The Architect was a legendary mortal that lived during the nascent times of reality. He is of unknown species to all in modern times, though the most ancient records of this vary greatly and credit him as being related to either the Obvia'Atra or the Xhodocto. The Architect was renowned across even the dimensions for his vast knowledge in every topic concerned with creation, as he invented everything from mechanical creatures that were extremely advanced for his time to the plans of the greatest cities that the civilizations of the old times would ever know.

His great talent attracted the attention of no less than the two Supreme Entities, Kamik'Shi the Dark and Kkia'Sihm the Brilliant. The rivalry between the two gods and the advanced creations of the Architect led to his downfall, as he was captured by Kamik and brought into the deepest pits of Hell. He was offered the chance to build a new Hell for the entity but repeatedly refused, tortured for thousands of years as Kamik granted him ageless immortality to give him no escape from his wrath. He was shown scorn from the mortals due to their fear for Kamik, but he was never forgotten. After ages of languishing in the flames of the inferno realm, the second Spreme Entity, Kkia'Sihm, stole him away for his own use. He was brought to the realm of Heaven and offered the chance to build a new realm for Kkia'Sihm. He agreed and from the ether designed an entirely new Lucia, giving rise to Kkia'Sihm's new home and the very structure that is Heaven itself; he is known as the divine designer of Heaven and the first holy civilizations. In reward, he was given shadeless immortality and turned into The Keeper', also known as Kenvoz'Yran, the Vanguard of Heaven, charged with guarding the Gates of Heaven from intruders. The rage of Kamik'Shi was terrible unpon his finding of the escape, making his hatred of his brethren and their rivalry much more intense.

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