We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward. In times of tragedy, of war, of necessity, people do amazing things.

- Isabel Allende

We may have been beaten in a test of strength, but we will win the game of intellect. No amount of leviathan muscle can hope to stand whilst a more powerful mind moves to turn the tables on it.

- Chancellor Anima Lux

The Teyan Subjugation War, sometimes referred to as the Muara-Teyan War or the War for Exterioris, is an ongoing struggle by a coalition of Andromeda-native powers and resistance cells against The Grand Teyan Empire in the wake of its invasion of the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies.

Following the Teyan Blitz that brought down the Mithadorn Republic, the military remnants and exiled governments of several post-Teyan states banded together to form the Muaran Resistance, which is currently fighting a sustained guerilla war with the Empire while other empires concentrate on combating the Teyan threat more directly. The Saviki have also begun to pick on worlds still in disarray due to conquest by the Teyan Empire, and come into conflict with both the Empire and the Resistance often enough to be considered minor belligerents in the war. The intervention of the Draconid Imperium then served to escalate the war to a more open and conventional conflict, with the entrance of a significant local power bringing the defenders of Andromeda and Exterioris a more favorable playing field, though the Teyan Empire retains many significant advantages over the Resistance and its allies.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Teyan Subjugation War was preceded by a number of significant developments and events. Notably, in addition to the United Hegemony of Exterioris, two trios of civilizations had risen up in Segmentum Exterioris: the formidable war-forged alliance of the Mithadorn Republic, Teyan Imperium of Andromeda, and Ankoran Empire, and the technological juggernaut of the Yphreli Glaciation, Belphrim Republic, and Romanian Commonwealth. The Ankoran Empire, Romanian Commonwealth, and Yphreli Glaciation would also hold territory with the Carina Nebula region of the Milky Way, with the former two being predominantly based in said region. Nations of both triads, particularly those with Carina territories, found themselves in positive relations with the growing intergalactic power of the Eovinjai Sovereignty, which sought to support its fellow Progeny civilizations and species, including the Yphreli and Ankoran. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that the concept of the Progeny has been vital to bonding a number of the resilient nations in the face of their subjugators.

Also of note prior to the war was the high degree of technological cooperation between these various nations, with joint projects such as the Apostasy-Class Star Destroyer and Carina Foundation displaying the prowess of cooperative development.

Teyan Blitz[edit | edit source]

The Fall of Viol Yphrel, capital of the Yphreli Glaciation.

The immediate cause of the war was the arrival of the Grand Teyan Empire in Segmentum Exterioris, where it warred with the Mithadorn Republic for a period of time while initially setting up its territory in the region. Eventually, the Teyan Blitz would be orchestrated to wipe out the Mithadorn in Exterioris, with a barrage of superweapons being unleashed upon the Republic and devastating its holdings. What remained of the Republic became known as the Mithadorn Remnants, which fell back to Segmentum Umbra while the Empire began invading the rest of Exterioris' local powers, with the Carina Nebula soon falling under attack as well. The Ankoran Empire and Teyan Imperium would suffer from a number of territorial losses, while Romania, the Belphrim, and the Yphreli would see their nations overrun and occupied completely.

Last to fall of the states inhabiting Segmentum Exterioris was the Hegemony. Still the military juggernaut of the Segmentum at the time of the Teyan Blitz, the Hegemony had lost its Mirusian holdings by a rogue Mendel attack in 2811. While this loss had lauched a new wave of expansion at home to recuperate, much of the new infrastructure was still not fully operational at the time of the Teyan Blitz. While the Hegemony and Empire were initially matched, the Empire could call in reserves while the Hegemony could not. Realising that the fall of the Hegemony was inevitable, Hegemon Marius evacuated the majority of his people and then selflessly send away much of his fleet with his all commanders safe Ammox to the borders of the Aeoneonatrix Empire, hoping to dissuade a Grand Teyan invasion of the Aeoneonatrix, whom Marius felt would be caught unaware without Hegemony reinforcements. The ploy worked, though consequentially the Hegemony's capital world of Durac fell to the invaders in a matter of days. Chief commander Ammox perished in its hopeless defense, while Marius went missing and was presumed dead.

The Teyan Blitz would conclude as the Empire constructed its Krasnikov Tunnel Network to link its new conquests, and subsequently activated the Godspade, a Symmetric superweapon which destroyed approximately 35% of Segmentum Exterioris' hyperlanes, the apparent nail in the coffin for an already broken collection of nations and species. On the fringes of the so-called Chasm of impacted space, numerous ships and flotillas of the Saviki Metafleet would move in to scavenge on the ruins, while the local Symmetric Regents would begin reawakening in response to the Godspade's usage.

Resistance[edit | edit source]

A large number of surviving governments, militaries, and similar factions would coalesce around the hidden refugee-city of Muara on Aeolla, which spent a year under divided control before Anima Lux, Kavaat Sus, and their allies stepped in to push for a united administration and war effort against the Grand Teyan Empire, with concentrated strikes against Saviki marauders soon convincing the exiles of their cause's effectiveness. The Muaran Resistance would be founded as a result of this, with minor strikes against the Empire beginning shortly after, with the Resistance fighters relying predominantly on guerrilla tactics to harass and batter the Teyan war machine, though it would be some time before any territory or worlds were actually reclaimed. Notable minor battles of this period include the Raid on the Skol Nebula, the Fall of the Wreath, and the Skirmish over Abol Veir.

The Resistance would also seize control of numerous bases, outposts, and refuges across Exterioris, allowing it to attack from several angles when needed. These additional bases have often operated with relative independence, attacking and defending largely on their own, with the Krasnikov Network limiting the capacity for aid and resources to be distributed between bases.

Meanwhile Marius was revealed to have mysteriously survived and returned to take control over the scattered Hegemony, though he was notably changed by the ordeal. Wherever he went, the Hegemony nigh-universally accepted his command with a sudden religious devotion. While most of Hegemony command was glad to have their leader back, Commanders Skorezny and Tarno came to the conclusion that he was not the same being he had been and defected to work with the Muaran Resistance directly.

Open War[edit | edit source]

Battle of Kaer[edit | edit source]

Defending tanks ready for action on Kaer.

The Battle of Kaer was a major battle in the Teyan Subjugation War, largely hailed as one of the most significant and the first major battle of the conflict. While initially intended merely as an extraction operation, the securing of an alliance between the Muaran Resistance and Draconid Imperium lead to its escalation late in the battle, signifying a sharp change in the war from a slow, scattered conflict to a more conventional campaign.

Due to Kaer's distance from Aeolla, the battle was followed by a scramble by the Empire to hold the territory between them, met by a similar scramble by the Resistance to liberate it while more detailed plans were drawn up by the leadership of Andromeda's defending powers. As new lines of battle were drawn, the Reformed Hegemony of Exterioris came out of hiding and formally re-joined the war against the Grand Teyan Empire.

Exterioris Campaign[edit | edit source]

The retaking of Kaer and securing of Draconid and Hegemony aid initiated the official beginning of the Exterioris Campaign to retake all or most of the Segmentum from the Teyan Empire. The early days of this phase of the war were marked by both guerrilla and conventional warfare, as seen in the battles of the Faeron Gate and Kamorell-5.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

I remember the day the Grand Teyan Empire brought its greed to Andromeda. I remember standing with Anima on Cantica, watching the feed from the first worlds that feel to the Empire. I remember boarding an evac ship just as a Violence-Class Battlecruiser heralded the coming loss of the planet to their clutches. And once the fear and sorrow had passed, I remember what was left: resolve, stronger than I had ever felt it before. When the hyperlanes were cut down and we were stranded on Aeolla, I pushed myself to see all the possibilities and opportunities for us to rebuild a hopeful future and take back our home from the Empire. And now, that's exactly what we're going to do.

- IX

War brings out the worst in people... The scary sides we all like to pretend doesn't exist. I like to think of myself as the well-meaning girl with a little too much freetime... I've taken over two-hundred thousand lives on my own for this Resistance... Is it really the greater good? Definitely - The Teyan would do far worse...
But one life, or a million... They're all lives...

- Kalia Suuk

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