No one could argue that a certain degree of smugness is appropriate from those that live in the Core Worlds...

- The Daily Mushrum

The Core Worlds, sometimes known as the Silver Worlds, the Capital Worlds or the Heartworlds, are thousands of worlds in the Core region of the Xanthrus Spiral, which give the galaxy's largest empire, the Federation of the Core Worlds, its name. The worlds are the most ancient planets settled in the modern history of the galaxy, seen by some as the craddle of alien galactic civilization and almost by definition the wealthiest and most politically significant planets in the entire galaxy. Today, the expression is sometimes widely used to refer to other planets near othe rgalaxies' galactic centres, though it is most often used for this specific purpose.

As the capital region of the Federation and dozens of civilizations before it, the Core Worlds region has been an extremely profitable market, once having dominating galactic affairs for thousands of years; In ancient times, it was said that to rule the galaxy's billions of systems one only needed a thousand, albeit the thousand in the centre.


Although the most ancient history of the galaxy before the Awakening of the Ravenrii remains unclear, it is well-known that by the time of their rise most of the Core Worlds formed a lifeless blockade of planets restricting access to the central regions of the galaxy settled by a rogue branch of the Grox Empire, with smaller empires and mini empires surrounding them. Civilizations such as the ancient Solarian Empire claimed some Core Worlds for their own, and sieges trying to open the blockade were constant. However, the worlds mostly remained under dense control of teh Grox and raids were often stamped down rapidly. The Federation finally invaded in the Second Age, initiating the millenia-long Great War of Xanthrus and devastating their domains. The Mid-Rim regions, which formed a ring around the Core Worlds, were almost brought to economic ruin, and the war eventually left the Grox powerless and destroyed rebellious empires such as the Solarians and the IAIE, a galactic alliance. The Federation eventually gained de jure control of the entire region, excercising de facto power throughout the entire wider galaxy. All of the uninhabitable worlds were terraformed into perfect ecosystems, and eventually much of the Federation's government moved to the Core Worlds, naming a new Vice-Capital at the exact center of the galaxy and constructing entire systems to properly acommodate their necessities. Increased prosperity after the war brougth unimaginable wealth to the worlds, making each an economic and political poweerhouse and centralizing galactic government.

The Modern Core WorldsEdit

The modern Core Worlds are the most populated, civilized, developed and important planets in the entire galaxy, all unvariably under the control of the Federation. Mantained safe by vast numbers of both hidden and plainly visible security systems and barriers throughout the galaxy, they are the heart of the Federation and its proud emblem. They remain a vital part of Ravenrii culture and a political hub, as the capital of the galaxy and the entire Federation itself. Most remained untouched throughout the Ten Civil Wars of Xanthrus, and are contemporary showcases of the prosperity wealth and importance can buy. Ravenrii Core Worlders are essentially the same as their millions of brothers and all of their race, yet it is them who carry obvious importance greater than any being in the galaxy and, perhaps, the megaquadrant itself.

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