Troubles of the Jenassian kind focuses on the Jenassian Regency and its colonial setor in the south of Quadrant 82, bordering both the Rambo Nation Badlands Colonial Sector and the eastern borders of their enemy, the New Cyrannian Republic! First contact with Rambo Nation proved disasterous and set tension tight between the Rambo and the Regency, though both didn't want an armed conflict and ordered their officers to prevent such a course of action.

But others might even take advantage of the tense situation and would be glad to see a new armed conflict now that the New Cyrandia Wars have ended after the fall of the Cyrannian Imperial State at Vasuband.

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chapter 01Edit


USS Grissom encounters a Jenassian cruiser near an astroid

Star date 03.01.08AQF, the third of january, two days after the new year the recently promoted captain S'aur sat in his command chair, pleased by the performance of the new Oberth-Class short range scientific light-cruiser. His science officer, lieutenant Chiäe Giusti lookd at her sensor readings, at behest of vice-admiral Ramcard she and S'aur were to take the Oberth-Class on her maiden test voyage. So far the USS Grissom performed well and without any hick ups, they even discovered an interesting asteroid just outside the borders of the Badlands Sector.

  • S'aur: "We are crossing the border now! Prepare scanners and transporters, that asteroid is rich on lithium and ionized gasses. An interesting site to investigate."
  • Giusti: "Sir? Is it wise to cross the border? We aren’t really fit to counter trouble in this short range scientific vessel."

S'aur waved his hand in dismissing.

  • S'aur: "We are less than a light year away from our border, and this is uncharted and unclaimed territory. Helm, full impulse!"

As the USS Grissom approached the asteroid, Giusti laid back in her chair, crossing her legs she read the scientific report. This asteroid appearance was rich on materials, perfect for harvest and studies. Suddenly the humanoid helm lieutenant warned the two of a proximity alert. A brownish vessel dropped out of warp and approached the USS Grissom. S'aur looked surprised, and ordered a yellow alert, with shields raised Giusti opened a channel for the captain with the unidentified vessel. Coming in view screen was a humanoid reptilian male, who looked all but happy.


Arritzia demands the surrender of the Grissom

Giusti and S'aur looked surprised, the two never heard of the Jenassians before. While S'aur apologized and replied, Giusti checked the Rambo Command database but found no reference about them.

  • S'aur: "I am captain S'aur of the Rambo starship Grissom, we are on a peaceful scientific mission to study this asteroid. We mean no harm, nor were we aware of this being your space. We would like to conclude our study of the astroid!"
  • Arritzia: "Unacceptable, you trespassed. Prepare to be boarded!"

Before S'aur could issue a red alert and charge the phasers, the Jenassian cruiser fired its weapons. The first target the port nacelle, the second the bridge and the third the port nacelle again, the precise method and high energy impact overloaded the shields of the Grissom and disabled the warp drive as a fourth beam caused hull fractures. Rising from his chair, various Jenassians beamed abort and raised their weapons, with no choice S'aur issued a surrender for his 35 crew members, though Giusti did manage to send out a general distress before being back slapped in the face as punishment.

Chapter 02Edit

At Rambo Command headquarters, marscalcus Kya looked at the report in awe. The USS Grissom, the test bed for the new awaited Oberth-Class short-range scientific light cruisers send out a general distress call before contact was lost. Something happened less then a light year beyond Rambo borders with the Grissom. Sighting she contacted the nearest vessel, the USS Brittain, a Miranda-Class that was patrolling the Badlands Sector border to investigate and retrieve the vessel in hopes nothing happened to S'aur, Giusti and their crew.


Kya send captain Venullius and the crew of the Brittain on their way

  • Venullius: "Acknowledged Marscalcus, we will set course and arrive within the hour at their last known coordinates."
  • Kya: "Good luck captain, and be careful."
  • Venullius: "We always are ‘mam, USS Brittain out."

Leaning back against her chair, Kya sighted again. This was the worst part of being the Marscalcus, highest authority of Rambo Command, sending loyal and devoted officers to their possible doom, something that remained a heavy burden.

Elsewhere, the USS Brittain crossed the borders of the Badlands Sector in search of the missing USS Grissom. As the Miranda-Class approached the mysterious asteroid, Venullius was informed that warp traces were detected, matching that of Rambo vessels and another unknown. Beaming onboard some debris, Venullius was informed that it matched that of the Grissom, though it was impact damage only, there was no sign of the ship, meaning that it was not (yet) destroyed.

  • Venullius: "This is damn per curious, can you trace the other vessel its signature?"

His helm officer, a male Libertus confirmed. Turning away, the Brittain began following the trace. After another hour, long range sensors detected a space station, as well as the USS Grissom docked there. Narrowing his eyes, Venullius surveyed various brownish/yellow vessel surrounding the station.


USS Brittain approaches the station

  • Venullius: "Identify those vessels."

His tactial officer, a female Qhumanoid informed him that Rambo databases did not recognize them, though engine readings suggested they probably hailed from the Cyrannus Galaxy. Signaling his Libertus helm officer, the USS Brittain laid in a course towards the station, with shields raised and tried to hail them.

  • Venullius: "This is captain Venullius of the Rambo Nation starship Brittain. Might I require the affairs why one of our ships is docked on your station. We received an emergency transmission by them."

The moment the signal was send, two larger Jenassian ships dropped out of warp, arming their phasers and raising their shields, captain Venullius looked rather disappointment. His tactical officer informed him the signal was answered, they were allowed to provide a dignitary to treat with the representatives of the Jenassian Regency!

Chapter 03Edit

Stardate 04-01-08AQF, half an hour later after their arrival at the station, captain Venullius boarded the station with a security detachment. As a natural diplomat he was eager to find out what the Jenassian wanted. The delegacy was welcomed by Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl. The Jenassian talked smoothly, about their great Regency and the possibility for a cooperation.


Venullius and Arritzia meet!

  • Venullius: "Ofcourse Rambo Nation stands open for diplomatic relations with the Regency, though we first have to clear the matter of one our ships docked at your station, with obvious damage from an attack."

The Jenassian officers looked uneasy at Arretzia, Venullius guessed the attack on the Grissom was done without permission of the Jenessian authorities.

  • Arretzia: "I am afraid the confrontation with the Grissom rests on a misunderstanding. They interfered in a military operation within our borders."

Looking rather startled, Venullius chose his next words carefully.

  • Venullius: "Perhaps both have a part to play in this, as our Nation is unaware of your territorial presence here."

Arretzia nodded, with Venullius offering more insight in Rambo matters and borders, the two officers gained a mutual respect for each other, though didn’t trust each other at all. Near the end of the gathering, Venullius set the first steps in motion for a diplomatic build up between the Regeny and Rambo Nation. The Jenassian agreed to release the crew of the Grissom as a gesture of good will as well, and both ships leaved the station unharmed and unchallenged.

Approaching Lianna-station after leaving Jenassian borders, Venullius could only wonder how the New Cyrannian Republic would react to the Jenassian presence so close to their borders. After all, he had agreed at their behalf that the Jenassian were allowed to use the Ramsoria Run as well, including the facilities on the station. This was something its commander probably would not be happy with, as captain Rambas II was a well-known supporter and open minded pro-Republic officer with Rambo Command.

Chapter 04Edit


Arritzia arrives at the building site of the Tevada

Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl watch in discomfort at the leaving USS Brittain, under command of that annoying diplomatic Venatioa, captain Venullius. His unprovoked and unauthorized attack at the USS Grissom, that was under command of a HarbronrSaurien, captain S'aur left his position as a Gul uncertain. Something had to be done, to save the Jenassian Regency from oblivion and secure his own position, diplomatic talks had to be prevented.

Leaving the station onboard his Praxu-class, the Renassian Arritzia and his crew travelled to remote sector, deep within the Jenassian Colonial Sector. Dropping out of hyperspace, his own cruiser was intercepted by two other Praxu-class cruiser.

  • Helm officer: "Gul Dar'Aehl, the cruisers are hailing us. They indicate your presence is a surprise?"
  • Arritzia: "Ofcourse it is, my ship design isn't fully operational yet, but I require the use of the Tevada-class.".

The helm officer replied and the two cruisers allowed the Renassia to dock with the far larger Tevada-class. At the bridge of the Tevada, Arritzia smiled, his experimental design proved a succes already. Sitting in the chair, he alerted the crew:

  • Arritzia: "All hands, battlestations! We have a diplomatic meeting to prevent!"

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