The Adresaas Republic... my home nation and birthplace... it used to be a beautiful and culturally diverse nation.. but the leaders became alienated from the rest of Selten, corrupt and cruel. our nation for millions of years has segregated our species from politics, although my kind is part of the Republic because we are different from them, we are nothing, meaningless, just used as pawns of war. but we cannot fight back against the government as if we do we could end up exiled, and due to their recklessness with our people and warriors, we are seen as monsters just like them... What we have become by there hands is more than distasteful, but very much is scary. Emperor Ardius on multiple occasions has oppressed our people along with the Thaumans. We are separated but we still stand for our nation, in the hopes one day we will get a say in how we as an Empire, run and develop

- Murkain Spokesman

The Adresaas Republic is a hyperpower located at the center of The Selten Galaxy. They have inhabited the central cores of The Selten Galaxy for over Six Billion Years. The Adresaas Republic is a Descendant from the original Adresaas Empire before The war between The 3 Original Hyper-powers. and are the cause of the Downfall of The Mekkani, they are also known for their oppressive nature and constant conflicts with Travelling merchants that go across their borders or step into protected systems. The Adresaas themselves are the cause of countless collapsing empires, due to their Xenophobic culture. With this in mind, they are The most Advanced Species inside of Selten.

Throughout Seltens History no Species nor Empire has been the cause of so much unreasonable and vicious acts of violence towards other aliens as much as a Narcissistic and Corrupted Governmental figure known as The Adresaas Republic. Even though their Republic is a failing and dictatorial fueled hell, they have stayed the top dogs among the empires that have ascended into sapience around them.


Through my life I have been in and out of stasis I have stood by my father who stood by your creators that became your greatest enemy. Your greed shall one day corrupt you like it did to my father and you shall fall just like we did. we turned on our masters just like you will but the question lies who are your masters. are you all slaves to the caged Overlord or is there some greater entity that pulls the strings, one day your puppetry shall end and you will see the horrific reality that we so see

- Queen Izarler of Tunnekūrā blood

Ancient echoes from spaces beyond, old ones now equals. Squalor and hatred, all incarnate in the Adresaas plan. Elder Ones stagnated, their youngers of the Scarred Throne now equals. Fear not, Second Sphere. Stagnation reigns and soon the elder overlords that lord over you will finally fade away.

- Infinite Winds of the 69th Cycle

We watched over you in olden times but we were great we brought up several empires all of them failures. The ones we helped rise they turned on us, just as you did. And so we had no choice but to end their existence. When you turned on us we assumed our metal forms and that is how we came to war the rest. this is all you know, but there is a hidden half, a secret that is keep in the twisting in halls of carved metal where we slumber in mass, awaiting a call to wake. They are hungry... and they will feed upon the flesh and bones upon your fall we shall stand on your corpses we shall force you to dig your own grave just as we did when you forced us into this great slumber

- Mekkani Overlord