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The following is a list of diplomatic state visits carried out by various leaders and representatives of the Core Federation to its allies and neighbours, ordered chronologically. On most of the visits, a 200-ship escort guard accompanied the visiting head(s) of state.

State Visit to the Goldem ImperiumEdit

Visited Empire:The Goldem Imperium
Visiting Head(s) of State:High Viceroy Vy'rii and Queen Alestra of Centrus
Visited Planet(s):Jems, capital of the Empire.
Reason: Establishing Trade and Relationship Ties
Notes: The Queen was accompained by the High Viceroy to set up closer personal ties with Sultan Frond III, head of state of the Goldem Imperium. The Goldems consequently became some of the largest donnors to the Federation's investments.

First State Visit to the Rambo NationEdit

Visited Empire:The Rambo Nation
Visiting Head(s) of State:Queen Alestra of Centrus
Visited Planet(s):Capitol Rambo, Pelman, Pauvenris.
Reason: Establishing Personal Ties to Empress Ramashe; Trade and Security Interests.
Notes: The Queen travelled to know the Rambo's planets personally and establish a closer personal relationship with Empress Ramashe. However, the Visit was famously interrupted due to the Imperial Alliance's warfare with the Rambo, leading to the Queen's evacuation, as well as a well-publicized attempt on the High Viceroy's life by alleged followers of the Church of Spode, which unleashed violent civil unrest in Xanthrus.

First State Visit from the Rambo NationEdit

Visited Empire:The Core Federation
Visiting Head(s) of State:Empress Ramashe of the Rambo and Princess Ramtilsae.
Visited Planet(s):Centrus, Czang, Contron.
Reason:Personal Interests with Queen Alestra of Centrus, Colonization Interests.
Note: The Empress went on a personal and private visit to friend and peer, Queen Alestra of Centrus, in which she only visited the Federation's home system and neighboring systems as private recreation, accompanied by her niece, Princess Ramstilae.

First State Visit to the Capricorn Sector AllianceEdit

Visited Empire:The Capricorn Sector Alliance
Visiting Head(s) of State:High Viceroy Vy'rii, and Queen Alestra of Centrus.
Visited Planet(s):Capricus, The Twelve Colonies of Capricorn.
Reason: Establishing Personal Ties to President Apollo; Trade and Security Interests.
Note:The Queen and Viceroy planned a royal tour of the Twelve Colonies of Capricorn to congratulate the newly elected President and his government: a huge parade was performed in Capricus City, much to the queen's amusement. She then proceeded to visit the rest of the Twelve Colonies to learn more about the CSA's culture and history.
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