Thanram Tras is a Rambo Serindia officer in service of Rambo Command. He graduated the Acadamy at the early age of 16 and after serving a tour onboard a starship for two years (18 AQF - 20 AQF) he was assigned to Lianna-station to serve under the New Republic office who took command of the station for three years after captain Rambas II retired and became an ambassador.


Early Years

Thanram Tras is born in 2798 (0 BQF) Ramgotheria, during the dreading Second Galactic War. At time of his birth, the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance were bombarding the planet. His father, the governor died while his mother survived giving birth in a bunker. In later years, Thanram grew up in the aftermath of the war as Ramgotheria was left in ruins for years and the rebuilding was slow due to the resources being spare. At the age of 16 he left Ramgotheria and joined the Rambo Academy at the Rambo Capital and graduated two years later at the age of 18. Serving for two years onboard a starship, he recieved a promotion and assignment to Lianna-station in 2818 (20 AQF). To serve as the right hand of the New Republic officer who took command of the station for three years as part of the Lianna Initiative.

Service onboard Starbase 08Edit

By 2818 Thanram was assigned as the second in command of Lianna-station. The station was placed under command of the New Cyrannian Republic officer, the Trucinex captain Nexul Tohon. Though at first hesistant and unsure what to expect of a New Republic officer, Thanram soon grew to trust the judgement of the venerable officer and took a liking to him. During the Second Battle of Lianna Tohon was killed by Lady Astrosia and to his horror Thanram was forced to watch as the cannons of the station were turned on the Republic/Rambo forces instead of the Imperial. Thanram was arrested but forced to remain working on Lianna-station under watch due to his experience with commanding the station and its workings.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Thanram Tras is a proud and clever being. Eager to learn and to explore, he isn't affraid to raise his voice to his superiors when he doubts their actions are right. A feat not always appreciated by his superiors. Yet he has shown to posses a nose for tactics and diplomacy though is hatred for the Lizardian is also well known.

In his free time he loves to read, listen to music and playing sports.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them

  • Nexul Tohon - Its an honor to serve under your command

Orange faceBlergh!



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