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They come. Infinite, eternal, malevolent. They come in great waves, waves which can destroy entire worlds, galaxies, universes. Nightmares sprout from their devious thoughts which consume and contaminate the lives of mortals and even other higher beings. None are safe from the black fog of That Which Devours. An entity born from Chaos, who serves Chaos and who will corrupt all in the name of Chaos.

- Thea'Nhirara

The Corruptus (Vida'Rra language: Infernal Ones), colloquially known as the Black Fog, is the name given to the union of all creatures under the control of the demon Shu'rimrodir, the Essential God of Nightmare Energy. They seek the complete consumption of reality so that all beings, from the lowliest animal to the most advanced aliens are devoured by the nightmarish claws of their god creator. In the current day, they are considered direct servants of the Xhodocto.

Primarily composed of fiendish Essentials created out of Shu'rimrodir's powers known as Corruptus Demons, the Corruptus also controls various factions, organizations and empires of mortals who have come to worship the demons of nightmares as their gods. Dating from eleven billion years ago, the Corruptus is an ancient evil who has antagonized life through all of its existence, rising back to its feet every time it had seemingly been taken down for good. They still remain one of the greatest evils of the modern First Gigaquadrant, and currently lurk in its shadows, awaiting for the next chance to strike once again.



The Corruptus had existed in the Onuris Universe since the early years of its existence in the form of the infant Shu'rimrodir, who was at the time a cosmic energy being who fed off star matter. As Shu'rimrodir grew more mature, he started to create offspring in the form of the Shu'olerthae, and learned of his energy's abilities of corruption and demonic possession. Shu'rimrodir became overwhelmed with ideas of conquest and sent his Shu'olerthae through the cosmos to gather servants for his cause: the domination of the young universe. These possessed individuals would become the ones known as the Corruptus.

War of Black Fog[]

The Corruptus' first notable appearance in gigaquadrantic affairs would be during the War of Black Fog, where they met and waged war against the Vida'Rra, beings composed of the opposite of the Corruptus' power: Dream Energy. The war would cause the fall of various galaxies across the universe to the Corruptus, but its apex would occur in the Milky Way Galaxy. The battle between the two conflicting essences would lay waste on the galaxy and cause the near extinction of the Vida'Rra as a whole. Notably, during this period, the Corruptus had control over Diafthora, one of the Xhodocto Eyes, as it was responsible for Shu'rimrodir's ascension into godhood.

When Sonhadromerith unleashed the powers of the Realm of Dreams into the Onuris Universe, the Corruptus was nearly completely annihilated. Survivors were trapped inside the Realm alongside Shu'rimrodir, and other powerful leaders like Shu'wokerama were trapped in Dream Energy prisons, where they would remain for 9 billion years. Diafthora was also lost from the Corruptus' possession in the process.

Second War of Black Fog[]

The Corruptus would return to the universe desiring revenge during the Second War of Black Fog. After Shu'wokerama was freed from his prison, he began recreating the Shu'olerthae and freed the other leaders, Shu'ytrogarva, Shu'suvreca and the Dark Five, so that they could launch a new invasion in the universe and free Shu'rimrodir from the Realm of Dreams. During this time, the Corruptus used two mortal races as its thralls: the Marinoxidiz, the Errrbots and the Loron'Kikra. Due to its sudden appearance and power, the Corruptus caused severe damage to the Milky Way and launched invasions on various other galaxies such as Cyrannus, Ottzello and Andromeda. Additionally, the universe was hit by a wave of constant nightmares, a side effect of the Corruptus' nightmarish nature.

As the war moved on, members of the Dark Five fell, with the invasion of Cyrannus coming to an end by the death of Okastana, the invasion of Andromeda ending by the death of Eleielord and the invasion of Ottzello ending at the death of Kolossus. The Loron'Kikra were killed off and the Corruptus was pushed back into the Milky Way, where the allied empires worked together to destroy the Marinoxidiz and Errrbots.

The war would end with the Corruptus being once again annihilated after a group of heroes entered the Realm of Dreams and slayed Shu'rimrodir himself by obliterating him from the inside out. The destruction of their Essential God caused the surviving Corruptus to immediately lose all consciousness and fall into a torpor.

Annihilation, Chosen and Dominion[]

Following the end of the Second Fog War, the Xhodocto took interest on the Corruptus and recreated Shu'rimrodir through unknown means, leading to the rebirth of the Corruptus only a year after its defeat. The Corruptus forces on the Onuris Universe would become cut off the rest during the Annihilation, and would recreate their link to Shu'rimrodir in the event known as the Recruitment. The Corruptus would also obtain a new member in the form of the Zua-Zaoi following the end of the Zua-Zaoi Reunification.

The Corruptus would later be present during the Second Borealis Galactic War in the form of the Devourer's Chosen. Emperor Marigrax would spread Nightmare Energy through the galaxy, turning innocent creatures into deranged cultists, with his main objective being the creation of a multidimensional rift to Inferno. Marigrax hoped to use this rift to send the entire Borealis Galaxy to Inferno and cause a new Scourge in the universe. However, before he could succeed, he was destroyed by Hachiman, with the Chosen falling to the combined efforts of the forces of Order and Disorder. Following the end of the Borealis War, the Dominion of the Xhodocto had risen. The Corruptus became a member of the Dominion, and serve it to this day.

Cirith Beleg is bombarded to contain the Corruptus invasion

The more recent sightings of the Corruptus took place at the Andromeda and Cyrannus galaxies, where the demons of nightmare were responsible for the attack on the Republic of Cirith Beleg and the resurrection of the Overworld Brezank at the Neutral Zone of Cyrannus. While the Oikoumene emperor Tyrómairon strengthened Cyrannus's internal defenses to impede the entrance of anymore demonic entities, it did not stop Mar-Júun's return years later, when he assaulted the galaxy with his Glorious Crimson Imperium of Cyrandia and took the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband during the Second Great Cyrannus War. The conflict ended with the permanent destruction of Mar-Júun, the first true death of a Vanguard since the times of the Vida'Rra, and marked the final attack of the Corruptus on the Cyrandia Cluster.



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The Corruptus is, effectively, based on a despotic theocracy with Shu'rimrodir as its head. Control over the entirely of the faction is shared with his sibling entity Shu'wokerama, with Shu'ytrogarva and Shu'suvreca being given immediate control right after them; together, they are known as the High Four. Arrtkar Crowart, the oldest of the Corruptus' Vanguards, has control over all lesser entities after the gods themselves, and following him, the demons and mortal worshippers of the Corruptus are expected to fend off by themselves. The Corruptus are currently overseen by the Xhodocto known as Krathazhrukhal, though he rarely interferes directly with the affairs of the High Four.


The Corruptus is composed of two kinds of creatures. The first and main one are the Demons of the Corruptus, several demonic races created by Shu'rimrodir who have their primary habitat in Inferno. The second kind are corrupted mortals who for some reason allied themselves to the Corruptus, either by power hunger, promise of a better future or plain brainwash. The Corruptus are the only known entities in existence to use the Nightmare Energy, the energy known to be the source of nightmares. The Corruptus' demons and acolytes alike are vicious, zealous and completely incapable of diplomacy.

The Corruptus is not considered a true nation, and has very little society. Most demons and servants are rogue unless joining forces. However, the Corruptus has extremely strict levels of authority for its highest ranking members. Above all are the Xhodocto, followed by Shu'rimrodir and Shu'wokerama, by Shu'ytrogarva and then by Shu'suvreca. After this, comes everything else, who are expected to fend off for themselves.


The Corruptus' control over nightmare essence gives them control over one of the most powerful and unstable known Essences, which allows the Corruptus' members to do feats such as teleportation, enhanced strength, biological immortality and telekinesis. The laws of physics and the very fabrics of the universe shatter and move around on Shu'rimrodir's will. Only the mortal followers of the Corruptus use real technological devices, and they tend to be extremely advanced due to their links to other powerful nations such as the Indoctrinate Collective, the Draconid Imperium or the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


The followers of the Corruptus tend to develop violently zealous attitudes regarding the high four demons, seen them as deities and building religions around them. The demons of nightmare see such acts as beneficial as they ensure loyalty and usually send their own forces to keep these worshippers in check, always watching them closely to make sure they follow the will of Shu'rimrodir. This is more often done by Carnirrascs, who are considered religious emissaries and therefore are greatly respected by those who worship the Corruptus.

Religion tends to put Shu'rimrodir and Shu'wokerama on equal terms, with Shu'ytrogarva and Shu'suvreca being placed directly beneath them as extensions of their will. Higher demons such as Harbinger and the Skewer are sometimes also worshipped as vanguards of the gods. The most notable examples of worship of the Corruptus are the Devourer's Chosen and the Black Inquisition, with the former being noted for having gained enough influence to have nearly destroyed the Borealis Galaxy, displaying how dangerous the worship of Corruptus Demons can be to the Gigaquadrant.



CorruptedArsac 1.png

The Black Inquisition is a splinter group of the Grand Inquisition formed under High inquisitor Arsac after she was corrupted. The Black Inquisition is made up of GI operatives corrupted and influenced to service the Corruptus under the demonic influence of Arsac. It serves as a dark mirror to the original Inquisition, following the tenets of the original but twisted to fit the Corruptus' goals, its Andromedan heritage making it one of the more advanced sub-factions under Corruptus control. Along with using elite Black Inquisitors and cultists, this force has also been observed working alongside demonic Ocularivs during operations as conversion units and psychological warfare.

Zanierton OP.png

Mahedore's Zealots are a group of Zanierton clones created by Mahedore to serve as the crewmembers of his spaceship. As their master has pledged themselves to the Corruptus, so have the zealots and their war beasts, the Gynash Dragons. The zealots serve as a mostly stealth-oriented force in the Corruptus thanks to their low numbers, focusing their efforts to gathering enemy intel and sabotage. However, in the event they are required for a frontal assault, they display great devotion to That Which Devours and are not afraid to unleash their savage Gynash Dragons upon the enemy.

Zua-Zaoi Image.png

The New Zua-Zaoi Empire is the empire of the Zua-Zaoi, a race of insectoids from the Mirus Galaxy, after the Zua-Zaoi Reunification led by Vouinas. While the Zua-Zaoi have since left Mirus, they remain a noticeable force in Gigaquadrantic affairs, pledging their support and their armies to the demons of the Corruptus. Very familiar with the environment of war and bloodshed, the Zua-Zaoi have built their culture and legacy from conflict and are not afraid to display their might to their enemies. All who stand before the might of the New Zua-Zaoi Empire, or worse, attempt against their freedom, will pay with a fate worse than death.


Dark Dracogonarious.png

The Devourer's Chosen were main mortal servants of the Corruptus in the modern times. A cult of corrupted creatures of several species, the Chosen saw the Corruptus as a religion and would stop at nothing until the entire universe followed their "one true path". During the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Chosen were defeated, failing their mission. As a punishment for their failure, they were outcast from the Corruptus and absorbed into the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

Lost Cogsangui.png

The Glorious Crimson Imperium of Cyrandia was a force under the command of the Basileus Vanguard Mar-Júun composed of various races he corrupted through the course of the Second Great Cyrannus War; corrupted Heleanorians of Borealis, Rambo Serindia kidnapped from the Quadrants and undead Cogsangui veterans of the Intergalactic War who were risen from their graves via nightmarish necromancy. The goal of the Crimson Imperium was to submit the entire Basileus race under the Corruptus and utterly destroy the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the New Cyrannian Republic and all of their supporters.


The Marinoxidiz were the Corruptus' main forces during the Second War of Black Fog. Created from the Marinox's souls, the Marinoxidiz were formidable demonic monsters with extremely advanced technology and an a very extensive territory in the Milky Way Galaxy. By the end of the Second War, the Milky Way's empires managed to destroy the Marinoxidiz Empire. However, their souls were later reused to create the Mari'verao demons.

Loron'Kikra Troopa.png

Da Propa Big Bad Loron Empire was the empire of the Loron'Kikra in the Second War of Black Fog, where at the time they served the Marinoxidiz. Similar to the regular Loron, the Loron'Kikra were stupid but extremely strong creatures who would stop at nothing to destroy everything around them. The Loron'Kikra were created by the Vyro'Ralza Kolossus. When Kolossus was killed in the Second War, Da Propa Big Bad Loron Empire was effectively removed from time, ceasing to exist.




Yellow face.pngYou shall join us in our path of conquest.


Orange face.pngYour end is merely delayed.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou shall be devoured for eternity by the darkest fog.


The Enemy still lives, as expected. The creators sought to sleep to fight them again, but they have failed. The mortal races of the universe must now achieve this objective by themselves. Probability of success: low.

- Vida'Rranlora

Fighting them was some of the worst experiences of all my military career.

- Koluap

soz i failed yoo guise still yor sik i hope yas succeed on wateva yor doin now ennit? safe

- Hagto'Zhl

I will not rest until the every single minion of the Shu'rimrodir shall die, until the every single person killed by you shall be avenged.

- Sanktanaar Felaanith

Your use is limited.

- Xhodocto

You Corruptus are driven to follow a false light by a lust for power. You cannot even see that the path you're following it down leads to hell.

- Torhan Dalgnovern

The stuff of nightmares, manifest.

- Tyraz

Our greatest threat is not what we know of them, but of what we don't.

- Keldar

Return and I shall kill you over and over.

- Savas

They just keep coming! It's impossible to truly kill them!

- Hachiman

There is something curious in the power they possess.

- Crispy

The Corruptus? I hoped I would never again hear that name. So many tentacles and black fog and... unpleasantness. We need to stop them before they destroy more worlds here too.

- Apollo, during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone

Vile beasts, you freely attack other civilisations at a whim, but you will roe the day you attacked the Empire.

- Caranye Valaeris

The Nightmare has struck Rambo Nation, shimmering the hope and engulfed us all in darkness

- Ramseph Ramcard



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