For as long as the Forests of Xevez bloom/ And the ground stands firm beneath our feet/ And no star cries in the skies beyond/ And the shadows lurk and bright lights gleam/ For as long as a pillar in Centrus rules? For as long as the roots of our trees hold on/ And the skies darken when the sun creeps away/ No fear shall ever dawn in us/ And the Raven throne shall have a Queen.

- Popular Ravenrii poem

Ta'riavna palace, official residence of the Queen of the Federation.

The Monarchy of the Core Federation, referred to as the Raven Crown is a long-standing institution of Ravenrii civilization, comprised of the Federation's ruling monarch, her immediate family and the noble houses from which the monarch is chosen. The CorFed is a federated monarchy: the Queen Regnant (as Ravenrii think that a King is not worthy of ruling), sovereign of the Ravenrii, is elected by 25 Viceroys, each of whom rules over one of the Federation's state's, to serve for a life term. If a Queen should abdicate the throne or be impeached, a new Queen would be selected from one of the Ravenrii's Five Royal Families, though the family of the past Queen is usually favoured. The Queen is the absolute ruler of all Ravenrii, and has a large symbolic and physical role in Ravenrii society: she is thought to be the purest Ravenrii, making them the closest of their species to their master, Kkia'Sihm.

Place of Residence[edit | edit source]

The official residence of the Federation's royalty is Ta'riavna Palace, a vast planetwide complex that covers the green plains of planet Certion Major, a close to the capital. The palace extends many thousands of square miles, covering The Jade, a large archipelago that makes up almost the entirety of the planet's landmass. It contains the residences of the Ravenrii's 5 royal families; the staterooms of the Queen; five Minor Throne chambers for each family, the imposing Great Throne Room; formal meeting rooms; entertainment rooms; the staterooms of each of the Federation's princes and princesses;Crown Cathedral, a massive cathedral where the ancient coronations of new Queens once took place; and six "Great Towers", each of which is a separate palace with courtyards and terraces. Its a heavily-guarded world built in the Archlithic style, the oldest form of Ravenrii architecture. Though the Queen and the royal families are known to have many hundreds of other residences, none is nearly as imposing as Ta'riavna.

Royal Position and Customs[edit | edit source]

The Queen of the Federation, addressed as Her Supreme Majesty, Grace and Envoy of Heaven and by Heaven, Ruler of the Ravenrii, Lady of the Commonwealth Realms, Queen [...] of the Core Federation, is the highest position in the CorFed, and effectively, in the Ravenrii galaxies. Being elected Queen is the highest honour possible, and a Queen is always carefully selected and groomed before being crowned at Ta'riavna. The Federation's monarch is always female; since the Royal Resinstitution in 50M, FO.A., when the monarchy was reinstated in Ravenrii society, Kings have never been allowed to rule on their own, giving the Queen's husband the title of King Consort. The Queen might have several King Consorts at one time, in order to keep the her family with heirs. A Queen with a single marriage is unusual, but not unheard of.

The Federation is officially a federate monarchy, which means that the Queen is elected by the 26 heads of state of the Federation's 26 states. 25 are Viceroys, who rule over the extragalactic territories of the Federation; the last is the High Viceroy, highe rinr ank because he rules the High Viceroyalty, the Ravenrii realm in Xanthrus Spiral. The 25 Viceroys are elected, as is the High Viceroy, and after a Queen dies, abdicates, or is impeached, and they subsequently elect a new Queen from one of the noble families. The Queen has almost unlimited power within the Federation, but shares this power with her co-ruler, the High Viceroy.

Noble Ranks and Titles[edit | edit source]

Within the royalty's hierarchy the most important aristocrats are those that belong in the ruling family of the reigning Queen, and though females are usually to be found in the most powerful positions the treatment to both sexes is equal. The highest are, by far, the regnant queens or kings, followed by their close relatives by birth (i.e. sons, daughters). Their spouses do not achieve as high ranking a position as the monarch, since rulers have many partners throughout their reign and marriage is inexistent in Ravenrii society; they are titled Consorts in addition to any other title they may have. The following high-ranking noblewo/men are the Crown Princes and Princesses, heirs apparent to the throne and the youngest children of the reigning monarch; followed by the their siblings, titled Princes and Princesses; Lords and Ladies; and finally the Dukes and Duchesses and Counts and Countessess, who may eithe rreside at Ta'riavna or in the planet(s) they claim loyalty from. The next ranks are of lower importance and considered the lower branches of the noble houses.

Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

Upper Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  • Queen/King
  • Crown Prince/Crown Princess
  • Prince/Princess
  • Lord/Lady
  • High Duke/High Duchess (Dame)

Lower Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  • Duke/Duchess
  • Count/Countess
  • Earl/Countess

History[edit | edit source]

The current system of

The Royal Families[edit | edit source]

The Red Atrium, a one of the receiving halls of the Palace of Ta'riavna.

There are 5 royal families wthin the Federation, each called a "house". The five houses originated since before the Federation, as each controlled one or two of the 'Seven Minor Empires, the small satrapies that came to gether to form the modern-day Core Federation billions of years ago. The modern Five Houses were restored to power during the Royal Restoration three billion years ago, after a coup dissolved the monarchy and outlawed the nobility's titles. The sons and daughters of the Queen are deemed to be of a certain house depending on the house of her father, not her mother. While almost all Ravenrii are physically the same, members of the royal lines have slightly characteristic traits, such as turquoise skin instead of darker blues, as well as severely lower birth rates.

The five houses of the Federation are;

  • Royal House of Varlionnon- The largest Royal House, and one of the most influential, the House of Varlionnon is derived from the first Ravenrii King and Queen (Kings were no longer accepted five millennia afterwards); thus, it is one of the most important bloodlines. The Varlionnon nobles are currently the owners of the InterGalactic Bank of the Core, one of the largest banks in the universe.
  • Royal House of Vastevra- The second most-important Royal House, the House of Vastevra originated from the sons of King Varlionnon. Most of the Viceroys today are actually of House Vastevra, as well as the current Queen, Queen Alestra X of Centrus.
  • Royal House of Hagratia- A small house that owned only one of the Seven Minor Empires, the Empire of Corusca. The house is one of the less relevant, and the smallest. One of the current King consorts of the current Queen, Alestra, is of the house Hagratia, father of Princess Myranda, Alestra's first daughter.
  • Royal House of Rantaris- The royal house of Rantaris is one of the more prominent royal houses, owning several modern industries, among them Grotta Corporation and Core Energies. however, they are stil smaller than the Vastevra and Varlionnon houses.
  • Royal House of Canthus- A moderate-sized house centered around Xanthrus Spiral, the house of Canthus mostly ventures only within the galaxy, and mantains a low profile. The members of the house are famous for producing beautiful, female Ravenrii, making them one of the most sought-after houses within the royal circle.
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