The success of all requires the work of all and the sacrifice of few. Of the few sacrificed, we are those who give our lives in the name of civilization.

- High Viceroy Carcus Aiirdone, historical legend of the Federation

The Supreme Viceroy of the High Counsel of the Federation, commonly known simply as the High Viceroy, is the co-head of state of the Federation of the Core Worlds. According to it's constitution, the High Viceroy is also its head of government and Prime Minister of its bureaucracy, de jure leader of the military's Council of the Three and advisor and administrator of the Federation's Great Realm at Xanthrus Spiral. The current High Viceroy is Kendron Vy'rii.

High Viceroys are the political leaders of the federation and the Ravenrii themselves, possesing equal power than the Federation's Queen and excercising more in daily matters. Unlike the leaders of the monarchy, High Viceroys tend to all general affairs of the nation, including foreign relations. One elected they may serve for unlimited terms, though most Ravenrii eventually choose retirement. High Viceroys also head the Federation's High Counsel, made up of twenty-five Viceroys and himself. In the Old Order, the Counsel was made up of Queens and Kings and their counselors.

Functions and Powers[edit | edit source]

The High Viceroy is the highest political leader of the Federation, head of its extensive bureaucracy, advisor of its military leaders, and co-ruler along with the reigning Queen. The position has been filled by both male and female Obvia'Atra throughout the ages; females are called Vicereines. In the old ages of the Federation, the position of Viceroy ranked lower than the reigning monarch, but after the Civil Wars of Xanthrus the royalty was overthrown and never quite restored to its full power. The Viceroy has the power to call special sessions of the Federation's Courts and has substantial de facto power over them, administrating the general bureaucracy as well. He does not have the power to veto or impose laws and cannot act against the wishes of the monarch, but carries enough influence to carry out his personal view in most areas. The disposition of a High Viceroy can, thus, drastically affect the character of the CorFed itself.

One of the most prominent High Viceroys in history was Carcus Aiirdone, who, despite the fact that the position of High Viceroy is completely Raven-made and has no connection to their True Nature, managed to reunite the minds of the Ravenrii into the hive mind shattered during the Ghandoran Plague outbreak in 36M, F.A.

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