This page lists the Corruptus Demons who make up the Corruptus according to their characteristics.

Lesser Races[]


Chaos Shu'olerthae.png
  • Size: 1.5m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, soul destruction, chaos energy, tentacles
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Shu'rimrodir

The Shu'olerthae are the main demon of the Corruptus. They act in all fronts as the most numerous member of the legions employed in battle. They are, however, sometimes absent from battle for not being required. The Shu'olerthae attack their enemies by directly damaging their souls. Especially strong enemies can also be possessed by them, turning them into mindless followers of the Corruptus.


  • Size: 2,35m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, teleportation, blades, power over fire
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Shu'rahkavarh

The Malcaeum are bloodthirsty beasts who are fueled by the hate of their enemies. They are among the most fragile troopers of the Corruptus, but are among the strongest in melee power. The angrier their enemies are, the more powerful they become. The Malcaeum also have power over fire, using it for offense, defend and self-healing. Malcaeum are usually summoned by mortal servants of the Corruptus, as they are allegedly the easiest demons to control. Usually taking the sacrifice of several slaves and sometimes cultists, these Malcaeum fight in the mortals' name, but if pressured too hard, they may turn against them, having to be banished back to Inferno.

Kikra Caste[]

  • Size: Varies
  • Weapon: Claws, biting, tackling
  • Relative Threat: Varies
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Kikra Caste are mortals who have succumbed to nightmare corruption, being twisted into murderous, mindless and completely insane zombies. The Kikra Caste was the main invading force of the Corruptus during the Wars of Black Fog, but its use has limited itself with the introduction of other demons. However, the Caste are still present in the modern Corruptus, serving as support for their demon masters and disrupting their enemies, making them fight each other.


  • Size: 2,76m
  • Weapon: Claws, biting, power over fire, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Sarungerak are large canine-ish beasts unleashed to cause destruction in high numbers. Merciless by nature, Sarungerak are very resilient and fast creatures. They are closely related to the Malcaem, sharing their powers of controlling fire. While sometimes used for assassination of single targets, the Sarungerak can also be used as cavalry for others, most notably the Malcaem. When a Malcaem rides a Sarungerak, they swap energy between each other, enhancing each other's strength and powers, and making them much more formidable opponents.


  • Size: 1,6m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, power over fire, mind control
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Raviegaurii are flying avian demons used for the ranged combat. They are sadistic and generally feminine in nature, and enjoy torturing, manipulating, and otherwise abusing mortals and other Corruptus demons for their own amusement. They have high intelligence and usually travel in groups for the purpose of self-defense. These groups will usually follow the other demons like Malcaeum, allowing them to engage in melee while Raviegaurii themselves will attack from afar. In battle, Raviegaurii attack primarily by using their nightmare powers. Much like Malcaeum, they have control over flame, and can use this to unleash fiery death at their enemies. They can also manipulate their enemies' minds, corrupting them and forcing them to fight each other. Like their "mother", Raviegaurii display the power of becoming temporarily non-corporeal. When in dire need, Raviegaurii will protect themselves using their claws, although most likely, they will simply flee using their ability to fly. Raviegaurii draw power from their enemies' malice, and are said to consume the dead's souls like scavengers consume the flesh of the fallen. Due to this, they are also known as Ravens of War.


Sorrow Snake.png
  • Size: 4,25m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, psychic powers, shapeshifting
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Unknown

Loathsome doppelgangers of the majestic Seraphim Serpents, the Ahkharonve, most known as Sorrow Serpents are serpentine demons made up of negative emotions such as sorrow, hate and dread whose function in the armies of nightmare is demoralizing the enemy by intruding into their minds with their psychic abilities and make them doubt their own chances of survival. While they are nowhere as powerful as the creatures they hope to mimic, they are nonetheless a high threat for those under their influence are eventually reduced to gibbering madmen, and their ability to shapeshift more efficiently than other Corruptus Demons makes them proficient in stealth attacks.


  • Size: Varies, normally 1,4m
  • Weapon: Claws, biting, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: Usually average
  • Prime demon: Mor'nakaur

The Mor'natio are one of the lesser demons of the Corruptus. Originally servants of primeval Vanguards, today they have been placed under Mordathai's guidance. They vary in size, but are generally fast and strong creatures who attack in large swarms. They are also incredible resistant, but have a major weakness against essense-based attacks.

Spawn of Brezank[]

Spawn of Brezank.png
  • Size: Variable
  • Weapon: Claws, biting, tentacles
  • Relative Threat: Moderate
  • Prime demon: The Core of Brezank

The Spawn of Brezank were an unique subspecies of Corruptus demon born from the Corruptus Overworld Brezank during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, created out of the souls of corrupted Libertus operatives of Majestic. Amphibian in biology, the Spawn was able to operate on water as well as it could on land. Their attacks consisted of using their powerful claws and teeth to rend through armor or by extending tentacles from their bodies in order to slam or constrict their victims. The Spawn was created in response to Brezank being separated from the rest of the Corruptus and therefore incapable of creating standard demon forces, and they are assumed to have been wiped out completely following the destruction of the Overworld at the conclusion of the cataclysm.


  • Size: Varies
  • Weapon: Blades, claws, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Shu'ytrogarva

The Garvathae are the stealth demons of the Corruptus. Extremely agile, slim and silent, they are used to disrupt enemy forces by eliminating key targets and causing chaos among enemy territory. Garvathae are capable of changing size at will, hiding in the shadows to strike at their enemies with their blades, which are extensions of their own bodies. However, they are notably fragile for demons, not being capable of sustaining much damage.


  • Size: 3.4m tall
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, corruption
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Harbinger

The Lympharians are demons with apparently crystal-like skin who have the role of casting essence to use against their enemies. Extremely powerful but quite fragile, the Lympharians attack by launching powerful blasts of essence, erase the minds of their enemies, and are capable of temporarily trapping enemies into pocket dimensions, stripping them of their life force in the process. Lympharians corrupt everything they come in contact with, turning it also into crystal-like nightmare material. Because of this, melee combat against them is heavily discouraged. However, Lympharians are among the most frail demons of the Corruptus, acting like "glass cannons". They should be taken out from a distance and before they can get close.


  • Size: 2.6m
  • Weapon: Claws, poison, nightmare projectiles, ressurection
  • Relative Threat: Low-average
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Kheora'Errr are the reanimated carcasses of the Errrbot Swarm, brought back to life by Shu'rimrodir to serve him once more. The Kheora'Errr are responsible for maintaining machinery, guarding key locations and harvesting resources that may interest the Corruptus. They are weak individually, but are often in very large groups. When defeated, they can come back some minutes after, being only totally killed by essense-based weaponry.


  • Size: 2.7m-6.7m
  • Weapon: Claws, inducing fear, dream haunting, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Balanar are specialist demons who grow in power in the absence of sunlight. They are used for assassinations and stealth missions, being less efficient when fighting large numbers of enemies at once. When in presence of sunlight, their powers are diminished and they are forced to hide, but when night starts, they regain their full strength and start their carnages. At night, the Balanar are physically superior to the Malcaeum, but not as strong as the Mari'verao. Their twisted faces cause great fear to those who gaze at it, and they are capable of sucking the souls off their victims by haunting their dreams. Balanar vary in size depending of the size of their prey, but are always large, muscular and imposing creatures with even larger wings and horns.


  • Size: 2.2m-3.4m
  • Weapon: Claws, poison, agility, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: Average
  • Prime demon: Eielelord

The Eleiethae are the offspring of Eielelord. Relatively small for demons, these insectoids have the role of disrupting enemy lines by attacking less defended points, invading bases, disabling vehicles and overall weakening the enemy through small attacks. They are often seen as a distraction so other demons may attack more easily. Eleiethae are among the fastest demons of the Corruptus. For combat, they attack by launching themselves at the enemy's face and striking them with their stingers, located in their backs. Like all demons, they are capable of spawning tentacles from their backs.


Nightmare Lamprey.png
  • Size: 9.8m - 12.6m long
  • Weapon: Bite, slamming, leeching, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Gargrethek, most known as Nightmare Lampreys are vile creatures who resemble crosses between lampreys and wyverns who tend to attack from the shadows. Characterized by the wheezing-like sounds they emit, they possess a mouth on each end of their bodies, each filled with circular rows of teeth to suck the fluids out of those they ambush. Nightmare Lampreys are slippery, viscous and their roars are deafeningly loud, enough to cause glitches on even the most advanced pieces of equipment. They uniquely use their nightmare energy to spit out blasts of essence poison, which can eat its victims' away slowly and painfully until they become completely paralyzed and at their mercy.

Greater Races[]


  • Size: Varies
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Shu'suvreca

A Shu'lorangar is the result of several Shu'olerthae merging themselves into one body, effectively becoming one being. The number of Shu'lorangar determinate its size and weight, but more often than not, Shu'olerthae will merge by the thousands to form this monsters, becoming extremely powerful in the process. While the Shu'lorangar cannot possess other creatures, they have the advantages for being extremely strong and durable. Attacking them causes them to separate, but the separated Shu'olerthae can always merge themselves again, forcing enemies to choose between separating the gigantic monster or dealing with its parts.

Alpha Malcaeum[]

DarkInj Malcaeum.png
  • Size: 6,69m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, teleportation, blades, power over fire
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Shu'rahkavarh

The Alpha Malcaeum are Malcaeum who managed to live for one thousand years without falling in battle. Bloodthirsty to the extreme, the Alpha Malcaeum are the ultimate troopers of the Corruptus, their almost vibroblade-like blades being capable of cutting through all known kinds of surface. While the Alpha Malcaeum are not quite as resilient as other Elite Demons, they are still a force to be feared. They share their younger counters' power of drawing energy from negative emotions, but also possess the ability of transferring this energy to other non-Malcaeum demons.


All Seeing Eyes.png
  • Size: 7,2m
  • Weapon: Nightmare eye blasts, mind control
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Ocularivs are among the oldest and most intelligent elite demons of the Corruptus. They appear as conglomerations of huge, red eyeballs with a spiked tail. Their main objective is using their specialized nightmare energy to mind control enemies into fighting each other. In addition, they are capable of levitation and can attack enemies with powerful nightmare eye blasts. Their multiple eyes allow them to pay attention to and attack 8 different targets at once. Despite their size, Ocularivs are actually quite light in weight, with their bodies being filled with nightmare gas; enough physical damage to an Ocularivs will explode it like a balloon.


  • Size: 7,05m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, physical strength, blades
  • Relative Threat: High
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Carnirrasc, also known as Executioners, are very tall, humanoid demons with skull-like heads and four blood red eyes. They possess tentacles on their hips shaped almost like a ragged skirt, and a large, bony tail. They notably use a pair of superheated machetes created from the blades of fallen Malcaeum soldiers, which can not only slash through most known armor, but also launch powerful fire blasts when swung. Carnirrascs are not often seen in the front lines, and tend to keep around the mortal followers of the Corruptus instead. These hulking creatures are known as Executioners for being the ones who judge those who commit crimes or heresies against the demon lords of the Corruptus, delivering swift death to those deemed culprit or unworthy. The Carnirrascs watch the Corruptus's followers very closely, and often have at least a pair of Sarungeraks with them.


  • Size: 8,6m
  • Weapon: Claws, poison, fire breathing, nightmare projectiles, resurrection
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Emperor Marigrax

The Mari'verao are the reanimated carcasses of the Marinoxidiz, brough back to life by Shu'rimrodir to serve him once more. They are not zombies on the common meaning of the word, as the Corruptus are not capable of possessing the undead. Instead, they are literal nightmare-tortured souls trapped in lifeless bodies and using them to move around. The Mari'verao are gigantic demonic behemoths, capable of enduring tons of damage before finally falling. When defeated, they can come back some minutes after, being only totally killed by essense-based weaponry.


  • Size: 9,9m
  • Weapon: Claws, mouth, control over ice, heat sink abilities
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Gobongogon

The Val'dahr, also known as Gobongothae, are large, resilient creatures who serve as tanks for the Corruptus. Their bodies are made primarly of nightmarish "ice" which freezes the region they are in. They are among the most resistant demons of the Corruptus. The Val'dahr possess abilities similar of those of the late Gobongogon, being able of crystallize the terrain they are touching. They also possess powerful ice-based powers, being capable of creating violent blizzards. Their mere presence can freeze the water cause chills on any enemy that may have the misfortune of meeting them.


Corruptus Flesheater.png
  • Size: 15,6m
  • Weapon: Nightmare energy, sheer strength
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Unknown

The Carni'ficar, most known as Flesheaters, are large monsters crafted from the flesh of the fallen enemies of the Corruptus. Flesheaters are used to attack enemy vehicles and buildings, their strength being rivaled only by other elite demons. Despite their enormous physical strength, the Flesheaters aren't very adept at using ranged essence attacks, and also move considerably slower than other Corruptus creatures. A notable ability of the Flesheaters is to absorb dead enemies into their own flesh, making them stronger and larger.


  • Size: 9,8m
  • Weapon: High range nightmare blasts
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Okastana

The Okasthae are the offspring of Okastana, a race of avian, insectoid abominations who possess biological artillery cannons mounted on their backs. With these cannons, the Okasthae cause considerable destruction across enemy lines from a safe distance. Okasthae are also used by the Corruptus to take down aerial targets such as fighters or spaceships. If contronted on close range, the Okasthae can extend the spikes on their backs into tentacles to slash at the enemy, and can also devour them with their clawed mandibles. One notable trait of the Okasthae are their emerald-green, shining eyes which penetrate their souls of their targets. Upon setting enemies on their prey, they stop at nothing to pulverize them.


  • Size: 18,7m
  • Weapon: Tentacles, vines, land corruption
  • Relative Threat: Very high
  • Prime demon: Laidar

The Laidarthae are the offspring of Laidar, the result of nightmare energy being infused in plants. They are one of the few Corruptus demons who stay away from the front lines altogether and act as defenders of settlements or other important locations for the rest of the demonic forces. Laidarthae have the ability of corrupting the land around them, causing it to become sterile and eventually venomous with nightmare energy. Laidarthae can also reproduce by corrupting more plants with their powers. A large enough concentration of Laidarthae are capable of merging into a single body to form a gigantic "tree" around the area they wish to protect. These trees can only be taken down by spaceship-grade weaponry.

Elite Races[]


  • Size: Variable
  • Weapon: Various
  • Relative Threat: Ultimate
  • Prime demon: Unknown

Perhaps the most fearsome of the Corruptus Demons who are not explicitly related to the Gods of Nightmare, the Maldrachon, also known as Terror Dragons are immense winged reptilians who are reminiscent to dragons in appearance. These shapeshifters can alter their size at will, with the largest recorded Maldrachons being large enough to cover entire landscapes with their wingspans. Other than their monstrous physical strength and endurance, these monsters are also well known for their nightmare breath, a blast of purple flame released from their mouths which caused all matter affected by it to decay into dusk. Maldrachons are thankfully rare, for even a single one of their kind is equivalent to an entire army of lesser Demons.


  • Size: 12m
  • Weapon: Various
  • Relative Threat: Ultimate
  • Prime demon: Shu'wokerama

The Shu'wokethae are extensions of Shu'wokerama's essence who act as commanders for the Corruptus' demon armies. Towering over most other demons, the Shu'wokethae display many powers associated with their creator, such as unnatural physical fitness, Nightmare Energy mastery and also possess the power of corrupting the environment with their touch. They can be easily distinguished from Shu'wokerama for possessing overall leaned bodies and darker colouration. Shu'wokethae are hot-blooded, malevolent entities who tend to play with their prey before giving them the satisfaction of death. They enjoy trapping their enemies in close quarters so they may torture them psychologically. Shu'wokethae are also present serving as lieutenants for high-ranking captains in the Xhodocto Dominion. It should be noted that Shu'wokerama needs to sacrifice part of his power to create these entities, and because of that their number is low. Additionally, destroying a Shu'wokethae causes physical damage to Shu'wokerama himself.

Corruptus Overworld[]

Corruptus Overworld.png
  • Size: N/A
  • Weapon: Sheer size, nightmare energy
  • Relative Threat: Ultimate
  • Prime demon: Primogius

The Corruptus Overworlds are the largest race of the Corruptus. Planet-sized, sentient monstrosities, these demons act as bases for other members of their demonic kin. They can be distinguished from other planets by possessing enormous, infernal, purple eyes on their surfaces. These eyes can move around freely across the demon's surface or hide themselves inside it for protection. Corruptus Overworlds were present in large quantities during the War of Black Fog, and six of them were present during the Second War of Black Fog, where they served as the only planets inhabited by the Marinoxidiz. Corruptus Overworlds can be "created" from regular planets. The most notable converted planet was Kaizox. Following the Annihilation, it is unknown if any Corruptus Overworlds currently exist.




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