Here I am! Bow before me, for I am the chaos incarnate. For I am the one who will bring the will of Mali'Nar into this universe! Anarchy is my goal; terror, my instrument; pain, my enjoyment. I will savour your agony as your worst nightmares would arise before you! Submit or die, for I am the Dark Purger!

- The Dark Purger

The Dark Purger is an ascended human ressurected by the shadowy mistress of Mali'Nar, Divin-Ra, to serve as her enforcer.

Dark, insane and sadistic, the Dark Purger is the living representation of anarchy and conflict brought by the Mali'Nar. Reveling in terror he brings, he is a mad, unstoppable force of nature, torment and pain, ready to bring about the destruction and ruin to all who stand on his path.


The Dark Purger is (re)born.

Infinite strands of the past are all by forgotten by me, for I was reborn in the purging flame of Inferno! I gaze into the future instead; in this future, what I see is infinite suffering!

- The Dark Purger

The Dark Purger's life stems back into the ancient times, being born during the last years of the second millenium of the human calendar, somewhere on planet Earth (Europe, particularily Portugal being the most likely birthplace of his). His name and early life are the mystery wrapped in enigma, and it is likely that the Purger forgot them himself in the torrents of Mali'Nar insanity.

The reason Divin-Ra retrieved the Purger's tormented soul from Inferno Realm is unknown. Some believe that the reason was his ability to somehow endure the torture of Hell, others think that he possessed unique elemental potential. Nothing is known but the fact that in the aftermath of Annihilation, a dark being known only as Divin-Ra chose him as her right hand and the instrument of her will. An ascended Venhokwe empowered the Purger with elemental energies and taught him to use them, corrupting him to the Mali'Nar insanity.

The Dark Purger founds the Purgation Cult.

After training, the Dark Purger was sent by Divin-Ra to fulfill her plans. In Kraw Galaxy, he managed to found a terroristic organisation, the Purgation Cult, to overthrow the goverments of Kraw Federation to impose his own reign of chaos. In the Milky Way, he aligned himself with the dreaded Alpha Draconians and aided the neanderthals to reconquer Earth. Recently, he commanded his Mali'Nar servants to assassinate Lezia - the reasons for this is currently unknown...



Who can you trust? Are you sure that I am your enemy?

- The Dark Purger

The Dark Purger has no fixed form, his shape changing and twisting on his will. His preferrable look, however, is that a humanoid being clad in silver armour. Blue mist surrounds his figure, and the fire of malevolence burns in his eyes. A dark helmet hides his face from others, and many believe that underneath this helmet, there is nothing but ash. Others describe the Purger's face as an incarnation of all things terrible, his mere gaze being able to kill. Others saw merely the reflection of their own faces.

However, the Dark Purger knows how to twist his own form using illusions and shapeshifting. One of his favourite tactics is to take the form of one he is fighting, laughing as his enemies despaired over the realisations they were fighting themselves. At other times, he may take on the form of his enemies' worst nightmare or even a close friend or a relative. Many immediately committed suicide when they despaired upon gazing at the Dark Purger taking such forms, unable to harm those they loved.


A clearer view of the Dark Purger.

There are many reasons why one can fall to evil. Some want money, others, power. Third work for the goal they believe to justify everything their do. But for some, there is no purpose. They want to see the galaxies burn, just because they feel it is... hax?

- Unknown

The Purger is an epitome of eccentric insanity, an ultimate free spirit unbound by any laws - for him, there is no order, no morality, there are not even any laws of physics. An epitome of chaos and malevolence, he wanders the universe bringing anarchy wherever he treads. A mad artist in some way, he twists the law of physics as he sees fit, without even a rudimentary sense of right or wrong. Universe exists to be played with in Purger's dream. He is an energy of pure emotions and desires, uncontrolled and unbound, serving chaos and anarchy, for emotions and desires are different and inevitably conflict. In some way, he represent the desire of all sentient beings to change the world to be good for themselves, but as there are countless quadrillions upon quadrillions of them, this desire turns the fabrics of reality into a visage of reality and then, tears it into shreds.

The Dark Purger is known for his twisted sense of humour, and he often tortures his foes merely for laughs. Using his powers of illusion, shapeshifting and warping reality, he enjoys sowing terror and pain among mortals, crushing relationships and starting wars - all of this merely to amuse the demon. He forced those who tried to kill him to run over miles and miles hunting the illusions he had created, until his would-be-assassins had fallen on the ground in agony out of fatigue, dying horribly.

Despite his malevolence and insanity, the Dark Purger is utterly loyal to his mistress, Divin-Ra. This loyalty, however, is not out of honour but out of emotional attachment, a mad love towards the dark goddess. He is also closely attached to his servants, caring about them like they were his children.


The Dark Purger has no need for equipment but can create whatever he needs at the moment from the very fabrics of the universe.


Fear me, for I CANNOT BE DENIED!

- The Dark Purger

The Dark Purger is the most powerful Mali'Nar in existence save for Divin-Ra, and his powers are something to be feared and admired. As he steps, the laws of physics cease to exist, replaced by his own mad desires. Weak-willed mortals around him are affected by the same dark force, their sanity and morality slowly eroding until they ultimately become maddened slaves to the Dark Purger, made in his own image. Even powerful beings are still affected by the lucid whispers in their heads when they come near him, and they still must fight this influence to prevail

This is not the most powerful ability the Dark Purger holds, however. His ultimate weapon is his ability to bring about illusions upon his foes and to manipulate their minds. He can turn himself into a shadow or to split into a million of shards, each having potent elemental abilities. He can induce his own look upon his enemies, causing them to believe that their friends are what they should kill. It is said that the Purger is pleased greatly when he sees mortals fighting and killing each other due to his own manipulations.



Green face.pngMy life... belongs to her.


Blue face.pngMy enlightened brethren... together, we shall bring about the chaos ultimate.


Yellow face.pngOur paths interwine. Let the anarchy and bloodshed burn through us!

  • Shu'rimrodir - Dare think that we are whelps, entropic being?
  • Kamik'Shi - The Mali'Nar are... aligned with you.
  • Tyrómairon - The great master of Apocalypta.


Orange face.pngIt isn't too late for you.


Red face.pngScream, burn and cower as terror comes upon you, weaklings!


  • I am Mali'Nar, do not touch me.
  • I feel so alive!!!
  • Hehehe, you got pranked!
  • Don't you dare...
  • Get off!
  • I like my creations.
  • This is beyond reason.
  • I find the modern universe so boring!

Quotes from others[]


- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

Stop annoying me or I will destroy you!

- Shu'rimrodir

He is powerful, I will give him that... but power is only one form of true strength.

- Dylan

So he beleives he created Kraw does he? Follish being, we will crush he creation... in time.

- Masuri

He is simply annother form of easily controlled and infected life. It will take little time or effort to add him to my ranks.

- Jarica

A seemingly powerful entity who posseses incredible power. Though I never encountered it (nor do I wish) rumors and whispers of this individual already reached Rambo Command and my own ears. And they brought chills over my spine.

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard of Rambo Nation


- Zr'Ahgloth

Heh, this being may think he is powerful, but I have encountered much stronger! My sword could easily pierce his flesh...

- Tyraz

Although an ascended being, this troubled soul is still fixated in his own ego, stuck in only one source of power this being will never achieve true transcendance into the higher realms of wisdom.

- Kez'Ksha

Dark Purger eh? I would love to combat him in a friendly battle to see how dark he really is!

- Morgandaûr

So misguided, this one is. If only he had used his powers for good...

- The Light Redeemer

How the hell did this twerp become a second of the Mali'Nar?

- Inquisitor Sarec

Subject name: "The Dark Purger"/Type:Enlightened Human/Level of threat:Medium/Conclusion:This entity appears to be peaceful, it would most likely not do something odd

- Alrit Database

Pathetic slave, stop treating such powers as a child's game. Your master is an idiotic as you for giving you them in the first place.

- Xi'Arazkha

You are... the greatest warrior... serve me... serve me...

- ???

Why does he fancy himself as Darth Vader? I mean look at his outfit!

- Human

there is one truth in this universe,Purger.The Will of the Meta Emperor!

- Grox Follower

You drive mortals to insanity...? That's my job.

- Khazurhal Santorakh

Coool! Irskaad is in the fiction universe! We should do a cross-over fiction, Me and you, Crazy and Crazier!! We could do awesome stuff!!

- Phase-Hunter


  • The Dark Purger is actually Irsk, just in one future timeline.
  • The Dark Purger's true name is unknown, and he keeps it in secret. One who will utter his name is said to die instantly.
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