is a second leader of the Divinarium military. Fiercely devoted to the Divinarium and Spodism faith, she is a relentless, cold crusader devoted to the destruction of unbelievers and heretics.

Taleera was born during Telfar's reign on a distant, backwater world in the Milky Way, away from the nexis of the Church's realms. She lived on a fairly patriarchal world in a middle-class family, and as she was a female she was discriminated against, living in a loveless family underneath the shadow of her big brother, Malaeru Aevelir. Downthrodden and mistreated, Taleera has learned what became her main weapon: hate. Learning to concentrate her anger and malice, she has become powerful and fearless. Due to these qualities, she was finally noticed by the local military officers from the Dei'Ar Order and recruited as a warrior. Taleera has quickly been proven a good warrior and strategist, and was promoted to a commander over the years of service. She was present during Descension, but instead of following Tadjamad in the Dei'Ar Theocracy, she instead remained in the Milky Way on her homeworld, retiring from her service. After Iovera has formed the Divinarium, Taleera has agreed to follow her, becoming one of the Divinarian Predictor Advisors. She fought with courage on the fronts of Andromeda War, but ultimately met her demise during a fierce duel with a terrifying Marinox giant of Andromedan Grox Empire.

Taleera is an excellent soldier and commander, her cold hatred giving her extreme concentration and determination. She is not afraid of death at all - neither her death nor the death of her subordinated. She will do anything to achieve her goals, and does not hesitate from executing er own soldiers if they would show cowardice or doubt. In the battle, she usually fights on the frontline, not from the safety of the headquarters. She prefers fighting on the long range, her main weapon being her long singularity catapult that allows her to fight even the strongest enemies. For close combat, she always brings an electrised longsword in battle, her fencing skills and agility being quite effective.

High Ordinators[]

Ashmaga Kanesh.png
  • Race - Tyrekian
  • Gender - Female
  • Flagship: Enigma
  • Weapons: Plasma gun, electrised longsword
  • Major events: Tzhrhokia

As long as I'm here, the Divinarium will fight with dignity. My family hasn't left the Tyrek Empire for no reason.

Ashmaga Kanesh is one of the high-ranked fleet admirals of the Divinarium and a de-facto leader of the Divinarium Tyrekians. Fiercely devoted to her people and harboring deep hatred against other Tyrekians, she had sworn to avenge the exile of her family and had vowed the downfall of the Tyrek Empire. However, she also has a strong morality code, the result of her family's past.

Ashamaga was originally a leader of the rebel Tyrekians. Coming from an ancient family, she has learned the arts of a warrior early in her life, a tradition in her family. She has inherited her title after the Vartekian War and the Annihilation, both of which have caused massive turmoil and chaos those have destabilised Andromeda. During this turmoil, her father, Sagari Kanesh, was murdered by the demonic invaders, and Ashamaga was chosen as a new leader by her people. She made a pact with Iovera, finding many things alike between them two, agreed, and Tyrekians became servants of the Clericarch. Ashamaga was then promoted into a High Ordinator due to her military and organisation talents.

Later, Ashmaga was put in charge of the unsuccessful Divinarium attack in Tzhrhokia, which failed, and the Coalition front of the Andromeda War. Currently, she thinks of a visit into Kraw Galaxy yet again.


You'd better listen to me or else we're all dead.

Venoriel is a by-the-book Divinarium officer: loyal, strict, and traditionalist. She sees order as the only way to exist and she will follow military protocols no matter what the situation, a cold force of justice. Her status as a veteran of War of Ages only strengthens her resolve, and the fact that she participated in the defeat of the most powerful force in the whole multiverse makes her quite arrogant.

Despite her condescending and strict demeanor, Venoriel neverthless treats her subordinates fairly, and her skills match her status in the Dei'Ar Order. A brilliant strategical mind, she has single-handely devised many battle plans that resulted in victory for the Divinarium against many foes. When the situation goes out of control, however, Venoriel is not the best commander, as she lacks the ability to improvise and her combat skills are limited at best, her only weapon being her powerful, but still limited psychic powers. For that, she keeps her subordinate, Executor Quinniath, as a second-in-command, his personality compensating Venoriel's flaws well.

Venoriel later led the Divinarium charge in Borealis Galaxy, intending to bring order to this chaotic region and to stop the Borealis conflict once and for all; over the course of this war, she quickly became known among the forces of Order for her stinging, sacrastic insults and arrogant behaviour. Neverthless, her tactical insight proved valuable to the Polar Crystal Alliance cause, and as the war was over, Venoriel found herself romoted into the ranks of the Guardians of Light and given the title of the military executor, thus giving her control over the forces of the Commonwealth within Borealis.

Now, Venoriel remains in Borealis aboard her new starship, Impetus.




Nalramath Au'vendora is an Imperion commander and one of the best assassins of the Divinarium. He has endured the horrible events in his youth and since then, he became a cold, emotionless warrior, having nothing to lose anyway. He has trained his body to the point of perfection, allowing him to fight even strong creatures like Zazane or Wranploers.

Nalramath has born in an average family on an Imperion planet in Quadrant 21. His first 16 years of life were peaceful and happy, nothing threatening his life. When he hit 16, though, his hometown was struck with a mysterious disease of unknown origin. It is unknown where it came from, but it was turning Imperions into the monstrous, mutated, mindless and mutilated creatures bent on destruction of all life. Nalramath has been lucky enough to be the only Imperion on the planet to have an immunity to this disease - and due to this, he was ordered by the local goverment to destroy the town so the infection won't spread to the whole planet. He was forced to burn his home, his friends and family, alive. Broken and lost, after the mission he was recruited by the goverment to become an elite trooper. In the following ten years, Nalramath has been training on Vendespode under the personal control of Tadjamad himself, learning martial arts and weapons skills. Tadjamad has helped the boy to ease the pain of his home's loss by teaching him to supress his emotions and feelings and uniting his mind around one single goal. After the training, Nalramath was promoted to a naval officer by Tadjamad, who has saw great potential in him. Nalramath has survived the Annihilation due to being within the Quadrants by the time the wave of unreality destroyed the universe and became the captain of the Divinarium after Imperions became its members.

Nalramath's short-lived career ended when the Inheritance ended his life in the Borealis Galaxy.

  • Race - Fyrvrtha
  • Gender - Male
  • Flagship: The Touch
  • Weapons: Plasma guns
  • Major events: Second War of Twilight
  • Status: Active

Artharons! There are Artharons everywhere, I tell you.

Vyrtran a Fyrvrtha captain and a mate of Autarch Frthoni. Sociopathic, aloof and quickly bursting into anger, the battles with Artharons have ruined his sanity but have not harmed his skill.

Vyrtran has originally served the Frtran Empire when it was under the protectorate of Confederacy of Andromeda. Vyrtran was originally quite a skilled fleet commander, earning a good social status as a leader of colonist and discovery fleet. For his status, he was allowed to be the mate of a Fyvrtha leader, Dominion Frthroni.

After the fall of the Confederacy of Andromeda, Vyrtran has become a military commander of the Fyrvrtha fleets in the Second War of Twilight, where he has proven himself to be a highly competent commander. During one of the battles, Vyrtran has crashlanded on an Artharon planet together with his warriors and crew. Artharons have attacked them, managing to murder all of them save for Vyrtran himself. Hiding on the planet, away from the Fyrvrtha group mind, Vyrtran has been hunting Artharons for weeks and months, still following his mission to take over the planet. When Fyrvrtha, now absorbed into the Divinarium, have found the planet with no living Artharon and a scarred, broken Vyrtran near his death in his life support suit. Vyrtran was later healed by Radeons, but the lack of communication with the group mind of Fyvrtha have forever scarred his mind, turning him slightly crazy. Neverthless, he is still an awe-inspiring commander and is always ready to fight for his mistress.

Vyrtran cannot wait, always striking quick in a series of fierce, deadly attacks when commanding military fleets or armies. He tends to train his forces to act independent, as a combination of small squads rather than a united army, and gives only basic commands that open many ways to interpret. This makes troops under his command very hard to track and eliminate. Vyrtran himself is a powerful warrior, armed with six electric daggers and a powerful plasmagun.


  • Race - Plazith Radeon
  • Gender - Male
  • Flagship: Lilith II
  • Weapons: Plasma pistol, electised longsword, psychic powers
  • Major events: Andromeda War

When are we going to fight?

Executor Quendor is one the newest captains in the Divinarium who have just reached his maturity. He is the son of Jahricveredis and Geroniel Telnhao and has decided to follow his father and become a starship captain. Young and unexperienced, he grieved his mother's death greatly and this grief fuels his anger, empowering him but also clouding his judgement, meaning he might be quite bloodthirsty sometimes. Neverthless, he tries to keep his emotions in check, although it's not that he often succeeds.

One of Quendor's skills is his amazing combat mastery, especially for someone that young. He is quite skilled in swordfighting and is also a powerful psychic, although his skills are still unhoned and require training. These skills were put to a test during the Andromeda War first, where he wished to avenge his mother: however, ironically, it was he who forged a truce between the Coalition and the Divinarium. Currently, Quendor remains on his home on the Station Imperatrix, where he is training.


Hey! Come at me! Quickly, quickly! Yeah, I can beat you all! Nobody faced Quinniath Enoru and lived!

To say Quinniath Enoru is annoying is a great understatement. A young, eager captain coming from a species well known for their fierce temper, the only reason his superiors, in particular High Ordinator Venoriel, tolerates him, is because his crazy, bold ideas sometimes work. Quinniath thinks of himself as merely a brave and courageous warrior, but Venoriel disagrees, because, as he says, "to be courageous and to have no sense of self-preservation are two different things.

In defense of Quinniath, he is indeed a skilled soldier, both in close and ranged combat. Using his species' supernatural agility and speed, he can hide in every corner, attack at extreme speed, and predict enemy moves quickly. However, due to his experience - or lack thereof - he is not used to warfare yet, and his mad courage may wane or turned into single-minded fury in a second. He is not the nicest person in the universe and he keeps grudges for a long time - usually for a few hours before he is distracted with something else.

Quinniath eventually earned his stripes as Venoriel's protege during Second Borealis Galactic War, who barely managed to tolerate his annoying demeanor. However, his career ended swiftly during the war against Regnatus when he was corrupted by Moxix Breek's dark essence and turned against his own mentor; as such, Venoriel was forced to eliminate him.

Quinniath's current whereabouts are unknown, but while most believe he is dead, there are rumours that Quinniath was brought back to life by Divinarium cybernetics and recruited into the Assassinorium. Only time will tell whether are these rumours true or not.

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