The organisation you had faced is called the Brotherhood. Terrorists, rebels, renegades - all of them. They would have remained just that - a pest - but their actions and their technology make them much more of a threat.

- Vesperon Maltris to the New Dawn's crew

The Brotherhood is an enigmatic terroristic organisation which operates in Andromeda Galaxy. Coming from many different worlds, belonging to many different species, following many different ideologies, the Brotherhood's warriors are unified by two things: their loyalty to its charismatic and mysterious leader known only as Khanjar, and their hatred for the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth.

Although few in number and branded by the entire galaxy as traitors and rebels, the Brotherhood's followers are still devious, deadly foes, armed with ancient technology beyond the galaxy's brightest minds' comprehension. An army of merciless, fearless fanatics, the Brotherhood will stop at nothing to see the entire galaxy - or at least those who reign over it now - burn.



The Brotherhood is a secretive, enigmatic organisation which guards its secrets zealously: as such, little is known about its origins. For years, it had been nothing but a myth, with no definite proofs of its existence, and those who believed in it were considered by the public to be paranoid conspiracy theorists. The Commonwealth only became aware of the Brotherhood's existence during the Andromeda War, after a series of seemingly unrelated raids on the Commonwealth's military outposts by various pirate and mercenary groups. After the Highlords realised that those attacks were too organised to be mere pirate raids, the AGC's intelligence agents started to investigate, eventually finding out the truth: one organisation stood behind all the raids. The Brotherhood continued to fight against the Commonwealth throughout the Andromeda War through acts of sabotage, assassination and terrorism, using the Grox threat as an opportunity to attack without having to fear retaliation. After the Grox were defeated, however, the Brotherhood vanished, no longer feeling safe.

The New Dawn's first contact with the Brotherhood

According to the information provided by Infobot Imperious to the New Dawn, the Brotherhood's leader, Khanjar, forged an alliance with the Tertamian AI network known as the Inheritance at some point during this aftermath period, gaining advanced precursor archaeotech in exchange. How exactly could this pact be formed in the first place remains a mystery, although Khanjar's exposure to Artifact energy during his mission on the Keyworld might be the answer to this; Imperious itself stated that the Brotherhood leader originally wanted to destroy the Artifacts by turning Adaru energy upon itself, as per the Inheritance' request. However, the ancient relics' corruptive energies combined with Khanjar's ambitious nature quickly subverted his original intentions and the insidious terrorist promptly betrayed his allies, using a computer virus to bend them to their will.

New Dawn[]

In Pursuit of Power

The Brotherhood reemerged again during the second year of the New Dawn era, now armed with advanced technology of Inheritance origin. Its first move was to attempt to claim the Commonwealth's most advanced science vessel, the New Dawn, for itself; fortunately, the ship's crew managed to escape the Brotherhood's blockade and save their vessel. It wasn't a total loss for Khanjar's terrorists, though, for they had recruited one more soldier in their ranks: the New Dawn's first officer, Quendor Telnhao.

Later, the Brotherhood's militants managed to find their way to the world which has been later dubbed Enderia, a faraway planet inhabited by strange creatures called Strakhs, in order to claim the mystical relic related to the Artifacts, known as the Cube. On this planet, they met two other factions who desired to claim this object: the New Dawn's crew who became stranded on Enderia after being attacked by a rampant Inheritance droid, and soldiers of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah. Allying with the latter and capturing the former, the Brotherhood successfuly retrieved the cube, thus giving them more knowledge of the Artifacts' power - and, what was more important, the technology that could be used in reconstructing Project Adaru, the ancient AI superwapon that once harnessed Artifact energy for the ancients.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Brotherhood also managed to forge a full-fledged alliance with the Stratocracy, with whom they shared a common enemy in the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. This alliance, however, was a matter of necessity and not of genuine loyalty; the Brotherhood, having a strict anti-slavery policy, despised the cruel Gros, but neverthless provided them technology in exchange so that they could use their vast industrial complex for building Adaru. The construction proceeded without much delay since then, even though the tensions between allies remained and the New Dawn's crew eventually escaped thanks to Quendor Telnhao's and Geroniel's betrayal and the intervention of captain Theo of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth.

Project Adaru.

Later, using the information gathered from the insides of the Leviathan, an ancient sentient Tertamian ship, the Brotherhood finally managed to perfect their mind transfer technology, allowing Khanjar to control Adaru directly as opposed to using an AI like the Tertamians did; now, nothing stood between him and galactic conquest.

The Ark of Damnation

The last two years of the New Dawn era, however, resulted in a series of major losses for both the Brotherhood and its allies. The Stratocracy of Karnagtah was engulfed in a massive, sector-wide slave rebellion which was secretly funded and trained by the Divinarium, weakening it severely; at the same time, tensions between the Gros and the Brotherhood continued to grow. Both culminated during the Battle for Karnagtah when the slaves had finally become powerful and bold enough to attack at the very heart of their former masters' domain - the very same place where Adaru was being constructed. Joined in by the New Dawn's crew, the slaves successfuly conquered the planet and sent both the Brotherhood contingent and its near-constructed superweapon fleeing into deep space. Their empire in ruin, the Stratocracy blamed its ally for its failure; the Brotherhood responded by destroying its worlds with Adaru's incomplete, but neverthless functional weaponry.

Adaru's last stand.

What the Brotherhood's command did not expect, however, was that one of its former Inheritance allies - Imperious - still remained functioning deep inside the many precursortech machines that it employed. During the New Dawn's battle with the Brotherhood on Karnagtah, it managed to transfer itself into Quendor Telnhao's wrist computer; from that position, it communicated with the ship's crew and betrayed the position of Adaru to it. Wasting no more time the New Dawn, aided by the Leviathan whom it had befriended earlier, launched a daring attack at the incomplete superweapon and destroying it from the inside, while at the same time dismantling most of its command structure including Khanjar. Unfortunately, Khanjar's programming of Adaru meant that if his weapon was destroyed, it would also take the rest of the galaxy with it; thus began the Shattering...

The Shattering[]

As of the Shattering, the Brotherhood's fate is unknown.



The Brotherhood is an extremely diverse organisation, which is only unified by its shared enemy: as such, it accepts all species of the galaxy into it. The Brotherhood's cells are spread all over Andromeda, recruiting everyone who is willing to fight against the Commonwealth: Artharon nationalists, Zazane militarists, Radeon religious extremists. This has spawned numerous conspiracy theories which claim that the Brotherhood secretly controls or supports other anti-AGC organisations such as Crispy's Insurrection or Khaxvis Resurgence.

This multi-species nature of the Brotherhood is both its strength as its weakness, for its followers are not always at good terms with each other, especially since many of them come from nationalist and speciecist groups. Direct violence, however, is not tolerated, and is punishable by death.


The Brotherhood's structure is complex, highly hierarchical and at the same time, decentralised. Each Brotherhood cell operates on its own and makes its own decisions, recruiting new followers and spreading terror among the Commonwealth's citizens; the cells's leaders are subservient to advisors, who are in turn subservient to Khanjar himself. This system is what makes the Brotherhood quite hard to track and even harder to uproot: if a single cell is destroyed, two more appear to replace it.

Despite possessing advanced technology at its disposal, the Brotherhood prefers to avoid direct combat for the purpose of discretion, using pirates, mercenaries and bounty hunters to do the dirty job for it. However, if the attack is of high strategic importance or is meant to inspire terror, the Brotherhood sends its own soldiers, called militants. Brainwashed to be fanatically loyal to their battle brothers (since the cells' leaders tend to form squads who had been comrades even before being recruited) and the Brotherhood's cause, having to go through intense training and armed with powerful weaponry, the are said to be among the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Fortunately for the Commonwealth, there aren't many of them.


Being a terrorist organisation, the Brotherhood doesn't have any worlds under its control, operating from starships instead. It also has bases on numerous uninhabited worlds both inside and outside Commonwealth space, which are either located underground, cloaked, or disguised as abandoned science stations in order to protect them from the prying eyes of the AGC's intelligence agents. They serve as the Brotherhood's militants primary bases of operation where it trains its recruits and from where it launches its attacks. As these bases are located almost everywhere in Andromeda, the Brotherhood is literally omnipresent.


The Brotherhood simply uses whatever technology its followers can get their hands on, whether it is bought on the black market, stolen from the Commonwealth, invented by the Brotherhood's own engineers or just found on some derelict world in the Wildspace. As such, the Broterhood's militants use a wide array of weaponry and armour, including but not limited to fusion cannons, singularity catapults, high-energy Shidium rifles, anti-matter blasters, hyperblades, graviton deflector shields and other, more exotic instruments of warfare. No matter where their weapons come from, the militants will utilise them efficiently and lethally.

What is more disturbing, however, is that the Brotherhood's scientists have found a way to reverse-engineer, or at least control, Inheritance technology, utilising it to create devastating, reality-bending weaponry and almost invincible battle droids. The most respected scientists of the Commonwealth argue and debate trying to understand how could a mere terrorist organisation take control of such advanced archaeotech, but they agree on one thing: Brotherhood plus Inheritance equals trouble.


The Brotherhood's Liberation Fleet isn't a true navy per se. It is more of a rag-tag conglomeration of starships of various origins provided by those members of the Brotherhood who once served in the Commonwealth's military forces such as the Dei'Ar Order or the Dragon Battleguard, most of them quite old and used. Despite that, though, the Brotherhood's fleets are still more than capable of being a thorn in the Commonwealth's side, due to hyperadvanced Inheritance technology used on their ships as well as their pilots' fanaticism and fervour.




  • Name - Unknown
  • Species - Unknown, presumably Rapidox
  • Position - Supreme Leader

The Brotherhood is indeed a secretive organisation about which little is known, but its leader is an enigma even to his (or her, or its, or their) own followers. Only his closest advisors, known collectively as the Witnesses, have ever seen him in person, and even they have never seen his face or heard his voice. His name, Khanjar, is also nothing but a pseudonym, derived from a word in one of the ancient Andromedan tongues meaning "hunter".

Khanjar's motives are as inexplicable as himself, but it is clear that he has a personal grudge against the Commonwealth, as well as against the chancellor of the Draconid Imperium, Vesperon Maltris. Is he a fervent idealist who believes proudly that he will bring about a golden age for Andromeda? Is he a hypocrite who only seeks unlimited power? A puppet of an extragalactic superpower or a corrupt transnational corporation? A Xhodocto worshipper? A Mali'Nar? All these theories are completely plausible. Whoever - or whatever - he is, Khanjar is, undoubtebly, one of the greatest threats to the galaxy.


For us or... against us. Use your choice wisely.

  • Name - Althron Quanai
  • Species - Radeon
  • Position - Witness

One of Khanjar's closest confidants and his second-in-command, Althron essentially serves as the link between the Brotherhood and its voiceless master. Having abandoned his species for "forgetting their true purpose", Althron and his extremistic followers fought against the Church of Spode and the Masaari Crusade for years, until he was at last killed by a squad of Hereticon agents during the Truce. Decades after his supposed death, however, he has returned somehow, now in service of the Brotherhood and craving vengeance for the Divinarium.

A fanatic at heart, Althron is fiercely loyal to his master Khanjar and is a bane for the Brotherhood's enemies. Despite this, though, he also possesses a gentle side, and is known to be a skilled diplomat, always trying to coerce the enemy to surrender peacefully first. To those fools who refuse to cooperate, however, Althron is merciless, for he is also a warrior of unparallelled skill and prowess and a highly charismatic leader.


So much has changed, but not me. I still solve practical problems.

  • Name - Geroniel Telnhao
  • Species - Radeon
  • Position - Engineer

Once thought missing in action, Geroniel Telnhao, formerly an Ecclesial Navy science officer and one of the brightest minds in the entire Divinarium, was found to be serving the Brotherhood by the New Dawn's crew - which includes her son, Quendor Telnhao, too - during its voyage through the wild space of the Andromeda Galaxy.

It is uncertain why would Geroniel, who was always loyal to her people, defect to a terrorist organisation. It is believed that she, being out of sync with the universe for years, is simply misinformed by the Brotherhood's leaders... at least, that's what Quendor wants to think.



Yellow face.pngWe are struggling together.

  • None


Orange face.pngA potential ally. But for us or for the Commonwealth?


Red face.pngNo mercy.


Treachery isn't tolerated.

- Baka'niju


- Quendor Telnhao

Of course we will rule together...

- Grand Admiral Gnorvi of the Stratocracy of Karnagtah

We will rule nothing together!

- Varugr

Misguided and aggresive. Hallmarks of many terror plans. Like all movements it will crumble one day

- Larnus Vontarion

Many stand against the Commonwealth's tyranny. Prehaps, united, we could cause them to crumble...bah! Like any of them are smart enough to do that.

- High Prophet Disdain of the Grox Follower Resurrgence.


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