The Collector? Yes, of course I heard about him. Everybody has heard about him! He is... weird. His only raison d'etre is to obtain items, rare items, magic items, shiny items... May be he want to show his peapole that they are not the only ones who can make things beautiful and functional, or may be he wants to prove how good quality are foreigners objects, or may be... or may be he only want to have rare items, magic items and shiny items

- Random Traveler

The Collector is a very old pariah Panssari who travels around Koldenwelt looking for magic and mystical items. He is hated by hundreds of peapole, due his selfish behavior and his amoral-style of work.


Early historyEdit

Not much is known about the past of The Collector, although it is known that he was born during the silver age of Fa'agma-Tür, when the empire was at its peak since the death of Eledrich. The Collector was born in a border Mine, where he established friendships with a small community of Vileijä Panssari, with whom he lived most of his life.

At some point in his life, The Collector became interested in life outside the Kingdom, being interested in the foreign culture, life and, especially, objects. The Collector came to be able to consider that outside the Mines Panssari might be better blacksmiths than in Fa'agma-Tür, causing him isolate Panssari society. He became obsessed to the point that he decided leave entirely to the Kingdom.


After leaving the Kingdom, The Collector became a wanderer, traveling on foot all the Everwinter Highlands and surrounding areas. At some point he found the ancient mountains master who give him the book known as the "Vaara-Kai", with whom he won a huge knowledge of all Koldenwelt.
Eventually, looking for artifacts that the book described, met a trader Orocathi lineage in the Domain, with whom he made ​​a deal that would change his life.


After years, about four centuries ago, The Collector returned to Fa'agma-Tür, where he was reunited with his childhood friends. Once with them, offered to show the beauty out of the kingdom, taking them out of the kingdom, to the west, towards the territory Draonggr.

The Collector was there, did his part of the bargain, selling his friends to the rich Draonggr he had known, as slaves. This would leave dirty barter eternal emotional scars, and his most beloved sword, Kyyneleet.

The CollectorEdit

After this event, The Collector grew even colder, amoral and selfish than ever, believing that the only way to advance in a corrupt world was to be even more corrupt, cruel and deceitful, becoming one of the most self-centered beings, scheming and unreliable throughout Koldenwelt.

It was at this time that he acquired the name of The Collector, a name that represents his only reason for being, get all old and strange artifacts possible.



The Collector's appereance is different from most of the Panssari. For unknown reasons, The Collector skin in black instead of red, brown or grey, and his mouth is very pale in relation to his body. He is bigger and stronger than the others Panssari, mainly by the influence of the magic artifacts that he carries to everywhere.
The Collector always use like an armour a huge amount of different medals, rings, amulets, metal pieces, etc. He always has with his normal clothing a great collection of pockets, backpacks and waist packs, there he used to carry small to medium size objects, and money. His truly armour are composed by golden-mixed-Raduan plates (something that is considered like a sacrilege between the Panssari) and a helmet made by his own that combines pieces from different regions of Koldenwelt.


The Collector personality is more complex than his surface can reveal. For someone who knows little, The Collector is an egomaniac, selfish and materialistic giant whose only desire in life is getting more and more ancient artifacts to possess the largest collection throughout Koldenwelt, although no one really knows the motive of his paranoia to get more items. Someone could say that The Collector are a gentlemanly and elegant being, mainly because he has the talent to speak in a way that is convincing and even able to manipulate people, and also he have learned how to talk to egomaniacs beings with more sensitive egos than him.
Only very few people have met The Collector enough to say that deep down he really does not. Way down deep inside, The Collector has a minimal sense of responsibility and honor, as well as being able to show affection to those who have shown affection. Another important feature is that he is constantly haunted by his own demons, after selling all his friends to a rich Draonggr to get a sword.


The Collector has not abilities from himself, but after has been in contact with a lot of different pieces of magic and technology, he got some powers in the Source, like limited control with the elements and telepathics, but he only can use this powers using some special items.


The Collector's equipment is possible one of the most large throughout Koldenwelt. Describe the thousands or hundreds of thousands of objects owned would be useless, although some of the objects are well known.
One of the most legendary objects between The Collector's equipment is a Draonggr sword of great quality, thing that he get selling ten skilled farmers to a Draonggr lord. It is know that one of this farmers was the best friend of The Collector. The Kyyneleet (Panssarish: "Tears"), as he called his sword, is one of the most preciated things in The Collector's collection.

Another well knowing things is the Pohjaton kaivo (Panssarish:"Botomless Pit"), a backbadge that never can be filled, alwasy has the enough space to put another thing into and the Piispansauva (Panssarish:"Crosier"), a magic artifact that allows the user to take control of the mind of a non-thinking being. The most important part of The Collector's equipment is possible the Vaara-Kai (Panssarish: "Book of Everything") an ancient book wrote by an [[Fiction:unknown hand which has information about a lot of things of the Koldenwelt history and geography.



Blue faceHello, how are you Mister?


Yellow faceDo you know where I can found objects that I could add to my colection?

  • Sea Witch - You are amusing, annoying and weird
  • Hachi - You are a funny Lagosi with a interesting dagger
  • Kinmorunddraver - You are a so great being with a so great sword.


Orange faceI know that you have objects that I could add to my colection


Red faceMay be I could add your head to my colection!


From HimselfEdit

Artifacts... there are a lot of artifacts in all Koldenwelt... and I need all of them

I am not evil at all... because the evilness is a relative thing.

Form OthersEdit

  • Feel free to add your own

This sword bears more value than the entire wealth of Koldenwelt combined. There is no such thing as price.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

Your greed blinds you and annoys me.

- Sea Witch


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