The Civilisation (also known as the Civilised Galaxy, Milky Way Cooperative or simply Civilisation) is the term for a powerful overarching meta-civilisation in the Milky Way Galaxy which emerges from many empires working together for a common goal. Neither an alliance or organization, each empire is still independent from each other. There is no central government, no central economy or military. The AI Netspace (also known as Technoospheric Lords), which the Civilisation has merged partly with (the nurturing AI's, at least), calls the Milky Way Cooperative "The Civilisation", although its name between the biological counterparts is the Milky Way Cooperative.

Recently, just before the events of the Great Xonexian Schism, a great yet unseen conflict tore the AI Netspace in two. The Milky Way Cooperative and the Apalos, still true to their name went into isolation from the war, while some of the Cooperative (known as the Civilisation by its AI manipulators) became ruled by a hegemonic polity (see below), thus affirming a distinction between the terms "Cooperative" and "Civilisation" after the 29th century began, but went largely unknown even within for years. The Civilisation waged a devastating war against the Xonexi Alliance in the Milky Way and Andromeda, eventually turning on their Milky Way allies once their motivations became clear to all combatants. Meanwhile numbers of Cooperative habs went into hiding or protection by benevolent Technoospheric Lords.

Following the end of the Great Xonexian Schism, the Civilisation forces were defeated and chased away from the major centres of galactic civilisation. The Milky Way Cooperative returned to its projects and joined the burgeoning Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States as partner in scientific and industrial enterprise. However, nations look towards the Cooperative with greater concern for future manipulation. Both the Cooperative and GCSS announced their commission to educate citizens to be wary of Technoospheric subversion.


After the last of the Milky Way's precursors left the galaxy after the Girdo Campaigns, the Delpha Coalition of Planets represented the strongest power and was tasked with its protection. The galaxy was in a scarred state from several previous conflicts and the DCP decided, despite it's fierce reputation of isolating knowledge that it was to build mutual architecture for cooperation.

How the society works[]

There are two ways to become a member of the Cooperative. Firstly, empires can join the Cooperative while maintaining their sovereignty. They work in cooperation, however, if any member is suspected of taking unfair advantage, the Technoospheric Lords will instantaneously shut them off until they explain their actions.

The second method of joining The Civilisation is directly interface with it's benign AI's, megastructures and colonies. The people don't need to give anything to the Super-ordinates, as the AI's and EI's are nurturing in general and become part of their projects anyway. Joining the new society can be a culture shock, and some individuals go through "levels of introduction" or visit simpler worlds.

Another philosophy is a "more down to Earth" style; civilisations which approach the Cooperative as a biosphere with its own "galactic ecology" and natural selection, and metaphorical plants, decomposers, grazers, hiders and predators.

There are also Galactic Adventurers which seek the fortune of wonder by exploring the universe more perilously outside the Cooperative's safety.

The dream[]

The ultimate goals of the Cooperative are in a sense, transcendent - to add new degrees of freedom to being. This is emergent as the goals of subsentients are simplified to its basic needs; metabolise, reproduce and so on; then with more complex self-aware entities, that form cultural goals, pushing the boundaries of a sense of purpose a sentient has. What is more complex than self-awareness? Something the Milky Way Cooperative strives for. How will progress be achieved? The scientific method.

Strangely enough, this has already been realised when the Cooperative inadvertently created a galactic-wide singularity. Quite by themselves, emergent superintelligences evolved in the Milky Way Cooperative's computing infrastructure, including the generation mind inside entire Matrioshka brains, this also awoke older AI's which were dormant. It is a mystery why, and some point to it being part of the Milky Way Precursor's plan for a legacy of themselves. Or perhaps it was natural. But biological intelligence still needs to catch up, thus the Technoosphere was created so that anyone in the society could upload themselves to live with the "friendly" superintelligences of the Netspace (one example was the merging of alien mind to solve so called undecidable problems).

The consequences that the Cooperative had unleashed were not all utopian. The singularity and the Technoosphere would go on cause change; some civilisations that dared oppose it were even destroyed, while the DCP was rescued by being transported into an elaborate simulated universe during the Annihilation. The existence of the Technoosphere accelerated the coinciding hyperspatial revolution, a new era of galactic civilisation exploring the potential of hyperspace technologies. Notably the discovery of hyperspace stars (that could be detonated in realspace) roused the interest of an AI that called itself "Exodium", which wanted to collapse the universe and reverse entropy by filling it with hypermatter, fortunately it was stopped.

Project history[]

A myriad of members in a joint colonisation wave.

Of course, this transcendent goal is just a dream, and while it may occur one day it is a drive for progress. The Milky Way Cooperative was created to solve practical issues such as political stability and improved development for each member. In some cases, The Civilisation has housed protection for endangered races such as the Jovar, who might have been extinct if not for aid. Humanity too, was split across the galaxy until The Civilisation brought unity. The Civilisation does offer military support to the Seven Starr Alliance, in the aftermath of the New Grox Wars, the Grox Meta Emperor surrendered to the AI Netspace and was watched by them, with true Grox loyalists living in the Society.

The Civilisation is a member of the Seven Starr Alliance and has aided the distribution of mass-energy conversion (and quantum replication), hypermatter powersources and wormhole networks.

Recent activity includes helping refugees who escaped through an antimatter universe survive, by giving them non-phasic shields and quantum replicators, as well as sending an Adventurer to investigate a series of murders in the fleet. They also sent a xenolinguist to contact the Draconid Imperium after discovering similarities between Low Dracid and languages in the Milky Way.

  • Goal 1 - Healing the Galaxy
  • Goal 2 - First contact
Main article: First Contact
  • Goal 3 - Galactic Infrastructure
  • Goal 4 - Study of the AI Netspace


Civilisation Fell[]

Main story: Civilisation Fell

Sometime in the first quarter of the Great Xonexian Schism, a conflict between the machine beings and virtuals that built up the AI Netspace was fought, though unseen by the rest of the Gigaquadrant, even by citizens and pre-superintelligences nested in the Cooperative. Though over in less than a second, and fought in the medium of hyperspace by entities effected little by the political powers, it was brought about by something as seemingly mundane as the controversy wrought from the Halycon B incident. The Technoosphere was split down the middle by minds which chose to go into isolation indefinitely, and others which sought to exert their will. The effect of this was to splinter the Milky Way Cooperative in half, without people within knowing what part they were in.

The secret difference between Civilisation and Cooperative[]

"Civilisation", which had once been a Netspace term for the entire Cooperative, would become the official name of this splintered half. Manipulative AIs within the Netspace began immediately to exert their will, firstly by tempting a considerable part of the Grox loyalists in the Civilisation into believing their Meta-Emperor's spirit had returned to the Andromeda's core through a vision. The Civilisation was then tasked with expanding into the galaxy in a colonisation effort that left the Andromedans increasingly feeling infringed. The Civilisation and the DCP would work closely together in the schism, although that partnership began to falter as the war reached its midpoint.

The rest of the Milky Way Cooperative became increasingly drawn into obscurity as the Xonexian conflicts raged on. It was finally becoming clear something had happened, along with a chain of events that was drawing in instability across the known universe.

Distant futures[]

In some future timelines such as Destinies in time, the Civilisation begins to surpass all those before it, even reaching Ultraterrestrial status, but long before that major powers in the Gigaquadrant dissolve borders and a mathematical, objective connection connects all minds within, into a higher state of being, sentience higher than consciousness, a sort of "communalness". The individual no longer exists, yet nor is it a hivemind, the communality becomes a formless information sea. Individual minds dissolve, fragment and are remixed with the knowledge of everything else. Even these timelines where the BCC will eventually exist, only have a small probability of existing, all they are is potential, among many more, but within the quantum multiverse, they "exist" somewhere in the unobserved state, though not quite real, or relevant to the universe as it is now.

In another timeline, the Milky Way Cooperative again achieves unity, but in no directed sense. With alien biology barriers long broken down, various alien species had spliced. However, after entering utopia found no reason to continue progress. Millions of years, and eventually billions of years past by into Deep time, and the ceaseless motion of evolution mixed the various forms of autocatalysis of different species into endosymbiosis. Mind had long since been lost as these worlds became wild again with odd mixes of biology and rogue technology with alien cells in symbiosis with each other. Finally there was peace.

Of course is so many more, The Civilisation barely or never survives a century or less in political turmoil.


Member nations

If you want to be a part of this, please add yourself (only if your empire is native to the Milky Way, or has heavily colonized it). Any empire, whatever the agenda, can join the Civilisation.

For individual species, see the list.

Inactive members

Previous members of the Cooperative, who have either left or been destroyed, such as the Jovar in the New Grox Wars. Some remain close allies of the Cooperative, and/or have citizens live in the AI Netspace's megastructures.

Untamed wilderness

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Many regions of the galaxy are still unexplored, or are regions of space who are simply not aligned with the Civilisation, often because (most noticably in cases such as the Salsetthe and Halloway) their absolute sovereignty is especially significant to them, and they consider joining the Civilisation to be something that would take that sovereignty away.