The Galactic Constitution of the Core Federation, also known as the Silver Constitution and the Constitution of the Core Worlds, is the highest set of laws and founding document of the Federation of the Core Worlds. It was written in the year 43M, F.A., in which the seven Minor Empires, minor states that coexisted in the same region of Xanthrus Spiral, united to form the Federation and rule under a single banner. The Constitution is one of the oldest surviving Ravenrii documents, and has changed majorly since it's first version, drafted on planet Centrus.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Constitution invests all executive powers in the Silver Ministry and the High Viceroy, and all legislative and judicial powers in the High Court of the Core. It placed the Federation's capital at Centrus and its vice-capital at Concentron, made Raevnii the national language, and made its official currency the Federation Corona. It established the High Viceroy and Queen of the Federation the heads of state and the High Viceroy head of government, named the Minister of Internal Affairs acting High Viceroy in the case of the former's death or expulsion from office. The Constitution gave every Ravenrii basic rights: the right to proper health care, the right to self-expression, the right to proper representation, the right to life, etc., and gave the High Court the rights to regulate trade, review and draft laws, and control the Federation's foreign policies, such as war-waging, the drafting of peace treaties, etc. It stated the formation of a standing army of the federation, and outlawed slavery.

In addition, the Constitution assigns a Viceroy to each of the Federation's states, giving the High Viceroy the position of their leader, ruling in co-dominance with the queen. It made Centrion the royal residence of the Ravenrii's monarchy, and stated that new monarchs were to be elected by the Viceroys from the Five Royal Families.

Older Versions and Amendments[edit | edit source]

As the Federation's judicial and legislative powers, the High Court of the Core has the authority to create new laws and amend the contritution. Major mendments have happened thrice over the ages, usually to keep the Federation up to speed with the rest of the universal community. The first constituion was the founding government of the Federation, which unified the seven Minor Empires-lesser Empires of Ravenrii populations- into the Raev Federation, the original Federation which had an aboslute and authoritarian monarchy. The first contitution granted the monarch absolute executive, judicial, and legislative powers, and stated that planet Certion was to be the home of the royalty.

The First Amendment to the contstitution happened after a period of conflicts and civil war that culminated with the Royal Revolution, in which the monarchy was overthrown, and followed by the 10 Civil Wars of Xanthrus, a long civil war in which many factions tried to establish new rule over the Ravenrii systems. The amendment was called the Uryean Reformation, which was passed by the newly-reinstituted Fiction:The Core Federation/High Court of the Core once then-High Viceroy, Carcus Airdone unified the warring systems once again. The reformation outlawed the monarchic system and made the High Court the Federation's legislature and judiciary, and the High Viceroy absolute Head of State, leader of the Federation.

The next amendment, called the Second Amendment or the Royal Reinstitution, happened in a drastically different time, around a billion years later in 50M, FO. A., a whole Age after the overthrowing of the first monarchy. By that time the Federation was vastly rich and expanded, so the monarchy was reinstituted in a lower position, with the Queen as co-Head of State along with the High Viceroy. The reinstitution re-established the nobility in the world of Centrion, from where they had been ousted after the revolution, and made the position of monarch female-only.

The Third Amendment and the final one, called the Ralian Reformation, was passed in 200, FO.A., and reorganized the Federation's business, research, manufacturing and energy sectors into five massive umbrella organizations, called the Great Five. With the new reformation, all businessess were put under the control of the Intergalactic Division Map; all government divisions reorganized into the new Silver Ministry; all utility companies fused into CorEnergies, all vehicle-manufacturing corporations into CoreFleet Systems, and all research organizations into the Spectrum Design Collective. The reform was loudly applauded because it simplified all of the Federation's sectors' structure.

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