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The Teyan Imperium of Andromeda is a member of The Progeny

The Teyan Imperium of Andromeda are a Warrior-Empire, deep within the Exterioris Segmentum, allied with the Mithadorn Republic, and Ankoran Empire. They originate from outside the First Gigaquadrant, their home galaxy being one of the infinite wiped from existence during the Annihilation.

They are possibly one of, if not the, youngest, factions within the Andromeda Galaxy, their territory weaved within their two allies own, leaving them to mostly share the same intergalactic territory, though they do not share colonies within the same systems for the most part. Still, stars with worlds inhabited by the Teyan and both their allies are not unheard of, or as uncommon as one might think.

They are a disillusioned splinter of The Grand Teyan Empire, that they are no longer loyal to. Due to current events involving their allies and the GTE, the Teyan Imperium have evacuated the majority of planets they control and gone into hiding, keeping the locations of their current worlds as a closely-guarded secret, even to their most trusted allies.


The Teyan entered Andromeda approximately two thousand years ago, entering the galaxy through a wormhole connecting Andromeda to the Milky Way. The Teyan fleet, the remnants of their long-lost society, had been wandering space for centuries, only to be forced to land on their claimed 'homeworld', though the true planet of their origin is unknown, lost to times long past.

They settled a city on this planet using what had remained of their fleet with the aid of an Ankoran fleet, whom had come through the wormhole with them.

The first city of their people was established, Sayoa, meaning 'New Home' in the Teyan tongue, and the people began to settle into their new lives.

A Military Jaunta soon took power, and the first leader of the new Teyan Imperium of Andromeda became High General Thaldere, the founder of the Imperium. From here on the Teyan began to build up an army, a highly-militarised culture beginning to flourish.


Years went by as the Teyan and Ankoran built up their new civilisations in the Andromeda Galaxy, trading resources such as food and building supplies with one another. During this time the Teyan had began scanning the sky for new worlds to inhabit. They eventually came into contact with the Mithadorn Republic, and began trade. The Mithadorn were simply too big to make an enemy of, so instead the Teyan began to create an alliance with the new neighbours. This led to a three-way alliance between the Teyan, Ankoran, and Mithadorn, which would play a huge role in Teyan history for centuries to come!

Further contacts were established with the Teyan, though these were mostly nations that had yet to reach the stars. Many of these were assaulted by the Teyan and destroyed before they could become a threat, offering new worlds for the Teyan to live in. Whether the actions were morally justified largely went unquestioned by the Teyan, who were simply happy to be expanding at last.

First Expansion[]

After several military campaigns to defeat unrecorded civilisations, and growing their presence within Andromeda, the Teyan people began to downsize their conquests, before ultimately ceasing their military expansion, instead working to claim colonies en mass in unclaimed star systems, weaving a simple cluster of planets to hold to their name. Military efforts were, however, not ceased at all, instead using the new income to help increase the size of the Teyan army and navy! With a strengthening, growing economy, the Teyan expansion was as much one in their military as it was their territory.

Much of the Teyan at that point marched across the skies in massive fleets, protecting new colonies as they built up from pirates, or heading to take their unaligned foes head on. The efforts ultimately proved highly beneficial for the red-scaled reptilian society, with a safer sky and hugely booming economy propelling them to retaliative prosperity.

Continued efforts after drove the Teyan to rival most young nations, despite the centuries they had spent as a migrant fleet in the ancient past, proving the Teyan were sticking in Andromeda.

The Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran War[]

Though not one of the factions the war was ultimately named after, the Teyan took part as allies of the Mithadorn, mostly supporting military campaigns on enemy soil in exchange for new territories. Given Teyan culture, it's not surprising that they jumped at the chance to shoot at someone, happily sending fleets and soldiers to invade enemy land and claim what they could get their claws on.

It was a bloody war, yet proved once again to the benefit of the Teyan, whom annexed multiple of the Xilic's Andromedan colonies, such as Nekuru, a prairie-covered planet, located in the outer expanses of what had been Xilic territory. The Teyan captain Karids led the siege to take the planet. Despite the ultimately dishonourable massacre and targeting of civilian life, the Teyan forces cheered at a victory, a bloodlust within their culture quenched.

Further battles across space proved costly, including the horrific defeat in a retaliatory strike against the Draekar Remnant's primary world, which led to the death of millions and the near complete destruction of the Teyan fleet. Construction efforts in orbit of the Mithadorn-controlled planet of Gadir began shortly after, leading to one last conflict before the war ended, and the Teyan returned to peace alongside their friends.

When the population of Nekuru, a planet claimed in the war in which the Teyan supported the Mithadorn, fell to a horrific plague, that had begun to take root within Teyan territories, the restless and panicked nation inadvertently decided to rise up against the government they wrongly blamed, whom were desperately attempting to control the outbreak, though utterly failing. As the zombie-like populace attacked both the Imperium's armies and the rebelling militias, chaos took over the recently captured world. Other planets were unfortunately infected, though strict regulations kept the disease from spreading further, and with the aid of the Ankoran, it was eradicated, the social unrest and fighting persisted, with friends and neighbors at each others throats over loyalties for years, working as a grim reminder that war does have consequences once it has ended.

Teyan Blitz[]

After the sudden blitzkrieg assaults by the Grand Teyan Empire that wiped out the Mithadorn Republic, the Teyan Imperium was set on high-alert. Suddenly surrounded by a much larger, and far more powerful enemy, the Imperium evacuated it's planets en mass, sending fleets filled with civilians into deep space to avoid their parent state's vengeful wrath.


Teyan culture is violent, and defensive, with many Teyan often practicing with weapons. They are commonly seen doing this publicly in open shooting ranges, where many Teyan come to train daily. Much of Teyan sport also revolves around fighting, such as Boxing, and a sport called Jeedoorea, in which Teyan fight in four teams of two over a large cache of reward money. Teyan have been known to die in this sport.

Weapon stores are often found across the cities of Teyan colony worlds, filled with guns, ammunition, and melee weapons. This is partially to help the Teyan protect themselves, though it has caused a rise in gang violence.


Religion in the Teyan Imperium is comparatively rare, though known to take place. Somewhere around one tenth of the race is religious in some regard, often sharing the faith of their Ankoran allies, and equally peaceful about the fact, though their violent culture usually override's this aspect of Ankoran religion in Teyan society.

Civilian Life[]

Teyan society is a thing of near-communism, with a heavily left-leaning political system. Instead of social classes, the Teyan work as an individual cogs in the machine of the Imperium, with the needs of the state put before the person. This does not mean Teyan life is hard, however with an economy that is more than strong enough to support plentiful trade, with a particularly booming entertainment business.

Soldiers are often views by civilians as being above the standard slice of the Teyan populace, having served in the military to protect the small state and their military jaunta from harm. To be a solider brings one up the supposedly non-existent social ladder, though oftentimes, civilians have a hard life without serving in the military in some regard. Citizens often work themselves to the bone to keep the machine moving without any hope of advancement in life, or recognition from those above in the social hierarchy of the militarily focused nation, despite this however, much of Teyan society can be described accurately as uncomfortable but tolerable.

Life for the average Teyan is actually quite often plain and simple with your average wage, average working job and with your average necessities in life such as TV (in which levels of propaganda may vary) or food (that is probably artificially processed), and since there is always a demand for workers in military positions at some level, unemployment ratios are slim, with citizens aiming for a job in the army or navy often finding themselves with new opportunities!


Main article - Teyan Imperium Military

The Imperial Army[]

An army isn't about numbers. It's about the strength, unity, and loyalty of your troops. If you want an army to fight for you, do not force them fear you. Inspire them to respect you.

- High General Zaeldus

They Teyan's Imperial Army is the primary military wing of the Teyan Imperium, and makes up the majority of it's ground forces. Based on the ideals of strength and unit, the Teyan armies, while massive - in part due to their massive budget and high recruitment rates -, are often stretched thin in the areas they operate. To make up for this, the Teyan armadas rely upon technological superiority in both offence and defense, with powerful mech suits, advanced ion shielding, and unquenchable firepower being deployed to any and all battles.

Whereas other military factions may fight because they enjoy it, or because they are led by sadistic savages, the Teyan fight for -supposedly- honor and justice, aiming to make Andromeda more peaceful by simply crushing hostiles into an unrecognizable mess. To this end, most of the army operates on the basis of overcompensating strength, and to kill only those necessary to kill - To revel in slaughter is barbaric, and to kill when not needed is cruel. This being said, they are still a military nation themselves, and such can be seen in the unintentional havoc they wreak once a target is eliminated, whether it is a leader in politics, military, or civilian places.

Many Teyan are cybernetics implanted with upgrades to the physical strength and speed of the individual soldier, as to increase the strength of the squad, to the point the baseline soldier is a cybernetic killing machine in of him or herself. This has resulted in minor apotemnophobia and technophobia in newer recruits, unused to such a wide display of implants and bio-mechanical upgrades.

Most soldiers are recruited from either a planets guard force, or criminals placed into penal legions.

The Imperial Navy[]

Look to the skies and observe, a fleet innumerable; they are our bastion of hope in taming this wild Segmentum. They are our strength and unity.

- Grand Admiral Akire

The Imperial Navy within the Teyan Imperium is made up of a variety of different cruiser classes, though due to the philosophies of they Teyan peoples, these ships are constantly being replaced as a never-ending, internal arms-race goes on. Ships range in sizes from a standard frigate to behemoth flag-ships, such as the Planet-Cracker Cruisers and Warcruisers.

Much of the Teyan fleet technology, outside of weapons systems, is either of Talven origin, accessed through their allied-state, the Mithadorn Republic, or reverse-engineered technologies of Draecorran descent, through the same sources. Military firepower is all home-built, however, developed by the multitudes of arms-creating companies working with the Teyan leadership.

Teyan fleets do not use Hyperspace in the traversal of the universe, instead choosing to utilize the most powerful of Teyan Essence users to dive in and out of reality, thus jumping between points in reality near-instantaneously, at the cost of strain to the individuals transporting the starships through the conjured dimensions of Mystic Essence. Oftentimes, up to twenty Mystics are involved in the transport of a single ship.

Teyan Planet-Cracker.png

The standard flagship for a Teyan fleet, the Planet-Cracker class cruisers are heavily armed, heavily armoured ships designed for long-range strikes against enemy fleets. Using high-power Antimatter batteries with an ion coating, they target enemy flag-ships in hopes of destroying the opposition before the enemy can cause serious damage to Teyan formations or installations.

Teyan Bomb-Runner.png

Bomb-Runner class cruisers are a lightly-armed ship in comparison to the rest of a standard fleet, armed with minimal ship-to-ship weapons, and only sparely covered with defensive turrets. Instead, they carry a series of high-power bombs used in orbital bombardment and the destruction of vital enemy systems such as communications and military hubs. They are also occasionally used against civilian targets when the need arises, such as when the opposition use their citizens are living shields.



Strong partnership

Muaran Resistance

Wartime ally since 2825 · Member State · Fellow Progenic state


Strong partnership

Ankoran Empire

Longstanding Military Partner · Fellow Progenic State · Allied Cause

Ankoran Flag.png

Strong partnership

Mithadorn Remnants

Longstanding Military Partner · Strong Trade Ties · Allied Cause


On good terms[]

Blue face.png - "Perhaps we will become friends one day."

  • None


Yellow face.png - "We have nothing to say to you."

On poor terms[]

Orange face.png - "Be careful what you say next."

  • None


At War

The Grand Teyan Empire

Aggressive expansionist · Attacks on civilian ships · Open Warfare



  • The Teyan of Andromeda are under a Military Dictatorship of High General Thalshard, a descendant of the very First High General.
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