It is the duty of our government to mantain the stability of our society, and that includes every method available. Allowing constant talk of foreign ideas and wars within our walls would throw our citizens into a state of panic. Our economy would be ruined. Our peaceful way of life, our traditions would disappear. In silencing foreign concepts, the Federation remains a peaceful, orderly utopia-the last one in the universe.

- High Viceroy Kendron Vy'rii on the Ravenrii government's control over the populace
Ministry emblem
Legislative Branch High Court of the Core
Judicial Branch High Court of the Core
Executive Branch High Viceroy of the Federation, Queen of the Federation, Viceroys of State
Powers Complete national control, economic and social monopolies, official diplomatic authority, military and security authority

The Core Federation is a Federate Monarchy: Viceroys elect a Queen from the royal family to serve for life, as each Viceroy leads of the Federation's 25 constitutive states. The government is known as the Silver Ministry, which is divided into two smaller ministries: the High Ministry, which includes the Federation's higest bureaucratic departments, such as the Courts of the Core and the Federation's leaders; and the General Ministry, which is composed of the 9 remaining governmental departments. This system of government is applied in all of the Federation's territories, each of which is overseen by a Viceroy that obeys the High Viceroy in Xanthrus Spiral, the Federation's home galaxy.

Heads of State: Queen of the Federation, High Viceroy
Government System: Federate Monarchy

High MinistryEdit

Every bureaucracy is an example of inefficiency.

Not ours.

- Former President Fleur Inviere and High Viceroy Vy'rii

The High Ministry of the Core Federation is the upper level of the Silver Ministry's bureaucratic hierarchy, which includes the Federation's legislative/judicial bodies, the High Court of the Core and the regional -level Court of the Core. It also includes the Federation's 25 Viceroys and its High Viceroy, as well as the Federation's Queen, who constitute its executive branch.

High Court of the CoreEdit

Centrus City-3

The massive headquarters of the High Court of the Core in planet Centrus are the center of the highest bureaucratic action in the entire Federation and in Xanthrus.

The court acts as both the judicial and legislative branches of the Federation, passing and reviewing legislation, regulating military, economic and colonial activities in Federation systems. The Court’s decisions are considered absolute, and no other organization has the authority to challenge them, except for the Federation's High Viceroy and Queen herself. However, they alone cannot overrule legislative or judicial decrees approved by the Court. The HCC is made up of 2 chambers of 5,000 Delegates each, called so because each represents one sector of the Federation, each of which is several thousands of systems strong and is known as a Delegation. The high number of delegates discourages supermajority, though it is usually delegates from the Core Worlds that have de facto influence in decision-making. The High Ministry also includes the executive leaders of the Federation: 25 Viceroys of the federation, who each rule a different state; the Queen of The Federation, and the High Viceroy himself. These last executives are commonly found administering their own concerns, and (aside from the High Viceroy), arerly, if ever, attend courtly sessions. Whenever the Queen is found on-planet, court congregations are set aside in favour of royal visits to its chambers.

Court of the CoreEdit

A regional court installed in every city of the Colonies and the Core Worlds, the Court of the Core is administered by 30 delegates, representatives of the world to which the particular court belongs, and 3 high judges; they control the following of the High Court’s laws and ensure that any law proposed by the delegation follows regulations within the member planet. They also relay any major propositions back to the High Court if a decision there is needed. This is only necessary when the proposition envisions major changes in the Federation's legislation or actions (such as a proposition of trade ceasing with another Empire or a War Declaration). Usually, however, the Court just ensures that the High Court’s orders are being followed on the planet, and manages planetary trade, trade route security and planetary issues such as production and maintenance.

Political LeadersEdit

The High Ministry includes the various executive leaders of the Federation: 25 Viceroys, each of which rules of the Federation's 25 states; and the Federation's High Viceroy, who oversees the Viceroys and acts as political leader of the Federation itself. The High Viceroy shares power with the Queen (who has slightly less political clout); she is chosen every thousand years by 2 of the Viceroys: the High Viceroy, who rules the Great realm of Xanthrus, and the Viceroy of Xanthra, who rules the Federation's closest extragactic territory, the Commonwealth of Xanthra. Though both leaders are very important, it is the High Viceroy who has the most power, as the Queen is almost a mere figurehead.

General MinistryEdit

The General Ministry is the rest of the bureaucratic sectors in the Ravenrii's government other than the courts and the Federation's leaders. They are divided into 9 departments, themselves known as specific ministries, which handle specific affairs of the Federation.

Centrus City-1

The headquarters of the General Ministry, the Ministerial Concourse, in planet Centrus of the Core Federation.

Office of the High ViceroyEdit

The Office of the High Viceroy is a secretariat in charge of the Federation's High Viceroy's public relations, foreign relations, correspondence, planning of public events, State Visits relaying of orders and propositions from the High Viceroy to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, informing the High Viceroy of the other ministries' output and correspondence. The Office currently serves under High Viceroy Vy'rii.

Current Leader: Chief of Staff of the Viceroy's Office, Haryiiun Sescee

Ministry of the InteriorEdit

The Ministry of the Interior audits the other government departments and is responsible for matters of national and galactic security, policing and immigration. Its prime interest is the handling of all matters concerning the interests and well-being of the Federation as a whole, including those of all its colonies, the keeping of state secrets and the following of orders brought from the Office of the High Viceroy and the Ministry of the Crown. In addition, in the case of the High Viceroy's death or impeachment, the Minister of the Interior assumes the place of High Viceroy.

Current Leader: Minister of the Interior, Se'rion Viak

Ministry of DefenceEdit

The Ministry of Defence is in charge of acting against and reviewing threats to national security, the financing and management of the Grand Army of the Federation, the development of new weapons and research for purposes of national defense and military strength, the planning of contingency and battle plans, the safekeeping of national security and stability and the defense of the Core Federation and its interests in times of peace.

Current Leader: Minister of Defence, Var'rrland Sri'Vii

Ministry of Trade and FinanceEdit

The Ministry of Trade and Finance is in charge of enhancing, promoting and facilitating commercial exchange within the Core Federation, stimulating the Federation's economy, managing state funds and the national treasury, the gathering of tariffs and taxes, the safekeeping of intergalactic trade routes, and the security of trade cargo around the Federation. It is also (reportedly), in charge of keeping the heads of the galaxy's trading groups within the Ministry's control.

Current Leader: Minister of Finance, Tagh S'ki N'verri

Ministry of Education, Health and WelfareEdit

The Ministry of Education, Health and Welfare is in charge of providing the Federation's citizens with proper healthcare and education, keeping track of health trends and declines, controlling and sealing off epidemics and pandemics, and providing basic and specialized education to all nationalized Federation beings, primarily the Ravenrii but including nationalized foreigners as well.

Current Leader: Minister of Public Welfare, Kariom Scethra

Ministry of Science and TechnologyEdit

The Ministry of Science and Technology is in charge of funding research and experimental organnizations owned by the Federation, primarily the Spectrum Design Collective, whose Head is also Minister of Science and Technology. It is also in charge of promoting and coordinating interaction between industry and trade, centers of research amd education and establishing research policies to further involve the scientific communities with the public.

Current Leader: Minister of Science and Technology, Regnea Vera

Ministry of Culture and Religious AffairsEdit

The Ministry of Culture and Religion is charged with the designation and upkeep of heritage sites in the Federation, the preservation of historical artifacts and cultural traits, the funding of multiple museums and institutions, the spreading of Ravenrii culture, the recording of Ravenrii and other species' cultures and religions, and participation in the creation of culture-related campaigns.

Current Leader: Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs, Wantio'vra Esttean

Ministry of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the third highest Ministry in the Federation, as it manages the Federation's relationships with the foreign policies of sovereign states-it classifies amiable and dangerous nations, declares war or alliegance to said Empires, sends and commends envoys and ambassadors to said states, and is in charge of supervising and sending diplomatic missions to said countries, as well as being the Federation's representatives in the intergalactic community. In addition, it is in charge of managing extra-galactic colonial matters.

Current Leader: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kariom Scethra

Ministry of the CrownEdit

Much like the Office of the High Viceroy, the Ministry of the Crown is in charge of the Federation's Queen's relations, planning her State Visits, publishing her royal decrees and declarations, and managing her relationship with the High Viceroy and the rest of the government. The office is somewhat out of the usual Ministry hierarchy, as it only responds to the Office of the High Viceroy and not the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The office currently serves under Queen Regnant Alestra the Tenth of Centrus.

Current Leader: Minister of the Crown, Ka'Stella Raia
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