The Federation of the Core Worlds was composed of several realms, among them the main Federation itself, as well as various extragalactic territories found throughout some of the most important galaxies in the universe. Its extragalactic holdings comprised 25 states known as the Galactic Commonwealth Realms. The Great Realm of Xanthrus was the largest and most powerful of its territorial divisions, as it covered the entire galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral. The 25 states, on the other hand, were partly autonomous but still under the Silver Ministry's, rule. Each realm could hold anywhere from thousands to millions of stars, with the largest once found in the Silver Galaxies. The Federation's territories amounted to 17,730,600 solar systems in total.

Great Realm of Xanthrus[edit | edit source]

-The Great Realm of Xanthrus-

Also known as the Great Realm of Xanthrus, it was the home of the Ravenrii and the dominant realm of the Federation as well as the largest, made up of some 10 million systems. Located in the Xanthra Quadrant, it was orbited by the satellite galaxies of Xanthra Major and Xanthra Minor, which only serve as cementing fround for the galaxy's place as a colonized kingpin. As it is the capital realm, it contains the capital and vice-capital of the Core Federation. The Great Realm is also the richest; containing the headquarters for the executive, judicial and legislative powers of the Federation, it is its seat of the government and residence of the monarchy. It is a large factor in modern Ravenrii culture, as their home realm and birthplace of their current society. The Great Realm of Xanthrus is by far the most powerful realm of the Ravenrii-it controls the other states, and besides being seating the institutions already stated, it is the home of the Federation's largest conglomerates and shipbuilders, the Great Five. They are the InterGalactic Bank of the Core, the Silver Ministry, Core Energies, CoreFleet Systems, and the Spectrum Design Collective.

Although the CorFed owns many realms, it is usually associated with the realm at Xanthrus, because it is the most massive of the Federation's states and its capital.

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Galactic Commonwealth Realms[edit | edit source]

The Federation's Galactic Commonwealth Realms were federated states administered by the Core Federation that were each led by a Viceroy, in contrast to the main Federation itself, which is led by the High Viceroy. The realms were set in galaxies other than Xanthrus and were considered full territories of the Federation. They usually numbered from 3,500 to 3 million colonies each.

Realm of Delpha[edit | edit source]

-Milky Way-

Secretly built while the Delpha Coalition of Planets and its allies were absorbed in the DCP's Civil War, the Commonwealth of Delpha was actually established against the consent of the DCP's leader, Emperor Wormulus II, who had previously prohibited their construction because he feared the massive expansion of the CorFed so close to his home system. He was right to distrust the new settlers: the Federation would later betray the DCP in order to end the war and immediately colonized 12,000 colonies just outside the Delpha Sector, expanding their influence in the Plazith Rim. The Commonwealth was average-sized and one of the most secure, carefully built to counter any DCP attacks. It was one of three CorFed Commonwealths in Milky Way Galaxy.

Realm of Jave'ruii[edit | edit source]

The Commmonwealth of Jave'ruii was one of the largest of the minor realms, set in the Jave'ruii Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, straddling the Jarquvix Federation's borders. Because of the CorFed's once-strong ties to the Jarquvix and the mineral wealth of its systems, the Commonwealth was one of the richest overall despite its size. Its production was propped up by thousands of modest shipyards and assembly lines that continually produced weapons and ships for the Commonwealth and its defense, not to mention serving as the base for several mining deals. It once housed one of the Ravenrii's Queen's largest vacational palaces, where she and her government resided when making State Visits to the neighboring Jarquvix and other civilizations around the Milky Way.

Realm of Cyrania[edit | edit source]


The smallest of all the Galactic Commonwealths, the Commonwealth of Cyrania was initially planned as a 12,000-system-colony in the inner reaches of the Cyrannus Galaxy, home of the Federation's allies, the United Republic of Cyrannus, then known as the CSA. However, the Republic nervously interrupted the colony's settlement out of fear of the Federation's expansion, and set the cap at a mere 3,500 systems. The Commonwealth was one of the most stable, benefitting from its close location at the galaxy's heart, and wealthy, as were most of the Ravenrii's territories during the CorFed's lifetime; it had close ties to the neighbouring Capricornian territories and was also one of the closest extragalactic territories to the capital galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral.

Realm of Giralia[edit | edit source]


Once one of the larger realms, the Commonwealth of Giralia was established in the galaxy of Graxea, where the CorFed's ancient allies, the Dubbya, resided. The galaxy was practically a satellite galaxy of the Galaxon Galaxy, where the Federation once held another, more massive, colony. The Giralian Commonwealth's extent, which was largely due to the Ravenrii's trading and dimplomatic alliances with the extinct Dubbya Trading Empire, was also due to the fact that they possessed extensive mining facilities in the galaxy focused on the extracion of precious metals, amoing them Trinium and Chronium, as well as the highly cherished and unstable Centrinium.

Realm of Tax'ta[edit | edit source]

One of the minor commonwealths, the Commonwealth of Tax'ta was the smallest and last-settled commonwealth in Milky Way Galaxy, set up in the boundaries of the Taxton Empire's domains in order to keep diplomatic relations flourishing. The Federation also set up various agriworlds in the Commonwealth, and the InterGalactic Bank of the Core, its bank, established many other droid facilities and important executive offices in planets within its reaches making it an important financial centre to mirror the similarly-oriented and now extinct Taxton Empire.

Realm of Xanthra Major[edit | edit source]

Xanthra Major

The second-largest of all of the Federation's extragalactic territories, the Commonwealth of Xanthra Prime dominated Xanthra Major, one of Xanthrus Spiral's satellites. The Commonwealth was the single largest state in the satellite galaxy and covered most of its stars, housing the production plants, shipyards, warehouses and offices various Ravenrii conglomerates. The territory also served a hidden purpose: shielding its mother galaxy's only entrance, the Last Gate of Xanthrus, from incoming threats. The realm grew rapidly ever since its establishment in the early the First Age, expelling the few native peoples that dotted the its inner regions in times long gone.

Realm of Xanthra Minor[edit | edit source]

-Xanthra Minor-

A moderate-sized commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Xanthra Minor once presided over the satellite galaxy of Xanthra Minor, set next to its sister, Xanthra Major. The Commonwealth served as a support for the Realm of Xanthra Prime, keeping the satellite galaxies in check: it housed important fortress planets and armories. It was first established after spies first reported that the Intergalactic Alliance of Independent Empires, an ancient anti-Ravenrii league, had settled there after being expulsed from the main galaxy.

Realm of Auruu[edit | edit source]

  • Location:Auruu Sector, Aurora Galaxy
  • Extent:12,000 systems

Established with the support of the Arnodian Empire in exchange for military support and arms trade of the CorFed, the Commonwealth of Auruu was built to accomodate a massive commonwealth with a general focus on mining the galaxy, as it was recently discovered that is possesses massive reserves of Trinium, Chronium ,and especially the extremely-coveted Centrinium, the most important minerals in the federation's domains. All of these materials were then shipped to Xanthrus Spiral for the contruction of the Last Gate of Xanthrus and further use by CorEn in later projects, as well as possible exportation.

Realm of Nimbion[edit | edit source]

Nimbus Galaxy.jpg

One of the major commonwealths, the Commonwealth of Nimbion is established in the Nimbus Galaxy, home of one of the Federation's allies, the Nimbus Kingdom. It is an administrative and culural centre, reflecting the nearby kingdom of the Archnimbus. The commonwealth is also an important centre of commerce and has many wealthy districts, though most of its entirety within its protective walls is devoted to the vast leisure homes of its Ravenrii inhabitants. The Commonwealth is one of those surrounding galactic centers, as the Archnimbus originally settled in the galaxy's western areas instead.

Realm of Phradox[edit | edit source]


The second-largest of the Core Federation's 25 "commonwealth" states, the Commonwealth of Phradox is named after its home galaxy, a massive military stronghold of the Federation's Grand Army. Second only to the Realm of Xanthra, Phradox is set in the core sectors of the galaxy, from where the Ravenrii control its entire expanse. The Commonwealth is one of the few to dominate an entire galaxy, which has no important Empires but the Federation, thus making it one of the CorFed's Silver Galaxies. Originally lifeless but apparently already known to the Ravenrii (Implying previous connections with their precedent civilizations), its inner expanse was ravenformed, much like teh center of Galaxon galaxy, into an idyllic setting for Raven colonies.

Realm of Galaxia[edit | edit source]


  • Location:Core sectors,
  • Extent:250,000 systems

The third-largest of all the Commonwealths, the 250-thousand Commonwealth of Galaxia presides over the vast central territories of the galaxy of Galaxon in the outer rim territories of the Gigaquadrant. It is a massive blanket of civilization, specializing in varied themes besides the shipyards and mining facilities that were once the main reason for its establishment. The commonwealth surrounds the galaxies Core Worlds sector, and is pertially surrounded by teh Jovar's territories in the galaxy. It has a variety of economic and social interests, as one of teh biggest of the Federation's assets and territories.

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