This page is a comprehensive timeline of the Core Federation and Pre-CorFed history. Detailed history records can be found here.

Important Notes[edit | edit source]

Every set of one billion years is called an "Age"; according to Ravenrii History, it is curently the Fifth Age, with only five years remaining until the next Age. Dates are usually recorded with an "M" after a six-digit-maximum written number, to signify a million years, and the two initials of the current Age after that. For example, the year 330.1M, F.A. translates as the year 330,100,000 of the First Age, or simply 1,330,100,000. Ages are commonly awarded names depending on the most important aspects or happenings of the Age: for example, the Second Age is called "The Age of Revolutions" because it was a churning, revolutionary period of time.

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Age Abbreviations[edit | edit source]

  • F.A.-First Age, "The Age of Enlighnb jhb,jhhb ,jhg"
  • S.A.-Second Age, "The Age of Revolutions"
  • T.A.-Third Age, "The Age of War"
  • FO.A.-Fourth Age, "The Age of Peace"
  • FI.A.-Fifth Age, "The Age of Expansion"

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Pre-Federation[edit | edit source]

First Age[edit | edit source]

  • 1, F.A.- The Ravenrii recover counsciousness in crumbling cities on planet Centrus and neighboring systems.
  • 200, F.A.- The Kingdom of Centrus, the first of the Seven Minor Empires, is created on planet Centrus.
  • 1,080, F.A.- The Seven Minor Empires are established within the Caeus Cluster in the Prathus Arm of Xanthrus Spiral.
  • 1,700, F.A.-The game of Urbac is invented in one of the Minor Empires, the Kingdom of Kanto
  • 8,930, F.A.- Queen Riavna of the Kingdom of Koriana experiences a "vision" of the Ravenrii's dominions at their greatest, and begins the xenophobic Great Purge of Prathus
  • 18M, F.A.- The Seven Minor Empires reach the peak of their extent at 652 systems
  • 25M, F.A.- The Empires begin the War of the Minor reaches, trying to enslave each other without success
  • 25.9M, F.A.- The settling of the outermost Core Worlds begin
  • 33.9M, F.A.- The monarchs of the Seven Minor Empires meet at planet Centrus to discuss the creation of a Ravenrii Confederation and end the war.
  • 34M, F.A.- The Seven Minor Empires commune at Centrus and sign the first Constitution of the Federation, creating the Raev Federation with Centrus as capital

Post-Federation[edit | edit source]

  • 34.1M, F.A.- Ravenrii Monarchy is established and set in planet Certion. Construction begins on Ta'riavna Palace
  • 54M, F,A.- The High Court of the Core is established in planet Centrus, serving as the judicial and legislative bodies for the monarchy
  • 54.6M, F.A.- The Spectrum Design Collective is established by the monarchy as a research institution
  • 129M, F.A.- The Outer Ring Colonies are built on the dark rims of the Prathus Arm
  • 134.1M, F.A.- The authoritarian monarchy celebrates a hundred million years of royal rule
  • 320M, F.A.- The Federation declines, as corruption grips its government and monarchy and it is corrupted
  • 332M, F.A.- Corruption and decadence explodes as the Riots of Centrus burn through Centrus's regime and the monarchy is temporarily deposed
  • 342M, F.A.- The riots rage through the Capitalis system, spreading to other central systems. Ta'riavna Palace is partly consumed by fire in a protest
  • 422M, F.A.- The populace is finally controlled, and the Outer Ring is completely abandoned. Expansion begins after the public has calmed enough

Second Age[edit | edit source]

  • 1M, S.A.- New strains brought on by the expansion causes civil unrest once again, and the central systems begin to decay
  • 92M, S.A.- The unrest turns into a revolution-the Royal Revolution, which overthrows the royalty and installs a new, business-friendly political system based on Viceroyalties
  • 92.8M, S.A,- The 10 Civil Wars of Xanthrus erupt, taking more than five-hundred million years to put down and ravaging the Federation and its health
  • 152M, S.A.- The Great Civil War ends, with then-high viceroy Carcus Airdone taking relentless control of the more than sixty different factions
  • 152.8M, S.A.- The Uryean Reformation renames he Federation the Federation of the Core Worlds, and makes the High Court the judiciary and legislature, and the High Viceroy Head of State and Head of Government
  • 154M, S.A.- The Unification of the Minds is mysteriously caused by Airdone, making every Ravenrii's mind part of a vast thought-pool.
  • 423M, S.A.- The Silver Revolution, a moderate-sized uprising puts pressure unto Airdone, who strenghthens the Federation by enlarging teh High Court to a thousand Delegates, or senators
  • 556M, S.A- The Federation formally isolates itself from the rest of the galaxy, focusing on expansion
  • 822M, S.A.-The Federation forcibly expands into the Core Worlds sector, angering the Grox Imperium who dominate the sector and alarming the rest of the galaxy's Empires
  • 832M, S.A.- Most Empires in the galaxy declare an anti-Federational stance, determined to stop its growth
  • 888M, S.A.- The Interstellar Alliance of Independent Empires is formed, angering the CorFed and later sparking theGreat War of Xanthrus
  • 902M, S.A- The Grox Imperium declares war on the Federation, and the Solarian Empire calls for eventual anti-Ravenrii action at an IAIE summit

Third Age[edit | edit source]

  • 1M, T.A.-The Great War of Xanthrus begins.
  • 3M, T.A.-The Solarian Empire and Grox Imperium form a vast territory blockade known as the Prathus Wall around the Core Worlds and the Hagos Arm.
  • 14M, T.A.-The Cellodian Imperium, one of the greatest pre-Federation civilizations in the galaxy, is destroyed bye CorFed invasions
  • 82M, T.A.-The IAIE is heavily damaged by several batles on its members' home areas
  • 201M, T.A.-The IAIE fails and its central systems in the Hagos arm are ravaged by the Ravenrii
  • 321M, T.A.-The Grox Imperium's outer Core Worlds are surrounded by Federation space, as it pushes Solarian territory back
  • 330M, T.A,-The Ravenrii's central systems are ravaged by Solarian forces while Core World invasion is underway, leaving many planets to retreat
  • 521M, T.A.-Vast banking world Coalithia faces orbital bombardment, greatly damaging the Federation and almost leading the galaxy into financial ruin
  • 522M, T.A.-The Federation recedes back into its territories, plagued by new attacks from the Solarian Empire
  • 539M, T.A.-The Grox Imperium takes back most of the Core Worlds, which had been occupied by Ravenrii forces
  • 539.8M, T.A.-The Federation secretly engineers "The Light", a light-feeding explosive taht detoines in the galaxy's ecnter
  • 547M, T.A.-The Grox Imperium is devastated by the Light, losing over two thirds of its territories in days
  • 550M,T.A.-the Light spreads uncontrollably out of the Core Sectors and thoughout the Arms, wiping out over a third of the galaxy's non-Ravenrii population
  • 592M, T.A.-The Federation finally acquires all of the Core Worlds, destroying Grox civilization
  • 598M, T.A.-Fighting explodes across the galaxy as governments collapse, and the Federation launches a surprise invasion in the opposite direction
  • 601M, T.A.-The IAIE finally dissolves for the first time, following Ravenrii ocupation of its greatest six members' worlds
  • 621M, T.A.-In a last strain for victory, the Solarian Empire frees the IAIE's planets and assaults the Federation's central systems from a second time
  • 625M, T.A.-Solarian invasion backfires, and the Empire's last Empress, Solya Athera, purportedly receives a vision of the Ravenrii's true nature, and abdicates
  • 626, T.A.-the Federation puts down the Solarian and alien invasions and invades the Solarian's Hagos territory in turn
  • 721, T.A.-The IAIE is re-established, though largely ignored as its territory is immensely decreased
  • 765,T.A.-The Solarian Empire finally fades, its home systems destroyed by the federation's armies. The Federation declares victory, despite the ongoing fighting between indistinct factions thoughout the galaxy
  • 780, T.A,-The War officially ends, with most Empires in the galaxy recending into their systems and fighting suppressed by the new Federation of the Core Worlds
  • 781M, T.A.-The Great Time of Peace begins, with all fighting suppressed and the federation's ownership of the Core territories unquestioned.
  • 821, T.A.-The Federation assures its reign with large land wealth and managing all shipping in the Core sectors, expanding from Prathus and the Core Worlds into Hagos.
  • 911M, T.A.-Wealth and stability are well-seated in the galaxy, which becomes increasingly trade-oriented.
  • 913M, T.A.-The IAIE becomes the major galactic government after the Silver Ministry-however, its actions are largely influenced by the Federation's
  • 918M, T.A.-The Allied Consortium is formed by five major empires that secede from the IAIE
  • 941M, T.A.-The Federation is well-seated as unofficial rulers of the galaxy, stable for millions of years snce the end of the war

Fourth Age[edit | edit source]

  • 50M, FO.A-The monarchy is reinstated over a billion years after its removal into it's current state with the Royal Reinstitution
  • 200M, FO.A-The High Court passes the Ralian Reformation, reorganizing all of the Federation's business, scientific, energy and government sectors into the Great Five
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