The Struggle of being a Half-Elf centers around the problematic rebellious sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera and her struggles against the Legatus Finduilica, a vassal of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in the Finduila Sector.

The story starts at the 2nd of February in 2819/21 AQF in a shady and fishy bar on one of the backwater planets in the Zone de libres.



02 February 2819/21 AQF, sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera looked in the glass she was holding in this smoky, shady and fishy bar full of criminals and thugs. After all, she was now one as well as she refuses to acknowledge the rule and supremacy of the Legatus Finduilica. It seemed all a bit flurry to her anyway. The half-elven girl pondered and shrugged her shoulder. She was not sure how many glasses she already mastered, only that she loved this honing rum.


Yvenne is exhalted by the mercenary!

A bit tipsy, she poured another glass and with one gulp swallowed it. Burping, she really felt exhausted now.

How did her life turned into this, barely 18 and half drunk in some fishy bar drinking honey rum. Sighting she slammed her glass down and looked at the television screen in the corner. That is right, she thought. It was all the fault of the Empire and their stupid propaganda on the holochannels.

Yvenne knew why she was at the bar, drinking away the dark thoughts and nightmares of past days. She and her squad were tasked with attacking an Imperial supply convoy on a planet nearby, though the Empire was prepared. A single Armored Assault Walker that appeared out of nowhere made short work of the dissidents and two third of her squad died. She still sees the haunting images before her how her fellow soldiers were ripped apart by the walkers turbolasers. And the screams of her dying comrades she would never forget, neither the cruelty of the Imperial troopers as they executed those that were wounded and unable to retreat. Her solution, drinking a bottle of honey rum. It allows her to forget it for a time, the headache the following morning was simply something she could deal with in her already miserable life.

From the corner, a single human mercenary approached her. Though tipsy, Yvenne was not in the mood for flirting men this evening. All she wanted was to master the bottle of honey rum and go to bed. The mercenary took a bar stool next to her and raised his beer as a gesture of friendship. Yvenne rolled her eyes and fixed her attention on the television and the Imperial propaganda again. Suddenly the mercenary leaned closers and his raspy voice said: “Hello dear half-elf. You look like a radiant star tonight. Wanna get acquainted?”. Yvenne raised an eyebrow and looked at him smirking. What the hell was this stupid annoying mercenary thinking? Did he take her for some sort of harlot? “Get lost” was all Yvenne said. The mercenary grumbled and rose from his chair, obvious insulted that the young girl was not falling for his advances. Instead of leaving he placed his hand on her lower back. Now it was getting fun Yvenne thought. Though tipsy she felt like hurting someone anyway. The mercenary leaned closer and his rasping voice simply whispered in her ear; “Dear half-elf, I am going to enjoy this!”. The mercenary pinched the point of her right ear and massaged it at the same time. Yvenne gasped for air. She never felt this kind of sensation before, her entire body tinkled and felt warm. The mercenary pinched the point of her left ear as well and Yvenne let out a moan of pleasure. Licking her lips with her tongue she was in elation and lost all common sense. The mercenary simply smiled again and placed his warm hand underneath her shirt, on her belly. Though wrong Yvenne couldn’t think anymore and moaned again.


Komamuka arrives to "safe" Yvenne from the mercenary

Remove that hand brigand!” a sudden voice roared through the bar. Taken by surprise, he removed his hand and noticed even the music had stopped playing. In front of him stood a large and towering wolf-like creature who looked anything but happy. “Beg my pardon anthropomorphic, should you not be howling to the moon light or something like that? Leave me be!” the mercenary snapped, his hands hovering above the two blasters at his leg. The being snorted, captain Komamuka Sajin did not take slights or insults lightly. And calling a non-humanoid an anthropomorphic bordered on racism. Growling and showing his teeth he replied the bounty hunter; “She stands under my care, and she is long past bedtime!”.
The bounty hunter laughed, giving the opening the captain desired. Launching forward faster than the mercenary could anticipate, he brought up his fist. Connecting, the captain felt the man jaw breaking. The unfortunate mercenary crashed into a nearby table and did not move anymore.
Please, I make a living here sir!” the human bartender said while other customers present of various species simply looked in shock and fear. Nodding Komakua paid for the table (and extra to keep the bartender from signaling Imperial authorities) and looked at the tipsy girl. She giggled when she caught his sight, struggling to stand on her two legs from a combination of alcohol and exalted state. “Oh my, you look amazing tonight sir!” the girl said with a double and hoarse voice. Shaking his head in disappointed he approached her. The girl wandered toward him and placed her hands on one of the captains massive arms. Shaking his head again he placed a single finger on her fore head and the girl went numb.
Catching her before she hit the ground, he swung her over his shoulders and left.

Chapter 01Edit

The following morning Yvenne woke up with a terrible headache. Looking around, she was not sure where she was or how she got here. Pulling aside the blanket, she noticed she wore sleeping gown, or at least what went through as her sleeping gown anyway.


Yvenne wakes up in her quarter at Home Base

Descending slowly from her stretcher, she fell on her knees and grabbed the nearby brown/red bucket and vomited. She enjoyed the honey rum twice it seemed, though this time it was a lot more sour instead of sweet. She vomited two times more before the room stopped spinning. She crawled on all four to the nearby lavatory and rose unsteadily on her feet. Looking in the mirror she admitted to herself she looked horrible. Dark bags under her eyes, her hair a total mess she looked like she was dragged under an Imperial walker. Sniffing on her hair it would rather seem she slept between the garbage instead of a stretcher. She smirked, it was all a bit funny to her.
Looking around her she realized she was back at Home Base and someone brought her to her own small quarter. Her memory slowly returned though she was unsure if she liked what she remembered.

Stretching her back, she removed her underwear and upper shirt and activated the shower. The lukewarm water felt nice, and helped against her headache as it flowed down her body.
She washed her hair with shampoo and brushed her teeth as well. After finishing cleaning up, she dressed up in her uniform, or at least what went for it and stretched again, yawning she looked at the bucket in the corner of her room and sighted. That had to be cleaned up as well, otherwise she was to be scolded by the cleaners.
Looking disgusted, and holding her breath she emptied the bucket and cleaned it. Falling on her bed again she noticed the envelope with her name on it on the nearby shelf.
Opening it she recognized the writing belonging to captain Komamuka Sajin, an officer within the dissidents that tried to survive Imperial oppression and retaining their independence, and she had to amdmit her friend. Though not openly ofcourse, but she was quite fond of the "Wolf".
What does he want this time” she grumbled. Reading the letter she realized she was summoned by the old man, Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman to attend the special monthly military briefing at 09:00am.
Looking at her alarm, she slammed her head into her pillow and sighted. It was 11:45 am and she missed the entire briefing. This was one of those days again, and she hated being scolded by the old man. Something that seemed to happen frequently and more regularly the last few weeks.

Chapter 02Edit

Yvenne approached the command center, a bit nervous and not at all happy at the prospect of being scolded by the old man.
As the door opened she only saw the “Wolf”, captain Komamuka Sajin to whom she had the utmost respect and one of the few who she actually cared about these days. She smiled and waved her hand shyly.
Captain Komamuka raised an eyebrow and shook his head in disappointment. The smile on Yvenne’s faced disappeared at once, it always pained her to see him being disappointed in her. Folding her hands behind her back, lowering her head and with heavy shoulders she approached her senior officer. A bit shyly and embarrassed she greeted him.


Komamuka corrects Yvenne with force

G-goodmorning sir. My apologies for being late. It seemed I overslept.” The captain narrowed his eyes and raised a lip, showing his teeth. Gulping she took a step backwards as he roared, while all of the command center could hear.
Overslept? OVERSLEPT? You arrogant brat! You were in bloody heat. I got your drunken carcass out of that saloon before one of those criminal baboons would take your honor. I know what would happen then again, you on your knees crawling, crying and begging for help like you did before.
Yvenne protruded her lower lip and her eyes became moisty. She really screwed up this time with the captain. She lowered her head even more to hide the single tear rolling down her cheek. “I-I am s-sorry sir…” she stammered though the captain cut her off.
Pointing a finger at her his ranting continued.
You always tell you’re sorry but you don’t change nor care. You seem like a girl that cannot overcome puberty. Spoiler, arrogant and unwilling to admit your own mistakes. Even worse you start drinking, exposing yourself to danger and that of your comrades.”
Yvenne listened to all he said, feeling smaller and more embarrassed than ever. She was scolded before, but this was bad. The entire command center was silent and looked in her direction.
Now look at me, sergeant” captain Komamuka ordered.
Yvenne rose her head, still with her protruded lower lip, red and swollen eyes of regret and sorrow and some puppy eyes. Komamuka was unimpressed and awaited her reply.
Yvenne stammered before she could say anything, suddenly her eyes turned angry and she scolded back at the captain.
Even though I was drunk captain, at least I forgot all the images and screams of my dying comrades when the Imperials killed us! Where were you then when you send us into that death trap!
The captain looked surprised and sighted, so the girl was troubled by the events. Probably she suffered from a post-traumatic syndrome and would have to come to terms with herself before she could be deployed again.
Though I thank you from saving me from that mercenary, I felt rather exalted and besides that, you Wielded me! How dare you use your sorcery on me!
Suddenly the captains eyes shot dark and he backslapped Yvenne. She never saw it coming until his hand hit her. Her head shot back and her knees buckled. Falling to her knees she could barely catch herself with her arms. Swiping her lip she tasted blood in her mouth. Yvenne was shocked, the captain hit her. In all the times she had hurt his feelings and scolded back at him he never lashed out.
That is enough! another voice roared, the entire command center took posture as the old man, Schout bij Nacht (rear-admiral) Jan Michiel Tasman approached her and the captain.


Yvenne and Komamuka both get scolded by the "old man"

Looking a bit disgusted at Yvenne, still on her knees and puzzled he snorted; “Look wat the cat dragged out. Get on your feet sergeant!”.
Yvenne rose and took posture as well. “Yes sir, I am s-sorry sir.” The admiral simply raised his hand to cut her off. Looking at the captain he shook his head, it seemed the captain had crossed a line as well. They knew their situation was tense, the Empire was close to finding them all, and where to run then? With supplies and fuel low, they would not last a minute out of there without aid.
The admiral turned his back towards Yvenne while looking at the holotable in front of him.
Well sergeant, you missed the briefing. I already had the report for the reasons and I must admit, even for you, I did not expect this. You will be sanctioned.
Yvenne nodded and crossed her folded her hand in front of. Lowering her head and closing her eyes she sighted. “I understand admiral

The admiral smiled; “Good, you will be placed on sanitary duty for rest of the week. Understood?”. Yvenne nodded though her day grew even more miserable when the admiral handed her over a dish brush and a bottle of cleaner. Looking puzzled the admiral smiled turned down. “That is the equipment you get sergeant. Now go, get out of my eyes and start in my quarters and work your way down the hall”.

Yvenne nodded, turned and left the bridge ashamed. She heard others sniffling behind her back, she really had done it this time. When the door closed the admiral turned his attention at the captain. “You should not have hit her captain, that was out of line.
The captain nodded and replied with sorrow in his voice; “My apologies sir, sometimes she drives me nuts and I lost my patience with her. It will not happen again I assure you sir”. Nodding the admiral smiled a bit. “Indeed it won’t, I will assign her to you as your personal assistant.
The bridge fell silent again and the captain looked shocked.
Any problems with that captain” the admiral asked.
No sir, no problem at all” captain Komamuka grunted. “Good!” the admiral replied dryly.
Crossing his arms in front of him he looked stern at the captain. “You need to protect her, your report about the market for half-elf girls is horrifying and cruel. Whatever her faults and half-elven temperament, spare her from such a fate for me?
The captain nodded, placing a hand on the admiral shoulders ensured the admiral he would watch over her and teach her what he knew.>br> The captain made movements to leave the bridge when he was stopped by the admiral again. “Oh and captain, be careful with the use of Wielding. Using it in that bar was an unnecessarily risk understood?
The captain sighted and admitted he would be more careful. As the doors behind him closed and stepping into the hall, the captain crossed his hands in front of him. Smirking he actually looked forward to work more closely with sergeant Yvenne. After all, it was never boring with her and there was always something.

Chapter 03Edit

Yvenne looked happy when she exited one of the rebel LC-class light cruisers. Together with her squad they arrived at Nassau, a notorious smuggling port within the Finduila Sector and home to thugs and criminals.
Yvenne herself was happy to be away from Home Base, after two weeks of sanitary duty, a week longer due to an anger outburst and the breaking of various mirrors she was ready to go back into the field again.
Their mission simple, raid an Imperial Gozanti-class from its weapon and food supplied for the benefit of their dissident movement. The Imperials often stopped on this planet to show their supposed interest for the wellbeing and protection of the Zone de Libre.
So far, nobody ever raided an Imperial vessel on Nassau, and Yvenne felt privileged to be first to pull it off. Her fellow squad members integrated in the crowds while Yvenne made her way to the Cove, the saloon build in a cave in the western parts of the city, and the place where the Imperials rested before continuing their route.
Yvenne entered the saloon and looked at the small crowd, it was rather quiet due to the early moment on the day. She saw her target sitting on one of the tables in a corner of the saloon and smiled. She grabbed a nearby glass of rum and swallowed its continued whole to feel more confident and took a seat next to the Imperial officer who simply raised an eyebrow in surprise.
Yvenne moved in and leaned in closely and smiled. “Well well, how fares the Empire sir!” The officer smirked and relaxed. “The Empire fares well half-elf, a rare sight you are these days” the officer replied dryly. Yvenne rolled her eyes and with a racy voice she replied. “Well I don’t meet many Imperials either at Nassau sir!” as she moved in a little bit closer and placed a hand on the officer’s upper leg. The human officer blushed and smiled back. “W-well, I command a Gozanti-class cruiser. Ever seen one?


Yvenne seduces Imperial lieutenant Timothy Winthazen

Yvenne giggled as the officer stroke a wisp of hair from her face and whispered in her ear; “I could show you if you like. To eh, get better acquinted?
Yvenne giggled again and grasped the officer’s hand. “Show the way sir!”. Along the route to the landing platforms the two talked about Nassau and walked hand in hand. Approaching the Gozanti-class, Yvenne played she was impressed by both the ship and the white armored guards with their golden helmets, a remnant of better times of honor and pride. Now nothing more than ground forces of the Legatus. Standing near the ramp of the craft Yvenne leaned against the imperial officer, pretending to be drunk while the officer was ignorant to it, believing to have a nice moment coming up. While Yvenne kissed him the officer grabbed her head and returned the gesture. Catching her breath she looked at the officer and smiled: “Sorry dear!”. The officer looked surprised as she had unholstered his blaster.
His face turned into anger, spitting out his next words; “You little bitch, the Empire will have your head for this!”. Yvenne ignored the insult and pressed the trigger. The officer fell to the ground stunned, the troopers taken by surprise turned around and held her at gunpoint. Yvenne blinked her right eye as her fellow rebel soldiers emerged and gunned down the troopers, all with setting on stun as the dissidents didn’t want to classified as killers or murders. “Good job guys! Now let’s get these supplies of this ship and into the warehouse so we can pick it up later!”. As her fellow dissidents started hauling the crates to a nearby warehouse, Yvenne checked the flight plan and was amazed what she found out. The ship was to travel and supply an Imperial outpost in former Dutch territories, Rottum Outpost. A small base with F16 star fighters, the vessels the dissidents badly needed to protect themselves against the Imperial ASP-fighters. As the last crates were off board, one of the dissidents approached Yvenne and looked rather shocked when she suggested another mission.
Let’s get those Imperial onboard and embark on their flight plan, we need pilots as well for this mission!” As the dissidents settled themselves behind the consoles of the Imperial cruiser, Yvenne imagined the look on Komamuka’s face, he was not going to like it and she needed all her wits and charms to convince him to consent with her plan.

Chapter 04Edit

Yvenne saw her reflection in the window glass and was disgusted what she saw. Due to her change of plans she donned herself in an Imperial uniform as disguise to steal those F16 Starfighters. Captain Komamuka wasn’t happy with the plan but after some convincing gave his consent, though aiding them would be difficult and they were on their own. With the stolen Gozanti-class cruiser Yvenne and her squad would land on the outpost known as Rottum. Disable the security there and steal those fighters as swiftly as possible. The base, ever since the vassal state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was under firm control of the Empire vassal, the Legatus Finduilica!

The Gozanti-class cruiser LF-389 begins it approach to Rottum airbase

All depended on timing, which was the main challenge! The Starfighter base was rather small and was surrounded by the sea, which meant any approach was easily visible by the defenders and was protected by two massive cannons. Approaching the planet she hoped all was going as planned!
The outpost asked for the security codes, which Yvenne and her squad provided. Getting clearance they were given permission to enter orbit and approach the base to land on the visitor platform. As the Gozanti-class descended the crew saw the base appearing between the endless sight of the water. Smiling the first step of their challenge had succeeded and twilight just set in, the perfect opportunity to steal something from the occupation of the Empire!!
As the Gozanti-class thouched down, it opened its cargo bay and Yvenne emerged from it, Yvenne inhaled and smiled, the air was fresh and salty. Licking her lips she could taste the salty moisture. It was quite windy as well, which could prove a problem for taking off. A lone trooper approached her, oblivious to the danger she presented. After all, Rottum was known to the Legatus officers as quite a leisure area due to its remote location, small garrison stationed on the surface and its warm weather and sand beach just near the barracks. The Legatus sergeant approached her and asked for her identification. Showing the falsified data the sergeant looked at the datapad with suspicion: “I did not know we had Half-Elf serving within the Empire these days ‘mam”. Yvenne raised an eyebrow and looked annoyed before replying with a cold voice; “Well sergeant, I can imagine that when being posted to this outpost you will miss a lot of things in the Legatus. Anything wrong or do you wish me to take off, leave and report this to Legatus Command?"
The sergeant stepped down and allowed her to pass though inquired if he could inspect the cargo. Yvenne gave her consent and the trooper entered the Gozanti-class, walking unknowingly into the trap.


Yvenne and her dissident squad engaged in a fire fight at Rottum

As the sergeant investigated the Gozanti-class cruiser, Yvenne's squad of dissident troopers managed to sneak out the cruiser by a side hatch and entered the water between the landing pad and the runway tracks of Rottum airbase. Using the trees to escape the watch of the nearby traffic control tower and patrolling troops, the dissidents planted bombs near tactical locations while pilots began making their way towards the starfighter F16's. Satisfied, the sergeant left the Gozanti-class and informed Yvenne, as an Imperial lieutenant she had to wait inside the cruiser as the cargo from Rottum was scheduled to leave later that day. Yvenne complied and thanked the sergeant for his hard work, it allowed her squad more time to execute her plan. Three hours later, the squad corporal checked in by using the comm link;"Squad in position, ready for some action sarge?".
Yvenne smiled and complied, within seconds two explosions were heard and smoke arose between the trees. Soon after the alarm sounded and troopers headed to those positions to investigate. Yvenne had given the order to her squad to disable the defensive cannons, allowing her pilots to start the starfighter f-16's. Two rebel troopers emerged behind her and took her hostage, at least to the sight of the traffic control tower whose officers panicked now that a dissident LC-class had entered orbit as well and headed toward the base. The two troopers took Yvenne to the northern shelters, were a fire-fight had broken out between a regular patrol and dissident forces. "Damn it corporal, just take care of it! We are counting minutes here!" Yvenne ordered as the first F16-starfighters of the soutern shelters took off. Taking cover, the dissident managed to take out the patrol while the passing Lc-class made sure the remaining garrison of Legatus troopers remained out of sight of its two forwards cannons. Entering the LC-class, Yvenne met Komamuka onboard who congratulated her on a job well done. The raid was a great succes as they managed to steal 10 F16-starfighters for the dissidents cause as they headed into orbit.


Escaping Rottum

Entering space a Arquintens-class light cruiser dropped out of hyperspace, responding to Rottum's transmission about being under siege. Its captain, the young, inexperienced yet ambitious human Nanda Tessala looked grim at the sight of the approaching dissidents. A green colored LC-class and ten F16 starfighters emerged from orbit at port side of her ship. "All hands, red alert. Target those dissidents! Send them to an early grave for the glory of the Legatus and our promotions!" her voice echoed over the intercom. Her crew quickly responded and targeted the approaching collection of dissident vessels. Yvenne stood side by side with captain Komamuka, who clearly did not feel the fear as she felt. Yvenne feared the might of the Legatus Arquintens-class warships as they were quite lethal. Komakua simply crossed his arms in front of him and nodded towards his tactical officers. Turning his head towards Yvenne he seemed to smile, at least what she always identified as a warm and smiling gesture by the "Wolf". "Don't worry Yvenne, I have a surprise for them" her superior officer said. Yvenne shrugged her shoulders, still not sure of the possible outcome. As the LC-class came into firing range, it evaded the incoming fire of the Arquintens-class and launched two torpedoes as short range. The Legatus captain, clearly not experienced with dealing with dissidents should have known to keep her distance as at close range the dissidents tactics were respected and feared amongst Legatus officers. With the combined fire power of the F16 starfighters the Arquintens-class port side took heavy damage when an explosion was seen after one of its plasma conduits exploded. Crippling the Arquinten-class light cruiser, the dissidents were simply passing overhead and prepared their hyperspace engines. "All ships, prepare to jump to hyperspace!" captain Komamuka Sajin ordered and Legatus captain Tessala looked on helpless as the entirety of the dissidents ships escaped Rottum and headed to their bases.

Chapter 05Edit


18-02-21 AQF, at Garkarg, a massive Ramboidae Artificial Moon sieged by the Legatus Finduilica, its grand mandator, the Rector Provinciae, Schlimm Eklig Statthalter looked outside at the assembled Arquintent-class light cruiser. An opening door drew his attention with admiral Apticyus and Lady Astrosia approaching him. Placing one hand underneath his chin looked at the two with discontent. Both made a bow and the admiral began his plea. "My Lord, I bring bad news from Rottum, seemingy dissident managed to steal stored F16 space fighters". The Rector provinciae snorted. "Stealing? Where was your precious fleet admiral? We spend years ensuring peace within the Finduila Sector and now we have dissidents?"

The Amdiral gulped while the lady remained silent. "M-my lord? These human officers are not as competent as the Dominata ones? They lack...". The admiral was interrupted by the Rector Provinciae who raised a hand, signaling he wanted to hear no more of it. "Perhaps inexperienced, calling them incompetent is a bit harsh admiral." the grand mandator corrected his highest officer within the Legatus Navy. The admiral hissed but remained silent, knowing better than to argue with the Grand Madator. The Grand Mandator broaded his shoulders and took his attention to the girl clad in black armor.


The Legatus Task Force embarks from Garkarg

"Lady Astrosia! I require your services my lady. You are tasked with hunting down these dissidents before they find a way to join the larger Cyrandia Resistance. The admiral has been so kind to provide a task force of various vessels under your command. You will join captain Veloci Onychus onboard his command vessel to destroy these dissidents. Understood?". Lady Astrosia simply bowed, turned and left the room, leaving the admiral with the Pax Provinciae. Approaching the Grand Mandator the admiral narrowed his eyes. "You think your little pet is up to the task my lord?" the admiral wondered a loud. The Grand Mandator simply shrugged his shoulders and returned his attention outside, scanning the ships and various towers of Garkarg. Smiling he looked at the admiral. "My dear friend, everything is worth trying before drawing the unwanted attention of the Inquisitors and other lackeys of our noble Emperor. We thrived very well without their "supervision", something I prefer to do so even with the current outbreak of the war". The admiral nodded and looked outside as well, the taskforce of Arquintens-class light cruisers was joined by various Gozanti-class and a single Autokrator-class star destroyer, the flagship commandeered and tasked to hunt down these dissidents before they could pose a rebellion or threat to the interesst of the Legatus.

Chapter 06Edit

Yvenne Thalyssaera turned her attention to the nearby television screen. Her recent success after stealing the F16 Starfighters of Rottum made the Imperial headlines. She was less pleased with being branded as terrorists by them though. Taking another sup of her favorite honey rum, she smiled. Even though Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman berated her for her rash actions he complimented her and her fellow rebel soldiers on their success. They had strengthened the dissidents forces with the new starfighters, he even told her that she should keep her elven temperament more in check if she wanted to advance in ranks. Captain Komamuka Sajin told he was proud of her and bought her this drink. He was off to work or meet a contact on Nassau somewhere. Yvenne was wondering if the mercenary from last time was still around, whatever he did the arousing feeling by pinching her ears was quite exalting and pleasuring after all.


Yvenne meets Hisharo at Nassau

Excuse me beauty, can you help me?” a voice sudden interrupted her thoughts. Yvenne turned to her right and saw a young human staring at her. Rolling her eyes she waved her hand in dismissal, being assaulted by a mercenary was one thing, accepting the advances of a kid was even worse. The human placed his hand on hers. Yvenne narrowed her eyes and turned her head again. “Please” the kid asked. Eying the kid, who was dressed up in a black kimono with a katana strapped to his back looked quite innocent. Sighting Yvenne nodded and listened to what he wanted. Somehow he wanted to meet the Wolf, as he claimed to be an acquaintance of him.

With a bit of suspicion Yvenne believed the kid and took him through the streets of Nassau towards the landing pad in the castle. Yvenne kept silent during their walk, as the kid refused to comment or answer any of her question. “You know you are kinda odd you know. Anyway, you can wait for captain Sajin in the LC-cruiser”. The kid eyed Yvenne with gratitude and wanted to approach the green colored vessel when both were suddenly send flying into the air, crashing on their backs at least 4 meters away from their starting point.

Yvenne and the kid scrambled to their feet and watched in horror as the LC-class burned after it exploded, dead bodies of dissident soldiers around it. Yvenne placed a hand to her head, as it rang of the explosion and was quite painful. “Shit” Yvenne sweared when a Gozanti-class appeared above the destroyed LC-class. Yvenne took the hand of the kid and started to run when she suddenly was shot in her shoulder. Crashing into the ground Yvenne rolled over and placed a hand on her shoulder, blood pouring out of it. “What in devils name is going on” Yvenne muttered when she tried to stand again, with aid of the kid. Emerging from the smoke she noticed various Legatus troopers and one familiar Imperial officer, lieutenant Timothy Winthazen.


Lt. Winthazen returns with force

I told you we would meet again my little future to be slave bitch” the Imperial officer said mockingly. The kid suddenly jumped forward and raised his katana, “You will have to pass me first Imperials” he said boldly. The Imperials simply laughed at the threat though were taken by surprise when the kid raised his palm towards them, closed his hand into a fist and called forth a very thick rope of energy, binding the upper body of the Imperials. Grabbing the hand of Yvenne again the two began running while the Imperial shouted to pursue them and capture them alive. Yvenne’s eyes were large with surprise as she and the kid evaded enemy fire and took cover while making their way towards the exit of the docks. “Thank you for saving me” Yvenne exclaimed. “Your are a Wielder right?” Yvenne asked. The kid nodded, though replied dryly: “My name is Hisharo Kyōrisibo, and we can chit chat later if we survive this ordeal”. Yvenne nodded and smiled, the kid was a smart-ass it seemed. Though her shoulder injured she jumped over a nearby wall soon followed by Hisharo while the two made their way into Nassau to evade the pursuing Imperials. The two fugitives made their way to the lower grass landing fields and approached a female smuggler, who had a blue bird on her shoulder. While Hisharo looked intrigued while the two woman were whispering Yvenne made a gesture to follow her inside the smuggler’s vessel as the female Cargura opened a hidden hatch and gestured for the two of them to jump in. “No worries you two, as a smuggler I can appreciate the fact you want to hide from the Imperials. This hatch will keep you hidden for the upcoming inspection. After that we shall be airborn and will take you to where you want for the amount of credits you just offered me”. Hisharo narrowed his eyes and gasped. “How can we trust a smuggler?” The smuggler simply smiled and winked. “Don’t worry kid, Zaa Ashara always keeps her word!

Half an hour later the smuggler’s vessel left Nassau and set course deeper into the Zone de Libre.


Legatus forces arrive at Home Base

Elswhere, onboard the Autokrator-class star destroyer Tartarus captain Veloci Onychus eyed Lady Astrosia weary. Though he was honored to serve with pupil of the Rex Provinciae she was a bit unnerving to say the least. “My Lady, everything is going according to plan. We rounded up the rebellion presence at Nassau though we are nowhere closer in locating their home base”.

Astrosia turned her attention to the view outside and chuckled. “Very good captain, well done. As for their base, you can open file DHB.X1.2, my analyses and the current course that freighter we blew up wanted to take enforce my suspicions”. Captain Veloci opened the data file as she ordered and studied it. Gasping in surprise he realized the lady had located the most probable location for the Dissidents Home Base, using the hyperspace jump abilities of LC-class vessels and the SF16 Starfighters she was able to pin point their location combining it with other reports of attacks in the region. Looking at the dark armored lady he listened to her simple command that would signal the end of the dissidents in the Finduila Sector. “Signal the fleet at once. Be ready to jump to hyperspace and prepare for battle” Lady Astrosia commanded coldly and without remorse.

The captain nodded and bowed, returning to his console he informed the fleet as commanded. Smiling, revealing his teeth Veloci was eager to taste rebel blood again, he would reign down destruction upon them as he saw the planet coming into view.

Chapter 07Edit

Schout bij Nacht (rear-admiral) Jan Michiel Tasman stormed on to the bridge, visibly anger and scared. “What is going on? Report!” the officer commanded. A nearby officer gulped and brought him the report. Studying the information Jan sighted in disappointment, the burden of command weighing heavily on his shoulders now. The dissidents at Nassau had been taken captive, including some very capable officers, of others there was no sign. To make matter worse, the Legatus fleet had left the planet and was heading towards Home Base. Somehow one of the Legatus officers had found their location. Captain Komamuka Sajin entered the bridge as well and placed a hand on the shoulder of rear-admiral Tasman. “Any word of Yvenne?” the great wolf asked. Both looked at the human officer who sadly shook his head; “There is still hope sir, a lone smuggling freighter managed to escape Nassau and is making jumps similar to our tactics to avoid detection”.


Tasman and Komamuka contact Yvenne when the Legatus arrive at Home Base

Komamuka scratched his chin and looked at rear-admiral Tasman who looked visibly tired and a little desperate now that a Legatus fleet might arrive at their position. “This current situation endangers our rendezvous with supposed resistance fighters from the dominata sir” Komamuka brought up. The rear-admiral nodded and leaned on the holotable. “Captain, I want you to prepare the fleet for battle. Send the alarm and prepare to release the charges to get us free. Understood?

Komamuka narrowed his eyes and nodded, turning he left the bridge and began his tasks. The rear-admiral pressed a button and opened a long range transmission to the lone freighter. The smuggler Zaa Ashara looked surprised when she received an incoming transmission, though accepted it none the less. Together with Yvenne she saw the holo image of Schout bij Nacht Tasman appearing, Yvenne noted the man looked tired and greeted him. “Goodday sir, we had a little problem at Nassau sir, no worry I am on my…..” before she could finish Tasman cut her off. “I am giving you a new assignment, our situation is dire. These are the coordinates I want you to rendezvous at and meet with a member of the Cyrandia Resistance. We need help, the Legatus are on our doorstep! We are counting on you and…” But the human officer was unable to finish his sentence as the transmission was being jammed. Jan looked outside the window of Home Base and saw the Legatus ships dropping out of hyperspace. It seemed the battle for survival had begun!

Chapter 08Edit

The freighter dropped out of hyperspace, sergeant Yvenne brought the short range communication online and send out a broadcast: “Good friends are like stars, you know they are always there watching……” Yvenne transmitted, while Zaa simply looked if she had seen a ghost. She laughed, making fun of her opening line though stopped when Yvenne shot her an angry look. Muttering Zaa said: “No wonder you don’t have a boyfriend or so”. Behind them, Hisharo sat in utter silence and in meditation. He knew quite well the two girls were at each other throats at times but simply ignored it. While the two girls were still arguing Hisharo opened a single eye and smiled, their rendezvous was arriving! Dropping out of hyperspace in front of them a Consular-class appeared with red/white markings. Yvenne and Zaa stopped arguing and looked in awe, both never seen a vessel like that before. It was escorted by two Starfighters who opened a channel and requested the freighter to dock with the larger vessel. Complying, Zaa steered the vessel to the assigned docking port and docked with the frigate. All three made their way towards the docking tunnel where they awaited the arrival of their contact from the mysterious Cyrandia Cluster. As the docking clamps secured themselves the tunnel was airtight and the door opened on the other side, emerging from it a slender young hooded girl. “but you don’t always see them” the girl replied. Folding her hands in front of her she made a little bow; “Lusitania at your service”.

Yvenne raised an eyebrow, Lusitania, what was that kind of name. “Eh right, my name is Yvenne, the little brat is Hisharo and the red skin is Zaa. We need your help ‘mam” Yvenne replied bluntly. The hooded girl who identified herself as Lusitania crossed her arms and leaned on one hip, chuckling she said; “Making a decent first impression does not suite you does it sergeant?

Yvenne narrowed her eyes and eyed the hooded girl wearily. Yvenne told her they needed help as a Legatus fleet was approaching their Home Base. Without aid from the Resistance they were unable to repel the fleet. The hooded girl looked at her feet and her shoulders hang, with a saddened voice she replied; “I am afraid I am not in the position to provide aid. It took me a while before getting here”. The trio looked surprised, and while Hisharo asked if she didn’t bring any reinforcements she admitted she was send as a scout to verify the information if it was true the Empire had a remote territory in the far reaches of the Endless Space. Confirming that and the presence of a dissident faction was her mission. After confirming she was to return to the Cyrandia Cluster with this information to schedule a second more constructive meeting. She was not planning to go into battle with a single frigate.

Yvenne sat down against the side of the docking tunnel, her hopes shattered now that the Resistance refused to aid them. Losing control of her emotions she sobbed and with a stuttering voice she accused the hooded figure of dooming them; “Then you doomed us all with your false hope” Yvenne said. The hooded girl approached Yvenne and kneeled beside her, placing a hand over her shoulder Yvenne noticed how pale the girl was, with long pointy ears and a cold embrace she did radiate some sort of trust. “I might have a solution, if you make it out and if your people wish I might mediate a possible solution. But it requires sacrifices and compromises of both sides hmm?”. Yvenne looked straight into the eyes of the hooded girl and nodded. The hooded girl smiled and said; “Very well, let’s hurry then before it is too late”.

Chapter 09Edit

Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman grumbled. The Legatus fleet had arrived at the edge of the asteroid belt and deployed its fighters. Jan had send two assault frigates and various space F16s to counter them though he knew the arrival of six Arquitens-class light cruisers and a single Autokrator-class star destroyer overpowered his own fleets abilities, especially with two of the assault frigates still between the stones, as well as his Acclamator-class. The battle erupted in full force as the assault frigates held the line though the Legatus only had send their fighters for now.


Battle of Home Base

Suddenly a transmission was send at the same time with captain Komamuka Sajin returned to the bridge. The holo image of the skeleton mask of Lady Astrosia appeared, holding his breath Jan awaited her reply. “Schout bij Nacht Tasman, we finally meet however short it will be. There is no escape, your forces are badly outnumbered and you shall be utterly defeated”.

The transmission stopped and Jan looked at Sajin, they either found a way to escape or die today. But where to escape? With the end of the transmission the Gozanti and Arquitens-classes powered up their engines and approached the dissidents ships. Within seconds the battle erupted with LC-class cruisers engaging the ASP-fighters while the assault frigates engaged the light cruisers, cannons blasting damaging both sides heavily. “Blow up the charges, we need every ship available!” Tasman ordered. Sajin complied and the Eendragt trembled as small explosions rocketed the comet that housed two assault frigates and the Eendragt. From onboard the Autokrator-class captain Veloci Onychus narrowed his eyes and informed the dark lady. Astrosia simply remained silent and wondered what the dissidents were up to. Suddenly a lone freighter appeared at the flank and passed the Legatus fleet.

The freighter has returned Schout bij Nacht, but with no reinforcements. Yvenne failed” Sajin proclaimed. Jan returned to the console and contacted the freighter, answering was Zaa Ashara who piloted the ship evading ASP fighters as she approached the dissident fleet. Nearby one of the assault frigates violently exploded when it was targeted by at least three of the advancing light cruisers. “Darn it sir, we lost one of our assault frigates” Sajin informed his superior officer. Jan simply nodded in acknowledgement and returned to his conversation with Zaa. “Where is the sergeant smuggler, I need to talk to her” Jan proclaimed as he tried to hold his footing as the Eendragt was taken under fire, the dissident lines all but evaporated due to the Legatus’ assault. “Your girly elf is a little bit busy sir the big man, ya have to deal with me, sending instructions now!” Zaa answered the Dutch officer. Surprised he looked at data and refused to believe them. “That will only take us deeper into Legatus territory, this is madness!” he proclaimed. Zaa, still steering her freighter rolled her eyes (and with it the freighter) though told the officer it was their only hope for survival and she had enough of being taken under fire by ASP fighters. Taking a steep turn she steered her freighter into a clear line and jumped into hyperspace, against the objections of her fellow passengers Yvenne and Hashiro. Jan and Sajin looked at each other and sighted; “What other options do we have? Home Base is exposed and we already lost too many LC cruisers and an Assault Frigate. Signal the fleet, follow that freighter, they will be briefed after the jump!” Jan barked. Sajin nodded and informed the fleet, who tried hard to protect the command ship, the Eendragt however still took damage but managed to jump to hyperspace by the sacrifice of three LC-class cruisers who drew the fire away from one of the light cruisers. The Eendragt was soon followed by more dissident ships that managed to escape the Legatus assault.

Onboard the Autokrator-class stardestroyer, Tartarus Lady Astrosia and captain Velocia grumbled as the dissident ships jumped into hyperspace. “No worry my Lady, we shall pursue and they will not get far!” the dinosaur captain proclaimed proudly. Astrosia crossed her arms in front of her and wondered what the dissidents were up to, the Legatus really needed Interdictor-class cruisers to prevent enemy ships from going into hyperspace.

Chapter 10Edit

Sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera and Hisharo Kyōrisibo entered the bridge of the Acclamator-Class Eendragt, the bridge was a mess with burned consoles and hanging electrical cables and fallen pipes. Captain Sajin Komamuka approached and smiled sadly, with no clear intention she hugged her mentor, glad to see he survived. Taken by surprise he returned the gesture and guided Yvenne towards Schout bij Nacht Tasman. While Hisharo and Sajin greeted each other and started a conversation Yvenne approached the dissident commander who glared at her with confusion. “I hope you know what you are doing lady” he spat. Hurt by his distrust, she looked away but returned her gaze and looked stern. “I acted on information of the Resistance sir, they gave this solution as they were unable to help us”. Nodding, Jan looked at the holo table again, it was a risk they were going to take but staying at Home Base would have ensured their destruction. Jan simply hoped this wasn’t a delay of the inevitable and that this "Resistance" was true to their word.


Escaping Finduila from the Legatus forces

Yvenne turned her attention to one of the remaining working consoles and informed the admiral they were approaching the coordinates given by the hooded girl but to their shock instead of Resistance reinforcements a single Autokrator-class star destroyer and two Gozanti-class cruisers stood guard near the massive rift in space. “She tricked us! The hooded girl lied to us!” Yvenne growled in anger. Jan looked angry as well, muttering; “You led us into a death trap sergeant!” he said angrily. Sajin noticed the Legatus presence as well and smiled. “You are both wrong, this is a chance sir! I advise battle positions!

Jan Tasman looked surprised at captain Komamuka. “I talked with the kid here and he brought me information about the rift. If we pass that rift we will find the Resistance there. I am sure of it”. Jan Tasman eyed the wolf wearily though was not yet convinced. His attention was instead drawn to the arrival of the task force led by Lady Astrosia. Sighting, Jan Tasman nodded. “This is Schout bij Nact Jan Tasman! Take fleet formations and push pass the star destroyer. You will not stop until you are on the other side of that rift!

The rest of the fleet did not respond at once, hesitant at the order to head into an unknown anomaly Tasman decided to take the example as the Eendragt approached the rift. The nearby Autokrator-class launched its fighters and tried to block the path of the Eendragt and following vessels. As the battle flared up, one of the assault frigates rammed the Autokrator-class blocking the entrance to the rift aside and allowed the other dissident ships to enter the rift. One by one the remaining two assault frigates and at least 8 LC classes and the Eendragt entered the rift. At the other side, Astrosia hands formed fists, she did not have the authority yet to pass the rift and her prey escaped, the Rex Provinciae would be disappointed with her for letting Tasman getting away.

Chapter 11Edit


Tasman loses his patience with Yvenne

Battered, confused and a little bit frightened the dissidents exited the rift and found themselves in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Most of the ships were damaged and had no clue where to go. To their horror a single Imperator-class star destroyer awaited their arrival, onboard Inquisitor Chi Chodecra smiled viciously as the dissident fleet emerged. The Legatus Finduilica informed the navy of this possibility and as the Relentless was the closest vessel nearby he responded. The dissident fleet was battered and many ships had taken damage, their weapons and shields were offline due to the travel through the rift and would last for at least half an hour, something Imperial vessels suffered from as well.

Onboard the Eendragt, Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman grabbed Yvenne at her vest and shook her; “What did you do! You left us defenseless you wicked pointy eared half-elf!”. Tears were flowing from Yvenne, instead of her common bluntless she was left speechless, the fleet was defenseless and a massive star destroyer loomed in, of the hooded girl there was no sign. She doomed them all. Worst of all, she disappointed the old man and her mentor, Komamuka Sajin who looked at her pained.


Loyalist forces come to the aid of the dissidents

As ASP fighters were approaching the fleet they were suddenly taken under fire by three Consular-class vessels. Commander Altus Mirea of the Lusitania Squadron had arrived and engaged the ASP fighters targeting the dissident fleet. Launching the Tiger-class fighters Altus’ forces drew fire from the massive star destroyer but were unable to pierce the powerful shields and deflectors of the Relentless. “Blast, this is no ordinary star destroyer” Altus proclaimed angrily. Signaling the other Consular-classes they broke of their assault, opening a hole in their defense and a clear line towards the dissident fleet. Chodecra smiled, ordering his crew to take advantage the ship took advantage of the hole and advanced. Out of a sudden a Munifcent-class, the Loyalist One dropped out of hyperspace in front of the star destroyer and opened fire. Taking damage and to avoid collision the Relentless steered heavily to the left.


Loyalists expand their ranks

Well done Altus, signal the rest to follow your lead! Let’s get out of here!” Lord Ramannis Le Rambo said. Altus complied and his squadron, the Loyalist One and the dissident movement jumped into hyperspace and rendezvoused with the rest of the Loyalist Fleet after evading the Imperial forces. After taking care of the wounded and assigning fleet positions, Lord Ramannis, Altrust Mirea and the hooded girl entered the bridge of the Eendragt and met with Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman, Captain Komamuka Sajin and sergeant Yvenne. Jan Tasman shook the hand of Lord Ramannis and thanked them for their aid in their hour of need. Altus Mirea explained where they were and was glad to see them save and vowed if the Empire was taken care of they had his promise and that of Lord Ramannis that they would aid them against the Legatus. Lord Ramannis brought up the idea for the dissidents to form their own squadron within the Rambo Loyalist, but Jan Tasman, realizing Ramannis was a Le Rambo refused and proclaimed it would be an honor to serve under a Le Rambo, the legendary rulers of the Crusaders of the Stars. Ramannis was honored and Altus Mirea gave the idea to assign Jan Tasman as the commander of the Loyalist fleet, a sign of trust from the Loyalists. Ramannis complied and gave his first order to Jan Michiel Tasman, get his ships repaired and design new fleet positions and formations.

After the Loyalists left, Jan approached Yvenne and apologized for not trusting her and claims her struggle to fit amongst them is now over. Yvenne smiled and crossed her arms in front of her, smiling broadly and proudly. Sajin placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear; “Now don’t get cocky you half-elven brat”. Yvenne and Sajin laughed at the remark and were happy to find a new place they might call home one day.

Struggles are Concluded, though are far from over!

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