The Corplian Foundation is a independent organization originating from the Eldarisian Empire. They are a major organization when it comes to trade and protecting trade routes, however, they have branched out over time and do a variety of services for the people of Eldarisia.


The Corplian Foundation was founded when the Corplian Confederacy was absorbed by the Eldarisian Empire. It was founded to provide for the Eldarisian citizens of the Confederacy's old territories and started off as a small trading company that transported goods and protected trade routes.

This changed though overtime as the foundation became wealthy and gained attention as one of the fastest growing companies in Eldarisa. It even eventually lead to the Corplians branching out to other areas of business then just trade and soon the young corporation was in various fields and gaining even more attention and wealth. Soon this attention would lead to Eldarisia's government asking the Corplains to help protect various major trading routes which was quickly accepted. So with the government paying attention to them and regulating the companies power while also treating them kindly and asking for their services, the Corplian Foundation grew a close bond to the main government structure and not through corruption or greed, but through trust. After several years of loyalty and having the best interests in mind for the nation and allowing Eldarisia to search them fully for corruption and so forth, Company and Government had finally came trust one another. This alone was huge and while regulation is strong, it is still amazing that any form of trust could brew. Now the Corplian foundation lives on as a wealthy company and also the living proof of Eldarisia's ability to gain the loyalty of even an organization of influence and power.

Empire trade routesEdit

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Personal trade offerings

Eldarisian FlagEldarisian Empire: Culture, Religion, Robotics, Technology, Raw materials, Industrial components, Manufactured goods.

Major Partners

Flag of the French Colonial EmpireFrench Colonial Empire: Tourism, Industrial components, Technology, Military hardware.

French Bunsen ColoniesFrench Bunsen Colonies: Tourism, Industrial components, Raw materials.

Algolurn Popular RepublicAlgolurn Popular Republic: Tourism, Weapon technology, Medical supplies, Weaponry, Specially designed tanks.

Minor Partners

Plazith LeaguePlazith League: Military hardware, Raw materials.

Drodo Empire FlagDrodo Empire: Raw materials, Industrial components.

Milla Empire FlagMilla Empire: Military hardware, Weaponry.

Farengeto Flag 3DFarengeto Republic: Raw materials, Industrial components, Weaponry.

Hegemony symbolThe Hegemony: Weaponry.

NewTadpoleEmpireFlagNew Tadpole Empire: Weaponry, Industrial components.


  • Vehicle creation and manufacturing: A newer and potential branch within the Foundation. Vehicle creation is always a demand for the citizen's of the Empire and it's military.
  • Weaponry and Armor creation: The oldest branch within the Foundation and the most profitable. The Eldarisian Empire has deep ties in this branch as the Foundation supplies the Eldarisian military with extra weaponry and armor.
  • Eldarisian popular culture items: From books to posters of Eldarisian writers and priests, Eldarisian pop culture is very profitable. The Eldarisian Empires citizens are the main customers, but outer races who are fascinated with the Empire also pay for these items.
  • Transportation of goods: The Foundations main job within the Empire, they transport goods on trade routes between factions and the Empire. They make money from successful deliveries and the protection of the cargo.
  • Religious goods: The Foundation supports The Religion of Cuth by selling the religions supplies to outer race Churches of the same religion.
  • Eldarisia's Voice: A major radio station within the Eldarisian Empire that plays Classical music, Patriotic songs, Techno and government propaganda speeches for the citizens of the Empire. The station is also used to broadcast personal speeches that High King Sylo Ethland makes for his people and public discussions he is involved in.
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