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The builders are one of the oldest empires in existence, founded by the Archeobuilders, several quadrillion years. Throughout the story proved to be a force for order, for the sole purpose of destroying the chaos throughout the Omniverse. Originally located in the Origin-Galaxy, a structure of astronomical proportions created by them, the civilization of the Builders became one of the technologically advanced civilization of omniverse

History Edit


The civilization of the Builders was founded over millions of years after its establishment in the source galaxy, a super city that functioned as capital, after his odyssey across the Omniverse. Its foundation was carried out by Oikodomu, considered the top leader of the Builders, and the Grand Council, a council of the most prominent members of the Builders, who created the Codex Oikodomus, the code that every Builder should follow to achieve its objectives.

The MacraborgEdit

For millennia, the Builders hoped that some form of life arose naturally, but all calculations and all his work did not give any results. Finally, when they had lost all hope in life developed a planet. The Builders were watching, waiting for some kind of intelligence achieved finally one succeeded, a species called the Macraborg. This species had a very unsophisticated technology, since they had just discovered fire, which caused the Builders take pity on them, teaching them to grow, use machines, and, eventually, to travel through space. The Macrborg then considered the Builders as gods, giving them their absolute obedience. It took millennia, and they could not understand the Builders and the advanced technology and continued considering them divine beings.

A Builder

The first chaos warEdit

The golden age of the Archeobuilders ended during the First Chaos War, when the Builders lost they capital, The Origin Galaxy at the hands of the the Chaos Controllers, the unstoppable force of destruction of the the Chaos Controllers shattered Archeobuilders defenses and his entire galaxy. Even the supreme leader, the Mets Arjnod Lord Oikodomu died at the hands of the only one Chaos Lord.


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Culture Edit


The culture of a Builder is similar to that of a colonizer, trying to build and bring civilization to every place possible, obtaining benefits for members of civilization itself. That is why their desire to maintain a rigid regulation, because they try to keep civilization giving it great example.

Music, food and artEdit

The Builders greatly enjoy classical music, although they have a taste for classic rock.The music created is a mixture of waves and neutrinos gravitons in varying amounts which vary the shades of this.

The Builders are fed hyper-energy cosmic purified themselves distill and synthesize, while it is true that the materialize feed on certain foods of local universes they find in their research, it was by coincidence that feed on earthlings pizza in the universe 414,721,933, food that caused a furor among his.

Builder art tends to be harmonious, balanced and a perfectionist, there is no abstract art schools among them, except both the physical and metaphysical just requiring abstract art. Whenever he tries to show art, particularly, order.

Religion Edit

The religion of the Builders is based on belief in a "substance" known as cosmic energy, a fundamental force that exists everywhere, it can vary in density, allowing the formation energy of alloys, which form the individual , personality and soul. They share the religious beliefs of the Sages of Qasarn, their close cousins​​, with exception that they consider the cosmic energy flows are controlled by an extra-dimensional race.

Creation MythEdit

In the beginning there was nothing, not even "nothing" itself, only the multitude was ... or was not, since there was neither space, nor time, nor the dimensions. The cosmic energy didn't flow. At the beginning of the ages, the Infinity moved, and a river flowed, a river of cosmic energy, was expelled from Infinity to the newly formed Void. Thus began the age of cosmic energy. The cosmic energy flowed unceasingly for aeons, and the Infinity itself came a race of beings, who self-proclaim the "Authorities". Authorities monitored the flow of cosmic energy creating with their almost infinite powers "laws", a set of rules that all existence was to follow.

- 1º chapter of the Sacred Book, "The Cosmic Age"

This is the first chapter of the book of the origin of The Builders, which was written more than 15 billion years somewhere in the "Origin Galaxy", the book presents to the supreme deity of the Builders, the Infinity, which is actually the seemingly infinite cosmic energy that emerges from the point of singularity.

The Builders belevies believe in the "12 times", a series of key moments in which summarize all of creation, they are governed by the amount of energy that carries the flow of cosmic energy:

  • 1st Moment, The flow: The Infinity started the flow of cosmic energy and create the Inter-universal Void.
  • 2nd Moment, The Authorities: The Infinity create the Authorities, a race of super-powerfull beings which taked the control of the flow.
  • 3rd Moment, The universes: The flow formed spheres around certain areas of the void and forming solidified these universes.
  • 4th Moment, The dark energy: In theory, was the moment when the dark energy take form.
  • 5th Moment, The Chaos: After 9,2 trillions years, the universes began to crumble, and although new ones were formed, all the residual energy became chaos, which resulted in the formation of the chaos fields and Chaos Controllers.
  • 6th Moment, The atoms: Slowly, the matter began to take shape, first like quarks, then like protons and neutrons, and finally the temperature drops enough to form atoms. (The first universes couldn't be matter for their extreme amounts of dark energy).
  • 7th Moment, The stars: After one million of years the random density fluctuations in the distribution of matter in the universe resulted in certain regions being dense enough to collapse under their own gravitational attraction, forming the first stars and quasars from hydrogen fusion.
  • 8th Moment, The life: When the stars and planets was formed, the life could take shape, either from a primordial soup from the deep or the ocean geysers.
  • 9th Moment, The intelligence: In the Inter-universal Void three living beings was illuminated by the Sacred Wisdom, a manifestation of the infinite which aimed to deliver intelligence to the living.
  • 10th Moment, The Holy Three: The first three living things which was illuminated by the Sacred Wisdom was Jocurra, Oikodomu, and Ittotns and they was developed a civilization.
  • 11th Moment, The fall: Jocurra, Oikodomu, and Ittotns drifted away and crated they own civilations, Ittotns went into exile.
  • 12 th Moment, The return: We are here now, the return is when in some moment of the future the Third essence return to the Omniverse.

Percepcion of the goodness and the badnessEdit

The Builders follow the 13th principles of the existence like the Archeosapien:
Impurity: Nothing can ever be 100% of anything. There is always impurity.
Mortality: Nothing ever lasts forever. If it seems, to it undergoes a temporal feedback loop when everything else is gone. Even "immortals" end eventually.
Symmetry: Everything has its double, opposite, double opposite, etc.
Balance: Nothing is ever out of balance. All things follow a rhythm and pattern. It must also keep a omniversal balance between any and all opposing forces. However nothing is perfectly balanced.
Individuality: As nothing is perfect, nothing is perfectly the same.
Relativity: As two objects with mass cannot exist in the exact same spot at the exact same time, two concepts cannot exist simultaneously in a mind.
Reality: Ignore illusions and fantasies as they never were, they never will be.
Mind over Matter: If you use your mind you can overcome any obstacle, any situation, any illusion.
Change: All things change over time, so accept the coming reality for your old one is becoming a fantasy.
Unity: All things are one, therefore all is connected.
Resposiblity: Your actions have consequences, so you must be the one who fixes them.
Conservation: All things travel in circles, whether it be spacetime, life, or energy, everything is conserved and goes through a cycle of renewal and breakdown. All things belong to their origin.
Singularity: The origin is the Singularity Point. The singularity is the One God, the Infinity. And the one god is only omnipotent and omniscient, nothing more.

The Builders add to this the 3 principles of destruction, certain forces or attitudes that cause the disintegration of creation and nature, but must still maintain the balance:

  • The Darkness: the darkness is necessary for the life, but you must to show it the light.
  • The Chaos: the chaos is a force to the destruction, it must exist but you must keep at bay.
  • The Entropy: the entropy is the badness transmuted in a reality, it is more powerful than you and everybody, only the the Infinity is more powerful than it, that is the why of we cosmic energy must return to the Infinity.

Government and Economy Edit

The Builder's government is almost incomprehensible to the inferior species. Even so conozen certain aspects of it, has to do with a direct democracy but adapted to a group mind. The population is subdivided into "demos", small groups of one thousand persons cohabiting in the same "residences". These are grouped into the "stars", a set of thousand "homes" interconnected. Each "star" is directed by a Arjnod, a previously chosen leader. The whole civilization of the Builders is controlled by the Supreme Concil too, and it are the responsible for the selection of Arjnod and serious problems. In case of war or extremely serious problem is the power passed to the Mets Arjnod. This civilization is a post-scarcity civilization, so the economy is irrelevant, but the transference of products, principally energy, is a job of M.L.15, stands for "Machine Lord model 15", a super quantum computer who exist in the Homage Tower.


  • Great Council: The Builder's government is led by the Grand Council, this is comprised of the most eminent members of society and Arjnods of each Star. It have two forms:
    • Close Council: Only are involved the Arjonds, the Mets Arjnod and the scientists and engineers header.
    • Open Council: All the population can participate (in this case is performed through the psiquic-space)
  • Mets Arjnod: The supreme leader, he is the most important member of the Great Council. In case of war, he takes the absolute power.
  • Arjonod: Regoinal leader, he takes the decision in a regional and low important problems.
  • Population: All the others members

All the members of the Great Council should listen to advice from the M.L. 15.

Technology Edit

The Builders technology is difficult to understand, pprincipally because they body is designed to perform feats that the beings who live outside the Inter-Universal Void can't do without technology, like travel "faster" than the light (but this is incorrect, because the Archeanis really warp space), see the tachyons, and cosmic energy feed. Still, the Builders can be considered more advanced beings Archeanis genous in technology, as they have been manipulated to perfection several laws of physics to their advantage.

Resume of the Builder's TechEdit

The Buildier's technology allows a host of capabilities, some of the most important are:

  • Inter-universal teleport (through an advanced hiperspace).
  • Universe simulation.
  • Subtle and nearly undetectable alteration the universe's structure (through the generation of dark matter and dark energy).
  • Use Casimir Effect to extract energy.
  • "Refine" the energy to create zero energy.
  • Detect the Cosmic Energy flow.
  • Use graviton's flow detectors to detect another universes.


The Builders, despite their ability to generate Alcubierre Bubbles, require certain devices to travel great distances, as they are unable to generate the energy needed for a trip to speed warp 1

Gravitons Rower
The gravitons Rower is a multidimensional spacecraft designed to travel between universes and through the interuniversal void. The spaceship is a Gravinium sphere specially designed by withstand the vagaries of the "climate" of the inter-universal void.

  • Task: Transport and research, multi-purpose.
  • Size: Tens to hundreds metres in length.
  • Weapons/defense: Gravitons destroyer pulse.
  • Tools: Gravitons pulse, gravitons chain, abduct, hyper-scan.
  • Significant events: Were used to transport Arandar to the Chaos Fields, with terrible results.

Cosmic sailboat
The sailboat is a cosmic spaceship diceñada for travel through the Inter-Universal Void, it receives the flow of cosmic energy in the Inter-universal tavés Void to a device that works com "sail" to the ship. The spaceship have a Gravinium hull specially designed by withstand the vagaries of the "climate" of the inter-uiversal void.

  • Task: Transport and work as an ark.
  • Size: Hundreds to thousands metres.
  • Weapons/defense: Cosmic arrow.
  • Tools: Gravitons pulse, cosmic chain, abduct, hyper-scan, dark energy generator.
  • Significant events: Were used to scape of The Base during the exodus.

Trivia Edit

  • The hate to the entropy of the Builders comes from The Buldier obsession with the infinite
  • The Builders language is a fusion of the armenian and latin language
  • The Builder and its relationed pages are a The Buldier's personnel fiction
  • The Builder and its relationed pages are a manifestation of The Buldier's philosophy

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