Make no mistake, this Court will hunt you, this court will prosecute you, this court will sentence you, and I assure you that that our sentence shall be served. No one evades the High Court of the Core. Our word is law.

- House Speaker Janus K'ris'ta

The official seal of the High Court of the Core.

The High Court of the Core, also referred to as the Great Court or the Congress of the Core, is the judicial and legislative branches of the Core Federation. The High Court is a bicameral congress that has two Chambers, each of which is composed of its speaker and moderator, the Speaker of the House; and over five-thousand delegates, also called senators, each of whom represents one of the Federation's sectors in its main realm at Xanthrus Spiral, which in turn administrates the other realms. The Court's main duties are to create and review laws, moderate trade and intergalactic issues related to the Federation, judge and interpret laws during hearings on the most important federation-related criminal cases, and relay orders to the Court of the Core, lower courts found in all of the CorFed's worlds.


The bicameral High Court is led by its two speakers, called the Speakers of the House, both of whom relay the court's decisions to the High Viceroy of the Federation. Although the Court elects (and removes) its speakers freely and elects a new High Viceroy after he/she is killed or removed from office, it has no executive powers, which all correspond to the High Viceroy and the 25 Viceroys of the Federation, as well as (in smaller amount) to the Queen of the Federation. The Court is composed of 10,000 Delegates in total, 5,000 in each of the court's two equally-important chambers (see below).

The Court is bicameral: there are officially two chambers, called the High Court of Centrus and the High Court of Concentron, held in two planets; Centrus and Concentron. However, when called the High Court of the Core, or simply The Courts, it refers to both chambers together. the chambers are mirrored: each has 5,000 delegates and is lead by a Speaker of the House, and each is equally important-when an issue is voted on, the two chambers of the High Court vote in unison. The high number of congressmen in each chamber dissuades judicial or legislative supermajority, and each of the Main Realm's 5,000 sectors has to have two representatives: one Delegate for each chamber.

Sessions and ConvocationsEdit

Order, delegates, order!

Order? In the Ravenrii's courts there is no order. Only politics.

- High Viceroy Kendron Vy'rii and Senator Gandra Yrid
Centrus City-3

The High Court Tower on planet Centrus, one of the two towers where the Court communes to vote and debate.

The High Court's two chambers act exactly the same and meet regularly every day, holding two five-hour sessions daily. Regular sessions consist of a complete gathering of the Speaker of the House and the chamber's 5,000 delegates in the massive Court Arena, a gigantic, sunken arena-like chamber in the center of both High Court Towers, the headquarters of the Courts, their staff, and corresponding politicians. The sessions consist of several hours of debate and discussion concerning the Federation's interior legislative and judicial matters, such as interplanetary trade and security; and exterior issues, such as extragalactic diplomatic relations, intergalactic wars, and CorFed action regarding them. The session's topic constantly changes, as the highest-profile criminal cases ( such as treason by a Delegate or High Viceroy) are also brought to the High Court for judging. As the legislative and judicial body of the Federation, it is the Court's duties to both interpret laws and write new ones, enforce the following of their legislation within the CorFed's borders, and evaluate and even reform or amend laws in the Constitution. In a typical session in which a new reform is brought to the Court, the following steps are taken; first, the proposing delegate must present the law's case to the rest of the High Court; afterwards, the Delegates vote on what should be done about it, and vote on whether to make it official legislation or reject it. In the case of a trial or hearing held in the Court (as it is also the judicial body of the federation, and thus must interpret its laws), the accused's case is presented by the Speaker, and the Court votes on a sanction based on the criminal's offences: in the case of his being found guilty, he is convicted by the Court and then processed according to his sentence.

Representing their home sectors, the Delegates ideally represent the views of the planets and populace in their respective sectors, and thus have must act accordingly. Each Delegate serves for a five-hundred-year term, after which s/he is relieved of his/her position and 5,000 new Ravenrii are elected by their sectors to represent them for the new term. Both male and female Ravenrii can serve as Delegates. In order to pass legislation, both chambers-the one in Concentron and the one in Centrus, have to have a concurrent majority on the same view-for example, if the Court on Centrus wishes to review a law, both chambers hold a vote, and both have to have a majority of agreeing delegates to review the law. Though the Court has supreme judicial and legislative authority, it cannot execute its verdicts without the support of the Federation's executive powers (the Viceroys, High Viceroy and Queen), which undermines the Court and makes the executive leaders the true leaders of the Federation itself.

The sessions, also called convocations, are held in the Court Arena, a very deep, pit-like circular chamber where every one of the Delegates sits within his or her own Delegational Pod along with five Aides, and if he or she wishes to adress the High Court, the Speaker of the House must grant him permission; once the delegate in question has authorization, he would walk towards the center of the Arena and adress the court as a whole; once the delegate is finished, the court votes on whether to reject or pass, for example, the law proposed. The congressmen are also be free to debate and discuss amongst themselves, and have been known to be extremely loud and disorderly, until the Speaker is force to demand Order to stop the racous debating of thousands of Ravenrii. Despite being disordely when aroused, the Court is normally efficient, and has remained standing almost unchanged since the birth of the federation and the signing of its first Constitution.

High Court Tower and Court ArenaEdit

The High Court's two chambers' sessions are held in two vast buildings, one on planet Centrus and another on Concentron, each called the High Court Tower [of Centrus/Concentron]. The towers are thousands of meters tall-the High Court Tower of Centtrus is built in the middle of Lake Candia, a small lake in the middle of Centrus's capital city. meanwhile, the High Court Tower of Concentron is a massive, towering edifice found in the governmental district of the ecumenopolis planet. However, despite being on two very different locations, both contain an identical High Court Arena within them, where one of the Court's houses communes for daily debate and extraordinary sessions. The Arena chambers resemble massive, open and deep oval stadiums, where the 5,000 Delegates can sit comfortably along with their aides and staff, each in his own Delegational Pod, which resembles a silver balcony set in the direction of the Speaker's Podium, a bigger, floating pod in the center of the Arena.

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