We have now deported from the Milky Way, heading to our destination of the Irradiated Spiral, We should arrive there in 2 years with our current technology, god help us nothing will happen to us in Stasis. My wife.. gone as she may be, I hope she will watch us from the void, and bring me guidance, I will join you soon my dear.., Silverbell, make this the end of the transmission, I wish not to speak anymore.

- Captain Degrasse

Ancient TransmissionsEdit

The VoyageEdit

Captain Log 1: Departure "This is the captain of the first instituted ship of the Coalition, fitted with extended life support systems and a large examination bay for whatever we find on our voyage, we have set out to the irradiated Spiral, also known as Selten Galaxy, as we have gotten a rogue transmission originating from it, data suggests it comes from multiple planets, but the strongest signal provided is coming from a Large marsh planet. This is the first log of our travels, when progress has been made, another log will be recorded, may the lord keep us healthy and safe. Degrasse Signing off".

As the captain signed off of his log, he got up and grabbed his vaslki drink, a mix of herbs and water boiled and mixed, it is said to relax him and has done so while keeping him coordinated as a captain should be. Walking down the corridors he heads into the observation deck, looking out and the deep dark space, seeing the array of colors, space dust and gases passing by the ship, even some small mediocre bits of destroyed planets flying by. Sighing the captain goes out to the mapped deck and speaks up, "Silverbell, pull up the image of the Galaxy, and give me a bit of information that is known of this place" The hologram lights up of the galaxies image. With its lighting up, the AI speaks up

Silverbell: The Irradiated Spiral, a harsh galaxy that is fitted with greedy and corrupt governments, more so stuck on destroying themselves than looking to the future, a few Milky way and Mirusian Nations have traveled here, but have nearly been cut off from their original galaxy multiple times if it weren't for advanced technologies keeping their connection from severing.

Silverbell: chances are captain, that we may be also in for a bit of discomfort, as radiation from the galaxies center is much higher than that of the milky way, causing mutations and sickness to those not accustomed to it. There is also data flowing on some of the nations and dangers of these nations, most information says that we should avoid conflict and meeting said nations, due to immediate hostilities that revolve around them.

Silverbell: for now that is all the information we have on it, once we reach the 2 year mark, we will be heading into the wormhole with direct connection to the Galaxy, we may be able to get more information captain.

Waving off the AI, he speaks up "That will be all Silverbell, we will find out more later on as you say, for now, I will be briefing the crew and then we will be heading to cryosleep, wake us up in half a year. We aim to reach the galaxy within 2 years, so be prepared for any damages. Degrasse, out". The captain gets up and turns off the hologram with the manual controls, not caring much for voice command at times. He stands up and goes to the lowest quarter of the vessel and into the meeting room, and he speaks over the intercom "All Coalition crew members report to the briefing room, we have some things to discuss before the slip sleep. Head down now. over and out" he says with his cold stern voice.

Soon enough loud boot steps can be heard coming down the hallways and soon enough the crew is coming through the metallic doorway, some looking a bit unamused while a few happy to be there. Clearing his throat, Capt. Degrasse speaks up with his stern chilly voice. "Men, and women, we are beginning a long and possibly dangerous voyage to a even more dangerous galaxy. We are here for research and sampling, nothing more nothing less, the company that provided this vessel was only willing to give us a few key pointers. This being, that life has formed in this galaxy in strange ways, possibly deadly. Do not ingest plants or drink water in any planets we survey, for it could be toxic or could give you a virus." he continues with a breath "While I know some of you are eager to see new things, and some of you left behind a.. somewhat shady background for new never before found things. But we have one thing, recover the transmitter and its data, it could hold tech like we haven't seen, and could advance us beyond our wildest dreams. Once we come back with this data, we will be praised, and some of you may even get that scientific grant you have all been looking for. This will be all, any questions speak now, or forever hold your peace." He finishes with a wave of his hand.

Dr. Sheren: Sir, from what we have gathered by the data, there are hostile races that may not be so happy with Silverbell existing, will we be trying to steer away from them?

Capt. Degrasse: Yes Dr. Sheren, we will indeed try to avoid any communications with them, as it may risk our lives and the vital mission at hand.

Holton: Well, being that we are going to hostile environments, we brought along guns, for such occasions, but I also specialize in explosives, so do you believe they may be needed.

Capt. Degrasse: that is under debate, hopefully it will not be needed.. but you may bring it up again at a later date, write down your list of explosives and guns so we can survey them later. A year from now specifically.

Capt. Degrasse: That will be all, everyone get to your pods. We will hold another meeting in a year. Silverbell, keep us safe.

Soon enough everyone walks away to their quarters, and eat something before they go into the pods, and then slowly they go in their pods and close their eyes. The life support systems boot up in the pods and the crew and Captain fall into their artificial hibernation, set for 1 year specifically. Slowly throughout the ship a soothing lull is heard as the ship plays a theme of beeps as it seems to say goodnight to the crew.

Dangers of TravelEdit

It has been almost a year in deep space, with the crew and their captain drifting, but things are going awry, a large piece of ship debris broke off the sensors on one side of the vessel, causing the power to malfunction, a emergency wake up was made. Quickly and urgently the crew were woken from their stasis in a blur. They, of course dazed, had gotten up feeling sickly due to how long they were asleep. Quickly the AI sounded the alarms for a fire in the cryo chambers down below for the archeologists that were still asleep. Silverbell could not open it up, and they would need to manually and forcefully open them themselves. Quickly the crew rushed downstairs with smoke filling their bodies, they rushed into the alight corridors.

"Quickly! get the damn prier, we have to get these pods open! before they die!" Holton said while trying to rip off the panels, and then they grab the prier, Holton stabs it under the lip, and pries back the pod door, and grabs their body. They soon do the same for the others until they reach Holton's Wife, the Main Doctor, the pod bursts into flames, roasting the body inside, Falling to his knees the smell of his wife's corpse filling his nose, he vomits from the depression overcoming his body, oh and the smell.

Standing up, with help from the others, Holton speaks between breaths "Wha- what caused this, you said it was just debris.. Silverbell??" he said in a almost whimpering tone, not used to crying due to his normally cold tone. Soon the ships Hologram lights up and speaks the AI "yes, but something on the ships debris, it sent through a surge of electricity, frying our sensors, and in the output, fried your wife" she says robotically, not understanding proper emotions.

Silverbell: Captain, someone must go out and repair the sensors, we are halfway to our destination and we cannot risk going through the wormhole without all of our technology up and working.

Captain Degrasse: I will go out and do it, you guys go and prepare a ceremony for our lost member, i will get suited up.

The captain left with that notion to the suit area, getting undressed and suits up in the space suit, turning on the gravitational tether, he heads out the airlock and climbs to the damaged sensors on the back tower of the ship, taking out the welding tool, he begins to fix the wires, welding down the necessary parts, he redistributes power back into the first fixed sensor. Moving on to the next a bit of metal shrapnel flows by and cuts the captain, causing him to curse to himself, fixing the last damaged sensors, he heads in. Once he gets in, he heads to the medical bay, since supplies are to be rationed, he rips out the bits of shrapnel lodged in his skin, quickly he cauterizes the wound with the welder.

Taking a drink of the Vaslki drink to calm his nerves he wraps up the wound, heading to the ceremony, he sees they have the body back in the airlock shoot. He puts his webbed hand on Holton's shoulder as they sit in silence for the fallen. Holton, having enough of the silence, speaks up. "Well, my wife is gone.. and what a damn fine wife she was, my dearest flower that ever did live. Don't worry darlin, we will meet soon. Do wait up for me, my love" He says taking off his hat in respect, as the count down goes off to have her body shot into space. Taking a swig of the Grasbrook he had laying in his quarters, saluting hid now dead wife.

Walking away from the shoot, Holton heads to his quarters, while everyone else sits at the main quarter, talking about their plans of action.

Capt. Degrasse: Where is Holton?

Grentol: He needs time to process Degrasse. Leave him be for now.

Capt. Degrasse: very well, we are almost to our destination anyways, time got cut short apparently, or we miss calculated.

Dr. Sheren: Sir, do we need to go back into the pods?

Capt. Degrasse: I understand something ghastly just happened, but yes, we will. Now that being said and done, tell Holton to head back into the pod, all of you. Goodbye and Goodnight.

The captain signs them off, and watches as the remaining crew walk back to their pods, letting Holton know it is night time. Soon enough everyone heads to their pods, and slowly the pod doors close once more for the last time in their journey. Quietly the ship hums its tune for the slumbering space voyagers, and a small anthem plays for the lost soul that had just been reaped. With the lights turning off all but the luminescent lights that show the buttons and switches, The hum dies down as does the last layer of light dims and the AI is the only thing still moving, as she keeps the ship on the set path

The ArrivalEdit

Months have passed in the dark space, and the wormhole is right around the corner, the ship coming to life as it turns on all the lights, waking up the crew and their captain.

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