The Herus' tools must be always running smoothly. If not, then someone has to make them run smoothly. You would do well to remember that you would not enjoy that alternative in the slightest.

- Thaurlathrón

Thaurlathrón is an ancient and powerful Oikoumene strategist, member of the Warriors of the Revelation who serves under the Dark Lord Tyrómairon. A commander with hundreds of thousands of years of experience in the field of war, his devious and cunning victories have earned him the respect of his companions. Upon his reawakening by Tyrómairon in the modern day, he was more than happy to join his side once again, where he has become a mysterious and dreaded figure known merely as the Imperial Overseer within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus's military, acting as its supreme strategist.

Thaurlathrón is not afraid to get his hand dirty to accomplish his goals, nor is he bothered by the idea of exterminating whatever may oppose his master. While at first uncomfortable with the idea of having to work with what he deems "lessers", he has since admitted their usefulness and now makes full use of them for his plans. A proud supporter of the Dark Lord's Grand Plan, Thaurlathrón will not allow it to be interrupted by any means, be them younger empires, essentials or even his own kind.



Like the rest of his Oikoumene kin, Thaurlathrón's origins are shrouded in mystery. During ancient times, he served as the Mornûnendur's main strategist, displaying complete loyalty to Tyrómairon and remaining by his side as they dealt with the rebellious dissidents who opposed the Oikoumene's rule, being responsible for the defeat of many of them. During Tyrómairon's clash against the Primercer, Thaurlathrón remained on his Herus' side at all times, coming to believe the Primercer had come corrupt, and following the end o the Apotheosis era, he found himself sealed away by Tyrómairon for the next thousands of years. The world Thaurlathrón slumbered in would come to be colonized by the Phaedric Empire, who would eventually note his existence but leave him undisturbed.



Thaurlathrón is reunited with the Mornûnendur

Thaurlathrón was finally reawakened from his seal at 05 NE during the New Cyrandia Wars, during a battle between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Cognatus Empire who were fighting over control of the planet Nandóband. Venatorius and Meketanor had been sent to the planet to awaken the Oikoumene strategist, while the Cognatus had been sent there in an attempt to destroy him before the Phaedric Acolytes had the chance to fulfill their mission. Ultimately, the acolytes freed Thaurlathrón of his seal and he proceeded to meet with his Dark Lord once again in order to learn of the galaxy's current state. In the following weeks, he would appear to the Imperials as a mysterious new "Imperial Overseer" in charge of its military, whose task was described as making sure all was going according to the Emperor's will.

Ezduiin Incident02

Thaurlathrón's inspection of the Ezduiin Station was his first known appearance to the Imperial public

The Imperial Overseer became a figure shrouded in mystery across the galaxy, but became feared for his great power along the ranks of the Imperial Army and Navy. With the end of the wars and the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, Thaurlathrón became one of the more vocal supporters to the idea of destroying the New Cyrannian Republic and the Cyrandia Resistance, seeing them as an affront to the Empire and to the Emperor. Thaurlathrón's visit to the Ezduiin Space Station at 08 NE led to the Ezduiin Incident, where the Resistance infiltrated the location and attacked the Imperial Overseer in an assassination attempt, which was quickly quelled by Cythonia and Thaurlathrón himself, the latter making use of the attack as a mean to frame the Resistance as terrorists who would attempt against the lives of the Empire's leaders.

When the Battle of Ambar broke out, Thaurlathrón sent the Phaedra to fight off the Aldárae Order, unwilling to let the Empire's Miluiel servants escape their grasp, but as the Phaedric warriors failed in combat, the Overseer himself manifested in Ambar, confronting the Aldárae Order and nearly killing them all until the timely arrival of Apolithanatár, who forced Thaurlathrón to retreat as he was unwilling to face him in combat. In retaliation, he would direct the so-called "Operation" which would result in the destruction of Mou'Cyran, which he watched unfold aboard the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Following the death of Mar-Júun during the Second Great Cyrannus War, the great nightmarish god Shu'wokerama threatened a direct attack on Cyrannus, and Thaurlathrón went on to confront the entity before he could reach the galaxy. Facing him in battle, the Oikoumene was nearly obliterated by the savage might of Shu'wokerama until the timely arrival of Chaneonix; with the combined powers of Light and Darkness, the two Oikoumene managed to vanquish the nightmare lord before he could endanger Cyrannus' safety.

Physical AppearanceEdit

As all Oikoumene, Thaurlathrón is a shapeshifting entity who can assume presumably any form he pleases. His most usual form is that of a very tall Capricyránae wearing Oikoumene-made armor, suited for a warrior. While he is rarely seen under his disguised as the Imperial Overseer, witnesses have described him as appearing like a massive Miluiel, assumed to come from the same members of the species as the Emperor himself. Since his battle with Shu'wokerama, Thaurlathrón's 'true' form is covered in scars which he is unable to heal, with the greatest being on his torso, where a large scar marks a strike from Shu'wokerama which nearly shattered his form completely.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like all members of the Mornûnendur, Thaurlathrón displays complete loyalty to the Dark Lord and his Grand Plan without questions, believing all should be done to make it a reality. Unlike most of his companions, Thaurlathrón is not above combating his oppositors up-front, though he is nonetheless very able of manipulation and uses this concept to deal with immediate threats more often than by any other mean. His military experience is matched by very few, and his plans are built with total annihilation in mind unless he is strictly ordered not to do so, for those who oppose the will of the Dark Lord are surely unworthy of continuing existing in his opinion.

Thaurlathrón makes himself distinct from his fellow Oikoumene for a number of reasons. He appears apathetic for the races of Cyrannus, the beings his people once sought to protect, underestimating their abilities and giving them pejorative names such as "lessers", stemming from his belief that him and his order are to babysit the races of the galaxy rather than move on to their own goals and wishes. Additionally, Thaurlathrón is known for his fear of death and believes that a failure in his sight could end in his destruction, as seen by his evident fear of the nightmares of the Corruptus.



ImperialLoyaltyFaceI serve to all extent of my existence.


Blue faceOur might is unopposed.


Yellow faceI am watching your every move. Your every act.

  • N/A


Red faceEvery atom of your composition will be scattered across different directions in space.


Good, with every one of our brethren awakened from their slumber, the Dark Lord's plan becomes cemented. This Empire will rise and crush those who dare oppose Oikoumene ascendance.

- Apeligateza

Your power is an inspiration that all the Empire aspires to emulate.

- Venatorius

There are rumours about the Overseer, but so long as his directives meet with the success they have resulted in thus far, it is inconsequential.

- Tector Decimius

The Phaedra found something on Nandóband, but that is all I know. A part of me does not wish to know either.

- Marquar Cuinn





  • Thaurlathrón was originally referred to as simply Overseer, but this was changed in order to avoid confusion with the character named Overseer.

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