We were unified against the common foe. Now, we are unified to share our new age of enlightenment and prosperity. Beings of the Twilight Sector, I declare the new age for our Coalition.

- Emperor Reta'nyan

The Coalition of the Twilight Sector, better known as just the Coalition was originally just a military alliance made out of Artharon clans and other species of Segmentum Crepusculum, founded against The Divinarium, but eventually it became much more than that - it became a banner of freedom, rallying many small nations and species under its cause. The Coalition's warriors attempted to destroy the extragalactic invaders twice; both times the Divinarium was weakened severely.

Nowadays, however, the Coalition is not what it was before. Weakened through civil war, AGC attacks and struggle for power, its government now works, albeit reluctantly, with the AGC. Slowly growing in power, its leaders hope that one day, the Coalition will be restored to its true glory.



The Coalition's species were originally independed and non-advanced native species of the Twilight Sector, each one advancing at their own. Eventually, the six greatest empires became the rulers of the Twilight Sector - warlike Artharons, zealous Arnoans, peaceful Eisenar, spiritual Aqualones, the intelligent Kvorlans and the determined Fyrvrtha. The first and the last were bitter enemies, their hatred resulting in the bloody First War of Twilight, which happened a century ago and which resulted in Fyrvrtha being defeated and driven back to the domains, and others empires being weakened. After this war, the sector became peaceful, recovering from the old conflicts. However, several years ago, the new empire came to the sector.

This new empire was the Divinarium, the civilisation of the fanatics serving their ancient deities and destroying what they saw as the heresy. They have started a campaign, now called the Second War of Twilight, to conquer the Twilight Sector, destroying the local species in process. Fyrvrtha have joined their cause, hungry for vengeance. Half of the sector was already conquered by them, and the local species could not fight them. However, at the midst of the war, all of the remaining empires have decided to join, led by the Artharons. Reverse engineering the Divinarium's arcane technology and sharing their knowledge among the new allies, the newly formed Coalition has managed to turn the tide of war. The Second War of Twilight resulted in a draw, and the Radeons were forced to retreat. Two empires coexisted in the sectorm, biding power for another day...

Andromeda War[]

The Coalition returns.

The Coalition's revenge started to unfold during the darkest hour of Andromeda War, led by a new leader: the insidious Emperor Fela'thoran. When the Divinarium was weakened the most, the Coalition forces attacked, and their brutal push into Divinarium space did bring terror into the hearts of its citizen. At the same time, the Coalition has formed an alliance with the industrial genii of Twilight Sector, Ferromash.

However, as the war continued, the Conclave has managed to form a counterattack forced, led by a famous Tyrekian captain Ashmaga Kanesh. In response, Fela'thoran initiated Operation: Eclipse, subverting the Divinarium's portal network to reach the heart of its realm. These opposing offenses were both highly successful; the first besieged Crepusculum and nearly completely destroyed it, while the latter almost reached Anthanor; both empires were severely weakened, their most important worlds in ruins. This, as well as the fall of Emperor Fela'thoran and the reinstatement of the rightful heir to the old war's ruler, Reta'nyan, did force both sides to form a short-lived (at least it seemed so) truce.

Later, the Coalition forces fought alongside AGC during the final battle on the planet Cathemera. This led to the end of the war and the beginning of, how Artharons call it, the Age of Englightenment.

New Dawn[]

Soon after Fela'thoran was murdered, great chaos ensued in the Coalition again. For a short period, it essentially ceased to exist, various factions vying for dominance. Fortunately, a new Artharon emperor was soon reinstated, a true heir to the old Artharon emperors. Proclaiming himself the sole leader of the Coalition, he decided to restore the original imperial order of the old times, but renewed for a changing universe.

Reta'nyan has proposed a new policy to his subjects, victory without war. He believed that violence won't let the Coalition liberate the sector and that peace and alliance with the AGC is the best way for the Coalition to survive and prosper. Cultural domination, he said, will be the way the Divinarium will fall, and not brutality. The Coalition also experienced a change in its national policy. Due to several species, Eisenar and Kvorlan, leaving the Coalition, Reta'nyan and other leaders of the Coalition led towards deeper integration of those species that remained; inter-national borders were abolished and elements of local government were removed; all species and all estates were now equal and the only thing that mattered was loyalty to the Emperor. During this time, Reta'nyan also made Ferromash join his growing Coalition.




The Coalition and its subjects are one. If one of them is wronged, do is the whole Coalition. And if the Coalition is wronged, all its subjects shall rise, unified.

- Doctor Rtrvraa, On the culture of Artharons and the Coalition

The Coalition is bound by its militant glory, patriotism, and desire for war. Its citizen swear to serve the Emperor and die for him if necessary; loyalty, honour and determination are their prime values, not only to the state itself like in the Divinarium, but also to one's friends, family and comrades. In the Coalition, strength and valor are favoured over diplomacy in leaders overall, but there are always exceptions to this rule, Reta'nyan being a good example.

Following the Andromeda War, the Coalition's government opened borders and started absorbing new technology rapidly, making the national economy skyrocket. Many unified corporations were formed, combining AGC's technology and the Coalition's own dedication to excellence. The cultural influence of AGC is felt as well, but the Emperor and his subjects know that the Coalition will never submit to an alien force, whether peacefully or through force of arms.


The Coalition is very notable for its religious diversity: each species has its own confessions and is allowed, and in fact encouraged, to follow them as long as this religion is not detrimental to the Coalition's cause. Artharons, for example, are known for their cult of ancestor spirits known as great guardians, while Arnoans follow the Panteon of Light, a very militant faith which seems to be based on ancient Rades scriptures found on their homeworld; religious practices of Aqualones are even more bizzare and obscure. Of course, other species like Ferromash do not place their faith in religion at all.

Alien religions, such as Tertanai's Cult of the Ata'lani or, especially, the Divinarium's Path of Masaari, are, in a stark constrast, discouraged and shunned almost universally, stemming from the Coalition's xenophobic tendencies; if a religion, like the Cult of Drakon, is not actively seeking converts, it is simply ignored.


Andromeda War brought about the brand new form of government to the Coalition, modelled after the most powerful AGC nations. Like in the Divinarium, serving the state is considered to be the main way a person's status is determined, and old eugenocratic systems are abolished altogether; no matter where you come from, if you pledge your allegiance to the Emperor you will be respected and honoured. However, old Artharon, Arnoan and Szyarthwa aristocracies still remain, quite rich and respected.

The Supreme Warchief of the Coalition, usually just called the Emperor, is its undisputable ruler; he elects his own successor and enjoys absolute rule over it; below him lies the Quintessan Assembly, five of the Emperor's most trusted ministers and advisors (mostly unofficial) and the vast bureacratic system made of several elected councils (modelled after the Draconid Imperium) and ministers. This system, while sometimes prone to corruption, is overall working fairly well.


Warmistress Abal'nyan oversees her troops.

The Coalition uses well-trained, powerful military; each citizen serves its own role in it one way or another, whether as a warrior or by producing and developing armaments, armour and spaceships. It answers directly to the Emperor but also has a commander of its own, Warmistress Abal'nyan, Reta'nyan's sister and a member of the Quintessan Assembly. Abal'nyan's strategies, known collectively as the Way of a Biting Kasthar (Kasthar being a native Artharon predator known for its speed and agility) favour the principle of mobile warfare, arriving to the battlefield using mobile vehicles quickly, destroying their enemies using the element of surprise and then escaping.

Most of the Coalition's soldiers are also quite powerful in melee, and are armed with power swords, electrised gauntlets, bayonets, pistols, grenades, and other weapons for close combat. In ranged combat, however, the Coalition's soldiers are weaker, although this problem is becoming less prominent now with the Coalition's new technology.


The Coalition is one of the largest empires in Andromeda, controlling several millions of worlds, vastly overwhelming most of the other Andromedans - however, connection between these worlds is sporadic at best due to the Coalition's FTL technology, which is far from failsafe. Worlds vary in their culture, look and size wildly, so there is little possibility to describe them all with a few words.

Capital of the Coalition was changing many times. Originally, during Thar'nyan's rule it was Tharrus, Artharon homeworld, but when the Divinarium claimed the planet as its own and the truce was made, Fela'thoran made his own homeworld of Anthanor a capital; current leader Reta'nyan chose the place of his refuge, Karathon, as the capital. Vast palaces and mighty fortresses cover this highly urbanised world, it being created as an impenetrable bastion symbolizing the very spirit of Artharon desire to be free.


The Coalition's technology has always been its greatest weakness; ancient laws of Artharon artisans and weak import ensured its technology, while advanced for a civilisation of its region, was vastly inferior when compared with its adversaries. As Andromeda War unfolded, however, it slowly started to change. As the Coalition conquered Divinarium worlds, its warriors brought trophies and spoils of war back into Anthanor for dissection; when war ended, they managed to trade with the AGC for more advanced technology as well. When Reta'nyan ascended to the throne, he started a technological rennaissance, adapting newly adopted alien technology and using it as a foundation for the Coalition's own scientific projects. Meanwhile, working in conjunction with the New Tertamian Alliance, Reta'nyan managed to initiate an archaeological project in Segmentum Umbra, managing to retrieve many Rades relics and pieces of technology.

Currently, the technological gap between the Coalition and the rest of AGC is greatly diminished, and will probably become non-existent soon enough.


The Coalition uses many spaceships in their fleet, various in design and origin. They generally use hyperdrives, a common technology used by many empires, although sometimes other technologies are used. They often take their enemies' spaceships as trophies, utilising them in their fleet, which can be quite dangerous. All spaceships of the Coalition have similar bronze coloration, national colors of the state.

  • Name - Hatemonger-class
  • Length - 10 meters
  • Role - Fighter/bomber
  • Weaponry - Railguns (can be refitted)

Quantity has a quality of its own, and Artharons know that. One might call them monsters, or just plain stupid, but they don't care: Artharon willingness to sacrifice everything in the name of victory is exemplified in small fighter ships dubbed Hatemongers by the Divinarium captains. With minimal armouring and deadly weaponry, they are meant to swarm the enemy positions and leave nothing alive while being destroyed in thousands - maximised offense, minimised defense. Some believe that many victories of the Coalition were attributed to the very fact its commanders were bold enough to send millions of their men into death, and this might as well be true.

  • Name - Wrathbringer-class
  • Length - 1000 meters
  • Role - Battleship
  • Weaponry - Railguns, lasers, antimatter missiles

Originally being created as Ferromash tankers meant to carry various kinds of fuel, some of them extremely volatile, Wrathbringers turned out to have a very good combat potential: what could withstand deadly energy from inside could do so from the outside. Artharons, who changed the ships' design by adding more weapons, armour, and most importantly, spikes, soon put them into mass production and created the very backbone of the Coalition fleet. Now, they are actively patrolling Coalition space beating off invaders, pirates, and, if Artharon captains are drunk enough, random travelling ships.


The Coalition has powerful military technology, being forged in the many conflicts like the Second War of Twilight. Unlike the Divinarium, they favor traditional weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers, as well as non-antigravitation vehicles. Neverthless, these weapons are deadly as well and many of the Divinarium's soldiers have died from them. They have also mastered the technology of personal forcefields, protecting the high-ranked officers of Coalition from the fire of projectile weapons.



Yellow face.pngWe will honour our agreement... no matter how disgusted we are.


Orange face.png...


Red face.pngDo not ask for sweet death. We'll have some fun with you first. Pain is so pleasing when it is your enemy's pain.


Fela'thoran's rule[]

We keep watch at you, fiends...

- Archpriestess Iovera

I heard the Artharon ones like to...erm...rape Radeon women. Even I find that simply disturbing.

- Captain Koluap

Their leaders glorified rape? disgusiting creatures to the last!

- High Inquisitor Arsac

I understand their plight but... must the Artharons be so primal about it? Personally I feel pity for the other members and would not have sided with such rage-filled creatures.

- Alessa Ultanos

Their leaders shall burn before the might of the Brood! May their bodies be devoured by Cyrod!

- Tyraz of the Brood of War

Change your more...vile habits and perhaps I won't decide to dispose of you after the war.

- Captain Lorrelas of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation

You... could be useful. If you fail, maybe we can give you a second chance, or... dispose of you as broken instruments. But it depends...

- Goret the Vexer

*spits blood*

- Unknown

Reta'nyan's rule[]

Do you think we trust you? No, we don't. You are still the same to me. Utterly mindless barbarians incapable of anything other than destroying everything we build.

- Exarch Laurinn Ma'fest

You act like you're the toughest around. If we were to meet, you would crumble in seconds.

- Grand Admiral Gnorvi

I see potential, perhaps one day Zazane and Artharon will meet on the battlefield, not as enemies, but as allies.

- Tyraz


- Crispy
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