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I've hear they call it the 'Empire Where the Suns Never Set'.

I would say that is an accurate description.

- Empress Ramashe and Queen Alestra

The Federation of the Core Worlds owns millions of planets, yet most have never nor will ever figure in intergalactic history. Ravenrii worlds are commonly lush with vegetation and have white beaches and swirling turquoise-colored seas, caused by minerals in the planets' geological layers. All Ravenrii worlds have light atmospheres and are within the "T3" class, as they are the species' favoured living conditions. Despite their love of open, grassy worlds, some of the species' planets have been completely covered by sprawling cities, converting them into ecumenopoleis. In addition, most of the CorFed's worlds have a cold core, usually riddled with moving plasma which moves around their planets' rock layers. To meet these specific conditions, most Ravenrii worlds are "terraformed" and moved around in their systems to wherever they might want them placed, and usually fitted with massive orbital mirrors to put them into a perpetual state of daylight.

The following is a list of the Core Federation's most relevant worlds in the intergalactic community.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Because the Ravernii have been existent for billions of years, they have slowly developed a set of planetary preferences, from the color and climate of the land masses to the geological layers of their worlds to their climates and astrophysical positions. Typical Ravenrii worlds always have similar characteristics because of the Ravenrii's terraforming of each planet they settle, sometimes called "Ravenforming". After this terraforming is complete, all of their worlds have a perpetual warm season due to a perfectly circular orbit, very light atmospheres, lush land, turquoise or cyan oceans, a liquid plasma planetary core surrounding an inner solid chronium core, outer layers riddled with ever-moving plasma, no rain, a surface with around 50% water coverage, extensive plains, cyan or blue-colored atmospheres, and light magnetospheres, caused by the inner plasma within each world's geological layers. Another Ravenrii characteristic to settling is the installing of vast orbital mirrors around each planet that make day perpetual, as the Ravenrii hate darkness. Their hate of rain and shade also manifests itself in their preference for planets with light atmospheres and thus no rain.

Ravenrii civilization on each planet usually manifests as sprawling, silver cities built on each planet's plains, though planets that have been completely urbanized into ecumenopoleis typically have a golden glow and no green areas. the Ravenrii's terraforming can be used to flatten land surface, change the astrophysical position of a planet within its system, lighten its atmosphere, introduce or remove water, or freeze the planet's core and inject plasma into its geo-layers.

Ecumenopoleis[edit | edit source]

Concentron[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Planet:Concentron

the vice-capital of the Federation, Concentron shines as the Ravenrii's crown jewel in the center of the Xanthrus Spiral galaxy.

Vice-capital of the Federation, Concentron is a sprawling and flourishing world-city, often dubbed the Sun-World. The planet is also the Ravenrii's most populated, with over 12 trillion official residents. Concentron is located at the meeting-place of six different galactic trade hyperroutes and is found in the midst of the Core Worlds, making it by far one of the richest planets in the CorFed and the galaxy. Concentron has been populated of billions of years, once being a desolate and unpopulated planet in the capital system of the Grox Empire. When the Ravenrii took control of the Core Worlds, where the Empire was located, they made Concentron vice-capital and terraformed it into a typical Ravenrii world. However, by the end of the Great War of Xanthrus, the entire planet had been urbanized into a bustling metropolis, and weather and other planetary traits became dwarfed by the new metropolis, transforming Concentron's green fields into mountains of golden glass and steel. The planet is home to the University of Concentron, famous for having foreign staff, and the High Court of Concentron, the second chamber of the High Court of the Core.

Kuron Prime[edit | edit source]

the second-largest city in the entire Core Federation, Core World Kuros Prime gleams in a similar manner to planet Concentron in the Capitalus System.

Like Concentron, the city-planet of Kuron Prime is one of the Ravenrii's ecumenopoleis, of which there are approximately two dozen. However, unlike Concentron, Kuros is a chaotic, hectic ecumenopolis in the Core Worolds sector of the galaxy, in the middle of a trade hypperroute. The plant was once filled with lush fields and valleys, but was urbnized due to massive immigration in the Second Age.The planet is one massive, golden city, the second most-populated planet in the Ravenrii's dominions. However, it has a much thicker atmosphere than most Ravenrii worlds, with cloud layers similar to those of the Earth.

Kuron Prime's rare Industrial Sectors are the lowest places on-planet, which is mostly covered by golden skyscrapers.

The planet, like Concentron, is a hub of power, and houses the original headquarters of a private shipbuilder, Grotta Corporation, as well as being an important hub for the InterGalactic Bank of the Core. however, it has little political influence, represented by Delegate Hons Cathris in the High Court at Concentron. It is an important Ravenrii planet and host to large, yet clean, industrial sectors, one of the rarest sights within the Core Federation, as most of its industry is carried out in massive, orbiting shipyards.

Kanto[edit | edit source]

Another of the Ravenrii's golden planet-cities, Core World Kanto is set between Centrus and Concentron, and is one of the original capital of the Seven Minor Empires that existed before the creation of the CorFed itself. It is very technologically advanced and, in contrast to Coros Prime, one of the most developed ecumenopoleis in the galaxy, third only to Kuron Prime and Concentron itself. Its skyscrapers are so tall that they surpassed the planet's mesosphere. The ground is completely out of sight because of the continued building of builds upon bildings, leaving vast crevasses in between through which you could "fall for hours before you hit the floor", which is hundreds of miles below. The city , Candia City, is the source of one of Centrus's lakes' name, where its chamber of the High Court is housed. The planet is famous for its exlusive clubs and social venues, some of the most expensive in the galaxy. Kanto was completely spared from violence during the Riots of Centrus and other conflicts, which made stability and growth its primary traits.

Coros Prime[edit | edit source]

The flourishing ecumenopolis of Coros Prime.

The golden sprawls of Coros prime are still growing.

Core World Coros Prime is one of the least built-upon ecumenopoleis of the Federation, as its surface is still mostly visible among the buildings and its skyscrapers are found in clusters the size of countries throughout the planet. It was one of the original capitals of the Seven Minor Empires, located in the inner Core Worlds sector. The planet is currently experiencing a massive growth spurt, though it has been an ecumenopolis for millions of years. It is a center of trade and, unlike some other Core Worlds-politics, as many of the Federation's politicans are credited to have Coros Prime as their homeworld, including galactic legend Coros Carcus Airdone, whose first name was, as Ravenrii culture dictates, that of his planet. The planet is driven by galactic economics and politics, having little to no industrial or manufacturing sectors.

Massive maglev superlanes course throughout the whole planet, that despite being completely orbanized has a visible surface, albeit one covered by smooth permacrete. The world has, like Kuron Prime, a somewhat denser atmosphere that permits the formation of massive clouds, which sometimes rage throughout the city. Vast orbital mirrors make day perpetual on-planet, in a similar situation to other ecumenopoleis where the mile-high skyscrapers would normally block out the much-loved sunlight.

Galeanna[edit | edit source]

The beautiful world of Galeanna in the midst of the Violet Ghost Nebula.

Set in the outer Core Worlds sector of the galaxy, Core World Galeanna is one of the most beautiful ecumenopoleis in the Federation, surrounded by a rare nebula called the Violet Ghost. The cloud of space dust is one of the planet's most defining traits, which glitters as one of the Federation's most prized and was appropriately dubbed the galaxy's "Golden Pearl". Galeanna is a private, yet massively populated and leisurely ecumenopolis, contrasting with the hectic lifestyle led in other city-planets like Concentron and Coros Prime. The world receives much tourism and is an important Ravenrii planet, being an important entertainment and economy hub, which manifests itself in its exlusive residential towers that rival those of any other planet in the Core Federation and are home to only the richest of celebrities and highest politicians in the galaxy.

Important Worlds[edit | edit source]

Centrus[edit | edit source]

The cyan-colored oceans and green lands of Centrus are the source of the Ravenrii's terraforming inspiration.

Main Article:Planet:Centrus

Planet Centrus is the most important, if not influential, planet in the entire Core Federation. It is a sunny, lush world with rolling hills and sandy beaches, more than half its surface covered with water. It is highly advanced and settled, covered with extensive silver cities built in the Sylean style. Seat of government and capital of the Federation, Centrus has been populated for billions of years; it was first the capital of the most important Minor Empire, the Kingdom of Centrus. It has a long history, ranging from conflicts in the second age like the Royal Revolution and the Riots of Centrus to the installment of new regimes and the creation of just governments. It is mostly covered with wide-open, unspoiled fields and swirling turqoise oceans, with a light atmosphere and little cloud cover. The planet is protected from exploitation by laws passed in the First Age by the High Court of the Core, which have prevented the world from growing into an ecumenopolis like Concentron. Its open and clean cities house billions of Ravenrii, most of whom live underwater. Centrus is orbited by 15 vast mirrors like those of other Ravenrii planets, which make it stay in a perpetual state of day. The planet is the first from its sun, Capitalis, a position it was moved to in ancient times.

Cala[edit | edit source]

The important world of Cala is covered by a world-ocean, but despite this its seabeds are covered by underwater cities.

The massive shipyards of planet Cala in the Mid-rim territories surround the planet completely.

The ocean-world of Cala is actually a thriving industrial and manufacturing planet, its seabeds covered by massive production plants and underwater cities for the populace. In addition, it has some of the most important shipyards in the galaxy, which are so extensive that they form a complete halo around the planet. The shipyards, owned by CoreFleet, are a major source of ship production for the Federation's Grand Army.

The ocean-world is very heavily defended and isolated, set in the mid-rim territories of the Federation. Due to its position near the Core Worlds, it is considered a militarily strategic world along with its production facilities.

Kendron[edit | edit source]

Main Article:Planet:Kendron

The green planet of Kendron, home to teh Federation's High Viceroy.

A rich planet in the Core World sector of Xanthrus Spiral, Core World Kendron is a politically active and important planet, home to the Federation's current High Viceroy, kendron Sviadarnus Vy'rii. it is a lush green world, rising in economic and diplomatic status. It was the galactic headquarters of the Intergalactic Republic while the organization was active, and houses one of the many galactic embassies of the Universal Alliance of Nations. It is a financial and administrative center, with a largely active population and aunique trait; it is one of the very few remaining planets the universe that still preserve teh Ravenrii's oldest Architecture, Archlithic. The planet was the site of the drafting of the Treaty of Kendron

The beautiful world of Korytaze, also called Caritas among the Ravenrii


Korytaze[edit | edit source]

Core World Korytaze, also called Caritas, is a highly developed planet, displaying prime examples of Ravenrii society. It is a beautiful and lush world, though it is not widely populated and its seas and lands almost untouched. The capital, however, called Yrven City, covers the entire north pole of the planet. despite its low population, Korytaze is a popular world resort, with much of its exports and presence coming from the products of tourism. It is a warm and sunny planet, with light distributed around to create perpetual day by its 12 orbital mirrors. However, Korytaze is an unusual example of a Core World; it is mostly unexploited, despite having abundant natural and economic resources. Set in the Core Worlds sector, relatively close to the city-planet of Galeanna, Korytaze is still an important vote in the High Court.

Coalithia[edit | edit source]

The "Golden Egg", banking planet Coalithia.

The rich banking planet of Coalithia possesses the largest financial institutions in the federation.

Probably the single richest planet in the galaxy other than Centrus and Concentron, the banking world of Coalithia is a vast economic powerhouse, backing the reserves of the InterGalactic Bank of the Core since its founding in the Second Age. The bank is headquartered in Concentron but was actually founded on Coalithia, which is home to a wide variety of financial institutions and contains widespread capital, wealth that owns its origins to the planet's location at the center of three different trade routes.

Coalithia is an exceptionally wealthy world and a critical financial centre, containing vast reserves of varied and valuable minerals as well as a highly developed economic reputation. It occupies a central position in the Core Worlds, close to the politically important planet of Coros Prime. As such, it wields much importance in the High Court, though it has a neutral approach to politics. Its capital, Yranadan, is a banking hub and one of the richest places in the Gigaquadrant, fit for the wealthiest of business beings. The entire settlement is luxurious to the point of excess, nicknamed Crown City after the CorFed's valued currency. During its long history as one of the birthplaces of Ravenrii civilization, Coalithia has been bombarded twice and nearly destroyed during the Great War of Xanthrus, tipping the galaxy onto the brink of ruin. Coalithians are often called "more bankers than beings" due to their cold monetary reputation and history.

Centrion[edit | edit source]

The home of Ravenrii royalty, palace-planet Centrion.

Planet Centrion, located in the Centrion Prime system neighboring Capitalis, has been the home of the Federation's royalty for billions of years, beginning with the establishment of the monarchy itself in 43M, F.A., ending for the first time with its upthrowing in 92M, S.A., and staring again following its reinstating in 50M, FO.A. It could be called an ecumenopolis, but it is covered with one worldwide palace instead of a city; the magnificent Ta'riavna Palace, home of the Ravenrii nobility, extends all throughout the world. Most of it is quarters, palacettes and staterooms that are never used, and over half the planet is coevred by its extensive and beautiful Galactic Royal Gardens. The palace was burnt doewn durng the rovolution, but has since been rebuilt and been teh home of the royalty for a full billion years since its interruption.

Administrative planet Ire, in the Colonies region of the galaxy.

Ire[edit | edit source]

Much like its fellow banking Core World, Coalithia, planet Ire is a major financial centre and an economic powerhouse. Unlike its Core World counterpart, however, Ire is located in the Colonies region of the galaxy, at the base of one of the galaxy's six largest trade hyperroutes. Ire is a planet rich in minerals, and houses the headquarters of two vast Ravenrii megacorporations; the pharmaceutical and bioengineering Grotta Corporation and giant commodities conglomerate, Kabia Corporation. Both Ire and Coalithia are the financial backers of the Federation's economy, though Ire is much less influential. It specializes in administrative and financial exchannges, instead of only banking like Coalithia. the planet is unexploited, with a swirling ocean covering two thirds of the planet and a light cloud cover.

Chae'la[edit | edit source]

Calm Ravenrii planet Chae'la.

The ancient architecture of pleasure planet Reanii.

The calm planet of Chae'la is a politically neutral, average Ravenrii planet. Located in the Colonies region of the galaxy, it is famous for its unspoiled beaches, which are the sites of most of its cities; it is a similar world to planet reanii, though it is modern and arcitecturaly advanced. Chea'la is a former centre of government and bureaucratic activity, which ceased after it staged a small uprising, the Silver Revolution, in the Second Age. the revolution was not enough to dismantle any government but the planet itself's, but motivated then-High Viceroy Carcus Airdone to enlarge the High Court pff the Core into two 5,000-senator chambers. Today the world is mostly neutral and easygoing, as its revoutionary movements were stopped almost immediately after its trouble in the past.

Reanii[edit | edit source]

Backwater planet Reanii.

Reanii is an ancient Ravenrii planet and one of the last to house the rapidly disappearing Archlithic architecture, which has remained standing and in good condition on the planet since its settlement in the First Age. Reanii is a calm world, and considered a pleasure planet by most of its surrounding systems' planets. It is in slow orbit around a dying star, Rian Prime, located in the Colonies region of teh galaxy. Famous for its paradisiacal nature, the world's cities are mostly set in shallow, pleasant bays. The planet is teh ancestral home of one of teh Seven Minor Empires' royalty, despite not being a capital of any Minor Empire itself.

Khiana[edit | edit source]

Manufacturing and energy planet Khiana's almost waterless surface.

One of the Ravenrii's many forest worlds, planet Khiana ine the Colonies region is an important manufacturing planet; despite having an unspoiled, almost waterless surface, the planet has a complete halo of important CoreFleet shipyards orbiting its atmosphere. Khiana's core, like all Ravenrii worlds, has a liquid plasma core, though because the planet has an immense size its core is also significantly larger than most and serves to supply the many power processing plants and factories of energy megacorporation CorEn, most of which are underwater to preserve the planet's utopian surface. It has a mild temperature and weather, with most of its water underground as well and a forest-covered surface.

Kiria[edit | edit source]

Planet Kiria is a hub of bureaucracy and debate.

Planet Kiria is a fast-pace place of politics, located in a central reagion of the Prathus Arm. It is the perfect example of Ravenrii colony; utopian in nature and outlook, it is a rich world of swift political and economic change. Extensive silver cities, much like Centrus's cover most of the planet, but it remains green and unspoiled. It is an important vote in the High Court because the delegate from Kiria, whoever he is, usually heads several political factions in the Colonies region of the galaxy, and so the planet has a largely extensive political scene as well. It is a famous world, atracting as much tourism as workers, and hjouses the headquarters of food giant Ra-VeCo.. The planet's cities are mostly modern and built in the futuristic Sylvean Architecture, despite its early settlement in teh Second Age. It remains largely active in the Federation's legislature and government, also holding several large bureaucratic complexes and landmarks in honor of the Federation's leaders.

Cartia[edit | edit source]

The modern, rich planet of Cartia is an ideal purse-world.

Core World Cartia

Core World Cartia, near the rim of the Core Worlds sector of the galaxy, is a rapidly developing core world, though it has been seat of Ravenrii civilization for billions of years. The large planet is a first-class world and an exemplary Ravenrii planet, complete with a stable and thriving government, economy and society. Around half its surface is covered by shallow water; most of its cities are port megalopolises, leaving its jungle-covered plains to the planet's flora and fauna and making its reef-filled beaches the site of many new, modern cities. Cartia is an important economic asset to the Federation, called one of its purse-worlds, or administrative financial centres, and sometimes serves as a diplomatic representative or host during foreign state visits. Linked to nearby Tiar for millenia, it is a valuable political flag and a magnet for peaceful peoples.

Gialagon[edit | edit source]

An ancient, regal planet where several of the Federation's noble families, among them the prominent House of Vallandra, hold residence, planet Gialagon in the Colonies is a centre of government and gentry, famous for its archaic style-built cities that spiral throughout the green spehere. A planet with the typical climate of the Ravenrii, Gialagon was the birthplace of Crown princess rincess Illia of Gialagon, who grew up amongst its twisted mazes of intrigue. The Palace of I'ggia rests atop one of the planet's rocky outcroppings, now home to stewards that impose the word of their monarch in the system's domains.

Tiar[edit | edit source]

Trade kingpin Tiar.

Occupying what is arguably one of the most valuable spots of galactic real estate, Core World Tiar sits at the crossing of four of the galaxy's six major hypperroutes, steeping its merchant families in unimaginable riches. The planet is to raw galactic trade what Coalithia is to finance, and despite the fact that it is the former whose riches are depended on by countless nations in the celestial body, it is often Tiar whom they'd rather send goods to. The planet is, however, not a full ecunmenopoleis, criss-crossed instead by immense swaths of gleaming urbanization. Tiar was originally governed by a long-dead race of aliens who headed a republic led by powerful merchant families, which was assimilated into the Federation's conquests during its periods of expansion. The planet was then ravenformed into an idyllic globe, and used as a mapping point during the establishment of the galaxy's official hyperroutes. The resulting boost in trade once they were finished led to the establishment of Tiar as stronghold for the shipping of goods throughout the galaxy; eons of peaceful prosperity only led Tiar to establish itself further as a commercial kingpin.

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