A Ravenrii Queen can only as strong as the people she leads.

- Empress Ramashe of the Rambo
Queen Myranda

Queen Alestra X of Centrus, Queen of the Obvia'Atra and Keeper of Heaven.

Alestra X of Centrus (Alestra Myranda Ester'riia Vastevra; born Fifth Moon est.150 mll yrs. ago), popularly known as Alestra the Fair is the reigning queen of the Ravenrii and the Federation of the Core Worlds. She is known for her beauty and solemnity and was crowned Queen Regnant over a hundred million years ago, after a heated debate when her predecesor Queen Eriiana XV abdicated. She is also known for her cold relationship with the Federation's High Viceroy, Kendron Vy'rii and is the tenth monarch of the Vastevra house named Alestra.

During her reign, the Federation and the Ravenrii emerged from billions of years of secclusion in their home galaxy, Xanthrus Spiral. They played an important part in intergalactic politics from then on, participating in several wars that culminated with the defeat of her race's worst enemies, the Xhodocto, in the current year. Her rule also saw the massive expansion of the Federation in the First Gigaquadrant, and the making of all other Ravenrii colonies outside the Gigaquadrant secret. Alestra was the first monarch in the First Gigaquadrant to participate in State Visits; before this, they had never been seen in the major nations.

Current InvolvementEdit

The Queen , who officially resides in planet Centrion, the Ravenrii throne world, approved the Treaty of Kendron and advised High Viceroy Vy'rii, leader of the Federation, to create alliances with other members of the intergalactic community at the beginning of her nation's expansion into the First Gigaquadrant. The Federation allied itself with most every nation in the Gigaquadrant, as diplomatic and economic ties grew expnentially. the beginning of the Warring Period in the current year saw most of her allies sink into widespread civil wars, and eventually the end of the War of the Ages.

Relationship with the AlliesEdit

Due to her love for State Visits, the Queen has visited the Goldem Imperium and the Rambo Nation in the galaxies of Lyan and Quadrant 82 repeatedly. several visits have also taken part in the Cyrannus Galaxy proper as she visited another of the Federation's greatest allies, the United Republic of Cyrannus. She is a personal friend of Empress Ramashe of the Rambo, and a regular consultant of Sultan Frond of the Goldems. During her first visit over five thousand years ago, which was mostly kept in secrecy, she established a mature alliance with the Goldem Imperium, and during the second in eons, a personal relationship with Empress Ramashe of the Rambo. following visits saw her meeting with the Capricornian government and the Sylit and Jovar leaders among others

A full list of her diplomatic visits can be found here

Reputation and Personal LifeEdit

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

- Alestra to unidentified Human

Seen continually as a ruthless, devious thinker, Her Majesty is renowned throughout her domains as a resourceful and rigid ruler. Known as Alestra the Fair because of her unshakeable belief in irrevocable justice, she is known as a hardened and dignified Ravenrii, exemplifying the values of the monarchy. Still, the Queen has a terrifying reputation among some nations because of her alternative image as a calculating being who will be charming when she needs to and dangerous when she does not. Despite this, she has been known to take her office as an extremely solemn matter, and somewhat taking her behaviour only as part of it; her likes and dislikes are as normal as any other of her kin, and the inter-species friends she has made show a true pleasantness beneath her act. Few races, among them Humans, have been known to spark the darker folds of her personality, and when so has happened retribution has been, in many cases, devastating. With everything from true charisma to terrifying mental games at her disposal her image has truly been one to arouse the curious.

Alestra spends most of her life attending to the affairs of the Federation, which leaves little time for her daughters and son. She has a very tight agenda, and it can be assumed that she is strongly interested in terrestrial cultures, for she likes to conduct State Visits and has done so numerably. She is an excellent politician and a formidable debater, possessing the pride and dignity that any Queen of her race must possess. She has several "Grand Palaces", massive homes that she uses to vacation, within the Federation's capital realm and all of its external territories, though the official seat of the monarchy is set in the palace world of Centrion. With formidable political influence over intergalactic affairs and a personal fortune of an estimated 92 sextillion Federation Coronas, she is considered of the wealthiest and most prominent women of the current era.

Personal ViewsEdit

I shall be waiting for you, Little Queen.

Then your destruction shall be my entertainment.

- Alestra to Anghazar Draguros

The Queen posseses an unveiled eternal hatred towards the Xhodocto, taking every measure available to destroy them and dedicating her life to foiling their master's plans. She has an uncommon liking for foreign food and enternainment, which few Ravenrii nowadays possess. despite this, her quarrelsome attitude towards her co-ruler, Kendron Vy'rii, stems from mere political and personal differences. Educated by the royalty at centrion as a girl while the Federation enjoyed prosperous times from Xanthrus, she has grown in a protected and luxurious environment for the whole of her life, despite thois growing into a hardened ruler and a dignified woman.Having a stern policy for courtesy, she is friends with several rulers of other species, famously among them Empress Ramashe of the Rambo Nation.

She has three daughters and a son; Crown Princess Illia, Princesses Scealla and Vallandra, and Prince Alençon. They were all born over twenty million years ago, are thus considered very young by their race's standards. However, in the case of the Queen's abdication or death, it is expected that Crown Princess Illia, the most prominent of her daughters, be crowned the next Queen of the Federation. She has already demonstrated formidable political talent and intelligence as well as flexibility, a trait her rigid mother lacks.

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