A single spark is enough to ignite a flame. A single voice is enough to raise an army. A single murder is enough to start a war. A single man of character, wisdom and determination possesses the power that no weapon, no starship, no technological contraption can match. And who are these men of character, wisdom and determination? We are.

- Unknown

The An(n)ointed Society of the Messengers (Radessic: Tharemanim - Enlightened/Blessed) (also known as the Anointed or the Society) is a multispecies secret society that is somehow linked to the mysterious elemental beings known as the Isio'Nar. Having originated from ancient Vendespode's theologian organisations, the Annointed have been scheming for millenia, manipulating entire civilisations in the name of their ascended masters. Yet, for all their power, the Annointed remain an obscure organisation; for the majority of the Gigaquadrant's populace, they are a myth, a wild conspiracy theory which only a madman can believe in.

But make no mistake - the Annointed do exist, and they are powerful. Although the code given to them by their mysterious gods forbids them to intervene directly in the Gigaquadrant's affairs, they neverthless affected them greatly in the past and still affect them in the present - indirectly, of course. As it is said among the Annointed's most high-ranked memebers, a single spark is enough to ignite a flame. After all, who cares if a thousand innocents die in a terrorist attack if this attack will prevent a war and thus, in the end, save billions of lives? The Arcanae don't. All they do, they believe, is for the greater good.



The secret society we now know as the Anointed hasn't always been a vast, nebulous organisation thay are now. According to the Grand Inquisition's databases, it traces its origins back in the days of the Enaran Kingdom, a Radeon monarchy which existed on Vendespode back when the Crusaders of Spode had not yet discovered how to travel between the stars. Composed of theologians, scientists and philosophers, the Royal Annointed Society of the Temple of Al'khear seeked to understand the tenets of Masaari and the nature of Spode. The Annointed Society hadn't been much different from countless other esoretic Spodist sects of that age, until at one point, its followers understood the truth behind the Messengers: they were Isio'Nar, ancient alien beings from the outer planes of existence.

What happened then is not clear even now, but it is certain that the Isio'Nar became aware of the followers and contacted them, eventually making the Anointed a part of their plan. Even alhough the Society was officially disbanded by Emperor Haoranim IV in 37 AD, the Anointed continued to serve their masters, remaining in shadows and secretly facilitating the Radeon civilisation's social and technological development. In 807 AD, the Radeons were finally unified under the banner of the Church of Spode, which then quickly became a starfaring civilisation. And the Church's founder and leader, Seranai the First, was of course secretly a member of the Anointed herself.

For the servants of the Messengers, however, the foundation of the Church was just the beginning. The entire Gigaquadrant was now open to them, an empty canvas to change according to their masters' grand design.

Second War of the Black Fog[]

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New Dawn[]

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The Annointed meet.

Much like their masters, the Anointed are somewhat picky when it comes to recruiting new followers. Most of them come from the Anointed's front organisations: corporations, religious cults, political parties. As the Arcanae, the Anointed's supreme rulers, do not approve of causing unnecessary deaths, many Anointed initiates were in fact those who had come close to uncovering the truth behind the Society but were not dangerous enough to silence outright. Although the Society originated as a Radeon organisation and indeed, a large portion of the Anointed come from the Divinarium, it is not speciecistic in a slightest and accept all sentient species in its ranks, provided that they have enough "character, wisdom and determination" to prove themselves worthy. Those who do are given a ritual name, which is usually a word in old Radessic or the initiate's species' ancient lnaguage, and a purple robe which conceals most of his or her body and is called talarm.

In addition to this, there are also people who are, while unaware of the Anointed's and the Isio'Nar's existence, take part in their schemes without realising it. Simple civilians that were spurred by speeches of charismatic orators, they hardly understand that the revolutions they fight for are a part of a larger plan - the plan that might in fact not spare their homeworlds in the end - all, of course, for the sake of greater good of the universe.


As a vast and nebulous society, the Anointed have a great deal of influence coming from their front organisations. Their corporations supply them with wealth, scientists and resources, allowing the Anointed to work freely on various scientific projects, supply their agents with the most advanced equipment money can get, and bribe politicians whose views are detrimental to the Grand Design. Most of the time, however, the Anointed do not use weapons to further their plans; words are often enough. The Society's followers are skilled diplomats and negotiators, and it is often enough to prevent a conflict or begin an uprising, for according to their motto, a single spark is enough to ignite a fire.

Although the Anointed serve the Isio'Nar, an organisation with almost unlimited elemental potentialy, there are actually few Essence users in the Society, especially those whose powers are of destructive nature. The reason for this is obvious: the Anointed are a secret society and thus do not use brute force to avoid drawing unwanted attention. Those psychics that do serve the Society are mostly telepaths, and are used for silencing those who are too curious and gathering information. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the Anointed watch over entire planets' populations through these telepaths, and these theories are not completely unfounded.


The Anointed Society lacks a complex hierarchy: save for the Arcanae, all Anointed are equal and rarely meet unless called by them telepathically. When they do, they meet in various uninhabited places, donning their concealing robes and thus hiding their identities. These meetings will be held by one of the Arcanae Hierophants, who preaches the philosophy of the Isio'Nar, instructs initiates and performs various rituals. Outside these meetings, the Anointed do not talk to each other, and only the Hierophants themselves are aware of the Society's full membership and extent.

The Arcanae Hierophants themselves are quite enigmatic figures, and their identities remain unknown even by the Grand Inquisition itself. In total, there are 21 Hierophants, each assigned with a number: Prothea, Deutera and so on. All Hierophants possess certain elemental prowess, which has caused many - in the Society and the organisations that are aware of them alike - to believe that they are, in fact, Isio'Nar in mortal bodies.

The Anointed's philosophy is similar to that of the Isio'Nar: they believe in the ideals of greater good and order, and therefore are against all chaotic forces. Indirectly, they stop or prevent wars, destroy corrupt governments and facilitate the Gigaquadrant's species' development. However, the Anointed also believe that the end justifies the means, and are more than willing to do things that an average member of the Gigaquadrantic society would consider amoral, dishonourable, or even downright evil, as long as it benefits the universe in the long term. However, to cause an unnecessary waste of life is considered to be a great sin amongst the Anointed, and those who do are either executed or, what is more common, banished from the order.



Green face.pngFor the Order.

  • Isio'Nar - We shall see your Grand Design come into fruition.


Blue face.pngOf use to the Design? Maybe.

  • None notable


Yellow face.pngHm.


Orange face.pngStay away.


Red face.pngIf we must eliminate you, then we will.

  • Purgation Cult - You shall be removed from existence.
  • Revelation Adepts - Your revelation shall be your undoing. It belongs to our masters and our masters alone.


Ah, yes, Anointed. The ancient order of Ultraterrestrial worshippers allegedly manipulating Andromedan governments. We have dismissed that claim.

- Iovera IX on an international forum

Filthy, naive fools.

- Geltastra

Ghosts? Shadows? Pah, they are merely tricksters. The Order has its eyes on them, they have strange goals but...I admit some of their intentions appear constructive but it is not enough to avert the Order's eyes.

- High Inquisitor Arsac
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