Light, it is true, illuminates. Yet it can also burn.

- Translated from the Book of the Eons

The Federation of the Core Worlds, also known as the Core Federation or more simply the CorFed, was an intergalactic federal monarchy in the pre-Annihilation era, ruled from the Xanthra Quadrant in the First Gigaquadrant. At its height it controlled millions of star systems populated solely by Obvia'Atra, the Federation's supernatural rulers, spanning from the entire space of its capital galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral to the distant reaches of 25 dependencies known as the Commonwealth Realms.

The Federation had a centralised constitution-bound government with ideals revolving around the preservation and expansion of the its utopian society, as well as the achievementof the Obvia'Atra's goals in the Gigaquadrant. It contained extensive political systems divided into three main branches, with interlocking levels of government stemming from the Ravenrii's previous appreciation for civilization.

Once a major universal power and one of the wealthiest nations in the First Gigaquadrant, the Federation was firmly established and respected in intergalactic society, despite the fact that its aims were often distant from what they appeared. It was a founding member of the Universal Alliance of Nations and the UTU, and one of the Great Eight Nations. It contained many important financial and scientific institutions, such as the InterGalactic Bank of the Core, and operated hundreds of thousands of shipyards throughout the First Universal Square. The Federation succeeded the Raev Imperium, and was in turn succeeded by the newborn Holy Empire of the Core following the Ravenrii's self-styled Exilium from the universe.

Note: The Following page depicts the Federation before its recent diappearance and contains outdated information.

Origins and True Nature[edit | edit source]

We spread our Life: the Xhodocto destroy it. So we shall be, Light and Darkness, forever servants of Kamik'Shi and Kkia'Sihm bringing about the End and the Begining for all eternity.

- Excerpt from the Book of the Aeons

The Ravenrii are legendary creatures obedient to one of the two Supreme Entities; Kkia'Sihm, King of Heaven. They first appeared in the nascent times of reality as his pieces in the ever-lasting Game of Existence and the polar opposites of the malignant Xhodocto, the creations of their master's only rival, Kamik'Shi the Destroyer. The two races play a contrasting role in reality, alternatively spreading death and destruction and peace and enlightenment throughout the universes. Their destinies are thus entwined forever. How they view each other is unknown, though they've been known to aknowledge each other as formidable yet obtrusive adversaries.

Intergalactic Position[edit | edit source]

The Core Federation and the Ravenrii are widely respected all throughout the First Gigaquadrant for their military and landed wealth, if not for their loyalty, as the Ravenrii will usually do whatever serves the Federation best and make their race's and master's interests their foremost priority. The Federation completely controls the four galaxies of Xanthrus Spiral, Xanthra Major, Xanthra Minor, and Phradox, and they are consequently known as the Silver Galaxies because of the Federation's "silver rule" over them. The CorFed also controls hundreds of thousands of colonies in other galaxies, which form the Federation's 25 external states and are usually called the Commonwealth Realms.

The Federation is a founding member of several intergalactic organizations as a method to achieve universal harmony, among them the Universal Trading Union, the Universal Alliance of Nations (UAN), and the board of the Great Eight Nations. It possesses a formidable economy, sports various controlled intergalactic trade routes, and a vast military, all of which make it a powerful civilization and a leading nation despite its lack of interest in common matters of light consequence.

Modern History[edit | edit source]

An ingame depiction of one of Centrus's main cities, built in the modern Ravenrii style found throughout all of the Federation's domains.

Since most of the Ravenrii's original history, which dates back quadrillions of years ago, is sparsely even remembered, their origins within reality are almost unknown and recorded solely in the Book of the Eons: detailed accounts are extremely rare and date back only about five billion years, when their first civilizations reportedly arose. According to common beliefs, the Ravenrii awoke in this universe from a millenia-lasting state of suspended animation after the Great War of Light and the destruction of the Imperium and its capital by their own sacrifice. They regained consciousness in planet Centrus and the cluster of stars around it, seemingly transported there by an unseen force, their population decimated and their former glory gone. TheThe period after those events is considered modern history, all the way back to a few millenia before the Federation's founding.

The Federation was formed in the year 43M, F.A, after a period known as the Age of the Minor Empires: independent Ravenrii states that had formed after their awakening. The seven states met to sign the creation of a Ravenrii Confederation, which was simply an agreement of trade and peace between each other. The Ravenrii, however, unified even further shortly after the this and became a single centrally-organized Empire with the signing of the Constitution of the Core Worlds. This new early nation was called the 'Raev Federation. Its seven now-dependent states assigned the seat of power to the race's new "homeworld" (capital of the former most important Minor Empire): planet Centrus.

The Ravens established a monarchy within the Federation in 34.1M, F.A., which thrived as great expansions into unoccupied systems took place. The events that followed would shape Ravenrii civilization for billions of years to come; unexplained pandemic of Ghandoran Plague, the only disease now known to affect the Atra, sweeped through the Federation and corrupted many Ravenrii minds. The monarchy, now ove a billion years old, became a nest of decadence and the monarch a simple figurehead, leading to revolts the Capitalis System and the temporary deposition of the government in 332M, F.A. These events were so violent they were considered almost human, something that appalled the Ravenrii because of their supposed Purity. They abandoned the Outer Ring, their outermost colonies, as they believed that it had their careless expansion into the darker reaches of the galaxy had been the cause of their atrocities, and concentrated on establishing relations with the first Empires that they contacted at around the same period of time. However, the Empire eventually once again grew to control the entire Caeus Cluster (the surrounding cluster of stars) and the expansion proved too much of a strain on their race once again. Riots began amongst the strained systems, and the ensuing confusion resulted in a bloody revolution and the final exile of then-Queen Ayra in 92M, S.A. to the Outer Colonies to allow for the installment of a more business-friendly regime and new isolationist policies. This event is now called the Royal Revolution, and succeeded in deposing the monarchic system that had ruled virtually unchallenged for more than a billion years.

It soon became apparent that the Peoples of Centrus had lost their favour as the Federation sunk into a period of civil wars called the 10 Civil Wars of Xanthrus, they would last over five hundred million years, starting circa 93M, S.A. After an age of fighting between over sixty different factions, then-High Viceroy the old High Court, and today a legendary figure in Ravenrii lore, Carkhus Aii'rdone, somehow seemingly lifted the Plagues' poisonous effects from his race and ended the war, unifying every faction under a single banner. Airdone then reformed the Federation into the Federation of the Core Worlds during the Uryean Reformation, making the High Court the supreme legislature and judiciary, and the High Viceroy the executive branch of the Federation as well as its head of state and head of government. Using an obscure divine connection he permanently reunited the minds of the Ravenrii into one vast thought-pool, further converting it into a Federation where the states completely obeyed the homeworld, in the year 154M, S.A.. This event was called the Reunion of the Minds. The new regime became powerful to the point of influencing nearby Empires' citizens' daily way of life. The Obvia'Atra’s prior love for society resurfaced even after the Unification, and they soon held a complete trade and cultural monopoly in the Prathus Arm of the galaxy, controlling the most important trade routes to the Galactic Core. Unfortunately, it would eventually be this stable expansion that sparked the Great War of Xanthrus at the beginning of the Third Age.

The Federation's massive growth during the Second Age was subject to much criticism, and soon almost every Empire in the galaxy had adopted an anti-federation stance, determined to stop the Atra from controlling the galaxy further. By the end of the Second Age and the start of the Third, most Empires had joined the Interstellar Alliance of Independent Systems (IAIE), whose goal was to halt Ravenrii progress. The Federation's forced expansion into the Core Worlds sector of the galaxy angered the dominant Empire there; the Grox, which alarmed most other civilizations in the galaxy. The Alliance decided to boycott the Federation, and was holding a conference in neutral planet Sulcan Minos, when the CorFed launched an attack on the planet and took its assembly´s representatives hostage, deporting them to planet Centrus where they were tried by the High Court and imprisioned. The invasion sparked a new galactic war that would devastate the galaxy, as the Federation gradually took control and destroyed the Grox, making their new Vice-capital planet Concentron, which was once the capital of the Grox Imperium. The Great War of Xanthrus lasted for most of the Third Age, ending once the High Court was deemed the dominant galactic government and the Grox were finally destroyed.

Over a billion years after the deposition of the monarchy, the High Court unanimously passed a new Act, the Royal Reinstitution, in the year 50M, FO.A.. The reinstitution reinstated the Five Royal Families and the restoration of the CorFed's monarchy into its modern status. The new system made the Queen of the Federation an elective position, giving the High Viceroys and the Viceroys the position of electing a Queen from the families. It was an important change in Ravenrii society, reinstating the monarchy as an important part of it and making her co-head of state, along with the High Viceroy.

The establishment of their largest known starship producer, Core Fleet Systems, followed, and afterwards the Core Alliance of Trade, a galactic trading group became the most favored trading conglomerate in Xanthrus Spiral. Finally, the High Court of the Core, the highest authority of the Federation, ordered the reorganizing of its businesses and governmental bureaus, in a reform called the Ralian Reformation. All of the Federation’s trade organizations, including the Alliance, became a giant conglomerate, The InterGalactic bank of the Core. The ship manufacturing and military sections were absorbed by CoreFleet Systems, which constructed the Federation's Army. All utility sectors were fused into CorEnergies, and all governmental bureaus fused into a single Silver Ministry , led by the High Court of the Core and the regional Court of the Core. The courts were placed on every Ravenrii colony, and the High Courts only in planets Centrus and Concentron, which were named the Capital and Vice-Capital of the Federation, respectively.

The Core Federation then passed massive expansion laws and created 25 Commonwealths, the 25 states of the Federation. They are currently large viceroyalties spread across the most important galaxies in the universe. The Commonwealths, usually of up to half a million systems, follow the central Empire in Xanthrus, which was the original Core Federation. Their Armies also multiplied with the creation of the First Military Expansion Act, going from a few billion to over 35 trillion ships. The expansion was ordered by the First Act of Expansion.

The galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral, dominated by the Ravenrii's Core Federation. The Federation's extent was massive even billion of years ago; here, it is depicted when it was a tenth of today's extent, 2 billion years ago after teh Great War of Xanthrus.

Diplomatic Relations[edit | edit source]

Galactic[edit | edit source]

The Federation pursued extensive diplomatic relations with all surrounding Galactic Empires and eventually the Intergalactic Alliance of Independent Empires (IAIE), the alliance of most other Empires in the galaxy, until 4.65B, S.A. However, after other Empires’ realization of the scope of influence that the CF had, the functions of the Alliance became anti-federational and concentrating on stopping the CF from acquiring any new worlds. The Federation then invaded planet Sugos, where the neutral Galactic Court was held, and declared war to all Empires other than its allies. It was known for using strong power and brutal invasions while acquiring the Core Worlds, ruthlessly eliminating empires within its reach and controlling several through its large monopolies in intergalactic trade, using them as leverage. However, the Corfed was also known to have several Empires with which it sustained friendly diplomatic ties, among them the Alanna/Ernest Empires ( also known as the Empire of the Two Kingdoms), the Aquos Empire, the Republic of Ghandaloria, the Vernacus Confederation and the Alexus Imperium. These five Empires together make up the Allied Consortium.

Intergalactic[edit | edit source]

The Federation currently holds friendly neutral relation with most empires, including the Seven Starr Alliance, the Nanohorde Empire,The Purity Empire, Etc. However, after the first arrival of the violent Xhodocto into the galaxy, all relations were temporarily suspended and the Federation closed the galaxy off, until the ratification of the peace Treaty of Kendron. The United Republic of Cyrannus, the Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets are the Federation's largest allies as of now. Their single largest monetary investor is their intergalactic ally, the Goldem Imperium in the galaxy of Lyan.

Expanse and Controlled Worlds[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Core Federation is made up of over 2.8 million worlds and around 1.7 million systems, making it one of the largest nations in the known universe and earning it the galactic nickname of "the infinite empire". It is considered a Federation because its government administers 25 different states, which are generally known as the Federation's Commonwealth Realms. Its former political systems revolved around an authoritarian monarchy, which has since been somewhat weakened into its modern state; the political leaders of the CorFed are thus of royal descent, converting it into a federal monarchy. The Federation grew massively in recent times, expanding into various galaxies other than its home galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral and gaining control of five of them, usually called the Silver Galaxies.

Though the Federation has unnofficially controlled the galaxy for billions of years through extensive trade monopolies and military threats, it was just recently that the other Empires in the galaxy, usually of minor importance, were officially annexed to the Federation, making its number of controlled planets in Xanthrus surge immediately from 5,613 to 926,000, with many more colonies awaiting gradual annexation. The annexation was sealed with the Act of Complete Supremacy.

Astrographical Classes[edit | edit source]

The official Flag of the Core Federation; The silver star represents the Ravenrii's original home system, the crossed leaves are an emblem of the Ministry and the 7 spheres represent the seven Minor Empires that united to form the Federation in the year 3,400 F.A. The Flag is found in any of the Ravenrii's bureaucratic offices.

The Federation's worlds are divided into three categories;

  • The Core Worlds, the richest and most influential worlds in the Empire. The Core World's capital, Concentron, is the second-most-important world in the entire Federation, as the capital's substitute in case of its fall. Core Worlds, by definition the worlds closest to the Galactic Core, are typically diverse and are the oldest colonized planets in the galaxy. There are around 20,000 of these planets.
  • The Colonies, most of the planets of the Federation's Main Realm, which are not Core Worlds or Colonial Rim Colonies. They are moderately important and regularly wealthy, and most have solely Silver Standard(federation-engineered organism) ecologies. Planet Centrus is among the Colonies, despite being the Federation's homeworld and its capital. There are about 500,000 of these colonies.
  • The Colonial Rim Colonies, few populated worlds in the galaxy's outer rim. They are, like all Ravenrii worlds, T3 planets, but because of their isolated, far location they are very unimportant in the Federation's senate, carrying little trade and influence. The Colonial Rim Colonies are usually Silver Standard-influenced, but are usually not very populated or traversed. There are around 6,000 of these colonies.
  • The Commonwealth Realms, the 25 Federation states on foreign galaxies, usually in allied Empires'. They are sometimes built to fulfill a certain task in the foreign galaxy-for example, the Commonwealth of Auruu in the Aurora Galaxy was built to operate massive Chronium and Trinium mines in the galaxy for the construction of the Last Gate of Xanthrus. They are ususally settled in groups of tens of thousands. There are around of these colonies, thousands for each foreign galaxy.

Government and Politics[edit | edit source]

The Core Federation is a Federate Monarchy, in which a monarch is elected for a life term (unless s/he is impeached or dies) from the members of the 5 royal families, by the Federation's 25 Viceroys, the political leaders of its 25 states, called Commonwealth Realms. The monarch rules with limited powers and shares authority with the Federation's High Viceroy, the leader of the Viceroys and political leader of the Federation itself. The Federation is in general a federated monarchy with a semi-parliamentary system, tied up in layers of bureaucracy. The government is usually referred to as the Silver Ministry, which is divided into the High Ministry and the General Ministry.

High Ministry[edit | edit source]

The High Ministry of the Core Federation is the upper level of the bureaucratic hierarchy, which includes the Federation's legislative and judicial bodies, the High Court of the Core and the Court of the Core. It also includes the federation's executive powers: its 25 Viceroys and its High Viceroy, as well as the Federation's Queen.

High Court of the Core

The official seal of the Core Federation, the federation's star surrounded by two rings, flanked by seven orbs representing the 7 original Minor Empires.

The court is the judicial and legislative branches of the federation, divided into two identical 5,000-Delegate chambers, one found in planet Centrus, and one in planet Concentron, capital and vice-capital of the CorFed. It is the nearest thing to a congress found in the Federation, passing and reviewing legislation, regulating military and colonization activities, and dealing with the highest criminal cases. The Court’s decisions are considered absolute, and no other Ravenrii entity has the authority to question or challenge it, except for the Court’s High Viceroy and/or Queen, the heads of state and executive branches of the government. However, they in turn cannot overrule judicial or legislative decisions. The HCC is made up of a total of over 10,000 Delegates, so-called because each represents one sector of the Federation, sometimes called a Stellar Delegation, which are composed of several thousand systems. The high number of delegates discourages supermajority, though it is usually delegates from the Core Worlds that have evident influence in decision-making. The High Ministry also includes the executive leaders of the government: 25 Viceroys of the Federation, who each rule a different state, and the Queen and High Viceroy of the federation as well.

Court of the Core:

These are regional courts installed in every planet of the federation other than Centrus and Concentron, administered by 30 Planetary Delegates per planet, who are representatives of the world to which the particular court belongs, and 3 Planetary Judges; they enforce the following of the High Court’s laws and ensure that any law proposed by the delegation follows regulations within the member planet. They also relay any major propositions back to the High Court if a decision there is needed. This is only necessary when the proposition envisions major changes in the Federation's legislation or actions (such as a proposal of trade ceasing with another Empire or a War Declaration). Usually, however, the Court just ensures that the High Court’s orders are being followed on the planet, and manages planetary trade, trade route security and planetary issues such as production and maintenance.

General Ministry[edit | edit source]

The General Ministry includes the government departments other than the Courts and political leaders; it is composed of the Federation's various layers of bureaucracy-9 specific ministries, each with a specific department. These include the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Health and Education, etc. The General Ministry thus has 9 Ministers, including the Minister of the Crown, which tends to the public relations and affairs of the Federation's Queen and the Minister of the High Viceroy, who does the same but with the Viceroy's affairs instead.

The Homeworld and capital of the Core Federation, allmighty planet Centrus.

Regency Plot[edit | edit source]

In the case of the Federation’s home world, Centrus’s, capture or destruction, the Capital of the Core Worlds, Concentron, would serve as the new capital-in other words, Concentron is considered a vice-capital or regent of the Empire. However, in order to salvage the Empire and avoid the substitution of Concentron, there are 2 Centruses in the Galaxy- In case any of the two falls, then the other one will take its place and Concentron will continue being a regent that will only rise to power if Centrus falls. The first Centrus, and the commonly known one, is in the Capitalis System in the Prathus arm. The second is barely parsecs away, in the Calin-3 System.

Military, Transportation and Economy[edit | edit source]

The manufacturing of vehicles, in the Core Federation has always been dominated by the giant starship manufacturer, Core Fleet Systems whose operations and shipyards are funded by the Ravenrii's sole bank, the InterGalactic Bank of the Core. Both institutions are owned by the Federation's government, regulated by the High Court of the Core, and staffed only by Ravenrii citizens.

The CSF Empeuron class Worldship is the largest of the Grand Army's ships. It is extremely costly; only five were ever produced, one for each of the Army's Grand Armada's commanding officer.

The Army of the Federation[edit | edit source]

The CFS was charged with creating military starships for the then-new Army of the Federation since the end of the First Age (the first billion years of life in Xanthrus Spiral), after the Military Creation Act was approved by the High Court. The Federation's colonies had become too numerous to be kept safe through public organizations, so the Army was created to protect the Federation's interests. Starting with over a million warships roughly the size of what are now Persecutor-class ships, the Army grew as the Federation acquired new systems, and growth became exponential when it entered galactic conflicts, such as the Great war of Xanthrus, when the High Court fully approved constant funding and campaigns were backed by the normal population.

The Army is now composed of a total number of 35 trillion capital ships, more than any other known army. It is composed of 5 different Grand Armadas, regiments of 7 trillion ships each. Around 30 billion ships are currently active troops; the rest are considered reserves. The Army is commandeered by Three High Generals, chosen by each High Viceroy once he assumes office. Each one commands one of the 5 Grand Armadas; the extra regiments are led by two General Lieutenants and divided when needed. The Armadas are have been used to blockade systems, invade Empires and give relief support to vulnerable worlds.

Like with all Ravenrii ships, the Army's capital ships are built with unique Ravenrii technologies and are especially designed for teh Ravenrii's anatomy, making adaptation to them by otehr species extremely difficult. they are powered by massive Energy Cores mass-produced by CorEnergies, which are given to CoreFleet Systems for fitting on the ships. They tend to be plated with Chronium, a very durable material, which gives the ships their signature silver look and protects them from solar and space radiation, as well as from most high-density shots and explosions.

Economic Status[edit | edit source]

The Federation's official currency is the Federation Corona, or (╫). 1(╫) is equal to about §12,950, due to the Federation's massive economy. It is constantly pumped by the thousands of Colony systems and worlds that are perpetually producing valuable products, such as spice, starships, construction materials, ores, commodities and ship designs, which are sold from one world to the other within theXanthrus Spiral galaxy, and to extragalactic Empires as well. The InterGalactic Bank of the Core regulates the all of the Federation's finances, which rely on the vast complete world and trade monopolies that the Federation constantly uses as leverage in every one of its territories against the competition. The monopolies ensure that enormous wealth is directed and funneled into the Federation's coffers, whether other empires want it to or not, as the Core Worlds of Xanthrus and Phradox are an extremely lucrative market and the CorFed controls them. The economy of the Federation is the strongest one in Xanthrus Spiral and rivals any other in the known universe, ranking among the highest three. Meanwhile, Ravenrii citizens and workers are usually classified into a sector of the Economy, according to whichever he is most adept at. Ravenrii economy has three general sectors:

The Administrative Sector >>> The Creative Sector >>> The Operative Sector

The Administrative Sector is composed of any governmental or financial occupations: for example, all politicians, judges, accountants, bankers, and directors are considered a part of the sector because they manage the Federation's finances and make decisions.The Creative Secor is composed of any planning or designing occupations: for example, all law-makers, designers,architects,supervisors, and inventors are a part of the sector because they think or create future activities, buildings, laws,vehicles or occupations/ The Operative sector is composed of any occupation that has direct contact with machines or un-automated systems: for example, mechanics, computer programmers, system programmers,gunners, and soldiers are part of the secor because they operate their corresponding systems,machines,weapons,etc.

As for vehicle production, since all of it is charged to the Corfed's national starship manufacturer, CoreFleet Systems, the output of the single corporation is vast, and requires total funding from the Int'gl Bank of the Core. The CFS's main branch is directed at the design and manufacturing of military capital ships, while its other two branches focus on the creation of small ships and civilian speeders, as well on-planet vehicles. Federation worlds have automated defense systems (ground weapons enplacements, orbiting CorSec drones and wall-mounted turrets), advanced underground transports for civilians, and massive on-world and interstellar shuttles that carry large numbers of Ravenrii at the same time, even though most Ravenrii possess personal speeders or starships of their own.

Technology and Research[edit | edit source]

Besides the manufacturing of military starships and civilian spacecraft, Ravenrii technology is devoted to a wide array of topics. Most public appeal lies in the study of Essence, as it is believed to be responsible for many galactic events and is still a largely undiscovered topic.

There is a single leading scientific organization in the Federation; the Spectrum Design Collective, one of the Federation's Great Five (see below). It is an important scientific body within the Federation, studying from nanomolecular biology to the movement of intergalactic objects such as Voids, Superclusters and Supergalaxies. The Collective employs a large staff of Ravenrii, mostly in the Core Worlds, where research centers are most common. The Collective has also designed a large number of Core Fleet's starships, as the technology needed by the advanced Federation armadas is all designed by the Collective aside from the energy systems designed by the SDC's sister company, energy giant CorEn.

The Federation's advanced technologies are also centered around planetary and stellar manipulation (also called terraforming, the manipulation of a planet's climate, stellar position and biodiversity in order to modify the T level. All Core Federation colonists inhabit only T3 worlds, as their unique physiology makes it hard for them to habitate other types of planets. Thus, all CorFed planets are moved in space and fixed in the desired atrographical position, allowing the Ravenrii to control their living conditions extensively. Planets often have orbital mirrors which make day eternal in the species' worlds, since it is its prefered state.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

The most important aspects of the Federation (military, energy utilities, finances, government, and research) are completely dominated by five massive organizations, commonly known as The Great Five. They each lead one of the Federation's key sectors. For example, the above-mentioned Spectrum Design Collective and CoreFleet Systems lead the research and military sectors, respectively. Teh Great five were established with the Ralian reformation in 200M, FO.A., in order to simplify the Federation's working structure. The Great Five are:

  • The Silver Ministry (SM)- It is the entire government of the Federation, including all of its bureaucratic departments, political leaders, and legislative bodies.
  • The Spectrum Design Collective (SDC)-The leading research and development organization in the Federation, it produces ship designs and studies varied subjects, centering on scientific development.
  • The InterGalactic Bank of the Core (IGBC)-A gigantic multigalactic conglomerate that manages all of the Federation's financial matters, thus managing its economy itself. Its funds feed the Federation's military shipbuilder, CoreFleet Systems.
  • CoreFleet Systems (CFS)- The CFS is the Federation's only ship designer and builder, a massive military contractor owned by the Federation's government. The CFS produces trillions of ships for the Federation each year, funded by the InterGalactic Bank of the Core.
  • Core Energies (CorEn)- Also known as CorEn, it is the only utilities corporation in the Federation, producing energy for use by the Ravenrii and the Federation, its thousands of worlds, and its ships with technology funded by the InterGalactic Bank of the Core.

Purity[edit | edit source]

The Ravenrii, inhabitants of the Federation, are believed to possess Purity, a quality that the Book of the Eons describes solely as 'the quality of a being pure of heart' . However, Purity is usually associated with perfection and complete moral knowledge, traits that define the Ravemrii; they do not commit crimes, act harshly or impatiently and hardly ever commit mistakes. However, their supposed Purity has been known to grow faint, such as the time of the Civil War, when violent riots took place in their Caeus Cluster. Their purity is also connected somehow to their unique Essence. Despite this, ravenrii can often be arrogant or selfish, even vain when dealing with what they consider weak-willed or cowardly races.

Quotes from Other Empires[edit | edit source]

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They are the organisation the Ramboidae of Rambo Nation one day hope to achieve, we consider the Core Federation a honest and fair Empire. We love there architecture and there well explained history and wonders of Centrus. We consider them great allies and our Empress even befriended the Queen of the Core Federation herself!!

- Princess Ramtilsae of Rambo Nation

The federation are a great nation-such majestic Empires are rare, and we treasure theirs almost as much as we cherish our gold

- Sultan Frond III of the Goldem Imperium

Dey is just as bad as da stoopid Xhodocto dey fink dey is all tuff an dey has all da good godz I mean WAT DAT HELL

- Zr'Ahgloth

They are one of the greatest empires that I have ever laid my eyes on! Not only is their technology highly advanced, but their language is also highly sophisticated, which we Jarquvixes feel is is very crucial to a developed species reputation. Their personalities are very generous, and I say that that species is very well rounded. Why not ally with these wonderful beings?

- Grand Representative Jex of the Jarquvix Federation

CoreFed, what brilliant architecture! I love the buildings!

- Captain Ingcos

They are our bretheren. However, their cynical nature and their mortal involvement makes them weak. To be immortal, they must break free from the mortal world. Or break them. I prefer the second option.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

The Core Federation are a great and powerful nation. We see them continuing to flourish for many more quadrillions of years.

- An old Taldar writing

A disgrace to existence!! They dare stand in the way of Kamik'Shi?! They dare to stand against us and the Xhodocto?! FOOLISH! THE CORFED IS DOOMED TO DEATH!!!!!!

- An old Traffphyd writing

A great and powerful nation, the CoreFed has been instrumental in changing the universe, they are one of our greatest allies, but we are unsure of their intentions.

- President Apollo of the URC

You are no better than Xhodocto...

- Clericarch Tadjamad, leader of Dei'Ar Theocracy

Galactic Political Division[edit | edit source]

The galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral is completely controlled by the Core Federation-military occupation would infest most Empires if any resistance was made. Complete galactic control was ceded to the CorFed after athe Great War of Xanthrus Spiral, a time during the last four billion years during which the Federation destroyed the Grox, took ownership of their colonies, and took armed control of the galaxies' arms. Fighting was finalized with the signing of the Treaty of Concession, in which all of the other Empires in the galaxy agreed to unquestioned military and economic dominion by the Federation, and was made official with the recently-signed Act of Complete Supremacy, with which all of the galaxy's planets were annexed by the Federation. Over a million worlds are expected to be annexed to the federation in recent times to come.

Cuurent Political Division of the Galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral.

Meanwhile, extragalactic territories, commonly called the Galactic Commonwealth Realms, are ruled by Viceroys and are made up of completely Ravenrii-populated worlds. They all obey the High Viceroyalty, the capital and main realm in Xanthrus Spiral.

Additional Stats[edit | edit source]

Full Military Forces; Grand Army of the Federation, 35 trillion capital ships.
Active Military; 35 trillion capital ships.
Galactic Trade State; Complete galactic world and shipping monopoly, strong intergalactic trade.
Ruling Body; The High Court of the Core (a.k.a. Congress of the Federation); a bicameral, democratic congress of 5,000 delegates in each chamber, each representing a sector of the Federation's 526,000 systems within the Main Realm at Xanthrus.
Gross National Product; 822.670 quintillion Federation Coronas ((╫)822,670,000,000,000,000) per year.
Official Currency; Federation Corona ( (╫) )
Trade Exchange Rate; (╫)1 equals §2,950.
Colonial Extent; 10,926,000-Xanthrus Spiral Galaxy. 3,500-Cyrannus Galaxy. 37,000-Milky Way Galaxy. 550,000-Phradox Galaxy 3,700,100-Xanthra Major Galaxy. 3,050,000-Xanthra Minor Galaxy. 12,000-Aurora Galaxy. 15,000-Graxea Galaxy. 35,000-Nimbus Galaxy. 10,000-Ottzello Galaxy. 250,000-Galaxon Galaxy.
Total Number of Colony Systems: 17,730,600 systems
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The Core Federation
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