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Hutters plague the free trade routes

In the months following april, in the wake of the Fury of Galvarus; Rambo Nation witnesses increased hostile encounters with the Hutter Kingdom. Though the Kingdom didn’t invade any Rambo territories, they are known to engage Rambo freighters and Rambo Command vessels on neutral trade routes like the Ramsoria Run. These increased attacks at civilian vessels frightened the population and threatens the trade runs. While Rambo Command offered escorted movements, they have to few vessels to guard all trade convoys on the Ramsoria Run alone. And even armed escorts weren’t safe from Hutter raids.

Meanwhile, without the Shipyards of Rowar, the ships damaged by the Hutters actually have to wait longer in dry docks as the Rambo do not have the resources to repair them at the same rate the Shipyards did before. Within the government, talks erupted to lighten the pressure on the shipyards of the capital and Ramirith to enact a bill to use either Imperial and New Republic shipyards, though the senate is divided upon that.

While the Rambo Government, under leadership of Fleur Inviere tried to open a dialogue with the Kingdom. They refused to answer any summit or request for dialogue and the tense situations remained until mid-June, when suddenly the Hutters stopped most of their hostilities against the Rambo, leaving Rambo Intelligence in the dark for the reasons behind it.

Jenassian Revelations

Stardate 05-07-08AQF, Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl patrolled the Jenassian Regency colonial border just west of Ramaakota onboard his new prized vessel, the Tevada-class. After months of delay and a failure to prevent diplomatic talks with the Rambo the ship was actually launched into active service.

Teveda approaches the USS Brittain

To mock him, the colonial central government send him to patrol borders instead to face the enemies of the Jenassian. Since the start of June, his people were plagued by an enemy with cloaked vessels- the Hutter Kingdom. They dared to cross Jenassian borders constantly around the same location. Central Command ordered an intervention though the Jenassian had difficulties tracking down cloaked vessels and who knew how many were within their borders. The Hutter government simply claimed that they were crossing and were not within the Jenassian Colonial borders, something the colonial government agreed upon after being bribed.

"Gul Dar'Aehl, we picked up an emergency beacon” one of his bridge officers interrupted the Gul’s thought". Gul nodded at his officer to continue. “S-sir, it comes from outside our borders, it is a Rambo vessel”. The Gul narrowed his eyes, he did not favor these pathetic Rambo with their idealistic and utopian way of living, not to mention their blind ignorance of evil and wrongs. “Lay in an intercept course lieutenant” the Gul barked at helm officer. The helm officer turned and replied that is was outside their borders and into enemy ones. The Gul narrowed his eyes once more, “You have your orders lieutenant” was all the Gul answered.

Arriving at the scene, Gul Dar'Aehl looked at the chaos in front of him, a Rambo escort and freighters were either damaged or destroyed. Ordering his crew to scan for enemy ships they found none, and to their surprise the Gul actually ordered to aid the Rambo ships in need and transport those in need to the sickbay of the damaged USS Brittain, a Miranda-Class battleship commanded by a person he was well familiar with, the Venatioa captain Venullius.

Venullius and Dar'Ahel meet again

Hours later, a slightly wounded Venullius was transported to the bridge of the Jenassian Tevada-class. Gul Dar'Aehl spread his arms and sarcastically commented; “Captain Venullius, my friend! How nice to meet you again, though what an unfortunate circumstances it are.” The Venatioa captain grinded his teeth before slightly growling in reply. “The feeling is mutual Gul Dar'Aehl, at behalf of Rambo Nation I wish to thank you for your aid.”. The Gul waved away the comment, replying that it was a little thing he could do for those in dire Jenassian need. The tensions between the two soon vaporized after Venullius told him that the Hutters attacked his convoy, raiding the cargo freighters for supplies. The attack came sudden and was the first hostile encounter with them in weeks. Dar'Aehl replied he too was troubled and showed him footing that Jenassian ships and freighters had also been attacked by Hutter vessel, though only at certain location. “So they are passing your borders and attack when thwarted Gul? How unusual?” Venullius asked the Gul. “So it seems captain, so it seems. A reasonable cause to investigate?” the Gul wondered aloud.

Escape from Arcaniox
Chen Whitesnout, the Ragashota Elder of Whisperwind Village was deep in discussion with the Zevian smuggler known as Dil'inne'Dry about a delivery of Lizardian Brew. The elderly Ragashota didn’t want to pay that much money to the smuggler, who in return grew angry and demanded his payment as was agreed. upon

Hutter arrive at Arcaniox!

From a distance, his granddaughter Ya-Li looked upon her grandfather in dismay. Though he was her personal hero, his love for beer from other planets she disapproved of. While the two were still in discussion, Ya-Li turned her sight at the oceans and in the distance saw a Qylosaur emerging from the waters before plummeting back in the waters. Amazed at the sight of the massive creature she imagined what creatures might inhabit other planets. Suddenly a shadow passed over her and the village. Looking above she saw green ships passing over the village, heading in the direction of Valley of Tranquility. Running to her grandfather and the smuggler in the center of the village, she noticed both looked up to skies as well.

“Grandfather, look! What are they! Visitors!” Ya-Li exclaimed in excitement. Her uncle glanced worried in the sky. The smuggler, the dinosaur creatures moved its tail and neck nervously and hissed to her grandfather. “Theyssss are notsss friendsss Whitsssnout. Tssse Kingdom caussssing many troublesss for Quadrantssss.” “So they are invaders?” the elderly Ragashota asked in worries. The dinosaur simply looked back at her grandfather and herself, and nodded in sadness. Refusing to stay any longer he took the payment offered by Whitesnout and headed back to his ship. Chen Whitesnout looked in the direction the ships were heading and sighted. Suddenly the hand of Ya-Li was pulling on his own. “We must ask for help grandfather!”. Nodding in agreement he barked orders at his people before he approached the smuggler with an unusual request. The smuggler agreed and allowed Whitesnout to enter the vessel, he agreed he would bring him to Ramaakota, but no further. Unknown to Chen, someone else sneaked onboard as well…………

Chapater 01[]

Stardate 10-07-08AQF, at the outskirts of the Arcaniox-system, inside an asteroid belt a lone freighter approached a Jenassian Tevada-class battle cruiser. Onboard Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl smiled at the approaching Falcon, it seemed Rambo Nation had kept her word for sending an operative to investigate the Hutter interests at Arcaniox.

Arritzia meets with Corva and Tironus Manition

While the shuttle docked, Arritzia boarded the Falcon and met with the crew in person, to his surprise this band of outlaws seemed to be used by Rambo Nation to do their dirty work, and seemed to be a mix of Cyrandia nationalities. “Well well, what do we have here?” the Gul asked skeptical. Stepping forwards was a female Alavar by the name of Corva. "We are the crew of the Falcon!"

Corva boldly looked the Gul in the eyes, awaiting his response. Intrigued the Gul smiled and handed over the intelligence report he and his crew were able to make onboard his vessel about the current situation at Arcaniox.

As he looked around, the Gul noticed a fearsome alien of an unknown origin. The Paladian regarded the Jenassian with suspicion in his eyes, but said nothing, leaving the negotiation to his humanoid companions.

Corva looked at the report for a moment, before turning her eyes back to Arritzia. "So... what can you tell us about Arcaniox?" The Gul raised his shoulders, pointed to the nearest view screen he said: "Not much, 25 Hutter vessels are in orbit. They landed troops near an inhabited village. North of that strange wall their are no inhabited villages as far as our sensors can tell. Everything north of that wall our sensors have problems." Turning around the Gul looked at the crew of the Falcon again with a little bit of disgust. "Well, seeing the Rambo think you are expendable, good luck down there." Corva narrowed her eyes. "Funny, aren't you, Mr. Seagull? " Gul Dar'Aehl narrowed his eyes in discontent and looked about to explode in rage. Corva placed her hands on her hips and smiled brightly—she enjoyed annoying high ranking officials.

Chapter 02[]

Chen and Ya-Li walk the streets of Ramaakota

Stepping outside the freighter, Dil'inne'Dry and Chen had to cover their eyes due to the intense sun-light, they had arrived at the Badlands Colonial planet Ramaakota. "Well, we have arrived Ragashota, don't know what you want to do here at this dust ball but ah well" the Zevian said. Handing over the payment Dil'inne nodded and returned to his ship that to his surprise was under inspection by clone troopers. Stampeding angrily towards the troopers he yelled: "What is the meaning of this troopers!! I have legate papers! Is it because I drive a Lizardian freighter that I am bound for inspection! That is racism you know!" the Zevian proclaimed in sheer anger. The troopers, taken aback by the outburst assured it was a routine inspection but soon cleared the vessel anyway.

Chen on the other hand entered the city and looked in awe at the massive temple in the distance. Though found himself feeling anxious due to the narrow streets, the heat and the crowds. In the distance he saw a building with "saloon" at it, he needed a brew and he was sure he would get it there. Deciding he would need it fast he took a short cut in a narrow ally, though was hit in the face before he could walk any furhter. To his surprise his small bag of cold was pick pocketed. He was the thief in the distance but before he could yell for aid the thief tripped and a stick hit its head. Surprised Chen got to his feet and looked rather startled at the small being in front of him. Smiling warmly he said: "Well well, I knew you would not let me go on an adventure alone?". "Of course not gramps, where would you be without me!" Ya-Li proclaimed in happiness. She jumped in his arms and received a warm cuddle. Together they entered the saloon that to their surprised, housed a lot of different species both of them never saw or heard of before.

Chen and Ya-Li meet Gaskuark inside the Ramaakota Saloon

Approaching the bar, Chen got distracted by the barely dressed Amiaeria waitresses, which earned him a slight push from Ya-Li and an anger look. Behind the bar stood a creature that identified himself as Gaskuark. “How can I help you strangers? You are not from here right?” the bartender asked in real interest. Chen put the bag of gold on the desk, and noticed the spark of glimmer in the Gaskhan’s eye. “Indeed, we are from another planet outside your borders. We need refreshments, and someone to speak to which can aid us in our endeavors. You seem like the guy to talk to then?” Chen asked the bartender. Giggling the bartender took a few golden coins, looked at them and nodded. He served Chen a beer and Ya-Li a glass of Fornaeria Bubbles, much to the delight of Ya-Li. The bartender leaned closer to Chen and asked: “So, what kind of person you need to talk to? Shadowy deals? Running from the authorities?” Chen denied the need of any of them, he simply required to speak to someone of the Government. The Gaskhan looked disgusted and shook his head in disbelieve. “Now this is a first, well speak to the Libertus in the black and red uniform, he can help you.” The bartender replied, waving them off in dissapointment. Thanking the Gaskhan for his aid Chen approached a nearby couch where various individuals in uniform were talking and having refreshments. “Good day people. I am Chen Whitesnout of Arcaniox, and I need your help.” The elderly Ragashota proclaimed. A startled and surprised Garan Andarch turned around and looked upon the two Ragashota with interest.

Chapter 03[]

The crew of the Falcon, after a walk through the forests of four days arrived at their destination around lunch time. Overlooking the valley from an overlook, they saw black smoke rising up in the air for the last couple of hours now. Claire looked at Corva and Tironus Manition, and both knew the Hutter Kingdom conducted their business within the village. Entering the village, the dead bodies of cat-like beings were scattered around the village, those that survived aided those that were wounded. One of the cat-like beings directed the trio to take the dwindling path up the great hill, towards their main building. Arriving at the top of the hill, the sight over the valley was breath taking. In the distance they saw sauropod creatures in the waters, small turtles in the waters below the falls and various antelope beings walking through the bushes, flanked by dinosaur creatures with spikes on both their backs and tails.

The crew of the Falcon meet with the Ragashota

Tironus Manition laid his hand of the shoulder of Claire and directed to look behind her. Smiling sadly, Claire approached the injured Shoa-San Greenbeard, elder Ragashota of the Valley of Tranquility. "Greetings Elder, bad tidings fell upon thee" she said gently. The elder Ragashota, as they called themselves coughed up some blood. His arm was bonded with bloody bandages and his eyes shot fury. Shoa-San replied in pain; "Strangers, off-worlders –cough- like thee arrived at the Valley of Tranquility."

The trio listened to the story of the elder, it seemed the Hutter Kingdom swooped in, used their ground forces to besiege the surprised and peaceful Ragashota and took the artifact of the Gods, even the Decidious Tree was harmed in the process. Claire shook her head in disgust, "We have been send by Rambo Nation to retrieve your artifact while our forces prepare to liberate your planet from the Hutters." The elderly Ragashota looked sad. "I know, it shall mean the end of our peace for a while. Hurry now, go beyond the wall with our fiercest warrior, Xang Flamesnout and bring back the artifact and stop them from arriving the Tormented Tomb!" the elderly said with a heavy voice.

Within the hour, the four scaled the wall and began their long walk towards the frozen and snowy norths of Arcaniox!

Chapter 04[]

Chen Whitesnout looked amazed at the bridge of the Excelsior-ClassUSS Royal Oak that was under command of captain Garan Andarch. “Thank you captain, for allowing me onboard your prized starship” the Ragashota said to the honorable and proudLibertus officer. “Not a problem elder Whitesnout, it is my honor to welcome you and you granddaughter onboard my vessel. Your cause dire and I believe we can help you. Please allow me the honor to introduce my senior crew. My first officer, commander Mykera K'rell, lieutenant Codoberia and ensign Zule Grunzar.”

The two Ragashota bowed their heads in honor for the assembled crew. Capain Andarch approached Chen and said the transmission was ready, a spoke person of the senate was available to meet with him. Chen exclaimed his surprise that one could travel so far in such an amount of time, he studied their star chart after all. Garan chuckled and explained it was by holo transmission form the Rambo Capital. The screen flickered to life, showing the stern and proud face of Rambert Ramveral, chief of staff for the cabinet of Fleur Inviere. “Greetings from the Rambo Capital Elder Chen Whitesnout of Arcaniox. I understood from the captain that you wished an inquiry with our government.

The elderly Ragashota bowed in honor and the time the chief of staff made to see him, a humble person from an unaffiliated planet. He chronicles his tale about the arrival of the Hutter Kingdom and their subsequent invasion of Arcaniox. Worried about the tales chronicled by the cat-like being, Rambert replied that by law Rambo Nation was forbidden to interfere military with such an act though could only publicly denounce the invasion of his planet. Chen Whitesnout reacted disappointed and failed to convince the chief of staff for the dire need of a Rambo intervention,. His granddaughter, Ya-Li grew angrier by the minute. Who thought that pompous Rambo Serindia who he was to refuse her people in need. Weren’t these Rambo the so called “protectors” of the Quadrant Galaxies. Still unconvinced the pleading words of her grandfather, the Serindia government official once again proclaimed his hands were tied. Suddenly Ya-Li interfered both her grandfather and the Serindia lord, much to his dismay.

“Well mister Ramveral, I don’t know why you so called “protectors” refuse to help us in our hour of need! But I can tell you, the Kingdom didn’t invade our planet to gain more territory, they are after our artifact given to us by the Gods.”

Chen and Rambert looked surprised at the young Ragashota, pondering the words Rambert promised to discuss the matter with Chancellor of the Royal Crown at once.

Chapter 05[]

15 july of 08AQF, it has been five days now after the crew of the Falcon arrived at Arcaniox and crossed the wall, the first beings in millennia. Guided by the proud and capable Ragashota warrior, Xang Flamesnout the party arrived in the snowy outskirts of northern Arcaniox. Claire hated the weather, not dressed for snow at all she was feeling cold and was getting pricky, Tironus Manition grew tired of it as well and the two were snapping at each other much to dismay of Corva. “My goodness, don’t you two ever get tired of yourselves?” Corva snapped angrily at her two companions. She was totally ignored by the two of them and looked helplessly at the Ragashota warrior, who simply looked confused at the sight.

Tironus Manition grows tired of the owl-like Scion

Later that day, upon the setting of twilight and setting up a camp for the night, Tironus Manition grew bored after supper and looked for some distraction though found none. Deciding to get an early sleep he soon grew annoyed even more, and after some turning and sighting his patience was gone. In the distance, low in the trees an owl like creature was hooting. Tironus Manition grabbed a stone, aimed and threw it towards the owl-like being, angry at the bird for keeping him awake. The bird flew away and narrowly evaded the stone that was thrown at it. The Ragashota warrior, Xang readied his stick and muttered, “oh now warrior, what did you do?”

Claire and Corva got to their feet as well and looked at Tironus Manition who shrugged. Suddenly the owl-like being made a turn, made a hissing sounds and the party was hit by a psychic attack that send them flying into the air. After falling face first into the ground, Corva got to her feet and muttered: “Thanks for that Tironus Manition!”

The owl-like bird, that turned out to be one of the mythical Scions and left, leaving the party rather bruised and lying in the snow.

It took some hours to warm up by the fire, a good but cold night sleep before the party decided to continue their travels further north. In the morning, shortly after sun set and breakfast they continued their track towards their goal, the Tormented Tomb.

The party arrives at the Tormented Tomb

After hours of struggling with the snow and hills, Corva who walked a head suddenly yelled in excitement and pointed to something up the mountain hill. Following her arm they saw the snowed in upper structure of the Tormented Tomb. Claire looked at Corva and Tironus Manition, sighting she said: “Great, now that is going to be a cold climb up!” Their Ragashota companion laid a hand on both of their shoulders and directed them towards a natural stair. “No need for their my noble friends, we can take his route to the upper level and enter the tomb. Though I feel little to enter that a cursed place.” Tironus Manition and Claire looked at the warrior, with ears laid back, a tense pose and shifting eyes their Ragashota companion was very alert and anxious.

After entering the tomb, walking through the dusty and creepy hallway and the descending stairway, the party arrived at the lower level, a massive domed cave deep below the mountain. Xang pointed his stick towards an opening and gate in front of them, they only needed to take the stair down to their right, cross the cave and enter that hallway to find the tomb of the Tormentor, the cursed one. Though Xang was far comfortable and was really tense, with his stick in both hands, he seemed to expect to be jumped on anytime. Claire found it annoying, after since their owl encounter nothing happened, it was cold and this tomb felt creepy and she had goosebumps and shivers running down her spine in this place. “Well, let’s get this done with eh?” Claire said confident and took a step forward. Suddenly a snake-like being rose up in front of her and roared, before any could react it unleashed a powerful beam of energy from its mouth that send Claire crashing into the wall behind her, so hard she lost consciousness.

Facing the Scion Darkarg

The massive and aggressive Scion roared again.

Tironus Manition loaded his prized gun, Shield and began firing at the massive Scion. The massive Scion roared in pain and shot dark energy beams from his eyes at the party in front of him, forcing Corva, Tironus Manition and Xang to take cover once again. “I am done with it already” Corva muttered while stones flew over her head. Xang, the Ragashota hissed behind his cover position though seemed to be very afraid as well. A bit ahead, Tironus Manition grumbled while he rose from the floor.

To both of their surprise, Xang flung himself in the air and landed on top of the serpent Scion, slamming down his pole the creature roared in fury while it tried to shake the Ragashota of its head. Xang braced himself by extending his claws, and dug them deep into the serpents skin. “Hurry! Take Claire and head down and beyond the cave!” the Ragashota warrior yelled to his companions. Corva and Tironus Manition wasted no time, both of them got Claire to her feet and the three ran down the corridors while trying to evade dark energy beams and the serpent, though Xang avoided disaster multiple times by slamming down his pole and scratching the serpent. Before the three could enter the tomb at the other side of the tomb, Xang was flung before their feet, the furious Darkarg roared again and slowly approached the four. Before it could attack a sudden wheeze was felt throughout the cave, and the Darkarg panicked and circled the cave and began firing its dark energy beams wild around and uncontrolled. Tironus Manition helped Xang to his feet and the four of them withdrew further into the tomb.

Chapter 06[]

Facing the Tormentor

Arriving in the center of the tomb, Claire, Corva, Tironus Manition and Xang Flamesnout were shocked by the sight in front of them. A single Atlantican watch stone, the one stolen from the Valley of Tranquility hovered at some sort of pedal, while the ceiling looked like one spiraling darkness the chamber felt odd and cold. Suddenly the chamber trembled and shook, rising from the middle of the large pedal, darkness swirling around it, awaking from its endless slumber was the dreaded Tormentor!

“We must stop him from shifting into the mortal plane” Claire said to the others. Tironus Manition loaded his rifle and began firing, soon joined by Corva and Claire. The entity in the middle roared in anger for this rude disturbance. “Do you think it works?” Tironus Manition asked Claire, who simply shrugged her shoulders. The entity, still trapped within the pedal roared again and lashed out towards the four, sending them flying. Crashing hard into the ground, Xang got to his feet and saw in horror that the entity managed to shift more and more into the mortal realm, though he was unsure how this was possible while there was no one else in the room who could conduct the ritual, now was there?

The others got to their feet again and continued firing, disturbing the field of energy. Corva looked to her side, and wondered why the Ragashota simply sat there, somehow in some sort of trance. Suddenly he jumped into an empty corner and lashed out with his pole, disturbing a cloaking illusion, revealing Prince Kael’Thalas Bloodwing and Liloth! The two looked greatly annoyed, dispatching of the Ragashota with a single wave of his arm as he unleashed dark energies send the Ragashota warrior to his knees. Striding forwards he clapped at the others. “Well done my adversaries, today is a great day! You will witness the return of the Tormentor and its blessing upon me with its grand powers.”

Blood Prince faces the Tormentor!

Behind him Liloth grinned and took a step backwards. The Sinleri Prince bowed before the massive Dwulairi. The entity shifted into the mortal realm and roared. He grabbed Kael’Thalas and brought him close to his face to study him up close. As it began speaking, it voice sounded ominous, crackling and thunderous. “So this is the Blood Prince who wishes to be bestowed upon with my powers!”

The Sinleri prince bowed again and confirmed that he required the entities powers to conquer the Quadrant Galaxies in its name. The Tormentor shot an annoyed look at Liloth who trembled in fear. “Conquering!” the entity roared in anger, “Mortal fools. Thy time of Torment is long past! Judgement falls upon thee!”. The Sinleri Prince looked surprised but was unable to escape the teeth of the Tormentor that ripped him in half. The Tormentor swallowed the upper body of the Prince whole and threw away the rest of his body. Liloth looked horrified and fell to her knees begging for mercy. Corva and her party readied their weapons and opened fire. With a single glare the party froze in place, paralyzed by the Glare of the Tormentor who began laughing. “Thee amuse me with this annoyance! Thy blood will replenish my strength after I placed my Torment upon thee. Behold mortals! !” The ones present in the room were powerless and witnessed the Tormentor raising his hands in the air, an unnerving atmosphere circled his tomb when the Tormentor unleashed his powers.

Unknown to them at the moment, the Tormentor torments the boundaries of the Quadrant Galaxies, relocating empires and nations from Q89 and Q21 into Q82 so he could destroy them with one easy swipe. After the relocation of space, the Tormentor looked tired and hungry at the individuals in front of them, smiling and revealing his massive teeth he said in a crackling voice: “One of thee has Aininyë heritages! Thy shall be the first I fest upon!”

USS Typhon rushes to aid in the defense of the Quadrants

Before he could reach out the Tormentor stopped in place and roared in agony while the Tormentor became engulfed in a powerful beam of energy. In space, the USS Tyhpon, the Typhon-Class time-weapon had arrived in orbit of Arcaniox with Delphator-Class companions, who kept the Hutter-fleet at bay by opening fire and launching their fighters. The time-ship tried to save the Quadrants from annihilation by firing its temporal weapon. Massive energy waves collided, both ancient and magical of the Tormentor and artificial of the Typhon-Class, creating new anomalies and rupturing the space-time continuum. The entity roared again and set his sight up to the sealing of his tomb, it was still partly trapped and not fully shifted into the mortal realm, the only thing that saved the ship in orbit for now. Channeling his energy, the weapon and shields of the Typhon-Class faced a certain overload as the ship began shaking and trembling.

Claire gains mythical abilities?

Within the tomb, the party tried to regain their footing but all were weary and injured by the unleashed powers of the Tormentor, draining them slowly of energy and life. The Tormentor, now halfway shifted into the mortal roared and tried to smash the party inside the tomb. Before his fist hit the party, it stopped halfway when Claire rose to her feet and raised both hands in the air, stopping the movement by a magical shield. Tironus Manition and Corva looked surprised. “H-how do you that Claire?” Corva proclaimed in surprise. Claire couldn’t respond due to the high energy pressure and her knees buckled. Tironus Manition rushed forwards and kept from falling while Claire still raised her hands. Corva rushed forwards as well and the two noticed Claire looked afraid and was almost losing the strain of power. “H-help me!” she said under a heavy breathing.

Tormentor defeated!

Suddenly a bright light emerged both her hands and hit the Tormentor dead on who lost footing and concentration, shifting back into another plan of existence. Before disappearing he hissed: “Thy shall not escape the Torment!”

The crew of the Falcon loses one of their own

Tironus Manition and Corva smiled and raised their fist in surprise, soon joined by the purring sound of Xang who regained his footing as well. The three looked at Claire in horror, her skin pale and blue she slowly froze in place. Placing a hand at Corva’s left cheek, she smiled weakly and said “Take the Scions, bring them to Kjac and …. Uh….”. Xang looked at the humanoid girl in sadness, somehow she was paying the price to postpone the Torment and was in pain as her body froze and crystallized. Opening her eyes again she said: “Say goodbye to Stench, take care of the Falcon and…..Uh…. my dad……!” were the last words Claire said before she was fully frozen.

Xang had teary eyes, while Corva was snobbing and cyring loudly, Tironus Manition tried to comfort her but even he could not hide his watery eyes. The tomb was silent, dead silent. Even the mighty Scion remained silent as they departed the Tormented Tomb to take the long march to the wall again.

Elsewhere, on the Rambo Capital, the Rambo Founder fell to his knees. The act to safe the Quadrants from destruction took a lot of energy and effort, nearly killed him by expanding and sacrificing the innocent Rambo Operative. Another burden to bear, the Founder sat heavily and weary in his chair. For now the Torment was once again postponed, but he wondered at what price. Him controlling Claire, who he knew as half Atlantica and he managed to do to their earlier encounter during in which he ensured he could enforce his will upon her and take control, something she of course forgot. Sighting again, the Founder felt old, really old.

Chapter 07[]

20-07-08AQF, five days after the ending battle in the Tormented Tomb, Tironus Manition, Corva and Xang Flamesnout arrived in the Valley of Tranquility with the frozen remains of Claire Rambo. They were hailed as heroes when they entered the village, the horns saluted their arrival while the damage to the buildings was repaired by Rambo crewmembers who waved and saluted them for saving the Quadrant Galaxies from the Tormentor.

Tironus Manition, Corva and Stench meet with the Empress of Rambo Nation

For the arriving party, if felt like a hollow victory after the loss of their friend though the others saw her sacrifice as something holy and noble, like all warriors do. There were talks to proclaim her a saint for the Rambo Pantheon, to honor her nobility and sacrifice to safe the Quadrants. The group didn’t really care, they lost their friend and wanted to return to their ship and leave Arcaniox all together. Before they entered the Falcon, they were stopped by Royal Serindia Guards, Empress Ramashe and Elder Shoa-San Greenbeard, flanked by Xang Flamesnout.

“Now now, not so hastily saviors!” the Empress of Rambo Nation proclaimed while around them Rambo Nation crewmembers and native Ragashota were celebrating. The Empress radiated warmth, greatness and kindness. Extending her arms she shook hands with the Saviors. The Elder Ragashota did the same and both thanked them for saving the Quadrants from the Tormentos. Ramashe gave them honorary medals and a large sum of gold as a token of reward. The Ragashota Elder gave them all a small crystal, a token of their appreciations and offered them the hospitality, friendship and shelter of Arcaniox whenever the required it.

Tironus Manition and Corva spoke to the Empress, in person, explaining they felt little for celebration and had to bring Claire to her father, to inform him of the fate of his only daughter. Ramashe smiled sadly, but offered her sympathies and understanding, and offered them the aid and protection of Rambo Nation whenever they required it. Tironus Manition sighted and asked what happened in the five days, he heard rumors in the village that the conflicts with the Hutters were over.

Ramashe sighted, noting the bags under her eyes. “We are unsure how or the entire extend of it. For now, the territories of Q89 and Q21 have been relocated, the star charts have changed and a new political climate is forming now that all the known major empires are cramped together in Quadrant 82.” Corva and Tironus Manition looked surprised. Ramashe continued, “So far our scans can indicate, the wormholes are unstable and of the five Quadrants only 82 is accessible. “ Corva and Tironus Manition couldn’t believe their ears, so much have changed for the Quadrants, creating new possibilities but dangers as well now that so many political powers are located so close together.

Morgandaûr sends his regards!

The two thanked the Empress and the Elder and left Arcaniox, to located the USS Enterprise-A and face Claire’s father, captain James Rambo. Ramashe watched the Falcon ascending into the sky above, a great sacrifice had been made, though the instability of the Quadrants worried her a lot with the new geographic lay-out of the Quadrants. She looked at the Elder Ragashota again, his species and planet were now a new protectorate under the Rambo flag with their own Consul for the Rambo Government. Placing a hand at the shoulder of Shoa-San to say something and draw his attention, though the words were unspoken by an immense and cruciating pain, the Elder Ragashota looked in horror at her. Materializing due to a failing cloak, the assassin Lana Yrel pulled out her saber from Ramashe’s chest, blood gutting out and the Empress made a sickening gurgling sound as she was drowning in her own blood as her lungs filled with it. The Empress quickly fell to the ground and gasped for air before losing her consciousness. The assassin smiled to the shocked crowd and yelled: “Lord Morgandaûr sends his regards!” before attacking the approaching Royal Guards and escaping by using her cloaking device in the confusion and panicking crowd.


Lord Hand Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo sat in his office with a heavy heart, he just visited his niece Ramashe, who had been gravely injured during a shoking event at Arcaniox.

Rambarth informs Ramanei of her mothers fate

After she was brought to the Rambo Capital in all haste, chief of staff Rambert Ramveral and his acquinted doctor, the genetic specialist Bianca Fiercehart informed him that she was comatose but kept alive due to the doctors treament. Unsure whether she is going to awake, or when they feared for her health. Rambarh, on the other hand worried not only about her life but now also about her open position at the government and how to rule Rambo Nation in the future. Disturbing his thought was a servant who brought a letter from the High Council and the Senate, reading the letter Rambarth sat heavily down in his chair and sighted.

They named him Lord Regent of the Nation, to rule Rambo Nation in the name of the Le Rambo Dynasty until Ramashe recovers from her comatose state or that her daughter, Ramanei Joy Feather will come of age in 4 years. She could ascend to the throne on her 19th birthday in 12 AQF. During that time Rambarth had to rule as Regent, keep the peace and ensure the nobilities trust in his choices and rule. And there came his greatest challenge knew, he could teach Ramanei all he wanted, but she was still a Feather, and as Regent he did not have the powers to grant her the Le Rambo title on his own without the support of four noble houses. Only with a royal degree she could gain the surname of her mother before the ink was even dry, but as Regent he needed the support of the nobility.

When Ramanei entered his to answer his summons, Rambarth smiled warmly but concerned. Ramanei was hesitant, she never visited her uncle’s office unless she did something wrong and he could scold her. Rambarth approached Ramanei and placed both hands on her shoulders. Looking her in the eyes she saw her uncle at watery eyes, a rarity as the man almost never showed his emotions to her. “My dear Ramanei, something happened to your mother at Arcaniox.”

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