This article highlights the most important events of teh Coore Federation and Ravenrii's history, as well as its recording aspects and characteristics. A timeline can be found here.The History of the Core Federation is based around the time-measuring system in Xanthrus Spiral; years are counted since the The Awakening of the Ravenrii on planet Centrus after a billion-year-lasting loss of counsciousness that is believed to have been caused by "the Darkness". History before that is only recorded in the Book of the Eons, which was written before the mass loss of counsciousness, known as "The Darkening".

Every set of one billion years is called an "Age"; according to Ravenrii History, it is curently the Fifth Age, with only five years remaining until the next Age. Dates are usually recorded with an "M" after a six-digit-maximum written number, to signify a million years, and the two initials of the current Age after that. For example, the year 330.1M, F.A. translates as the year 330,100,000 of the First Age, or simply 1,330,100,000. Ages are commonly awarded names depending on the most important aspects or happenings of the Age: for example, the Second Age is called "The Age of Revolutions" because it was a churning, revolutionary period of time.

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Age Abbreviations[edit | edit source]

  • F.A.-First Age, "The Age of Enlightening"
  • S.A.-Second Age, "The Age of Revolutions"
  • T.A.-Third Age, "The Age of War"
  • FO.A.-Fourth Age, "The Age of Peace"
  • FI.A.-Fifth Age, "The Age of Expansion"

History[edit | edit source]

The Core Federation's history spans five billion years of civilization, 4,300 of which happened before the formal creation of the Federation itself; instead, seven Minor Empires ruled over the Ravenrii, newly-awakened beings in a strange galaxy after a billion-year period of suspended animation.

First Age (F.A.)[edit | edit source]

Second Age (S.A.)[edit | edit source]

Third Age (T.A.)[edit | edit source]

Fourth Age (FO.A.)[edit | edit source]

Fifth Age (FI.A)[edit | edit source]

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