"We are the Protectors"

The Daceans, that is how we are called, we are sophisticated above all mortal empires and powerful almost beyond measure. Our Ecumene spans across Trillions of fertile worlds. We have achieved the greatest heights of technology and physical knowledge, at least just after the Destructors, whom only seek to destroy and unmake Universes.

- Irea, a Dacean Biologist.

The Dacean Ecumene is an empire which is presumed to be far older than the known Universe, due to them being from an older Universe. They are reptilians based of Vacuum energy. Even though they are a hyper-advanced species with technology superior to most of the species they've encountered, they area peaceful and have a religion which orders the protection and embracement of weaker species. They are the second known species that were able to drive back the Xhodocto (the first being the Onuris effort).


Their origins are unknown, scientists suggest that they were actually evolved in a T3 planet, and they forcefully evolved into Vacuum energy beings as they advanced through the Universe. The Daceans are well known of being peaceful and rather comprehensive than paranoid. Their History is still a mystery for those interested in them. But they have been known of being at war with demonic beings known as Xhodocto for eons.

First appearance in the known UniverseEdit

The Onuris Allies first discovered the Daceans when a DCP ship set on an exploration mission to the Second Gigaquadrant intercepted a fleet of Cult ships. Upon arrival, the DCP ship encountered the Cult ships (in that time they were Xhodocto vessels) disabled, the ships missed parts in their structure, and the ships were still operational, but just unable to move due to the lack of important parts missing. The DCP detected a ship no bigger than theirs orbiting an asteroid nearby. The Ship was symmetrical and consisted of numerous other, smaller vessels.

The DCP easily made contact with the ship, which answered by teleporting a group of Daceans to the DCP vessel. The Daceans meant no harm, but their sense of superiority overcame all diplomatic protocol, all paradigm that the DCP had of first contact. They explained to the DCP crew their intentions. The Daceans have started to colonize the known Universe as result of their war with the Xhodocto, whom which they call Destructors.

The DCP science crew at first thought that the Dacean ship was the cause of all those Xhodocto destroyers being annihilated, but the Daceans explained that the ship formed part of a larger fleet, and that their carrier was commanded to collect all the Xhodocto data from this Universe. The Daceans told the DCP crew their struggle against the Destructors, and how they were able to prevent what this Universe called the scourge. The DCP ship departed leaving good relations with the Daceans, wondering if they would meet more Daceans in their travels across the Second Gigaquadrant.

The Legacy TimelineEdit

In another timeline, far in the future, the Krassio Iluvii realm started disrupting the Virtual particles of the Dacean in an indirect way, at first the Daceans tried to prevent this disruption without fighting the Krassio, but as the Iluvii grew stronger, the Daceans were forced to disrupt the Iluvii too, directly. This act, obviously disrupted the Krassio Host, whom needed the Iluvii to recover and refill their psionic powers. A war broke out, where the Daceans forced the Krassio to near extinction. But the Daceans just isolated them from their technology and trapped them in their corresponding homeworlds.

The War with the Xhodocto broke out again into an Universal scale, the Dacean presence at the Universe wasn't enough to prevent the Xhodocto from scourging this Universe, and so they developed a gigantic Slipstream space portal, which the local inhabitants of the Universe nicknamed "the Orb". The Xhodocto, knowing that the species they long sought to destroy will be allowed to escape to unknown Universes, started efforts to destroy the Orb. The Daceans held the line until all the documented species in the Universe entered the Orb, then the Daceans entered as well, closing the Orb behind them and preventing the Xhodocto from following. It would take eons for the Xhodocto to find the local species since the Daceans ported them towards newly formed Universes, giving the lesser species time to develop again the civilization and grow in a more powerful and prepared faction opposing the Xhodocto.

The Daceans weren't destroyed, but this story just documents the fall of the known Universe to the scourge.


The Daceans are well known of having hyper-advanced technology, having Vacuum energy as their basic physiology and technological advancements. While they use Vacuum Energy for peaceful matters, the Slipstream space or subspace is used for warfare and space travel.

Vacuum EnergyEdit

The Daceans are based on Vacuum Energy, which is the energy that exists in the void of space, even if the space is devoid from matter, the Vacuum energy is based on virtual particles, which are known to exist in a short period of time and space. This argument makes the existence of the Dacean themselves a mystery for other species, how they were able to transform into Vacuum Energy beings and be able to live considerably large life spans is due to their creation of nano technology based suits which regenerate constantly the virtual particles of the Dacean entity that disappear. The nano-suit is, in summary, a medical salvation for those who wish to ascend into virtual matter beings.

Slipstream space/SubspaceEdit

Slipstream space is a specific set of eleven dimensions existing in a very small bundle. While these dimensions are present in normal space, they do not have an effect on the physics of normal space. By moving matter from the three 'normal' space dimensions to slipstream space, one effectively changes the laws of physics for that piece of matter. To the human eye, slipspace appears pitch black, because there is nothing in the visible spectrum to see.

Due to the subspace not being part of normal physics, it is presumed that the Daceans are able to cross galaxies almost instantly due to the lack of time in the Slipstream space. Since the Slipstream is constantly shifting, and its laws of physics are different to our own, the magnetic coils of Slipspace drives drift out of phase when entering and leaving a Slipspace field, requiring constant maintenance. It is presumed that giving maintenance to Slipstream space manually can cause severe injuries, death or having the being trapped in subspace... forever.

The Dacean's technology is able to manipulate subspace at will, having created weaponry based of slipstream ignition. Many subjects have seen the Dacean weaponry in action, and fear their destructive capabilities. The Daceans were seen firing subspace projectiles towards the Xhodocto, making entire parts of the demonic ships disappear, encaging the parts hit into a slipstream dimension presumably forever. The scientists of other empires speculate that the damage towards their own ships would be greater, possibly the slipstream space created momentarily by the projectile launched would not trap the damaged part, but instantly disintegrate it. These projectiles are presumed to be manufactured in large and short scale in order to fit the different Dacean vessels, giving the Daceans the capacity of tele-transport instantly, or destroy entire planets or space areas. So far the Daceans greatest capability of using the Slipstream space was when the Xhodocto/Destructors tried merging the Universe with their Hellish realm, the Inferno realm, and the Daceans countered by encaging the whole Universe into subspace to protect it by using three different generators at the center of the Universe. The Daceans also are able to create Slipstream shields, making common projectiles to be absorbed into it and trapped in the subspace.


It is known that the Robotic technology of the Daceans exceeds highly other Robotic technology, the Daceans developed Androids to fit numerous purposes; War, Space Construction, this allowed them to focus on other matters, such as strategy in wars, and sought to oversee the evolution of lesser species. In war matters, their Androids were highly advanced with Vacuum energy weapons, they are used for ground battles when its needed.


The Daceans evolved from a normal Baryonic life-form to a Vacuum energy based life-form, meaning that they are composed of virtual particles and attached to a nano-suit that regenerates their virtual particles.


  • The Daceans are born as a bipedal reptilian, when the young Dacean reaches maturity, he must choose if wants to keep his reptilian form or wants to ascend into a complete virtual being living on a bionic nano-suit.
  • The Daceans, even if they are rational and comprehensive, they are also emotional.
  • The Dacean DNA is compatible with the P-DNA, curiously enough.


The Daceans are very open and talkative, they can be very honest sometimes, and have a sense of superiority towards lesser species, often disrupting their protocols and paradigms thanks to their hyper-advanced technology. They are very difficult to enrage. They are very attached to their religion, the Mantle, and when another species openly opposes this belief they turn from a peaceful advance species to a warrior race able to punish at will. This zealot fact is often criticized among other species, and this is also the most common reason of why almost nobody wants to ally them.



The Dacean civilization is based around the Mantle, a belief that it was their role to protect all life in the Universe. They monitor the evolution of other sentient species throughout the Universe, intervening in ways that ensured their civilizations would follow paths of peace, free of conflict. The Daceans themselves were a race almost entirely without conflict, and although political disputes were not uncommon, violence or war between Daceans was almost unheard of.


The Daceans speak a variety of languages, some older than others. It is known that the high-ranking Daceans speak a language called Manwe, while the rest of Daceans speak Lunwe. The Daceans speak through vocal chords, though those who ascended communicate through the nano-suit.

Funerary RitesEdit

When a Dacean dies (usually by accident or, on rare occasions, during war) elaborate ceremonies would be enacted before their remains were disposed of in fusion fires associated with the activities of their rates — a melting torch or planet cutter, for example.

First, the Dacean's last memories would be extracted from his suit, which preserved a few hours of the occupant's mental patterns. This reduced splinter of personality is placed in a time-locked Durance, which has a half-life of more than a million years. The body would then be torched in a solemn ceremony attended only by close relations. A bit of plasma from the immolation was preserved by the appointed Master of the Mantle, who secured it along with the essence in the Durance. The Durance was then given to the closest members of the dead Dacean’s family, who were charged with making sure that it would never be abused. Families and rates are very protective of such places, and tampering with a family Durance is considered sacrilege.



  • The Daceans are the Valader's third main fiction, second being the Emeryxes and first being the Krassio.
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