Overview[edit | edit source]

Factions[edit | edit source]

The Aeoneonatrix Empire[edit | edit source]

After the attack by the UHC on Aeoneonatrix territory, the Aeoneonatrix reacted by seeking to negotiate with Clifsk terms for a peaceful relationship. As time went on, it became clear that no such thing was possible. To prevent attacks both on themselves and other innocents, they took control of the UHC and turned it onto a puppet state.

The United Hegemony of Clifsk[edit | edit source]

The United Hegemony of Clifsk is a small Tier 5 empier nestled against the Aeoneonatrix border. Their flaming xenophobia against outside forces caused them to attack a Aeoneonatrix planet. The Aeoneonatrix reponded by invading the UHC. The UHC is now under a puppet state controlled mostly by the Aeons.

The United Protectors of Clifsk[edit | edit source]

The United Protectors of Clifsk were formed right after the Aeon invasion by disgruntled city council member, Vizaz Dalk. They oppose the new puppet state, and want to put in place their own government with the old Xenophobic Ideals. They are willing to do anything to reach that goal, even killing citizens.

Chapter 1: The Conquest of Clifsk[edit | edit source]

The Aeoneonatrix Attacked[edit | edit source]

Prelior Firelife, whilst monitoring the skies on the Aeoneonatrix boarder world of Werelhii, noticed a fleet of unknown incoming ships.

The ships enter the system, their fleet size is around 60 ships, they approach the planet, then halt.*

Prelior - Unidentified ships, identify yourselves and state your purpose.

The head captain of the fleet appears on the screen and says "This is captain Frivz Rizack of the United Hegemony of Clifsk, your planet is too close to our border, you have 24 Hours to evacuate this planet."*

Prelior - You expect us to evacuate an established colony in 24 hours?

Frivz - Yes. If you do not evacuate your citizens, we will forcefully begin to abduct the citizens ourselves, and put them on random planets, which we will give you the coordinates to. If you resist us in doing that, we will have no choice but to open fire.*

His voice sounds irritated and full of hate, but sounds composed at the same time.*

Prelior - We will not comply with your demands. We have no plans for any aggression toWards the United Hegemony of Clifsk, but if you provoke us, we will be forced to defend ourselves.

Frivz - You are already provoking us by having your planet this close to our border. Last..Warning: Evacuate your citizens, otherwise we will forcefully do it for you, and if you resist we will open fire.

Prelior - As I said, we have no plans of aggression toWards your empire. If you feel threatened, you may attempt to speak with us to improve relations. We will not move.

Frivz - We do not have time for your fake diplomacy.....

At that, hordes of drop ships appear from the ships, and head toWards the planet.*

Prelior - Fire.

Hounds and Gaurdians stationed on the planet awaken and begin firing on the fleet.

The fleet launches their barrage of around 231 Anti-Matter missles at the planet, they are slow and bulky. The Aeons advanced weaponry slice through the fleet's shields and armor like Warm butter.*

Prelior - You are losing. Cease fire and let's work something out.

Frivz - NO! We won't be trapped into a deal that screws our species over! We won't give in to your lies and tricks, fleet keep attacking!

His voice sounds manic and infuriated, but also with a slight hint of fear.*

Prelior - We will not trap you in any deal. Trust me, you can trust the Aeoneonatrix empire.

Frivz - No...the only thing we can trust is ourselves! We won't become a "Protectorate" or a "Member" of your empire or nobody elses!

The fleet keeps on attacking, even though it is getting decimated ship by ship.*

The fleet is slowly destroyed, until there is only one ship remaining, Frivz's ship.*

Frivz - .....

Prelior - This is your last chance to surrender, else we will retaliate in anticipation of an additional strike.

Frivz is blind in rage and says "We will not be your little slaves to toy with, or your fucking protectorate! Even if I do surrender you will still invade us! SCREAHHHHHHHHHHHH!*

He does a kamakazie run toWards the planet.*

Prelior - Shoot him down!

But it is too late, the ship gets cut in half by the defenses, but by then it is already in the atmosphere, gravity makes the two halves crash into a city, killing 10,000.*

92,021 citizens die in the attack in total.*

Prelior - This is going to be a joy to sort out.

Clifsk Conquered[edit | edit source]

The Aeoneonatrix headed into Clifsk territory with its fleet of a few thousand ships. It approached the capitol planet, having conquered the others with little effort.

Meanwhile, Kilerv sits in her office, with a Soldier in there guarding her.

Soldier - Well...Aren't you going to evacuate like the rest of the council?

Kilerv - No...This empire is finished, our species is finished. Just like a captain goes down with his ship, I'm going to go down with my empire.

Soldier - You have to understand, they are going to execute you for what you did.

Kilerv - Then let them execute me, it does not matter anymore. This empire was my life. My citizens were my life...now that's all gone.

The Aeoneonatrix contact the ground.

Aeoneonatrix - Attention UHC. You have one final chance to surrender. Are you going to cooperate, or are we going to have to become violent?

Soldier - Holy shit...their right above the planet...

Kilerv - Just let me handle this...

Kilerv gets her communications panel set up, and she appears on the Aeoneonatrix's screen. She has a look of Fear, Sadness, and Anger on her face.

Kilerv - Why should I? You have already killed millions of my people (792 Million to be exact), you have shown your brutality to us.

Aeoneonatrix - Each time we took a planet, we offered you peace. All we wanted was to talk things over. You would not even see to it that no attacks happened while we were negotiating terms for a peaceful relationship. This is your final chance. All we want is for you to let us live in peace. If you are not willing to have that, you are a threat that needs to be dealt with.

Kilerv - No...I won't let you enslave me species. At first I was opposed to sending that invasion force, I thought that perhaps...perhaps maybe, we were wrong about outside forces. But...now that I see this, Millions of my citizens dead, I know I was wrong in thinking that.

Aeoneonatrix - We have no intention of enslaving your species if you surrender. Simply give us assurance that you will not strike again and we will talk over your problems with us like civilized beings.

Kilerv - Lies...all lies. Everything you say are lies. Me and my species will not back down from this foreign threat, which is you.

Aeoneonatrix - Their blood is on your hands then. If you will not have peace, War is all that can remain.

The Aeoneonatrix began landing dropships full of soldiers which began taking the UHC cities. They also began firing upon the UHC navy.

Kilerv turns off the communications screen, and looks at her guard.

Kilerv - Get the children...

Soldier - But...the school they are at is...1 Mile away.

Kilerv - JUST DO IT.

Soldier - Yes...Ma'am.

The soldier rushes toWards the parking lot of the government center, and get's in a Clifsk Civil Authority patrol car, and quickly begins driving toWards the school.

Soldier - Shit, Shit, Shit. Where are they!?

The soldier drives through all the carnage and chaos, and get's to the school, he kicks open the main door and begins looking frantically for them. He opens multiple classroom doors, until he finds them. He picks the two up and rushes back toWards the school parking lot. He throws the two in the back seat, and gets back inside the car.

Meanwhile the cities begin falling to the Aeoneonatrix, and the UHC navy has been largely defeated.

The soldier quickly turns the ignition.

Aeoneonatrix - Why are you making us do this? Do you really think we would enslave you? Given how opposed we have been to the tyranny? We are fighting a War to prevent them from enslaving people!

Kilerv ignores the person speaking on the communicator, as she is enraged and deeply worried about her children at the same time.

Meanwhile, the soldier begins to put the car in reverse.

Soldier - Ok...Let's get out of here.

An Aeoneonatrix tank had been deployed in the School parking lot.

Soldier - OH SHIT!

The tank, not knowing of the Children, only the soldier, pointed its main cannon at the police car.

He floors the gas pedal, and the car begins to go into reverse, he accidentally flicks on the lights and sirens in his rush. He drives over a median leading out of the parking lot. The tank fires its main canon. It misses the car.

The car drives out of the parking lot, and goes into "Drive" it then drives off. By now, several cities had been taken, only the capitol and 3 others remained.

He eventually makes it back to the government center, and makes his way to Kilerv's office. He walks through the office door.

Soldier - Ok...I got them...

Aeoneonatrix - Do you still not want to surrender? We have your cities, you have lost the day. Just give in.

The kids squirm out of his grasp, and rushes toWards Kilerv, where she picks them up and embraces them.

Kilerv - Everything is going to be alright...

Soldier - Ma'am, they are approaching the Capital.

Kilerv - It's alright, we will all go together as a family....

Aeoneonatrix - Every one of your soldiers is blood on YOUR hands. Please surrender.

At that, Kilerv turns off the communicator, knowing that the end is near for her. The remaining cities fall to the Aeoneonatrix. A squad of defenders is right outside the government center.

Soldier - Oh my god, they are right outside.

Kilerv - This is it...

Soldier - We have to barricade the doors!

The Defenders break the door to the center in and begin searching the building room by room, easily imprisoning everyone they find.

The soldier frantically begins piling furniture in front of the doors. The soldier, who is only armed with a pistol, notices the uselessness of it at this point, and discards it. Once the rest of the building had been taken, only the leader's office remained. The defenders gather outside of the room.

Kilerv - Stand behind the desk with me...

The soldier runs behind the desk.

Kilerv closes her eyes, expecting a hail of bullets to be launched at her.

Defender - We're coming in, if we see anyone not lying on the ground with their arms spread out, we will fire. You have 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The defender came in.

The soldier quickly complies, while Kilerv quickly gets on the ground on top of her children, acting like a meat-shield.

One of the defenders takes the soldier away as a prisoner. Kilerv, still noticing she has not been shot yet, opens her eyes. The remaining 5 surround Kilerv and place her in handcuffs and two of them take her away, leaving 3 in the room. The children cry as their mother is taken away. One of the defenders kneels down to the height of the children.

Defender - Don't worry, we won't hurt you.

One of the two children became watery eyed.

Child - What are you going to do to mommy! Where are you taking her!

Defender - We're taking her back to our ships. We're going to try to find a way to bring about peace between our empires.

Child - But...mommy said...outsiders would kill us...or enslave us...

Defender - We won't hurt you. You'll be fine. My name is Fenoco, what is yours?

The child, who turns out to be the daughter says,

Child - My name is Ekira, and my brother's name is Vilack...

Fenoco - I like those names. Now we need to take you back to our ship too. Just for a little while. Is that okay?

The two children nervously nod, still slightly fearing for their lives. Fenoco and the other defenders walk them over to the ship.

The children quickly look back at the destroyed capital, and then continue walking.

Fenoco took the two children into the same cell as their mother.

Kilerv quickly looks up from her corner of the cell

Kilerv - Oh?

Her face quickly lights up as she notices it is her children, and quickly embraces them.

Kilerv - Ekira! Vilack! Oh I thought they killed you!

Vilack - We are OK, they didn't do anything to us really.

Kilerv - Don't trust them. They could still be planning something horrible for us... The Aeoneonatrix from before walks in.

Aeoneonatrix - All we're going to do with you is sit you down, and try to have the calm chat we've been trying to have this whole time.

Kilerv looks at him with a distrusting and hostile look.

Kilerv - Go on.

Aeoneonatrix - You'll be escorted to our conference room in a few minutes, one of ours will look after your children, and answer their questions.

Kilerv was about to say something about someone looking after her children, but then remembered that they did nothing to them before.

Kilerv - Alright, *she says back to the Aeoneonatrix, in a hostile manner.*

A Deal is Struck[edit | edit source]

The Aeoneonatrix and two soldiers escorted Kilerv into a conference room on his ship. The soldiers had her sit down at the opposite end to The Aeoneonatrix.

Kilerv looks at the Aeoneonatrix with a face full of hostility.

Aeoneonatrix - First let me introduce myself. I am Admiral Owler Steelnight.

Kilerv - Nice to see you..........Owler...

Owler - Now, let us get down to business, why did your empire attack us?

Kilerv - Your Empire’s planets were too close to our border, we feared that you would launch a strike against us. Well, I mean "we" loosely, it was the council that really wanted it...

Owler - Did you approve of it?

Kilerv - I felt pressured, the council could have waived a vote of no confidence if I did not comply with them, and the population would have hated it.

Owler - They would have hated you not attacking innocent people with no valid justification?

Kilerv - From your moral viewpoint, yes. However, the council and the population did not think you were innocent people. They feared that you had set up a base of operations, so that you could later attempt to invade us. I would have been viewed as a traitor possibly if I did not comply with the council and population.

Owler - Have you done something like this before?

Kilerv - No, this is the first time we have done this. Please remember that we have only been spacefaring for 45 Years.

Owler - If we let you have your planets back, will you do this again to us or anyone else?

Kilerv - Me? I would never do it again. I never had a real desire to do it in the first place. But the population...they would be willing to do it again.

Owler - Then we can't let you have full independence.

Kilerv - What do we do then?

Owler - You will have to become some sort of puppet state, at least until we free your population of its general paranoia.

Kilerv - Right...

Owler - Otherwise, you might attack and kill more innocent people.

Kilerv - You are not going to change how our government operates drastically...are you?

Owler - As drastically as we have to.

Kilerv has an irritated expression on her face, as she narrows her eyes.

Kilerv - And how drastic will THAT be?

Owler - Just enough to ensure you are not a threat to any innocent people.

Kilerv - Errgh...anyways, who is going to lead our empire now? I'm probably going to be put on trial for what I did, and most likely executed.

Owler - Nominally, and officially? You will resume leadership. Functionally though, we will be able to do whatever we need to.

Kilerv - So, I won't be fully in control of my nation...

Owler - No, but no one will know that except those who absolutely have to.

Kilerv – Right. Now, I suppose you disagreed with our previous form of government...correct?

Owler - Indeed, we plan to decrease your punishments for a crime or two, just slow enough for no one to notice.

Kilerv - Mhmm, no, I meant our government. Like, you disagree with how it operates.

Owler - Changes like that are slow and plausible looking, but yes, over time.

Kilerv - Now, when will I be able to return to my leadership role?

Owler - Within a few days, we just need to set a few things in place.

Kilerv - All right...

Owler - And don't tell anyone. If you act to ensure this doesn’t work, we'll need to force you to become a member race of our empire.

Kilerv - Alright, I won't tell anyone.

Owler - Okay then.

The Reinstitution[edit | edit source]

Kilerv has a slightly nervous look on her face, as she whispers to Owler before she faces the camera

Kilerv - They may not react well to this...

Owler - We will deal with it. You may want to subtly remind them that they’re lucky they even have an independent empire.

Kilerv slowly walks in front of the camera, and waits for it to go live. Owler turns it on, and it goes live.

Kilerv - My dear people. Over the course of many generations, our species has faced numerous threats, from plagues to War. But, even with all those things against us, we have still managed to survive. This War that was brought upon us was caused by fear of the outside world, the thought that empires were more likely to destroy us then befriend us. It was those ignorant thoughts that caused all of this to happen. Well we will ensure that this never happens again. We have made an agreement with the Aeoneonatrix Government. This agreement will make us a Semi-Sovereign nation, which means that while we will be independent to a degree, the central government of the Aeoneonatrix Empire will have some influence to what actually happens within our government. Rest assured, this will only be temporary, and they will let us be fully independent once we have met their requirements. Stay strong, and remain hopeful. We have faced challenges like this before and have survived, this should be no different. This concludes this government announcement, until we meet again, farewell.

The citizens in the nation have an overall neutral response to the announcement, although there are some citizens who are outraged. Kilerv walks away from the camera.

Owler - It did its job I suppose.

Kilerv - Some people are going to hate this.

Owler - And we will deal with them if they make themselves into a problem.

Kilerv - Now...when will I be able to return to my office? My people are really expecting me to return at this point probably.

Owler - Yes, you may.

Kilerv - Right, well, they are going to hold a ceremonial parade to the Government Center then, to mark my return. You should probably come with me as well, since you were the one that organized all of this.

Owler - If you see fit, I am the true ruler of your nation after all.

Kilerv looks at Owler with a slightly irritated look.

Kilerv - ....Don't rub it in.

Owler - I won't, so long as I don't need to.

Kilerv - Right, well, the ceremony is scheduled to start in around....One Hour, we should get going.

Owler - Okay.

The two make it down to the home planet’s surface, and make it to an open convertible car.

They get into the car, and the car drives off within a convoy of police vehicles, they are eventually driving down mainstreet.

The citizens they pass by cheer, as they are happy about having their leader back, although the cheers are not the most enthusiastic. Also, some citizens are saying scalds at the two, but they are far and few in the crowds.

Kilerv - Well, I'm glad *most* of my citizens are somewhat happy to see me...

Meanwhile, in a deserted building a few blocks ahead, three people talk to each other.

Group Leader - Ok...they are going to be here in around 5 minutes, get your weapons ready.

Group Member - Well, who are we targeting? Are we only targeting them o-

Leader - We are targeting everybody, Firk, every fucking person that is cheering out there, especially Kilerv and the other foreign being with her.

Other Member - Sir, they will arrive in 1 minute, we will need to act quickly to catch them.

Leader - Ok...now, remember, target everyone, and do not discriminate. And, when we are about to be captured, crack the cyanide caplets on your teeth.

The two nod, and also begin looking at the door.

The leader continues staring at the door, and gets his weapon ready.

Leader - Ok, on the count of 5

The two ready their weapons, and aim them at the door.

Leader - 4

The convoy nears the building, as the crowd continues to mostly cheer the leader on.

Leader - 3

Civil Authorities look on at the convoy, completely oblivious to what is about to happen.

Leader - 2

Kilver - Everything seems to be going good so far...maybe I won't really have to worry about anything after all...

Leader - 1

Owler - Indeed, things do seem more peaceful than I anticipated.

Leader - NOW!

The Leader kicks open the door, the three rush out of the building and into the crowd, with portable military grade mini-guns ready.

A Civil Authority Officer quickly looks behind him at the group.

Officer - Oh my go-

They start shooting wildly into the crowd, gunning down the Officer.

The entire area goes into a panic, as people rush wildly about to find cover over the hail of bullets. A civil authority officer rushes toWards the car Kilerv and Owler are in.


Owler complies. Kilerv ducks her head under her arms as she struggles to find cover in the convertible.

Meanwhile, the three shoot continue to shoot into the crowd, starting to clear a path toWards the convoy.

The leader goes into a complete frenzy.


Civil Authority Officers desperately try to take the three down, but they are simply too out-gunned, and are quickly mowed down.

A Officer near the car gets shot and falls back into the convertible where the two are. Officer - Agh! Officer down! Officer down! Help!

Another Civil Authority officer near the convertible shouts in his radio

Officer - 11-99 Officer Needs assistance! Multiple heavily armed gun men are shooting into the crowd on 1092 Dilvera Avenue! Multiple citizen casualties, I need backup NOW.

Owler - *Opens a communicator* Calling for one squad of Aeoneonatrix soldiers.

Meanwhile, the fallen officer in the convertible bleeds profusely, he reaches out to Owler for help.

Owler pulls the officer inside the convertible.

The Three terrorists begin to make it toWards the street, as they continue to clear a path through the crowd. The Squad of Aeoneonatrix soldiers arrived, armed with plasma weapons. They began firing at the three terrorists.

The officer in the convertible has a severe gun wound to the lower chest cavity, and is bleeding profusely.

Officer - Oh...oh god....my guts are coming out!

The three try to hold their own against the squad, but are quickly out gunned. Just before they are killed, they crack the cyanide caplets in their mouth, and they drop to the floor dead. However, not before Kilerv is shot in the arm.

Kilerv grips her arm as the bullet penetrates it; it pierces the bone and cracks it clean in half. She cries out in pain.


The driver of the convertible, who miraculously survived, notices that the street is now somewhat clear of civilians, he floors it.

Kilerv - Hnng....I've been shot...

Owler - I seem to be fine.

The driver meanwhile, drives quickly to the nearest hospital. When they make it to the hospital, Paramedics and Doctors are already waiting out front with gurneys. They quickly take both the Officer and Kilerv inside, but leave Owler behind.

Owler calls for transport back to his own ship.

A Visitor at the Hospital[edit | edit source]

Kilerv is in a hospital room. Her arm is enveloped in a cast, while the BioFoam inserted into her arm does its work in rebuilding the shattered arm in her bone. A doctor approaches her, telling her she has a visitor.

Kilerv - *sigh* Let them in.

Prelior walks in.

Kilerv looks at Prelior, with a slightly confused face.

Kilerv - Who are you?

Prelior - I am Prelior Firelife, of the Aeoneonatrix Empire.

Kilerv - Oh...Well, nice to meet you I suppose. Why are you here?

Prelior - Owler sent me. He believes he found the piece of rhetoric that may appease your empire's concerns, maybe not that of the terrorists, but those more mildly anxious. It will also reinforce the trust already had by much of your citizenry.

Kilerv - Mhmm, interesting. May I see it?

Prelior - Actually it’s just something I'll tell you. It wasn't hard to memorize

Kilerv - Then tell it.

Prelior - Okay. As I said, my name is currently Prelior Firelife. Would you like to know what it was one year ago?

Kilerv - While that may not be relevant to the current conversation, sure, that would be nice.

Prelior - It was 1100101100. I assure you that that is highly relevant.

Kilerv - That seems more like a Serial Code then a name.

Prelior - It was my slave camp's number.

Kilerv - Oh...You were a slave?

Prelior - Yes, to the Tyranny.

Kilerv - Hmm, the Tyranny? I'm afraid I don't know what that empire is...

Prelior - They're horrible. They're an empire composed of 30 foot monsters with the most horrid of lusts. They're conquerors that have invaded countless worlds, usually at no provocation. They used to enslave half the population, and... I'd rather not talk about the other half, especially now that that's what they do to everyone. They took my own forefathers, when we were young and defenseless, and distributed us across their empire as spa workers. We served them, for hundreds of years. They were everything your species is too naive to fear, and they still are to this day.

Kilerv - Well, that's terrible. No species should ever deserve what happened to you, although....I would not have been saying this a few weeks ago, for obvious reasons.

Prelior - I know. But this brings me to the rhetoric I mentioned, a reason you can assure your people that they can always trust the Aeoneonatrix.

Kilerv - Right. Are you ready to say it now?

Prelior - Yes. After we ran in the yacht, we had to choose the Empire we trusted with our lives carefully. Some would have returned us to the tyranny, others would have enslaved us for themselves, others would have killed us out of sheer xenophobia. We chose the Aeoneonatrix, and they not only held us, but they allowed us to join their empire. They have a proven track record of reliability, of the sort you might be able to make into propaganda.

Kilerv - That sounds good. It presents the Aeoneonatrix as one of the better Empires out of the rest, at least from my point of you.

Prelior - I know.

Kilerv - Anyways, that might help ease the population's worries. Although, there will always be paranoid people out there, the of course the terrorists. Speaking of terrorists, we have gathered some intelligence on them.

Prelior - Owler will want to hear this; may I turn on my recorder?

Kilerv - Sure, also, while you are here, I recommend you have some of the hospital food. It's actually quite good.

Prelior - Sure, I'll have some. *Turns on recorder.* First, this is an official recording, we need to name ourselves. This is Prelior Firelife of the Aeoneonatrix Empire. Now you, just say your name, so people listening will recognize your voice and identify your words as yours.

Kilerv - This is Kilerv Xandria of the United Hegemony of Clifsk. Now, the plate should be over there on that night table, it should have a couple of sandwiches left.

Prelior - Okay then, I'll start eating while you explain this intelligence you have.

When Prelior eats the sandwiches, Kilerv's face turns slightly sinister. At around that time, Prelior's mouth begins to tingle a bit.

Prelior - Hmmm, this is, odd...

Prelior's saliva in his mouth begins to foam a little.

Prelior - What is this?

Kilerv - Those sandwiches had 5 Grams of Cyanide in them, you will die in 1 Minute.

Prelior - WHAT?! What will that possibly gain you?

He tries to hide his fear, as he desperately tries to gag himself into regurgitating the sandwiches. Kilerv's face contorts into laughter.

Kilerv - Haha! You look quite hilarious when you are scared, that was a joke! There is no Cyanide in those sandwiches, only a chemical that overstimulates your saliva glands in your mouth!

Prelior did not find it all as funny as she did. He sat back down.

Prelior - Now, that intelligence?

Kilerv - Right! Well, we have figured out what the group calls themselves. They call themselves the "United Protectors of Clifsk". Additionally, by reading two of the men's journals, we have also figured out who their main leader is.

Prelior - Who?

Kilerv - Well, he is a former City Council member named Vizaz Dalk. He went missing right after the Invasion was complete, we assumed he was dead but obviously we were wrong.

Prelior - Interesting, what information do you have on him beyond that? Weaknessy things perhaps?

Kilerv - No, nothing else at the moment. We would have checked his apartment, or talked to his wife, but those two things were DESTROYED in the invasion.

Prelior - An invasion which we've forgiven you for making necessary to protect innocent civilians. Did you not have any kind of file on him?

Kilerv - Well of course, he was in the National Citizenship Database. Of course, it tells us exactly where his apartment is, which is very helpful. But other than that, it does not say much, besides criminal record, date of birth, and etc. He's completely off the radar at the moment.

Prelior - How is that even possible under your government?

Kilerv - Well...it's just because that's the way it is. We do not have any tracking devices on our citizens, so we can't get any info from that. Also, he could be anywhere on one of our ten planets, which are all thousands upon thousands of miles long.

Prelior - Do you think they have members on all 10?

Kilerv - Yes, this is apparently a nationwide movement, and not limited to just one or two planets.

Prelior - That's, bad. Is there anything else you have that you'd like to tell me?

Kilerv - No, nothing else at the moment.

Prelior - Alright then. *turns off recorder*

Kilerv - *Sigh*.

Prelior - I'll be leaving then.

He picked up the recorder and left the hospital, walking out onto the parking lot.

Kilerv - Until next time.

When he enters the parking lot, he notices his car is not in its parking spot, and instead are a pair of binoculars.


There is a note with the binoculars. He picked it up and read it. The note reads, "Take the binoculars and aim at the roof of the tallest building in the skyline." Prelior cautiously complied. When Prelior looks through the binoculars and aims it at the roof, he can see his car standing safely right near the edge of the roof.

Prelior - What the...

The car then proceeds to roll off the roof, and tumble down to the ground below.


Once he was calm enough, he thought to ask himself who did this and why. Then, suddenly, Prelior hears a car horn sound behind him. He turns around. His car is now in its parking spot, it is in perfect condition.

Prelior - What the...

There is a note on the windshield wiper. Prelior cautiously opened it.

The note reads, "You look so cute when you're angry! Your car is fine; the car that was on the roof was a fake. Kind regards - Kilver".

Prelior - You want to play this game? Fine then, It's on.

The New Oath[edit | edit source]

After her stay at the hospital, Kilerv got in the car to be quickly and discretely driven over to her office to be sworn back in.

Owler - So you've seen the slight re-wordings of the oath right?

Kilerv - Yes.

Owler - Will your people notice them?

Kilerv- I'm not sure, I liked the older oath better though.

Owler - You were supposed to. It is to remind you what you are, a puppet, a fake ruler whose power extends to all corners of operations about which I have no concern at the moment.

Kilerv - Hahaha, real funny. Just remember that the people will only listen to me, not you.

Owler - Do not make me to yank your strings Ms. Kilerv. As it is now, you obey my gentle tugs, and that will make all parties, especially the people you care about, happiest, got it?

Kilerv - Got it.

Owler - Now, I do believe we'r...

The car suddenly began swerving out of control. Despite the driver's attempts, it headed toWard the nearby shopping mall, full of innocent civilians. Kilerv lunges forWard and attempts to take the steering wheel from the driver. She fails, and it seems as though she is about to die, and her car be destroyed. Suddenly, the car stops.

Kilerv - What is wrong with you!?

A compartment on the top of the car opens and a note drops out.

Kilerv - Oh fuck no...

She takes the note. She reads it. It reads, "So it takes you TWO pranks to fake my death and fake destroying my car? You seem not to know who you're dealing with. I have seen both genders of Dominatus naked; you'll have to try harder to screw with me." - Prelior Firelife

Kilerv - Oh.... That son of a bitch...I'll get him for this. *turns to Owler* let’s just get to the ceremony.

Owler - Agreed, but I must give him a treat for this.

Kilerv grunts in anger. Owler orders the driver, who could now control the car as before, to the leader's office.

They exit the car and went inside the now windowless room. The walls have been bullet-proofed. Kilerv is placed in front of a television camera. The Oath Keeper walks in the room with the document. Owler quickly snatched it to ensure this was his edited version, it was. The oath keeper gives her the oath and she reads it, she then hands back the oath to the Oath Keeper.

Oath Keeper - Do you fully accept the oath that you have just read?

Kilerv - Yes.

Oath Keeper - Now, I must say one last thing.

Kilerv - What is it, Oath Keeper?

Oath Keeper - You are a bitch, and Owler is a bitch as well.

Kilerv - ....

The incident is televised live to all television sets in the nation, and reverberates through the main park through the speakerphones.

Owler walks up to the oath keeper and whispers so the cameras will not hear.

Owler - You will not find it wise to have insulted me. Apologize, and I'll go easy on you.

Oath Keeper - Ok. *Ahem* I have misspoken, what I meant to say is that Owler’s mother is a whore. Additionally, every single one of you people watching this are total assholes. All of you and Kilerv will burn for betraying the species.

Owler - Very well then, *whispers to Kilerv* Kilerv, what is his address?

Kilerv - *whisper* What the FUCK are you doing? *Turns to Owler* 241 Shivza St. The people watching on the television sets now are worried, they feel like they are being targeted.

Owler *Activates radio* *whisper* Go to 241 Shivza St, and cause as much damage as possible without hurting anyone inside.

Kilerv now has a highly embarrassed look on her face, if looked at directly in person she looks like she could cry in embarrassment.

Kilerv - Well...since I am now officially in power...err....I order this ceremony complete, and may all of you have a wonderful day. She turns off the camera.

Kilerv - ...

Owler - I do hope you were not especially fond of your windows, good sir, because we broke them and threw a tad bit of rotting meat in. Don't worry. It only takes hours to clean.

At that, the Oath Keeper takes out a trigger and pulls it, destroying the house and setting the entire street on fire

Owler pulls out a handgun and kills the terrorist.

Kilerv - I am getting reports of a fire on 241 Shivza St...

Kilerv - ...

Owler calls the fire department.

Kilerv storms off out of the room in a flurry of embarrassment and anger.

Owler - Well THIS is unpleasant.

Chapter 2: The Puppet State[edit | edit source]

A Candidate for Attack[edit | edit source]

Kilver sits in her office, going over reports, documents, and etc. Two guards stand on both sides of the entrence door. Owler and Prelior approach the door. A Guard asks them for their Identification.

Owler - This is Owler Steelnight, let me in.

Prelior - This is Prelior Firelife here on official business.

The guard nods, and opens the door for them. The two enter. Kilerv looks up from her desk, and greets them.

"Ahh, hello!" she says in a rare cheerful matter.

“Hello,” Owler says.

Two soldiers are at both sides of the room, they bear strange insignias on their armor.

“Now, why are you here?” Kilerv asked.

Prelior - We have been looking through your list of known rebel bases, we think we've found a good candidate for attack.

Kilerv - Good, good. That's excellent. Where is its location?

Prelior - The seventh closest colony, on the largest continent.

Kilerv - Good, very good. So, I suppose we should start mobilizing Police and the military then, and prepare for a raid.

Olwer - How much of it should be yours, and how much should be ours? We don't want it to appear that we are the main force in your army, lest they be able to spread the word that "The new regime allowed filthy aliens to attack UHC citizens"

“85% us, 15 % you,” Kilerv replies, “That should be enough to quell any suspicions.”

Owler - Alright.

Suddonly, one of the soldiers in the room drops his gun, and it fires 31 rounds into prelior. As the "rounds" go "through" Prelior, he feels pain just as if he is being shot.

Prelior - WHAT THE FUCK?

The "wounds" are gaping on Prelior, however, on closer inspection, they don't bleed.

Kilver laughed intensely.

Prelior - Oh so that's how it is?

The soldier snickers, as he pulled the trigger with an invisible string as it was on the floor. Prelior was still shaking from the pain.

Prelior - That wasn't a practical joke, you literally just tortured me.

Kilver - Hee-hee! Nah, it's a practical joke, you don't have any wounds so you are fine!

Prelior - Fine then, if we're allowed to inflict severe pain, I'll play that game. Trust me; you will surrender before I do.

An Attack on a Rebel Base[edit | edit source]

Owler and Prelior are in the small hanger of a UHC cruiser as they make their way to their destination. Soldiers in the hanger get ready for deployment as they check their gear, weapons, and etc. The UHC Operation Organizer stands near a box with a map on it, with three Officers around the box with him.

Owler - So what’s our plan?

UHC Officer - We will head to the Rebel Base via gunships, we will then send 2 squads of local SWAT teams here *points to a entrance area*, 2 Squads of UHC Marines here *points to another entrance area*, your squads will go to this entrance area here *points to it*, and then 4 Individual Units will enter through here *points.*.

UHC Officer - Local police will secure the surrounding area, supported by UHC Marines and some of your soldiers.

Owler - Sounds good.

UHC Officer - Good, although I must Warn you, no other armed forces are allowed to enter through this area *points* where the 4 Individual Units will enter, nor are they allowed to enter this sector of the structure *points* where the 4 units will be operating.

Owler - Why?

UHC Officer - Just because, I am not allowed to say anything else about those 4 Units, of course.

Owler - Interesting. Does anyone need to say anything else before deploying?

UHC Officer - Negative, we will deploy into the planet’s atmosphere in around 20 Minutes.

Olwer - Alright then.

20 Minutes later.

The Cruiser is orbiting close over the planet, and gunships are deployed into the atmosphere. The dropships land on the snowy surface, the base is surrounded by vast snowy plains. Temperatures are around 20 Degrees Fahrenheit. Fenoco and his squad exit their dropship and headed into the entrance to which they had been assigned. SWAT and UHC Marines go to their assigned entrances, while the 4 Units went to their entrances.

The radio's on all but the 4 Unit's crackle to life and says "This is a stealth orientated mission, be as quiet as possible and be efficient, wipe out all hostiles in your assigned sectors and then wait for further instructions..."

Fenoco - Got it

The radio crackles on the 4 Unit's and says "Go to your designated sector and take the suspected leader and take out his escorts, we need him alive."

Unit 1 Head - Affirmative.

The radio then crackles on again for all the soldiers and SWAT and says "Ok, on the mark of 3 you break in. 3..2...1..Go."

UHC SWAT and the UHC Marines break in the door silently and storm their respective sectors.

Fenoco and his squad enter the base and begin quickly enocmpasitating all of the rebels they come across

The 4 Units break in the door, and silently break in.

Fenoco and his squad see a room ahead with 6 rebels in it.

The group of rebels does not notice them, and one of them continue to smoke joints of rainbow spice. Fenoco's squad members each take aim at one soldier with their poison darts.

One of the rebels takes a deep smoke of his joint and says "Like...what if...like..you know....I'm not real...like this whole thing is being made by, like....like...A 15 Year old human?"

Another rebel responds with "I'm totally getting you bro.".

Fenoco and his squad fired, but the narrow door ensured only three of the rebels died. Three of the rebels slump to the ground, and the remaining three rebels have a extremely delayed response due to their intoxication.

One of the rebels in "shock" says "Woah...like....those characters were just like...killed off....."

The Defenders storm in and quickly snap the necks of the remaining rebels. The rebels slump to the floor as their necks are cracked, they make no noise. Fenoco and his squad move back into the hallway.

Meanwhile, the SWAT and UHC Marines continue to take out their targets without incident, the same goes for the 4 Units. The 4 Units spread out in their sector, one of the 4 Units walks down the hall. The lone unit sneaks behind a Rebel on patrol; he unsheathes his knife, and stabs it into the back of his neck, right at the part of the throat that makes noise. The rebel falls to the ground bleeding profusely, trying to scream but can't. The unit leaves the rebel there, as the rebel bleeds to death quickly, he continues to walk down the hallway.

Fenoco and his squad continue down the hallway, not realizing they are leaving their sector.

The Unit quietly speaks on his radio and says "One of the squads entered the sector, meet at point 23 at hallway intersection 9.” After he says that, he quietly slithers back down the hallway.

Fenoco's squad continues.

Suddenly, when they reach the entrence to a intersection between two hallways, 2 of the 4 units jump out of the ceiling infront of the squad, blocking the path in front of them, and the remaining two jump out of the ceiling behind the squad, blocking the path behind them.

Fenoco - What the...

The units have their guns pointed at the squad, and the head of the 4 units says "You have violated your orders; you have left your designated sector and have entered ours."

Fenoco - Wait, *checks datapad* Oh, it seems there was a miscommunication about our exact assignment. We'll gladly go back...

The 4 Units quickly fire constrictors at all 6 of the men in Fenoco's Squad, including Fenoco. The constrictors swiftly tighten around the neck cutting off blood flow to the brain.

Fenoco and his squad wake up in their own sector.

By the time they wake up, they hear the radio crackle to life "All units, pull out of the base, objective has been complete."

The radio on one of the Unit's crackles "Did you get him?" the Unit responds with saying "Yes, we have him, he is unharmed."

Fenoco and his squad leave.

An Interrogation[edit | edit source]

The rebel leader sits on a chair in a white, square room. His hands are chained to the table and the chair is bolted to the floor. The room has a two way mirror.

Owler looks into the room through the mirror. He hears his partner entering. The two of them will be working together on the interrogation.

Owler - Are you ready?

The intelligence agent nods and says "Yes."

Owler - I hope you don't mind if I bring a few of my own toys in?

Intelligence Agent - It is not a problem, as long as we extract information from him, it is fine.

Owler - Excellent.

The two walked into the room. The leader looks at the two with a smug look.

Owler - *sees look* Well don't you look happy for someone who's been captured.

Rebel Leader - I ain't going to tell you and your panzy friend anything.

Intelligence Agent - You will tell us everything you know about the group.

Owler - Heh. And I think I have something that will ensure that you do.

Owler pulls an object out of his pocket.

Owler - Do you see what this is?

Rebel Leader - It's a knife dip shit, and it looks like it was poorly made. The shape is off.

Owler - This is a Mardor Agonizer. The Mardor are a, rather sadistic species. That blade is designed to inflict the most pain possible while causing the least and most easily repaired damage to you, so you can live to go under it again. In our case, this knife is your motivation to speak. Be cooperative and I won't be forced to run it along your arm, then your back, then your legs, then your stomach, then your chest, then your face, then your back again, etc.

Rebel Leader - I'm strong! I won't betray my species by giving any info to you sadistic fucks! You won't intimidate me with your fancy blades.

He says it in an irritated and assertive matter, sort of like a child.

Owler - I assure you I gain no pleasure from doing what must be done. Well, maybe a little, but I'm merely willing to do what is needed to save the civilians your knowledge could stop you from killing. Civilians of YOUR species I note. You also have defied me by operating against my ends, and such things tend to anger me.

Rebel Leader - Did you see all those people cheering for Kilerv during the ceremony? They have betrayed the species for their own selfish desires. Only the citizens that stand strong against you and Kilerv will be saved in the end.

Owler - Betrayed? What harm have I done to your species?

Rebel Leader - You are an agent for the imperialistic Aeoneonatrix Empire. You don't wish for the wellbeing of this species, you only wish to exploit and harm us. So, we must resist against scum like you.

Owler - Hah! Imperialistic! We are no such thing. The only nations I control are ones that will kill innocents if left to their own devices. Now, I'm going to start asking questions. We can do this the easy way, or we can show you just why that blade looks like it does.

Rebel Leader - You can ask questions, but they will just go in one ear, and out the other.

Owler - We'll see about that. So tell me, where is the final leader of your organization? *Turns to agent* turn on the lie detectors, lest he try to deceive his way out from under my knife.

Rebel Leader - He is in the Divzla Sector of Planet Number 2. The lie detector goes off the charts.

Owler - Ooh, looks like kinfey gets to play.

Owler leans in and slowly presses the knife against the rebel's arm.

Owler - Remember, you can stop it at any time by answering our questions truthfully.

Owler slowly runs the knife down the rebel's arm.

Owler - Now, are you willing to tell us the turth? The leader grunts in pain, as his pain filled face turns into a smile and says

"Hey, hey buddy *gives him the finger.* how about you go fuck yourself?"

Owler - Well okay then, let's move on to your other arm shall we?

Owler does the same thing to the rebel's other arm.

The Rebel Leader's face contorts into immense pain, and he says "Hnng, err, Kizazsh Sector, Planet 8!"

The lie detector goes off again.

Owler - That will not work.

Intelligence Agent - That sector does not even exist...

Owler - Why do you hate your species so much as to support through all of this an organization that targets them without discrimination?

Rebel Leader - Because, deep down, in their hearts, they know what they are doing is wrong. But they do it anyways, the majority of the population. We are the minority, we try to tell the majority that they are harming the species by supporting you, and we will try to persuade them with any means necessary. Owler - And what have we done to harm your empire? Oh, and I'm still waiting to learn where your leader is.

Rebel Leader - You colonized close to our border on purpose, and were plotting to attack this nation. We asked you to abandon that one planet, but you declined. Owler - We had no such plans. We only attacked you because you would not agree not to harm innocent people. Had you not been paranoid, none of this would have happened. By the way, time to move on to the right leg.

Rebel Leader - Go die in a pit.

Olwer - Very well then. *presses against the leg and begins moving downWard.* The rebel leader screams in pain and says "Falf Sector, Planet 3!" The lie detector goes off.

Intelligence Agent - Again, not a real sector.

Intelligence Agent - I grow tired of your lies, please say the truth.

Rebel Leader - Fuck off, panzy.

Owler - Why are you so convinced we are trying to hurt you? Did an alien kill your mommy? *Positions knife over left leg*

Rebel Leader - Go fuck yourself, you know nothing about our history.

Owler - *Turns to officer* Where did this cultural paranoia come from anyway? *Begins running knife down left leg*

The Intelligence Agent frowns and says "1,500 Years ago we had just discovered advanced computers and binary code, the nations of the world were coming closer together interms of relations, due to heroic international peace efforts. But then, one day, space ships came out of the sky, within those ships were pirates and barbarians, and they brought death and suffering to our peaceful world. They stayed for three months, and killed half of our population of 9 Billion, and within those three months, they performed abominations against our people. Rape, pillaging, kidnapping, murder, you name it. One day, after three months of suffering, they left, and left a ravaged world. Three nations rose from the ashes of civilization, and embraced the world in their arms and care. They signed a future act of isolation, which stated that once we had reached spaceflight, we would never try to encounter any outside forces. It also stated that once we had gained the appropriate technology to wipe out the empires around us for our safety. That is why we tried to attack that planet that was near our border. The captain was nice that he did not go straight into attacking you, and he tried to get you off the surface of the planet somewhat peacefully. That event has scarred us as a species, and we have never recovered from it."

Owler - *turns to rebel* So you think we're going to be like those pirates just because we're not the same species as you?

Rebel Leader - Yes.

Owler - That's absurd. We have nothing in common with them except that we're not you. Do you think every empire is like that to every other?

Owler prepares the knife for another slash, this time across the stomach. Rebel Leader - Yes, and I bet your getting riled up with that knife. Hopefully those pirates fucked the panzy agent's ancestors.

At that the Intelligence Agent goes into a rage, he violently shoves Owler out of the way and tackles the Rebel Leader, taking the chair off its bolts and severing his chains. The Intelligence Agent slowly begins to cut up the Rebel Leader's face violently.

The Rebel Leader screams in horror and says "Ahh! Ahh! Please stop, aughh! Rizerv Sector Planet Number 4!"

The lie detector does a cheerful "Bweep!".

The Intelligence Agent slowly stands up, and composes himself.

Intelligence Agent - Very good… You have told us everything we wanted to know, now, we can fix your face if you tell us where he is exactly.

Rebel Leader Hnng. *Whimper* The Fisha Mountain Range!

Intelligence Agent - Good, you will be let out of custody now.

The Intelligence Agent pulls out his pistol and shoots the leader in the chest multiple times, killing him. Owler gets up and sees the dead body of the leader.

Owler - Well that's the end of him then. Shall we attack the leader next?

Intelligence Agent - Yes, yes we will.

Owler - Good then.

The Necroxi[edit | edit source]

Owler approached Kilerv's office one day. The guards notice his face, and open the doors for him.

Kilerv looks up from her desk and says "Ahh, hello Owler."

Owler - Hello, mind If I give you a quick ride to an Aeoneonatrix world? There's something there I want to show you.

Kilerv sighs a bit, looking down on the document she was about to sign and says with a neutral voice "Sure, why not?"

Owler - Alright then, mind boarding my ship, the Vital Wound?

Kilerv - Sure.

Owler took her onto the ship.

The headed up to the bridge, Prelior is there.

Kilerv - Hello, Prelior.

Prelior - Hello.

Kilerv - So, what did you need me for?

Owler - Well, I want to show you an new resource we just got. Not much use in the War to destroy the tyranny, but of some use for the suppression of the rebels.

Kilerv - Well, show it then.

Owler - We must go to the world.

Kilerv - Oh.

Owler ordered his pilot to take their ship to an Aeoneonatrix world. They arrived in orbit and Owler ordered the pilot to land. But the pilot could not stop.

Prelior - Crap, We're crashing!

The Ship tumbled toWard the planet. Kilerv panics for a short moment, but then calms down, knowing that nothing can help her or the crew now, and that her life is in a greater power's hands now. She thinks about her children and nation, and sheds a lone tear. The ship crash lands on the planet, the pilot's skills seem to have slowed it down enough to land the ship in a repairable state, nonetheless, without help, it did not seem they could leave.

Prelior - Well that was a close one... perhaps we should leave the ship and find help?

Kilerv - That would be the best decision.

Prelior, Owler, Kilerv, and the Pilot left the ship. As soon at they were out, the door locked behind them, it would not re-open

Kilerv - Damnit, we could have used this as our base to stay the night.

Prelior - Kilerv, it's already night.

Owler - Well at least we landed right outside a town.

Kilerv, still slightly dazed from the wreck looks slightly up and says "Oh..."

Prelior - I say we go in and find someone who can repair a space-ship.

Kilerv - That would be wise to do.

The go into town, as they enter, they see the town is run down and abandoned, and, it seemed at first, deserted. There was rusty metal, screeching doors, and a dense fog.

Kilerv - Hmm, this town may be disincorporated, I doubt there would be anyone living here.

Prelior - Wait no, I think I see someone in the distance. Indeed, there is a figure in the distance, but as they go closer, they see it is no Aeoneonatrix member race. It is a wretched Abomination. Horrifically black with white tan, and maroon deviations. It has a horrid mouth, empty, black eyes, and a shambling gate. The worst part though, at least for Kilerv, was that its legs extended from its shoulders, and its two sets of arms from lower on its body.

It turned toWards them, and let out a horrific cry.

Kilerv - What the FUCK is that?

It ran to the pilot.

The pilot began running, and would have escaped has it not been cut off by another, similar yet different creature.

This other creature had six insectoid legs and two such arms, a single wretched eye, a black, grey, and tan form. It picked up the pilot and carried him off as the pilot protested.

Kilerv eyes widen, as she takes a few steps back, she goes for her firearm but notices she forgot it, she goes "Oh shit."

Another creature, black with a white snout and red bulging veins, noticed the three and began chasing.

Kilerv - Fucking shoot it!

Prelior - I can't.

Kilerv - What do you mean you can't!?

They ran away from this thing, but were no match for it's many legs, there must have been at least ten. It penned the three to the ground.

Kilerv - OH SHIT!

She is panicking now, as she struggles to get free of the creature.

Prelior - Before we die Kilerv, there's just one thing you need to know.

Kilerv - Yeah? What is that?

Prelior - The pain of 31 bullets can motivate one to make their next prank VERY elaborate.

The Creature allowed them to get up. Kilerv stops struggling and her eyes widen, she gets up, but has a glare in her eyes.

Prelior - Meet our newest member race, the Necroxi... are you okay?

Kilerv's face turns into a neutral expression and says "Prelior, could you please come over here?"

Prelior - I don't think I'd prefer to.

Kilerv - No, I need to tell you something.

Prelior - I can hear you from here. Kilerv begins to walk at a calm and normal pace and says "No, I need to tell you something important, really, I do."

Prelior goes in closer. As he gets closer, Kilver quickly delivers a powerful backhand slap to Prelior's face she shouts "You fucking crossed the line, Prelior! You scared me shitless, and had me worried about the fate of my children without a mother! The big guns are coming out Prelior, and you better be fucking prepared!"

Prelior - I assure you there is nothing I cannot handle. I have been a tyranny slave, you cannot top that.

Owler - Regardless, the reason I allowed this is because it also showcased our new resource that I wanted to tell you about. Would you like to hear more?

Kilerv turns back to Owler, still fuming with rage and says "Sure...elaborate on what you wanted to tell me."

Owler - Like Prelior said, this is out new member race, the Necroxi. They were genetically engineered as the perfect form psychological Warfare by another race. They were dumped by their creators, and we were the only empire who would take them.

Kilver looks back at them, and directs her glare at the one that pinned her, she gives a intensely hostile look, she then turns back to Owler and says "That's...great..."

Necroxi - Oh come now, I did you no harm.

Kilerv - Shut up.

Owler - They're of course, citizens here, not slaves, but some of them will still do for us what they did for their creators. That is to say, go into a War zone, and terrify the enemy.

Kilerv - OK.

Owler - What do you think?

Kilerv - They are impressive...

Necroxi - Thank you.

Kilerv sighs.

Owler - Do you think it might be nice to send a few of these in battle against the rebels?

Kilerv - Whatever works, I guess. They would certainly scare any rebels they encountered, which would lower overall morale.

Owler - The only concern I have is that they might be SO terrifying they sew mistrust.

Kilerv - Right...there is always that risk...I'll think about it.

She looks back at Prelior and the looks away in distain and hate.

Kilerv - Let's just get out of here.

Owler - Okay.

Owler Meets with Kilerv[edit | edit source]

Kilerv sits in her office, looking over several documents sent from the Council and various other Government Committees. Owler approached the office and asked to be let in. The guards, noticing his face and name, nod and let him in. Kilerv looks up upon him entering the room and says "Oh, Owler, pleased to meet you. Why are you here?"

Owler walks into the room.

Owler - Two things, actually.

Kilerv - Ok, go ahead.

Owler - The intelligence officer told me about the pirates.

Kilerv face turns from slightly cheery to neutral with a slight frown and she says “Yes...the Pirates. That was the worst calamity this species faced in all of history.”

Owler - I know. Do you know who they were? Who they were allied with? Like, what empire?

Kilerv - No, we knew nothing about them. The only thing we know about them is their name, their name was the United Group of Barbarians. They had around 100 Tier 4 ships. That's all we know about them.

Owler - They do sound horrid. Perhaps there is a way to use their legacy against the rebels.

Kilerv - How so?

Owler - The rebels want to re-establish your old policies right? To destroy all nearby empires?

Kilerv - Yes.

Owler - This would I assume include preemptive strikes on non-space-faring civilizations?

Kilerv - Affirmative.

Owler - To be frank, the rebels are worse than the pirates, and that's something we could use against them. Rather than allowing them to capitalize on it alone, we should point out that they're as bad as the aliens they're mad at. It won't convince the leaders, but it will be a good tool to use in our various propaganda campaigns.

Kilerv - Hmm, that seems like a good idea. In a sense what the rebels want to do is genocide, and I think the general population is beginning to abandon the old ideas. I think it could work.

Owler - Really? Already? Even I didn't realize I was that good with civilian minds.

Kilerv - Getting invaded and having cities completely razed can do something to the mind, and the rebels want the population to get back to believing the old ideals.

Kilerv - Now, what was that second thing you wanted to talk to me about?

Owler - My defenders had an... Interesting story to tell after we got rid of that base.

Kilerv - Oh really?

Owler - A miscommunication caused them to wander outside of their own assigned area.

Kilerv - Mhmm, go on.

Owler - Into that of the squad no one was supposed to tell me about, they were apparently knocked out and returned to their area, but not until after meeting the soldiers.

Kilerv - Well, they left their sector and went into a sector they were not supposed to. That sector was sensitive and only those 4 could be there, so of course the defenders got taken out forcefully.

Owler - Kilerv, what are you hiding from me?

Kilerv - I am hiding nothing because you do not need to know about it. It is none of your business to know about those 4 units.

Owler - We are team-mates in this Kilerv, you have no need to keep any resource available to me a secret.

Kilerv - Yes, while we are team-mates, there are still some things that need to be kept secret.

Owler - Why? What are you afraid of? I'm the secrets guy of the Aeoneonatrix Empire; your knowledge is safe with me.

Kilerv - It's just one of those things that you keep close, and don't tell anyone else.

Owler - The only reason I want to know is because I want to be able to effectively utilize every resource available to me. Kilerv knows that he will just keep persisting, so she sighs and says "Shit, alright. But, you must keep it to yourself, got that?"

Owler - I understand.

Kilerv - Those units belong to a special operations branch of our military called Internal External Operation Teams-10, or in short IEOT-10. They are designed to do high risk missions inside and outside of our empire.

Owler - Why are they a secret? You make them sound mundane.

Kilerv - They are not as mild as they seem. They are frequently assigned to infiltration missions, and missions that are of very sensitive nature. We cannot risk a leak coming out due to a clumsy government official, so only me and the head of military know about them.

Owler - Oh, I see.

Kilerv - Now, you must promise that you never mention their name to anyone else but me and the head of military.

Owler - Of course.

Kilerv - Because if you do....

Owler - You'll do what?

Owler hears a voice from behind him saying "We will find you."

Owler - Hahahahaha. Nice. A threat worthy of my own hands. The IEOT-10 Agent says "Indeed, but you won't see the agent that removes you." he says it in a cold and serious matter.

Kilerv - *Says in cheerful voice* Anyways! Now that we got that off our chests... Anything else you want to talk to me about?

Owler - Yes, here's the portion of our databanks you asked for. What exactly do you plan to do with all of our information on the Drakodominatus tyranny?

Kilerv - We want to find out more about them. What their biology is, threat assessment, and etc.

Owler - Very well. I'm off to give Prelior his assignment. See you.

Kilver - Alright, see you soon

IEOT-10 Agent - Till we meet again.

An Assignment for Prelior[edit | edit source]

Kilerv sits in her office, looking over documents on her desk, he had called Prelior to meet her there and is now waiting.

Prelior - You had an assignment for me?

Kilerv - Yes, I'm very busy today, with many meetings and committee monthly report meetings. So, I need you to do a favor, I need you to go to Planet 4, in the city of Tilvav. On the planet you will be driving a rental car. Once you reach the city you will go to the Conference Centre, where an Official will be waiting for you. You will talk to him about the rebel base.

Kilerv takes the rental car keys out of her pocket and hands them to Prelior.

Prelior - Very well then.

Kilerv - Oh, and, the car you will be driving is a white 2785 Vil Shilmera Sedan.

Prelior - I do not know what that is, but okay.

Kilerv - Ok, that's just about all I need to tell you.

As Prelior makes his way into the rental car lot, he finds the White Vilshilmera Sedan. The planet is cold, with the temperature where he is being 27 Degrees Fahrenheit, it is snowing lightly.

Prelior got in the car and began driving toWard the office of the official he was here to meet. The road signs are confusing to say the least, with the complex language and strange numerical systems, he quickly finds himself going 20 MPH over the speed limit. He drives by a police car. The police car quickly speeds up behind premier, and flashes its lights and sirens.

Prelior - Oh just PERFECT

Prelior pulls over.

The police car pulls up behind Prelior’s car; the Officer speaks into his radio and says "Pulling over a 10-38 Aggressive Speeding half a mile past Mile Marker 228, on route PR-201."

The officer steps out of his car, and walks toWards Prelior's car. The officer knocks on Prelior's window, and asks him to wind it down. Prelior does.

The officer notices he is a foreign alien, and slightly frowns, he says "Do you know why I have pulled you over, sir?"

Prelior - No, I do not. I'm on official government business, I need to get going.

Officer - I do not care you are on official business. You were going 20 Miles per Hour over the speed limit, which is Aggressive Speeding. Give me your ID, Driver’s License, and Vehicle Registration.

Prelior grumbles and hands over these items.

The officer walks back to his car and checks the computer, he then walks back to Prelior's car and gives him back his items.

Officer - Alright, I'm going to fine you for Aggressive Speeding.

The officer pulls out his datapad, and begins to write up the ticket. He adds an additional 500 Credit fee to the original 500 Credit Aggressive Speeding charge just for being alien, the total fine is now 1000 Credits. The Officer prints out the fine, and hands it to Prelior.

Prelior - Grrrr. Fine. *takes ticket* May I get on my way then?

Officer - Yes, remember to drive better next time.

The Officer walks back to his car, and drives off ahead.

Prelior - Sure, fine, whatever.

Prelior got on his way. While Prelior is driving, a black car drives behind and around him to the side; it looks like it is going to pass. Suddenly, the car drives sharp left into the driver's side door of Prelior's car, the light car Prelior is in stands no chance, and gets launched sharply to the right, the car careens toWards the forest. Prelior tries to stop it, but crashes in the woods. 16 Airbags in the car go off as it crashes directly into a tree; the front gets pushed into the driver's compartment but barely misses Prelior. The car comes to a complete stop. Prelior got out, miraculously unharmed.

Suddonly, five Drakodominatus come out of the woods and face Prelior, they surround him.

Prelior - Oh fuck...

He was visibly terrified. A Dominatus quickly grabs Prelior by the neck and lifts him up.

Prelior - No... no.... Please Cleanser no...

The Dominatus grabbing Prelior says “We finally have you, you miserable welp.”

He tightens his grip around Prelior's neck. The Dominatus hold him up even higher, preparing to throw him headfirst into the ground.

Prelior - Why do you care so much about just me? So much that you're willing to spare 5 Dominatus on me?

The Dominatus looks at him and says “To make sure you don't escape like last time, you pathetic worm.”

The Dominatus throws his arm down along with Prelior, but stops a half way to the ground.

Prelior - Do you plan to eat me instead?

The Dominatus instead throws Prelior into the wrecked cars windshield, causing it to crack and causing massive bruising to Prelior. The Dominatus then walks over to Prelior again and picks him up.

Prelior - What did I ever do to you?

Dominatus - Existing.

The Dominatus then throws Prelior to another Dominatus, and the Dominatus then begins to slam him into the ground repeatedly by the legs.

Dominatus - I'm going to slowly tract you threw my digestive system, so you experience the horror of being sucked of all your vital organs.

The Dominatus then stops slamming Prelior, and swiftly throws him into his mouth, closing it and then swallowing him. Prelior falls through his throat and into his stomach. Prelior braces for the end, but then notices that he has not been digested. However, on the stomach wall, there is a note.

Prelior - no way...

Prelior opens the note.

The note reads "I told you the big guns were coming out. This is what happens when you make a mother think about her children's fate without her. Also, you look sort of cute being eaten. Kind regards - Kilver".

Prelior - ...

Prelior - ...

Prelior - ...


The Dominatus mech hears his shouts and chuckles; a hatch to the outside world opens. Prelior exits.

Dominatus - Hahaha...haha....ha....

Prelior - Now how will I get to the office, so I can return and sell her and her damn children to the tyranny. I'm gathering that you guys are fakes?

Dominatus - Yes, we are fake.

Prelior - AI?

Dominatus - You looked so scared, it was hilarious, and no, these are mech suits.

Prelior - I served those horrid things for my entire life. All of that suffering, all of that pain, all of those years as a slave those monsters. I'm not holding back anymore, Kilerv will with she never crossed me with those sandwiches.

Dominatus - Haha, good luck with that. Don't even think about going close to her family, family is considered very important in our culture.

Prelior - I said nothing about her children.

A gunship was waiting outside for Prelior, a SWAT officer motions Prelior to get in. The Dominatus plays a recording of what he said in his stomach. A gunship was waiting outside for Prelior, a SWAT officer motions Prelior to get in. Prelior quickly complies.

Planning the Next Attack[edit | edit source]

The gunship lands near the Conference Centre, Prelior is then taken into a car and driven to the Conference Centre. There he was escorted inside, and taken to a Conference Room with a large table, the Official sits on the other end of it. Official - Please, take a seat.

Prelior complies.

Official - So, I assume your drive here was pleasant?

Prelior - Kilerv told you, didn't she? The official chuckles and says "Yes, she did. Quite funny actually, although she actually was busy today, so she needed to choose you."

Prelior - Never mind. I don't want to talk about it.

Prelior - Let's just get down to business.

Official - Right, I'm here to talk about the upcoming Raid on the Rebel Base, which is suspected to hold the leader.

Prelior - Yes, that's why I'm here.

Official - Ok, well, this is going to be a join operation between the local law enforcement and SWAT, along with the UHC Marine Corps. There are also going to be some...Special Operatives, but I am not at liberty to say more about them.

Prelior - Alright.

Official - Now, onto the schematics.

The Official takes out a map of the base, which was taken by drones, he then puts it in the center of the table, and motions Prelior to come over. Prelior complied. The Official points to points around the map and says "The teams will come in on gunships and land here, here, and there. Law enforcement and some SWAT Units will come in with land vehicles, and set up a parameter around the mission area. The Aeon Team will enter through here, the UHC Marine Team will enter here, the

SWAT/Law Enforcement team will enter here, and 9 SpecOp units will enter here into the structure here.”

Prelior - Alright, are we going to do the same thing we did before or do we have anything special in mind?

Official - Nope, the same thing. This will be a stealth mission, all the teams accept the 9 Unit's objectives are to eliminate all hostiles in the base; the 9 Unit's objectives are to capture the leader and his co-leaders.

Official - Anything you want to go over again?

Prelior - Nothing in particular, so the rebellion will be dead after this?

Official - Yes, The rebellion will be effectively leaderless, and will quickly disorganize. We would only have to take down the small splinter groups after that.

Prelior - Excellent.

Official - Well, since you have nothing else to say, I declare this meeting over.

Prelior - Sure.

Prelior Confronts Kilerv[edit | edit source]

Prelior stormed up to Kilerv's office.

Kilerv looks up and says "Oh, hi Prelior!"

Prelior stomps in with an angry look on his face. "What the hell?"

Kilerv looks up and says "Oh, hi Prelior! I see you got involved in my...dark humor." She says it in a cheerful voice.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Prelior shouted.

Kilerv - Oh, nothing, just getting a bit of revenge after that shit you did to me on that planet.

"Kilerv I was enslaved to those things for 23 YEARS!" Prelior said, "I worked and toiled for them day in and day out. Do you have any idea what that was like?" Kilerv - No I do not. Quite frankly I am sorry that you had to deal through that for 23 years, but, there had to be some pain for what you did to me. That was the thing that would emotionally disturb you the most, so I chose it. I told you the big guns were coming out Prelior, now; I don't want this to escalate any more. Let's stop, alright?

"Kilerv," he said, "I thought my escape had ended. I had been free and glad of it for months and now I thought it was all over. I thought my nightmare was coming back. My plan since I escaped has been one thing and one thing alone: to be something. To be more than a small force among a hundred-trillion slaves they would be forgotten to history. I worked my feathers off learning to not only speak, but read and write in the Aeoneonatrix language. I've been working hard to do whatever I'm needed for, with the hope I can eventually become someone important. I thought I had lost that. I thought I had been demoted to a Dominatus meal. Do you think you'll get away with that bitch? You'll pay! You'll fucking PAY! Mark my words, you will regret having ever crossed me!"

Kilerv - Well...I'm sorry to hear that. I have a recording of what you said in that dominatus stomach, and I listened to it. I'm Warning you once, and just this once, stay away from my family. If you do something involving them, even a shitty little prank, you will not fare well. Like I said, I'm sorry you worked under slavery for 25, years. Additionally, I want the pranks to stop, it is beginning to escalate.

Prelior - If you want it to stop, try to make it up to me.

Kilerv - How can I make it up to you, an apology?

Prelior sighed. "My current objective is to get my own ship," he said, "If you can do something to help me with that, I'll forgive you."

Kilerv - I'll see what I can do for you, Prelior.

Prelior - Okay.

Prelior left.

The Attack[edit | edit source]

A UHC ship orbits over Planet 4, in the hanger troops get ready for deployment, and gunships are doing their final pre-flight checks. An Officer sits on a crate with the Raid Plan on his data pad; he is looking it over thoroughly. Owler walks in.

Owler - So are we ready?

The Officer looks up and says "Yes, but...I'm sensing something strange."

"What?" Owler asked.

The Officer set with a perplexed face and said "I don't know...there is something nagging the back of my mind. This all just seems, I don't know, too easy."

Officer - Ungh, probably nothing though...

Owler - Well then, shall we begin the assault?

Officer - Yes, we leave for the planet's atmosphere in 5 minutes.

"Okay," Owler says.

A few minutes later, a call comes out over everyone's radio that the raid is beginning, and the gunships turn on, ready for departure. Fenoco and his squad gear up and board their dropship. At that, the gunships take off, and sooner than later arrive in the planet’s atmosphere.

The area they are going to is a cold tundra. The base soon comes in visible sight and the gunships land near it quietly. Fenoco and his squad exit their dropship and carefully approach their assigned entrance. Police and SWAT cars arrive quietly, and the SWAT teams get near their entrance. The UHC Marines go to their entrance, as well as the 9 Units.

The radio's on everyone's radio except for the 9 units crackle to life and says "Alright, you know the drill, this is a stealth mission. Eliminate all hostile in your designated sector, and then wait for further orders."

The radio on the 9 Units says "This is a capture mission, you are to eliminate all hostiles in your path, and then capture the leaders."

The leader of the group of 9 says "Acknowledged.".

The radio then says for all members of the raid force "Ok, on three.


Fenoco leads his squad inside.

The UHC and SWAT teams enter quietly, while the 9 Units also enter quietly.

The UHC and SWAT teams begin to engage and eliminate their targets, while the group of 9 follow the schematics provided to them. Fenoco and his squad go room to room eliminating the rebel soldiers. The group of 9 quickly make their way to the main room, where the leader and his co-leads were supposed to be. They eliminate anyone in their way. They reach the door, and make a breaching formation around it. They put a charge on the door, and put a silencer cap on it. The door gets blown off its hinges, and a unit catches it, it gets gently set down. While he does that, the rest of the group charges in, but they find nobody.

The head leader looks around in confusion; a unit next to him says "They are not here..."

The head leader the looks at the clock in the room, it is set at 11 'O clock. The then looks at two number blocks on the main table, they make out 23, he then sees a magazine in a dark corner, it says "BOOM Magazines".

The head leader quickly turns on his radio to all channels and says "It is a trap, we must evacuate!"

The head leader continues with "We have 11 Minutes and 23 Seconds left before the place self-destructs, we must leave."

Fenoco orders his squad around begin heading toWard the entrance. At that, all the doors leading to the outside world lock, and firedoors go over them, the entrances are now completely blocked.

The head leader orders his squad to regroup, and follow him. The head leader and his squad run into Fenoco.

Head Leader - ...

Fenoco - You... Whatever, let’s just get out of here.

Head Leader - ...There is no time, you will follow us. There is an air vent system we can use to leave the structure.

Fenoco - Okay.

The head leader motions for Fenoco's squad to follow him, and him and his squad begin to run down the hall Fenoco and his squad followed. The Group of 9 and Fenoco's squad then reach an air vent. The 9 Units pry it off its hinges.

Head Leader - Fenoco and I will go in first, my squad will follow me and Fenoco, then Fenoco's squad will follow my squad.

Fenoco - It might be better to have us go first, we're faster, and would be able to get out quicker.

Head Leader - NO. We know the air vent system better then you, we were given more advanced schematics.

Fenoco - Okay then.

The head leader crawls in. Fenoco goes in after him. The squad of 9 follow Fenoco. Fenoco's squad go in last. The group crawls in the air vents, before the group reaches a fan. The head leader takes out a brick, and jams it in the fan blade, the fan stops. The group then proceeds through the air vents. The group the goes to another hatch, the head leader opens it. The hatch leads to the outside, and the head leader jumps out. Fenoco follows. The members of the squad of 9 being to jump out, but then suddenly, the hatch closes on the 7th squad member's chest, he screams in pain.

Unit 7 - Aurghh!

One of Fenoco's squad members runs up to push on the hatch. The hatch then completely closes; the squad member is cut in half. The upper half falls outside while the lower half stays inside the vent; the group inside the vent is trapped.

Head Leader - Fenoco, there is nothing we can do about them, they are gone. We must move on.

Fenoco saluted his squad "goodbye."

The people inside the vent frantically bang the hatch, but to no avail, the Head Leader runs at full sprint, shouting "50 Seconds!"

Fenoco looks back as well, and repeats his salute.

Fenoco began a full sprint. At maximum speed, he exceeded 45 Miles per hour. The structure then explodes, the shock wave launch the Head Leader and Fenoco 40 feet. The Head Leader lands on his back. The squad land near the Head Leader. The head leader stands up, and looks at the rubble that once was the structure.

He turns on his radio, and says "Mission failure, the leader was not at the base and it was a trap. Me, 6 of my squad, and Fenoco are all that's left. Requesting immediate evac.

The Head Leader then throws his radio to the ground in anger and says "Fuck!"

The Head Leader just stands there, looking at the Structure, he has failed his objective. Fenoco sheds a tear.

"You know, this is the second one I've lost." Fenoco says.

The head leader continues to look at the Structure and says "First...Mission Failure...first...squad casualties..."

"It sucks," Fenoco says, "The only comforting thought is in the fact that they were ready. It's a risk you take as a hero. They understood that. I couldn't see it, but I know they saluted me too, and I know they knew I had saluted them."

Fenoco - So how did you end up as a soldier?

The Head Leader turns to Fenoco and says “I conscripted for the Military at age 20. When...err...EXPUNGED...was formed they were looking for members, to be more specific the best people in the Military. I was top of my base group in battlefield tactics, and of course, things like Close Combat and etc. So, they chose me, and EXPUNGED.”

The Head Leader continues with "There, my military life, you need not know more."

"Hah, 20," Fenoco said, "My egg was given to the Defender program by my parents, though it was not called that then. It's still not called that now, technically." The Head Leader responds with "Hmm, interesting. I suppose the internal workings of the Defender Program are confidential?"

"The specifics are," Fenoco says, "But not the basics. My parents had a one night stand and, instead of smashing my egg, decided to sell it to the POTTA." The Head Leader says "Well, that's rather unfortunate about your parents but I must ask, what is POTTA?

"Program of the Transfinite Acronym," Fenoco said, "It's a nickname we have for what would otherwise be about 20 letters. People with an egg they don't want can send it there and it will be raised up and trained as a super soldier. A hero, complete with augmentations, the formula for which and the nature of the training we receive being where things begin to require higher and higher clearance levels."

Head Leader - Hmm, interesting. It sounds like a good program for a good cause.

"Yeah," Fenoco said, "The universe needs heroes like us."

Head Leader - Yes, while I believe good and bad are completely based on perspective, good, at least in this universe, stays consistent and the same thing across multiple empires. While bad is the same, so, I am glad forces like you are helping forces like mine, fight "evil" and fight for "good.".

"I don't fight for good," Fenoco said, "I fight for people. Talk to Lingur Wildlight if you want someone who fights for ideals. I'm just the guy whose job it is to help."

Head Leader - Right, either thing is a noble cause, and I respect you greatly due to that.

"It's just the mantle I was given," Fenoco says.

Fenoco chuckled, "though that's not to say I don't indulge in its benefits."

At that, gunships appeared over the horizon and landed near the group. The 6 Units quickly get on one of the drop ships. Fenoco entered another. The Head Leader entered the one with his squad, and the gunships took off.

Another Interrogation...[edit | edit source]

Kilerv sits in her office, looking over the usual documents. Owler walks in.

"What exactly is in those documents?" he asks.

Kilerv looks up and says “Oh, it's just an ordinance that was pushed forWard by the council, I'm looking over it.”

Kilerv - Why have you come here today?

"I assume you heard" Owler said.

Kilerv - Right, I assume you mean that raid.

Owler - Yes.

"Look," Owler said "Between this and the Oathkeeper, I'm questioning just how many of your officials might be spies."

Owler - We should at least take some measures to purge them.

Kilerv - We could launch a full blown internal investigation, of all levels of government.

"Sounds good," Owler said, "only who do we KNOW we can trust to run the investigation?"

Kilerv - Well, people that were here before the invasion are much more likely to NOT be rebels. We could choose the Head Internal Affairs Officer of the Clifsk Civil Authority.

Owler - Wouldn't one guy take quite a while to do this? It seems like, for the sake of time, you would want a team.

Kilerv - That's why we would set him up with his own team to launch the internal investigation. We will individually pick them out from the general population, the ones that are the most qualified for this, and test them. Safeguards would be in place to make sure no rebels snuck in.

Owler - That's a terrible idea, members of the general population are far more likely to be sympathetic to the rebels. Remember that many persons resigned after the change of power. Anyone still here is here because they stayed despite the change of power.

Kilerv - Right.

Owler - I might be good to help actually.

Kilerv - Why? Aren’t you just an admiral?

Owler - Heh, that's the spin.

Owler - I'll tell you what; I can give this away, but if anyone learns without my permission, the Universal discussion board will learn all about your secret unit, understand?

Kilerv - *Sigh* Fine.

Owler - You must come to my private chamber on my ship.

Kilerv - Why your private chamber?

Owler - Protocol.

Kilerv - Hnng, sure, ok. They go to the chamber.

Owler - My being an admiral is a cover. I am in fact the director of Chilled Affairs, the secret operations division of the Aeoneonatrix Government.

Kilerv - Ok... So, how can you help me with Internal Affairs?

Owler - Yes. By the way, an opportunity just came up to show off my organizations trademark.

Kilerv - Really? How?

Owler - We recently captured another rebel soldier. He's about 18.

Kilerv - Wait, what? He's only an adolescent! The rebels are using fucking children now?

Owler - Yes, it seems they are.

Kilerv - Bastards...Well, what are we going to do with him, interrogate?

Owler - Yes.

Kilerv - Well, you aren’t going to be too tough on him...right?

Owler - Allow me to explain something to you Kilerv. In this universe, there are no best endings. No one is prosperous except at the expense of another. All of us, the lucky ones, are living wonderful lives because someone else is suffering. Or enslaved or dead At times, many people share a someone, and that's fine. At other times, a single person has many someone, and that's unavoidable. But no one in this universe can ever prosper, without those like me, who are willing to get their hands dirty with blood.

Kilerv - Well, your...ideology is interesting. It is true, that everyone succeeds by riding on the shoulders of the suffering, one way or another. But, what I don't agree on is you torturing a little boy, brutally, that is. I will attend the Interrogation.

The two head into the interrogation chamber. The boy sits in the interrogation room, he is struggling lightly, as he tries to free himself without prevail from his ties.

Owler and Kilerv walked into the interrogation chamber. The boy looks at the two with a face of disgust.

Owler - Are you ready to start?

Kilerv - Yes.

Owler turns to the boy. "Now, are you going to be cooperative?"

The boy spits in Owler's face.

Kilerv responds with "You know, if you act like an adult, you are going to be treated like one."

"So that's a no then?" Owler asked.

The boy responds to Owler's response and says "I don't listen to no alien thugs like you, and people like that bitch over there who betray our nation."

Kilerv backhand slaps the boy.

Owler - Oh come now, let's start with an easy question. Why did you join the UPoC?

Boy - I joined the UPoC because my parents told me that I should never trust outsiders. You bastards then killed them when you invaded us, and I plan to avenge them for that.

Owler - Were they soldiers?

Boy - No, I was at school when the invasion happened, and my parents were killed when their office complex was destroyed by a bomb.

Owler - Collateral damage is always unfortunate, but you must understand that we could not simply let an empire that planned to kill innocent people continue to exist unimpeded?

Boy - I read the news broadcast, you should have just left your planet along our border, and none of this would have happened. Instead you had to be the stubborn little swine you are, and not leave.

Owler - And what would you have done had you later expanded into the proximity of an empire that couldn't move?

Boy - Well, we would have tried to destroy them of course!

Kilerv frowns at the boy’s apparent optimism about destroying empires.

Owler - And you think we should have allowed this? You think we should have let you do worse to them than any pirate?

Boy - Yes, you should have, because it was not your problem. It was ours, until you became part of the problem.

Owler kneels down to the boy's level and puts his hand on him. "Look, I understand you've lost much, but try to imagine what it would be like to be one of your victims. Imagine just going about your business calmly, then being seeing a bunch of ships appear in the sky and tell you that you were going to be exterminated for having evolved on too close of a planet and not yet having the ability to reach another one."

Boy - They would have otherwise advanced through technology, and one day became a threat to us. By eliminating them before that, we don't have to worry about them in the future.

Owler - They would have to worry about you. You'd be destroying them just in case they might be harmful.

Boy - It's not a just in case they are harmful, they WOULD be harmful.

Owler - How do you know?

Boy - Because, that's just how things work. The genocide of millions for the good of Billions is necessary, it's survival.

Kilerv - Dear god, the teachers at school didn't preach you that did they?

Boy - You bet your bitch ass they did; both my Social Civic Studies and my History teacher taught me that.

Kilerv - ...

Boy - Along with my parents, of course.

Owler - I admire your pragmatism, but you must understand that not every alien will be threatening. There are many very peaceful civilizations in existence.

Boy - Yes, while there may be peaceful civilizations out there, they are greatly outnumbered by the bad. That's why, instead of shorting though them all, only to choose one to befriend and then get backstabbed, we destroy all of them.

"That's it you genocidal little brat," Owler says, "I'm done playing nice." Owler pulls out his Mardor Agonizer. "I had hoped not to make a martyr out of you but you've left me no choice, tell me everything you know or I'll have to show you what this knife does."

Owler turns on the lie detector.

The kid is slightly unnerved, and has a slight hint of worry on his face, but regardless, he says "You won't get anything from me, you whore!"

Owler - Alright, if at any time you honestly don't know the answer to a question, you may say that and I'll switch to another. The Lie detector will go off if you try to deceive me.

"Now," Owler says, "Do you know the locations of any rebel bases?"

Boy - No!

The lie detector blares loudly.

Kilerv - Dear...It will be much easier if you just say the truth.

Boy - I'll lie for the cause that will protect our species from bitch dogs like you!

Kilerv - EXCUSE ME?!

"Well then it's time for the knife to do its work," Owler says He presses it against the boy's left leg.

The boy screams out in pain, yelling "Fuck you!"

"This can end anytime you want," Owler says. He begins running the knife down the boy's leg.

The then lunges his head forWard and bites Owler's arm. Owler reels back.

Kilerv - ... I don't think that was a smart choice, young man...

"You just made things much harder for yourself," Owler says. He turns the knife sidewise, in position to skin the child's leg.

Kilerv - Ok, Owler, he is just a little boy. I won't let you peel the skin off that boy's leg with a knife.

"Fine then," Owler said, He turns it back sideways and begins cutting twice as deep.

Owler - Now, where are all of the bases you know about? The boy whelps in pain, and begins to tear up.

Boy - Up your ass!

Owler goes deeper as he switches to the other leg.

Owler - This can end as soon as you want it to.

The boy yelps even more, and begins to cry.

Boy - Fine, I'll tell!

Owler stops.

Owler grins, "Good, where?"

Boy - There is a small base on Planet 6! It is in the Fivera Desert! I swear that is all I know!

The lie detector makes a "Brinng!" sound, and a light on it shines green.

Owler - Good, You are of some use after all.

Owler turns on his radio. "Take the boy to the brig. He is to remain our prisoner until I say otherwise."

The boy is taken out of the room and sent to a cell.

Kilerv - I'm glad you restrained yourself, Owler.

Owler - Yes, that did work out. Let’s keep this between us though, the rebels don't need more ammunition then they have now.

Kilerv - Right. Well, is there anything else you need me for? I must return to my office, to review that Ordinance.

Owler - Yes, you do that.

Owler left the room too, to go about his business.

The Cleansing of Xander[edit | edit source]

The boy sits in one corner of his cell. His arms folded, the boy is fuming with anger. Owler's torture session only made his resentment of aliens worse. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"May I come in?" the voice asked. "Or rather, may I take you out?"

The boy looks up. With a perplexed face he asked "Who is this?"

"I am the Cleanser," the voice said. "May I take you to my world?"

“Why the hell would I want to do THAT?” the boy asked.

"Because I have an offer you might be interested in," the Cleanser said.

“I don't trust you.” The boy said.

"I'll tell you what, you can leave at any time while I explain my offer, how is that?" the Cleanser said.

“Fine,” said the boy.

The boy suddenly sensed as though he were standing on a beach at mid-day. Before him, there was a 30 foot tall figure. It was absolutely beautiful, full of shining golds, greens, and blues.

"I am the Cleanser," it said, "I have an offer I believe you might be interested in."

The boy looks around in sheer aw, his eyes widen as he sees the figure. He is speechless.

“Would you like to hear about it?” the Cleanser asked.

Boy - Uhh..er..I..Uhh...sure.

"Good," the Cleanser said, "I will give you the opportunity to destroy the Aeoneonatrix--"

Boy - YES! By the gods YES! Kill them all!

"Now now," the Cleanser said, "I want something in return."

Boy - Sure, what is it?

"Your soul," the Cleanser said, "I need it for something."

Boy - Wait, WHAT! What do you need it for?!

"That is my business," the Cleanser said, "Now do you want a chance to destroy the Aeoneonatrix?"

Boy - ...

"I will assure you, however, that I will not subject it to eternal torment." the Cleanser said, "In fact, once I'm done with it, you will be permitted to continue your life as usual unless something comes up such that I need to barrow it again for an equally finite period"

The boy contemplates for a second, and then remembers how the aliens killed his parents the then says "Yes, take my soul. Just kill them....kill them all...." "Excellent," the Cleanser said, "Now, I need to use that soul of yours for something real quick."

The next thing the boy knew he was on another planet, in the body of another species.

The boy looks down, and notices he has paws, he then looks at his arms, and notices he has fur he shouts "What....the...FUCK."

Everyone on the street, all of the same species he had been morphed into, begin looking at him funny.

The boy quickly walks down to another street. The boy hears the voice again.

"Why hello, young Xander," the Cleanser says, "are you enjoying yourself?"

The boy, whose name is in back Xander, retorts with "NO! Where the fuck am I anyways? To be even more specific, what the fuck am I?"

"You are the same species and you are still inside your cell," the Cleanser said, "This is just an illusion I'm projecting into your brain."

Boy - Well, what illusion am I inside! Like, what is this place, does it even have a name?

"That said," The Cleanser continued, "The form I gave you is of a species called the Mypho. I have not bothered to name the planet."

"I just designed it," The Cleanser said, "Look around, see if you can discern what I based it off of."

The boy then looks around at the street, and scrutinizes every detail.

Boy - Wait...wait...wait a minute.

The boy sees a big bodied car drive down the road, it's soft suspension bounces up and down as it goes over speed bumps. The car is gas powered, and it leaves a light grey exhaust from its exhaust pipe.

Boy - That car...wait...no...NO....

"Yes." the Cleanser said.

The boy shouts "FUCK YOU MAN! FUCK YOU! THIS IS BEFORE THE PIRATE INVASION. Oh shit! I need to contact the fucking police!"

"Don't worry," the Cleanser said, "You will face no pirates today. This is not the past. This is a somewhat idealized version of what could have been."

The boy, now on the verge of a mental break down says "Oh man...Oh man...just forget it!" and begins to run frantically down the street.

A police officer noticed him "what's wrong?" the officer asked.

The boy, now hysterical says “I'm freaking out...I'm just fucking freaking out... Fucking space pirates are coming man! FUCKING SPACE BARBARIANS ARE COMING!” Just then, a fleet came into clear view in the sky.

Boy - Oh...Oh shit...

The boy looked closer, and saw the logo on the ship. It was not the space pirates.

Boy - What....

The boy looks even closer at the logo.

"I told you that you would face no pirates today." the Cleanser said.

A voice came from a loudspeaker on the ship. "This is the United Hegemony of Clifsk," it said, "you are too close to our territory. You have been designated for extermination."

The ships began bombarding the planet. The boy’s eyes widen, and he begins to run toWards a parked car. “This isn't real...” He told himself “this isn't real...”

"Odd," the Cleanser said, "You were so delighted at this prospect during your interrogation."

The boy screamed "Shut up! Shut up!"

He violently breaks the car's driver side window, and goes through the window and into the driver's seat. It is at this point however, that he notices there are no keys in the car. One of the Clifsk bombs drops nearby. He rips open the console, and hotwires the car, he then goes into reverse, and then into drive again.

Boy - No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

He floors it, and drives out of the parking lot and into the street. As more and more bombs fall, he sees an office building ahead of him explode.

He slams on the breaks, while he screams "YOU MOTHERFUCKER! I'LL KILL YOU!" The car's drum brakes stop him only inches away from the rubble.

"Trust me when I say mortal, you cannot," the Cleanser says. He puts the car into reverse, and turns around, then begins to drive down the other side of the street.

"Why are you so angry?" the Cleanser asked "Is this not what you wanted to do? Why is it different now? Remember, aliens are just going to come and kill you all anyway."

The boy ignores him, and continues to drive the car through the various streets, not knowing where he is going one bit.

"Can you blame the UHC for protecting themselves from a threat?" the Cleanser asked.

Boy - ...Maybe...maybe...uhh...maybe...this planet would have...uhh...uhh....grown into a powerful enemy in this sector...

"Indeed, perhaps you should surrender." The Cleanser said. "You wouldn't want to be like those nasty pirates would you?"

The boy drives onto the inter-city freeway. It is an elevated overpass. The boy continues to speed down the freeway, the car's V-8 engine roaring as it powers the car. The suspension bounces about, as this car was not designed particularly for speed. A bomb blew up the freeway in front of him.

Boy - OH SHIT!

He slams on the breaks, but the drum brakes were hot from the last stomp on the breaks, they do nothing to stop the car, he drives off the freeway.

Boy - NOOOO!

The car hit's the surface below nose first, and cartwheels 8 times into a shop, it bursts into flames, completely engulfing the car. The boy is horribly injured, with half of the bones in his body broken, he catches on fire.

Boy - Ah...Ah..AHH..AHHH...AGHHHHH!

He rolls out of the car, onto the tile floor of the Laundromat. He lies there, still partially on fire, screaming on the top of his lungs.

He saw a Clifsk soldier walk up to him and aim his gun.

Boy - Who the fuck do you think you are!

The Soldier grinned. "I am Xander, of the United Hegemony of Clifsk," he said. "Now, die."

The soldier fires his weapon and kills the boy.

Suddenly, the boy sees himself back in his cell on Owler's ship. He looks at his hands, he is normal again. He sits there, silently for a second.

"For now, we look into a mirror, darkly," the Cleanser says.

Boy - ....

Boy - That...that was me…that was my name...and...and...He shot me...wait no...I shot me and......

"That was what could have been," the Cleanser said.

Boy - ....We were not even Tier 6...

"You were a type of what your victims would have been." The Cleanser said. "As promised, here is your chance to destroy the Aeoneonatrix. Just say the word, and they will disappear."

Boy - No...

"You've changed your mind?" the Cleanser asked.

Boy - Yes.

"Very well then," said the Cleanser, "You have forfeited your chance."

The boy goes back to his corner and curls up into a ball and says "Just...Just..Leave me alone..."

"Very well," the Cleanser said.

The Purpleish Liquid[edit | edit source]

Kilerv, along with Owler and Prelior walk down the halls leading to her office. It is the morning, and she has an extremely worried face.

Kilerv - Oh...

Owler - You were frantic on the phone, what exactly are you freaking out about? You were too distressed to remain coherent.

Kilerv - MY SON IS MISSING! He did not return home last night, he did this last year with his friends, but now..NOW...is very worrying. With the rebels and all...I fear he maybe...kidnapped...

Owler - WHAT?

Prelior - That's awful!

Kilerv - OHH! I hope he's not kidnapped, I hope this is all a cruel joke or prank!

Prelior - Kilerv, I swear, I abandoned my plans for this after our truce.

The group turn into the hall leading into her office.

Kilerv - I just need...to sign...the WarRANT...that lets us...do a full... SEARCH...for him...

The guards guarding the doors to her office notice her, and opens the door for the group. Kilerv quickly sits down in her office chair, and organizes her desk.

Kilerv - Ok..positive thoughts....positive thoughts...maybe he just got lost...yes, yes. Maybe that's what happened.

He puts her handle on the desk, but then her face goes completely pale, she takes her hand off the handle and a purplish liquid is on her hands. She stares at her hand for a few moments, her eyes widen.

Owler - What is it?

She quickly opens the desk.

Inside the desk, her son is stuffed inside, his internal organs spilled out all over the drawer, and his blood forms a pool, she goes into a frenzy and screeches.


Prelior - *looks into desk* Holy crap.

Kilerv continue to scream at the top of her lungs, as she claws at her face in pure horror.


Owler sees the body.

Owler - Woah.

Kilerv falls off her chair, and beings to quickly crawl backWards while still continuing to screech. Words are carved onto the son's body. They read "TRAITOR WHORE."

Owler sees the words, "So they're killing Children now? well, they were before, but..."

Kilerv continues to scream from the corner of the room, the screams only getting louder and more pain filled.

Prelior approached her. "Calm down," he says.

Kilerv begins to say words in an understandable fashion saying "MY BABY NOOO! NOOO! NOOOOOO!"

She is crying profusely.

"Look," Owler says, "If you want to focus on finding the people who did this, you need to calm down."

Kilerv continues to cry, she is almost on the verge of having an aneurism.

Owler loses patience "Look, do you want to find his murderers or not?"

She nods in a quick fashion.

Owler - THEN GET UP!

She weakly stands up, still sobbing heavily.

"Something just occurred to me" Prelior says, "I think I know how we can pinpoint the rebel who did this..."

Owler - How?

Prelior - The Dominatus, you have one right?

Owler - Yes...

Prelior - They can get the memories of both living and dead persons...

Owler - Oh, that.

"Kilerv..." Prelior said.

Kilerv - I...I know....just...just let me hold him one last time..

Owler - By all means.

Prelior - See, Kilerv, here's the thing we have a way to get access to his memories...

Kilerv - Just...Just say it...

Owler - We have to feed his body to Ameius.

Prelior - Unless you object...

Kilerv - Vilack....is gone....his soul has left this realm; his body is all....but an empty shell...

Prelior - So that’s a yes?

Kilerv nods.

Owler calls for Ameius to be brought over as fast as possible.

Owler - They said it should be about 5 minutes

Kilerv - Ok.

5 Minutes later, Ameius arrived at the building. By that time Kilerv had gotten the body and is now holding it close to her chest, sobbing profusely over it.

Ameius - Umm... Could you guys bring it outside? The door is not big enough for me...

There is a massive crowd waiting outside in front of the Government Center, they are being held back by Riot Police.

Kilerv nods, and brings it outside of the room.

Ameius - I meant OUTSIDE outside. The entrance to the building is too small.

Kilerv walks to the entrance of the building, and walks outside. The crowd and Riot Police go quiet, and suddenly get very still, as she walks out with the dead child in her hands. There is an odd sense of silence in the downtown area. She hands the child over to Ameius.

Ameius kneels down, closes his eyes, and opens his mouth. Prelior looks away.

Kilerv - Goodbye...Vilack...

Kilerv watches, crying as she sees him being eaten. Ameius swallows. He instantly has access to all of Vilack's memories.

Ameius began recalling the boy's final memories.

Ameius jumps in right after school finishes, Ekira and Vilack walk out of the entrance to the school, and stand on the sidewalk right in front of the school.

Ekira - Mom said she won't be picking us up today...

Vilack - I know.

Ekira - Hnng. This is taking too LONG!

30 Minutes pass, and the car that was supposed to pick them up does not come.

Ekira - The car was supposed to pick us up TEN minutes ago, it's been thirty minutes, and it's about to rain!

Ekira - You know what, I'm walking home!

Vilack - What?

Ekira - I'm walking home.

Ekira begins to walk off.

Vilack - But mom said to wait here.

Ekira - See the clouds? They’re gray; I'm not getting wet because a Policeman decided to be lazy. I'm willing to take her scolding, now, are you coming with me or not?

Vilack considers it.

"No," he finally decides.

Ekira - You want to get wet? Fine, just do it by yourself, I'm going home.

She walks off.

Ekira - Screw you guys, I'm going home.

10 Minutes Later, the Police Car pulls up in front of Vilack. Vilack gets in.

The police officer says "Hey, where is Ekira?

Vilack - She decided to walk home.

Police Officer - Right, well, we will be getting there before her then.

The Police Officer puts the car into Drive, and begins to drive in the opposite direction of the house.

Vilack - Wait, I think you're going the wrong way...

The Police Officer locks the doors.

Police Officer - We ain't going home, kid.

Vilack - What?

Police Officer - Hehehe...You see, I'm not a real Police Office.

Vilack - WHAT?

Police Officer - Yep, and we are going to a nice and quiet place.

Vilack - Where?

Vilack is very afraid at this point.

Police Officer - You'll see.

The Police Officer turns off the road, and goes into a dirt road leading into a forest. The Police Officer then turns into an opening into the thick of the forest, and carefully navigates around trees. The Police Officer then gets out of the car, and opens the back door, he blocks the way out.

Vilack is petrified. The Police Officer grabs Vilack by the arm, and drags him out, still having a firm grip on him. Vilack struggles. The Police Officer still has a firm grip in him, as he put's handcuffs on one of Vilack's Arms, and then put's the other cuff on the door handle of the car.

Vilack - Why are you doing this?

Vilack struggles to escape.

Police Officer - Because, your whore of a mother has betrayed our species, and she needs to pay. It's rather unfortunate that I did not get a hold of Ekira, her disobedience saved her.

The Police Officer takes out a combat knife. Vilack struggles.

Police Officer - Hahaha, you are not breaking those cuffs.

The Police Officer chambers his arm, and then stabs Vilack in the Stomach. Vilack cries out in pain.

Police Officer - No one can hear you scream out here, not even your whore mother.

Police Officer - So, how does it feel like getting stabbed, hm? Do you enjoy my knife in your Stomach?

Vilack is crying.

Vilack - please... stop... I don't wanna die...

Police Officer - WELL TO BAD BITCH!

The Police Officer takes his knife out of Vilack's stomach, and prepares to strike again.

Vilack - please... don't...

The Police Officer stabs Vilack in the stomach again, and twists the knife sideways.

Police Officer - HOW DO YOU LIKE IT BITCH!

Vilack screams

Vilack - What did I ever do...

Police Officer - You were the son of the whore, that's what you did.

Vilack continued crying in pain.

The Police Officer stabs Vilack again in the stomach.

Vilack once again screams in pain. The Officer then begins to push the knife up, making a continuous tear up Vilack's body. Vilack cries out in pain.

Vilack - STOP! Please... stop...

Police Officer - No...No...NO! THIS IS FUN!

He says it in a psychotic and hyper matter.

Vilack just cried and whimpers. The Police Officer then grabs the boy's stomach, and squeezes it a bit.

Vilack - stop... please...

Police Officer - Tell me, how does it *squeezes stomach* FEEL.

Vilack just cries and whimpers.


The Police Officer tears the stomach out of Vilack's chest cavity.

Vilack cries out in pain.

Police Officer - Now, at this point, even if I let you go, you will eventually die. Tell me, how does it feel knowing your death is inevitable?

Vilack cries.

Police Officer - Aww, C'mon, tell me.

Vilack cries more.

Police Officer - Hahaha...COWarD BITCH!

At that, the police officer tears out Vilack's large and small intestines. Vilack screams further.

Police Officer - I said...HOW DOES IT FEEL!

Vilack - It... feels..... bad...

At that, the Police Officer directs his gaze toWards Vilack's beating heart. The Police Officer quickly pokes Vilack's heart. Vilack cries out in pain The Police Officer unseathes his knife.

Police Officer - Hehehe... It seems..this is...the END for you, what do you have to say?

Vilack just cries

Police Officer - Well, well, you just blew your chance to say any last words.

The Police Officer prepares his knife for strike.

Vilack - please...

The Police Officer stabs him in the heart. Vilack cries. Vilack's heart stops beating. Vilack cries, and then just whimpers.

Police Officer - Aww, looks like someone is losing their grip on life.

Vilack does not have the strength to cry. The Police Officer rips out Vilack's heart. His eyes close. Vilack slips away into consciouslessness. The memory ends. Ameius sheds a tear.

Kilerv - ...

Ameius - I remember the killer

Kilerv - ...

Kilerv - Could you tell...tell...who it is? Or at least....draw it.....

Ameius - Yes, if you have giant paper and pencils. You might also want to get me with a police sketch artist.

Kilerv nods, still crying a bit. Kilerv motions a nearby Riot Officer to get a Sketch Artist. He goes and quickly returns with one, complete with paper and pencil as large as him.

Ameius - Are you ready?

The sketch artist nods.

"Alright," Ameius said "Well, compared to what I've seen of your species, both from coming here and having Vilack’s memories…”

Ameius - His snout was shorter than average, his eyes wider, but only slightly. His ears were spread far, and about half of his left ear was missing.

Sketch Artist - Well, did he have any scars? Any markings on the skin? What was his eye color, and could you clarify by "missing".

Ameius - He had green eyes, I saw no scars. By "missing" I mean it looked like it had been chopped, cut, or bitten off at about half way down, and then stitched, but without replacing the top half.

The sketch artist says "Mhmm." as he continues to draw the face.

Ameius - His snout was thin, as was he, quite thin actually. Wait; do you want the body or just the face?

Sketch Artist - The face should suffice, although the body would be a nice, but unnecessary bonus.

Ameius continues describing the killer to the artist until the artist has completed the sketch.

The police sketch artist finishes with his drawing, and shows it to Ameius. He says, "Is this accurate?"

Ameius - Enough so for your species not to be able to tell the difference.

Sketch Artist - He looks like an evil son of a bitch... Well, depending on your view, he IS already evil, after what he did.

Ameius - He is.

A Riot Officer walks up to Owler and says "Uhh, I don't mean to interrupt anything here but, I suggest we take Kilerv somewhere else, like home? Can we transport her there?"

Owler - Perhaps... I'll take her myself if that's okay.

Riot Officer - Ehh, sure. We'll just keep the crowd back while you make your move out of here.

Owler - Okay.

Sketch Artist - Well, we should be able to process this image by tomorrow, and find out who the killer is.

Owler - Okay.

Chapter 3: The Rebellion Rises[edit | edit source]

A Rebel Plot[edit | edit source]

In a base somewhere on Planet 8, a group of recruits are escorted by Rebel Troopers through the base's hallways.

Recruit 1 - *Turns to neighbor* Hey there.

The Recruit next to Recruit 1 says "Oh, hello."

"So what got you into here?" The first recruit asked.

Recruit 2 - I hate how the government we once loved and trusted has stabbed the species in the back. They were weak and decided to COLLABORATE with the outsiders, the same outsiders who laid waste to our planets!

Recruit 1 - Heh, Collaborate? I seem to remember "simi-sovereign" being thrown around. Our species doesn't even fully own its own empire.

Recruit 2 - It's pitiful, we have become puppets to the filthy Aeoneonatrix. Our nation and sovereignty were sold off to them like slaves in a slave trade!

Recruit 1 - Indeed. We've been made salves to a foreign power. I fear for our people if we cannot be freed.

Recruit 2 - Indeed, I do fear for our people. With the Aeons really in control with our government, they can do whatever they can please. They can *Legally* do anything with us, and that is not acceptable.

Recruit 1 - Indeed they can.

The groups then makes it into the meeting room, and are taken inside, there a single man stands behind a table and says "Ahh, welcome, glad for you to come." "We are glad to be here," says the first recruit

The man nods and says "Ha ha, indeed you are. Now, all of you have come here to be briefed on your first mission."

The man says "Now, as you all know, family is important in our culture. Because of that, we can exploit that and instill fear into the hearts of the traitorous citizens." The man turns and continues with "Now, of course, we need loyal members to carry things out that do this, this is where you people come in."

The man pulls out a city map, and sets it on the table, and says "So, we have devised a plan."

Man - There is a carnival going on in District 3 of Viviz City. To be more specific, in Tilbs Park. There will be a lot of families there and a lot of people in general there as well. Unfortunately, police presence will be high. So, we have arranged for a van to be parked at 231st Street, a few blocks away from the police station near the park. Cliva Wid *Points at Recruit 1* and Quler Iliva *Points at Recruit 2*, you will drive that van right next to the police station, and activate the explosives that are in the back of the van. This will obliterate the block and decentralize the local police force. You *Points at Recruit 3 in the group* and you *Points at Recruit 4 in the group*. You will head to the hospital that is here *points*, this hospital serves as the main hospital for the city. You will be supplied with thermite detonators, which you will activate inside of the structure. This will burn the hospital to the ground, and destroy the main source of medical aid in the city. You *Points at recruit 5* will be supplied with a Light Machine Gun, and head to the fire station here *points.*. Your goal is to kill all the firefighters in the station; this will slow response time to the hospital fire. Finally, the rest of you *Waives fingers around at the other 5 recruits.*. You will head to the carnival, and kill as many citizens as possible, the children are higher priority targets then the adults, but the adults will do fine as well. You will be armed with flamethrowers, Light Machine Guns, and Mini-Guns. Now, it is imperative that the Hospital, Fire station, and Police Station are taken out RIGHT before the attack on the carnival begins. You will need to communicate heavily with each other. Now, do any of you have any questions?

Cliva - Yes, one. Why are we spending resources on this when we could be killing he bastards directly?

Man - That would be suicide you fool! We cannot even hold up against the UHC Army in head on combat, let alone the Aeoneonatrix Armed Forces. Until our cause gains more members, we will need to prey on the citizens.

Recruit - Alright, alright.

Man - Now, you will be transported to the city, which is around 84 miles from here. You will be given radios, and until we tell you to do your thing, stay low. Act as if you are a regular citizen.

Recruits - *in unison* Yes sir.

Man - Now go.

They went.

The Carnival Attack[edit | edit source]

The Cliva and Queler drive in the van down a freeway, the GPS giving them step by step directions to the police stations.

Cilva - So, what's your story?

Queler - During the invasion the Aeon swine killed my wife and my children with a bombing run. I was furious, and I thought what remained of out government would be faithful to our species’ cause.

Cilva - Same here. I assumed that our government would be loyal and tell those murderers to go away.

Queler - Yes, instead the-

Queler honks the horn, and passes a slow car on the highway, while shouting "ASSHOLE!", he cuts the vehicles off.

Queler - As I was saying.

Queler - Our government stabbed us in the back, and sold themselves to the Aeon scum. They don't care about us, they don't care about our species. They only care for themselves, and THEIR surrival, not ours.

Cilva - Indeed. Pathetic scum. It's only a matter of time before the aliens have us in mines retrieving spice for them.

Queler turns off the freeway on an exit ramp, and says "Exactly."

Queler - We will be there in around 2 more minutes, it is 1 mile away now.

Cilva - Indeed we will. My only regret is that I never got to torture the bomber who killed my family.

Queler - Well, we need to do as much as we can to make a difference. Every attack brings our cause one step closer to victory.

Cilva - True.

Queler turns into a street, and the police station is visible.

Cilva - Well this is it then.

Queler stops the van after he points it directly toWards the police station, and revs the engine, he says "Indeed it is."

A police officer notices the van, and begins to walk toWards it.

Queler - GRAHHH!

He steps on the gas, and drives directly toWards the police station.

Police Officer - Oh shit!

The Police Officer rolls out of the way of the speeding van.

Cilva rolls down his window. “DIE TRAITORS!"

The van smashes into the police station at a velocity of 120 MPH, the explosives detonate in the crash, causing the entire block to be enveloped in a massive explosion.

Meanwhile, the recruit rebel waits outside the hospital with the Thermite Detonators in his coat. He anxiously waits for his call to come in.

His partner waits across the street from him, right next to the hospital. Suddenly, a voice comes on their earpieces saying "NOW, NOW! DO IT NOW!"

The two rush into the hospital lobby, and detonate their thermite detonators; the whole lobby is engulfed in flames.

People inside the lobby scream as they are engulfed in flames. The able bodied people fall to the floor and burn to death or run outside into the street and scream for help. The injured stay in their wheelchairs and chairs, unable to do a thing, they scream as their bodies are burnt to a crisp. The fire alarms go off. The recruit rebel at the fire station notices the firemen going into a scramble, soon after that he gets a call on his earpiece saying "Kill the firefighters." The rebel takes out his LMG from his jacket, and runs into the fire station, he starts firing wildly at the firefighters.

The defenseless firefighters run for cover as they are mowed down one by one. However, as the rebel kills the last firefighter in the room, a firefighter that was in the gear room sneaks up behind him in full fire gear. He swings his axe and stabs the rebel in the back with it.

The rebel yells in pain as the ax goes through his chest, he coughs up blood and crumples to the floor, dead.

The firefighter quickly goes to the fire truck and goes on the radio, he says "I need officers at Fire Station No. 210; a gunman just came in here and killed the majority of our team!"

The firefighter gets no response.

Firefighter - Hello, HELLO?

With the local police station destroyed, the local dispatch got destroyed with it, all he gets from the radio is static.

The 5 remaining rebels stand near an amusement park ride in the carnival, their weapons tucked neatly away in their jackets.

The third rebel to the right looks at the crowd with a slight hint of disgust on his face, he mutters "Look at all of these happy fucking lemmings, they are completely oblivious to what is going on."

"Indeed," another said, "puny ignorant traitors."

Another rebel in the group says "Well, hehehe, they won't be happy for much longer."

"Indeed," the second one said, "Soon, they'll all die for the cause they were to coWardly to fight for."

Suddenly, the group's earpieces crackle to life; a voice comes on and says "The emergency services have been crippled. Kill everyone you see in that carnival, kill them ALL."

The rebels smile almost in unison at the announcement.

Rebel 3 - This is it! This is fucking it! KILL THEM ALL!

The rebels pull out their Light Machine Guns, Mini-guns, and Flamethrowers in front of the crowd.

Several people in the crowd see them.

The rebels then fire their weapons directly at the crowd, sparing no-one from the elderly to children.

The Crowd begins running away.

Several people dial for the police, to no avail.

Police in the local area scramble as they try to contact dispatch, but they get no response, and are quickly disoriented.

The rebels run through the carnival like rabid dogs, destroying and killing everything they see.

One of the rebels armed with a flamethrower corners a family against a wall.


Mother - Please... Don't kill us...

Rebel 4 - Haha, what's wrong, you’re not in your perfect in safe world anymore?

Mother - Please... don't kill my babies...

The rebel laughs once more, and shoves the barrel of his flamethrower toWards one of the children and "Aww, come on. Have I failed to entertain you, is this not fun anymore for you? Aww, poor baby.

One of the children begins running away.

The rebel quickly draws his pistol and fires. The bullets fly through the air, and strikes the child in the head.

The child falls over dead.

Mother - NOOOO!!

The rebel quickly looks back and then turns back to the family, he says "Oh, looks like your poor little baby’s head went pop."


The rebel smirks, and says "Because you betrayed your species. Instead of fighting back against the Aeon swine, you let them turn our nation into a puppet state. A famous person said something once, I don't know who it was but he said this, "Those that trade freedom for a little more security, deserve neither."

The rebel has a slightly confused face and says "Was it freedom or liberty he said? Oh well; who the fuck cares at this point?"

Mother - What was I supposed to do about this?

Rebel - You could have done something you could have joined us, or you simply could have protested. But instead you cowered, and decided to do nothing. INACTION IS JUST AS BAD AS GOING AGAINST THE CAUSE.

Suddenly, the father leaped forWard and attacked the rebel. The rebel performed a swift chest kick. The father reeled back. He got back up and charged the rebel again. The rebel takes out his ripper blade (mini-chainsaw) and impales the father. The father screams in pain, one of the two remaining children begins crying. The rebel takes out the ripper blade from the father's chest cavity, and shoves it into the father's throat. The father gargles his blood. The rebel kicks the father away, back toWards the family. He falls on one of the two remaining children.


The Mother lifts the father's body off of the child.

Rebel - Looks like Daddy is dead kids.

She holds the children close, "Fine," she says, "you can kill me, just let my children live!"

The rebel laughs, and draws his pistol. He shoots one of the children near her in the head.

Rebel - You don't fucking get this, do you?

The mother and the children cry.

The rebel readies his flamethrower, and aims it at the two.

Mother - NO! PLEASE!

Rebel - Game over bitch, game over.

Mother - RUN!

The Children run in different directions.

The rebel quickly turns at one of the children running away, and shoots him in the back 5 times.

Mother - NOOOOOOO!

The rebel quickly turns, and shoots the other kid in the back 4 times.

Mother - NOOOOOOO! Whyyyyyyyyyy??

She falls to her knees crying.

Rebel - Such a shame, looks like your genetic line just ended.


The rebel readies his flamethrower, and aims it at her. He says "Game over bitch, game over".

The mother cries.

Mother - Please... don't...

The rebel pulls the trigger, and the mother is engulfed in a stream of flames. She screams in pain.

The rebel walks away, laughing. He joins his squad as they continue their rampage through the carnival.

What few police were nearby ran in, shooting at the rebels.

The rebels shrug off the low caliber bullet fire, as their bullet proof vests absorb them. The rebels respond by firing their heavy caliber weapons back at the police. 4 police officers fell over dead. The rebels continue shooting at the remaining Police Officers. The police officers begin retreating.

The rebels continue to shoot at the Officers, they laugh as they see them retreating. One of the rebels say "YEAH, RUN AWAY YOU COWarDS!”

Three more officers fall over dead before the remaining 3 get to cover. The rebels continue to fire in the direction of the Officers. One of the officers pokes out of cover to fire to shoot. One of the rebels aims and fires his LMG. The bullet strikes the Officer in the head.

The rebels continue to lay down suppressive fire on the Officers position.

One of the officers turns to the other "any ideas?” he asks.

The other Officer turns to the other and says "We are miserably outgunned, and we are trapped here in this position. Dispatch has been knocked out, and I don't even know when SWAT will arrive. The best we can do is stay here, and stay in cover."

Officer 1 – okay.

The rebels continue to fire. One of the rounds goes through Officer 1's cover and strikes him in the head. He falls over, dead.

The other Officer looks to his right and sees his comrade fall, he shouts "Agh shit! Officer down, officer down!"

Bullets go through the other officer's cover. He is struck in the chest multiple times; his bullet proof vest proves no match to the high caliber bullets that go through him.

Officer 2 - Guraghh!

The Officer falls back, and gurgles on blood for a bit. He then dies.

Just then, a few dozen more officers came running in from the left. They began firing. The rebels laugh, as they mow down the officers one by one. The officers pass be a parked car. One of the rebels laughs, as he fires his flamethrower at the car. The flames cause the fusion storage to overheat, and it explodes killing the officers. The remaining officers in the area retreat, as they see that they can do nothing to stop the rebels. After that, the rebels continue on their rampage, killing any citizens that had not evacuated during the firefight.

After 30 minutes, the SWAT teams arrived. The rebels are quickly dispatched by the better trained SWAT units, but the damage was already done.

Five-hundred citizens lie dead in the park, and Emergency Services cannot tend to the wounded due to the main hospital being destroyed. Combined with the death toll in the Hospital, Police Station, and Fire Station, a total of 660 citizens died in the attack. The entire City and Planet is paralyzed in fear and shock, the citizens and local government completely belittled with what just happened.

Owler and Kilerv Plan[edit | edit source]

Kilerv sits in her office, as she looks over the injury reports of the carnival incident. She throws the papers down on the table, and rubs her forehead.

Owler walks in.

Kilerv looks down on her desk, with a slight hint of hopelessness on her face.

Owler - Hello.

Kilerv - 660 Civilians dead...192 of them being children....

"I heard," Owler said, "that's kind of what I came in here to talk to you about."

Kilerv - Then speak.

Owler - We need to crack further down on these rebels. I assume you already know this, but I want to know exactly what we are going to do.

Kilerv - We can send under cover IEOT-10 Units into the rebel group. We can also make it mandatory that police patrols carry Small Machine Guns along with their pistols.

Kilerv - Hnng...

Kilerv - These...rebels...they are determined. They are not going to give up, and they will keep doing attack after attack, and bring us one step closer to civil War with every attack. It's like I'm losing control of my nation, except it is in slow motion, and I can't do anything about it.

Owler - I'd imagine.

Kilerv - It makes me think...what is the point in all of this? What's the point in trying to control a population that slowly hates you more and more?

Owler - Because we can't allow the rebels to get into power and exterminate the populations of any nearby planets.

Kilerv - Right...

Owler - Then again, my empire would conquer them and force your species to be a member race before allowing that, but I don't want to resort to that given how hard it would be to manage all of you as unwilling citizens.

Kilerv - Well, I just hope for the best. Hopefully, we can contain this rebellion, and save lives. I just don't want a civil War....anything but a civil War...

Owler - Indeed. So are we going with the IEOT-10 infiltration/give police machine guns plan?

Kilerv - Yes.

Owler - Okay then, is this the type of infiltration where the agent actually helps the rebels to kill civilians and troops or the type where they don't? Because in order to pass as rebels for any length of time they might have to--

Kilerv - I understand that. They will do whatever they need to do to gather the most information, and at the same time keep their cover secure. So they will have to do some...undesirable things....

Owler - Indeed. I know what it's like.

Kilerv - Well, if things get civil War status bad, I can always request your aid. *Sigh* I wish I would not have to even consider doing that, let alone think about it.

Owler - Okay.

Owler leaves.

Xander and the Cleanser[edit | edit source]

Xander sits in the corner of his cell, staring slightly upWards as he continues to think about and question his xenophobic philosophy.

He heard the Cleanser's voice.

"How are you holding up?" the Cleanser asked.

Xander looks around, but does not see the Cleanser. He says "I'm miserable.”

"And why would that be?" the Cleanser asks.

Xander looks down and says "I don't know...I'm starting to think that for all this time, I believed in a lie, that all outside forces were bad. I'm not particularly sure."

"They are only outside to you. Neither you nor any of them is truly the default," the Cleanser says.

Xander continues to look down and says "Right..."

"You saw what your dream was like," The Cleanser said, "Do you understand why my followers had to do what they did?"

Xander, still looking at the ground says "That dream...put me in the shoes of a person inside a Tier 6 Civilization about to get destroyed by the UHC. Your people did what they did due to the instinct of Self-Preservation."

"No," the Cleanser said, "It was more than that. The point was to prevent exactly what I showed you, especially after the initial invasion, once it was clear that you were a threat that needed to be contained."

Xander looks up, and says "I doubt that. It would not have mattered to you if we obliterated a High Tier 6 Civilization with 2 planets along your border; you attacked us out of Self-Preservation and fear of future attacks against YOUR Empire."

"Tell me," the Cleanser asked, "What do you know about the Aeoneonatrix Empire's international policies?"

Xander smiled a bit and said "I admit, not a thing."

"The Aeoneonatrix are highly altruistic," the Cleanser says, "They have hundreds of very small empire which they protect for nothing from all threats, especially the religious extremists that often ravage Delcath with their mass genocides, and the Mardor, which enslave species and use them for recreational torture."

Xander face turns into a frown and says "How can I make sure you are not lying about protecting species and being altruistic? Do you have any proof to back you up, perhaps documents?"

"I could have one of my followers bring you some," the Cleanser said.

Xander - That would be nice.

With little time wasted, an Aeoneonatrix, seemingly a lower ranking crew member, walked by and placed the appropriate documents inside Xander's cell. "I was told to give you these," she said.

Xander took the documents and said "Thank you." in a cold and unthankful voice. Sort of like an empty "Thank you." said just to say it.

Xander begins to read the documents.

Cleanser - Well?

Xander looks up from the documents and says "Hmph, guess you were saying the truth."

"I was," the Cleanser says, "My creatures are behaving as I intended them to, even if sooner than I had expected. Now, what does that mean to you?"

Xander looks down again and says "Then perhaps....perhaps...the Aeoneonatrix are....benevolent."

"Quite," the Cleanser said, "I deliberately ensured my agents would be such. They took control because they did not want you to harm anyone else."

Xander, still looking down says "Right...”

Xander - The only question is, when are you going to let go of your control over us?

Cleanser - When it is clear that you would not be a threat.

Xander - That is quite vague, what are your classifi- Ugh, never mind, you will most likely respond with a equally vague answer.

Cleanser - No, finish your question.

Xander - What do you mean by "not a threat".

Cleanser - That you will not go about killing innocent people.

Xander - Right.

Cleanser - So long as the rebellion's ideals are prominent, my people cannot leave.

Xander - The rebellion...

Cleanser - Yes.

Xander - They will lead to the end of us all, their ideas are much more radical then you think. Their ideas infect other citizens like a cancer, and the only cure is death. I fear the day when society stops to a halt.

Cleanser - I see then, perhaps this is what we shall do. I take it from your words you no longer consider yourself a member?

Xander - I am no longer a member, yes.

Cleanser - Good.

Xander - I grow tired, perhaps we can talk another time?

Cleanser - Sure, you may sleep, mortal.

Another Attack is Planned[edit | edit source]

In a small base in the rugged mountains of Planet 3. Five Planners escorted by guards walk into a room. Inside the room, is a Planetary Branch Organizer. The Five Planners salute the Organizer.

The Organizer smirks and says "At ease.”

The Five Planners return to their relaxed position, awaiting their assignments.

The Organizer motions toWards a table with six chairs, and in the center of the table there is a map of a small village, he says "Take a seat; we have important matters to discuss."

The planners sit.

The Organizer sits in a chair and says "As you may or may not be aWare of, we are about to commence a daring operation, an operation which will firmly establish our rebellion, and further publicize our cause."

The Organizer points toWards the map and says "This is where we stop only doing minor terror attacks, and petty assassinations. From now on, FROM NOW ON, after this operation is successful, it's all-out War."

The Organizer leans back in his chair, and says "This is the Village of Hikayat, it has a population of around 130, and it's located on this planet."

The Organizer continues with "We...we...WE are going to capture it."

One of the Planners has a sense of worry on his face, and he says "Sorry to intervene but, that's an ESTABLISHED SETTLEMENT. We have never tried anything like that before, the most we have done is the Carnival massacre."

Another one chimes in and retorts, "Well we can't exactly overthrow the Aeoneonatrix by shooting up carnivals."

"We need to take this up to the next level if we are going to succeed."

The Organizer says "Exactly, besides, we all have to start somewhere, it was going to happen one way or another."

The Organizer points at the map and says "Alright, so here is the game plan. There are two roads that connect to the Village, and both are small single lane roads. We will send a few APC's and Light Tanks to block off these roads, to remind you, these are left over from the invasion. We will then send a few Drop ships to transport troops into the town; they should be able to kill off the police force. Now, any questions?”

A planner raises his hand and says "Shouldn't we conserve our armor and drop ships?"

The Organizer smiles and says "Those incompetent UHC fools left their supply depots open when they abandoned them during the invasion, we have plenty of those. It's just that finding fuel was a problem."

Planner - So is there anything else?

The Organizer says "Yes, the UHC and Aeon Military will not take kindly to this, and will surely strike to kill in this case. So, in every building in the village a Napalm Bomb will be placed. When the Military breaks into the village, those bombs will go off and the village will burn.

Planner - Nice.

Organizer - Right. We will do this tomorrow morning at 5:52 AM. This is when most of the people are asleep, so local Police and Civilian action will be considerably slowed, allowing us to go in there and capture the village quickly.

Planner - Okay then.

The Organizer gets up and faces the group, he says "You are dismissed, don't mess this up."

The Village Incident[edit | edit source]

The next day, the night begins to get lighter over the village, as the sun begins to illuminate it. The citizens of the village sleep soundly, and only one squad car is on patrol. They are completely oblivious to what is about to happen to them. In the distance, gunships quietly head toWards the village. They are filled to the brim with rebel troopers. In addition, APC's roll quietly down the empty road, they are disguised as UHC Army APC's. The Gunships land in the Village center and the rebels disperse. They sneak up on the squad car, and block it, shooting into it with silenced machine guns, killing the occupants. APC's drive down the main road into the Village and block it. The rebels move toWards the police station, and go inside. They silently kill the 5 on-duty Police Officers, and stuff them inside the jail cells. They then go to the Emergency Broadcast System Controls, and turn on the Tornado Alarms in the village. The citizens run out of their houses, only to be confronted and captured by rebels, they are put back inside their houses, held prisoner by the rebels.

A Clifsk Civil Authority Patrol Car drives down the road into the village, only to be fired upon by the APC's. The Patrol Car quickly turns around, and drives off. The Officer runs inside saying "11-99!” Officer needs assistance! A Village has been taken over by rebels, and they are heavily armed. I need full back up over here now!"

The next day, Kilerv walks into her office and hears of the news. She gets her communicator and calls Owler and Prelior. Owler and Prelior arrive.

Kilerv is standing behind her desk and says "We have a problem, a VERY severe problem."

Prelior - What? What?

Kilerv looks away, about to have another mental fit and says "A Village on Planet #4 has been taken over by the Rebels, the villagers are being held captive and the local CCA Department has been killed."

Owler - I see. So we're going to take it back?

Kilerv replies with "Yes, I've been in contact with the UHC M-M-Military, and they have set up a parameter around the Village aided by CCA Officers. The problem is that the Rebels have threatened to kill the Villagers if we do anything, along with setting the Village on fire."

Owler - I see... do you have a plan?

Kilerv sits down, and puts her head in her hands. She says "No...no I don't. If we do anything, they kill everyone and set the village alight. We can send SpecOps such as IEOT-10 and your guys, but the risk of detection is just too high."

Owler - I see... Maybe we could threaten them back?

Kilerv - How?!

Kilerv seems to be stuck between sadness and being irate.

Owler - We know they don't fear death... but I think I know something they'd regard as a fate worse than death.

Kilerv - What?

Owler - You remember the Necroxi right?

Kilerv looks up and says "Yeah?"

Owler - Do you know much about their psychology?

Kilerv shakes her head and says "No."

Owler - They were created to function as a servant race for another empire, as a result, they have a... master slot, in their brains. Legally, they are free citizens of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, but in practice, the Aeoneonatrix Empire and its citizens and government currently fill this slot. Regardless of their legal status, they have the psychological need to serve us much like slaves would.

Kilerv - So we can use them to put them inside the Village and make the Rebels enter a catatonic state? Under our command, of course.

Owler - Yes, we could try that, but that's not actually what I had in mind...

Kilerv - What did you have in mind?

Owler - Well, in order to make the Necroxi more terrifying, we've spread a rumor or two about them, including about how they reproduce.

Kilerv - What were the Rumors?

Owler - One of them was that they reproduce by changing members of other species into Necroxi.

Kilerv has a slight smile and says "Mhmm, what's the other one?"

Owler - Well there are several, but that was the one relevant to my plan. You remember what I said about a fate worse than death?

Kilerv nods and says "Yes."

Owler - Well from the perspective of a rebel, being made a member of a race that cannot help but serve the Aeoneonatrix is fate worse than death.

Kilerv - Ahh, yes that would be quite the horror for them.

Kilerv - So if we threatened to put Necroxi in there, they would surrender?

Owler - Exactly, so it's very simple, we surround the village, and announce to them that they must come out. If they destroy the civilians and the village, we will capture them and make them into Necroxi, if not, they will be let go.

Kilerv smiles and says "That seems like a wonderful plan."

Owler - Indeed.

Kilerv says "So, when do you want to do this? We can go to the UHCM outpost near the village and tell them to execute our plans."

Owler - Soon, but may I ask one more question?

Kilerv says "Sure!"

Owler - Well I see no reason we can't get started now.

Kilerv stands up and says "Oh! That's great, I'll call the drop ship so we can head over there."

Owler - Alright, I'll call down some Necroxi.

Kilerv says "Ok!" and walks out of the Office, heading toWards the Drop-ship hangers. Leaving Owler and Prelior alone in the Office.

Owler and the Village[edit | edit source]

Kilerv, Owler, and Prelior get on a Dropship and head toWards Planet #4. They reach the village, and land near the UHC Military Blockade on the road leading to the village. It is fairly close to the Village border. Kilerv hops out of the Dropship, and looks around. Owler and Prelior get out as well.

Owler - Alright, we need to have a chat with the rebels in the Village.

Kilerv - Right, let me get the UHC Officer. Hold on a minute.

Kilerv runs into the crowd of UHC Officials, and comes back with the UHC Officer, who says "Greetings, I'm Officer Rizm Skil. I'm the head leader in negations right now, what do you need?"

Owler - Are you getting anywhere?

Rizm shakes his head and says "No, they refuse to let the citizens out, and keep threatening to "Blow this fucker up." for no clear reason."

Owler - Give me whatever you're communicating with.

Rizm nods, and grabs a Megaphone off of a parked Tank.

Owler - Hand it to me.

Rizm hands the Megaphone to Owler.

Owler speaks through it.

Owler - Hello there rebels. This is Admiral Owler Steelnight of the Aeoneonatrix Empire.

A Rebel Commander on top of the APC's says through a Megaphone "FUCK OFF."

Owler - Oh come now, don't be that way, I'm just here to talk.

Rebel Commander - Talk then!

Owler - Do you know what a Necroxi is?

The Rebel Commander's eyes widen a bit and he says "Y-yes, I do what of them?"

Owler - Do you know how they reproduce?

The Rebel Commander says "Y-yes."

Owler - Say it aloud.

The Rebel Commander says loudly "They reproduce by eating their victims and... and... converting them into copies of themselves."

Owler - Right, they turn others into them, now, do you want that fate? To be forced by your psychology to forever serve my empire?

The Rebel Commander almost drops his radio, and says "No...NO...I'll NEVER SERVE YOU."

The Rebel Commander says something on his radio. He then pulls out his pistol, and kills himself.

Owler - Oh... I didn't intend that actually.

Gunshots ring out throughout the village, and then they stop. The village then erupts in a fury of flame, with smoke rising into the sky.

Owler - Oh dear... I seem to have scared them more than I intended.

Rivm shouts out "Holy shit!"

Owler - Anyone in the village, run! You know, rebels, now that you're dying, I may as well tell you that your cause is pointless.

The Village continues to burn, and nobody runs out.

Owler - Even if you bring about full civil War, heck, even if you win, we'll just come back and conquer you, fully this time. You'd be forced into being a member race of our empire. That really is the best you can do here. There is no defeating the Aeoneonatrix, not for you, not for a tier 4.7.

Clifsk stares at the burning village, tearing up.

Owler - There is no way you can win, no way you can defeat us, no way you can escape it, you will never destroy the innocent. Just give up.

Rizm stares at Owler and shouts "Can you just shut the fuck up! Innocent lives died today, and all you have to say is that? Every single person in there is dead, including the Rebels. Your little speech or whatever the hell YOU call it is falling on deaf ears boyo."

Owler - *Sigh* Whatever. Is there any reason to stay here then?

Rizm says "No...No there is not." While Kilerv weeps gently in the background.

Owler - Let's go then.

Civil War Planned[edit | edit source]

In a small base, deep in the mountains of Planet #21, Vizaz Dalk sits in his office casually smoking flaf pipe as he watches the news reports about the village burning. He chuckles to himself, before his five Supreme Organizers walk into his office.

The five Supreme Organizers salute before Vizaz. Vizaz smiles and says "At ease."

Vizaz continues to smile and says "Now, I've seen the village work, brilliant, simply brilliant. We showed them that we have the power to take settlements, and possibly much more. Now, do you know why I've brought you here, hm?"

Organizer 1 - No.

Organizer 2 - Perhaps you want to pull another stunt like this? Maybe take a politician hostage?

Organizer 5 - Maybe a raise?

Vizaz snarls a bit and says "NO. Both of you are wrong, especially you, yeah, you to the far right. Now, the reason I've summoned you here is because I'm planning something big, VERY big. We are about to fully reveal ourselves, take this whole thing to the max." Vizaz smiles again and says "To be more specific, and less vague, we are going to activate all of our sleeper cells, on ALL of the planets. We are going to War, boys!"

Organizer 1 - Sir, do you really think we can defeat the Aeoneonatrix in all-out War?

Vizaz smiles and says "We won't face them head on, of course. We will do guerrilla Warfare, along with several terrorist attacks like bombing, chemical gassing, and etc. We have the man power to do this, and the UHC Military along with Kilerv are incompetent and over confident. They will most likely call on the Aeons at the last minute."

The four other, more hyper Organizers shout in bravery.

Organizer 1 - But once they do come, how will we repel them?

Vizaz looks at the first Organizer and says "Don't worry...I've got something planned for that. BUT! It's a surprise."

Organizer 1 - Why?

Vizaz smiles again and says "Just because. It's very secret, and my scientists are working on it right now. Like I said, it’s going to be a surprise.”

Organizer 1 - *sigh* Alright then.

Vizaz claps his hands together and says "Alright then! Now, you are all dismissed. Relay this information to the Vice Organizers, and the message will go further down the line from there."

Organizer 1 - Yes, sir.

At that, the Supreme Organizer's walk out of the office and Vizaz turns and faces the TV again. He smokes his pipe once more and chuckles, knowing the chaos he is about to unleash on the general public.

Chapter 4: The Civil War[edit | edit source]

An Outpost Attacked[edit | edit source]

Boween Daycry, and Aeoneonatrix soldier stood guard outside an Aeoneonatrix outpost on planet 36. He had a plasma gun in hand. He waits for his shift to end, which it would soon. Meanwhile, in the hills surrounding the outpost, the rebels hide and wait. They are armed with Rocket Launchers, Machine Guns, and various other weapons. Suddenly, they get a call over the radio, and pop up from the hills. Boween sees them come over, he activates the alarm. A force of about thirty soldiers comes pouring out of the base. One of the Aeoneonatrix gets out a megaphone.

Aeoneonatrix - Attention, you are in a restricted area, leave now or you will be fired upon.

The 200 or so rebels surrounding the base ignore the Warning, and begin to fire upon the outpost. A rocket is fired, and it heads right toWards the outpost.It hits the outpost, killing several of the people inside. Thirty or so more soldiers pour out of the outpost and all of the soldiers begin firing.

The rebels continue to lay down heavy fire on the outpost, another rocket is launched. Several more soldiers are killed when the rocket hits. The rest of the soldiers in the base emerge and begin firing. There are now 137 Aeoneonatrix soldeirs outside. The rebels use the higher ground and hills to their advantage, as they continue to fire down on the outpost. The Aeoneonatrix continue to fight. Though their superior weaponry gave them some assistance, they are ultimately overwhelmed by the high ground and the rebel's superior numbers.

A final rocket is fired at the outpost. The blast kills what was left of the Aeoneonatrix solders. The rebels rush down to whatever is left of the base, and quickly secure the area.

Attack on the Capitol[edit | edit source]

The interstellar vessel the Shodowcube ran its course on approach to the UHC’s home world. It was going to deliver a shipment of explosive weapons to be used in suppression of rebel forces.

“We’re almost there,” the pilot said, “We’ll be right above the planet in about two minutes.”

“Got it,” the captain said, “stay on course.”

The captain reached into his pocket and pulled out a locket. He opened it. It contained a picture of his wife, pregnant. “I’m almost home honey,” he whispered, “I’ll finally get to see our baby up close.” He lied back in his chair and thought about the prospect. The baby had been born two weeks ago, while he was away. He was delighted that he would finally be able to see his baby daughter.

In the darkness of space, a rebel gunship disguised as a inspector's shuttle nears the cargo ship. Inside, 25 rebels sat, ready to take it over.

"Are you sure this will work?" The pilot said.

The mission leader on the ship said "Yeah, it should. We stole the companies docking schedules, and a Inspector's Shuttle was supposed to arrive at this cargo ship at this time."

"What do we do when they let us on?"

"Just stay in the shuttle, and let me do the talking. When I do the signal, then you do your thing." The Mission Leader said.

The shuttle stops in front of the cargo ship hanger, and the pilot sends a transmission to them.

"This is IS-2931-3 requesting permission to dock, monthly safety inspection."

"Permission granted," the Shadowcube's captain said.

The shuttle slowly enters the Shadowcube's hanger, and lands on the hanger bay floor.

"Alright, just like I said, until my signal." The Mission Leader said.

The side door of the shuttle opens, and closes behind the Mission Leader as he exits the shuttle, he is wearing an inspector uniform.

"Nice to meet you, I assume you are the captain of this vessel?" The Mission Leader said. "No," the crew member who had come to greet him said, "he is on the bridge. I'm a member of the engineering staff, the sort of person who usually greets an inspector... odd that you'd not know that. Are you new on the job perhaps?"

The Mission Leader smiles, and says "Yes, in fact I am. Now, following new government inspection protocol, I need your entire crew down here, including the captain. Reason for that is so we can inspect your ship unhindered."

"Well... okay. I'll tell the captain I guess," the crew member said. He got out a radio.

"The inspector wants the whole crew down here, he says it's so he can inspect the ship unhindered."

The captain's voice can be heard through the radio.

"He's wondering why you can't just wait until we land if you need us to be out of the areas you're inspecting?" The Inspector looks at the engineer, and says "Because it would waste time, I'm on a very tight schedule, and 5 other ships in this area are assigned to me, which are waiting to be inspected."

"Hold on," the crew member checks the radio, "he and the rest of the crew are headed down here."

"Excellent." the Inspector says, smiling. He continues with "I might as well get my Inspection team out of the shuttle." At that, he signals the rebels to hop out of the shuttle, they are all wearing Civil Authority Inspections Division Uniforms.

The crew arrives in the hanger bay.

"Go on and inspect," the captain says.

The inspector smiles, and says "Thank you, team, follow m- wait a second...HE HAS A GUN." At that, the rebels open fire on the entire crew, which is standing a few feet away from them. They are shot at with SMG's and LMG's.

The captain and the rest of the crew die almost instantly. The locket remains around the captain's neck as he lies on the floor of the hanger bay, lifeless.

The inspector takes off his hat, and smirks. Saying, "Get these sacks of shit out of here, and burn the bodies." He walks over to the captain, and crushes the locket under his boots, chuckling a bit as he does so. After that, the rest of the rebels pile up the bodies in a corner, and burn them. The Mission Leader summons his team with him, and they head toWards the Bridge.

The mission leader and his group of rebels reach the bridge, and the mission leader sits down in the chair, he says “Damn, this is a fine ass chair. I would love to have a job like this, just sitting on my ass all day.” He takes a look of the control panel, and says “Hmm, what can I do…where is the accelerator on this thing?” before locating it, and says “Ahh! Here it is!” He puts it to a very high speed, and says “LET’S PARTY!” before activating the launch sequence. The ship begins to move slowly, then faster, and then even faster, as it speeds toWards the capital city.

A Space Authority Space Station sees the ship move by them. The Captain of the Station says “Holy shit, what the fuck!” The Planetary Defense systems go online, and they begin to fire rockets at the speeding cargo ship. However, the cargo ship is moving too fast, and it dodges all of the rockets. The Station Captain looks in horror as it enters the atmosphere, knowing that there is no-way now to stop it.

The ship flies through the atmosphere, and crashes into the capital city. A shockwave is created, launch cars like toys and breaking the glass of skyscrapers. People are sent tumbling to their deaths as it blows them off their feet. The ship then explodes spectacularly, slowly burning the inhabitants of the doomed city to a crisp. Metal melts, and plastic boils, as the explosion expands outside of the city-limits, consuming the surrounding forests and small towns.

The explosion dissipates, and what is left is a charred landscape, with the Capital City burned black to a crisp, and thousands of fires burn across the damned skyline. Meanwhile, in the Government Center, Kilerv was shielded by rubble that fell on her, but now is pinned, with both arms and legs broken. She screams out in pain, but to get no-reply, as the city of the dead ignores the living without mercy. The school Erika went to lays in ruin, as it is charred black both inside and out.

The ridged and burned bodies lay all over the hallways and classrooms. The fire showed no mercy and did not discriminate. In one classroom in particular, Erika lays rigid on the floor, charred black, as a piece of rebar stands firmly out of her impaled head.

Ten minutes after the explosion, the Army and Planetary Emergency Services are mobilized, and converge toWards the affected areas, in the hope that maybe they can find survivors that lived through the hellfire.

Kilerv Rescued[edit | edit source]

A few hours later Prelior, accompanied by several Aeoneonatrix, and let by Owler, burst through the door and began lifting the fallen debris off of Kilerv.

Prelior - Are you alright?

Prelior - Kilerv?

Prelior - Kilerv!?

Kilerv opens her eyes weakly, as she regains her consciousness. She looks around the room, only to find herself still under debris, and the Aeons trying to lift it off of her. She tries to speak out a word, but can't, she clearly has a head injury and is out of it.

Soon, the Aeoneonatrix are able to clear the debris off of her.

Owler thought for a moment. He weighs her worth as a martyr compared to her worth as a puppet. He decides that having a leader the people would be willing to go along with was worth more to him than having a martyr.

Owler - Quick! Get her to the medical bay on my ship!

Kilerv falls back into unconsciousness, as her body once again goes limp.

Soon, she's taken on a stretcher back to the medical Ward on Owler's ship. He's happy not to have to dump any of the survivors outside to make room for her. The doctor says they should be able to save her.

Planning In the Hospital[edit | edit source]

Kilerv slowly comes to, and notices she is on a bed. She looks around the room, and tries to examine her surroundings. A doctor runs in. Apparently, someone detected her waking up.

Doctor - Hello there.

Kilerv focuses her eyes on the doctor, and says "Engh...Hello, where am I?"

Doctor - In the medical Ward on Owler's ship. You were pretty badly injured, but you suffered no permanent damage and we expect you to walk again within a month.

Owler and Prelior suddenly walked in.

Kilerv - Owler...Prelior. What happened, why am I here? How did I get injured?

Owler - The rebels hijacked a cargo ship and rammed it into the capitol. Every structure has been destroyed and 95% of the people inside were wiped out.

Kilerv's eyes fill with shock and disbelief, as she mutters "Dear gods...no. Where's Erika?"

Owler - Missing.

Kilerv - No...NO.

She attempts to sit up, but fails due to a sudden burst of pain in her abdomen, she then lies back down.

Owler - Kilerv, pull yourself together! We need you to think right now, for the sake of your people! Now, between this and the fact that the rebels have begun attacking military outposts, it is clear that a civil War has begun. I am going to call in 900 Aeoneonatrix ships to aid in this effort.

Kilerv - R-right. I will also k-keep providing military aid to you, as I always have. B-but, first we n-need to focus on rescue efforts in the Capital City, and the 500 mile wide Area around it...

Owler - We are getting people on that, you need not worry, but as it is, that process will happen without us. I need you to help me counter the rebels.

Kilerv - Right...I guess.

Owler - So then, we need to work on dismantling the rebels as much as possible, first, we need to attempt to minimize their possible avenues of attack. We also need to work harder to capture rebels and rebel bases.

Kilerv - We need to get some information on them first.

Owler - Like what?

Kilerv - We could send spies into their network, or interrogate captured rebels.

Owler - I believe we already did that a while back, after the carnival attack, we sent in a bunch of IEOT-10 to infiltrate. They've been in there for a while now, I think it's time we put their information to use and level a bunch of their bases. Of course, only some of the ones we know about, so as to not implicate our men.

Kilerv - Yeah, sure.

Owler - Indeed, there are an estimated fifty major rebel bases, and our agents, between all of them, currently know the locations of thirty-one. I think we should focus on the ones nearer to the inner colonies, but we need to skip a few randomly so that it won't be clear which ones we skipped because we don't know their locations.

Kilerv - Sounds like a good plan.

Owler - So then, I need to decide, should I bother with a ground assault or just go for the orbital bombardment?

Kilerv - You could do both, do an orbital bombardment first then a ground assault afterWards.

Owler - Alright. So then, I say we start tomorrow.

Kilerv - Right, and also, please keep me updated on the...rescue operations.

Owler - Alright. Don't worry Kilerv, either you'll get her back, or you'll get revenge, but either way, you'll win.

Kilerv - O-ok.

Owler - Now, there is one other matter to address.

Kilerv - What is that?

Owler - Where will you live after this? You'd be the safest on my ship, but the public may not like you living with aliens, it will feed into the rebel's narrative.

Kilerv - Don't worry, I'll figure it out eventually...we do have a secret bunker on Planet 23.

Owler - Alright then, Kilerv, there is one last thing I have to say.

Kilerv - What?

Owler - If we do not succeed, know that we treat new citizens, voluntarily so or not, with the utmost respect. You and your people will not suffer under our governance.

Kilerv - I'm a bit unsure about that, but whatever.

Owler - Why are you unsure? I ask merely because I want you to be comfortable if the worst happens and I have to do what must be done.

Kilerv - Well, you are an empire. We are a government native to this area and species. You may not be able to meet this area's specific needs.

Owler - Well, the planetary governors you elect will presumably be from your own people and will have that knowledge. If there are any problems with our empire-wide laws, you may simply tell us.

Kilerv - Well, let's just try to prevent that from happening, and take care of the rebels.

Owler - Of course.

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